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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  October 31, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. liz: the future of our the futuf on the line. the crucial cop26 climate summit kicks off in lascaux, scotland. what is at stake and how the bay area could feel its impact. it is sunday, october 31. this is abc7 news live at 9:00, live on abc7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. i am liz kreutz. let's start with a quick check of the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: good morning. if you are out early, mist and drizzle, but that is behind us for the most part. still looking at cloudy skies, but there is a system offer we
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will be tracking for your monday morning commute. the rest of the day, halloween number we have clouds to start with and temperatures in the mid 50's in san francisco and mt. view. 54 in santa cruz. about 60 should do it today. it will be a cool day. temperatures a bit low average, runners -- numbers running through the mid to upper 50's from santa rosa to concord, cooler than we were yesterday at this hour. that system has lifted north and out of your, leaving clouds in its wake. a mix of sun and clouds today. dry forecast for trick-or-treaters tonight. we track the hourly forecast of the evening in a bit and also the level one system that arrives tomorrow. liz: thanks. the u.n. climate summit in glasgow, scotland has formally opened, kicking off two weeks of negotiations by leaders from almost 200 countries on how to take action on climate change. many world leaders say this is a
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moment of truth for the world, causing -- calling for urgent action to avoid a climate catastrophe. reena roy is live in glasgow this morning. a lot to be discussed. reena: good morning. that is absolutely right. this conference could make a big difference in the fight against climate change, but experts are warning the clock is ticking, and serious action must be taken now. the impacts of climate change are catastrophic. every corner of the globe is already being affected. scientists warn time is running out in the fight against it. >> it is scary to be moving too slowly, because we know climate change happens fast. reena: conference of the parties is an annual summit where countries work together soon combat climate change. but this year is especially critical. >> scientists and experts are
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telling us we are fast approaching the point of no return in a literal sense. reena: on the table, phasing out coal, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and discussing the finances needed to do that. countries will need to agree on how to move forward and also review progress on the paris climate record signed at the 2015 summit to prevent the average global temperature fromm rising. but even if nations met their current target, the planet will still be on pace to see an average topper chair increase of 2.7 degrees celsius by the end of this century. >> human beings are responsible for this accelerated process of deterioration, and it will take us making basic choices to get us back on track. reena: the goal is to come out of the two week summit with a written agreement, but some are
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skeptical that will happen with leading polluters like russia and china not in attendance. >> i am very worried, because they might go wrong, and we may not get the agreements we need. but i think it could be done. reena: president biden is scheduled to come to town tomorrow. he is expected to speak out the conference this week. live in glasgow, scotland, rena roy for abc7 news. liz: thank you for that. part of holding a better bay area focuses on our climate. so we are talking about how california lawmakers hope to make an impact at this years's climate change conference. joining us is state senator john laird from santa cruz, part of the california delegation heading to glasgow. thanks for being with us. first and foremost, what you hope the california delegation accomplishes during this trip? sen. laird: you're set was good because it pointed out that the
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temperatures in the planning are getting higher, and we will have to deal with the results of that. the question is whether we keep them from being even higher, and that is the backdrop of the glasgow conference. i think the california legislative delegation is really anxious to let them know what we have done here, because here, we have set goals, and we are probably ahead of the other 50 states in what we have done, but there is so much more to do. we are not even doing enough in california, and i think we can let other people know what we are doing, but we can really learn. i have participated in conferences before, and we really hear what other countries and subnational's are doing, and there's a chance we can learn things and bring them back to california. liz: and for those who may not know, you're also the former secretary of the california natural resources agency in you recently joined the coastal covering -- conservancy board. speak of the specific work you have done in this space and in
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what ways you have noticed the impacts of climate change right here in our state. sen. laird: part of my job as secretary for natural resources is to work with novato to save lake tahoe. we created a science group, and they told us that lake tahoe, at one point, was heating faster than any freshwater lake on the face of the earth. so it is really our job to try to figure out ways to mitigate against that. i also had calfire within the agency during eight years and was at the helm at the time of the fires in napa, sonoma and also in paradise. it was interesting, because there was a fire on the same footprint from outside calistoga to santa rosa in 1964 that there was in 2017. and in 1964, it took two and half days to mak from calistoga over by santa rosa.
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then that fire a few years ago, it took roughly six hours. that is sort of a tribute to the changing conditions of the climate. liz: that does bring me to my next question. i wanted to ask about some of the things you are hoping to learn from other countries and other regions, specifically what are you hoping to learn in regards to wildfire mitigation. are there certain countries you will be speaking to them looking at for some guidance? sen. laird: yes. i think we will really look at places that are heavily forested. although california has chopp l desert lands as well. i offered a bill that said we will not just have what we do in one year in the budget be our plan, we will have a five year or 10 year plan. we will lay out goals for prescribed fire, controlled burns, also fuels management in forests and other places, and we will track it transparently.
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we have said prescribed fire and fuels management. my question will be whether it is german forests or scandinavian forests or other places, what are you doing? are there things other than what we're doing in california that we should be learning from and doing in the same way? and are you doing what we are doing in the same way, or whether you're doing prescribed fire or fuels management around urban areas or in the far wilds -- those kind of questions we will talk about when we have a chance to get together in glasgow. liz: absolutely. i want to ask about governor newsom, because he operably cancel his trip to glasgow friday siding family obligations. how much do you think his absence will impact california's effectiveness at this conference? sen. laird: i did not ticket will change, mostly because he has set out a plan, and there is a chance that he will dissipate virtually. he has laid it out. and the lieutenant governor will
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carry the lead for him. i think it would have been nice to have him there, but i totally understand. there are clearly some family things that are happening. but we will fly the flag for california with the lieutenant governor and the secretary of natural resources and epa and a number of legislators and be very present in bringing california there and bringing things back to california. liz: we certainly have a lot we can bring to the table. we are glad to know you will be there. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. sen. laird: thank you. liz: the g20 summit is a wrapping up in rome at the same time. in a meeting with the turkish president today, president biden raised concerns about that country's possession of a russian missile system and some human rights issues. turkey's acquisition of the missile system is fiercely situation syria, afghanistan,ts
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to glasgow for that climate conference. abc7 news is committed to following all the latest developments from cop26 and its impact in the bay area. we have a large contingent of folks from california going. you can find the very latest on our website, meantime, developing news in concord. seven people were hurt in a fiery crash. it happened on willow pass road at port chicago highway just after midnight. one car landed on its side. the other was ripped apart by firefighters to extricate everyone inside. police say three people were flown to the hospital via medical helicopters. four others were transported to the hospital on the ground. police are still investigating the cause of this crash.
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anen at hto a violent turn when gunfire erupted. one man was killed, threese vicn cortical condition. the violence erupted at a councilmember's home friday night when police say one person opened fire. police have been tightlipped about details, including what the relationship was between those who were hurt and the councilmember. neighbors say violence is rare for that neighborhood, and they are stunned about what happened. >> it is sad. it really is. it is sad that people cannot have more respect for one another and have more peace and have fun with all this other stuff going on. liz: in a statement, councilwoman armendariz says she is cooperating with police and is thankful none of her family members were hurt in the shooting. she expressed condolences to the victims.
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now to the first bay area county to unmask. marin county will let the public though massless inside businesses tomorrow. it has met the metrics for advancing into the yellow, or moderate, spread of the virus. the county has a vaccination rate above 80%. masks still need to be worn inside high-risk spaces like private -- health-care settings. private businesses can also choose to keep a mask policy. tomorrow, alameda and contra costa counties are relaxing their mask rules for small areas where everyone is fully vaccinated. the city of berkeley is also making that change. children ages 5 211 to get their covid vaccine shot as soon as wednesday. friday, the fda granted emergency use authorization for that age group to be eligible for the pfizer vaccine. tuesday, cdc advisors will meet to discuss the vaccine and whether to approve it for
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11-year-olds. a big week ahead of us in a big day today with halloween. lisa: that is right. clouds are hanging on to the north of us. in oakland, 57 degrees. partly cloudy in morning drizzle that will be behind us as we get sunny breaks and more 60 degree readings this afternoon. we will talk about the trick-or-treaters forecast and the monday rain showers, coming up. liz: also next, the caster is glowing this afternoon -- of his halloween. halloween. the celebration is when you hear the word healthy, it always feels a little out of reach. that's 'cause the way we're thinking about it is all wrong. so we made a healthier song. for some folks it's like baby steps. maybe it's a jump or eating something green. or taking mom to get that vaccine. ♪ healthier means bringing stuff to the folks ♪ ♪ that really need it. ♪ ♪ like millie's meds straight to her door or care at home. ♪
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"chronicle" her son was wrong but said death was not the answer and questioned ersie joyner's decision to shoot. gardner was with a group who attempted to rob joyner while he was getting gas. you may notice fewer minibuses tomorrow. there is an anticipated driver shortage because of the city vaccine mandate, so they have been forced to suspend several lines. the deadline for city workers to be vaccinated is tomorrow, november 1. the four lines that will be suspended will be on our website. there is no timeline for when service will be restored. and halloween in the castro is back. at least that is the hope for the san francisco neighborhood. abc7 reporter laura anthony says, this year, businesses are
9:18 am
actively campaigning, starting with a lock party. laura: halloween in the castro is back -- at least, it is on its way back, it seems, with the return of the glow in the street lock party. >> it has been a very long two years, but people are back. we are out. >> we are incredibly grateful we can do this this halloween, where we can create a gathering for people who have been so starved for it. >> i would say the caster is back a this is the beginning of it being back, people being in the community together. laura: the castro was once the epicenter of halloween celebrations in san francisco, drawing as many as a half-million people on a single night -- that is until violence erupted in 2006, which pretty much shut down the party. and then came the pandemic. at the box -- block party, there was visible police presence and
9:19 am
plenty of private security. bottom line, for the first time in year, businesses are actively encouraging revelers to come to their part of town. >> i believe we have established ourselves as a neighborhood willing to be back, if you can look around us off and how excited people are. laura: the hope is, with events like this, this year will signal the return of the fun, the pageantry, of the party that is halloween in the cov it! we are alive again. we can party again, finally. laura: in san francisco, laura anthony, abc7 news. liz: bart is extending service hours tonight because of halloween. the special three line service will run hourly after 9:00 p.m. trains will run to every station except for oakland and san francisco airports. special hours run just past midnight. and halloween is not just for humans. canine companions dog festa featured dogs in costumes and at
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least one instance of trick-or-treating here. based in santa rosa, this is one of the largest providers of service dogs. the virtual halloween show featured pictures and clients who shared how their service dogs help improve their lives. we kept saying we do not know if they are enjoying it, but it makes a very cute picture for us to enjoy. lisa: like many things, i think out the start when they are young. liz: train them to put a costume on and then they are more tolerant. we had a couple -- lisa: yes. we had a couple cloud cover slow to go, but we will see a drier afternoon. that bodes well for the festivities today, trick-or-treating, and parties, whatever you may have going on. we will see cloud cover ahead of our next system, which is advancing throughout the day today. this is a level one system that will bring rain showers to parts
9:21 am
of the bay area for the morning commute. than other parts of the bay area for the afternoon commute. right now, a current look from our exploratory in camera. 56 downtown. 57 in oakland. san jose at 53. at has been dry there from our east bay hills camera. you can see cloud cover and a little bit of blue sky here. 56 in santa rosa. 55 in napa. mid-50's in concord. upper elevations picked up a couple hundredths. it was the north bay where they picked up maybe a quarter to a little more than that, one third of an inch in parts of mount tam. as we look at pier 39, gray skies now. the drizzle is lifting. we will see clouds mix with sunshine today through the afternoon. it will be dry tonight with clouds advancing from the next system. then here is the level one that will arrive early in the north bay. it will spread throughout the
9:22 am
bay area through the mid morning hours. allow for slick roadways. by afternoon, still scattered showers. here is the timing on it. as we get through the rest of the day today, a lot of cloud cover taking you through about 4:00. notice we are partly cloudy here into the early morning hours as we get increasing clouds through 7:00. notice the morning commute, there are a few showers this is 10:00. it holds for the most part. 3:00 we have showers. 5:00, 6:00, still damp pavement all around the bay area. your commute will be impacted. as we look at rainfall totals monday, anywhere from 2/10 in oakland, less than that in the peninsula. upwards of half an inch and three quarters of an inch for ben lomond and santa rosa. highs today, partly to mostly cloudy with 66 in fremont, 67 in
9:23 am
san rafael. tonight for checkered treaters, it will be dry with temperatures in the mid-60's inland, low 60's around the bay. about 60 at the shoreline. the sun sets at 6:11 for low 60's bayside. getting cool after 7:00 with numbers dropping through the 50's in most areas. accuweather 7 day forecast looking at some clouds around mixed with sun for halloween. level one system tomorrow. a break on tuesday with a weaker system late wednesday into thursday. but this is peak offshore wind season, so it is really nice to see that we are not in that regime and are looking at little bits of rain here and there. liz: absolutely. we will take anything we can get there. still ahead, the south bay on the world stage and hoping to score. the latest on levi's stadium's
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liz: levi's stadium put its best foot forward in an effort to become one of the host series of the 2026 world cup. c7 was there as fifa arrived to check out the facility. the competition will be split up between the united states, canada, and mexico. those behind the bay area effort say they are more than ready. >> levi's has already hosted the largest events in the world. we are ready for this. we have the infrastructure, the capacity. and we have a tremendous region behind us. liz: the united states last hosted the men's world cup in 1994. stanford stadium was one of the sites, but it gone through renovation and decreased its cost -- decreased capacity substantially. the host cities will be announced early next year. a bay area native celebrated
9:27 am
premier of a documentary about his life and career. he was born in alameda and raised in oakland's chinatown. he went on to become an iconic american rock journalist, broadcaster, and author. he is best known for working with rolling stone magazine and san francisco chronicle. he talked about his impacts on the bay area music scene. >> i helped to chronicle it and write about it and bring the spotlight to certain artists did i know i've had an impact on younger generations of aspiring journalists and broadcasters. that is really rewarding to me. liz: the documentary is showing now. the special screening was resented by the center for asian american media and the asian american journalists association. still to come on abc7 mornings, frightening sights back in san francisco's chinatown. trick-or-treaters will not let
9:28 am
the pandemic it in the way of celebrating safely. and long lines at the airport. american airlines explains why they had to cancel hundreds of flights this weekend.
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the lg washtower redefine laundry in half the space. ♪building castles in the sky♪ >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. liz: good morning. angst for watching us here on abc7 news, live on abc7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. let's start this half-hour withh meteorologist lisa argen. lisa, a dry halloween today. lisa: yes, after some damp pavement this morning, we are looking at sunshine here in santa cruz. 54 degrees. highs in the low 60's. rain is on the way for monday here, and the rest of the bay area, with a level one system. 56 downtown. 59 in mountain view. you can see clouds hanging over the golden gate bridge, where it was pretty wet this morning. over into the east bay as well,
9:31 am
56 in santa rosa. livermore checking in at 55. anywhere from 2 to eight degrees cooler as a system lifts north and east of us. as it does, take some of the cloud cover away. a mix of clouds and sun with low 60's for some of you as we approach noon. high clouds advance ahead of the next system offshore, keeping us partly to mostly cloudy through the afternoon with mid-60's around. by 9:00, trick-or-treaters have their candy, and we are talking about a quiet evening before we see a return to rain. we will track rain for you coming up in a few minutes. liz: thanks. children across the country are getting their costumes ready for trick-or-treating today. when it comes to the holidays, the cdc says outdoor activities are safer than indoor activities and that people should avoid poorly ventilated spaces or credit spaces. health experts say, if you are worried about covid, there are things you can do to minimize risk. >> staying in smaller groups will always be best. making sure that, if you are in
9:32 am
larger groups or inside, that you're wearing masks and taking the other precautions as appropriate. liz: 28 million children ages 5 to 11 could be eligible to get pfizer's vaccine as soon as wednesday, the day after the cdc is expected to sign off on it. the data shows it is 91% effective in younger children with no reports of serious safety concerns. halloween all around the bay area is shaping up to be scarier than last year, in a good way. higher vaccine rates and fewer covid restrictions are allowing kids, and their parents, to actually enjoy the spooky weekend. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard checked out truly frightening events. >> happy halloween! cornell: happy halloween 2021 is something to cheer about, the stuff superheroes would be proud of. we found spider-man, aka max kong, patrolling san francisco's chinatown. dad says it's good to celebrate again. >> this is one of the first
9:33 am
halloween's he's able to get out, since he's four. it is nice to come out, see people having a great time, and celebrating halloween. cornell: all the frights are back at chinatown's halloween neighborhood festival. the annual event returning this year after been scaled down in 2020. there were costume contests and lots of games. sarah wan: we are definitely asking people to keep masks on. for those participating in indoor activities, like painting of the artist, they have to show proof of vaccination. cornell: even pirates made a comeback. >> trick or treat. cornell: in oakland, kids were trick-or-treating at businesses in the laurel neighborhood. >> my name is carly. i'm batgirl for halloween. cornell: carly's sister sarah says halloween got cancelled last year, but the pandemic isn't over yet. sarah burnett: i feel like people still need to be safe, people still need to wear that mask, people still need to socially distance, but i feel like have fun.
9:34 am
cornell: denise mcdarment was hopeful about vaccines recently being approved for kids ages 5 to 11. denise mcdarment: i don't think a lot of people are going to hand out candy. but i am hoping, with the vaccine coming out, by christmas or even the beginning of next year, we can go back to birthday parties. ♪ cornell: in berkeley, halloween was back. a spooky carnival at grove park, and, would you believe, a roller skate boogie? tiera wilson was loving all of it. tiera wilson: i brought my one-year-old and six-year-old. we are enjoying the different atmospheres, the different halloween costumes, the vibe of the community coming together. cornell: cornell barnard, abc7 news. liz: kaiser permanente is hosting a free covid vaccination clinic today in an oakland neighborhood hit hardest from the pandemic. from 10:00 to three clock today, stop by the clinic at international boulevard and fruitvale avenue in oaklands fruitvale district. kaiser will administer both the pfizer and j&j vaccines. anyone 12 and older will be eligible.
9:35 am
anyone who gets a shot will get a chance to win alaska airlines travel vouchers. developing news -- american airlines is blaming staffing problems, along with the weather, for hundreds of flight delays and cancellations this weekend. this is video of long lines of passengers stranded at the carrier's miami hub. more than 500 flights were canceled yesterday at, around 300 flights delayed. the airline has already canceled more than 700 flights today, 7:45's schedule. american says short staffing of flight crews are affecting its operation. they expect things to improve tomorrow, when 1800 flight attendants return from leave. animal-rights activists gathered outside the in-n-out in san francisco. reivoach t p their point across. ♪ they kicked off the protest with a game of red light, green
9:36 am
light. they also created a giant version of the doll from the show. protesters are accusing in-n-out from continuing to get beef supply from a processing facility accused of killing cows inhumanely. protesters want an end to factory farms in california. still ahead, it is halloween. if you are wanting a spine chilling experience, look no further. san francisco ghost tours the most haunted spots in the city. we will have them when we return. here is a live look outside this morning, looking out over the embarcadero from our abc7 roof camera. >> disney is celebrating halloween with a monthly full of tricks and treats for the whole family on disney+, hulu, and freeform. celebrate 31 nights of halloween on freeform with your favorite scary movies all month long.
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liz: it is halloween, so we wanted to learn about some of the scariest laces in san francisco. the experts shared spots that they say are the most haunted in the city. here to give us some goosebumps this morning is san francisco ghost tour guide michael gonzales. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me.
9:40 am
liz: let's dive right in. let's talk about this or francis drake hotel. >> that is one of my favorites. there are so many stories there. a faceless man who haunts the hall, visages in the glass, phantom limbs that float down the room and things at that. more than that, if you look at the history of the place, there is so much death there. murders, suicides, even freak accidents that have never really been explained. so i wonder if there is something darker than the average ghost inhabiting the place. liz: interesting case will have to do some research and digging into the murders. i was not the million with that. ok, the current theater you say is also haunted. >> that is one of the most famous ones. a man was murdered there in the 1930's. a ticket seller five-minute's before curtain rises before all
9:41 am
the theater goers and, tragically, his fiancée. it is that he haunts all of the mirrors in the building katie will see his reflection for just isolate second instead of your own. liz: the third 1, 17, now known as high horse. >> this is one of my favorites. this is one i personally have heard many stories from independently of one another. it is a bar. in the basement, they have recently uncovered the original seawall offender cove, so maybe there -- that is why they're so much activity down there. but many bartenders and staff reported seeing things floating in midair -- it is a very spooky place. that is where we start our new tour. liz: we will talk about that tour in a second. by think have time to talk about a couple more. chinatown is when you have on
9:42 am
your list as well. >> yeah, and i noticed you just did your segment about that, so i hope people will check it out. it is kind of a copout because the whole place is haunted. the reason for that is because, one, it is one of the oldest parts of the city, but also because it is one of the most densely populated -- it is a city within a city. any hauntings he would have throughout the city, you have packed in one place. liz: and last one, the california street bride. >> that is another really famous classic ghost story. a lady in white scene floating up and down california street. it is believed she is a girl who disappeared in 1876. nobody knows exactly what happened to her, but she disappeared the night of a ball held in her honor, hence the white all the -- white ballgown. liz: tell us about your ghost
9:43 am
tours. >> it is san we have two tours, one a new one that deals with the barbary coast, gold rush days. then our classic tour is around union square, nob hill. we go all the way up to the top and cap beautiful views in the city. that one can get spooky, especially when it is foggy. liz: do any of your participants -- do you ever see ghosts on this tour? is that a possibility? >> i have not seen any ghosts, but i am working, so i am distracted. we do have emf readers, and people get readings on those quite often. liz: what got you interested in ghosts? >> i actually used to do tours at city college with the diego merrill. coincidentally, one of the stops is at that mural. sort of just coincidence and a
9:44 am
love of san francisco history. liz: thank you for sharing that history with us. we appreciate it. we hope people will be able to join your tour today. if you're interested in uncovering san francisco's most haunted places, visit sfghost .com. lisa, were you familiar with all those ghost tales? lisa: some of them. but it is interesting to learn all about. good morning. a brightening shot of our east bay hills out into the valley there, where we are looking at sunshine. partly sunny. you did not make out any rain in this part of the bay area this morning, but we have some for you for your monday. liz: bouncing back. the warriors took on the thunder after their first loss of the season. chris alvarez has the highlights and reaction, coming up. when you hear the word healthy, it always feels a little out of reach. that's 'cause the way we're thinking about it is all wrong. so we made a healthier song.
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9:47 am
49ers will try to snap a four-game losing streak. jimmy garoppolo returns as starting quarterback against the chicago bears. kickoff is 10:00 a.m. at soldier field. last night, the warriors bounced back after their first loss of the season. here is abc7 sports anchor chris alvarez with the highlights. chris: good morning. the warriors coming off their first loss of the season, hosting okc saturday night. golden state cleaned up the turnovers. the start is got much needed rest in the fourth quarter of a blowout win. is this a seven foot witch? tall. draymond green came out hot. 11 points in the first quarter. jordan poole was 0 for his last 16 on three point attempts. here we go. splash from poole. klay loves it. draymond is going to find andrew wiggins. highlight play here. alley-oop. and the hammer. draymond missed the triple-double by just two assists. stephen curry came out firing in
9:48 am
the third. three three send the first three minutes. the warriors win 103-82. they are now 5-1. i caught up with steph after the game. >> just keeping things simple. i know how much the turnover struggles last game allowed memphis to come back. we have shooters, playmakers all over the place. if we just have solid possessions and get looks at the rim, good things will happen. chris: to hockey, now. 90 minutes before pop drop, seven sharks players and the head coach were placed on covid protocol. santa fe playing without the likes of erik karlsson. the captain also out, but under the weather, not under covid protocols. young sparky. good to see him. james reimer, 34 saves. really great at that, but nothing you can do about this one. kyle connor, the rebound. just under three minutes left,
9:49 am
or 1-1. we go to overtime. on the power play in o.t. timo meier the overtime winner. the sharks snapping the three-game slide. dusty baker and the astros trying to even the world series against the braves. top of the houston up 1-0. fourth. the braves' organist played "it's a small world," and jose altuve came up big. solo blast to center. braves down 2-1, bottom of the seventh. dansby swanson, right field, and it is gone. we are all tied in atlanta. then next man up, jorge soler. see you later. 3-2. braves take the lead at that big swing at-bat. it just get out of the park. top of the eighth, still a one-run game. eddie rosario has a bead on it. what a catch up the wall to end the inning. braves win 3-2. they can win the world series later on today. that is your look at sports. liz: some of my abc7 news colleague spent yesterday
9:50 am
volunteering at the san francisco marine food bank. disney partners with the feeding america to tackle hunter. volunteers packed grocery bags that will be delivered to bay area homes. >> with just our home delivered groceries program, we increased our qualifications to serve a variety of visuals including families of young children. anyone who may have a challenge heading to one of our pop-ups or to a local grocery store at 11:00 a.m. being able to provide them with a service otherwise they would not have. liz: the food bank is looking for more volunteers as we head into the holidays. you can visit for more. halloween costumes will be safe. it will be dry. lisa: yes, but in the north bay, still holding onto areas of drizzle, upper elevations mostly. we have drizzle over to the east bay, light rain showers. this system will bring high
9:51 am
clouds throughout the day today. as we look out here from our exploratory in camera, it is brightening up. it was certainly gray with damp pavement earlier. 56 in the city. 57 in oakland. it has been sunny pretty much all morning long. 50 nine half moon bay. the city here looking at some sunny breaks through the afternoon with mid-60's and rain on the way for monday. mid-50's in santa rosa. 55 in napa. they picked up about 2/10 or more -- it depends where you were from the north bay, mill valley, upper elevations. 56 in concorde. this is the view from mount tam, where the mist and drizzle does not want to give up. as we go through the afternoon, gray skies given way to patchy clouds and partly cloudy conditions through the afternoon. then dry conditions tonight for trick-or-treaters as the sunsets at about 6:11. a level one system on the way for monday with shower activity
9:52 am
arriving in the morning in the north bay, hanging on through the afternoon hours elsewhere, allowing for slick roadways for your commute, whether or not it is in the morning in the north bay or in the afternoon into southbury -- south bay. 4:00, some breaks here. increasing clouds ahead of the next system. morning hours featuring scattered showers, 7:00 in the north bay. as we get towards 10:00, here comes more rain into the peninsula, the city, the east bay. by 3:00, 4:00, shower activity hanging on to the evening commute tomorrow. looking at rainfall totals, they will be liked. looking at about 1/10 to 2/10 from the east bay, may be conquered into oakland. as we get along the peninsula, not looking at a lot but enough to keep things on the damp side. one third of an inch at half moon bay. half an inch in novato, maybe ben lomond, then up to sonoma
9:53 am
county, picking up three quarters of an inch. a few more breaks in the clouds with numbers in the mid to upper 60's today. looking at halloween as we get towards about 5:00. trick-or-treaters will have low to mid 60's around the bay and inland. pretty nice to get going. by 6:00, still mild. low 60's bayside. upper 50's along the coast. by 7:00, numbers dropping off a bit into the upper 50's, then mid-50's by about 8:00. hopefully, no tricks, just treats out there. the accuweather 7 day forecast looking at the cloud cover staying with us. as we get towards tomorrow, looking at that level one system with a break on tuesday, feeling fall-like for a change. we could be looking at offshore flow and warm temperatures. looks like a nice halloween today. raining tomorrow. liz: at least halloween costumes will remain dry.
9:54 am
next, we are talking about ways you can celebrate halloween around the bay area. a look at some of the festivities, after the break. festivities, after the break. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. when you hear the word healthy, it always feels a little out of reach. that's 'cause the way we're thinking about it is all wrong. so we made a healthier song. for some folks it's like baby steps. maybe it's a jump or eating something green. or taking mom to get that vaccine. ♪ healthier means bringing stuff to the folks ♪ ♪ that really need it. ♪ ♪ like millie's meds straight to her door or care at home. ♪ ♪ believe it. ♪
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♪ sometimes it's healthier to laugh. ♪ ♪ other times it's healthier to cry. ♪ ♪ we'll work through it together. ♪ ♪ when it works for you, drop on by. ♪ ♪ 'cause healthier happens easy ♪ ♪ when you just give people access. ♪ ♪ for bob it meant admitting ♪ ♪ that he needed reading glasses. ♪ ♪ healthier comes in all these ♪ ♪ different shapes and sizes. ♪ ♪ and ages and races and faces and eye-ses. ♪ ♪ and caring for them all means ♪ ♪ we're doing healthier right. ♪ ♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ ♪ 'cause this is what healthier looks like. ♪ with less moderate-to-severe eczema why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes,
9:56 am
or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent. liz: children who have to spend their we -- have to spend halloween at the hospital got a spooktacular treat. staff put on their annual reverse trick-or-treat trail event in palo alto. the event allows kids undergoing medical care to dress up and experience the holiday, even while they are in the hospital. health care workers walked the halls and costumes with decorated carts, stopping by patient rooms to give them halloween treats. today is your last day to check out the alameda county fair. there are lots of acts, re t filk, and "coco." there will also be halloween festivities where you can trick-or-treat on the fairgrounds. admission costs $18 for adults.
9:57 am
the fair runs from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. today. also, a day of halloween fun at the ferry building in san francisco. organizers are putting together a scavenger hunt throughout the marketplace, pumpkin decorating, and arts and crafts. you can win prizes by showing up in costume. there will also be circus performers at the outdoor plaza. that event is free and runs from 10:00 -- so three minutes from now -- until 4:00. let's get a final check of the halloween forecast. lisa: it has been damp in spots, but we go to partly cloudy today. getting cool by 7:00, dropping through the mid to upper 50's around the bay. level one system keeps us wet tomorrow with showers anywhere from 2/10 to half an inch of rain care than a weaker system thursday. liz: thank you. thank you for joining us here on abc7 mornings. i am liz kreutz along with lisa argen. abc7 news continues at five have a great day and a happy halloween. stay safe.
9:58 am
all across the country. their bank accounts were drained in seconds, but the banks couldn't refund their money until -- >> you don't know how excited i got. >> oh my god, my money is back. >> so happy i want to cry. >> i couldn't be more thankful to 7 on your side. >> it helps to be good instead of bad -- it is just really life-affirming. >> we will all be ok thanks to you.
9:59 am
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