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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 31, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. good morning, america. breaking his silence. >> what do you want to know? >> alec baldwin speaking out for the first time since he accidentally shot and killed cinematographer halyna hutchins on a movie set. >> we were a very, very, you know, well-oiled crew, shooting a film together, and then this horrible event happened. >> also addressing gun safety in filming. our legal expert weighing in on his comments this morning. mandate monday. what happens tomorrow as the nation's biggest city grapples with vaccinating city workers? is a suspected sickout among firefighters putting citizens at risk? as 5 to 11-year-olds could be next in line to get pfizer shots. the next steps for the cdc and when those kids could be rolling up their sleeves. climate change.
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president biden set to address the problem with other world leaders. what they hope to accomplish. while at home, his party focuses on the tightening race for governor in virginia. why some say it could be seen as a referendum on the biden agenda. one win away. the braves take a 3-1 lead over the astros in the world series. the back-to-back homers. >> it's gone! >> and the secret ingredient that they say is fueling their postseason success. and spooky houses. the halloween displays across the country delighting little ghosts and goblins. >> i keep killing him. he keeps coming back. it's kind of crazy, right? >> the incredible creations, and haunting scenes you have to see to believe. good morning, america, and happy halloween. it is so great to have you with us, thrilled to have stephanie
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ramos, gio benitez back at the desk with us this morning. so our friend eva pilgrim, she's on maternity leave, and we have a fun little update about her baby girl ella coming up later in the show. there may or may not be costumes involved. halloween them. we'll see. don't want to give it away. >> so excited to see baby ella. already a month old. >> i know. i know. it's amazing. >> eva is fully in mommy mode and we just love the see it. i can't wait for this. >> a little surprise coming up. but we have a busy morning here on "gma," and we're just days away from the expected green light of the pfizer vaccine for kids 5 to 11 years old. on tuesday, that cdc advisory panel will meet and vote on recommendations. as the nation awaits that decision, the biggest city in the u.s. faces a possible shortage of key city workers tomorrow. new york city's vaccine mandate now in effect. 16% of new york city's police personnel are still not vaccinated. 28% are firefighters. no vaccine means unpaid leave starting tomorrow. and we're going to have more on the pandemic in just a
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moment, but let's get to alec baldwin's first on-camera comments since he accidentally shot and killed the cinematographer on the set of the movie "rust." abc's zohreen shah is in los angeles now with the latest. zohreen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gio. alec baldwin spoke to paparazzi in vermont and despite saying over and over again that he couldn't speak about the investigation, there was a lot he did speak about. for about four minutes he talked about firearms. he talked about halyna's family, and he talked about their friendship. >> she was my friend. she was my friend. the day i arrived in santa fe, i took her to dinner with joel the director. >> reporter: overnight, alec baldwin breaking his silence nine days after a live round from his gun accidentally killed cinematographer halyna hutchins on the set of "rust." speaking about their close friendship and her husband matthew. >> the guy is overwhelmed with grief. this is something -- there are
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nothing like this, and so he is in shock. he has a 9-year-old son. we're in constant contact with him because we're very worried about his family and his kid. >> reporter: baldwin and his family trailed by paparazzi while in vermont, stopping to speak to them, saying he talks to police every day, but refused to comment on the investigation. >> i have been told multiple times, don't make any comments about the ongoing investigation, and i can't. i can't. i can't. >> reporter: at moments, his wife hilaria stepping in. >> you guys, you know what? no details. >> do me a favor. i'm going to answer a question. we were a very, very -- excuse me -- we were a very, very, you know, well-oiled crew, shooting a film together, and then this horrible event happened. >> reporter: well-oiled isn't how everyone described the set. sheriff officials telling abc news there were issues. >> there was complacency. that's obvious. i think there was some
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disorganization, and some safety issues and protocols that weren't properly followed. >> reporter: speaking through a lawyer on friday, armorer hannah gutierrez reed saying in a statement, she has no idea where the live rounds came from. a search warrant stating she checked the blanks and ensured they were not live rounds. baldwin now saying he doubts production for "rust" will start up again and he's unsure if he would ever work on another film set involving the same kind of firearms. >> this is america. how many bullets have gone off on movie and tv sets? new measures have to take place. rubber guns, plastic guns. no real ones. that's not for me to decide. it's urgent that you understand i'm not an expert in this field. whatever other people decide is the best way to go in terms of protecting people's safety on film sets, i'm all in favor of it and i will cooperate with that in any way that i can. >> reporter: hilaria spoke to the "new york post" at length overnight and she said they came
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to vermont because she fears that alec baldwin will develop ptsd and she's trying to limit that. now, as for halyna, her funeral is later today. stephanie? >> zohreen shah there for us, thank you for that update. joining us now is legal analyst areva martin. thank you so much for joining us. alec baldwin said several times -- >> good morning, stephanie. >> alec baldwin -- good morning. he said several times he can't comment on the investigation. if he elaborates any more can he get himself in legal trouble by speaking about the case? >> well, absolutely, stephanie. what we know about this case from the district attorney in that press conference that she held this week is everything is on the table. she wouldn't rule out that alec baldwin or anyone else on that set is immune from criminal prosecution. this is a criminal investigation that's taking place in new mexico. i think he's smart and his wife was smart to try to prevent him from continuing to speak with the paparazzi about any details related to halyna's death. >> and of course, it's still
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early in the investigation and important to keep that in mind. now, alec baldwin is one of five producers on the movie. how would his role as a producer of the movie affect him legally? >> good question, stephanie. obviously as a producer, he may have some affirmative obligations as it relates to safety on that set. he wasn't just an actor as you point out. he was a producer and producers oftentimes based on their contractual obligations have an affirmative duty to ensure that safety protocols are followed and we know from the report -- there were many violations of the regulations as it relates to using firearms on a movie set. so lots of issues to explore with respect to baldwin himself shooting that gun and then his responsibilities as a producer. >> areva, if he were your client, what would you tell him about speaking publicly right now? >> yeah, it's very clear that this is very personal, very emotional for him. he said that halyna was his friend, and i understand his desire to let the world know how
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grief stricken he is, but at this point the best thing that he can do is follow the instructions of, i'm sure lawyers that are talking to him which is to not make any comments because anything that he does say, even during an informal interview like the one we just saw, can be used against him if this matter does end up in some kind of criminal prosecution. so the best thing to do is to just stay quiet, you know, focus on trying to support the family that's going through such a horrific experience, but definitely not talk about the incident in any detail. >> good advice, and of course, something we'll continue to watch. thank you so much for your time. >> thanks, stephanie. >> whit? turning now to the latest on the pandemic. we are just days away from the final decisions needed to authorize the pfizer vaccine for kids 5 to 11 years old. a cdc advisory panel is meeting on tuesday, and if they vote yes, it will be up to the cdc director to sign off. this as cities across the country deal with battles over vaccine mandates, and janai norman joining us with more.
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janai, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning to you. a big week for those vaccines for young kids, as well vaccinations in the city, mayor bill de blasio saying that the vaccination of workers is 91%. adding that 2,300 workers got the shot on saturday alone. but starting tomorrow, those who haven't gotten the shot won't be getting paid. this morning, officials bracing for a potential worker shortage as they race to vaccinate the largest city in the country. the nypd, fdny and other agencies falling short after a friday deadline to show proof of vaccination. over the weekend, thousands gtting a shot, but rates still not at 100%. already a number of fire companies closing saturday for a second day due to a lack of staffing and multiple sick calls. >> i have had members that have received the vaccination saying they're having flu-like symptoms and the department is allowing people to have a couple of days off after getting the vaccination. >> reporter: the fire department saying response times have not
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been affected and that they suspect this has to do with workers opposing the mandate. the commissioner saying irresponsible, bogus sick leave by some of our members is creating a danger for new yorkers and fellow firefighters. this weekend, pfizer shipping 15 million doses of their vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 following fda authorization. the cdc expected to give the vaccine the green light this week, making more than 28 million children eligible. preparations already under way across the country. in new york city, mobile vaccine units at halloween events aiming t reach kids and parents and in texas, one school district working with local health officials to prepare. >> the conversations now are around a drive-through scenario. >> reporter: not all parents are racing to sign their kids up for the vaccine. >> i'm not sure. i don't think i know enough about it. >> reporter: others like alyssa in illinois say they can't wait. >> i don't want a mom to ever go through what i went through. >> reporter: her 7-year-old daughter paige was asymptomatic. no one even knew she had covid
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until she was diagnosed with multisystem inflammatory syndrome. paige's message, get vaccinated. >> because then you won't get covid and you won't get sick. >> reporter: and the cdc director is expected to sign off tuesday evening. so vaccinations for kids ages 5 to 11 could start as early as wednesday, and the agency is already sounding the alarm about low flu vaccination rates for young kids and pregnant women. so urging to get the flu shot also. gio? >> hey, janai. so many people are watching what happens this week. thank you so much for bringing us that story. we're going to turn to politics now. the president is in europe this morning where he just sat down for a one-on-one meeting with turkey's president erdogan, and has a busy day of high-stakes meetings ahead at the g20 summit. let's get right to chief white house correspondent cecilia vega. she is live in rome now with what to expect. cecilia, good morning. >> reporter: hey, gio, good morning to you. it's the president's final day
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of meetings here in rome with these top world leaders and a big issue that they're going to be taking up today is the supply chain crisis that's hurting so many americans back home leading to all of these high prices and empty store shelves that we're seeing around the country. the president is talking with these leaders, trying to identify where these bottlenecks in that supply chain are. they're looking to see what these countries can do to really step up and relieve some of these bottlenecks. this is a big deal. overnight, the administration announced that they've reached a deal with the eu on steel and aluminum tariffs and that's important because the administration says that this is going to end up lowering the cost of so many goods and items that americans have had a hard time finding, and paying so much for, things like cars, washing machines, stoves, refrigerators, stuff that folks really have had a hard time finding in the last few months. climate change, we have been talking about that, that's a big item coming up today as well, and it's a big deal because without the dramatic action at the table today, we're looking at a one-way ticket to disaster. so really these talks are about
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leading up to that big climate conference that starts tomorrow in glasgow. these g20 countries, guys, are responsible for four-fifths of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world, and all eyes right now are on the u.s. and china, the biggest polluters in the world, and it's notable that china, gio, is not here at this conference. a lot of leaders taking observations of that now. finally, i want to tell you late today, president biden will be holding a press conference, gio -- whit, excuse me, he hasn't been seen or held a press conference like this by himself in four months. a lot of questions coming his way today. >> absolutely, and so much at stake. cecilia vega for us, thank you. meanwhile, back here at home, to the tightening race for governor of virginia. polls suggesting a tossup between democrat terry mcauliffe and republican glenn youngkin. it's a major opportunity for republicans to build momentum ahead of next year's midterm elections. abc's kenneth moton is with us from arlington, virginia. kenneth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. in this final fight for votes, we can tell you that the candidates in this virginia
7:14 am
governor's race, and surrogates have been busy ahead of tuesday's election day. democrat terry mcauliffe and republican glenn youngkin, crisscrossing the commonwealth in what we have seen as a potential bellwether for this nation. in fact, it's the most competitive major election since former president trump left off the. a surprisingly tight contest in blue virginia, a recent poll finding this to be a tossup. 49% of likely voters for mcauliffe, and 48% for youngkin. mcauliffe has had democratic heavy hitters for him, including president biden, former president obama and vice president kamala harris, but this weekend, mcauliffe working to energize black voters. he has had the most powerful black lawmaker in congress by hs side, south carolina congressman james clyburn, the man seen as the key figure in turning around biden's 2020 campaign. meanwhile, youngkin endorsed by key republicans including former president trump has been solo on his own bus tour focusing on
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northern virginia, these d.c. suburbs, critical for the republican. the big issue appears to be education, and youngkin has seized on the anger from parents over mask mandates and the teaching of critical race theory. president biden won virginia by ten points in 2020. youngkin has been walking this fine line as he tries to shore up the trump base and sway moderate voters. whit? >> all right, kenneth, thanks. let's bring in our abc news deputy political director averi harper. good morning to you. it's always great to have you. we'll talk about the race in virginia in a moment, but as we noted earlier, president biden left washington for these major summits overseas without a concrete deal on his climate change and social spending package. negotiations are dragging out. what's the state of play on that right now? what impact is this having on public support for the president's agenda? >> right. so we are told that there could be a vote as early as tuesday on this, but we've seen democrats blow past those, you know, votes and delay those votes. so we'll see what happens, but i do think that all of the sausage
7:16 am
making process is starting to have an impact on how americans foresee the president's agenda. when you look at our new abc news/ipsos poll, what you see is the president's approval in a variety of areas are starting to dip including on infrastructure, and secondly, what you are starting to see is that there is a significant chunk of americans that are not convinced about the benefits of the spending bills, you know, according to this poll, 32% of respondents say they believe these bills would hurt people like them. only 25% say that it would help them, and 18% believe it would make no difference at all. >> and again, we'll see what happens. it's a busy week ahead on that front, but i do want to come back to the virginia governor's race, and it's neck and neck there, between mcauliffe and youngkin, election day on tuesday. this is getting so much national attention. why are both parties so invested in this one race? >> right.
7:17 am
well, it could really be an indicator of things to come in midterms and beyond. i think what it's reflective of is the deep partisan and political divisions within virginia, but also across the country as well, and what i'm particularly interested in seeing is how things shake out for the republican nominee, glenn youngkin. we've really seen him keep former president trump at an arm's length while also securing and maintaining the endorsement and the blessing of the former president, and that's because glenn youngkin knows that he cannot just rely on reliably red voters, trump supporters in order to win. he also needs independents and probably dissatisfied biden voters as well. >> many wondering what this could mean for the midterms coming up in 2022. thank you very much. we appreciate it. be sure to watch "this week" later on this morning. george stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with transportation secretary pete buttigieg on the latest negotiations over president biden's infrastructure agenda. plus, an exclusive with republican congressman and prominent trump critic adam
7:18 am
kinzinger in his first interview after announcing he will not seek re-election. gio. well, a large portion of the northern u.s. may get a light show thanks to mother nature. reis couce our skies a after a solar flare erupted on thursday causing a large cloud of solar-charged particles to head toward earth. scientists say you have a better chance of seeing the display of green, blue, purple lights if you are in a dark, rural area, and out of cities that have light pollution. definitely not new york city. right? >> or times square. >> we're out of the mix on that. >> you know who wants to see them? cheryl scott from our abc station in chicago, wls. she's with us this morning. they're spectacular. i heard you have seen them in person. i cannot wait for the day i see them in person. not getting any reports from the u.s., or sightings yet.
7:19 am
we have some video that will be coming up in the second half hour of some northern lights. boy, we have been talking about the wet weather, the crazy weather that's just been relentless up and down the east coast bringing flooding conditions from parts of maryland, up into new england. you can see that video and the angry ocean there in maryland as we transition into our halloween sunday, an area of low pressure continues to bring rain here from new york city up into parts of northern new england. it's going to be a little bit wet and windy with wind alerts still in effect especially across parts of maine and new hampshire, and we're also looking at the coldest air yet this season. it's moving in, and get ready for cities like des moines, chicago, freeze warnings going into effect.
7:20 am
today, which is great for halloween and for all of the trick or treaters. we'll have key halloween cities coming up in just a little bit. we will take that. thank you. >> thank you so much, cheryl. it's so nice to see you in person. we haven't seen you in person since before the pandemic. >> exactly. >> a pleasure to be here with you all. >> nice to have you. now to the world series tonight. the braves could claim their first world series championship in more than a quarter century. abc's elwyn lopez is in atlanta with more on game four. elwyn, good morning. >> reporter: hey, stephanie, good morning. the astros were no match for the energy here. the braves just one win away from clinching its first world series in 26 years, and it all
7:21 am
happened last night with back to back homers in the seventh inning for shortstop swanson, and then the slugger sealing the deal for his team. the braves edging out the houston astros, taking a 3-1 lead in the series. and take a look at this. atlanta's dylan lee making history. he became the first pitcher to make a first major league start in a world series, but right before that, a special guest threw the ceremonial first pitch. elizabeth o'connor, she's a stage 4 pancreatic cancer survivor. she told one of our producers that while she stood on the mound, she reflected on just how far she's come from the hospital to this moment, and guys, the new york times claim the team's secret weapon is not a new player but a soft serve ice cream machine in the clubhouse. if they win tonight they'll partake in that frozen treat. guys. >> it's a great series, elwyn. thanks so much. still ahead here on "gma," a missing mom in los angeles. the urgent search this morning
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. liz: good morning. i am liz kreutz. seven people were hurt in a fiery two-car car crash in downtown concorde on willow pass road just after midnight. one car landed on its side. the other one was ripped apart by firefighters to extricate
7:28 am
everyone inside. three people were flown to the hospital. four others were transported by ground. police are investigating the cause of the crash. let's get a check of the forecast now with lisa argen. happy halloween. lisa: happy halloween. we had a few showers earlier. 56 downtown p53 in mountain view. peopleunri. the doctor t -- beautiful sunrise. 50 by the delta today. rain in the morning tomorrow. liz: t
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♪ i put a spell on you and now you're gone ♪ ♪ i put a spell on you and now you're gone ♪ and congratulations. you'll have that stuck in your head all day long now. welcome back to "gma" on this sunday halloween morning, and what's halloween without the sanderson sisters? >> yes. >> almost 30 years later "hocus pocus" is still a timeless favorite. happy halloween, happy trick-or-treating to all of you. and whit, we brought out the candy corn just for you. >> don't get me going on the candy corn. i don't understand the candy corn. >> okay, i don't either. >> it's like eating a vanilla-flavored wax candle. i don't get it. >> you know what, someone out there likes it. >> my wife loves it. my kids love it. >> there you go. >> they can have all mine. i'll take the reese's peanut butter cups. thank you very much. >> you can find them on twitter. >> exactly.
7:31 am
>> you can find them on twitter. >> exactly. we have a lot to get to this morning though, so let's take a look at other big stories we're following. happening right now, american airlines canceling more than 1,000 flights this weekend due to weather conditions and crew challenges. many air carriers are now suffering from a shortage of pilots and flight attendants because the covid crisis has led to furloughs and buyouts. also right now, breaking her silence. "real housewives of beverly hills" star dorit kemsley. she's speaking out for the first time since being held at gunpoint, and robbed in her los angeles home last week while her young children slept. the reality star and fashion designer taking to instagram to say she has thrown herself into work as her family begins to heal. and the crowds turned out in los angeles to celebrate the dia de los muertos, or, the day of the dead. with costumes and all of to those beautiful altars at hollywood's forever cemetery. this year's theme, the return of an ancient god who revives mankind from the underworld. the celebration making its
7:32 am
return from a clo colorado videoclosure last year, to celebrate their 22nd year. >> and not just one day. goes until november 2nd. >> absolutely. >> the colors gorgeous just to see there in southern california. we do start this half hour with the search for a missing mom in the l.a. area. police searching her home and family members asking for the public's help in finding her, describing the mysterious circumstances surrounding her disappearance. >> reporter: this morning, an urgent search under way in los angeles for a missing mother, heidi planck, who has seemingly vanished nearly two weeks ago. overnight, her ex-husband opening up to "gma." >> it's rough. this is a tough one. >> reporter: lapd officers at her home friday night combing for evidence. this security footage from october 17th showing the 39-year-old mom the day she went missing, leaving home with her dog. later attending her 10-year-old son's football game. her ex-husband james wayne saying she left the game early. >> she may have been a little
7:33 am
bit edgy, i don't know, but i just know that was the last time that we spoke with her. >> reporter: three days later, planck did not show up to pick up her son from school. wayne who shares custody of their son, knew something was wrong. >> she doesn't let a day go by without either a text message or a phone call even if she was really busy. >> reporter: and in an unusual twist, abc station kabc was reporting that planck's dog was found on the same day planck disappeared. the dog reportedly found wandering around on an upper floor of a high-rise apartment building in downtown los angeles. >> people are very, very attached to their pets and pets do not just go missing. there clearly is something out of place here. >> and heidi's ex-husband there is thankful for the additional resources from law enforcement, but still a lot of questions about what happened here. >> absolutely. frightening. hopefully she's found okay. it's time now for weather and in for rob marciano is cheryl scott from our abc station in chicago, wls. welcome. >> yes. so happy to be here. bringing some cold air into parts of the midwest. that's for sure.
7:34 am
>> not too far east. >> not too far east. we'll save that for a little bit later for you guys. it's halloween so, we thought we would start off with this eerie image. who's ready to see this? you can see the light icing, the glaze of ice and snow, this is from mt. rogers, virginia. where they've seen some icy in the higher elevations. we're also tracking the potential here of light snow as we go into the next couple of days. so places like wyoming, also colorado, nebraska, the higher elevations. some light snow, and that rain, more rain moving into the pacific northwest from some cities from california up into washington could see an additional 1 to 3 inches of rain, and we have been talking about the northern lights all day. this video coming in from iceland. just magic. haven't gotten any reports from anyone seeing them in the u.s., but if you have, let us know. we're going to start with spooktacular forecast cities for you on this halloween.
7:35 am
trick-or-treating lookin and that weather forecast today sponsored by state farm. it's halloween. we're excited for the trick or treating and a lot of dry conditions, so -- >> an important question here. your take on the candy corn? yes or no? >> same with you, no. >> you're out, okay. >> although i look like candy corn today. >> are you in, stephanie? in with candy corn? >> i'm out. i was trying to withhold my opinion for those who love candy corn. >> nobody in the studio. >> by the way, these are 50 years old and they're still good if anybody wants to have a taste. coming up here on "gma," a critical vote in minneapolis on the future of the police force that other cities are watching very closely. also listen to this, the realtors turning to freddy
7:36 am
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welcome back to "gma," and one city's vote on tuesday over the future of law enforcement being watched closely around the country. residents of minneapolis deciding whether to replace their police force nearly 18 months after the murder of george floyd, throwing the issue of police brutality back into the spotlight. abc's zachary kiesch is in minneapolis for us this morning. zachary, good morning. >> reporter: stephanie, good morning to you as well. you know, people around here say this started long before george floyd, but that incident, that tragedy, and the ripple effect have been far reaching. now, most people agree change is long overdue. but there's a variety of ideas on how to get there, even in communities where there's a shared experience. >> cutting now. >> reporter: this morning, the future of policing is on the ballot in minneapolis. >> i think we're going to create more chaos by not having a systematic plan about how these changes come about. >> reporter: tuesday, minnesotans will vote on what's called a charter amendment.
7:41 am
what's the vote that's on the ballot that everyone is talking about this tuesday? >> the defund the police. that's a big piece of it. >> reporter: if the amendment passes, the police department would fall under a new department of public safety overseen by both the mayor and the city council. advocates are going door to door in support. >> the things that work are neighbors caring for neighbors. the things that aren't working is honestly calling the police. >> reporter: but not everyone is on board, including the current mayor jacob frey and the chief of police. >> it will not eliminate tragic incidents between police and community from ever occurring in our city. it will not suddenly change a culture of a police department that has been in existence for 155 years. >> reporter: the city council says the charter is the first step and vague by design. >> a charter change is -- is supposed to be as bare bones as possible. stats.borhd lebyson's image is a
7:42 am
ti wson is the owner. >> i think all of us are saying we want change. >> reporter: the charter is a direct response to the death of george floyd, a black man killed by former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. [ chanting ] >> reporter: it's branded as a comprehensive approach to safety sending mental health workers to certain calls instead of police, and according to its authors, investments in violence prevention. >> i have been raped. i have been molested. i have been beat. out of all of my experiences, i've never felt comfortable calling the police. why is this? it's because i'm afraid. i don't believe that they're here to protect me. >> i feel your pain, and i get it. >> reporter: on the ballot, voting yes would remove language requiring a minimum number of police. >> these reform efforts have
7:43 am
largely failed over time, and so it is hard to have a great deal of optimism in this moment, and also the failure to invest in so are a root >> reporter: gio, there is a lot of hurt, a lot of confusion, and a lot of misinformation out here. i want to thank the people in that shop and acknowledge what they've said. that is that true change will come in that community, and anything that comes from the outside will need a strategic plan. gio? >> all right, zachary, and we thank you for bringing us that conversation. thank you, zachary. coming up here on "good morning america," we're going to switch gears a little bit. the creepiest houses on the block with owners going all out s.ick spooky sight you're watching "gma." ♪ ♪ let's go walter! after you. walter, twelve o' clock. get em boy!
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that's a sports injury. at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy so you can get back on the court quicker. and we are back now on "gma" with look at frightful, but delightful homes this halloween, and our phil lipof joins us with more. phil, good morning and happy halloween. >> reporter: good morning, gio, and happy halloween to you. if you are watching from across the country and have never been to new york city, the village halloween parade is as good an excuse as any to get here. it was canceled last year, so there's sure to be some extra pentup spookiness this year. as for decorating, whether you're in a new york city apartment or the suburbs, creativity is the word. this morning, our little ghosts and goblins are waking up with a full day of halloween fun in front of them, and they will love this.
7:48 am
tony dematteo's churchville, new york, home display is so big and impressive it has its own website. >> this halloween display is probably the biggest one i've ever done. it's the culmination of a full year of work and planning. >> reporter: 15 ambush lane is near buffalo. and in new jersey -- >> we have count dracula once again backing us up. >> reporter: just outside philadelphia, this home on burning tree road is a contest winner. >> this is an invasive species of plant, folks. >> reporter: the town's mayor on hand to deliver the good news and to play along. >> i keep killing him. he keeps coming back. it's kind of crazy, right? >> reporter: and in michigan -- >> i've always loved halloween. >> reporter: -- this home hosts thousands of trick or treaters. >> i really just like giving everybody that kind of little bit escapism. >> reporter: she transforms her front lawn into what she calls storybook hollow making almost everything you see here by hand. she buys pounds of candy, gives it out but asks for something too. >> anywhere from $500 and
7:49 am
$1,000. >> reporter: partnering with the humane society of west michigan, taking donations as people walk through her display. how great is that, that jennifer is collecting money donating to a good cause? the village halloween parade here in new york city starts at 7:00 tonight. they're expecting tens of thousands of people, but no matter what you do tonight, whether it's with the kiddos or with your friends, do be safe. have a happy halloween, and whit, i loved "ted lasso" this year, but nothing beats you, gio and michael as the bee gees. that was priceless. >> i can't argue with you on that one, phil. that's for sure. that was a good costume. >> the chest hair. >> it was all about the chest hair, for sure, phil. people at home are, like, oh, gee, i'm eating breakfast. our apologies for that. but stick around. a special halloween edition of "pop news," and an update on eva's baby coming up. ♪ this is halloween, everybody make a scene ♪ on eva's baby coming up. ♪
7:50 am
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"good morning america" is sponsored by ancestry. the gift that brings families together. ♪ we're back now with a special holiday edition of "pop news." janai, i've got a bone to pick with you, what is that? >> okay. so, well, you know darn well, i didn't put that there because i don't mess with candy corn either. whit has two open reese's sitting there in front of him. it's time for your halloween "pop news." if you are looking for a creepy residence to make your halloween complete, we have a deal for you. a house with some real horror history. the home featured in wes craven's 1984 slasher film "a nightmare on elm street" is up for sale and the realtor is taking offers, but it must be in by midnight tonight. just for fun, the listing agent made sure to incorporate some freddy krueger into the home listing shoot. check out freddy welcoming you to his home.
7:55 am
>> oh, no. >> making himselfomlen evthe house. the three-bedroom, four-bathroom, 2,700-square-foot home in los angeles, listed for $3.25 million, why not? all right. if you are one of those parents who likes to borrow your children's halloween candy, why not take it to the next level? wine enthusiasts has the ideal wine pairings for sweet treats. assistant tasting director fiona adams recommends pairing m&ms with pinot noir, and she also suggests that snickers be paired with a sweet sauterne. it has an acidity that refreshes the palate. there we go. and finally, let's check in on eva's sweet baby ella. >> we have a pic. >> celebrating baby ella's. >> a month.
7:56 am
baby spice. aww. >> she's gorgeous. >> so cute. e sd she wa't sure if pshe act >> we do. >> we love the picture, and we definitely miss eva. folks, we have a couple of programming notes to tell you about. first, stay tuned for "this week," and get ready for the release of the eternals, marvel movie with a star-studded cast. that comes out on friday. have a great and safe halloween, everybody. take care. >> enjoy your sunday. omes out o. have a great and safe halloween, everybody. take care. >> enjoy your sunday. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. liz: good morning. i am liz kreutz. marion county will allow the people to go mass close inside most businesses tomorrow. the county met the metrics for the moderate spread of the virus. masks still need to be worn inside high risk places like high risk settings, and privatea
7:57 am
counties are relaxing mask rules for a small amount of places like and offices tomorrow where everyone is fully vaccinated. kaiser permanente is hosting a vaccination clinic today. from 10:00 to 3:00, you can stop by the clinic on international boulevard and fruitvale avenue in oakland's fruitvale clinic. kaiser will administer the pfizer and j&j vaccines paid everyone who gets a shot there will get a chance to win alaska airlines travel vouchers. let's get a check of the trick-or-treat forecast with lisa argen. lisa: we are not quite done with on-and-off rain shower activity. in san jose, sunshine. it is pretty nice. over into oakland, richmond, the north bay, it has been misty, drizzly, with even on-and-off
7:58 am
light rain. temperatures in the 60's this afternoon. the trend will be for drier skies as we go through the morning and afternoon hours. with this system, we are looking at temperatures of 4 10 9 degrees cooler in our east bay. in the afternoon, a mix of clouds and sun. what payment this morning with light returns. the accuweather 7 day forecast calls for a level one system to arrive tomorrow, just in time for perhaps the late morning commute and another chance of rain thursday. liz:
7:59 am
in business, setbacks change everything. so get comcast business internet and add securityedge. it helps keep your network safe by scanning for threats every 10 minutes. and unlike some cybersecurity options, this helps protect every connected device. yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today.
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aouer: "tekwith george stephanopoulos starts right now. closing in. >> we have a framework. no one got everything they wanted, including me, but that's what compromise is. >> the president lays down his bottom line for the build back better plan, hoping to unify democrats. >> i felt a little bamboozled. >> do you trust that senators manchin and sinema will vote based off of what is outlined in this framework? >> i trust the president of the united states. >> but biden heads overseas with no deal in hand. what will it take to seal the deal? the latest with transportation secretary pete buttigieg. plus -- >> if i ever thought it was time to move on from congress, i would, and that time is now. >> gop trump critic adam kinzinger won't run again.


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