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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 31, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area aa moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc seven n >> stakes are high as world leaders come together today. world leaders will need to come together to agree on how to move forward. happy halloween. you are watching abc seven news at 5:00 a.m. let's start with a quick the weather. k
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offshore wind season, we should be dealing with the wind, but we are not. a little activity in the morning. what you see offshore is our rainmaker for tomorrow. 57 in oakland this mornin oakl 55 in santa rosa. here is a sp there is another chance of rain coming up for the workweek. >> world leaders are gathering for day one of the united nations climate change summit
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scotland. abc 7 live in glasgow this morning. there is a lot to be c weeks. >> heads of are expected to attend. this change are catastrophic. every corner ofp
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>> finances -- phasing out call and discussing the finances needed to do that. to help prevent the average global temperature from rising compared with levels before the industrial revolution. recent analysis by the u.n. showed that even if countries met their current targets, the globe is still on track to see a rise in temperatures by the end of the century. >> it will take us making basic choices to get us back on track. the goal -- >> the goal is to come out of this meeting with a written agreement, although many are skeptical that will happen.
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>> i thi>> i thi>> i thi>> i thi a number -- >> in number of expected to take place. -- a number of expected to take place. >> after democrats failed to finalize president biden's spending bill, pete buttigieg will talk about the white house strategy to pass the presidents bill this morning on abc 7. seven people were hurt in a fiery two-car crash downtown on willow path road after midnight.
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the video of the crash shows how violent it was. one car landed on its side. three people were flown to the hospital in helicopters. investigators are investigating the cause of the crash. i neighborhood is in disbelief following a deadly shooting at a halloween party yesterday morning at a home owned by a gilroy city councilmember. ryan curry went there answers and found out a fight broke out just before the gunfire. >> police are investigating what went on before the shooting that left people dead and injured.
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police say at least one person fired a gun. that man died at the scene. >> i heard some shots butt is like every weekend so i did n road but she was not sure if the gunshots she heard were from the party. >> it is sad. it really is. it is sad people cannot have more respect for one another, more peace and have fun. ryan: and i were not her in this tragedy. in the meantime we are giving our full cooperation to the gilroy police department."
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gilroy polices said they are investigating this as a homicide . >> we sent out a push alert as the shooting was confirmed. you can be the first to know with our bay area app. halloween is back, at least that is the help. laura anthony explains this year businesses are actively campaigning for the party atmosphere of years past, starting with a colorful block party. >> if last night was any indication, halloween is back. >> it has been a long two years but people are back and they are
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out. >> we are grateful we can create a gathering for people who have been so starved. >> the castro is back. laura: the castro was once the epicenter of halloween celebrations in sacramento, drawing as many as half a million people on one night. the block party had a visible police presence and plenty of private security. businesses in the castro are encouraging revelers to enjoy a peaceful celebration. >> you establish yourself as a neighborhood that is willing to come back when you look around.
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laura: the pageantry that is halloween in the castro. >> we can party again! >> tonight for halloween. the service will run hourly after 3:00 p.m. the special hours will run just past midnight. now to the first county to unmask. marin county has fared well with getting its population vaccinated. the county has a vaccination rate of above 80%.
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masks still need to be worn in health care settings. private businesses can also choose to keep a mask policy. mask policies areicies areiciese elsewhere. kaiser permanente is holding a vaccine clinic today from 10:00 to 3:00 on international boulevard in oaklands fruitville district. anyone 12 and older will be eligible. anyone who gets a shot will have a chance to win alaska airlines travel vouchers. kids as young as 11 11 11 11 111 1 their shot as early as wednesday.
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cdc advisors will meet and decide whether to recommend it for the youngest age group. >> the vaccine has undergone strict evaluation to ensure safety effectiveness. this was reviewed by the fda. liz: pfizer is already shipping out doses to vaccination sites. lisa: you mentioned the drizzle it is confined to parts of the bay area. there is a weak systemtem brought us some pretty consistent missed. we are looking at a very fall like afternoon. liz: ahead we are hearinge hearg
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the mother of the man killed while trying to rob a former police captain. why she is criticizing the former officers decision to open fire. want more from your vitamins? at nature's bounty, we give you more. more immune support. with the only vitamin c that lasts 24 hours. more restful sleep. with the first-ever triple action sleep supplement.
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liz: the mother of the moon shot and killed while attempting to rob a retired police captain is criticizing the former officers decision to open fire on her son. gardner's mother said her son was in the wrong but she adds the death was not the answer and calls into question joyner decision to shoot. the retired captain was hit six
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times but he is expected to survive. caltrans fully reopened a road yesterday from north of ragged point to gorda in monterey county. crews worked to remove rock rock above the highway. a san francisco man says every neighborhood cyclist he knows has had their bikes stolen from inside their homes in the past six months. >> powell has been expecting thieves. >> this is an industrial cargo security chain. they almost got through it. >> robbers rob security chains and stole his
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bike. >> using an apple air stashed in his bike, he was able to -- >> it is a feeling of complete helplessness. >> powell, his wife, and children were all inside the home during the 2:00 a.m. robbery. >> if people are willing to come inside my home and use power tools, i don't know what is next. >> he plans to install a a garage door with automatic locking deadbolts -- steel garage door with automatic locking deadbolts.
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>> self checkout stands to limit theft. for the first time we are hearing from alec baldwin about that deadly shooting on the set of the movie rest. abc 7 reporter said talked about -- >> alec baldwin is speaking out. >> there are accidents on film sets from time to time but nothing like this. >> answering questions from the paparazzi and vermont. director joel souza was also wounded in the shooting. >> she was my friend.
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the day i arrived in santa took her out to dinner with joel >> he constant contact with hudgins' husband. >> i have been ordered by santa fe, i cannot answer any questions about the investigation. >> a slew of weapons were recovered. in a new statement, the film's's armorer where the live rounds came from. >> i'm not an expert in this field. i will will will will willl
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way i can. >> rest says t aware of any safety complaints onset. liz: you may notice fewer buses starting tomorrow. several lines. the deadline for some city workers to be vaccinated is tomorrow, november 1. there is no timeline for when service for these lines will be restored. halloween is not just for humans. canine companions featured dogs in costumes. it is one of the largest providers of service dogs. the show included photos of how service dogs improve lives.
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do you have a costume for your dog? lisa: somewhere. we will have to dig that out. we are getting the rain out of the way so halloween, the evening hours will be dry. we have another week before change the clocks and as for that fall like feeling in the air, it continues as we look at moisture we had yesterday. you see how the cloud cover offshore -- this is what is to come. as was w current numbers, it is in the 40's for cupertino. up to the north, still damp in some spots. 54 in lafayette.
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the cloud cover here from the exploratory him camera. -- exploratorium looking for a mix of sun and clouds showers arrive tomorrow. this is a level 1 system that will bring some light rain throughout the morning commute. then it will spread east. looking at amounts should be highest along the hills with trace amounts in south bay. here we are 11:00 in the morning and we have rain from marin to sonoma. as we get to 2:00 it is a rainy
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afternoon the by the evening commute things should wrap up. another one on thursday brings totals to about a third of an inch. highest amounts throughout nevado. as we look at the coastal hills, once again, picking up on the most rain. pretty nice afternoon if you are heading out early tonight with the kids, we will be looking at the dry conditions inland with those irresistible clouds. spooky tonight at 7:00 with mid to upper 50's. a level 1 system today. that level 1 system is tomorrow.
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then we get a break. a weaker system keeps things going in the right direction. we should be in our dominant offshore flow. liz: just ahead, quite the welcome mat levi's stadium. a critical moment for the stadium and
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liz: the stanford stadium has decreased its capacity substantially. the host cities will be announced next year. torres celebrated thecelebratede a documentary about his life and career. he was born and raised chinatown. he became an iconic rock journalist. he is best known for working with rolling stone. he talked about his impact on the bay area music scene. >> i helped to chronicle it and
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write about it. i know i have an younger generations of broadcasters. right now. , still to com halloween is back on, this year, the return to normalcy for trick-or-treaters in the bay area. check your flight status if you are flying american airlin
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♪ ♪ >> this is abc 7 news. liz: thank you for joining us on abc 7 news. we will start with another look at the weather. lisa: we are getting drizzle out
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of the way for the trick-or-treaters because halloween is dry for the rest of the day. another system moves in on monday. it is 57 in san bruno. it 50's in napa. it is cooler in the east bay by two or four degrees, especially by the delta. four mile visibility on the coast. we are still in the 50's. cloud cover thins out. we will see brighter conditions but by 9:00 we have increasing clouds. by that time,, they are counting their candy. liz: that is always the hard part. children across the country are getting costumes ready for trick or treating.
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the cdc says outdoor activities are safer than indoor activities and people should avoid crowded and poorly ventilated spaces. >> > staying in smaller groups will always be best, making sure that if you are in larger groups or inside you are wearing masks and taking other precautions as appropriate liz:. 28 million children -- other precautions as appropriate. liz: 28 million children could be eligible for the covid-19 vaccine as early as wednesday. high vaccination rates and fewer covid restrictions are allowing kids and parents to enjoy this spooky weekend. cornell barnard checked out some truly frightening events. >> halloween 2021 is something
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to cheer about. we found spider-man, the trolling chinatown. dad says it is good to -- patrolling chinatown. dad says it is good to get out. all the frights are china's halloween neighborhood festival returned this year after being scaled down in 2020. there were costume contests and lots of games. >> they all have to wear masks and show their vaccination. >> even pirates were making a comeback. >> in oakland chi trick or businesses. >> i'm carly.
5:33 am
i'm batgirl for halloween. >> the pandemic is not over yet. >> people still need to be safe. >> denise mcdermitt wasasasasass optimistic about vaccines recently being approved for kids ages 5 to in berkeley, halloween was back. a spooky carnival and rollerskating buggy. >> we are enjoying the the the e atmosphere, the vibe of the community coming together. liz: blaming staffing problems along with the weather for hundreds of flight delays and cancellations
5:34 am
this weekend. the biggest problem spots are dallas and charlotte. around 300 flights were delayed. the airline has already canceled flights for today. it is expecting things to improve tomorrow when 1800 flight attendants return from leave. animal rights activists gathered outside the in and out restaurant. inspired by squid game, they took a creative approach to get there point across. they kicked off the protest with a game of red light green light. they also created a giant version of the doll from the show. protesters want to an end to factory farms in california.
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some of my colleagues spent time at a food bank. volunteers packed grocery bags that will be delivered to bay area homes. >> we have increased our qualifications to serve a variety of households, including those with young children. >> being able to provide them with a service they may otherwise not have had. >> the food bank is looking for more volunteers as we head into the holidays. children who have to spend their holiday in the hospital got a spooktacular treat. this event allows kids undergoing medical care to
5:36 am
experience the holiday while they are in the hospital. they stopped by patients' rooms to give them treats. a condor did something scientists have never seen before -- they had a virgin birth, meaning they reproduced without a male. they ran genetic tests on the checks. -- chicks. 2 of them had no mail. -- the male. day of the dead celebrations are coming back to life this year. the time right now is 5:
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liz: the house where a nightmare from -- a nightmare on elm street was filmed has gone on market. the 1919 dutch colonial was supposed to be set on elm street in ohio, but it is actually in los angeles. its asking price is million. listing agents say is notoriety has not scared off house hunters. there is very high interest from shoppers. heinz multipurpose use of its condiment this season. the company is slapping a " catch-up blood" --
5:41 am
blood" sticker on its tonight's headliners include oakland native kehlani last year's event was canceled because of the pandemic. all visitors must show proof of vaccination. lisa: 56 right now. this is a look at the city were numbers will be in the mid 60's today. pretty typical for this time of year. we are looking at a rainy monday morning commute. my full forecast is next. liz: bouncing back -- warriors took on the
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liz: the 49ers will try to snap a four-game losing streak. kickoff is at 10:00 a.m. on soldier field. last night the warriors bounced back after their first loss of the season. >> first loss of the season hosting okc. they got much rest in the fourth quarter. is this a seven foot which? green came out hot, 11 points in the first quarter, 14 at the half. here we go. he is going to find andrew wiggins. this was a highlight play.
5:45 am
he missed the triple-double by just 2 assists. a great flurry. the warriors win. they are now 5-2. >> keeping things simple. we have shooters all over the place so if we can have solid possessions and get looks at the rim, good things will happen. >> 90 minutes before the pucks drop, san jose played without the captain. young sparky enjoying some popcorn. hurdle's third goal of the season. nothing you can do on this one.
5:46 am
kyle connor, the rebound. we go to overtime. in ot, the sharks win 2-1 top of the fourth, houston up 1-0. the organist played it's small world after all. dansby swanson' to the right field and it is gone. jorge's a layer, see you later. it just gets out of the park. eddie rosario has a beat on it and what a catch at the wall. the braves win 3-2 and they can win the world series later
5:47 am
today. liz: let's get a check of the halloween forecast. lisa: it looks typical and drive. you see the cloud cover offshore. this is a system that will arrive early tomorrow. for halloween we will be nice and dry after this morning's mist and drizzle lifts. it is 56 in fremont and hayward. a live look outside where we have the clouds and pavement. it will take a while and temperatures will not be too different. at temperatures below drop off through the 60's. the sun sets at 6:11.
5:48 am
before sunrise you can expect light, scattered showers. the highest rainfall totals will be in the north bay. we are looking at our forecast animation. maybe we will get into most of the commute dry in the east bay. here comes the rain by the middle of the afternoon. by the later afternoon as the commute gets going, looks like conditions will be drying out. 2/10, may be a third of an as we get through clear like, may be more than that. this system moves in and out quickly.
5:49 am
numbernumber in san mateo as well as fremont. look for 67 in san rafael. as that sunsets, we will see temperatures hover in the 60's, dropping through the 50's by 7:00. it should be pretty comfortable if you have got the costumes on and masks. with clouds around, a few peaks of son, showers -- return. this first weekend of november, rendin d it should be a fun nigt
5:50 am
tonight. liz: day of the dead events are not entirely back to normal. how one event is changing its celebration due to the continuing presence of covid. >> preparations are underway for the day of the dead. >> we are selling sugar's , marigolds and all these goal related crafts. >> shops like hers sees a jump in business around this time, a holiday that has been celebrated in mesoamerica for a long time. this year a procession will not
5:51 am
happen but there will be an in person older exhibition. in oakland, dirt -- declarations are already up in fruitville. the event went dark in 2020. it is back this year but organizers reconstruct -- restructured it as a health and wellness clinic. >> a lot of folks in our community have not been able to get vaccinated. >> fruitville has a high latino population. the area had one of the highest infection rates in oakland and still has one of the lowest vaccination rates.
5:52 am
this year's event will also focus on healing. >> these drums are from africa. when everyone tunes and with this rhythm, it gives us the chance to tap into that energy. we have this collective healing that happens. liz: remember to check for all of the day of the dead events happening in the bay area. today is the last day of the alameda county fair. all of the events you can take part in to celebrate
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liz: today is your last chance to check out the alameda county fair in pleasanton. thereile halloween festivities fairgrounds and a concert featuring a journey tribute band. the fair runs from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. today. organizers are putting together a scavenger hunt. pumpkin decorating, arts and crafts and prizes for those who show up in costume. this event is free and runs from 10:00 until 4:00. next, shock and disbelief. the neighborhood reacts to a deadly shooting at a councilwoman's home. >> world leaders are showing up
5:56 am
ad what is considered one of the most important climate conferences in years. i'm rena roy in glasgow, scotland. ♪
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>> i'm now hearing from victims all across the country their bank accounts were drained in seconds but the bank would not refund their money. >> my money's back. >> so happy i want to cry. >> and i just couldn't be any more thankful. >> good instead of bad. just really life affirming.
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6:00 am
move forward. happy halloween. we will have a live report from scotland and what to expect in the next two weeks in just a moment. but first let's start with a quick look at the weather. good morning and happy halloween. >> good morning. we're looking at pretty good weather some in the north bay experiencing some mist and drizzle even a few light showers and the pavement is wet but dry skies will take over for the day today. there's a system offshore that moves in time just for the commute unfortunately but timing great for trick or treaters. mid 50s this morning as well as santa rosa. but that is a couple degrees cooler particularly in san jose this morning by about 7-9 degrees and cloud cover in place with some fog but as we
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