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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 30, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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hey shooting at a gilroy councilwoman's home leading one person dead and many questions still unanswered. i'm laura anthony in the castor where there are high hopes for this year's halloween and i'm tracking our next storm. i'll let you know when rain returns an accuweather abc 7 news at 11 starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7. it's sad. it really is. it's sad. a neighborhood in disbelief tonight following a deadly shooting at a halloween party and the case has a connection to a gilroy city council member. good evening. i'm kate larsen. you're watching abc 7 news at 11 right here on abc 7 and wherever you stream we start now with that developing news. the shooting happened early this morning on a rural stretch of
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los animas avenue at a homeowned by gilroy city council member rebecca armin doris abc 7 news reporter ryan curry went to gilroy to find answers and learned that a fight broke out right before the gunfire. just down this road in several houses down is the home of councilmember rebecca armandaris and police are now investigating as to what led up into that shooting the left one person dead and others injured. they've blocked off this road as they continue that investigation. gilroy pol pol pol pol pol pol person fired a gun a man died at the scene in three other people were injured two of them in critical. addition at the hospital. yeah. i heard some shots with that. that was i mean that's like every weekend so i didn't think nothing about it. joanne camp lives just down the road from under reasons home, but she doesn't know if the gunshots she heard were from the party. she says it's normal to hear gunshots in this area. what is different now, the shooting happened at a city officials home?
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it's sad it really is. it's sad that you know, people can't have i guess more respectful one another and have more you know more. didn't have fun with all this other stuff going on in a statement armandaria said quote. i'm thankful that my family and i who live on los aminos were not heard in this tragedy and i pray for those who've loved ones have been touched by what has occurred. in the meantime. we are giving our full cooperation to the gilroy police department. gilroy police say they are investigating this as a homicide. they did not say if they arrested anyone and they also did not say if the councilwoman and her family had any direct involvement in the in gilroy ryan curry abc 7 news we sent out a notification as soon as the shooting was confirmed and you can be among the first to know with the abc 7 bay area app. you can enable notifications for upstates instantly sent to your mobile device. happening tonight halloween in the castro is back. at least that's the hope for the
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san francisco neighborhood abc 7 news reporter laura anthony explains. this year businesses are actively campaigning for the party atmosphere of years past starting with aif the night be'y indication halloween in the castro is back at least it's on its way back. it seems with the return of the glow in the street block party. it's been a very long two years, but people are back and we are out. we're incredibly grateful that we can do this this halloween, but that we can create a gathering for people who have been so starved for it. i would say the castro's back. this is the beginning of it coming back and people coming out in community being together. the castro was once epicenter of halloween celebrations in san francisco drawing as many as a half million people on a single night. is until violence erupted in 2006, which pretty much shut down the party and then came the
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pandemic. tonight at the block party. there was a visible police presence in plenty of private security bottom line for the first time in the years businesses in the castro are actively encouraging revelers to come to their part of town and enjoy a peaceful celebration. i believe we've established yourself as a neighborhood willing to be back if you can look around yourself and just see how excited people are the hope is that events like this this year will signal the return of the fun the pageantry the party that is halloween in the castro. i love it. i love the five again. we can party again in san francisco. laurie anthony abc 7 news. it looks like a lot of fun out there for folks who want to go out and bart will be extending. service hours tomorrow night for halloween the special three-line service will run hourly after 9
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pm. the trains will run to every station except for oakland and san francisco airports. the special hours hours will run just past midnight. health of course is a big issue. we focus on as part of abc 7's commitment to building a better bay area and children ages 5 to 11 could get their covid vaccine shot as soon as wednesday yesterday the fda gave emergency use authorization for that age group to eligible for the pfizer vaccine and on tuesday cdc advisors will meet to discuss the vaccine and decide whether to recommend it for the youngest age group yet for the five to 11 year olds. the vaccine will be given in two shots at one third the dose adults receive. the vaccine is undergone the strict evaluation to assure safety and effectiveness. and this was reviewed independently by a panel of experts along with the fda. pfizer is already shipping outho 15 million doses to medical
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centers and vaccination sites. vice president. kamala harris received her covid-19 booster shot today. she got a third dose of the moderna vaccine now harris was eligible for a booster because she frequently travels and interacts with a wide range of people as part of her official duties. knew at 11 a san francisco, man says every neighborhood cyclist. he knows has had their bike stolen from inside their homes in the past three months. so he did everything he could to keep his property safe, but it still didn't work. san francisco resident willie pell has been expecting thieves. this is a industrial cargo security chain, but despite his recent auntie robber preparations see the cut all they almost got through. rompers drilled through his garage door son through security chains and stole a bike last weekend. i would never have thought someone would be brazen enough to use power tools in your house in the middle of the night using an apple air tank. he had stashed in his bike back
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pal was able to track his bike to an apartment building in the tenderloin visible in the lobby a building resident gave him the yellow bag back, but pal says the landlord and police refused to check all 12 units for the stolen bike. it's a feeling of complete helplessness right hell life in children were all inside their bernal heights home during the 2:30 am robbery whereby a gun. i've never been a gun owner and if people are willing to come in my house and use heavy power tools. i don't know what's next and i've got two kids. i've got to protect my family. so while pal waits for sfpd to respond he plans to install a steel garage door with automatic locking deadbolts. safe way in san francisco's castro castro district tells the chronicle. they are reducing hours due to out of control shoplifting. it will now close at 9 pm. that's the earliest closing hours out of all san francisco safeway locations. the store has also terminated
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all self checkout stands to limit the amount of theft. there's no timeline yet for how long the new hours will be in effect. developing news now american airlines is blaming staffing problems along with the weather for hundreds of flight delays in cancellations this weekend the biggest problem sponsor two of its hubs dallas and charlotte more than 500 flights were canceled today and around 300 flights delayed. the airline has already canceled nearly 300 flights for tomorrow. american says a number of crews got stuck in dallas because of bad weather the past couple of days it is expecting things to improve on monday when 1800 flight attendants return from leave. for the first time we're hearing from alec baldwin about the deadly shooting on the set of his film well-oiled crew. shoot together and then horrible event. he also talks about the woman who lost her life in the investigation into the shooting also protesters use a popular streaming series to get
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attention. they're targeting in and out but has nothing to do with the chain's controversial stance on california's vaccine mandate, and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we are tracking some drizzle out there first thing tomorrow morning, but a bigger storm lingers on the horizon. we'll let you know when the rain returns and the accurate the forecast. don't worry, ma. we'll be there soon. “we?!” is this “the one.” well...let's say i found the one who takes me to another level. always stays calm under pressure. most importantly... the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful! come outside. i'll introduce you. definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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baldwin is breaking his silence speaking to the paparazzi about the deadly shooting on the set of the movie rust abc reporter elizabeth schultz says baldwin talked about the woman who died. and the film crew for the first time since the fatal shooting on the set of the film rust alec baldwin is speaking out there are incidental accidents on film
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sets from time to time, but nothing like this. this is a wonderful trillion episode answering questions from the paparazzi in vermont baldwin mourned the death of cinematographer helena hutchins who died when investigators say baldwin fired a prop gun on set director joel souza was also wounded in the shooting. she was my friend. the day i arrived in santa fe to start shooting. i took her to dinner with joel the director. we were a very very you know well-oiled crew shooting a film together and then this horrible event happened baldwin added. he's been in constant contact with hudgin's husband. the guy is overwhelmed with but baldwin repeatedly declined to comment on the investigation into the incident. i've been ordered. the sheriff's department in santa fe. i can't answer any questions about the investigation. i can't investigators have obtained a warrant to search the prop truck that stored the weapons on set. they say a slew of weapons including 12 revolvers and four boxes in a black bag with ammo
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were recovered in a new statement through her lawyer. the films armorer says she has no idea where the live rounds came from adding. she is devastated. baldwin says he supports new safety measures on movie sets like rubber or plastic. things i'm not an expert in this field. so whatever other people decide is the best way to go in terms of protecting people's safety on film sets. i'm all in favor of and i will co operate with trust movie productions the company created to produce the film has said it was not aware of safety concerns on set was cooperating with the investigation elizabeth olsey abc news, washington. animal rights activists gathered outside the in-n-out restaurant in san francisco inspired by the popular series squid games protesters took a creative approach to get their point across. they kicked off the off the offe a game of red light green light. you've seen the show, you know what we're talking about. they also created a giant
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version of the doll from the show protesters are accusing in and out of continuing to get their beefs of beef. from a processing facility accused of killing cows inhumanely protesters want an end to factory farms in california? all it took was a few storms in last week's atmospheric river event for some of the ski resorts in the sierra to open early palisades tahoe. welcome skiers, very happy skiers and snowboarders to its slope yesterday, and it will be open through the weekend at palisades tahoe used to be of course known as squaw valley and alpine meadows before changing its name last month and in the south mammoth mountain has also opened really exciting to see all of that snow. just coming down drew. i know we've got a little will rain in our forecast, but what are the conditions for skiers and snowboarders looking like they were so happy last week that atmospheric river dumped three feet in some of our highest peaks with the rain. we're tracking later on in the forecast. it looks like the snow will be confined to the highest peak
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snow levels of upcoming week about 7,500 to 8,000 feet. so we're tracking some warm storms on our way tonight though. it's a little bit of drizzle. mostly cloudy skies over the city, but all in all it's a pretty quiet night live looking the explorator. camera right now showing you the sf skyline. mostly cloudy skies from this vantage point and we'll hang on to a lot of cloud cover over the next 12 hours temperatures earlier today. we made it well into the 60s were slowly dropping into the 50s and with that cloud cover overhead numbers are very slow to cool over the next couple of hours. here's live doppler 7 along with satellite earlier today in the morning hours. we had a lot of coastal drizzle you can see that weak ripple of energy moving through northern california. it's still that i think we'll see a little bit of drizzle first thing tomorrow morning, but all in all for the trick or treaters tomorrow evening. it's dry with mostly cloudy skies, but by monday, here's our next storm. you see the cold front very nicely on satellite this swings through here monday morning and much of monday afternoon will feature some on and off light
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showers back here at home overnight tonight. mostly cloudy skies here. you can see that coast drizzle for many of our areas from half moon bay to san francisco up the marin and sonoma county coastline temperatures upper 40s to mid-50s first thing tomorrow morning future weather on your sunday there you can see if you're up early 7 8 am some pockets of drizzle around the bay but those pockets of drizzle do not last long throughout the day. it's dry with mostly cloudy skies and a little bit warmer of an afternoon to finish out the weekend and the month of october highs on your halloween 65 in oakland tomorrow 64 in with mostly cloudy sky 68 in san jose 64 in santa rosa 65 in vallejo fairfield up to 68 degrees if you're grabbing some candy tomorrow evening the weather conditions they operate a lot of cloud cover that sun goes down at 611 and after sunset spooky cool out there. our temperatures gradually falling through the 50s by 8 pm. then things will change for the wetter on monday on the storm
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impact scale. this is a light level one storm. we're tracking nothing likely experience last week with our atmospheric wherever we'll track some light scattered showers on your monday highest rainfall will be in the north bay and the biggest concern we have is really some slick roadways 6 am on your monday. it's a lot of cloud cover perhap isolated shower in parts of the bay shore line, but there you can see the main event is just beginning to enter the north bay by midday lunchtime. they're the showers begin to move into the east bay the south bay the peninsula scattered showers in the north bay and really throughout our monday. it's just unsettled with on and off light showers to end the day monday evening rainfall estimates. pretty light. we do expect highest rainfall totals in the north bay likely we'll see about a quarter to a half of an inch of rain there outside of the north bay a pretty good estimate is less than a quarter of an inch of rainfall. so and all it's pretty light storm. it's pretty quick moving storm, but does bring us some beneficial rainfall. here's the accuweather 74 cast playing next seven days for you creepy clouds on your halloween tomorrow showers return here on monday. we'll go from clouds to sun on
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tuesday. wednesday's pretty bright, but after sunset, there's a chance of a shower in the north bay late wednesday, but really, it's thursday. we'll track some on and off light rain again, kate and by friday and saturday back to sunshine back to seasonal seasonal temperatures again next weekend. our clocks are gonna fall back with daylight saving time to get ready the sunsets gonna get earlier and earlier next weekend. i always need that reminder drew. so thanks now. i'm thinking ahead by a week. there you go. all right halloween, you know, it's not just for humans canine companions dog faster regina. there it is. look at this. it featured dogs and costumes and in at least one instance trick-or-treating how cute based in santa rosa. it is one of the largest providers of service dogs the virtual halloween show featured not only pictures but clients you shared how their service dogs help. move their lives. i'm a cat person, but i have to say dogs have it over cats costume department. it's just so cute. all right coming up some of the
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bravest bay area residents who can't get out to celebrate halloween discover an alternative way to have some spectacular fun that'
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this story has been blowing my mind some california condors have done something scientists have never seen before they had a virgin birth. this means they reproduced without a male mate scientists have been studying the endangered birds through a breeding program run by the san diego zoo, which is a couple of female condors along with a male. they ran some genetic tests on the chicks and got to surprise two of them had no ties at all to the male bird researchers say one of the chicks died in 2003 and the other in 2017. all right, some of my abc 7 news colleagues spent today volunteering at the san francisco marin food bank abc 7's parent company disney partners with feeding america to
11:24 pm
tackle hunger today volunteers packed grocery bags that will be delivered to 9,000 bay area homes. with just our home delivered groceries program. we have increased our qualifications to serve a variety of individuals and households including families with young children. anyone who may have a challenge heading to one of our pop-ups or head to a local grocery store at 11am and being able to provide them with a a service that otherwise they would not have so proud of our abc 7 family the food bank is looking for more volunteers as we had into the holidays you can find information at sfm food bank do work children who have to spend their halloween in the hospital got a spooktacular treat staff at stanford's lucille packard children's hospital put on their annual reverse trick-or-treat trail event in palo alto the event allows kids undergoing medical care to dress up and experience the holiday even while they're in the hospital today health care workers walked the halls in costume with
11:25 pm
decorated carts stomping by patients rooms to give them all some halloween treats and it's so nice to see those kids with so much deserved smiles on. faces also making me smile tonight chris alvarez is here with a preview of sports chris. that is quite the introduction. thank you very much. i'm gonna smile through sports a busy saturday night sharks playing short-handed and the warriors. hey, they bounce back highlights reaction the dubs rock the thunder and stephen curry splashing it chase. ♪ ♪ tequila herradura. extraordinary awaits. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier.
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♪ ♪ tequila herradura. extraordinary awaits. sports sponsored by river rock casino the warriors coming off their first loss of the season hosting okc tonight golden state cleaned up the turnovers and the starters got some much-needed rest in the fourth quarter of a blowout win a seven foot witch at thrive city.
11:29 pm
that's a tall tall cosmed donald foil you in there draymond green came out hot 11 points the first quarter slams at home. let the dubs with 14 at the break jordan pool was oh for his last 16 from distance and splash. it's a pool party again and clay like sweetie sees draymond here great facilitator finds andrew wiggins alley. you've been throw it down draymond missed a triple double by just two assists stephen curry only had five points the first half. we got a curry flurry in the third three threes in the first three minutes finishes the game high 20 warriors win 10382. they're five and one now and i caught up with steph after the game. keeping things simple. you know how much turnover struggles last game a lot of memphis to come back and you know, we have you know shooters all over the place playmakers all over the place. so if we could just have solid possessions and get looks at the room good things that happen. well 90 minutes before puck dropped seven sharks players and head coach bob bugner replaced
11:30 pm
in covid protocol san jose play without the likes of eric carlson marc, edward vlasic and captain logan couture who is also out under the weather, but logan not in covid protocols young sparky enjoying some popcorn on halloween eve good to see youngsters at the tank second period tomash hurdle lights the lamp his third goal the season one. nothing team tl james reimer great net today 34 saves nothing you could do really here kyle connor the rebound and with just over three minutes. it's one one we go to overtime not power play and it is team oton timo meyer. the game winner sharks win two won they snapped that three-game slide baseball now dusty baker and the astros trying to even up the world series against the braves top of the fourth using up one nothing. the braves are working has played it's a small world when jose altuve came to plate, but jose came up big a solo blast two-nothing stros bottom. seven braves down 2-1 dansby swanson the the other way going going and it is gone. we're all tied up. braves with all the momentum and
11:31 pm
next man up jorge soler. the fans are going wild. get them on their feet again. three two, is that liner just gets out braves back out in front top of the eight still a one-run game now too they get to hold the one but look at eddie rosario. this is gold glove caliber defense. nice play braves win 3-2 making win the world series tomorrow night abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino kate. all right. thanks chris halloween. did you know it's back this year a look at the return to normalcy for trick-or-treaters in the bay area. it was quite the wel the wel thw at levi's stadium a critical moment today for levi's stadium and its quest to become a host of the 202
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better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. good evening. i'm kate larsen and tonight's headlines police in gilroy are investigating a deadly shooting at the home of a city council member rebecca. armendariz investigators. say someone fired a gun during a party early this morning at the home on lost animus avenue four. people were shot. one person died two others have life threatening injuries. also tonight actor. alec baldwin is breaking his silence about the deadly shooting on the set of the movie rust. there are incidental accidents. film sets from time to time but nothing like this. this is a wonderful trillion episode. baldwin spoke to the paparazzi today saying he's cooperating with the ongoing investigation movie cinematographer was killed when investigators say baldwin fired a prop gun on sat in san
11:36 pm
francisco extra securities filming the streets of the castro this halloween weekend businesses looking to bounce back from the pandemic have actively campaigned for revelers to turn out to celebrate like years past. leaders from the world's 20 leading economies are meeting in rome this weekend president. joe biden scored a major victory winning the endorsement of a 15% global minimum corporate tax from world leaders reporter jen sullivan explains what that means? us president joe biden scoring a major victory at his first g20 summit as commander in chief working to prove that the us is ready to lead once again on the global stage if biden is going to move past some of these foreign policy blemishes and restore trust. it's going to require more than just rhetoric touting the virtues of multilateralism. posing for the traditional class photo with world leaders enjoyed by first responders who were on the front lines of the coronavirus global pandemic
11:37 pm
covid is one of the several issues g20 leaders are tackling at the global conference in rome as well as climate change the ongoing global supply chain crisis and international economic recovery. eight months into his presidency biden needs to reinforce. i think clear expectations about what the united states wants from its global partners and what those global partners want from the united states on saturday president biden achieving a core win his proposal for a global minimum tax on multinational corporations winning the endorsement of old g20 leaders experts. say the historic agreement could reshape the rules of the global economy all the things that we're talking about supply chains the global some tax inflation. this is all part of a larger change that's taking place right now president biden also meeting with some european leaders to discuss the next steps in negotiations with iran with leaders saying in a joint statement, they're convinced. it's possible to quickly restore the iran nuclear deal jen sullivan abc 7 news.
11:38 pm
halloween all around the bay area is shaping up to be a lot scarier than last year in a good way high vaccination rates in fewer covid restrictions mean that kids and their parents get to actually enjoy the spooky weekend abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard checked out some of truly frightening events tonight. halloween 2021 is021 is021 is022 cheer about the stuff superheroes would be proud of we found spider-man aka max kong patrolling. san francisco's chinatown. dad says it's good to celebrate. again. this is one of the first halloween he's able to get out since he's four and yes nice to come back out. it's nice to see people having a great time and celebrating halloween all the frights are back. town's halloween neighborhood festival the annual event returning this year after being scaled down in 2020. there were costume contests and lots of games. yeah.
11:39 pm
we definitely asking people giving the mass on for thoseartr activi the painting with artists. they all have to wear masks and also show the vaccination make your face higher face. even pirates were making a comeback. in oakland kids were trick-or-treating at businesses in the laurel neighborhood. laurel neighborhood. my name is carly. i'm girl for halloween carly's sister, sarah says halloween got canceled last year, but the pandemic isn't over yet. i feel like people still need to be safe. people still need to wear their mask people still need to socially distance, but i feel like have fun denise mcdermott was hopeful about vaccines recently being approved for kids ages five to eleven. i don't feel like a lot of people are gonna hand out candy, but i'm hoping by with the vaccine coming out by christmas or even in the beginning of next year we can go back. birthday parties in berkeley halloween was back a spooky carnival at grove park. and would you believe a roller skate boogie tiara wilson was loving all of it.
11:40 pm
i brought my one-year-old and my six-year-old and we're enjoying the different atmospheres of different halloween costumes going around the vibe of the community coming together cornell bernard abc 7 news. and in the south by south bay, excuse me, levi's stadium put its best foot forward today in an effort to become one of the hosts of the 2026 world cup abc 7 news was there as fifa officials arrived to check out the santa clara facility. the 2026 competition has multiple host countries. it is going to split up between the united states canada and mexico those behind the bay area efforts say they're more than ready. 'cause levi's is already hosted the largest events in the world super bowl international soccer matches concerts. we're ready for this. we have the infrastructure to do so, we have the capacity to pull it off and we have a tremendous reach in behind us. now the united states last hosted the men's world cup back in 1994. i have a t-shirt from that event stanford stadium was one of the
11:41 pm
sites but it has gone through a renovation and decreased its capacity substantially to the host cities will be announced early next year. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11 and icon in the bay area music industry gets a tribute fit for a rockstar the special big screen debut for the journalist to the stars and a meteor. drew tuma a cloudy night from our exploratorium camera in san francisco. we're tracking rain returning let you know when it arrives the
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11:44 pm
by the killing of a black man in georgia who was joining in a neighborhood where some men thought he was suspicious jose sanders talks to the director of an espn plus film you can see now about a movement inspired by all men arbories life and death. 911 was
11:45 pm
black male running down the street. they treated him like an animal they got into a certain point and then they killed the constant pursuits of freedom and the constant pursuit of you know being able to move in this body with this with this skin, you know and be free. mount aubrey was just 25 when he was shot last year. three men are now on trial for his murder. it's runners are crossing the finish lines in his name. really? it's a problem that people have with black runners people have thrown items out of their car at me. i've been called the n-word. i just have to be extra alert when i'm out there because i never know when it's going to happen. so many people in your film say this could have been me every black runner when they leave their house. do have this thought in their
11:46 pm
mind? like i didn't know how deep it was and what i love the most is that it doesn't deter them. you know, they still get out there they still, you know, do their miles per day and despite the fear the powerful expression of of blackness. they didn't make the arrest after they saw the video they made the arrest after we one of the suspects recorded the confrontation and the video went viral over his mother. can't bear to watch it. my aubrey was actually my son. he was actually my baby boy. not just a jogger. this was her son and he impacted a lot of people all over the all over the country all over the world. but this was still somebody's baby. what do you hope will be the legacy of your film we persevere and these runners are literally doing that every single day every time they take those runs in their neighborhoods over.
11:47 pm
7 news looks like a really powerful film. alright bay area native ben fong torres celebrated a special honor today the premiere of a documentary about his life and career the exclusive debut. was this afternoon at san francisco's great star theater phong torres was born in alameda and raised in oakland's chinatown. he went on to become an iconic american rock journalist broadcaster and author. he's best known for working with rolling stone magazine and the san francisco chronicle at today's premiere of like a roll. joan phong torres talked about his impact on the bay area music scene. i helped to chronicle it and the right about it and bring the spotlight a certain artists. i know that i had an impact on younger generations of aspiring journalists and broadcasters that's really rewarding to me. the documentary is showing now
11:48 pm
today's special screening was presented by the center for asian american media and the asian american journalists association. all right, abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma is here with a look at our weather. we're all wondering what this rain has in store for us. yeah, it looks like kate it will come monday morning. so for halloween tomorrow trick-or-treaters in the evening. we'll be okay a lot of cloud cover though too and the week at overnight tonight. we'll have some coastal drizzle some pockets of drizzle around the bay shore. upper 40s to mid 50s first thing tomorrow morning throughout the day. it's a lot of cloud cover pizza sunshine on your halloween temperatures mainly staying in the 60s in the afternoon so that trick or treat forecast tomorrow evening. we have dry skies like the pumpkin say and temperatures gradually falling through the 50s. your sunset is at 6:11 pm. once that sun goes down those temperatures will cool off a little bit quicker storm impact scale on monday level one light storm. we're tracking light scattered showers highest rainfall will be in the they in the biggest concern we have with this rain coming on monday is slick road,
11:49 pm
so it's really not a huge storm. but nonetheless it will impact your monday morning commute. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast creepy clouds on your halloween showers are turning monday on and off throughout the day. we'll go from clouds to sun on tuesday and then our next chance of any rain kay is really coming on thursday the best chance right now looks to be in the every inch or quarter inch whatever it is will take it right bring it on. all right. thanks drew now to chris with a preview of sports. kate coming up in sports. we'll recap a busy bay area college football day and one-on-one with stephan curry with the warrior superstar had to say about the game and halloween costumes sports is next.
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so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ sponsored by river rock casino the warriors got back on the winning track tonight. 103.82 over oklahoma city stephen curry started slow, but finished with the game high 20 after the game. i went one-on-one with number 30. just keeping things simple.
11:53 pm
you know how much turnover struggles last game a lot of memphis to come back and you know, we have you know shooters all over the place playmakers all over the place. so if we could just have solid possessions and get looks at the room good things are happening. but defensively we were we were solid tonight. there athletic strong fast team likes to drive and everybody was on the stream helping each other. so i got off to a good start and maintaining it through a 48 mr. michigan state. got you guys off to a good start draymond kind of just getting everything going. how did his play get you guys on the right foot? he's just aggressive he was locked in. not many people probably noticed it. he got us into five or six different sets that he called on offense to kind of picking and choose who's gonna get the ball and pick the apart and that's just being locked in mentally and showing his basketball iq. so not just the scoring not just defense, but just seeing the game and one step ahead. he directed us all night.
11:54 pm
there was video floating around twitter a couple days ago was your debut about 13 years ago. jonathan gets his debut tonight. what'd you think of jonathan? and did you remember what i was like for you when you first checked in so adrenaline rush for sure. i started my first game and this was a blur i know for him getting a suit up being active. i didn't know when just his numbers can be called and fourth quarter. he hopefully i told him like just you know, appreciate the moment. he's got a lot of room to grow obviously but to get you know his first sweat out there get his first bucket get that out the way and i can just focus on getting better and helping us win games. you got the eat learn play on tonight, but tomorrow's halloween. it's been the toughest question. i've asked what are you wearing for halloween? what are the kids wearing for halloween? we have options leave it to that. the kids are old enough where they they get to play. creative director for the whole family so we got options. we'll see what happens tomorrow with the final decision. in washington
11:55 pm
tanner mckee picked off in the red zone washington up 9-3 at the break fourth quarter now stanford scores the first touchdown of the game mckee on the rollout and just makes it in stanford down, too. they'll take the lead on a field of final minute third and two washington looks like they're setting up for ahead field goal instead dillon morris up top to jalen mcmillan. ballgame brutal loss for stanford 20 to 13 the cardinal fall to three and five overall. cal hosting oregon state honoring jeff tedford between quarters good to see coach back in berkeley first quarter chase garbers play action role rights % zone watch out seven. nothing cal second quarter damien moore eight yards and in it's 17 3 golden bears five seconds left in the shared garbers. well, he wants it all going for trayvon clark 38 yards to the house 31:17 and then the fourth quarter cows defense puts it away. good to see the sideline right there chance nolan gonna throw
11:56 pm
it deep but elijah hicks with the dceiot 39-25, wyoming stillt quarterback. nick starkel. so nick nash gets to start for a fifth straight game second quarter calls his own number seven. nothing sparty party later in the quarter. kyrie robinson appears to be stopped but bounces off the defender and then goes nine yards. what an effort 1410, san jose state. third quarter now this time nash going to go deep and it's charles ross and receiving end 44 yards in san jose state wins, 27-21. they are one one away from being bull eligible. we had a classico in salt lake quakes and real salt lake. no trophies in this one. they still have chris swan alaska extra time the first half wando with the header off the corner kick two one quakes at the hat 69th minute cade cow. check out this move splits two. defenders kicks it in far side three one so nice. show it twice, san jose will get one more in the 79th minute. the defendet seeckson.
11:57 pm
you'llight behind him. for one quakes at that point in the quakes will go on to win it four to three abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino kate. all right. thanks chris. and now i want to know what the curry family is gonna wear for halloween tomorrow. all right, that's it for tonight. i'm kate larsen abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 for drew and chris. thanks for joining us. have a very happy halloween and may you and yours find lots of full-size candy bars. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end.
11:58 pm
but our here, we are just getting started.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
(john a.) tonight, 24 americans lay it all on the line. their whole lives have been leading up to this one moment of glory. (music distorts) (barking) (john h.) oh, boy. (john a.) ooh. let's hope they have a plan "b." (john a.) they've come from all over the country and from all walks of life to vie for $50,000 and the ultimate bragging rights. at the end, only the top three competitors


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