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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 29, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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logan, m right now on "america this morning," andrew cuomo now a criminal defendant. the former governor of new york charged with a misdemeanor sex crime, but now confusion over who made his summons public after authorities said there was no final decision to charge him yet. president biden landing in rome overnight, then meeting the pope at the vatican. all this while the president's economic agenda at home hangs in the balance. democrats forced to push back the time line for a vote on his spending bill. why biden says the days ahead will, quote, determine his presidency. breaking overnight. flights temporarily grounded at l.a.x. hundreds of travelers lining up outside. new details on the security scare that triggered it all. reality star robbed.
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expensive handbags, jewelry and watches ding e invasion. what police are saying. plus, a new ancient human species discovered. where scientists say they lived 500,000 years ago. and from the bus tour specifically designed for nappers to another wild ending in the nfl, to the 10-year-old pulling off the unthinkable. >> oh, my god. >> it's friday, october 29th. good morning, everyone. we begin with former new york governor andrew cuomo facing a misdemeanor sex crime. >> court documents show cuomo heading to court next month accused in a sex assault involving a former staffer, but there are questions over who made the court summons public. >> a report in "the albany times union" newspaper claiims the complaint was issued prematurely before a final decision to charge cuomo had been made.
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overnight, the cuomo camp reacted to the report. this morning, the first criminal charges filed in the sexual harassment investigation rnw cuomg former new york a judge in aummons demanding thn misdemblthe charges filed by th county sheriff's office stem from an alleged incident at the governor's mansion in december of 2020. investigators say cuomo forcibly placed his hand under the blouse of an unnamed victim and onto her intimate body part intentionally and for no legitimate purpose. >> he put his hand up my blouse and cupped my breast over my bra. >> reporter: the alleged victim's name is redacted, but cuomo's former executive assistant brittany commisso spoke out earlier this year about the alleged incident. commisso is 1 of 11 women to publicly accuse cuomo of misconduct. >> he didn't take responsibility. he almost still had the attitude as though he is the victim when he is not the victim, he is the victimizer. >> reporter: on the day of his
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resignation in august, cuomo was defiant on the claims but apologized to those women. >> this is not to say that there are not 11 women who i truly offended. there are. and for that, i deeply, deeply apologize. >> reporter: now, new questions over the handling of the criminal case. overnight, commisso's attorney revealed the sheriff's department filed the complaint without her knowledge. and prosecutors say they were also caught off guard. cuomo's attorney calling the sheriff's motives, quote, patently improper writing in a statement, the sheriff didn't even tell the district attorney what he was doing. this is not professional law enforcement, this is politics. cuomo is expected to surrender to police next week. if found guilty, he faces up to a year in jail and would have to register as a sex offender. next to president biden back in the international spotlight this morning as his domestic agenda remains in limbo. the president is meeting with the pope today ahead of two global summits. he arrived in rome overnight after announcing a framework for
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a trimmed down social policy and climate package. but he has yet to lock down enough votes. >> we're going live to rome in a moment, but our team coverage begins with abc's faith abubey in washington. good morning, faith. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, andrew. inut t tclose the deal on his domestic agenda before that trip. even house speaker nancy pelosi told democrats not to embarrass the president, but in the end, the president did leave without a deal. overnight, president biden landing on the world stage just hours after house lawmakers punted a vote on the senate passed bipartisan infrastructure bill. >> too many no votes for the bill to pass. >> reporter: the president's social spending plan also far from a done deal while democrats continue clashing over the details. before jetting off, the president making a stop on capitol hill and then offering a new framework of the spending package in hopes progressives and moderates will finally rally to get it across the finish line. >> this framework includes historic investments in our
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nation and in our people. >> reporter: the $1.75 trillion framework includes money for free univeextendg child and elder care and expanding medicare to cover hearing. there's also $500 billion for action on climate change including tax incentives for electric cars and building charging stations. >> if you took any one piece of it, it would be transformative and historic. >> reporter: but progressive democrats are bristling at what was left on the cutting room floor like free community college and paid family leave. >> bamboozled. >> we put paid leave in, it's in, it's in, it's in, and then all of a sudden at the last minute somebody said it's out, and i'm going to fight every single moment to try to get this back in. >> reporter: the president had hoped the fight on his domestic agenda would be behind him with a win in his pocket as he begins his foreign trip, but this morning the negotiations continue. >> if we make these investments, there will be no stopping the american people or america. so let's get this done.
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>> reporter: well, the white house officials say they are confident that both the isnfstructure deal and the spending package will both pass soon, however, they have yet to detail a time line. >> all right, faith, thank you. now let's turn to abc's karen travers at the vatican. karen, the president arrived amid a chaotic scramble on capitol hill. will that hang over the trip? >> reporter: absolutely, andrew. the president before he left for europe did not take questions from reporters at the white house and before getting on air force one, so, andrew, this is absolutely going to be something that reporters ask the president about when he holds a press conference here in rome and likely again in scotland depending on what develops over the next couple of days. andrew, the president really ramped up his efforts to try to get this across the finish line. in those days leading up to his departure for europe, he met with joe manchin, he met with kyrsten sinema, he even traveled up to capitol hill again to sit down with house democrats, and he told them, according to sources, that his presidency will be determined by what
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happens in the coming week. the white house really wanted the president to come here to europe with a victory. they did say, though, he can still stay engaged with members of congress while he's traveling. there are phones here, they say. but, of course, he has a very busy schedule over the next three days here in rome, and then it's on to a climate summit in scotland, andrew. >> karen, let's talk about this trip for a minute. what's the significance of the president meeting with the pope? >> reporter: this is a very big meeting for president biden and for millions of american catholics. the president, of course, is just the second catholic president. he is very devout and attends mass every week. this is a very big thing for him and this is actually, andrew, the fourth time that he'll be sitting down with pope francis. they developed quite a friendship, a relationship. he has a picture of him and pope francis on the desk in the oval office and he's talked about how much pope francis meant to his family in the wak of the death of his son beau biden. this is not just personal, though, andrew. this is also some politics. the white house says the president and the pope will be talking about the covid-19
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pandemic, climate change and poverty. >> all right, karen travers covering it all in rome for us, thank you. breaking overnight. a security scare at los angeles international airport. hundreds of people wound up on the airfield after evacuating a terminal as police responded to reports of a person with a gun. two people were detained. officials say no shots were fired, and no firearm was found. three people required medical attention. one of them went to the hospital. new york city's vaccine mandate for municipal workers is going into effect in just a few hours. the police commissioner tweeted last night that more than a thousand members of the nypd received their first covid shot yesterday, but some employees are still protesting the requirement. workers who don't comply will be put on unpaid leave. investigators believe the christian missionaries hostage being held in haiti are alive. a source says police have received what's called proof of life relating to the 16 americans and 1 canadian. it's unclear when it was received. the missionaries were taken hostage nearly two weeks ago. the gang is demanding a million
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dollars of ransom per person. all right, time now for a look at your morning weather. so after battering much of the southeast, a storm system is moving into the northeast today with the threat of heavy rain. thousands are still without power in massachusetts after a powerful nor'easter earlier this week. more than 300,000 are in the dark, and those power outages are expected to last into the holiday weekend. dozens of schools across the state were forced to cancel classes yesterday, and looking at today's high temperatures, 50s in the northeast. 70 degrees in dallas. 81 in southern california. 85 in miami. coming up, the queen's first public appearance since her health scare. also ahead, new fallout in the nhl sexual assault scandal. the head coach now resigning. what's next in the investigation. plus, the big name change at facebook. what it means for billions of users.
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it's rather a nice medal, isn't it? >> queen elizabeth returning to work with an online appearance presenting an award to a poet. the 95-year-old is doing only light duties on advice from doctors. she will send a video message to world leaders at a climate conference in scotland instead of attending. now to the new fallout from the sex abuse scandal rocking the nhl. the coach of the florida panthers has now resigned. it comes one day after a player claimed the coach ignored his sexual abuse claims 11 years ago. this morning, new fallout stemming from the sex abuse scandal involving the chicago blackhawks. florida panthers head coach joel quenneville resigning overnight after an investigation revealed he had knowledge of a player's abuse allegations in 2010 when quenneville was coach of the
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blackhawks. >> i buried this for 10 years, 11 years. >> reporter: on wednesday, kyle beach coming forward as john doe, the former blackhawks player who sued the team claiming its former video coach brad aldrich sexually assaulted him. beach said he reported the assault to high ranking team officials including quenneville. >> i watched the entire leadership management group enter joel quenneville's office to have a meeting about it. >> reporter: but aldrich remained with the team through its stanley cup victory in 2010 only leaving after being given an ultimatum to undergo an investigation or resign. aldrich maintains the encounter with then-21-year-old beach was entirely consensual. in 2013 aldrich was convicted on sex charges involving a minor. >> i felt so guilty that because i didn't do something, that it happened to this boy, but in the same breath and over the next
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months to get to this point, i owe him the greatest thanks ever because he also gave me the power to come forward to tell my story, to tell my truth. >> reporter: quenneville releasing a statement announcing his resignation saying, quote, i want to express my sorrow for the pain this young man kyle beach has suffered. the blackhawks general manager and vice president of the team resigned earlier this week as a result of the investigation, and the team was fined $2 million. the nhl is still investigating the allegations to determine if other members of the blackhawks organization will face consequences. starbucks workers are moving one step closer to union representation. the national labor relations board okayed a union vote at three stores in buffalo, new york, starting next month. now, if approved, the stores would be the first in the u.s. to unionize. the coffee giant opposes unionization. and facebook is rebranding itself unveiling a new name and logo. ceo mark zuckerberg announced
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the company will be called meta. the name reflects the vision around technology known as the metaverse. a 3d virtual reality space for people to interact outside the physical world. facebook, whatsapp and instagram will still remain under the company's umbrella. all right, well, coming up, the risky rescue nearly 200 feet above an american city. also ahead, police releasing new details about a reality star becoming the victim of a home invasion. a reality star becoming the victim of a home invasion. i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala? fewer asthma attacks. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection-site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala.
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back now with a dramatic rescue in austin, texas, after a scaffolding malfunctioned. emergency crews coming to the aid of two workers stuck more than 170 feet in the air with gusty winds. they were lowered safely to the ground, and fortunately everyone is okay, and no injuries were reported. intense moments on capitol hill as leaders from some of the world's biggest oil companies were grilled by house democrats during a hearing. ceos from exxonmobil, bp, chevron and shell pushed back against accusations that the industry misled the public about climate change. they all testified climate change is real saying that their companies are taking steps to address the crisis. >> at chevron we've been very clear about where we stand. we accept the scientific consensus climate change is real and the use of fossil fuels contributes to it. >> i agree that climate change is one of the biggest challenges that we have in the world today, which is why at shell we're in action.
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>> you are powerful leaders at the top of the corporate world at a turning point for our planet. be better. >> carolyn maloney, chairwoman of the house oversight and reform committee, said she would be issuing subpoenas to oil companies to get information not provided at yesterday's hearing. next, the terrifying ordeal for a wealthy reality star in los angeles. robbers broke into the multimillion-dollar mansion of "real housewives of beverly hills" star dorit kemsley they reportedly threatened to kill her before making off with a trove of her valuables. abc's andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: this morning, los angeles police are investigating the home invasion of reality star dorit kemsley from "the real housewives of beverly hills." >> i won't settle for anything less than everything. >> reporter: police say the 45-year-old was in her encino home sleeping with her children wednesday night when three men dressed in dark clothing broke inside. it's not clear how they entered.
4:20 am
the helicopter video shows a glass door shattered. investigators say kemsley was held at gunpoint while in bed and was ordered to show the men her valuables. police say fearing for her life, kemsley complied. the bandits then made off with handbags, jewelry and watches all worth about a million dollars. no one inside the home was injured. >> home invasion right here in the neighborhood, it was an unsettling event because it's a pretty quiet neighborhood. i mean, nobody really talks to anybody here. very little traffic. >> reporter: kemsley is not the first real housewife whose home was broken into. kyle richards' house in the same neighborhood as kemsley was burglarized while she was on vacation in 2018. kemsley has not spoken publicly about her experience yet, but ramona singer from "the real housewives of of new york" posted her support on social media saying, sending you lots of love, dorit kemsley.
4:21 am
praying for you and your family. police continue to search for the suspects who were said to have driven away in a black truck. mona, andrew. >> andrea, thank you. all right. now in sports the arizona cardinals were driving for a winning touchdown last night against the packers, but with just seconds left to play, an interception in the end zone saved the game for green bay. the packers hand the cardinals their first loss of the season, 24-21, so with that there are no more undefeated teams in the nfl and the packers move into the first seed in the nfc, but it's still early. >> it is very early. coming up, the possible missing link. also ahead, the bus ride that's only meant for napping commuters. that's only meant for napping commuters. 1, 2, 3...yay! ♪ “i got you babe” by etta james ♪ ♪ wait hold up! here it comes! alright, everybody stand up straight. okay now let me flip it. ♪
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time to check "the pulse," and we begin with what may be one of the missing links in human evolution. >> researchers have discovered what's believed to be a direct ancestor of modern humans species of ancient man that walked the earth some 500,000 years ago. it was found in ethiopia and just named the homo bodoensis. i hope i said that right. next, the so-called napping bus. >> it's happening in hong kong, but it should be happening right here in new york city. okay, it is a bus ride that covers a 47-mile route in five hours, but there's no destination. passengers are just supposed to use it to get some sleep. >> the customers are given eye masks and earplugs to improve their chances of dozing off during the ride. apparently their homes sometimes are just too small. >> i guess so, right. you go on a bus. next, a 10-year-old pulling off an amazing stunt. >> but don't try this at home. >> yes! >> oh, my god. >> wow! >> little tyler getting emotional after landing a double backflip on his first attempt. dad says he was working on it
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checking the top stories, president biden is meeting with the pope this morning after failing to close the deal on his massive social safety net package before hitting the world stage. he announced a framework for the sending bill without paid family leave and several other priorities he campaigned on but all democrats are not on board yet. the justice department has settled a lawsuit over the 2015 charleston church massacre. the department agreed to pay $88 million to victims' families and survivors. the agency also admitting the shooter should have been banned from purchasing the gun used in the attack. former virginia governor linwood holton has died. a republican, holton served in the early 1970s. he fought racial discrimination and worked to desegregate virginia schools. holton was the father-in-law of arold.r tim kaine and was 98 today's weather, stormy in the northeast with possible flooding. showers in the midwest. the southeast is drying out as
4:28 am
rain moves into northern california and it's sunny and milder in the rockies. and finally, the police officer who went pink for a purpose. >> and it was all to support a breast cancer charity. will ganss with the details. >> reporter: underneath his texas ten-gallon hat deputy brian woodard living up to his promise to protect and serve and this month think pink. >> got to get rid of this hair. maybe i should comb it back or something like that. >> reporter: the sergeant from tarrant county's precinct 7 constable's office is stepping out of the box and into the hair salon. >> all right, folks. let's go ahead and get this over with. >> reporter: it's all because woodard created a challenge on his facebook page in an effort to raise funds for breast cancer awareness. >> i said, if i just raise $2,000, i'll go ahead for breast cancer awareness and dye my hair
4:29 am
pink. >> reporter: sure enough community members coming in big time which meant deputy woodard had to live up to his end of the bargain. >> you said it was going to be a rinse? >> it is a rinse but still will be on your hair. >> okay, do what ou got to do. >> reporter: deputy woodard admitting he was a little nervous getting the hot pink treatment. >> yesterday was crazy. even the judge was looking like what in the world. >> reporter: but now he's turning heads across his community all for a good cause and with the support of his fellow policemen and women. >> they supported me, and i was able to go ahead and show support to people who are still battling or who is in remission or even people who have lost their lives due to breast cancer. >> reporter: the funds he's raised going to a local dallas-ft. worth nonprofit called breast cancer can stick it. >> i truly believe that you got to encourage people to let them know that everything will be all right and at the same time there are people such as myself that support you 100%. >> reporter: will ganss, abc news, new york. >> he's getting his point across, loud and it's starting a conversation. we want to wish everybody a happy halloween weekend. eat all the candy corn your heart desires.
4:30 am
>> or not. donate it perhaps to andrew. right now on "america this morning," andrew cuomo now a criminal defendant. the former governor of new york charged with a misdemeanor sex crime, but now confusion over who made his summons public after authorities said there was no final decision to charge him yet. president biden landing in rome overnight, then meeting the pope at the vatican. all this while the president's economic agenda at home hangs in the balance. democrats forced to push back the time line for a vote on his spending bill. why biden says the days ahead will, quote, determine his presidency. breaking overnight. flights temporarily grounded at l.a.x. hundreds of travelers lining up outside. new details on the security scare that triggered it all. reality star robbed.


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