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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 28, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning" -- twisters terrorizing parts of the south. the vehicles thrown into the air. a region decimated by two recent hurricanes hit again. the new images coming in. the new battle over paid family leave. why a cornerstone of president biden's spending plan is on the cutting block. what he is doing about it this morning just hours before he heads overseas. new revelations in the alec baldwin set shooting. what we're learning about the bullet and the previous concerns about the woman who handled that gun. the new details coming to light from a crew member on a nicolas cage movie. breaking overnight, a flight attendant allegedly assaulted. the new study of colon
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cancer in young adults. and in the wake of the pandemic, the push to bring back the old-fashioned restaurant menu. good thursday morning, everyone. we're beginning with extreme weather. this time, tornadoes in the south. >> the damage reports have been coming in overnight. that weather system is heading east, where people are still without power, following the last storm. overnight, tornado watches in effect for parts of the south, after twisters devastated areas of texas and louisiana. >> oh, my gosh. >> power lines sparking, as this tornado crossed interstate 10 in orange, texas. you can see a vehicle flying through the air. the atv later seen mangled on the side of the road. thankfully, police say, no one was inside. up to 100 homes may have been hit.
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in lake charles, louisiana, nearly 40 homes damaged after an e.f. 2 tornado, one man was hospitalized after his home collapsed. this drone video shows the devastation, from the 130-mile-per-hour winds. since last summer, lake charles has been assaulted by severe weather, including two devastating hurricanes, laura and delta. the blue tarps you see covering damage, those roofs yet to be repaired. the storm system that slammed the south wednesday is barreling towards the east coast, set to bring more heavy rain and wind to the northeast, that is recovering from the first nor'easter of the season. the deadly storm causing 600,000 power outages. it could be days before power is restored. officials say it could be five days before power is restored in massachusetts. we'll check today's forecast in a few moments. an american airlines flight from new york to southern california had to be diverted to denver after the airline says a passenger assaulted a flight
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attendant. the plane finally landed overnight in santa ana, california. another passenger says the flight attendant was punched and suffered a broken nose. she says the man responsible was refusing to wear a mask. >> if you're not prepared to wear a mask, you're not prepared to fly. that's the moral of the story. that's why he was angered. in terms of men hitting women, it's absolutely absurd and ridiculous. the violence is never the way. >> authorities have not confirmed what led up to the incident. but american airlines says it will press charges. the faa has received nearly 5,000 unruly passenger reports this year. in washington, house lawmakers are vowing to hold big oil companies accountable for misleading the public for climate change for decades. today, they are planning to grill the top executives from exxon mobil, b.p., chevron and shell. they waged a campaign to cover
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up the impact of fossil fuels on the climate. deadline day for democrats. they are trying to reach a deal on president biden's spending plan before he leaves for europe. paid leave is on the chopping block. paid leave was one of the cornerstones of the president's plan. he may delay his flight to europe to continue negotiations. faith, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, mona. president biden wanted a deal done on this spending package before he leaves for his foreign trip. but there's a new fight now over which provisions can stay or go. this morning, president biden, expected to make a rare capitol hill appearance, as he desperately pushes democrats to carry his domestic priorities over the finish line. sources telling abc news, federal paid family and medical leave could be out of the package, a potential move to satisfy joe manchin, whose democrats need in the 50/50 senate to pass the bill. >> to expand social programs
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when you have trust funds that aren't solvent, going income ve solvent, i can't explain that. >> if we go to no paid family leave, that's unjust to the people. >> reporter: patty murray telling reporters, we're not going to let one man tell millions of women in this country they can't have paid leave. after meeting with murray and kirsten gillibrand, he is considering softening his stance. the moderate senator is opposed to democrats' new proposal to pay for the build-back better agenda. saying those that have asset like stock market gains is divisive. >> i don't like it. we're targeting different people. >> reporter: the billionaires tax proposal, was a way to get another holdout, arizona senator, kyrsten sinema, onboard. without her vote or manchin, the spending package would be dead. progressives made it clear they
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need a deal on the buildback better agenda before they get past the deal, focusing on rebuilding the roads, railways and bridges. it's unclear where democrats go from here. we're expecting to hear from president biden later on this morning, after his meeting with democrats and before he leaves for that overseas trip. mo mona? >> faith, thank you. new revelations in the alec baldwin movie set shooting. authorities saying a live bullet was in the gun. we're learning more about the woman who handled the gun on that set. this morning, new evidence in the alec baldwin movie set shooting is revealing potential safety violations. >> i think there was complacency on the set. i think there are safety issues that need to be addressed by the industry. >> reporter: authorities confirm, a colt .45 was handed to baldwin and was loaded with a live bullet before it went off, killing halyna hutchins and injuring joel souza. >> a weapon was handed to
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mr. baldwin. the weapon is functional and fired a live round, killing ms. hutchins and injuring mr. souza. the assistant director and the armorer, handled the weapon before baldwin. now, they admitted he failed to check the gun. a detective described her interview, saying when hannah nowed him the firearm, he can only remember seeing three rounds. he advised he should have checked all of them but didn't and couldn't recall if she spun the drum. gutierrez said she checked the dummies and made sure they were not hot rounds. when they broke for lunch, the guns were secured but the ammo was not. >> i have never once witnessed any reason to bring a live round to set. >> reporter: stu worked with gutierrez on another project, the nicolas cage film, "the old way." he says she mishandled guns on
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the set. atun >> nick had walked by and he was verbally and visually upset. >> reporter: alec baldwin retweeted an article, that said, gun handed to alec baldwin was not checked. prosecutors say how live rounds got into the gun will be a key factor whether chargers will be filed. >> all options are on the table at this point. i'm not comments on charges whether they will be filed or on whom. no one has been ruled out. >> involuntary manslaughter charges could be considered. but negligence charges are more likely. sheriff mendoza will be live on "good morning america" to update the case. a new study on colon cancer is being called alarming. young people are just as likely to die from it as older people. researchers found an alarming
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trend of survival rates under 25. the recommended age for colon cancer screening was lowered from 50 to 45. a timeline in the push to vaccinate young children against covid. cdc advisers are discover the safety of the vaccine for kids as young as 5. if approved, kids could get the shot next wednesday. time, now, for a look at your thursday weather. >> good morning. a stormy start to the day across the gulf coast. the florida pan dandle, up into portions of the southeast. thunderstorms with damaging winds to start your day. be on the lookout for that. once the sup comes up, the storms rumble through florida, georgia and the carolinas in the afternoon. some could be on the strong side with wind, hail and isolated tornadoes. as we progress into thursday night, we'll be watching for the threat for continued severe weather. the severe weather threat will be across the region into thursday night.
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coming up, a change at starbucks. >> also ahead, the sex abuse scandal in pro hockey. the player revealing his identity as the accuser saying he was assaulted by his coach. how he says the team responded. and later this
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and back now with a change at starbucks. employees will be making at least $15 an hour by next summer and their base pay could reach $23 in some places. it comes amid the ongoing labor shortage. starbucks is also offering seniority raises and $200 recruitment bonuses. the rising cost of labor is one factor leading mcdonald's to raise menu prices. it's expected to increase prices by 6%to offset wage
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increases and higher supply costs. we turn to the sex abuse scandal in pro hockey. a player is now going public revealing himself as the accuser in the case that's already led to the downfall of the team president. here's abc's andrea fujii. >> reporter: this morning the pro hockey player at the center of a sexual assault investigation is speaking out in an emotional interview. >> i felt sick. i felt sick to my stomach. >> reporter: former chicago blackhawks player kyle beach spoke on canadian tv after an independent investigation commissioned by the blackhawks confirmed his allegations from 11 years ago when he claimed his then coach brad aldrich sexually assaulted him. >> i buried this for 10 years, 11 years, and it's destroyed me from the inside out. >> reporter: beach, 20 years old at the time said he reported the assault and was told his accusation made it up the chain of command, but he says nothing happened, and aldrich was allowed to celebrate with the team after their stanley cup win that year. >> it made me feel that i wasn't
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important, and it made me feel like that he was in the right and i was wrong. >> reporter: that summer aldrich resigned and took a job coaching at a high school in michigan where he was later convicted of sexual abuse of a minor. beach admitted he painfully dealt with homophobic slurs in the locker room and turned to alcohol and drugs. now, 31 playing for a pro team in germany, beach visibly upset that aldrich hurt someone else. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry i didn't do more when i could to make sure it didn't happen to him to protect him. >> reporter: fallout has been swift since the report was released tuesday. the nhl fined the blackhawks $2 million and stan bowman, the team's general manager, resigned. the blackhawks now commending
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beach for coming forward saying, it was inexcusable for the then executives of the blackhawks organization to delay taking action regarding the reported sexual misconduct. in the report, aldrich claimed the sexual encounter with beach was consensual. beach and the former michigan high school athlete have filed lawsuits against the blackhawks for the team's handling of the case. mona, andrew. >> andrea, thank you. coming up, what's happening now to the man who lived inside chicago o'hare's airport for three months without anyone noticing. also ahead, dialing 911. the shortage of first responders and why it could be getting worse. been in the hospital for been in the hospital for 76 days now. by the grace of god i'm still here. 76 days now. it was a lot of dark times then. by the grace of god i'm still here. it was a lot of dark times then. i died three times. i died three times. they gave me a 5% chance of living. they gave me a 5% chance of living. they gave me a 5% chance of living. we take advantage of, like, simple things in life. we take advantage of, like, simple things in life. we take advantage of, like, simple things in life. like going to the bathroom and brushing your teeth. like going to the bathroom and brushing your teeth. like going to the bathroom and brushing your teeth. i have trouble doing all that now-- the aftereffects of covid. i have trouble doing all that now-- the aftereffects of covid. i have trouble doing all that now-- the aftereffects of covid.
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a man who lived inside chicago's o'hare airport undetected for three months will not face jail time. he was supposed to fly home to india. because of covid, he was too scared to fly internationally. a judge has acquitted him of felony trespassing. he was caught in january wearing an airport i.d. badge. a worker shortage across the u.s. is taking a toll on emergency services. everyone from 911 dispatchers to emts are in short supply in some areas. and the problem could soon get worse. this morning, new concerns about a slowdown in emergency response time across the country, as police and fire departments lose
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sh thousands of workers. >> there's going to be a catastrophic staffing shortage if 3,500 firefighters that are currently unvaccinated are told to not go to work. >> reporter: beginning tomorrow, new york city will be placing its unvaccinated employees on leave, after a judge refused to block the city's vaccine mandate. right now, only 68% of the city's fire department is vaccinated. for the police force, 75%. >> you're going to see dozens and dozens of firehouses closed. you're going to see response times climb. it's inevitable. >> reporter: the mayor says he is confident public safety will not be camp miompromised. he attended the graduation ceremony of police officers, all of them vaccinated. >> iet vaccinated. >> reporter: vaccine battles are playing out in chicago, seattle and los angeles, which could add to a nationwide shortage of ems
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workers and paramedics. officials at this call center in virginia say they're struggling to hire dispatchers. >> we're seeing a drop in our ability to answer 911 calls within 10 seconds and 30 seconds, which is our standard. we're not able to be as fast as we were because i don't have people to answer those phones. >> there's a similar problem in michigan where there's 1,000 ems jobs open. the world series is tied 1-1 apiece. the astros scored four in the second inning last night and cau cruised to a 7-2 victory over the braves. game three tomorrow night in atlanta. coming up, the debate about bringing back old-fashioned restaurant menus. restawoman: i have moderate >>to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. with skyrizi, 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months after just two doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you
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time to check "the pulse." we begin with tom hanks playing a real-life wedding crasher. >> a couple was married on a beach and hanks approached them. he watched the wedding ceremony from a distance. >> in walks a face that you didn't really recognize at first. once he opened his mouth and started talking, you knew it was tom hanks. this is tom hanks walking up. >> he asked if he could take a picture with us and gave us a lot of positive words and good love advice. >> the couple said it was a breath of fresh air to be around someone so humble. >> where is wilson? next, the cleveland indians will become the cleveland guardians for next year's season. >> that's not right. there's a cleveland guardians team. they're a roller derby team that's been around for seven years. they just sued the baseball
4:54 am
team, claiming trademark infringement. >> they are trying to reach a settlement. the team is changing its name because critics say the indian name is racist. the push to get rid of digital menus in restaurants. >> the author of a blog said it's time to bring back the paper menus. a lot of people saying q.r. codes have served their purpose. >> digital menus are cleaner, chaper and can be updated faster. what do an air fryer and a doorbell camera have in common? >> not much. they were both just added to miriam webster's dictionary. dadbod, fluffernutter, and the list of new words, superspreader, thanks to the pandemic. >> new words. >> yeah. fluff
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♪ different shapes and sizes. ♪ ♪ and ages and races and faces and eye-ses. ♪ ♪ and caring for them all means ♪ ♪ we're doing healthier right. ♪ ♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ ♪ 'cause this is what healthier looks like. ♪ announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> right now now
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impacting students in one of the bay area's biggest school districts. the outcome of a meeting that got heated. >> stand up and stop these mandates. >> demonstrators rally in support of in-n-out. a doctor explains why checking for proof of vaccinations in restaurants is crucial in stopping the spread of covid-19. >> a live look at the white house this morning. president biden about to head out, but not before trying to take care of business in washington. the major breakthrough in an infrastructure deal that could be happening today. >> a motorhome flipped completely on its side. the events that led up to this crash overnight. >> a lot to get to on this thursday morning. it is october 28. you are watching abc seven mornings live on abc7. >> we will start with a check of our forecast. mike: jobina and i will be watching the fog this morning. it is


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