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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 27, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. tornado watches as we start tonight. also, a fourth booster shot for some americans? and tonight, stunning new details in that deadly movie set shooting with actor alec baldwin. authorities coming before the cameras for the first time since the shooting. they have now revealed they recovered the suspected live round that killed cinematographer halyna hutchins and wounded director joel souza. they say it came out of souza's shoulder. tonight, what investigators have now revealed and what the d.a. said when asked could baldwin face any charges, could others on the set face charges, too? and tonight, the new affidavit revealing what the assistant director, who handed the gun to baldwin, told authorities about checking that gun. also as we come on the air tonight, the images coming in now.
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tornadoes touching down in texas. homes damaged. an empty vehicle flying through the air. tonight, tornado watches in other states as the state now heads east and then right up into d.c., philadelphia and new york city. and it all comes after the deadly nor'easter turning into a bomb cyclone has left hundreds of thousands in the northeast without power tonight. rob marciano now tracking this new storm. there is also news tonight about a potential fourth booster shot for some americans. the cdc now allowing people who are immunocompromised and who have already received their third shot to get a fourth shot six months later. tonight news also on the pfizer child vaccine. what parents should know. the major headline tonight involving president biden's domestic agenda on the eve of his big trip. late word tonight a popular part of the bill may now be out. the key senator against it. rachel scott live on the hill. the new warning from the pentagon tonight on china.
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america's top general calling china's hypersonic missile test close to a, quote, sputnik moment. martha raddatz on this tonight. your money tonight and the holidays. americans set to pay more. we'll go down the list tonight. and the popular items for christmas. they say what you should buy now and what you might want to wait on for a better deal. and $31 flights? from new york to florida, l.a. to vegas, boston to d.c. how long will this last? and will other airlines follow suit? good evening as we come on the air in the west tonight. and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. and we begin tonight with authorities speaking at length for the first time today about that disturbing and deadly movie set shooting on the set of the movie "rust." tonight, authorities now confirming it was a live bullet that that gun had that was handed to actor alec baldwin.
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that bullet killing cinematographer halyna hutchins and wounding director joel souza. they say they recovered the bullet from souza's shoulder. today, the sheriff saying investigators have now seized some 500 rounds of ammunition on the set. he believes among the ammunition, blanks and potentially more live rounds. in an affidavit, the armorer who handles the guns, hannah gutierrez-reed, saying she had checked there were no hot rounds and that during a lunch break the firearms were secure in a safe but that the ammunition was not. in that same affidavit, assistant director dave halls, who handed baldwin the gun, saying he remembered seeing three rounds in the weapon, acknowledging he should have checked all of them but did not. and tonight, what the d.a. said today when asked if alec baldwin on anyone on that set could face potential charges. the d.a. saying all options are on the table and that no one has been ruled out. abc's kaylee hartung leading us off from santa fe again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, authorities confirming that the colt .45 revolver handed to actor alec baldwin on this new mexico movie set was loaded with
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a bullet. a single shot fired from the prop gun killing cinematographer halyna hutchins, then piercing director joel souza's shoulder. >> we believe that we have in our possession the firearm that was fired by mr. baldwin. this is the firearm we believe discharged the bullet. the actual lead projectile that has been fired has been recovered from the shoulder of mr. souza. >> reporter: the sheriff saying investigators seized roughly 500 rounds of ammunition from the set. analysis now underway to determine if more bullets are among the blanks and dummies. >> we suspect that there was other live rounds that were found on the set. i won't comment further on how they got there. >> reporter: and tonight, a new affidavit raising more questions about possible breaches of safety protocol on set. assistant director dave halls and armorer hannah gutierrez-reed identified by
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officials as the two crew members who handled the weapon before baldwin. in that affidavit, halls explaining that "when hannah showed him the firearm before continuing rehearsal, he could only remember seeing three rounds. he advised he should have checked all of them, but didn't." and couldn't recall if gutierrez-reed had spun the drum. he then handed the gun to baldwin and indicated it was safe to use. gutierrez-reed telling investigators that on the day of the incident, "she checked the dummies and ensured they were not hot rounds." when the crew broke for lunch, the guns were secured in a safe, but the ammo was not. >> i think there was some complacency on this set and i think there are some safety issues that need to be addressed by the industry. >> reporter: actor ian hudson was playing an outlaw in the film, telling tmz he feared for his safety when filming a shootout scene. >> when they shot at me, i actually did feel the blanks hitting my face and my body. >> reporter: today, the district attorney not yet ready to file charges or rule out anyone including baldwin. saying she doesn't make rash decisions and she can't yet say who was negligent. >> does alec baldwin himself face the potential of criminal charges? >> all options are on the table at this point. i'm not -- i'm not commenting on charges, whether they will be filed or not or on whom. no one has been ruled out at
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this point. >> and kaylee hartung back with us again tonight from santa fe. and we heard the sheriff there say there was other ammunition in that prop gun fired by alec baldwin? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, david. the sheriff suspects that fatal bullet was the only live round in that gun. the assistant director telling investigators after the gun was fired, he saw at least four dummy casings in that six-shooter. so now, the sheriff says they are doing forensic testing to confirm if those additional rounds were, in fact, dummies, blanks or more bullets. david? >> still so many questions. all right, kaylee hartung, thank you. next tonight, the tornado watches as we come on. tornadoes already in texas. and watches now in other states as this all then heads up the east coast, after that powerful nor'easter leaves hundreds of thousands without power tonight. hurricane-force winds, massive waves and damaging winds in scituate, massachusetts. a woman rescued from a massive tree after it fell on her car. tonight, more than 600,000 people losing power and this evening, the new cross-country storm with this tornado in east
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texas. tornado watches at this hour and other states before the system barrels up the coast into new york and new england again. abc's phil lipof from massachusetts tonight. >> reporter: tonight, that powerful storm system spawning multiple tornadoes in texas. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: power flashes sparking as this twister crosses interstate 10 in orange, texas. watch closely, you can see a vehicle flying through the air. law enforcement telling abc, this is the vehicle. thankfully, no one was inside. officials believe the storms damaged up to a hundred homes. that system now moving east, where that record-breaking nor'easter had wind gusts near 100 miles an hour in parts of new england. it's 4:00 here on the south shore and even as this storm is winding down, you can see the wind is still fierce and the sea wall is having a hard time containing the waves. >> transformer blew. >> reporter: more than 600,000 losing power.
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>> i just saw a bunch of sparks outside of my window, a huge bang. >> reporter: in cohasset, the press box at the high school football field blown over. the entire northeast was affected. in morris township, new jersey, a falling tree limb hit two cars, killing one driver, injuring the other. david, we are just after high tide and as you can tell, the winds and the waves are still whipping at this hour. this is going to delay getting the power back on to so many. we're told line crews can't begin their work until the wind comes below 35 miles an hour. and that may not happen until well after midnight. david? >> all right, phil lipof back in new england, a region he knows well. phil, thank you. meteorologist rob marciano back with us tonight tracking it all and this new system now. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. this system is the one that hit the west coast and it was a two-fold system then, it is now. and the most impactful side of it is the severe weather side. we've had multiple tornadoes across southeast texas. now that line is moving through new orleans. you see it on the radar scope,
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that tornado watch up until at least 10:00. it rolls down i-10, gets to pensacola, maybe takes a reprieve tonight, then fires back up tomorrow morning, tampa to jacksonville, charleston by 5:00. the parent low then scoops up that front and brings it into d.c., baltimore, philly, new york. heavy rain, maybe thunderstorms. could see flooding in this area tomorrow night. david? >> all right, we're watching it right here with you. thank you, rob. we're going to turn now to the pandemic tonight, with the fda expected to authorize a vaccine for children 5 to 11 at any moment. tonight, news on a potential fourth shot, another booster for immunocompromised people. the cdc today saying a fourth shot may be needed six months after your booster. it comes as millions of those child-sized doses are being ready to be shipped out to waiting clinics like this one in california and this pharmacy in milwaukee. getting ready for children. if cdc approval comes as expected next week, millions of
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children could be fully vaccinated by christmas. here's whit johnson. >> reporter: just as booster shot availability expands to 70 million americans across the country, tonight, word of a potential fourth shot for the most vulnerable groups. the cdc now allowing people who are "moderately and severely immunocompromised" to get another shot "at least six months after completing their third mrna vaccine dose." >> this fourth shot is essentially equivalent to a booster for immunocompromised people, but does not mean that the general public is looking at a fourth shot anytime soon. >> reporter: it comes as preparations are under way to roll out the first pfizer shots for 5 to 11-year-olds, expected to get the green light next week. in santa clara, california, this vaccination site all set up for young kids. >> good afternoon, hayat pharmacy. >> reporter: and across the country, pharmacies and doctors are busy fielding calls from parents. >> we have to think of it almost like a completely separate, completely different vaccine when we're treating children. >> reporter: the doses for younger children will be one-third of the amount given to
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aults. and will come in special pediatric vials with smaller needles and orange caps. pfizer's study found that two shots were nearly 91% effective in preventing symptomatic covid. still, many parents are hesitant. only a third saying they will get their 5 to 11-year-olds vaccinated right away. some want to see more research. >> the guilt would be tremendous. if i was risking something and he had a reaction to, that's something that i have to take responsibility for. >> reporter: but health officials say the vaccine is safe for kids and the real risk is covid. >> i think there's urgency because we're seeing disease in children, we've seen deaths in children. >> and whit johnson with us tonight. whit, late today, the cdc giving us a clearer picture of when these shots could be available for children 5 to 11? >> reporter: david, the cdc advisory panel announced they will meet next tuesday and then they will vote on the pfizer
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vaccine recommendations in kids 5 to 11 years old. the cdc director will then have the final say. and we could see the first shots going into arms as early as next wednesday. david? >> little sooner than they thought. all right, whit johnson, thank you. now to that major headline on president biden's domestic agenda on the eve of his trip to europe. word coming in late today that a key part of the bill and a popular one, paid family and medical leave, may now be out. senator joe manchin against it. rachel scott on the hill. >> reporter: as democrats scramble to make a deal before president biden heads out to europe, tonight, word his plan for paid family and medical leave will likely be out of the final bill. it's something the president has promoted for months. >> we're one of the few industrial countries in the world that doesn't have paid leave. so that when you stay home to help that person, to take care of that person, you're still getting your pay.
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>> reporter: but west virginia senator joe manchin, who has the power to kill the entire bill, is firmly opposed. >> to expand social programs when you have trust funds that aren't solvent, they're going insolvent. i can't explain that. it doesn't make sense to me. i just can't do it. >> reporter: progressives outraged. much how much of a setback would that be? >> oh, if paid leave is not in the bill? it would be devastating. it would be devastating for working women and working families. >> if we go down to zero paid family leave, that's not okay. that's unjust to the people. >> reporter: but manchin is dug in. he's also made clear he's not on board with the plan to pay for the massive package by taxing billionaires on assets like their stock market gains. >> i don't like it. i don't like the connotation that we're targeting different people. >> reporter: but manchin does support a plan to impose a 15% minimum tax for corporations reporting at least $1 billion in profit. right now, some of those corporations pay no income taxes at all. the other holdout senator, kyrsten sinema, likes that plan, too. but she still refuses to say what else she supports. senator sinema, are you supportive of the billionaire's tax? where do you stand on paid family leave? expanding medicare?
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>> making progress. >> all right, words making progress. let's get right to rachel scott live on the hill tonight. rachel, president biden had been hoping for a deal before heading off to europe tomorrow for this global climate summit, but give us a reality check, as you so often do. what are the chances at this point? >> reporter: well, david, democrats are making some tough decisions on what comes out of this bill. it is a sign they are getting closer to a deal. president biden knows he cannot afford to lose a single vote in the senate. he's invited key lawmakers to the white house. senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema there last night. senator bernie sanders there today. but the bottom line here is that paid family leave, if it comes out of this final package, it would be a bitter pill for progressives to swallow, david. >> all right, rachel scott with us again tonight. thank you, rachel. also tonight, that new warning from the pentagon involving china. america's top general calling china's hypersonic missile test close to a sputnik moment. here's our chief global affairs
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correspondent martha raddatz tonight. >> reporter: it was a test launch that alarmed even seasoned china watchers. a nuclear-capable hypersonic weapon, a weapon which, for now, the u.s. would be unable to detect, let alone defeat. and today, for the first time, the pentagon's top military leader acknowledging the seriousness of the test in an interview with bloomberg tv. >> what we saw was a very significant event of a test of a hypersonic weapon system and it is very concerning. i don't know if it's quite a sputnik moment, but i think it's very close to that. >> reporter: sputnik was the soviet satellite launched in 1957 that gave the soviets an advantage in the space race with the u.s. general milley saying of china, "this is an enormous change in the character of war." the comments come at the same time that a high-ranking pentagon official told a senate committee that isis in afghanistan could be able to launch an attack on the west in as little as six months and al qaeda could do the same within a
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matter of years. before the withdrawal from afghanistan, president biden said al qaeda was gone from afghanistan and there were no longer terrorist threats emanating from that part of the world. david? >> all of it troubling. martha raddatz with us tonight. martha, thank you. we turn next tonight to your money and as the holidays approach, prices are going up, from turkey to christmas trees, from clothing to electronics. and tonight here, two weeks after president biden urged the ports to work around the clock, the backlogs at some ports getting worse. the new images tonight. and abc's gio benitez on what experts suggest you might want to buy right away, because supplies are low and what you might want to wait on to get a better deal. >> reporter: prices are going up for almost everything from everyday products to food at the grocery store. the supply chain crisis boosting prices for meat, poultry, fish and eggs by over 10% from last year. america facing it's costliest
5:47 pm
thanksgiving ever. the price per pound of turkey, $1.36 today.ago. other prices soaring, too. clothing and electronics all up. even christmas trees will cost more. >> the cost of fuel has gone up, the cost of fertilizer has gone up, the cost of labor has also gone up. >> reporter: the bottleneck at u.s. ports not easing up. just two weeks ago, the president vowing to get american ports running 24/7. but the backlog of ships has only grown. images showing empty loading areas at night at both the port of los angeles and long beach. no trucks there to move the goods out. >> we are addressing and attacking the supply chain issues even with the increased volume, which is the root cause here, at every front. >> reporter: as the holiday season approaches, experts say we'll be paying full price and there will be fewer discounts. >> the pandemic has thrown a wrench in everything and the supply chain issues have been a real problem for retailers. so, you're seeing manufacturing issues, you're seeing delivery issues and that's causing fewer
5:48 pm
deals. >> reporter: experts say buy items that are in low supply now. like game consoles, clothes and phones. but you could wait and get better deals closer to the holidays for chromebooks, smartwatches and outdoor gear, because there's more of that in stock. and david, consumers spent a lot less during the pandemic. now they have more to spend. so, experts really believe this holiday shopping season could just shatter records, but that's only if those products actually arrive. david? >> that's the big question. gio tonight, thank you. and when we come back here tonight, the mother claiming u.s. marshals raided her apartment by mistake, holding her and her baby at gun point. and the airline tonight offering flights for $31. offering flights for $31. will other airlines follow suit? your eyes. beautiful on the outside, if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on, on the inside. it's true, if you have diabetes, you know high blood sugar is the root of the problem. but that excess sugar can cause the blood vessels to be seriously damaged.
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5:58 pm
>> the ball hitting morton in the right leg, 102 miles per hour. >> braves hope morton's okay. >> he kept playing, not knowing the ball fractured a bone in his right leg, his fibula. in fact, morton striking out the next batter. >> out number two. >> a third out. then coming back for the third inning and striking another out. morton seen bracing himself with both arms on the mound. >> charlie morton is going to exit. >> morton then walking off the field. three of those outs -- on a broken leg. and it turns out in the dugout, he apologized to his teammates, saying he wished he could have stayed in longer. tonight, the braves now saying he'll be out for the rest of the series. but his team going on to win last night, cheering on their pitcher, knowing morton will be ready for spring training next year. it was incredible. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night
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hold at a bay area in-n-out. protesting. next we don't want to see students or staff getting infected. >> the options on the table and what happens if students do not get the shot. >> a slow road to recovery for san francisco businesses after the pandemic. what is standing in their way and why experts predict things will turn around after the holidays. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, running solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> we believe in liberty and freedom. the government has no right to tell me anything. >> diners take a stand for in-n-out, on the hot seat over a vaccine mandate comfort -- controversy but those who support the chain plan to make their voices heard. thank you for being here, i am ama daetz.
6:00 pm
>> thank you for tuning in. we are following every turn in this story because it impacts your health. that is one focus of our commitment to building a better. and tonight the in-n-out in pleasant hill is back open after it was shut down by the health department for refusing to check diners' vaccine status and now supporters of the restaurant plan to protest. live in san ramon where the protesters are expected to get busy making their voices heard in a moment. >> protesters started arriving moments ago to make their voices heard. some people we spoke with are upset about the ongoing conflict between in-n-out burger and the contra costa county made it for vaccination requirements, but for some people on the board of supervisors, they say it should not be that hard to check vaccination status. outdoor dining and drive-throu


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