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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 27, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> moving forward finding solutions this is abc 7 news. anchor: protecting students and one school district is discussing the details of having a mandate and for those who don't get vaccinated. anchor: you are watching abc 7 news live at 5. and for oakland students 12 and older, not if but when they have to get the covid vaccine and will vote on an implementation date and the options that the board is considering and what happens if students don't get the vaccine.
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>> the school board decided that students 12 and up had to be vaccinated. >> we see the rates and we don't want teachers and students getting infected. >> that is sam davis who proposed the mandate and propose one of three options. >> starting on january 1, the vaccine is required for 12-year-olds and up. >> the second option would require students to be vaccinated to take part in the sports and graduation. >> and the third option would be to wait for the full implementation from the state most likely in the fall of 2022. >> in order torl convince students and parents, the school district will do outreach and educational campaigns. this mother told us if the vaccine is required she will keep her child at home.
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>> they will will be staying at home. >> yesterday, an f.d.a. advisory panel approved the vaccine but one member questioned whether every child needs the shot or should it be given to high-risk children. >> i don't think it will give the health care community to choose what is what is best. >> even if children begin to get vaccinated, this newman date would not apply to them because it wouldn't give that age group a lot of time to comply. anchor: public health firlts anticipate the rollout for children 5-11 could come as early as next. where parents can get their vaccinated and why doctors
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believe it is safe. >> for parents taking their kids to shot. they cry from the pain. but when it gives to giving protection, this mom says it's worth it. >> it is a matter of public health. as parents, we need to protect them against this pandemic. this is much bigger than short-term pain. >> an f.d.a. panel approved it yesterday and it gets emergency use -- >> we should have shots in arms by next wednesday thursday. >> 167 towrks will be eligible total receive it and more than 55,000 dosees of the kid-sized vaccine and pharmacies and
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clinics and schools will be available to administer the shots. >> this is the next level of protection and we want to open up their hieives so they can participate in other activities. >> for those who may be hesitant, kids accounted for 11%, 1.9 million cases, more than 8,000 whommizations. >> i wish we add that a magic mm wawpped. and this is a way to take it down to zero and that is a imelg argument. >> she should have a final decision next week. >> if you have an inchphone and add your covid card.
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and providers can sign the document and you store them in the health app and transfer your vaccine card to the apple wallet and show your name and type of covid vaccine, dates and the issuer. >> in and out burger has stopped its services after the fast refused to follow the mandate. the location was shut down for refusing to check out. and they plan to hold demonstrations. here is one in about an hour. contra costa says in and out shouldn't be held to different standards and praised restaurants. >> one more thing they wouldn't
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do and they are keeping tear customers healthy but making sure that their servers and employees are healthy. >> options are still available. anchor: new details about an afternoon stabbing that we first reported to you. sources are echoing this started with random attack. here is tim johns. reporter: a woman was established in broad daylight. now new details are beginning to emerge. the suspect approached the senior citizen unpro vogued and pushed her to to the ground another woman started chasing the man.
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>> two other ladies were running with her out in the steet and one was running over and saw there was a police car. >> gary owns a businessnerby. >> and the two ladies going up the street and we saw people gathering around on the corner and i saw her down on the ground. reporter: after chasing the man, the younger man was established three times and kicked in the face by the suspect with the help of accounts sources identified and he had two prior battery cases dismissed. while it is not confirmed. the senior citizen who was attacked is of asia yap decent. this crime that we investigate
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we look into that aspect. if there is a hate-related bias to that motivation. anchor: police officer faces charges of punching a woman on the interchange after a car driven by george brown. the d. a.'s office said a woman threw a plastic bolt and he identified himself as a police officer. brown is charged with felony assault. contra costa has reached a setment with a family who was shot. and granted $4.9 and slow moving car chase. andrew: indicted him but the
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jury failed to reach a verdict. anchor: steph curry made a surprise phone call on oklahoma's death row. jones has spent in death abc aired his story. curry got jones on the phone. >> i had goose bum presidents. and come out of a basketball game a celebrate a woman and what is it like? kind of checks you a little bit and gives you preetion for blessings and work that needs to be done and talking with him for five minutes, he was talking about basketball and talking
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about meeting up with me. anchor: he was granted a temporary stay of execution. anchor: another delay in the trial of elizabeth holmes. >> there could be another record-setting year for shopping.
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10.5% and online and none store sales are expected to see a major jump 15%. as to why this is happening. consumer confidence is high and more disposable is and shoppers are starting because they are worried about supply chain issues. workers did not get a razor raise. baby boomers were most likely to see the raises and majority of those who got raises are making more than $75,000.
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google is increasing privacy. they can request photos of kids be removed. the search engine will ask photos and there are some exceptions like for images i should say like compelling public interest. users will be notified when ain image is removed. this is excellent news. anchor: a water main break canceled the trial of elizabeth holmes and shut off water service. the representative for president trump's education secretary testified that homes her blood testing technology was used on hell helicopters. anchor: a in the lion was
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>> the governor paid a visit to a clinic to promote booster shots. the governor was among the first to roll up his sleeve. >> all right, governor, this won't hurt a bit. >> he put himself front and center. >> we know the ticket out of this pandemic is getting these shots. reporter: first shot was johns
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and johnson and another who was it is available and he received moderna. >> mixing and matching is something we do in vaccines. reporter: unless they are over 6 #. still, the vast majority of eligible californians over 18 have received one dose. >> if you are one of the 10% of oak left-handers who have not gotten one vaccination shot, please give your loved ones a boost. and the government acknowledged there is work to be done when it comes to fulfilling his man state. according to the long and times,
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60% are fully but sorm departments are significantly lower. >> and i like the fact that some departments are at 90%. we will work together and continue to show the way. reporter: all californians not to let their guard done concerned that covid rates kol spike like they did last year. anchor: c.d.c. says those who are imyou know compromised may need a fourth and recommend an additional third shot. and now some of those people will be eligible to receive a fourth shot and say the fourth should be received six months
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after receiving the third additional des. anchor: we told you about a 4. million. the video we showed was not the correct video. anchor: and turn our attention to the weather forecast. anchor: what is coming our way? meteorologist: nothing to spook you this weekend. i want to show you a beautiful view, window to san antonio af cruz. let of sunshine if you are near the coast. and live doppler 7 showing you fog. 24 i've hour temperature change, up 15 degrees in santa rosa. compared to this time yesterday. pier 39, the sea lions are
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enjoying. 69 in oak left hand and low 70's and here is the view, the foggy view from golden gate bridge and watch out. it will be thick fog. and thick fog. 74 in livermore. and so definitely a warmer day and coming in from the golden gate. and mild and sunny again tomorrow. and drizzle saturday morning, dry for halloween. let's talk about our forecast, dry conditions as we look at the hourly forecast. and little ones might be out earlier. 50's, 60's. still on the comfortable side. it will be a beautiful evening, temperatures in the 50's. morning numbers will be in the 40's and 50's.
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once again, allow you extra time. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures around the coast and the bay and inland will be around the 60's and 70's. oakland, 74. 74 in santa rosa and what it will look outside. it will be a mild one for friday at golden gate park. by the time the festivities get underway. hour-by-hour. saturday morning we see drizzle as a weak system passes through but monday, that's when we will see rain around here and will continue to remain dry on tuesday and more wet weather on wednesday. the forecast, sunny and mild, breeze year and cooler. halloween is looking
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spectacular. and wet weather with another opportunity for showers. anchor: this weekend's and check this out this is phoenix lake, the photo on the and alarmingly low, on the right, our images shows big improvement but despite the powerful storm we are deep. our water supplies, seven reservoirs wept up to total capacity. so good progress. now in the sierra, enough snow on the ground that one ski ski i resort ills opening and scheduled for november 24 and
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the lifts start running at 9:00 and buy a ticket for 120 bucks. >> the upcoming tour that could make
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anchor: the bay area is making the host the world cup and determine whether the region to host the largest soccer event. 16 cities will host world cup events. and some are being considered and a decision is expected to be made. anchor: rob manfred responded tore join the terminal project. manfred said the vote is a positive step. the a's will consider the project as well as the las vegas alternative. the howard alternative came nine hours and renewed hope that the arch's could stay in oak left hand and this meeps after the world series the arch's will
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fame the timeifts. and the cy olaec akland first can negotiate an agreement and get to the binding vote. anchor: students in oak left hand got day of the dead. students displayed their altars and took part in a walk and opportunity for students to know about the ancestors. >> there is speaking and listening and so many pieces involved in this. >> it takes place on november 1 and 2 and originated with the
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aztec people who considered mourning the dead. anchor: we appreciate your
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. tornado watches as we start tonight. also, a fourth booster shot for some americans? and tonight, stunning new details in that deadly movie set shooting with actor alec baldwin. authorities coming before the cameras for the first time since the shooting. they have now revealed they recovered the suspected live round that killed cinematographer halyna hutchins and wounded director joel souza. they say it came out of souza's shoulder. tonight, what investigators have now revealed and what the d.a. said when asked could baldwin face any charges, could others on the set face charges, too? and tonight, the new affidavit revealing what the assistant director, who handed the gun to baldwin, told authorities about checking that gun. also as we come on the air tonight, the images coming in now.


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