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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 27, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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received a booster shot in the first five days since authorization. among those getting boosters today was governor newsom. >> are right, this won't hurt a bit. reporter: governor newsom put himself front and center on the campaign to encourage eligible californians to get their covid booster shot. >> we know the ticket out of this pandemic is getting these booster shots and getting the unvaccinated vaccinated. reporter: his first shot was the johnson & johnson. now anyone who had the j&j is eligible for a booster two months later and in this case, the governor received moderna. >> mixing and matching is something we do commonly in vaccines. reporter: boosters are not yet available to those who had moderna or pfizer initially unless they are over 65 or in certain limited categories. still, the vast majority of eligible californians over 18
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have received at least one dose. >> if you are one of the only roughly 10% of oaklanders we have not gotten at least one vaccination shot, please give your loved ones a post, give your community a boost by getting vaccinated. reporter: while the governor wanted to celebrate, high vaccination rates in places like oakland, he also acknowledged there's work to be done when it comes to fulfilling his own vaccine mandate for state workers. according to the los angeles times, six to 7% of california workers are fully vaccinated but in departments like cal fire and the chp, the number is significantly lower. >> i like the progress we are making, i like being almost 67%, i like the fact that some departments are at 90%. i'm confident that we will continue to show the way. reporter: the governor did warn all californians not to let their guard down heading into the winter months, concerned that covid rates could spike
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again like they did last year. larry: california's department of public health says it is ready to start vaccinating children as soon as the end of next week. >> we have one million children in this age group and this is our opportunity to offer vaccines to protect another 9% of our population. we will have more than 1.2 million doses the first week the vaccine is approved. larry: the announcement comes a day after the fda grants it emergency authorization to pfizer to offer its vaccine to children from five to 11. there are a few more federal and state hoops people have to jump through before the shots can be administered but that is expected soon an estate is hoping to have most children vaccinated before the holidays. kristen: santa clara county health department urged parents to have plans to get their children vaccinated. >> vaccines will be arriving next weekend in the coming weeks. we don't anticipate any shortage
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of vaccine this time around. the first week, we do expect over 55,000 doses of the pediatric formulation of this vaccine to come to our providers in the county in that includes more than 11,000 doses to our retail pharmacies. kristen: the county will be prepared to inoculate all 157,000 children who live in santa clara county. our reporter explains that lengths the county is going to to make the experience less scary for little ones. >> 10 micrograms, three weeks apart outweigh its risks for use in children five to 11 years of age. reporter: an fda panel voting on pfizer vaccines for kids five to 11. the decision paving the way for emergency authorization. at the vaccination state, staff is set, welcome to -- ready to welcome the youngest to receive eligibility. preparation includes plans to
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help families past time. >> we have scavenger hunts, activities throughout the process from the beginning to the end. reporter: staff is being required to attend pediatric training to make sure everyone is up to speed on how to cater to kids. directions shows proper positioning when administering the shot. steps also involve parents. the county plans to activate its mobile vaccination clinic and bring lower does pfizer vaccine to schools and harder to reach part of the county, communities where vaccine rates may be lacking. >> there are a lot of reasons that would stop people from going to a site. if you go to the mountain community, that is 100% the answer. reporter: the county has requested enough vaccine for 157,000 children. >> it a lot of the preparations have taken place so as soon as we have the word, we are ready reporter: reporter: to start. beyond the activities to accompany the experience at the fairground, parents can prepared
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their children by discussing what she calls the latest opportunity for protection. that county has five main sites ready to go when eligible. some sites will have drive-through options. larry: you can keep verifiable vaccine and covid test information under iphone. providers can digitally sign the documents. vaccine card info can be stored in apple wally. the feature works on devices that run ios 15. the fast food chain in and out back open in pleasant hill after it was shot down by the health department for refusing to check diners' vaccine status and support is planned to turn out to protest that. abc 7 news reporter live where one of those protests will get underway later this evening. reporter: one of the protests to begin two hours from now, many we spoke with say they are upset about the current conflict with the county and the restaurant chain, but county supervisors
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did tell me it should not be this difficult to ask people to show their vaccination status. outdoor dining and drive-through lines, that is what every in-n-out in the county is doing as the conflict over the vaccine mandate continues. >> i believe is no good. i believe in liberty and freedom, that government has no right to tell me anything. reporter: robert came to the in-n-out in pleasant hill. many others share his opinion. >> this is overage of power, there is not that big of a disaster for these guys to do what they are doing. >> is not our business to check their vaccination requirement. reporter: in-n-out had to temporarily closes pleasant hill location. employees were not checking vaccine status for those eating inside. currently anyone eating at a restaurant indoors in the county must be vaccinated. >> i want every business to follow the rules. reporter: that county supervisor for pleasant hill says in-n-out should not be held to a
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different standard. if the health department requires vaccination proof for eating indoors, she says everyplace needs to abide. >> i know it is one more thing that they normally would not do, but they are doing the right thing and they are keeping not only their customers healthy, but making sure that their servers and employees are healthy. reporter: in-n-out said, we refuse to become the vaccination police for any government. it is unreasonable, invasive, and unsafe to force our associates to segregate customers into those who may be served and those who may not. on wednesday, governor newsom decided not to take a side on the issue, he said people should focus on their health but also acknowledged in-n-out's long history of the state. >> i encourage everybody to take seriously local health orders and i encourage everybody to support businesses that support estate. i appreciate that they are a california-based company. reporter: i did reach out to
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in-n-out and the health services for an interview, they both declined. health services did tell me that by living to only outdoor options, they are complying with the county mandate. they no longer need to be checking for vaccination status. larry: plans on sticking without indoor dining? reporter: it is tough to tell at this point. they did this move to avoid conflict with the county, but they did say they -- their plan is to continue doing this. the set -- they have signs across the restaurants. it was clear how they are not letting anybody eat inside. larry: thank you. kristen: in the south bay, an off-duty police officer is accused of punching a woman during a road rage incident. the district attorney's office says it happened in july. a car driven by an off-duty officer, george brown, was in a
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near collision. a woman passenger in the other vehicle through a plastic bottle and hit around's car. both vehicles pulled over and brown identified himself as a police officer and his accuser punching the woman twice in the face they would brown is charged with felony assault and could face jail time. larry: the trial for elizabeth holmes was postponed due to a water main break, that forced crews to shut off water service in the area including at the federal courthouse. the water did come on again around noon. yesterday, a family representative for president trump's education secretary betsy devos testified that her family was misled by holmes when they invested $100 million into the failed time -- blood testing company. kristen: san francisco's recovery trailing behind other cities by one measure and hopes are still high for businesses. >> baseball and oakland, a vote of support for the a's, but a
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meeting, the county board of supervisors joined the city of oakland in supporting the plan and major league baseball commissioner told abc 7's casey pratt, the vote is a positive step. the a's will continue to pursue the project as well as the las vegas alternative. that is won one t one t las vegas. they expect to complete their environmental impact report by the end of the year and early 2022, open officials can then negotiate an agreement to get to the binding votes. right now, everything is nonbinding. joining me to discuss this is p hil. we heard a lot of reluctance from the board of supervisors who seem between consumed -- confused, concerned, and uninformed. what is the biggest concern going forward? >> this is just a first asked by
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the city. we are talking about one of the biggest development deals on the west coast and what we are seeing is it is going to take $375 million of infrastructure work around that port and at the site in order for this thing to get off the ground. where is that coming from? some is good to come from the state, some from the fed's but there is delay gap. while the board of supervisors said yes to creating a tax district and donating their portion to this project, what they are afraid of is the city is going to come back to them again and say, we need some help, we still need another one. they don't want to be let down the path of another raider deal. larry: there are three clocks ticking. major league baseball, they are pushing, they want a yes. everybody is waiting on the environmental impact report. that giant clock that is looming over all of this is the expiring term of the open mayor. >> and that cannot be
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underrated. she is the biggest cheerleader, the biggest supporter, the person who is putting this together. she is in the final year of her term. not only that and the question about the future going after her, but this could also, if you look at the timing and they were trying to avoid this, but they can't help it now thanks to covid, this is going to be right in the middle of a mayoral election. the people to succeed libby schaff are going to have to say where they face on this -- where they stand on this. larry: want to get a shovel in the ground as soon as possible to avoid getting dragged into the mayoral race. the a's are going to continue with the parallel path approach that the commissioner referenced in the are going to announce their final vegas sites for whatever that is worth, but at this point, that looks more like a leverage play just to keep the heat on opened and make sure they get this thing funded.
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phil: that is the idea. but you have to have leverage. so far, we have not heard las vegas officials say, here is some big tax money to help you out. what we are seeing is for a possible side, look at the market. i'm not sure that a's are going to have the leverage to put the heat on as much as they might have thought they would. that is going to leave it up to oakland in the region to decide. it is an interesting dynamic politically. it all comes down to this. nobody is really better to say yes to any deal, but nobody wants to be the person or the group that says no and causes days the third sports franchise in the east bay to leave. larry: i want to circle back to a point you made earlier. we heard numerous times yesterday people referencing the raiders deal. that was 25 years ago and it is
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still basically the third rail of oakland politics, you don't want to touch that because that is the end of your political career if it goes bad. phil: and a simple reason for that. after 25 years, the taxpayers of alameda county and oakland are still paying it off. larry: that is all that needs to be said. nobody wants to be left holding the bag. thank you for the time. kristen: the bay area making its case to host. 2026 world cup. this weekend, officials will tour the by stadium to determine whether the region is a viable option. 16 cities across the u.s., mexico, and canada will host world cup events, 22 cities across the three countries being considered as host cities. a decision is expected by early next year. let's check things out with spencer, the weather is conducive to soccer or any other outdoor sports. spencer: if only this could hold
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up through the bewitching hours of halloween, that would be great. here is a look at what is happening now. sunny skies and dry conditions. quite a bit milder than this time yesterday. here is the 24 hour temperature change. san francisco is a degrees warmer. -- eight degrees warmer. a view from memory available looking towards the golden gate where skies are clear. we expect some areas of fog to develop along the coast during overnight hours. we have low to mid 70's at martin year, san jose at 64 degrees. at the golden gate, where just a few minutes ago, there was no hint of fog, but now you see some low clouds beginning to push through, 73 degrees at santa rosa and novato. 74 at fairfield and those 70's at and livermore. here is the view from mont tam.
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these are forecast features, we see foggy areas near the coast during the overnight hours, mostly sunny today as we have through friday but clouds increase over the weekend, the possibility of saturday morning drizzle. it looks like it's going to be dry for halloween. overnight hours, low clouds fog. it will develop along the coast and pushed locally out over the bay. by midmorning, mid-day, sunny skies for the remainder of the day tomorrow. overnight low temperatures and other to mid 50's, highs tomorrow from mid-60's at the coast to low 70's around the bay shoreline to mid and maybe upper 70's inland. it is getting a little milder. here is our forecast for the weekend. saturday evening, another wave of rain approaching and it looks like it will dissipate through the day sunday. dry conditions into sunday night. that is good news for
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trick-or-treaters. late sunday night into monday, a wave of measurable rain to the bay area. so far, this is how halloween is shaping up, as we get into those witching hours of 5:00 p.m. sunday, looking like a mild start to the evening. temperatures about 61. as we get to the 6:00 hour, it will be mostly cloudy but still dry. all the way through those evening hours through 8:00, looks like dry and beautiful conditions for trick-or-treaters. here is the seven day forecast. dry conditions through friday, clouding up over the weekend, to be an early-morning sprinkle or drizzle on saturday, dry for sunday, rain likely monday, then a lingering chance on tuesday with dry and mild conditions next wednesday. larry: this weakens atmospheric river helped levels in the with bay.
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this is phoenix like near ross. the photo on the left is from september. the lake level was alarming below. on the right, images from today, big improvement. the municipal water district once, despite the storm, we are still in a drought. water supplies in the seven reservoirs went up from 32% to 43% of total capacity following the atmospheric river. temperatures on the rise, but that may not be the worst of it. when experts are seeing today. when experts are seeing today. kristen: why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up, that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch.
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larry: questions about that shooting on alec baldwin's movie set in new mexico. kristen: they said the possibility of criminal charges is on the table. we know roy has the latest on the investigation. reporter: an intricate investigation underway on the movie set rust in santa fe. authorities collecting 600 pieces of evidence, including three firearms and 500 rounds of blank, dummy, an apparent live ammunition. >> we are going to determine how those got there and why they were there. >> the question is how did it get there. that in and of itself is negligence. the question is going to be who was responsible. reporter: police say alec
4:25 pm
baldwin fatally shot halyna hutchins thursday with a revolver while rehearsing for a scene. >> if the sheriffs office determines during our investigation a crime has occurred in probable cause exists, and arrest or arrests will be made and charges will be filed. reporter: investors believe the bullet for to hutchins before lodging into the director's shoulder. >> the projectile was recovered and turned over to the sheriff's office as evidence. reporter: the armorer had prepared the gun, then the assistant director handed it to alec baldwin telling cold gun, meaning it should have been empty, but it was loaded. the 80 telling authorities he was not aware of that. a cast member telling tmc he feared for his safety when filming gun battle scenes. >> i did feel the planes hitting my face in my body. i could feel the wind from the shotgun and discharged. reporter: the sheriff department
4:26 pm
and district attorney's office interviewing cast and crewmembers. it could be weeks or months before authorities decide whether a crime occurred. investigators looking at every piece of evidence closely. producers of the movie have hired their own lawyers to conduct a separate investigation according to an internal letter obtained by abc. kristen: that u.s. has issued its first passport with an x gender marker. it is a milestone and the rights of people who don't identify as male or female. the department said it would expand the option to all applicants next year after it updates its policies on passports. previously, applicants would need a medical certificate if their self selected gender marker did not match the sex listed on other official documents. larry: businesses are now on the road to recovery, but in san francisco, the struggle israel. kristen: not as many people
4:27 pm
returning to t
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. larry: a new report shows san francisco is struggling to bounce back after the pandemic, falling behind other major cities to get employees back into the office. a look at some other reasons for this. reporter: is no secret san francisco is a remote friendly work city so experts say that is part of it. along with the fact, prior to the pandemic, the city was coming off a tender building boom. let me construction leaving more empty space to lease out. getting employees back to the
4:30 pm
office means a big part of san francisco's economy will bounce back. the prominent national problem is we are far from where we need to be. a new report that measures incoming demand for office space across the country shows 10 francisco reported around a 17% drop in the past month, a slightly bigger depth than new york and seattle. >> it is going to take some time. we are not back to where we were pre-pandemic. reporter: robert is a senior researcher for a commercial real estate firm. he says san francisco's slow recovery is partially due to the city's remote friendly work culture. >> we were at the bottom. the bay area, tech companies in general, they were not in the office. whereas other markets in texas and on the east coast in the south, they were starting to go back into the office environment. reporter: another reason can be attributable city's building boom that hit mitch of -- much
4:31 pm
of the financial district. >> before kobe, a building boom in san francisco, millions of square feet of office space was created. reporter: case in point, the ml allocation that put a cap on the amount of square footage per year the city regulated in growth. >> the last eight of 10 years, that allocation was triggered, meaning we exceeded that 950,000 square-foot growth per year. i think that has to do with why we are a little different in the recovery of office space. reporter: even with the extra empty space, our slow recovery is not projected to stay for long. new leasing activity in san francisco suggests the financial district will start to bounce back by january. >> we are tracking 4.5 million square feet, that is tenants touring for new office space. reporter: he says these are companies assigning deals, waiting to occupy the space next year. >> after the holidays, we will see more activity. reporter: a promising sign our
4:32 pm
slow recovery will start to speed up. most of the companies that have employees back in the office currently are in the business services industry with most tech companies set to return next year. larry: going to be interesting to see, especially for the new companies. what are they paying in rent compared to what the event used to be? how does the demand for office space compared to a normal year? reporter: that report we mentioned, the office demand index report, shows san francisco is close to 50% below what is considered normal demand for office space. that is being compared to whatever demand was like in 2018 top 2019. certainly indicates we are far from where we are -- from where we wear, but there is hope to see the turnaround after the holidays. kristen: between us to talk about these trends is the executive director of our bay area council economic institute. thank you for your time.
4:33 pm
you heard our reporter, she mentioned san francisco's remote work friendly culture as one reason why office space is sitting empty. is that the biggest factor, delaying the city's recovery? >> when he talked about many of our largest employers, they had remote work policies even before the pandemic. they knew how to do remote work, they found that remote work has been good for the business and employees. you talk about companies based in texas when new york or other areas, remote work was maybe new to those areas and people were not used to it, you have seen banks bringing people back to the office, but for tech companies and information type companies, remote work was something we were doing previously to a certain extent and now 100% in many companies. kristen: which types of sectors are hurt most by this slow recovery? is not the tech folks working from home. >> talk about the urban centers of san francisco, you talk about
4:34 pm
restaurants, hotels, barbershops, all of those service employees that were dependent on that daytime population in our downtown areas. when you talk about san francisco's recovery, the leisure and hospitality sector is the one that is furthest behind the rest of the nation. kristen: what you think needs to happen for the recovery if you peg that -- if we peg back to office space rentals to pick up speed? >> i think you are 20 c rentals picking up next year. many employers are talking about a january return to office to some capacity but for many, it is three days per week for some employees, some still staying out altogether. i do think san francisco will have a longer abode to recovery, but there are vicinities for other businesses to move in, vacancy rates are at 20%, four times higher than what they had been. this is about bringing new
4:35 pm
businesses and, new opportunities to bring san francisco back. when we go back to work in 2022, many of the people that were there in 2019 not going to be in the city next year. kristen: besides the building boom we had before the pandemic and the fact that we are remote work friendly, are there other factors at play for why san francisco may be bagging -- lacking compared to comparable cities, seattle for example. 6 i think -- jeff: i think seattle has had high job growth and information sectors, those of the office jobs throwing most there. i think san francisco has struggled with costs, whether that is cost of labor, cost of space when businesses are looking to grow, they are looking to other locations. they know they can work in a remote dispersed environment so they are looking at places like seattle, austin, start lake city rather than san francisco. kristen: what would you like to
4:36 pm
see city officials or those in the position of making policy that might spur the economy do what is point? jeff: transit is the one key factor that people are not on caltrans, they are back on the roads causing congestion to be high. when you see the traffic numbers, you are less likely to want to go to work. bringing those services back up to full speed, making them safe is one key aspect. two, a longer-term solution is to provide more incentives, particularly for middle wage work, bringing in new companies, bringing in new employees that can grow the economy. we saw that in the middle market area, we have seen that in soma, we have seen that in many parts of the city in terms of the city providing incentives in the past to bring the economy back. that is one thing we could look for, new incentives to grow business. kristen: thank you so much.
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and if you have heart failure, there's entresto. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant, it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. larry: time for another edition of the 44. a furniture mogul wealthier man if the astros when the world series.
4:40 pm
he is known as metta smack, he placed a bet in june that the astros would win it all. he put down $2 million on the astros and if he winds -- wins, it would be the largest single payout on a bed in american history. the braves lead the series 1-0 with came two coming up tomorrow. to the best of my knowledge, you are not related to the ashley furniture people. but did you -- i had no -- is there this much money in mattresses? >> i was taking the same thing. if i was related, i would not be working at midnight. who knew there was this much money in furniture. he has been around for a long time. he is a great marketer because he got a lot of -- because he got a lot of attention the last time the astros were in.
4:41 pm
he is rolling having with that bet. that is confidence. >> you know what the payoff is iffy when sacco -- if he wins? would he double his money? kristen: i am rooting for atlanta, but i almost want matter smack -- mattress mack to win because he has done so much good in the community. >> money, you never know, he has been a generous guy. >> does that mean he will share alike? [laughter] >> chris is apologizing in our ear to all of us. >> i am being told he could when 30 -- win $35 million. he could buy a lot of chairs. kristen: we will see what
4:42 pm
happens. if he does win, he will probably do some good. the holiday mail season is getting underway and the postal service is giving up. the postal service is hiring an additional 40,000 seasonal workers to handle more than 50 million packages a day. volume is expected to be up 35% over last year, much of that from online shopping. the postal service said it will be ready to handle the upcoming rush. do you still mail christmas cards every year? >> yes. kristen: i do too. >> i had to stop years ago because it was getting up to 1000. i love receiving them and i'm thankful for the people who send me christmas cards, but i stopped sending them out. >> would on a second, the humble brag, it was almost like 1000 people i'm so close with that love me so much, they send me cards they would -- cards.
4:43 pm
>> some of us know a lot of people. [laughter] kristen: or having a lot of true friends. [laughter] >> they are coming after me. >> people make fun of the post office but they do an amazing job. remarkable they can take one thing for $.40 or whatever it is and it arrives across the country in a couple days. kristen: just don't expect one from dan or larry or spencer or me. >> i will verbally wish you a merry christmas. >> i'm just not into the card thing. the kids have really grown up, ok. if you are struggling to figure out what to wear during halloween, we got some help for you. google released its top trending halloween costume searches in top of the list in california and the u.s. overall is a witch. clown, rabbit, fortnite and dinosaur wrap up california's
4:44 pm
top five searches. other trendy packs, cruella deville, squid game -- so hot right now -- and baby yoda. >> that is a cute one. >> this does not strike me as the crowd that is likely to dress up. if you were going to dress up, what would you be? >> i would dress up every saturday night even if it is not halloween. [laughter] kristen: we want to see the photos. >> i would probably this time go as like a star wars -- remember last year for christmas, my kid got me that core lightsaber? i would probably dress up as some star wars character. i bought something at disneyland when my wife and i were there. >> remember when we were going to have the saber fight? we never did that. kristen: i got a split again costume. >> i was worried if you were going to wear that on tv. kristen: perhaps i will debut it
4:45 pm
on friday because saturday is -- because halloween is on sunday. you will have to tune in. the ultimate halloween debate may have decided a winner. a u.s. map shows america's favorite candy by state. this research is all coming according to candy which sells candy nationwide, it claims to have youth 14 years worth of data to put together the map. in california, it is resisting a buttercups. -- reese's peanut butter cups. we have some samples of candy here, but we can guess which candies are the favorites and which are the least favorites. we have candy corn. >> our producers are kind enough to put these together. kristen: these chocolate covered almonds, kit kat, and snickers. >> you eat candy corn? >> i know people like to hate on
4:46 pm
candy corn. i like to -- as a halloween candy, that is the only time i would eat it, but i do love anything with chocolate in it. the only think you see around halloween, candy corn, i actually like. kristen: i'm surprised my favorite to not make it. this is like a black sesame brittle. it is kind of a chinese treat. it is delicious. >> i cannot eat the candy corn, that is too sweet for me. i know it is popular. in my supposed to tell you what i like? i like dark chocolate and this is start chocolate covered almonds. >> i am wondering why kristen has her own favorite that we did not get. kristen: i brought them to share. i do like reese's as well. we messed up the game. we were supposed to guess what each other's favorite is. >> dan wanted the candy corn.
4:47 pm
the best candy, just to settle this, is the kit kat. kristen: i see out of his choices, reese's. >> they would be in the finals if we had a tournament thing. >> my favorite would not be in the finals at all. >> spencer, so popular. the christmas cards are already coming in. thousands and thousands. thousands and thousands. >> glad the kids are growi the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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kristen: california is not prepared to confront one of the biggest public health threats of climate change, or days of extinct keep you in that is according to a ucla study. california does not have a strategy to protect the public and shore up its aging infrastructure from the deadliest effects of warming temperatures. the state saw it saw -- saw its hottest summer on record. experts believe new homes the heat reduction features built-in. that is going to make housing more expensive. >> it will increase the cost of housing, that is a consequence of requiring this. but in certain climate zones, they are going to experience a significant increase of extreme heat waves. kristen: the study says local public health agencies can serve
4:51 pm
as a dashcam serve as a conduit for getting information out about how to deal with the key. larry: san francisco's iconic fog has been slowly disappearing. a professor tells the examiner there has been around a 33% reduction in fog frequencies since the early 20th century. he says fog seasons are starting later and ending earlier and the number of foggy hours each day are dropping as well. kristen: i did not think about it much, but now that i'm focusing on this, yes, it does seems like we have had less fog lately. spencer: this goes back longer than we have been talking about the effects of climate change. maybe climate change is accelerating the disappearance of the fog. i don't have the foggiest notion yet. larry: we got it. spencer: tonight, some areas of fog near the coast. mindy clear inland, but some of the fog may reach across the
4:52 pm
bay. highs tomorrow under mainly sunny skies will be the mid 60's at the coast, 70's around the bay, mid-70's inland. the weekend, we bring increasing clouds, maybe a sprinkle or two saturday morning. it looks like it's going to be dry sunday. rain will come in monday, this could be measurable rain. we are going to bank that a storm 1 on the storm impact scale and expect showers to taper off on tuesday and it will be sunny and try again on wednesday. kristen: thank you so much. a rare opportunity awaits fans of the mysterious artist banksy, his work will be on display under one roof at the palace of fine arts in san francisco next month. the art of banksy exhibit features more than 80 works of the renegade artist he would the pieces having generated from private collections. the show opens november 22. larry: and world series of halloween movies making a comeback but this is nothing to
4:53 pm
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4:56 pm
♪ >> it has been 23 years since kimball ej brown first took us to halloweentown. >> he figured out how to break the spell. >> something is off. trapper. >> you still got it. >> yeah. still got it. >> as halloweentown and its sequels find new life on disney+ and free-form, kimberly reflecting on what has become an occult classic. >> i think the idea of there being a place where it is halloween all the time is cool. >> halloween is cool, nature boy. >> she still has her character's costume, the halloweentown book. >> the hairdryer is another one. that is real fire. it was very hard. >> what about working with the
4:57 pm
late great debbie reynolds? >> being normal is vastly overrated. >> she always on her brakes would say, let's go over and say hi to the fans. she would usually introduce herself as princess leia's mom, which people always loved. >> which power would you like to have in real life? >> i would love to fly on a broom. especially being -- i am mainly based in how they the traffic sucks. >> grown-up marty cromwell on a broom? are you into a reboot or sequel in the future? >> i would be totally open if they wanted to do something. >> she is now dating daniel kunz, who played the villain in the second movie. they reconnected 10 years after filming that and above potion must be strong because this halloween afternoon, they are appearing together at galaxycon along with other castmembers.
4:58 pm
larry: that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. [inflammation] let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those drops will probably pass right by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. [inflammation] what's that?
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>> moving forward finding solutions this is abc 7 news. anchor: protecting students and one school district is discussing the details of having a mandate and for those who don't get vaccinated. anchor: you are watching abc 7 news live at 5. and for oakland students 12 and older, not if but when they have to get the covid vaccine and will vote on an implementation date and the options that the board is considering and what happens if students don't get the vaccine.


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