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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 27, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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kumasi: we hope you have a great day. gma is next. ♪ ♪ good morning, america for our viewers in the west. it's wednesday morning, and we have breaking news. billionaire tax, the new proposal aiming to help fund president biden's massive economic plan, targeting the top ten richest people in the u.s. including jeff bezos and elon musk. this morning the pushback and the potential legal battle down the line, as democrats race to reach a deal. bomb cyclone lashing new england. the big nor'easter hammering the coast overnight with damaging winds blasting at nearly 90 miles per hour. life-threatening flash floods prompting water rescues, and this morning the new storm threatening the gulf coast. we're tracking the latest. also this morning, the fda one step closer to authorizing the pfizer vaccine for
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5 to 11-year-olds. 15 million doses ready to ship and what the cdc is now saying about a fourth shot for some people. the new warning about isis-k from a top pentagon official, saying the terrorist group could have the ability to attack the united states within six months. this morning, the timeline for a potential terror strike. the queen cancels another high-profile public appearance, staying home for next week's major global climate summit. the latest on the queen's health concerns. fatal movie set shooting. the district attorney not ruling out criminal charges as one member of the cast speaks out saying he feared for his safety while filming gun battle scenes. vacation nightmare. the 12-year-old boy attacked by a crocodile at a popular tourism resort speaks out in his first tv interview this morning. ready for takeoff. how your face could be your ticket to fly. delta's new pilot program,
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changing everything from bag drop to security to boarding, just in time for the holidays. ♪ baby, you're a firework ♪ and on the world stage, atlanta starting the series with a bang. the braves belting a home run in the first at-bat of the world series, and the pitcher who played on a broken leg. plus, carli lloyd leaves us in awe, walking off the field for the last time with the u.s women's national team. the incredible ovation. ♪ 'cause, baby, you're a firework ♪ ♪ show 'em what you're worth ♪ thank you, carli lloyd. going to miss her. good to be here with michael and george on this wednesday morning. >> good to be here with you, robin. >> thank you very much. >> we are tracking the latest on that nor'easter. take a look at winthrop, massachusetts, right now. severe winds and damage there and more than 400,000 without power in that state right now.
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>> we are tracking that all morning long. we begin with the breaking news on president biden's investment plan. moments ago democrats unveiled a billionaire's tax to fund the deal that targets the ten richest americans, already facing legal and political questions. our congressional correspondent rachel scott is on capitol hill with the latest. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: george, good morning. democrats have been scrambling to find a way to pay for this nearly $2 trillion economic package and this morning, they say they will tax the rich to cover it, proposing a new billionaire's tax that would target some of the nation's wealthiest americans. we're talking about elon musk, jeff bezos and mark zuckerberg who pay little in income tax. here's how it world work. americans with more than $1 billion in assets or more than $100 million in income over three consecutive years will face a new tax. this would apply to increased value on their assets. so if a billionaire's investment in a stock doubled to $2 million, they would be taxed on that $1 million gain even if they never cashed out on earnings.
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all experts suggest this would apply to 700 of the wealthiest people in the u.s. another proposal would set a 15% minimum tax rate on companies such as amazon that earned more than 1 billion in profit. that's been endorsed by one key moderate hold-out, senator kyrsten sinema. none of this comes without risk. some have already questioned the constitutionality of that billionaire's tax and any legal challenges could undermine president biden's promise this all would be paid for, george. >> that comes if it passes. the big question, is it enough to close the deal for the democrats? >> reporter: yeah, well, the bottom line here, george, they are running out of time. the president wanted a deal before he heads to europe tomorrow. last night he invited senator kyrsten sinema and senator joe manchin to the white house but democrats are at odds over expansion of medicare and medicaid and paid family leave. george? >> rachel scott, thank you very much. michael? we turn to that nor'easter bringing extreme damaging winds blasting at 94 miles per hour and rob marciano is tracking the
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bomb cyclone lashing new england. good morning, rob. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. certainly a breezy morning outside of new york city and especially eastern new england. you have your cyclone genesis and this bomb cyclone we're talking about when barometric pressure drops in less than 24 hours. that's what happened in montauk. it's a big wind maker following yesterday's big rain maker. overnight the first nor'easter of the season slamming into the massachusetts coast. winds gusting up to and over 88 miles per hour on martha's vineyard. huge waves lashing these homes, a team of firemen working to free a woman who was trapped in her car after winds knocked a massive tree onto it. nearly 500,000 homes losing power across the state. wcbb reporter jennifer egan is outside boston. >> here in marshfield, massachusetts, the wind has been
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whipping gusting between 55 and 60 miles per hour. we're actually about two blocks from the water. the road is closed down there because the combination of the high tide and force of all of that wind flooded out the road. >> reporter: the storm hammering parts of the new york city tri-state area. sirens wailing in sullivan county, new york. while in manhattan, city streets resembling rivers after 3 1/2 inches of rainfall. winds taking out this massive tree landing on this small suv. and crews preparing for the worst in queens, water pumps lining the streets hoping to avoid situations brought on by remnants of hurricane ida just last month. this woman's home flooded with eight feet of water then. >> i refuse to go downstairs to check. last time i was by myself and i was about to get killed downstairs. >> reporter: in new jersey cars stalling in knee deep water.
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ocean temperatures are well above average. once again climate change having a hand in some of our extreme weather events. this thing is not done yet. it's drifting to the west. windy conditions will continue here. here's flushing bay with the flags whipping. some delays at the airports. tough go in new england too. flood watches. the next 24 hours will be dicey as the low drifts out to sea. this is the bomb system that hit the west coast. that will be pushing east across the ohio river valley. by friday heavy rain here, very active weather for late october. robin? >> it really is, rob. thank you. now to the coronavirus emergency. the pfizer vaccine for children ages 5 to 11, one step closer to
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fda authorization. the next steps, a cdc panel set to meet next week and then director rochelle walensky will have the final say. steve osunsami is live outside cdc headquarters there in atlanta. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. pfizer says it already has 15 million of these pediatric doses ready to ship immediately. a panel of experts at the fda this morning is saying yes to vaccines from pfizer for children who are just 5 to 11 years old. it was a near unanimous decision after a meeting that lasted the whole day. in the end pfizer's study of 2,200 children who took the vaccine was convincing sharing that two shots were 91% effective in preventing children from getting symptomatic disease and 100% effective against severe illness. >> it's exciting to see that, you know, this vaccine when given at a lower dose in children between the ages of 5 to 11 was safe and was 90% effective at preventing infection during the covid delta
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wave. >> reporter: the fda is now expected to officially authorize giving the vaccine to children in this age group and then the medicine will start shipping across the country. the cdc still has to give the final green light but it's looking very likely that the vaccine will already have shipped to pharmacies and doctors' offices ready to become shots in arms. on a call with the nation's governors tuesday the white house warned about a shorter shelf life for these pediatric doses of the vaccine. about ten weeks compared to six to nine months for adult doses of the same vaccine. >> i don't want to see wastage, so we encourage you to build flexibility into the system. you can move around within your state or territory. >> reporter: scientists say this is about keeping kids safe. 6 million americans under 18 have gotten sick with covid since the pandemic began. these 8-year-old triplets from north carolina were part of the pfizer clinical trial at duke.
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their mother is still waiting to learn if they got the vaccine or placebo. >> these guys were born at 26 weeks, 6 days so we know what it is to have a kid on a ventilator so it was important for us to never have to go back for any hospital stays that we could prevent. >> reporter: about 28 million american children could be eligible for this new vaccine. it's very possible that many of those children could be fully vaccinated by december. robin? >> steve, tell us about this new guidance on a possible fourth dose of vaccine for some folks. >> reporter: that's right, robin. if you got the moderna or the pfizer vaccine, which are two-dose vaccines, and you are immune come ppromised and you ga booster shot, the cdc is talking about another booster shot six months after your last shot. this is just for populations that are immunocompromised.
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robin? >> all right, thank you, steve. george? we turn to a new warning from the pentagon, a top official testified to congress that the afghan terror group isis-k could have the ability to attack the united states within six months. our chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz is tracking the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. with no u.s. troops now in afghanistan after that chaotic evacuation, pentagon officials now say both isis in afghanistan and al qaeda have the intent to launch attacks on the west and that isis could be able to do so by as early as next spring and al qaeda could do so within two years. estimates say there are about 2,000 isis fighters left in afghanistan, of course, isis was responsible for the suicide attack at the kabul airport that killed those 13 american service members and dozens of afghans. the taliban, like the u.s., is an enemy of isis so they are motivated to go after isis, but the pentagon says their ability to do so is yet to be determined, george. >> martha, from the beginning of the afghan withdrawal officials
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have reassured us they have the capabilities to contain this terror threat. >> they have, george. the u.s. has facilities in the persian gulf and qatar and bahrain to monitor and go after terror groups but that is more than 1,500 miles away and as yet the u.s. has not been able to secure basing rights any closer than afghanistan and without a u.s. presence on the ground, intelligence simply isn't as good and the risk is higher, george. >> martha raddatz, thanks. michael? we turn to new concerns this morning for the health of queen elizabeth. the 95-year-old monarch canceling the trip to next week's global climate summit in scotland a week after spending the night in the hospital. ian pannell is live outside windsor castle with the latest. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, michael. that's right, for now the queen is here at windsor castle and staying put. the messaging is keep calm and carry on but, of course, this latest news will prompt some anxieties about the queen's health. overnight queen elizabeth canceling another public
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appearance following her recent hospitalization. on tuesday the palace announcing her majesty's regretfully decided she'll no longer travel to glasgow next week for the major climate conference. the palace saying she's disappointed but will address world leaders including president biden by video. the 95-year-old monarch spent the night in the hospital last week and has been advised to rest by her doctors. a royal source telling abc news she's in good spirits and is following advice by resting and doing only light duties. >> she's not superwoman. she's not immortal and she is 95 and it's best at that age to just be cut a bit of slack. >> reporter: this is the second engagement the queen's canceled of late. last week calling off a visit to northern ireland. on tuesday she was seen making her first public appearance since being admitted to the hospital for overnight checks. queen elizabeth sitting at her desk smiling broadly while
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carrying out virtual meetings with ambassadors. this morning, buckingham palace is remaining tight-lipped on precisely why she went to the hospital and what, if any, procedures she had don 's not covid relatedhas been to well, despite the reassurances from buckingham palace i think the fact that they tried to manage the news about the queen's hospitalization last week is going to leave many wondering how candid they are now being with, i think, some anxiety in britain about the real health of the country's longest reigning monarch. michael? >> anxiety around the world. ian, thank you. robin? now to the latest on that deadly shooting at an idaho mall that left two dead. the police have identified the gunman who later died at the hospital but are still searching for a motive. alex perez has more. he's there in boise for us. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. still a lot of unanswered questions here but authorities say the suspected gunman was
7:15 am
known to them and had prior run-ins with mall security due to disruptive behavior. this morning, authorities on the hunt for answers after that mall shooting that killed two and injured at least five here in boise. the fatal victims now identified as 49-year-old roberto padilla arguelles and jo acker. acker who police say confronted the shooter. acker's family heartbroken. >> you never expect to outlive your kids so this is very difficult and jo was my baby. >> reporter: overnight authorities revealing the suspected gunman, 27-year-old jacob bergquist died as a result of his injuries after a gunfight with officers arriving on the scene. >> shooting at boise town square. there's a security officer shot. >> reporter: police called to the town square mall at 2:00
7:16 am
monday afternoon after reports of shots fired. terrified customers scrambling to take cover. officers confronting bergquist outside the mall building. boise police say they found 18 spent shell casings inside the mall showing that the shooter had multiple guns and ammunition. the mall is scheduled to re-open here later today. again, an exact motive in this case remains under investigation. robin? >> all right, alex, thank you. michael? we go to the world series and the braves starting things off with a bang and never looking back. t.j. holmes is here to break down the big game for us this morning. good morning, t.j. >> we talked about yesterday, story lines at the world series. well, history was made with the first swing of the bat at the world series last night. check it out. jorge soler. first time the bat is swung in this world series. the braves score in the first
7:17 am
three innings. in the first three innings of a world series. wasn't all good. charlie morton their ace, their pitcher, watch what happens to him. he takes this liner off his leg. they say this sucker was moving at 102 miles an hour when it hit him. he stays in the game. he winces a little bit. he's in some pain. retires three more batters. this is his last pitch here. he strikes out altuve. couldn't take it anymore. he has a fractured fibula. >> ooh. >> he is out for the series. >> he was still pitching. >> they say it didn't show up in the x-ray first time when he went to the dugout but he has a fractured fibula and he is out. guys, get this, he was apologizing to his teammates after the game. sorry i couldn't stay in more. sorry i couldn't help you more. that's the kind of guy he is. what a start to this world series. >> he stayed in long enough to help them win. great effort. >> 6-2. game two tonight and we'll figure out the bet. >> you go one up and now all of a sudden he's talking about the bet. >> i'm ready now. >> he brought it up yesterday. he did. >> yeah.
7:18 am
>> evens out the playing field. >> you got to be down in order to have a comeback. >> we have a lot more coming up here on "gma," including the latest on the movie set shooting. movie set shooting. one actor said he felt unsafe while filming a gun scene and the district attorney is not ruling out criminal charges. the 12-year-old bitten by a crocodile at a mexico resort. what he's saying about that frightening moment in his first tv interview. first back to rob. >> reporter: hey, rob. still blowing in the northeast. big winds across the midwest. oklahoma, 90 plus mile per hour wind gust. today that severe threat gets into louisiana. time for a look at your sunny cities sponsored by american express.
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what day is it, robin? >> hump day! >> we'll be right back. i got you to do it.
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welcome the rainbow. taste the rainbow. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, signing solutions. this is abc 7 news. julian: good morning. the fda is preparing to vaccinate children 5 to 11 11 a soon as it is approved. activate its mobile vaccine clinic and bring shots to schools. yesterday an fda panel voted to recommend pfizer vaccines for younger children. they could start getting their shots early next month. let's check in with sue hall for a look at the traffic. sue: good morning. this accident that happened just before he left you at 7:00 is eastbound 24. it is blocking some lanes,
7:24 am
actually blocking all of the right lanes. only the two left lanes are getting by four highway 680. you can see westbound is slow. there is a sig alert issued. you can take old tunnel road as your alternate. julian: thank you. julian: thank you. meteorologist mike nicco when you hear the word healthy, it always feels a little out of reach. that's 'cause the way we're thinking about it is all wrong. so we made a healthier song. for some folks it's like baby steps. maybe it's a jump or eating something green. or taking mom to get that vaccine. ♪ healthier means bringing stuff to the folks ♪ ♪ that really need it. ♪ ♪ like millie's meds straight to her door or care at home. ♪ ♪ believe it. ♪ ♪ sometimes it's healthier to laugh. ♪ ♪ other times it's healthier to cry. ♪ ♪ we'll work through it together. ♪ ♪ when it works for you, drop on by. ♪ ♪ 'cause healthier happens easy ♪ ♪ when you just give people access. ♪ ♪ for bob it meant admitting ♪ ♪ that he needed reading glasses. ♪
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♪ healthier comes in all these ♪ ♪ different shapes and sizes. ♪ ♪ and ages and races and faces and eye-ses. ♪ ♪ and caring for them all means ♪ ♪ we're doing healthier right. ♪ ♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ ♪ 'cause this is what healthier looks like. ♪
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mike: we are back and taking a look at clear to mostly cloudy sky. 49 mornin morgan hill francisco. fog has been minimal as you can see from the south beach camera. that is the only issue with your commute. my accuweather 7 day forecast, sunny and warmer today. tomorrow clouds increased but still mild. chance of drizzle saturday morning and drive for the rest of the halloween weekend. julian: perfect trick-or-treating weather.
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coming up, democrats unveiling a billionaires income tax. the new proposal aiming to help fund the president's ma
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check it out! pressure created by what's in your air makes the bottle spray. which means freshness everyone will love. we've loved these people since the day we arrived. when you love something, you protect it. >> welcome back to "gma." the countdown to "eternals" is on. marvel bringing the world another star-studded lineup. this morning, angelina jolie, kit harington and salma hayek will tell us all about their new action-packed movie. that is coming up in our next hour. >> looks pretty good. >> yeah. >> following a lot of headlines including the breaking news on president biden's investment plan. democrats unveiled a billionaire's tax to fund the
7:31 am
bill. it taxes the richest americans, talking about elon jeff bezos and mark zuckerberg also the on the damage from the nor'easter that brought extreme winds blasting at 94 miles an hour, 500,000 are without power in massachusetts right now. pfizer says it's ready to go with 15 million doses for children 5 to 11-year-olds after a panel of experts approved the vaccine and it's on track to get authorization from the fda as well. take a look at this. this isn't "back to the future." it is a real hover bike. it's from a japanese start-up. price tag -- it can go up to 62 miles per hour. it's not going 62 miles per hour there, but it can. the price tag, close to $700,000. >> what's the weight limit? >> that's your question? we love you, michael. we've got a lot more ahead, including more on the future of travel. it is the new tech that could speed you through airport security.
7:32 am
and also ahead, going one-on-one with the queen of the court, judge judy. that is coming up, michael. now to the latest on that fatal on set shooting involving alec baldwin. the new mexico district attorney in charge of the case saying criminal charges have not been ruled out. let's go to kaylee hartung in santa fe who has been tracking this for us since the beginning. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. investigators have spent the past five days interviewing the cast and crew of "rust" and collecting evidence including guns and ammunition from that movie set and now this morning just a few hours from now, we will hear from authorities speaking for the first time in front of cameras. this morning, everything is on the table including criminal charges. the santa fe district attorney says as she and the sheriff try to figure out how a prop gun turned lethal on the set of "rust," as a member of the cast tells tmz he feared for his
7:33 am
safety when filming battle scenes. >> when the rounds were released, when they shot at me, i actually did feel the blanks hitting my face and my body and i could feel the wind from the shotgun, you know, being discharged. >> reporter: ian hudson was playing an outlaw in the film. his character shot and killed in a shoot-out scene. >> they had a camera behind me and everyone on the camera crew was protected by shields and the camera was protected by a shield. so that made me question me being in front of the camera and sort of in between all of that fire. as a new actor, you know, i don't want to cause trouble so i held my tongue for a lot of it. >> reporter: this photo showing the cast and crew filming inside the church before that fatal shooting occurred. the film's star and producer alec baldwin in the middle. the crew including cinematographer halyna hutchins surrounding him. >> we were rehearsing and it went off and i ran out. we all ran out. >> reporter: hutchins seen in her most recent instagram post
7:34 am
from set was killed when baldwin fired a prop gun. "the daily mail" publishing new photos of hannah gutierrez reed. they say gutierrez reed prepared the gun before dave halls took it off a prop cart and handed it to baldwin. halls saying he did not know the gun contained live round, but when it went off in baldwin's hands it killed hutchins and also hit director joel souza. >> was the gun loaded with live rounds? >> i cannot tell you that. >> reporter: onset accidents are not as rare as you might think. a report from the associated press detailing from 1990 to 2014 there were at least 194 serious accidents on film and television sets. including 43 fatalities. but of those incidents only once was someone criminally prosecuted. we're told investigators are trying to get additional search warrants signed off on by a
7:35 am
judge. considering they've already searched the scene of the accident on the movie set, just learning where they're looking for more evidence could be telling, guys.stonofhis. we'll bring indan . dan, what do you expect to hear from the d.a. and sheriff today? >> i expect them to talk about what they found so far and where they go from here. i don't expect that they'll announce charging decisions, et cetera. what they found so far is going to be what we've seen in some of those search warrants and the single most important thing that they have found so far is that according to the d.a. they found bullets. if they found scene, that in and of itself is a problem. that's different from shell casings. if they found actual bullet, ammunition that was all over that scene the question is going to be why? why were there live bullets on that scene? >> that gets to the possibility of criminal charges for the producers. >> absolutely.
7:36 am
look, criminal charges as the d.a. says are on the table. they have to be on the table right now. someone died there and sure seems like there were a lot of problems on the set. does that necessarily mean you get criminal charges? no. problems don't necessarily mean criminal charges. you'll need recklessness, negligence that led to the death. this d.a. has to keep criminal charges on the table as of right now. >> how long do you think it'll take to sort this out? >> she's saying weeks, if not months. here's my guess, my guess, it will take them a couple of weeks but we may not hear anything for a couple of months. maning i think once they figure out where they're going with it, then they will approach probably attorneys for the defendants, et cetera, and we'll see where it goes from there. i think that this is going to move comparatively quickly. >> what do you make of the unconfirmed reports that some were taking part in target practice? >> see, if that's true that they were using the same weapon, that is totally unacceptable, right?
7:37 am
you talk to anyone who has worked on a set -- >> with live ammo. >> right. they will tell you that the notion thaamean t were for target practice is being brought back in to use is unacceptable. the word that one expert in this used to me it has to be sequestered. when you have a weapon like that you sequester it. you would never in breaks take it out and use it for shooting, et cetera. so now the question is going to be civil versus criminal. there is no doubt there are going to be lawsuits filed about this. the question is going to be -- and we'll have to read through the lines a little bit today in the press conference will it rise to the level of possible criminal charges. >> quite a story, dan abrams, thanks very much. coming up, the 12-year-old bitten by a crocodile in a mexico resort speaks out in his first tv interview. walter, twelve o' clock. get em boy! (cows moo) ♪ ♪
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easy tools on the chase mobile app. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. back now with the 12-year-old boy bitten by a crocodile at a mexico resort. he's speaking out in his first television interview. janai norman has the details. janai, good morning. >> hey, you guys, good morning. can you imagine it took a group of people to get charlie free from that 13-foot crocodile and his family had to extend their trip for four weeks after he underwent several procedures. we talked to him back in philly as he continues to recover. this morning, 12-year-old charlie buhl is speaking out after a crocodile pulled him off a staircase near a dock dragging him underwater. >> there was nothing i could do.
7:42 am
like it could do whatever it wanted. it was so strong. >> reporter: charlie was playing hide and seek on a family vacation this summer when he hid at these set of stairs. moments later he says he felt something grab on to his leg. >> i could feel like it almost pushing on the inside of my leg was someone was digging their nails into your arm. >> reporter: nearby guests and hotel employees at club med in cancun, mexico, rushed to his aid as he struggled against the nearly 13-foot-long reptile. >> the workers helped pull me out and they were kicking the crocodile's eyes and putting a blue pillow on its head. then finally it let go and they put me on the ground. >> reporter: charlie treated at a local hospital where they initially thought he'd lose his leg, but he's now able to walk and run. charlie's mother says the resort is covering all of his medical bills. >> i think club med has acted really honorably and really responsibly.
7:43 am
they put -- they immediately closed off the area. put a guard there 24/7. put up signs, lights. >> reporter: at another resort in puerta vallarta just a month after charlie's brush with a crocodile -- >> i just started hitting it as hard as i could and then it just kept taking me under the water. >> reporter: 18-year-old kiana hummel punched her way to freedom after a 12-foot crocodile grabbed her and pulled her underwater on the beach. >> they can exist any time any place in those areas. people need to assume they can be there. do not go into bodies of water at night, or at dusk, or at sunrise. >> reporter: while charlie has a few months before being fully recovered he says he has a new appreciation for his cold-blooded acquaintance. >> for halloween me and two of my friends are building this giant crocodile that all three of us are going to fit in and
7:44 am
it's 16 feet long and like they think it's cool. >> 16 feet. charlie has found a way to one-up that crocodile. charlie's mom commending the resort for the immediate action she says officials took, closing off the area, putting a guard there 24/7 and putting up lights and signs, in addition to covering all charlie's medical bills. the resort saying the safety and security of our guests and staff is our highest priority. club med cancun has reinforced the area around the lagoon by increasing the number of signs, lighting and installing taller fencing to further protect the safety of our guests and staff from the surrounding lagoon. but really, really terrifying and just a reminder that you have to be careful and mindful of wildlife. >> that's true. >> around crocodiles. >> massive crocodiles at that. >> thank you, janai. coming up next, we have our "play of the day." we have our "play of the day." ♪ to run a growing business, is to be on a journey.
7:45 am
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♪ ♪ i'm free to be the greatest tonight ♪ we are back now with our "play of the day" and a legendary member of the women's u.s. national soccer team said good-bye last night. after 17 years carli lloyd stepped onto the international stage for the final time and before the match against south korea, the team honored her with a special jersey commemorating her 316th game ending an
7:49 am
incredible career, two world cup titles, two olympic gold medals scoring an unbelievable 134 goals for the u.s. the entire stadium gave her a much deserved massive standing ovation that kept going and going and going and here's carli speaking directly to her fans after the game. >> it has been an honor. i have been absolutely grateful for every opportunity that i stepped out on this field and i hope that you know that i gave it everything i had for every single one of you. >> we certainly do know that, carli. fierce competitor and when she took off her lloyd jersey, underneath was another jersey, let's see. let's see. okay. turn around. her husband, yes. her husband brian hollins and perhaps her former teammate mia
7:50 am
hamm said it best, enjoy the night. embrace the love. thank you for all you have given to the game. >> she has given a lot. >> that she has. >> amazing career. oh, man. coming up grdrew barrymore going to join us live. (vo) for over 50 years purina cat chow has been helping cats feel at home. with trusted nutrition, no wonder it's the number one dry cat food in america.
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love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. ♪ ♪ don't be fooled by the bike. or judge him by his jacket. while ted's eyes are on the road, his heart stays home. he's got gloria, and 10 grand-babies, to prove it. but his back made weekend rides tough, so ted called on the card that's even tougher. and the medicare coverage trusted by more doctors. medicare from blue cross blue shield. by your side, no matter what. that's the benefit of blue. find your local blue cross and blue shield plan at >> >> reporter: welcome back to "gma." it's quite breezy out here in new rochelle. let's show you flushing bay, just across long island there. the winds are whipping and waves piling up. no doubt delays at the airport as our nor'easter continues to crank up. the atmospheric river and bomb cyclone got into monument yesterday. look at the snow falling there along i-25 between denver and colorado springs and also
7:54 am
outside of salt lake cottonwood canyon had the snow pile up there. cold air coming in. cold air ahead of this behind the nor'easter too and chicago first time i think since last year you've been below 40 degrees. not as much wave action as you saw yesterday but certainly cooler air behind this nor'easter. coming up, how your face could be your ticket to fly. the new technology that could help make it a breeze to get through the airport. and the one and only judge judy holding court with robinment that's all coming
7:55 am
“good morning america” is sponsored by medicare from blue cross and blue shield companies.
7:56 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. julian: good morning. i'm julian glover. let's get you out the door with a look at weather and traffic. sue: eastbound highway 24, a sig alert when a car slammed an suv -- an suv, there it is, slammed into a big old dump truck. the suv is sideways in the lanes, the drunk -- dump truck is right there. no estimated time on when the lanes will reopen. mike: we are warmer today with increasing sunshine, mid 60's to the 70's, and our air quality will remain healthy. how about the accuweather seven-day forecast?
7:57 am
drizzle this morning, possibly dry for halloween weekend. julian: we will have another update in about 30 minutes. as always, news is on and the abc 7 news app. gma continues right now. when you hear the word healthy, it always feels a little out of reach. that's 'cause the way we're thinking about it is all wrong. so we made a healthier song. for some folks it's like baby steps. maybe it's a jump or eating something green.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking news, billionaire tax. new proposal aimed at helping fund president biden's massive economic plan targeting the top ten richest people in the u.s. including jeff bezos and elon musk. this morning, the pushback and the potential legal battle down the line as democrats race to reach a deal. ready for takeoff. how your face could be your ticket to fly. delta's new pilot program just in time for the holidays. what's the deal with deals? why there won't be as many savings this holiday shopping season. where you can still find the bargains. plus, what to buy now and what to wait for. ♪ i got you ♪ it's a marvelous morning with the star-studded cast of "eternals."
8:01 am
the highly anticipated blockbuster will be here before you know it. >> snap of a finger. >> this morning, salma hayek, kit harington and angelina jolie take us behind the magic. >> a lot of fun for you. >> it was. ♪ i can make your hands clap ♪ get ready to scream. drew barrymore joins us live in times square and she's cooking up something special. ♪ can't touch this ♪ and all rise for the queen of the courtroom. judge judy is back. >> all parties please step forward. >> we got a first look at her brand-new show. where judy justice is embracing a whole new look and dishing out powerful lessons in life and in law. are you ready for the truth? >> and she's saying. >> good morning, america. court is back in session. she was also holding court in our interview. i'll tell you what -- >> she always does.
8:02 am
>> she always does. so much to say beyond the courtroom especially about striving for success. >> i'm a big judge judy fan. zblmpkts and we're counting down to halloween, everybody. this morning, we are putting our guy will reeve to work again at one of the most haunted attractions. ooh, a prison in pennsylvania. we've got so much more halloween fun coming up. doesn't look fun for will right now. >> it does not. that is coming up. we'll start with the breaking news overnight. president biden's investment plan, democrats unveiled a billionaire's tax to fund the deal that targets the ten richest americans, it's already facing legal and political questions. want to go back to rachel scott on capitol hill. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: george, good morning. democrats say they will tax the rich to pay for the nearly $2 trillion economic package proposing a new billionaire's tax. now, this would target just a fraction of the wealthiest americans, we're talking about elon musk, jeff bezos, mark zuckerberg who pay little in
8:03 am
income tax, and here's how it would work. for the first time americans with more than a billion dollars in assets are more than $100 million in income over three years will face a new tax. now, this would apply to increased value on their assets so, for example, if a billionaire's $1 million investment in stock doubled to $2 million, they would then be taxed on that $1 million gain even if they never cashed out on earnings. in all experts suggest this would apply to roughly 700 of the wealthiest people in the u.s. but some are already questioning the constitutionality of this and that is just one issue. democrats are now scrambling to come to terms on just several other issues all before the president leaves for europe tomorrow and they're running out of time to do it. >> rachel, thanks very much. now to the future of travel. with the holidays around the corner, some major airlines are streamlining the passenger experience with brand-new technology that could save you time. transportation correspondent gio benitez joins us from hartsfield jackson airport in atlanta with all the details. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael, good
8:04 am
morning. this is the new technology that is going to be rolling out next week here in atlanta and detroit. they are hoping to change the way america travels one face at a time. what was once a thing only seen in movies like "minority report" is now very close to being a reality. this morning, delta is just days away from launching a first of its kind pilot program in two of america's largest airports. the airline, along with tsa, creating a touchless airport experience from bag drop to security to boarding. so, is this the future of flying? >> this is the future in so many ways, basically we want to make the airport experience as effortless as possible. >> so this is how it works. we got here to the express bag drop, lower the mask and it recognized me right away and tells me to place the bag on the belt and now what it's doing is
8:05 am
it's running my passport number that's in my profile with the customs system and about to print that bag tag. and here we go. the system works a lot like the facial recognition used to unlock your iphone. once at the tsa security checkpoint the only i.d. you need is your face. a camera takes a photo and an officer confirms that you match the customs database. and boarding is a lot like the bag drop. you just lower your mask, i match the manifest and i'm ready to go. meanwhile, american airlines is also testing similar technology over in dallas so it does look like this could be the future of air travel in america. guys. >> that is something. >> it really is. >> thank you, gio. coming up, holiday bargains could be tough to find. this morning we'll tell you what you should and shouldn't buy. also, court is in session. judge judy is back with a brand-new show and sharing her secrets to success.
8:06 am
and drew barrymore and pilar valdes are teaming up for a new cookbook called "rebel homemaker." they are live in times square. we'll be right back. ♪ when i find my love, i'll bring it on home ♪ ♪ rich, indulgent chocolate with a luscious caramel filling. with love from san francisco. ghirardelli caramel squares. makes life a bite better. hey, uh, i didn't order any pizza. jake from state farm... after you saved me so much dough on insurance with that "parker promo” i devised a promo for you. here's the deal parker, state farm offers everyone surprisingly great rates. yeh, right. pepperoni pocketz, atomic brownie, cuckoo crustiez...
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♪ bring me a higher love ♪ welcome back to "gma." hope you're doing well this wednesday morning and tomorrow on "gma," pharrell williams will join us live. >> but right now joining us live back in the studio lara spencer. >> indeed, good morning, robin. good morning to you all. we begin with a blockbuster franchise in the making talking about the movie "dune" and this morning less than a week after its theatrical release the next installment already lit. green lit.
8:11 am
part one starring timothee chalamet, marking the biggest opening for warner brothers breaking the first "dune" book into two movies was always the plan for the director, but he had to wait to see how the film did before movie number two was given that green light. it's happening. anyone who is feeling like zendaya didn't get enough screen time in this one will be happy to hear part two lands in theaters october 2023. in the meantime, you can see this "dune" in theaters right now. >> got to wait till 2023. i loved it, so i'll wait. >> gorgeous cinematography. music news now, adele announcing she will hit the stage again marking her return in her hometown of london at hyde park for a two night only engagement next year on july 1st and 2nd. adele posting news on instagram writing simply, oi, oi with a heart emoji.
8:12 am
she did tell vogue she is ready. to hit the road if circumstances allow. presail tickets for the hyde park shows, should you be in the england area, available right now on in the meantime, her new album called "30" dropping november 19th. we cannot wait. >> that's not a road trip. that's a plane trip. it's worth it. >> one worth considering. i just think -- >> i'm in. >> we're in. and two-time oscar nominee ryan gosling embracing his good looks for his latest role. "deadline" reporting that he'll play ken in warner brothers' live action barbie movie opposite margot robbie in the title role. this is so interesting. no word on the plot but apparently "little women's" greta gerwig will direct and co-wrote it with noah bermbach. >> they are funny.
8:13 am
production set to begin really next year. i don't know, i feel like it'll have twists and turns that we ms wi, ke showi exactly how to be a southern gentleman. love this man. earlier this week the cma winner caught on camera pulling over to help a stranded driver, tennessee mom courtney potts couldn't believe it was him. it sure was, though. luke getting out, getting her car to a safe spot, fixing her flat tire, she posted the video on social media saying, i know he probably doesn't want any recognition for this good deed but it was such a once in a lifetime chance i couldn't help but share and he even took a selfie there. what a good guy. everybody safe and sound. >> host of the cmas. >> he sure is. we'll be there. >> yeah, you will. >> yeah, i will. our cover story a consumer alert. deep holiday discounts may be hard to come by so becky worley
8:14 am
has a look at some things you may not want to buy. good morning, becky. >> reporter: george, good morning. we have been trained to shop for big discounts on thanksgiving, black friday, cyber monday, but this year with supply chain disruptions what will the deals look like? wait until we reckon with the post-pandemic black friday. adobe analytics who decipher online transactions and use it to predict future sales say discounts have been weaker in the face of shortages and surging online demand and forecast discounts in 5% to 25% range compared to the historical average of 10% to 30%. >> for black friday this year, so i do think that there will be plenty that is pushed out to try to get eyeballs and clicks but not everything will be as good as a deal as it has been in the past. >> reporter: why retailers cut prices in the first place, there are two reasons. they usually want to move excess inventory and they want to keep
8:15 am
us, the consumers, from buying things from their competitors. but this year, with shortages and very little excess inventory across the board, that's not rally an issue. so what should you buy now? >> the top three items that you should purchase now are new and popular electronics, toys and video games and board games, stand mixers, and i'm going to throw in a fourth and i'm going to say stick vacuums. >> at this point the prediction of exact black friday prices is still very much in flux but thanksgiving deals are usually announced roughly around november 8th so by then we'll have a much better picture of the exact prices and that could be a good cutoff date to make decisions about when you actually pull the trigger on the big gift purchases you need this year, george. >> so, becky, what should people hold off on buying now? >> you know, according to the folks at wirecutter, you should wait for better prices right around black friday on smart watches, outdoor gear, camping, tents, that kind of stuff, headphones, chromebooks and
8:16 am
those robotic vacuums, so hold off a little bit and wait for those deals. >> okay, becky worley, thanks very much. robin. >>'rgoing to get your gavel out right now because court, folks, is back in session. i had the chance to sit down with judge judy sheindlin who last month closed a 25-year chapter on her legendary show "judge judy," but now she's back with a brand-new show, new courtroom staff and a whole new look. all rise. >> court is back in session. >> reporter: for judge judy sheindlin. >> you talk, i finish. that's the rule. >> reporter: the queen of the court returns with "judy justice." >> try to begin with the truth. that's always the easiest thing to begin with. >> all parties please step forward. >> and i recently visited the set. i'm going to go on this side. >> tall people versus short people. >> reporter: to get a verdict on the new show. tell us about this new look and
8:17 am
how is it different? >> we ae starting a new adventure. the color robe was important to me because it says this is new, this is fresh. the lace collar served me well for 5 years. for 25 years. this is a little more modern. >> reporter: also by her side, new courtroom staff including judge judy's granddaughter. >> she's my joy. >> reporter: law clerk sara rose. >> what has your grandmother taught you? >> everything that i know. i mean just hard work and doing something that matters to you and that makes an impact and leaving a footprint. >> reporter: for 25 years judge judy reigned supreme over daytime television presiding over 12,500 cases. >> 1996. that was a launch of "judge judy." when did you know it was something special? >> i think probably within the first six months. we had a slow start. the problem was like a new york roach. you know, you couldn't get rid of it and slowly people heard about it and tried it. they want to be in a place where
8:18 am
they know right and wrong where that line is clear. >> i mean a 25-year reign. 25 years, number one. >> that's a gift and then you have to know what to say. >> was it hard to end it? >> no. i think it wasn't hard. it wasn't hard because i knew i had another gig. >> reporter: at 79 years young, judge judy is making the jump to streaming releasing "judy justice" on amazon's imdb tv. how is it different from the previous? >> there's more action in front of the bench. we brought on board a stenographer and a law clerk who i was accustomed to having. in family court. i have a wonderful bailiff who i knew as my security for the last four or five years. a new adventure at my age is a new burst of energy. for me. you have a company, which is clearly a 21st century company, that had the confidence in me to say, we'll invest in you.
8:19 am
we'll invest in set and design and marketing in order to bring people in to see your new program. that's a very interesting thing when most people my age are trying to find the nursing home. >> reporter: judge judy is as well known for her decisiveness and quick wit in the courtroom. >> do i look like i need any help from you? >> reporter: as she is for negotiating her high-wattage salary and defending her worth through the years. what do you say to folks to speak up, to ask for that raise, to know your worth as you have done? >> women have to make themselves indispensable at whatever they do, and i don't care whether you are a television personality, a dental hygienist, a dog groomer. if you're the best at what you do, you set the rules. you don't let anybody else define you and you have to be prepared to walk away.
8:20 am
you have to be prepared and never make a threat that you're not prepared to follow through with. thady to embra harg leons on ld you're responsible to pick up a piece of litter but you're more responsible not to drop that piece of litter. my message remains consistent, you got to be the best that you can be, don't interfere with anybody's life negatively. we live in a rough and tumble place. but within that space you can be a good citizen and that's what you really have to demand of everybody. everybody to be the best that they can be. and be a good citizen. >> she really emphasizes that. it's a new show, it's a new ensemble. many judge judy fans very disappointed that her longtime bailiff was not included in the new show. >> but she made it clear why and it's a little bit of new energy meudy.r and as you said new show
8:21 am
>> shef spar >> she has a lot of spark and she is very, very excited about this new show and the first four episodes of "judy justice" premiere on imdb tv and then new episodes every weekday. >> funny to see you in the courtroom, young lady. >> very. scary. >> what did you do? >> i wanted to be on the side, not being -- anyway, rob, save us, please. >> i got nothing for you. the wind is saving me right now. that is the judge and the jury this morning as our bomb cyclone continues to pepper the new england coastline. look at this. i hope nobody was in here. this tree coming down on this car south of boston. winds gusting there over 60 miles an hour as you know over 90-mile-per-hour winds gusting in martha's vineyard. rhode island, it's no picnic
8:22 am
there. big waves, look at that and nd aisorfrom ds willor ine th sto that's already hit the midwest with severe weather, that was our bomb cyclone and atmospheric river a few days ago. in the west. that gets to the east friday. now to our countdown to halloween and this morning, we're exploring the scariest abandoned places in the country.
8:23 am
will reeve is in philadelphia. he's at one of them. eastern state penitentiary. good morning, will. r:rng, mi this was a prison for 142 years, even housing the notorious gangster al capone. today it's a museum by day, but at night in the halloween season it becomes a frightful attraction full of scary characters. frozen in time is bodie, once the true california gold rush, now depleted of its riches, today nearly 200 eerie structures litter the land, the souls that left taking only what they could carry, leaving the wild west well preserved, legend has it visitors who swipe even a rock from town will be forever struck with the curse of bodie, misfortune and bad luck. more than a mile off the coast
8:24 am
of oregon boasts bruised and battered terrible tillie, the lighthouse decommissioned in 1957 after keepers were warned from its stormy past. ittands onge a a anwrecking saig drowning all 16 onboard. shadowy figures are known to wander inside the empty halls of waverly hills sanitarium. the now-abandoned hospital treated thousands of tuberculosis patients. the ill that never recovered roamed the halls still looking for a cure. one of philadelphia's famous abandoned structures, eastern state penitentiary built in 1829, where gangster al capone got his first taste of life behind bars serving seven months in 1929 on a gun charge. deserted in 1971, the crumbling cell blocks now a historical site and home to a halloween haven that promises to give thrills and frights no matter day or night.
8:25 am
thank you to my new friends the jester, the skeleton and ice cream queen. i'm very glad it's daytime. i'm feeling a little better here. eastern state penitentiary has been the location for movies and album covers, "12 monkeys" with brad pitt, "transformers 2," tina turner and sting shot their album covers here. so much halloween and hollywood crossover. i'll have more on that coming up on friday as we round out our week of halloween haunts. guys. >> little buddies say so much without saying anything. >> yes, exactly. >> they're not even saying anything, yet they say so much. >> the producer told me to tell you -- >> it's a good performance. >> you can spend the night. >> your lucky day, pal. coming up -- >> is it optional or mandatory? >> mandatory. >> can i come home? >> we'll be right back. >> oh, man.
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning and let's check in with a look at traffic. sue: we still have a sig alert in will not creek on highway 24 with liens blocked from an earlier stall and big rig in a car slammed into it so we have a major backup beyond the lafayette bart station. you can take pleasantville road to tunnel road to get around it all stop kumasi:
8:28 am
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ mike: we are looking at in danville and 57 in san francisco. a little bit of fog along the coast. visibility is about two miles right now but that's the only issue. think about
8:30 am
kumasi: we will have another update in about 30 minutes but you can find the latest on our news app and gma continues now. ♪ count dracula. >> aren't you drinking? >> i never drink. why? >> i was having a daymare. >> peekaboo. no, no, no. i didn't mean to startle you, my little baby. shh. >> all right. 'tis the season. halloween. back here on "gma," which is the real dracula? you decide. tomorrow in our "gma" halloween hunts, maggie rulli will be live in transylvania at the ultimate home of halloween. >> between her and will reeve
8:31 am
they cover the entire world. >> we got it covered. >> we sure do. i love it. right now to michael. he is cooking with drew barrymore. good morning, michael. >> hey, george, now, i'm -- i can't wait to eat. i'm just ready to eat because it's pretty much done here but we all know drew barrymore from her movies and her talk show and now we also can call her a rebel homemaker. that's title of her new cookbook which she wrote alongside chef pilar valdes. they're both cooking up something special. smells delicious. >> thank ou for having us, michael. pilar and i brought you a quintessential soup and sandwich meal but want to spin things on its head. someone said the other day i want to make recipes you can't just google and i loved that. it really inspired me and i think it's a lot of what the motivation was in the cookbook.
8:32 am
another motivation for me in the cookbook is not to posture and pretend that i have a veneer of perfection. i'm totally not that person so this book is very intimate and personal. 300 of your photographs and we wrote the whole thing together. it's our essays and food is our love language. igeart of our friendship. >> pilar, what did you think when drew said, let's write a cookbook together? >> it's sort of an incredible opportunity. she mentioned it like as an idea and i was like, no, you got to be kidding. >> i didn't call her. we were just in the kitchen together. >> showed me around the breakfast table. >> drew, you've done so much. you're an actor, talk show host, a businesswoman. why did you want to add like chef or author to your resume? >> you know, i think that in the '80s, '90s, even the '70s, likr that lifestyle expert never spoke to me but because it had that veneer of do as i do because i do it so well, we're
8:33 am
together and i really love sharing things and this is such a big part of our lives is being in the kitchen that i wanted to share that. but i wanted to share it in a way that was very personal and not trying to pretend do as i do. this is what we do. >> it's true, and i think one of the most beautiful things about the cookbook is like the recipes are really food that we make in the home like together so really being able to share that will be really wonderful. >> let's make some food, rebel homemakers. what are we making. >> the first thing we're doing is we'll do a roasted poblano and tomatilla soup. >> it's my favorite soup in the world, and i highly suggest if you have leftovers put it in the fridge and you can even reduce it and use it as a sauce. every time you put this on food,
8:34 am
let alone in a hearty bowl on its own, it has that flavor profile that is really addictive. >> so true. >> how do we make it? >> over here in the pot we've got leeks that have been sauteing. get those nice and soft and caramelized then we also roasted off -- exactly, poblanos. >> pan cooking is so easy. >> we have poblanos, garlic, tomatilla, shallots. we'll drop it into the pot. >> then you're going to puree it into what is a true heaven. i also want to tell people i'm a home cook and if i can attack something without so much intimidation other people can too. >> anyone can absolutely do it. so -- >> if i can do it, anyone can do it. i promise you. but i'm very passionate about flavors and spices and sort of having traveled around the world my whole life and really learned. we're a cookbook collector. i watched people in the pandemic
8:35 am
make sourdough bowls together as a collective experience which incentivized me. to do this. we made this in the pandemic. we launched our show in the pandemic. it was an invitation to put ourselves out there with humility and a lack of, again, perfection. >> which is fine but this is going to taste good. i can feel it. vegetables and beans in there. >> we put aquafaba. this is the special ingredient. so the soup is actually vegan and to give it that sort of roundness and that body you add that and bring it to a bowl and puree and she's plating it up. it's super, super simple. hopefully everybody will join us in cooking this soup. >> how do you serve this? >> the art of learning plating too is so much fun to me. i just really, really love it and if you do a little napkin and a little plating for yourself.
8:36 am
>> feels a little special. >> it's a gift. >> yeah, it totally is. >> i'm also looking at a sandwich. what do we have? >> this is the grilled apple and brie arugula sandwich that i really love. >> oh, wow. > what you need to know about this sandwich that was such a tip for me as a home cook is butter your bread first. don't put it in the pan, otherwise you'll get a wet, soggy sandwich. you do this you'll get that crisp -- >> you look like you're -- you don't get a wet soggy sandwich. >> not here. not in this kitchen. not with us rebel homemakers. you might look like a chicken with your head cut off while you're cooking, not pilar, me. it's a pleasure for me to learn and cook with someone who is a professional chef, self-taught, self-made and come at it with that kind of spirit. >> it is a pleasure to cook with both of you. >> thank you.
8:37 am
>> and everyone at home, you can do this. drew shows that you can do this yourself. "rebel homemaker" comes out next tuesday. you can get the recipes on i'll eat as soon as we're done. coming up, the stars of "eternals," angelina jolie, kit harington and salma hayek on their trip to the marvel universe. we'll be right back with more "gma." universe. we'll be right back with more "gma."
8:38 am
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♪ that sandwich was actually very good. >> really good. >> george, your willpower. lara and i were like -- good. how about you? >> i'm -- i want more. >> it was really good. i'm excited for that cookbook. we are back now with the star-studded new movie, "eternals." this highly anticipated next chapter in the expansion of the marvel cinematic universe has a big and diverse cast and chris connelly is here in the studio with us. good to see you, chris. tell us all about it. >> good to see you. with such superstars as salma hayek and angelina jolie on board, it's the marvel cinematic universe continuing to move into its phase 4. so what sets up as a straightforward slugfest between the eternals and deviants involves in a series of conflicting moral imperatives for these protecters of planet earth. ♪ don't they know it's the end of the world ♪
8:41 am
>> reporter: in "eternals," look who is marvelous now. salma hayek, angelina jolie and riton from "me of winn z ushering in a new era of superheroism. how did you feel this set was different from a set would have been 20 years ago or 10 years ago? >> the director wouldn't have been there. i wouldn't have been there. i think angie would have been there no matter what. >> were you surprised that the mcu reached out to you? >> shocked. i mean, it didn't come in my 20s, it didn't come in my 30s, it didn't come in my 40s and all of a sudden show up in my 50s. i'm a 50-year-old woman playing a part that is made into a woman because in the comic it's a man. it's a beautiful shocker. >> i was very curious and excited when i got the call but didn't know what i was called for. >> they didn't tell you what you
8:42 am
wre going to play. >> you sit there in these meetings. you sit there and you're looking at all these different pictures around and you're trying to figure out what am i or who am i or am i a person, a voice or a raccoon. what am i? >> kit, how much does your experience with the "game of thrones" franchise get you ready for the secrecy of the marvel world, the fanaticism of the fans. >> i think if there was a school for that, then "game of thrones" is a pretty good school to go through. it's interesting because i always felt with "thrones" it was running in tandem with the mcu. >> what is that like to put those suits on for the first time? >> i looked at myself and i got really emotional because i thought i saw my brown face in this and i just thought that it was such an important moment that had nothing to do with me because i understood the importance of it. >> you thought of the thousands or millions of young people who
8:43 am
will watch you in that suit and think that could be me? i could have that power someday. >> yes. exactly, exactly, exactly. >> when they explained to me what this family was going to be, this new idea of the inclusion, the diversity and what we were going to be putting forward made me very excited. >> who do you think will lead the avengers? >> i could lead them. [ laughter ] >> what does it mean for you to be able to show your children a movie that reflects so many different types of people and so many different experiences within the superhero context? >> i think it's -- it means a lot to me to be able to bring my family to the theater and have a family on screen that i look at the poster now and i see a family and it feels familiar to me and what's in my home and my loves, so it's just very nice. ♪ when you said good-bye ♪
8:44 am
♪ >> and themes of family and inclusiveness part of the film's appeal. big surprises too.while one pla the other plays an eternal the movie reunites kit harington with his "game of thrones" colleague richard madden. both making a smooth transition to the mcu. "eternals" hits theaters on november 5th, guys. >> all right, chris -- good to see you. good to have you here in the studio with us. hope all is going well. rob. all right, speaking of "game of thrones," winter is coming. let's go beyond the wall. check out this drone video out of big sky, montana. this is some fancy flying here. whoa. yeah, 26 inches of new snow there well above average. like to hear that considering the drought. we will take any snow we can get this early in the season. time now for a
8:45 am
now to the exclusive world premiere of the trailer for "lightyear" which tells the story of the man who inspired the beloved toy buzz lightyear in "toy story." the movie opens july 17th, 2022, but right now here's the movie's star. >> i'm chris evans and i'm thrilled to give you a sneak peek at pixar's brand-new film "lightyear" where i voice buzz. it's going to be quite the ride and i truly can't wait for everyone to see it. >> status. >> go, vital. >> go. >> as we prepare for ignition. >> five, four, three, two, one.
8:46 am
>> clear. liftoff. ♪ ♪ there's a starman waiting in the sky ♪ ♪ he'd like to come and meet us but he thinks he'd blow our minds 'cause he knows it's all worthwhile he told me let the children lose it ♪ ♪ let the children use it let all the children boogie ♪
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alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save. >> announcer: "gma" friday is taking you to the scariest places in america. are you ready for this? [ screaming ] >> announcer: hold on for
8:49 am
"gma's" halloween friday. and we are back now with the founder of the honest company, actress and philanthropist, jessica alba. she's joining forces with the ladies behind the organization baby2baby near and dear to my heart, kelly sawic a noh inook called "a bear to share." and they join us now. thanks for getting up so early. >> hi. >> hi. >> good morning. >> great to see you. looking beautiful. jessica, michael would like to say hello to you. michael strahan, your pal. we congratulate all three of you on your book and you are a busy lady. i know you juggle your business. all your charity work and your day job, so to speak in acting. you've been filming a movie for the past couple of weeks. we wanted to know how has that been having your cute little boy hayes on set. >> past couple of months actually and a lot of night shoots actually. it was great.
8:50 am
he came for a full week and mark weber who you can see his wife teresa palmer is in the photo there, she came and they have a lot of kids. they have four together and he has five total and so, you know, me having my one toddler on set or 3-year-old didn't feel, you know -- it felt like a nice little family environment and hayes, sleepovers every night with him was the best, having toes slam you in the face throughout the night, the best. >> well, i join you in that. >> teenagers don't want to have sleepovers with mom anymore. >> right, no, i'm jealous listening to it. ladies, i saw the book. it's really beautiful, kelly, your organization when i lived in l.a., very familiar with it, baby2baby providing all the gear and basic supplies to families
8:51 am
in need. what was the message you three wanted to impart with "a bear to share," the book? >> well, our mission at baby2baby is to give back to children living in poverty, so when we sat down and got together to write the book, we really wanted that message to be a part of it and when you read it, it's really told in such a gentle way that children can understand and we really want to teach children to give back from an early age and at baby2baby that's been a part of our mission, children come in and volunteer and they come and make bundles for children in need and so when we could sit down to write this book we wanted to make sure that was in there and that children, you know, the young generation could really learn about giving back and i think it's done in a really special way. >> yeah, i would agree with that. norah, congrats also on baby2baby, celebrating ten years. you guys have actually changed
8:52 am
california law. what other initiatives are you working on as a group? >> well, everything is related to covid. we were so happy that the tax repeal went into effect in january of 2020 and it couldn't have come at a more opportune time because the pandemic has been absolutely devastating for children in poverty. our request at baby2baby went up 500% immediately after the pandemic and they still have not gone back today. so of the 200 million items we've distributed in our ten-year history, half of those, 100 million, have been given out in the last year and a half alone. >> wow, amazing work. yeah, that california law is the california diaper tax. i want to make sure everybody knows that because you all worked so hard on that. i know you also worked really hard on this book. jessica, you had some very special book editors, your kids gave some feedback in the
8:53 am
messaging. >> for sure. you know, for me it was really important that there was the right representation, my family we're mixed. my kids are mexican, black and white, and i just think it's important, i have two daughters and a little boy, and so for me i just think it's important that we see ourselves in books and we do have that representation, also when choosing an illustrator we chose a latina to be the illustrator, alicia moss and her illustrations are just so -- they're so cute. this is already i think, you know, little kids gravitate first towards the pictures before they know how to read and my son is already like this is part of our nighttime book routine. >> that's great. ladies, thank you so much and thanks for getting up early. i want to make sure everybody knows, "a bear to share" is out
8:54 am
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