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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 27, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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keeping rooted in oakland. >> the ski slopes opening soon. the snowfall lead i tahoe resort to open up early. >> it is october the 27th. you are watching abc seven mornings live. >> we want to check in with mike for the forecast. mike: let's start off by showing you how dry it is. no radar returns to speak of. a little bit of low cloudiness pushing into the bay and it's not very widespread and it's not very thick but it could be an issue here and there. so far, the thickest of the fog is going to linger into tomorrow's forecast. temperatures in the mid-50's when you step outside. mid 60's at noon. temperatures back to average
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prayed a warmer and drier afternoon on the way. i will see you in a bit. kumasi: a critical vote from an fda panel means children ages five to 11 could start getting the covid vaccine early next month. we know this is something parents are keeping a close eye on paid a knee joins us live outside of pleasant hill with what's next and what top pediatricians think about this. amy: bay area pediatricians are calling this very good news for all residents, not just the children. the fda panel voted to move forward with the emergency authorization on the pfizer vaccine for kids ages five to 11. a doctor at children's hospital at stanford said the decision will benefit everyone because grandparents, they see teachers all day. people who can be vulnerable to covid will have another play or -- will have another layer
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of protection. >> there's been some slight uptick in the number of children hospitalized, which really underscores the importance of getting everyone vaccinated. amy: this is an advisory panel that this decision. a final decision is affected any day and will be followed by decision from the cdc. the doses of vaccine will be shipped after the fda makes a decision and those will be one third of the strength of the doses given to people 12 and older bread experts believe that will help cut down on the risk of heart related side effects. julian:= julian: were santa clara -- julian: to the southbay, staff at the santa clara fairgrounds website
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required to attend pediatric training. direer posi the shot. they plan to bring shots to schools in hard-to-reach parts of the county. communities were vaccine rates may be lacking. >> there's a lot of different reasons that would stop someone from going to an actual site. you go to them out in the community, that's 100% the answer. >> the county says it's requested enough vaccine for 160 7000 newly eligible children. kumasi: the oakland unified school district board will talk about how to enforce a vaccine requirement for students. they made the requirement for students 12 and older last month and are trying to figure out how to enforce the rule by the first of january. there are three options include transport of vaccine students to the long-term independent study
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school, banning unvaccinated students for field trips and in person ceremonies. other districts are handling this in that meeting is set for 4:00 this afternoon. julian: demand is high for booster shots in san mateo county. hundreds of cars at center. they are offering pfizer, modernity and j&j vaccines for people who are qualified. you can also sign up for booster shots. kumasi: the alameda county supervisor board has decided to join the city of oakland in supporting them. the howard terminal agenda item came to a close. more than nine hours after the
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meeting started. >> it's time i believe to make a move. whether it's to carry the ball further down the field so to speak and to make progress or to outline next steps. >> it's an empty site right now. someone and will become useful -- so the land will become useful. >> after the world series, they will announce the stadium site finals in las vegas in the city of oakland plans to complete its environmental impact before the end of the year. after that oakland officials can negotiate an agreement. >> it appears power outages are still lingering for about 5000 people still in the dark. the lights first went out during sunday's storm at the height of the problem. pg&e says more than 700,000
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people were who it came on for businesses in burlingame. the owner of the baskin-robbins says she lost her entire inventory. some business owners tried to operate in the dark. power was restored around 7:00 last night three hours after that outage began. tracking the aftermath live where you live at the bay area app. it's available on your phone or wherever you search. >> the case of kyle rittenhouse soon to be on trial for shooting and killing protesters in kenosha, wisconsin. a judge now changing how prosecutors can proceed. >> the -- solving the bay area housing shortage. the place pointing out some
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julian: sierra that one ski resort is opening early. it will be open one week only for now before opening a month from now on november the 24th. palisades tahoe changed its because it that's -- the old name was derogatory and offensive. you can buy ticket in advance
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online for about 120 bucks. i sure hope that's a precursor -- i hope that's a precursor to a very active season. pretty quiet here tomorrow and friday. lake level rain, higher up in the snow. we have a better chance monday. temperature around 40 eight. the snow level will be pretty high. we can add to it, that would be fantastic. increasing clouds on the peninsula. 52 in foster city. the videos in the mid to upper 50's. that's what we are looking at. san ramon the cool spot. 61 at 10:00. you can see the mid to upper 60's from the one shower through 8:00. topping out near 70 for several of us.
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here's a way the clouds look as we look at future radar which is mainly cloud event outside. some showers around mendocino county. this is evaporating into the lunch hour. as we head into the evening hours enjoy a pretty calm and clear and very dry commute. what we are seeing from south beach. a little bit of fog as far as your commute issues. let's see if there's anything else out there. sue: pretty light out there, we are getting busier, you can see the shore freeway and you're looking at a 30 minute ride from highway for all the way through the macarthur maze. no metering lights officially on the bay bridge. maybe they have officially been turned on getting busier here and some sluggish speeds on the upper deck as you make your way into san francisco.
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a 55 minute drive. >> new developments in the investigation to sexual harassment within the washington football team. roger goodell says there are no plans to release infant -- additional information. he says the league is protecting the identities of the former female employees who spoke to investigators. two of them submitted a letter to owners urging them to release more information. some emails became public leading to the resignation of las vegas raiders coach jon gruden. in those emails he used racist, anti-gay and misogynistic language. one of the greatest -- julian: one of the greatest oakland athletes of all time is bringing it home. he is now in his first season as coach. they started the program
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101 year history. >> cute animals. a great idea for how to spend your lunch. >> the spaceship malfunction during the recent spacex tourist flight. kumasi: an idea to br to br backlog at the southern california ports. julian: as we had to on this wednesday another check of the forecast in just a moment.
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kumasi: new details in the upcoming trial of the teenager
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accused of killing two protesters pray prosecutors will not be allowed to refer to the people he shot as victims. the judge says the word is loaded with prejudgment. the defense is allowed to refer to them as arsonists, looters and rioters. rittenhouse is charged with felony homicide. >> all inmates at california prisons will have to be vaccinated against covid-19 if they want to have visitors. they made the announcement, including san quentin where nearly 90% of inmates are already fully vaccinated. medical and religious exemptions will be considered. the day does not apply to visitors. the requirement takes effect december 20. the state has endorsed to the building of more accessory dwelling units also known as in law units. in the east bay there is some hesitancy particularly along the winding road to the east bay
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hills prayed residents are concerned it could put people living in extreme fire danger zones in harm's way. more people living there means more people parking in the potential for cars to get stuck in bottlenecks trying to evacuate. >> we sought in oakland in the tunnel fire. we saw in paradise. we sought a few weeks ago in south lake tahoe. >> oakland and berkeley officials are working on -- their stances. kumasi: the shelter' shelter' st live cameras of animals every day from 10:00 to 5:00 through sunday. this month is also national adopt a shelter dog month. julian: if you haven't picked out that halloween costume yet, google is helping point to do it most people might be wearing this year. 2021's top halloween costume
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searching california and the u.s. is witch. followed by clown, rabbit, fortnite and dinosaur for states top googles prude of the training pickets from this year, cruella deville, squid game at 23 and baby yoda at 82. it's not baby yoda. mike: grogu. kumasi: that's too many syllables. mike, you're going to be what, ted lasso related. that's what i like. mike: i can grow the beard. i could maybe do the hair and have the outfit. want to talk to you about a tongue-in-cheek press rea fiscor
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witches. julian: oh lord. kumasi: who knew. julian: you learn something new every day. mike: here is a look from the camera. notice how calm the flags are. mostly sunny and warmer. a little drizzle saturday morning but most of the weekend will be dry and that's our next best chance of rain rolls in. we have mid to upper 60's. as far as tonight, a mild night. especially from the southbay end up in the north bay. a look at future radar. the sun is setting, the clouds are rolling in. it's dry. into the overnight hours, there's a chance of some measurable drizzle, sunshine we
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start with a few clouds. you can see the clouds increase pay the youngest of the kids had out by 5:00 and monday morning this is the most aggressive model bringing pretty heavy rain. it is almost triple the amount of rain possible compared to what it was telling us yesterday. the couple 107 inch, look what happens, we could get up to around three quarters to nearly one inch out of that store monday. our other medium-range model says we won't get much if anything at all. we will have to wait until we get closer. today, tomorrow our brightest and warmest days. back to this 50's and 60's saturday. julian: "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00. kumasi: rob has a look at what's ahead. >> we have some wind in the
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northeast. lots of other stuff coming up breaking news overnight. a billionaires income tax. the new proposal aiming to help present bidens economic plan. the pushback as democrats raced to reach a deal. also, covid vaccines for kids one step closer to getting into arms. clearing a major hurdle. an fda panel giving them the thumbs up. what's next in the new guidance on possible fourth shots for some people. the story of a 12-year-old boy attacked by a crocodile at a mexico resort over the summer. his first tv interview. and we have a star-studded lineup. the cast of marvel's "eternals."
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mike: it takes a while for that runoff to make it into the reservoir. the biggest jump, look at lake orville. 37% of average capacity last friday to now 53%. lake shasta jumped up. about 5% for st. louis. -- san luis. that will slow down the next couple of days. of the little bit of drizzle saturday morning, clouds will dominate. they will be pretty comfortable if not cool. kumasi: the ports of los angeles and long beach say they will charge fees to ship cargo containers on the docks. starting next month the port will issue a $100 a day fine on each container waited more than
6:25 am
three days to be picked up by train. right now the volume is at an all-time high and the ports hope these fines will help free up some space. julian: space x's first all civilian flight went off without a hitch mostly. apparently there were some toilet troubles on board. business insider reports a tube carrying urine from the toilet broke loose in an area beneath the spacious cabin floor releasing urine onto a fan. the fan sprayed the urine everywhere but it did not drift into the cabin thankfully where the passengers were. the spacex ceo acknowledged the issue and promised a toilet upgrade. the future of travel is here and it's not what we just showed you. it's this. something out of a science
6:26 am
hover bike, it can fly for 40 minutes at about 60 miles per hour. the bike is said to be releasxt, $680,000. kumasi: award-winning country singer luc bryant is being called a good samaritan for coming to the rescue of a mom and her kids. on sunday in tennessee, the country star and american idol judge help the family get their car out of traffic after the tire blew and then change the mom's flat tire. the family says he didn't want any recognition but was apparently in the area to go hunting with his sons. the mother said it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance and she could not help but share it. julian: always love those moments especially when the celebrity does not tweet about it and say look at me i did something nice. just being a good person. we like that. more top stories coming up. after drying off from the mega storm, how much should we be
6:27 am
blaming the drought for the downed trees? julian: the new ways major airlines -- kumasi: the new ways major airlines are updating the check-in process. >> it's the great halloween candy debate. new research showing men america's favorite treat state-by-state. >>
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♪ >> this is abc 7 news. julian: in and out out out trouble getting new attention not just in california. one local spot forced to close as the vaccine mandate battle only getting bigger. kumasi: finding solutions to a homeless crisis.
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julian: expansion. another major u.s. automaker with a big announcement. good morning, thanks for being here. it's october the 27th. kumasi: checking in for a look at the forecast. mike: let's take a look at this wednesday. showing you the visibility out there. they were prominent more so on the east bay cameras. some low marine layer out there. all the reporting healthy. as you can see, temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. increasing sunshine by noon and party mid to upper 60's. we will have upper 60's with
6:31 am
them low 70's. heading out this evening, a light jacket at 7:00. >> at least one more in and restaurant has been shut down temporarily. three locations are in trouble with the health apartment for not checking vaccine codes. abc 7 news rep r live outside the location with what the company has to say about this. >> looked behind me, the lights are on, they have cones out here to help with crowd control over this popular restaurant. it will not be opening today. the health apartment has shut down the in and out in pleasant hill because officials say officials were not verifying the vaccine status of customers. they've also fined that restaurant in san ramon.
6:32 am
it issued four citations for this location. the company released a saying they refused to be the vaccination police for any government. >> they are here to makere hamburgers for us. >> absolutely government overreach. >> they need to do what 99% of the other restaurants are doing, follow the rules in the interest of public health and not be the exception. >> contra costa county suspended the restaurants food permit for creating a public health hazard. according to health apartment must remain closed until the hazard is abated. reporting live in pleasant hill, amy hollyfield. julian: the in and out at san francisco's fisherman's wharf is
6:33 am
being investigated after a complaint about people being allowed to eat inside. indoor dining was shut down after the restaurant was cited for violating the city's requirement to check those vaccination cards. governor newsom plans to visit a health clinic in alameda county. the government wants to increase vaccination rates and boost shots for eligible populations. you can watch watch watch watchh our streaming tv app. >> there's been a a development of president biden's massive infrastructure bill. democrats are posing a billionaires tax to pay for it and it would impact some of the richest people. another proposal but at 15% tax rate for companies that earn more than one million -- more than $1 billion a year.
6:34 am
the president to try to wrap up negotiations. the bill has already been s lashed down to $1.75 trillion. it's not clear if a deal will be reached by president biden's deadline of tomorrow. >> leaders in tiktok, tiktok, t, and youtube testified before congress about what the companies were doing to protect children online. internal documents led by facebook whistleblower claiming facebook put profits over safety. >> what will it take for platforms to finally crackdown on the challenges. >> executives say they welcomed regulation. they wouldn't give a clear
6:35 am
answer were there in favor of a specific federal bill that would expand privacy protection. >> theranos founder elizabeth holmes is said to be back in court. she is in the middle of a criminal fraud trial revolves around allegations she duped investors with bogus promises about a device. the machine was supposed to be able to scan for hundreds of potential health problems a few drops of blood. yesterday an investment manager for the family of former u.s. secretary of education betsy devos testified and she said the family invested $100 million in fair no saft or holmes claimed the technology was in use on military helicopters. for the first time in modern history, a police officer in contra costa county was charged and convicted in an on-duty shooting. they could not reach a verdict in the most serious charge of the case. a jury convicted andrew hall of
6:36 am
assault with a firearm for shooting and killing vladimira during a slow speed pursuit in 2018. the jury deadlocked in the voluntary manslaughter count. the judge declared a mistrial for that charge. previously the sheriff's office cleared the misconduct after the shooting. john burris represents the latest family -- the family and says they expected them to be convicted on both counts. >> they are heartbroken about it. >> burris represents the family of tyrell wilson. officer hall also shot and killed him, this happened this year in danville. he was placed on administrative leave and that shooting is under investigation. >> san francisco could be on the verge of another first of its kind law. in new proposal to give domestic worker sick leave. we told you about this on abc 7 morning. it would cover people like nannies and house cleanings.
6:37 am
many work for multiple employers. the proposal would also create an app that would track the time worked and paid. >> we have to think of ways to make sure workers can have dignity in the workplace and not only murder -- earn minimum wage but other essential benefits like medical insurance, like retirement benefits. >> it could take six to nine months for the proposal to work its way through the legislative process. >> the movie set shooting investigation involving alec baldwin in new mexico with a big update today. what could happen. >> you are looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange paid another update on how the markets are doing. >> what is the greatest halloween candy in all the land? you can go to to let us know what you think.
6:38 am
a new survey showing what america thinks. mike: i can tell you what won't be at the top. candy corn. i was watching the halloween baking championship and someone incorporated -- had to incorporate candy corn into the cake and it did not work. school forecast, a low to mid 50's at 7:00. about 22 minutes from now. we have sunshine from 11:00 to 3:00 paid increasing sunshine with temperatures in the low 60's at 11:00. mid to upper 60's as we head towards 3:00. right now we are mostly cloudy in san francisco. about 54 to 57 degrees. elsewhere we are in the mid to upper 50's. cooler around palo alto. saratoga and santa clara at 50. walnut creek near 51. we are in the 50's through 8:00 and we jumped to 61 at 10:00. we will try to get as close to average at this afternoon which is 60 degrees.
6:39 am
one of our warmer temperatures. look at that up in mendocino county our best chance of any shower activity. notice how it really starts to evaporate as we head through the afternoon and into the evening hours. any activities out there as far as being outside today it will be seasonal with dry temperatures all day and calmer conditions at our beaches. we will look at future radar coming up next. sue: slow spots, the usual suspects and you are moving well at the san mateo bridge. taillights heading westbound towards foster city, you have an 18 minute drive from 880 over towards 101. hopping to 880 through oakland, that the coliseum on the right. those lights are headed southbound. no delays here. no major stalls or accidents.
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>> we are back with a sad loss from the world of classic rock. the berkeley native behind journey and santana has died. an assistant said herbert had been suffering from a prolonged illness and died in his home. we will tell you more on more concerns about the health of queen elizabeth bridge she canceled plans to travel to the u.n. climate conference in glasgow. she canceled a trip to ireland last week and spent the night in
6:43 am
the hospital for preliminary investigations. no other explanation was given. doctors haveero. bue so she will deliver a recorded video message. we are learning the production company has hired a law firm to conduct an investigation into what happened and this as officials in new mexico are said to hold a news conference this morning. is it criminal charges are possible. the santa fe county district attorney spoke with the new york times ahead of the news conference. baldwin was rehearsing a scene last thursday when a prop gun went off, killing the cinematographer and wounding the director. this incident has shaken hollywood. >> the entertainment industry has been shaken to the core by this because we deal with prop guns every single day.
6:44 am
it is a tough blow. >> investigators are looking at the assistant director who allegedly handed this prop gun to alec baldwin. the same assistant director was fired from a movie set in 2019 when a prop gun went off, injuring a crewmember. we will have a special report for that news conference in new mexico which is affected to start a run 9:00 this morning and you can watch it live on abc 7 or you can watch our streaming apps. >> a man who served time for raping three people is said to be released from prison and moved to east palo alto. he plans to move to a home near beech street. before that happens, the community members will have a chance to express concerns. police say johnson served 17 years of a 36 year sentence. he was convicted in 1982
6:45 am
1984. a once controversialoversialovel center the provide shelter and resources to the homeless could stay open longer. the san francisco port commission is meeting to discuss extending the lease on the navigation center for another two years. the supervisor supports the extension saying the city received little complaints related to the center over recent months. the group which was outspoken once in its concerns says there were complaints when this first opened but conditions have improved. >> it has brought people off of the streets, transitioned them to housing, provided much-needed services throughout the pandemic. >> he says in a few years the navigation center will be developed for housing. >> general motors is looking to get a jolt to the infrastructure for charging cars. gm is planning to give its
6:46 am
dealers 40,000 electric car chargers which dealers can install around their communities. the project is part of gm's $750 million committed to ev charging infrastructure per the automaker hopes it will spark the creation of ev charging stations and underserved areas. google's parent company alphabet reported its highest quarterly revenue. it was up 43% to more billion dollars, a 16 billion dollar increase from the same time last year. experts say the pandemic turbocharge the core advertising business. shares stayed flat after this report. stock is up for the year. let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. julian: new developments in t way we travel with the holidays just around the corner. some major airlines want to
6:47 am
streamline the passenger experience with brand-new technology that could save you some time. next week, delta is launching a first of its kind pilot program at the airports in atlanta and to detroit. it's a touchless airport experience with a bag drop off to security and boarding. the system works like the facial recognition used to unlock your phone. the tsa security checkpoint, the only id you need is your face. a camera takes a photo and an officer confirms the database. >> is this the future of flying? >> this is the future. we want to make the airport experience as effortless as possible. julian: american airlines is defined similar -- is testing similar technology. the ultimate --
6:48 am claims to have used 14 years worth of data to put together this map. kumasi: in california, the winners reese's peanut butter cups. some form of chocolate reigned supreme around most parts of the country. julian: i can get with that. kumasi: snickers. look at the map. butterfinger i see. m&ms up there. i'm glad i'm over here in california. i have reese's in my purse. they might be beat up because they fell on the bottom. [laughter] kumasi: i will save you one. i just carry them with me. julian: wait a minute. kumasi: they might be smudged.
6:49 am
julian: are these late-breaking case of emergency. mike: i keep them in the fridge. kumasi: better than the bottom of the purse. mike: to snap them. kumasi: 68% of people saying it is the top candy. and that's just the fact. julian: i don't see any love for snickers on the map. twix? kumasi: i don't know what that is. julian: several of the states i've lived in -- mike: several of the states i've lived in, already sees. smart people. in a little -- do you know how long i've lived in california? 14 years. you know how long this data is? 14 years? . kumasi: thank you all for voting. julian: you've got to share some
6:50 am
of your reese's. kumasi: don't try to push it i only have three. mike: declare conditions, dry and warmer today with the sunny afternoon. watch out for widespread fog fa southbay and will begin with a little drizzle. temperatures today in the low to mid 70's. along thalong thalong thalong th 60's. tonight still milder than average. exhibit extra about a fog and some of the areas. let's jump ahead friday evening, increasing clouds and then you can see during the overnight hours and through early saturday morning a chance of drizzle and then it's gone and we see increasing sunshine.
6:51 am
5:00 some of our earliest trick-or-treaters heading out and it's pretty cloudy. the rain holds off into monday morning. that could be a dicey commute. this model is just about triple the amount of rain we said we were going to get yesterday. a couple hundred seven inch prayed a soggy start. and then look at this, a half inch to nearly one inch of rain. this is the european model. specifically for your halloween forecasted will be dry with 57 to 63 at 5:00. our warmest and brightest days are today, tomorrow and friday. temperatures fall into the 50's and 60's saturday. julian: the storm over the weekend took a big toll on bay area trees. according to the chronicle san francisco alone, 900 trees
6:52 am
were damaged. experts say california's historic drought likely made it even more vulnerable. some trees were already suffering from root damage because of the lack of water. so when the rain saturated the ground, trees lost their grip and fell during the storm. after 20 years, part is set to reopen the bathrooms at two of its busiest stations. the restrooms at the station in san francisco in the 19th street station in oakland will be available again. they have been renovated and part plans to initially staff them with attendants for three months. kumasi: listers showing up to good morning america today. angelina jolie, salma hayek, kit harrington are three of marvel's newest superheroes in the highly
6:53 am
anticipated "eternals" movie. >> when you love something, youo protect it. ♪ kumasi: they are a race race rac immortal beings with superhuman powers, but they have been living secretly on earth for thousands of years, reuniting to battle the evil deviants. the stars sit down to talk about what it's like working together. >> how did you feel this was different from a set like this 20 years ago. >> the director wouldn't have been there, i wouldn't have been there. >> i think that's maybe what so exciting is it wouldn't have happened. kumasi: that full coming up at 7:00 a.m. right after abc 7 mornings. "eternals" comes out only in
6:54 am
theaters next thursday. julian: bay area transit emerges from the pandemic. tens of thousands of people are expected to pack golden gate park for the music festival. sky seven was over park where most of the event space is set up. they will run trains and buses and bart will run hourly trains sunday night after 9:00. organizers say you should not drive to the festival because of limited parking options. kumasi: some kids in ireland are showing up to school in a cool way thanks to their dad. ok. alan downey shared this video of him taking his kids to school dressed as a skeleton. he decorates it every halloween to take his kids to school and the 360 camera shows a toy
6:55 am
skeleton sitting in the cargo opposite of one of his kids. julian: going above and beyond for spooky season. kumasi:kumasi:kumasi:kumasi:kum: see -- take me in that flying car. this right here. i'll walk. thank you dad. julian: what? [laughter] she said drop me off at the corner. kumasi: up next, the seven things you need to know today. julian: you can watch our newscasts live and on demand through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app. download the app now and start streaming. kumasi: let's take a live look outside we will be right back.
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when you hear the word healthy, it always feels a little out of reach. that's 'cause the way we're thinking about it is all wrong. so we made a healthier song. for some folks it's like baby steps. maybe it's a jump or eating something green. or taking mom to get that vaccine. ♪ healthier means bringing stuff to the folks ♪ ♪ that really need it. ♪ ♪ like millie's meds straight to her door or care at home. ♪
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♪ believe it. ♪ ♪ sometimes it's healthier to laugh. ♪ ♪ other times it's healthier to cry. ♪ ♪ we'll work through it together. ♪ ♪ when it works for you, drop on by. ♪ ♪ 'cause healthier happens easy ♪ ♪ when you just give people access. ♪ ♪ for bob it meant admitting ♪ ♪ that he needed reading glasses. ♪ ♪ healthier comes in all these ♪ ♪ different shapes and sizes. ♪ ♪ and ages and races and faces and eye-ses. ♪ ♪ and caring for them all means ♪ ♪ we're doing healthier right. ♪ ♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ ♪ 'cause this is what healthier looks like. ♪
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kumasi: if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know. vaccines for 28 million children could get final fda authorization in the coming days. an advisory panel voted in support of the shot for kids ages five to 11. a final decision is expected any day and then followed by the cdc. julian: the oakland unified school district will discuss ways to enforce its vaccine requirement for students prayed the board approved a requirement for students 12 and over last month prayed kumasi: the contra costa county health department shut down the in and out on pleasant hill after citations for not following the vaccine mandate. they say employees were not verifying the vaccine status of customers. julian: democrats are proposing
6:59 am
a billionaires tax to pay for president biden's massive infrastructure bill. it would impact some of the country's richest people. mike: sunnier and warmer everywhere today, tomorrow and friday with a lot of 70's in the future. >> we accident eastbound 24 befe 680 interchange near pleasant hill road. a big rig stalled and a car slammed into the back of it. kumasi: let's look at n seven. san francisco spca is celebrating halloween i giving you a look at animals you can adopt. the shelters streaming live cameras of the animals every day until sunday from 10:00 at the morning and goes to 5:00 p.m. so you can see them playing and having a good time. mike: i hope those are bonded so they can stay together. great idea to get those adopted.
7:00 am
that is gorgeous. kumasi: we hope you have a great day. gma is next. ♪ ♪ good morning, america for our viewers in the west. it's wednesday morning, and we have breaking news. billionaire tax, the new proposal aiming to help fund president biden's massive economic plan, targeting the top ten richest people in the u.s. including jeff bezos and elon musk. this morning the pushback and the potential legal battle down the line, as democrats race to reach a deal. bomb cyclone lashing new england. the big nor'easter hammering the coast overnight with damaging winds blasting at nearly 90 miles per hour. life-threatening flash floods prompting water rescues, and this morning the new storm threatening the gulf coast. we're tracking the latest. also this morning, the fda one step closer to authorizing the pfizer vaccine for 5 to 11-year-olds.


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