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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 27, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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♪ shine every day and night ♪ ♪ stronger right now on "america this morning," -- a developing story from washington, word that lawmakers are considering a new tax increase on billionaires. would it be constitutional? a texas mother and her boyfriend under arrest, after remains of her son were found inside this home. he had reportedly been dead for one year. her other kids alone with the body. what police are saying. the covid vaccine shot moves one step closer to reality for children. plus, new guidance on people who may need a fourth shot. what the district attorney is revealing about the movie set shooting. the bullets found and report that the gun was used for target
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practice. 66 later, an alabama woman's fight to clear her record, after refusing to give up her seat on a bus. and the family affair. father versus son at the world vuz. to the vehicle of the future that could change your commute. to dress code at the u.s. senate. it's wednesday, october 27th. good wednesday morning, everyone. we'll get to the developing news from washington, about a possible new tax increase on billionaires in just a moment. first, we begin with the weather. >> a powerful storm is impacting 45 million people on the east coast, with flooding, power outages and travel delays. overnight, the first nor'easter of the season racing up the east coast. flooding rains and wind gusts of nearly 80 miles per hour already blamed for more than 100,000 power out maacs boane, racing t
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atutf t the storm moving north, after flooding parts of new york and new jersey, which declared states of emergency. roads under water, impassable. >> as soon as i made the turn, my car just, like, smoking. >> my driveway was coming down. >> reporter: storm drains struggling to keep up. the expressway turning into a river. and on mass transit, water leaking into the subway car. city officials taking no chances, after the deaths of nearly a dozen people inside flooded basements last month, in the wake of hurricane ida. the city bringing in sandbags and pumps in anticipation of the storm. residents, grateful. >> we're all smiling. we didn't get a drop. >> we'll check today's forecast, including storms in the plains in a few moments. democrats in washington are debating a new tax increase. tget ionaires.supporters say t
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will pay their share. but not everyone is onboard. democrats are revealing a second plan to pay for the economic spending package. that plan, tax america's billionaires. >> they've been free riding off the rest of us for long enough. >> reporter: the country's uber rich can avoid paying taxes under the tax code because their wealth comes from stocks and property, and the assets are taxed when sold. documents show amazon ceo and billionaire jeff bezos on paper takes home a salary of $80,000 a year. >> that's all he makes on his salary, his w2. that's all he pays taxes on. while he sits on this enormous fortune. >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren says the democrats' proposal would affect about 700 americans. experts are raising legal concerns if that plan taxes the wealthy on their tradeable
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assets. that's because the irs can tax income. land, stock and bonds are not considered income under the constitution. democrats unveiled another plan to pay for biden's spending package on tuesday. a 15% minimum tax for corporations that report $1 billion in profits or more. that would affect about 200 corporations. the idea is getting support from moderate arizona senator kirsten cinema. >> she is encoursing this plan, calling it a >> reporter: elon musk lashing out. saying eventually they run out of money and come for you. the white house hopes to make progress on the spending bill before biden leaves for europe tomorrow. president biden traveled to virginia to campaign for terry mcauliffe. he is facing off against glen uk a swshat the re
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is a dead details ofn houston, where thr boys were found with the remains of their 8-year-old brother. the boy's mother and boyfriend are under he is charged with murder accused of beating the child. she faces a string of lesser charges. the couple left the boys to survive for themselves. they last attended school in may of 2020. >> the fact of the matter is that texas has relied on teachers to be the line of first responders for child abuse. and these kids never got to that place where a teacher could identify what was going on. >> the mother and boyfriend were arrested at a library while looking up news articles about themselves. an fda advisory panel has given a green light to covid vaccine for children. but the shots are not available just yet. the cdc is explaining who could be eligible for a fourth vaccine shot. we have more on that. faith, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, mona.
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officials say there's more than enoughtric posesne vaccinating kids right away. but there's several more experts who need to weigh in before that can happen. a crucial hurdle in the push to vaccinate american children now overcome. nearly all 18 members of the fda's advisory panel signing off on pediatric poses of pfizer's covid vaccine. only one deciding not to weigh in with a vote. >> we don't want children to be dying of covid, even if it's fewer children than adults. we don't want them in the icu. >> reporter: children make up nearly 2 million of the cases reports so far, during the pandemic. 8,300 have been hospitalized across the country. one-third in the icu. pfizer says one-third of its adult dose is 91% effective in protecting children against symptomatic disease. >> that's more effective than childhood vaccines we use.
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>> reporter: the pediatric doses are safe. >> i didn't see any reason not to. >> reporter: a few more to go. the fda director needs to sign off on the panel's decision. then, a cdc advisory panel and its director also need to weigh in before kids can start getting shots in arms. all of that is expected to happen by the end of next week. >> we want to go back to school. >> back to school. >> reporter: some parents are looking forward to vaccinating their children, others remain unsure. a recent survey finds one-third of parents with kids 5 to 11, plan to wait before getting their kids vaccinated. 24% say they will definitely not vaccinate. >> it's a little child. i don't know how quick i would be to jump on that. >> reporter: the cdc is now recommending another booster shot for those with weakened immune systems, saying they may need a fourth shot, six months after their last dose. >> thank you. police in boise, idaho, say
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a young security guard was among the two people killed in monday's mall shooting. they say the shooter died in the hospital. he was wounded in a shoot-out with police. investigators say the 27-year-old had history of -- the motive of the shooting was unclear. in new jersey, an auto parts business went up in flames. it was engulfed in flames. no injuries were reported. the cause is under investigation. mcdonald's workers in several cities have walked off the job to protest what they claim is ongoing sexual harassment and violence in the workplace. organizers say hundreds of employees participated in a dozen cities. mcdonald's will soon require sexual harassment training. the company says the strikes did not affect operations. overseas, a change of plans for queen elizabeth. she will not attend the u.n. climate conference in scotland. she was in the hospital last week and advised by doctors to
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rest. time for a look at your wednesday weather. >> severe weather on the plains is likely into wednesday morning, including places like dallas and san antonio, waking up to damaging winds and large hail. meanwhile, wednesday afternoon and night, the severe weather threat will spread its way along the gulf coast, hitting the flannd b wednesday evening, with more wind and hail. we have the nor'easter to deal with here in the northeastern u.s. the wind and the rain will continue in southeastern new england, where the gusts could get up to 80 miles per hour. coming up, the boy who survived a crocodile attack on vacation. first, new revelations about the gun involved in the deadly shooting on the set of alec baldwin's movie. later, the father and son on opposite sides o the field of the world series. good morning! maria! getting that fiber in. nice!
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back now with historic flooding in southern italy. at least two people are dead after a rare storm turned streets into rivers in sicily. about a foot of rain has fallen and more is on the way. a big day in the alec baldwin movie set shooting investigation. officials in new mexico are holding a news conference and they now say criminal charges are possible. this morning, the deadly shooting on the set of alec baldwin's movie could result in criminal charges. the district attorney tells "the new york times" investigators haven't ruled out anything saying everything at this point including criminal charges is on the table. >> so was it loaded with a real bullet? >> i cannot tell you that. >> reporter: authorities in new mexico are trying to determine how a prop gun baldwin was holding discharged killing cinematographer
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halyna hutchins and injuring the movie's director. this photo shows the cast and crew inside the church moments before the shooting. baldwin in the middle with the crew including hutchins. >> hollywood, the entertainment industry as a whole has been shaken to the corps literally by this because we deal with prop guns every single day. it's a tough blow. it's a tough blow to our craft. >> reporter: authorities say the investigation is focusing on ballistics evidence. the d.a. says there were an enormous amount of bullets on the set and a search warrant reveals authorities collected ammunition and firearms but it's unclear if they were blanks or bullets. investigators are also looking into who handled the gun before it was given to baldwin. ccording to a police report, hannah gutierrez reed, the person in charge of weapons on the set, prepared the gun then assistant director dave halls handed it to baldwin. according to a producer, halls was fired from a different project back in 2019 after an alleged gun mishap. the district attorney also responded to reports that crew
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members were using live ammunition for target practice before the shooting. she said those reports are unconfirmed. a philadelphia boy who survived a crocodile attack in mexico is sharing the gripping details. 12-year-old charlie buhl was playing hide-and-seek at a resort in cancun when the crocodile latched on to his leg. employees and guests at the resort came to the rescue. >> the workers helped pull me out and they were kicking the crocodile's eyes and putting a blue pillow on its head then it finally let go and like they put me on the ground. >> charlie is on the road to recovery. he is grateful to the doctors who saved his leg. and some terrifying video from brazil where a swimmer was chased by an alligator at this lake. the gator bit the man on the arm. he is recovering from his injuries. coming up, a new way to save time at the airport. also ahead, the warning for
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police have issued a warning about snacks sold to teenagers that are not what they seem. >> reporter: this morning, just days before halloween, police are warning parents to be on the lookout for cannabis edibles that look like candy. >> unless you're paying attention and you see the emblem on there that says thc infused or contains marijuana, you won't know it's there. >> reporter: police busted a gas station for selling edibles that appeared to be in the same packaging. and police near philadelphia recently confiscated what looked like cheeto's, sour patch and nerds. all of them contained thc, the active component of marijuana. officials now warning of the startling similarities between cannabis candid and the real thing. the packaging, bright and colorful, which could confuse parents. >> i take my kids' candy before i give them anything. that's just common sense.
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you want to make sure everything that you give your kids is safe. >> i try my best to make sure i take them somewhere that i feel safe and that we are safe and comfortable. >> reporter: doctors say edibles can contain up to 20-times more thc than what's found in a typical joint. >> the only thing we see is the marijuana-infused products are expensive. i doubt anyone is going to be handing them out for halloween. in this day and age, who knows? >> authorities suggest parents double-check all labels and urge your kids not to snack on treats while trick or treating. andrew? mo mona? >> good advice. a historic start to the fall classic. jorge solar was the first to open a world series with a home run. charlie morton suffered a fractured leg on this ground ball. the braves beat the astros 6-2.
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braves manager brian schnittker's son, troy, is the hilting coach for the astros. both know this is a special occasion. >> we're enjoying this before the first pitch. >> we talked about this at dinner, how we needed to enjoy this. you never guarantee it. who knows when you're going to get back and enjoy it and relish in it. >> they say they never dreamed of this happening. >> technically it's a win-win situation for the family. coming up, a surprise roadside appearance by luke bryan. also ahead, a new vehicle that could revolutionize the morning commute. my plaque psoriasis... ...the itching ...the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant™. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis...
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we begin with the unsung hero trying to clear her name. >> months before rosa parks refused to give up her seat on a bus, claudette cole did the same thing in 1955. she was 15 and charged with assaulting the officer who dragged her off the bus and was placed on indefinite probation. >> she just filed a motion to have her record expunged. she wants the record cleared before she moves out of alabama. next, one senator's fashion choice causing a stir. >> maybe just in time for halloween. kirsten cinema was wearing a denim vest. one comment saying, does she think it is a rodeo. the sign reads no denim. and the north dakota governor was ejected for wearing je too? >> sometimes congress is a
4:24 am
rodeo. next, luke bryan helping out. >> look atidrom tennessee. the guy in the tan pants is luke bryan, helping change a tire. he was on a hunting trip. >> he snapped the photo with the thankful mom. tears and cheers for a u.s. soccer legend. >> carli lloyd walked off the field for the last time. she made her final international appearance. when she left the field, she received a standing ovation from the crowd. >> 34 years playing this beautiful game. it has been an honor. i have been absolutely grateful for every opportunity that i've stepped out on this field. and i hope that i gave it anything i had.
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checking the top stories. pentagon officials have a warning about the potential te in afghanistan. they say isis-k can attack the u.s. in six months. it was behind the kabul attack that killed six americans. the fda is going to green light covid vaccine for children as young as 5. and the cdc is set to weigh in next. if the vaccine clears the hurdles, kids could begin getting shots next week. the president of the blackhawks hockey team has resigned. the nhl fined the team $2 million. today's weather, winds near hurricane strength blow through the northeast, as the region dries out after several inches of rain.
4:28 am
severe storms along the gulf coast. rain across the plains and the northwest. finally, the princess who gave up her royal status to marry a commoner. >> will ganss has the story. >> reporter: prince william and duchess kate on the balcony. prince harry and meghan from the carriage. but for mako and her husband, tuesday's wedding featured no trumpets, no revelers and not even a white dress. her husband is a commoner. and this wedding means losing her imperial status. tying the knot with him at a registry office in tokyo. afterwards, the couple gave a brief press, kai person and marriage was a necessary choice to live, while cherishing our hearts. i love mako. i want to spend my only life with someone that i love.
4:29 am
the road to the nuptials was a long one. the college sweethearts announced they wanted to marry the next year. but a financial dispute surfaced and the wedding was suspended. scrutiny from the press and attacks from the media, impacting mako's mental health. the princess suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. currently women are barred from taking the throne and there's only three male heirs left who can succeed the current monarch. but princess mako will be known as mako and many expect her to move to new york to join her husband, who now works at a law firm in the big apple. the former princess turning down a royal dowry worth about 1.4 million bucks, the first to do that in japan. the couple will have to live off of his salary for now. >> ditching luxury for love. are we commoners? >> we're commoners. honestly, this is like a disney
4:30 am
movie in the making, right? movie in the making, right? >> i'm going to do right now on "america this morning," -- a developing story from washington, word that lawmakers are considering a new tax increase on billionaires. would it be constitutional? a texas mother and her boyfriend under arrest, after remains of her son were found inside this home. he had reportedly been dead for one year. her other kids alone with the body. what police are saying. the covid vaccine shot moves one step closer to reality for children. plus, new guidance on people who may need a fourth shot. what the district attorney is revealing about the movie set


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