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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 26, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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tequila herradura. extraordinary awaits. >> all quiet at this east bay in and out after the health department shuts them down. i will explain. >> health officials in the south bay are trying to make the experience less scary for young people. sandhya: i will let you know if there are any shower chances coming up. >> he shot and killed two men in danville. the contra county police officer convicted today. abc 7 news starts right now. announcer: building a better bay area. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: in-n-out burger making headlines. three east bay locations in trouble with the health department over enforcement of
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vaccine rules. thank you for joining us. ama: j.r. stone was in pleasant hill where the in-n-out has been forced to close for now. reporter: all quiet at this pleasant hill in-n-out burger as contra costa county has suspended their commercial food permit and the county saying they were allowed indoor dining but not checking for proof of vaccination. >> they flouted the law. it was other residents who complained about them and that is why the health department followed up. j.r.: that from contra costa county supervisor. the county says this in-n-out received four prior citations to this. two other locations fined but not closed, drawing strong reaction. >> it is not their job. they are here to make hamburgers for us. >> absolutely government overreach. j.r.: the company released a
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statement saying we refuse to become the vaccination police for any government. those from the nonpartisan california business roundtable say while they support vaccinations, they do have concerns over these vaccination mandates. >> to ask a part-time potentially high school student to confront customers on a daily basis, asking them medical information that is very contentious at this point is a very difficult position for any employer to put an employee in. j.r.: many customers also defended the county mandate. >> i still think it is important. we are not out of this. >> the need to do what 99% of the other restaurants are doing, follow the rules in the interest of public health. j.r.: as to when this restaurant will reopen, that is up in the air. the county tells me they are able to appeal this permit suspension. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. ama: the in-n-out at san
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francisco's fisherman's wharf is being investigated after a complaint of people being allowed to eat inside. indoor dining was shut down after the restaurant was cited. dan: moving on, vaccines for 28 million children could get final fda authorization in the next few days. an fda advisory panel voted in support of the two-shot pfizer vaccine for children ages five to 11. the final decision is expected any day, followed by the cdc. a stanford doctor says childhood vaccinations will benefit all of us. >> children live in homes with adults, grandparents. they go to school with teachers who all are vulnerable to the effects of the virus. in a way, by getting the kids vaccinated, it is a way to make the entire population a little more healthy. dan: the shipping of pediatric doses will begin immediately after fda authorization. pediatric vaccines have a 10
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week shelf life compared to six to nine months for adult shots. ama: in the south bay, santa clara county is prepared to distribute the vaccine to kids. amanda explains the length the county is going to to making the experience less scary for little ones. >> 10 micrograms each dose three weeks apart outweigh its risks for use in children five to 11 years of age. reporter: an fda panel tuesday voting on pfizer vaccines for kids five to 11 years old. the decision paving the way for emergency authorization. at this vaccination site, staff is ready to welcome the youngest and latest to receive eligibility. preparation includes plans to help families past time. >> we have scavenger hunts, decorations, fun activities from the beginning to the end. reporter: she says staff is being required to attend pediatric training to mixer everyone is up to speed on how
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to cater to kids. directions posted on tables show proper positioning when administering the shot, a step that involves parents. the county plans to activate its mobile vaccination clinic and bring lower dose pfizer vaccine to schools and harder parts the region the county. >> there's a lot of different reasons that would stop someone from going to an actual site. if you go to them in the community, that is the answer. reporter: the county has requested enough vaccine for 167,000 eligible children. >> a lot of the preparation has taken place so as soon as we have the word, we are ready to start. reporter: beyond the activities to accompany the experience, parents can prepare their children by discussing in detail what she calls the latest opportunity for protection. the county says it has five main sites prepped and ready to go when eligible. they say some sites will also have drive-thru options. dan: counties are still
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distributed booster shots. check out the long lines at san mateo county. sky 7 was overhead as hundreds of cars were waiting to get inside the event center. the center is offering pfizer, moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines for people who are qualified. governor newsom will be in alameda county tomorrow to promote booster shots. you can also ask our vaccine team your questions. go to ama: a spattering of power outages across the bay area. you can see them here. pg&e is working around-the-clock to restore power after sunday's storm. about 5000 bay area customers were in the dark, including business owners in burlingame. shop after shop on burlingame avenue were left without power. pg&e says the storm hit the peninsula particularly hard. the owner of baskin-robbins told us she lost her entire inventory
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delivered on saturday. some business owners tried to operate in the dark. >> we are not going to get compensated from pg&e. the insurance companies are not going to help us out because you have to be closed for three days straight. it is unbelievable. ama: power wires were stored around 7:00 tonight, 48 hours after the outage began. dan: enough snow in the sierra from this weekend's storm that one ski area will open. palisades tahoe will open this friday. it will only be open on the weekends. they used to be known as squab valley before changing the name last month. ama: in the end, the a's and the city got the outcome they wanted from alameda county today. casey pratt is breaking down all the new developments. casey: in their second marathon session since june, the alameda county board of supervisors decided to join the city of
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oakland and the a's project. >> aye. >> aye. >> no. >> with that, we have concluded the 12:00 set matters. casey: with that 4-1 nonbinding vote, hthe lone nay coming from keith carson, the agenda item came to a close nine hours after it began. the city of oakland renewed its hope of keeping the haze away from las vegas. >> it is time to make a move. whether that is a move to carry the ball further down the field, so to speak, to make progress, to outline next steps. >> we have all been out to the site. it is an empty site right now. the land will become useful and it will create jobs. >> we have 134 unions who have endorsed this project, the most
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in the history of the state of california. >> this is not the raiders deal. we all learned from our mistakes of the past. this is financially responsible. we are not asking you to be in the sports business, but asking you to be in the affordable housing and public parks business. casey: what comes next? after the world series, the a's will announce the stadium site finalist. they expect to complete the environmental impact report before the end of the year. they can then hammer out a final agreement to get to the binding votes. so concludes a long anxiety ridden day for a's fans. oakland has a proof to a path to show the baseball commissioner that it remains long and twisting. ama: casey following it all for us. we set this alert on the abc 7 mobile app when the meeting wrapped up tonight. dan: tonight, reaction after a
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jury delivered a partial verdict for an east bay deputy accused in the fatal shooting nearly three years ago. emotions running high in hayward as more families weigh in on t ano close the district attorney saying criminal charges are possible in the new mexico movie set shooting. what else she is revealing about the investigation. sandhya: morning fog will be followed by milder afternoon. i'm sandhya patel. i will have the temperatures coming up. ama: first, what's coming up on jimmy kimmel. jimmy: gaze upon the fruits of our labor. now when you have a date or a boy you are interested in or something like that, are they nervous? >> they should be.
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dan: for the first time in modern history, a police officer in contra costa county was charged and convicted in an on-duty shooting. the jury could not reach a verdict in the most serious charge of the case. kate larsen has reaction. kate: a contra costa jury convicted denville police officer andrew hall of assault with a firearm for shooting and killing a 33-year-old during a slow speed pursuit in danville in 2018. >> i hope it would have a positive impact on other officers knowing that there are consequences when you improperly kill someone. kate: the jury deadlocked on the more serious voluntary manslaughter count so the judge declared a mistrial for that charge. previously, the contra costa sheriff's office which provides services to danville cleared hall of misconduct.
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the civil-rights attorney that represents the family says they expected hall to be convicted on both counts. >> for that not to happen is very painful. kate: he also represents tyrell wilson's family, he was also shopping officer hall. he was placed on paid administered of leave after shooting wilson. that shooting remains under investigation. >> it is an interesting political issue as well as to the timing of all of this. kate: a criminal defense attorney, stephen clark, says that two verdicts are inconsistent since both rely on the same self-defense analysis. >> i think there is still a climate out there that suggests police are given a benefit of the doubt when they enter the courtroom. kate: one district attorney says the manslaughter count is under review. she says hall's actions tarnished the badge and tarnishes the reputation of good police officers.
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in response, sheriff david livingston says "we ask our officers to make split-second decisions and many of the jurors understood that. i urge the d.a. not to retry this case into takedown the posts on her reelection campaign where she touts this prosecution." hall will be sentenced in the coming months. i'm kate larsen. ama: now to developing news. charges could be filed in the deadly movie set shooting involving actor alec baldwin. the santa fe county district attorney spoke ahead of a news conference tomorrow. baldwin was we rehearsing a scene when a prop gun went off, killing the cinematographer and injuring a director. >> the entertainment industry as a whole has been shaken to the core literally by this because we deal with prop guns every single day. it's a tough blow. ama: investigators are looking
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at the assistant director who allegedly handed the prop gun to the actor. the same assistant director was fired from a movie set in 2019 when a prop gun went off, injuring a crewmember. dan: the father of san francisco district attorney chesa boudin has been granted parole after his sentence was commuted by andrew cuomo. david gilbert will be released on november 30. he was part of a group that robbed a brinks armored car in new york in 1981. a security officer and two officers were killed. gilbert and his mother served as unarmed getaway drivers. kathy was released on parole in 2003. ama: all inmates at california prisons will have to be vaccinated against covid-19 if they want to receive visitors. california's department of corrections and rehabilitation made the announcement tonight, which include san quentin. the mandate does not apply to visitors and medical and religious exemptions will be considered. the requirement takes effect december 20.
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dan: an emotional night in hayward as the unified school district held another town hall on its plan to close up to nine schools because of the budget crunch. >> i just don't understand what you guys are doing and how you are hurting these kids. who invested so much of their own time, not just the teachers, what they have created. >> we do not appreciate school closures. we know our students deserve better facilities. however, we would like to see more of the stakeholders involved in that decision making process. dan: the district says it has a $14 million deficit and enrollment is declining and is projected to drop even further. the final vote expected before the end of the year. ama: this week is not only the lead up to halloween but the last week of national adopt a shelter dog month. to celebrate, the san francisco
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spca put live webcams on the site showing adoptable animals. this is a look at some of the pups. there's a webcam of some kittens. hopefully, we can find them good homes. dan: they know how to pull her heartstrings with the puppy cams. let's turn to the weather which has thankfully calmed down. ama: sandhya patel has the latest on what is coming for halloween. sandhya: halloween is looking fantastic. it is all about the treats, no tricks. want to show you alive picture from our roof camera. the moon is in and out of the clouds as we look to the eastern side of the bay bridge. we have some rain fall today. bodega bay, 1/10 of an inch. a little bit made its way down towards half moon bay. it is a weak system that has been bringing northern california some showers. we got a little bit of it,
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enough to wet the ground in the north bay. what we are looking at is basically the fog. it is reducing visibility down to eight miles in half moon bay. we look at the hourly forecast.. tomorrow morning at 5:00, there might be a couple of sprinkles around sonoma and mended dean -- mendocino county. we will have to deal with visibility that is very low in some areas so give yourself that extra time. temperatures right now in the 50's and 60's. is a live look from the exploratory in camera. foggy areas tomorrow. sunny and mild are the next few days and it will be dry for halloween. let's check out the hourly planner for halloween. it will be dry skies, a beautiful night. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. when the little ones go out trick-or-treating, should be nice weather. partly cloudy and comfortable. it does get cooler in the night. temperatures in the 50's.
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it is nice that you will have costumes hopefully to keep you warm. i want to show you the forecast for golden gate park. a three-day festival taking place halloween weekend. friday, mild with temperatures in the mid 60's. cooler for saturday and sunday. the activities don't get underway until the afternoon. temperatures in the morning, 40's and 50's. watch out for the fog. afternoon highs will look like this -- 74 degrees in fairfield. 68 in san francisco. mid 70's around santa rosa. 68 in the city. 71 in santa cruz. for those of you keeping tabs on when we might see more showers, 10 a.m. saturday could see a drizzle over a couple of showers. into monday, this looks like the next opportunity for seeing some wet weather in the bay area. the accuweather 7 day forecast, a milder couple of days ahead. mid 70's inland.
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temperatures will start to slip as we go into the weekend. slight chance of a few drops saturday morning. dry for trick-or-treaters. level 1 storm bringing us a chance of showers on monday. ama: tha
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ama: a nighttime spectacular that is pure disney magic could
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make a comeback this year. disney dropped a hint that the iconic main street electrical parade may return to disneyland. a recent tiktok video features music from the parade and the snail parade float. the video ends with the words "to be continued." the last time the parade took place was in september of 2019. dan: it has been a long time. the warriors are off to a terrific start. ama: larry beil is here with sports. larry: the warriors trying to stay perfect this season against winless okc. new
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>> abc 7 sports. larry: after an agonizingly long meeting, the alameda county board of supervisors voted to go forward with the a's stadium project at howard terminal. the county could withdraw have the deal does not allow it to happen financially. they said yes despite significant concerns about financing. the county not putting anything money up front. the next major hurdle will be the final environmental impact report. world series game one. dusty baker and the astros hosting the braves. first at-bat, gone just like that. the first time the leadoff batter has homered in the world series. former giant adam duval makes it 5-1. the braves win the opener, 6-2. game two coming up tomorrow. tougher than expected battle for the warriors tonight against the winless thunder of okc. good looking crowd at oklahoma city. [laughter]
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thunder build a 15 point lead in the second quarter. shea guilders alexander with a game-high 30. the warriors have trailed all four games of the half. wiggins. steph curry, that is all it takes. eight point game. steph had 23. the bench mob coming through. damion lee, 20 points off the bench. otto porter jr., back to backkkk threes to give golden state the lead. curry double-teamed late. look out. that is the clincher. warriors are now 4-0 and host memphis on thursday. sharks in nashville. james weimer in net. nashville on the power play. duschene write down broadway. kse down-0nhe lo athe he's going to light the lamp.
11:31 pm
sharks down 2-1. great job. nashville flips it all the way down the ice. the sharks lose 3-1. they started the season 4-0. they have now lost two straight. >> facing kevin love here. he is going to be a cav. dan: klay thompson enjoying the memories. larry: sports on abc 7.
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introducing the all-new nissan frontier. ama: that is it for tonight. thank you for watching. dan: for sandhya patel and larry
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beil, we appreciate your time. right now, jimmy kimmel. have a good night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jeremy renner and olivia rodrigo. and now, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you. thank you. thank you very much. hi, everyone. very nice. welcome. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. i knew i could count on you. thank you. i appreciate it. i'm glad you're excited. we have a good show for you tonight. with jeremy renner and olivia rodrigo are here with us. [ cheering ] following game one of the world series, between the atlanta


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