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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 26, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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we'll be here every weekday at 3:00. so i'll see you back here tomorrow. bye. tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. the news on the pfizer vaccine for children tonight. that key fda panel late today saying yes. and the states of emergency right now. tonight, this nor'easter, another round, new york to new england. wind gusts reaching 75 miles per hour. first, that pfizer child vaccine. the vote near unanimous. 17 in favor, one abstaining. and the new data tonight. pfizer saying the vaccine is 91% effective for children against symptomatic infections. this vaccine for kids 5 to 11, children will receive two shots, each shot one-third of the adult dose. we know many parents still have questions tonight, so dr. jha is standing by to help answer them. also, that powerful nor'easter still childrening. tonight, more heavy rain, flash flooding.
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and now, our weather team says one of the real concerns going into the night, dangerous winds. gusts up to 75 miles per hour. and the new storms at the end of the week. rob marciano tracking it all. the major new headline from that movie set disaster. for the first time tonight, images of actor alec baldwin and the crew on that set in that church where the deadly shooting occurred. and what we're now learning tonight about a past allegation against the assistant director who authorities say handed the gun to alec baldwin. what allegedly happened on a previous movie set. president biden on the eve of a big foreign trip. will he get a victory on his domestic agenda before he goes? the clock ticking. and tonight, how to pay for it. the developing headline involving corporations that celebrate making a billion dollars in profits or more to their shareholders but pay little or no taxes. now the plan that would get them to pay 15% in taxes on those profits. rachel scott on the hill. that deadly shooting at a
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mall. tonight, authorities reveal the gunman showed up with multiple weapons. a boy found dead in the family home with his siblings living there and now authorities say the body had been thre nearly a year. overseas tonight and news coming in on queen elizabeth again now canceling her trip to the climate summit in glasgow amid new questions about her health. what we're learning tonight. and have you ever thought about the car your parents used to drive when you were a kid? where it might be today? this one is america strong. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. this nor'easter still churning, set to slam into the east again tonight. wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour. rob is standing by here in a moment. but we are going to begin tonight with this major news on pfizer's child vaccine. tonight, an fda advisory
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committee has endorsed the first covid vaccine for children 5 to 11. we know many parents at home still have questions, so dr. jha is here in a moment, as well. but first tonight, the new details. that key fda advisory panel reviewing pfizer's data, which they say shows the vaccine is safe and 91% effective at preventing symptomatic infection in children. the experts today weighing the benefits against the risks. one fda official arguing children 5 to 11 are far from being spared the harm of covid. not just the primary similar m toms but possible long-haul symptoms, as well. as we all know, the fda usually follows quickly with an official authorization, then the cdc, which means shots could begin for the 28 million american children eligible by next week. abc's steve osunsami leading us off tonight from the cdc in atlanta. >> reporter: the vote this evening was nearly unanimous. with 17 yeses and one abstention, an fda advisory
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panel says that the benefits far outweigh any risk, and they're saying yes to the pfizer vaccine for children 5 to 11 years old. >> we don't want children to be dying in covid, even if it is far fewer children than adults, and we don't want them in the icu. >> reporter: they were convinced by a study from the drug maker, where pfizer gave 2,200 children a third of the regular dose, and found that the two shots were 91% effective against symptomatic disease. >> that's an incredible finding. that's actually more effective than a lot of routine childhood vaccines we use. >> reporter: pfizer says any side effects from the vaccine were mild and that none of the children came down with myocarditis, a rare swelling of the heart muscle. 8-year-old sebastian prybol in north carolina says the only thing he felt was a sore arm and a slight fever for a few days. >> all done! you did so well! >> you did it! >> reporter: he was part of the trial and will soon learn for sure if his shots were real. >> you might be a little scared at first, but honestly, it can help others, and it can help
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your family, it can help you not get sick. >> reporter: here's what health officials are trying to fight. nearly 2 million american children in this age group have gotten sick during this pandemic. more than 8,300 of them had to be hospitalized, a third of them in the icu. >> kids can also get the long covid consequences. some of them just don't seem to recover. they have the fatigue. the brain fog makes it hard to function in school. so that's another reason to try to provide the protection. >> reporter: the pfizer production lines are ready, with 65 million doses are set to ship, more than enough to fully vaccinate about 28 million eligible american children. but many parents aren't as excited. a new survey finds that only about a third with children in this age group are saying that they will vaccinate their kids right away. l to pplouchenknow
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nnota yst di>> repte kris ericki vaccinat needs.r-old bentley has specia e are ready to get back to school as soon as possible, as soon as he gets his vaccine. he hasn't played with friends since february 2020. he would do just about anything to be able to go out on the playground again. >> let's bring in steve osunsami tonight. the fda is expected to sign off on the recommendation and authorize this vaccine for children and then we've all learned how this works along the way, this then goes to the cdc? >> reporter: that's right, david. a cdc advisory panel will meet next week tuesday and wednesday and they'll discuss this and make recommendations. then it's up to the cdc director as to whether she will follow those reck member stations. but the bottom line is that children in this age group could start getting vaccinated by the end of next week. david? >> all right, steve, we appreciate it tonight. and we know many parent have questions at home and as steve reported, many parents are still hesitant. so, dr. ashish jha, dean of the brown university school of public health, is back with us tonight.
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you heard our reporting there, steve reporting on that study, about one-third of parents say they're ready to vaccinate their children right away. the rest say maybe not right away. we always know that when the fda panel comes out in favor that likely helps those numbers. we also know that you're a dad and a doctor, how comfortable are you with vaccinated your youngest child? help our viewers through this. >> yeah, good evening, david. i am very comfortable. i've examined the data. i think the evidence here is overwhelmingly clear. my 9-year-old is going to benefit from this vaccine. going to protect him, going to protect his family. i think that is careerly the right thing to do at this point. >> and dr. jha, i know part of the interest in getting children vaccinated is not just to protect them from depth and hospitalization like we've heard every step of the way here, but also against these long-term effects, because we still don't know very much about the long haul effects we're already seeing in some children. >> yeah, that's right, david. one of the reasons we really care about protecting children is not just about depth and hospitalizations. those are rare but very, very
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important. but we want kids to thrive and grow up healthy and strong. i think vaccines are going to be an important part of protecting churn and families as we move forward in this pandemic. >> all right, dr. jha, thank you, as always. we turn next tonight to the first nor'easter of the season. 40 million people on alert as we go into this evening hours from north carolina all the way up to maine and states of emergency already in new york and new jersey at this hour. the storm rapidly intensifying. a potential bomb cyclone with powerful winds up to 75 miles per hour, just in the coming hours tonight. the storm developing rapidly today. flooding rains on the brooklyn-queens expressway here in new york. an ambulance making its way through the high water on staten island. high tsurf and pounding waves o the shore in connecticut. homes boarded up in scituate, massachusetts, tonight. they are bracing for hurricane-force wind guests. let's get right to rob marciano, tracking this and this new cross-country storm which will move into the east later in the
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week. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. very active and after two to four inches of rainfall here in new york, it is still raining. we are transitioning from rain to rain and wind. here is where the massachusetts and not going to go anywhere. flood watches remain up and the high wind warnings up for the coast least. you see the rotation of that moisture off towards the west. so, very slow mover here and the winds will pick upmorning in thk city area. over 50 miles an hour on the cape. over 60 miles an hour, sach waited ground, those winds, you are going to see power outages. the system entering the plains, tornadoes possible overnight tonight, very dangerous situation there and that will progress to the northeast by the end of the week. david? >> all right, rob, thank you, as always. we continue now and new details tonight on that fatal shooting on the set of the movie "rust." a search warrant revealing weapons and ammunition were seized from the set. the cast and crew were preparing
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to film inside this church, as you already know. for the first time tonight, the scene inside the church. and also, new questions about the say sis tant director who authorities say handed alec baldwin that gun. previous movie set.ened on a - abc's kaylee hartung in santa fe again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, for the first time, a look at the cast and crew of "rust" inside the church where that fatal shooting occurred. the film's star alec baldwin in the center. the crew, including cinematographer halyna hutchins, surrounding him. at the bonanza creek ranch in santa fe, new mexico, a search warrant revealing investigators seized at least three revolvers, nine spent casings and multiple boxes of ammunition, some found loose in a fanny pack. it's not clear whether they were blanks or bullets. the evidence gathered after a prop gun in baldwin's hands fired, killing hutchins and injuring director joel souza five days ago. >> hollywood, the entertainment industry as a whole, have been shaken to the core literally by this, because we deal with prop guns every single day.
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it's a tough blow. it's a tough blow to our craft. >> reporter: and now, a past allegation of unsafe practices emerging about assistant director dave halls, who authorities say handed baldwin the weapon. a producer for the movie "freedom's path" telling abc news, halls was fired from a previous film set in 2019, when a different prop gun unexpectedly discharged, injuring a crew member. abc news has reached out to halls for comment, but has not heard back. according to search warrants, baldwin was preparing for a scene in this church when halls handed him the colt revolver and yelled "cold gun" to indicate it wasn't loaded. baldwin was rehearsing, "pointing the revolver towards the camera lens" as hutchins and souza stood behind the camera. >> we need some help. our director and our camerawoman has been shot. >> reporter: one crew member who witnessed the shooting telling investigators he "was not sure why the firearm was discharged and just remembered the loud bang." and tonight, "the daily mail" publishing these new photos of the armorer
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hannah gutierrez-reed days after the shooting. authorities say she prepared the prop gun before halls took it off a cart, but investigators say he did not know the gun contained live rounds. and david, we're told investigators are trying to get additional search warrants signed off on as we speak. tonight, the district attorney telling us everything is on the table, including criminal charges. that press conference tomorrow will hopefully give us a clearer picture of where this investigation's heading. david? >> all right, kay lee hair tupg there in new mexico. thank you. we turn now to washington, president biden preparing to travel to europe for the global climate summit. we'll be traveling, too. the president hoping to arrive with a big domestic victory under his belt, but tonight, as know, the clock is ticking. democrats now in the end game of negotiations over his massive domestic agenda, everything from universal pre-k, child care, expanded medicare, vision and dental, to fighting climate change. but of course, one major question remains. how to pay for it all. tonight here, one idea now gaining momentum involving corporations that make a billion or more in profits, celebrating those profits with their
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shareholders but then in many cases paying little to no taxes at all on those profits. so, here's the idea tonight. a 15% minimum tax for those corporations, reporting at least a billion in profit. it would effect about 200 corporations including amazon. as i mentioned, some of those corporations pay no taxes at all on these profits. let's get to rachel scott who has been tracking this every step of the way. it's getting a big vote of support from a key senator who didn't want broad-based tax hikes for the wealthy, but she has signaled that she might support this idea now? >> reporter: yes, senator kyrsten sinema has been a key moderate holdout and said very little on the record about what she supports, but tonight, she is endorsing this plan, calling it a common sense step toward ensuring that highly profitable corporations pay a reasonable mip mum corporate tax. david, democrats for weeks have been trying to figure out a way to pay for this $2 trillion package. tonight, it appears they are one step closer. >> rachel, bottom line.
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the president hoping for a vote before he leaves for europe. does he get the vote? >> reporter: well, david, several democrats i spoke to today say that if democrats do not reach a deal, it would weaken the president's hand on the world stage, especially before that big climate summit. but bottom line, there are still some key differences that remain and they are running out of time, david. >> all right, rachel scott on the hill following this for us every hour. thank you, rachel. next tonight, we have new developments in that deadly shooting at a mall in boise, idaho. tonight, authorities say the suspect had multiple firearms and ammunition and that he has now died from his injuries during a gun battle with police. at least five others injure and two people were killed, but authorities still don't know why. alex perez is there. >> reporter: tonight, authorities revealing that the shooter in the deadly attack at a shopping mall in boise was in possession of multiple firearms. investigators announcing that suspect, 27-year-old jacob bergquist, died at a hospital today. investigators are still working to determine what led the
3:45 pm
shooter to open fire, killing two, injuring at least five. the nightmare unfolding about 1:30 monday afternoon, authorities responding to reports of shots fired at the boise towne square mall. >> primary suspect ran by the dave and busters, wearing dark kloses. >> reporter: police rushing to the scene and quickly engaging with someone who matched the suspect's description. >> this was an individual that acted cowardly alone. >> reporter: tragically killed in the incident, mall security guard jo acker. authorities telling the family that acker confronted the shooter. >> jo has always been a hero. this is very difficult. and jo was my baby. >> reporter: and david, the entire mall here was closed today out of respect for the victims. authorities say the suspect was known and he had previous contact with mall security for
3:46 pm
disruptive behavior. david? >> all right, alex, thank you. overseas tonight, new concern over queen elizabeth and her health. the 95-year-old queen has now canceled her trip to the climate summit in glasgow. it is the second trip that she's canceled in recent days. and here's our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell. >> reporter: tonight, buckingham palace announcing queen elizabeth is cancelling plans to attend next week's united nations climate conference in scotland. the 95-year-old spent a night in hospital last week, after canceling another trip and has been advised to rest by her doctors. the queen had been due to host president biden and other world leaders at the start of the summit. climate change a very important issue for the royals. >> it's a bit of a disappointment i think for everybody that she can't host that meeting. she was very much looking forward to doing it. >> reporter: her majesty recently was caught on a microphone appearing to criticize the lack of global
3:47 pm
action. >> it's very irritating when they talk, but they don't do. >> reporter: the royal delegation at the conference now led by prince charles and his wife camilla alongside prince william and catherine. earlier today the queen was seen back at her desk carrying out virtual meetings, the first time she's been seen in public since her hospital visit. buckingham palace tight-lipped on the visit. a royal source saying only it wasn't covid related. the palace stressing the queen remains in good spirits. the palace stressing that the queen remains in good spirits, but i think despite those public assurances, there are going to be some real doubts tonight about quite how candid the queen's health. >> and people are just worried about her. ian, thank you. and when we come back here at home tonight, the boy found dead in the family home. authorities say he'd be there for a year. his siblings there the entire type. and news coming in from china tonight, a new lockdown over covid. ♪ there are beautiful ideas that remain in the dark.
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overseas tonight and china with a new lockdown in a city of 4 million because of new covid fears. wayspread testing now under way in northwestern china. china says six new cases reported today, 39 over the last week. china with a zero covid policy, but as you know, questions from the beginning over their transparency with numbers early on. back here at home tonight, disturbing new details about three children apparently abandoned at a home in houston. a 9-year-old boy discovered in a apartment a homicide. three brothers living with the body for nearly a year. the boys being treated for
3:50 pm
injuries and malnutrition. the mother and boyfriend who live nearby have not been charged. child protective services confirming a history with the family but no active investigation, they say, was under way. when we come back tonight, news on the cost of thanksgiving this year. and this question. have you ever thought about the pare car your parents used to drive you in when you were a kid? myses like certain cancers caused by hpv. for most people, hpv clears on its own. but for those who don't clear the virus hpv can lead to certain cancers in both women and men. gardasil 9 is the only vaccine that helps protect adults through age 45 against certain diseases caused by hpv, including cervical, vaginal, vulvar, anal, and certain head and neck cancers, such as throat and back of mouth cancers, and genital warts. gardasil 9 doesn't protect everyone and does not treat cancer or hpv infection. your doctor may recommend screening for certain hpv-related cancers. women still need routine cervical cancer screenings. you shouldn't get gardasil 9 if you've had an allergic reaction to the vaccine,
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finally tonight here, the dream of finding the car you remember from your childhood. tonight, in union, kentucky, john berry and his children in the very car he rode in when he was a child. john was just 15 when his mother, janis, died. and his favorite memories of her was driving together in her lime green '71 oldsmobile cutlass supreme. for years, he would search for that car, and finally found the owner. a car collector, in rapid city, michigan. but he wouldn't sell it. so john checked in with him every year for 20 years and this year, the answer was yes. >> he's a gentlemen who's 81 years old, and he said, "i got to thinking about your desire for the car and i think it was time to let it go." >> reporter: john travelling 500 miles to get it his mom's car. now john and his kids in the back seat. >> hi david. >> reporter: tonight john, on his new old car.
3:58 pm
>> my memories are now reestablished with not only with the car but my mother. >> reporter: that '71 cutlass supreme, still in mint condition. his mom would be happy. >> it's a true miracle, david. the car looks, feels, sounds exactly as it did when my mom used to drive it. >> reporter: and some of his mother's things still in the glove box. >> there are a pair of my mom's sunglasses that i fondly remember her wearing when she put the top down and take it for a spin. >> reporter: tonight, john telling us, never give up. >> if you have a dream, and you pursue it and stay with it, it can come true. my family and i are going to enjoy the car for years to come. and the memory of my mother lives on through this amazing journey. >> mom's car is home again. and so are her sunglasses. i'll see you right back here tomorrow. good night.
3:59 pm
building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> 17 voted yes. >> i think we all have been feeling the urgency for a bactine -- vaccine for children for some time. >> and fda panel green lights covid vaccine for children, moving the authorization process forward so kids ages 5-11 could be getting shots as soon as november. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. kristen: you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. now that vote to endorse the pfizer vaccine came just a few hours ago, kids ages 5-11 have accounted for nearly 2 million infections and 8300 hospitalizations. >> nearly 100 children ages 5-11 have died from coven but the u.s. has seen a drop in pediatric infections for seven straight weeks. children still account for about
4:00 pm
a quarter of reported weekly cases. kristen: a member of her vaccine team spoke with two of the bay area's pediatricians about what this means going forward and joins us live from the district. luz: this is one of the steps for approval of the vaccine, even though children of this age group are less likely to die from the vaccine compared to adults, they can be carriers. it was a critical vote over one question. >> it outweighs -- can it outweigh its risk for use in children 5-11 years of age? luz: this dr. at the data closely with two main questions, is it


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