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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 26, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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pass. kumasi: i'm out -- julian: i'm out. kumasi: tes for our viewers in the west, as we take you through this tuesday morning, two big storms hitting now. state of emergency. new jersey and new york on high alert for flash flooding. with the nor'easter bearing down after tearing through the midwest, the severe weather whipping out at the heartland. now taking aim at the east coast. millions bracing for dangerous conditions at this hour. we're tracking it all. deadly mall shooting. a gunman opened fire killing two, wounding four. this morning the cell phone video from inside the mall as eyewitnesses speak out about the moment the chaos broke out. vaccine vote. the fda's high stakes meeting about the pfizer vaccine for children just hours away. this as moderna plans to submit
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their vaccine for kids to the fda. but how many parents are in wait and see mode when it comes to getting their children the shot? nih director dr. francis collins joins us live only on "gma." trillion dollar club. tesla with an electrifying deal that supercharged the car company teaming up with hertz to make it easier to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle while soaring gas prices show no sign of slowing down. deadly film set shooting investigation. authorities looking into just what happened leading up to alec baldwin firing the fatal shot and what we're learning about the assistant director who authorities say handed him the weapon not knowing it was loaded. urging caution. with new cars in short supply, the better business bureau's new report detailing a dramatic rise in complaints about vehicle service contracts. this morning, what you need to know if you're trying to get more miles out of your car when it comes to repairs and coverage.
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air amazon. the retail giant gearing up for the most challenging shopping season ever. with planes, trains and automobiles, will it be enough to save christmas? ♪ i want your love ♪ and we love horror night. fresh off the showstopping performance, derek hough joins us live in times square breaking down who got the boot and the perfect scares that had us screaming for more. from the nba star's big comeback to the "it" girl's chilling moves. ♪ bad romance ♪ good morning, america. as we dance our way into a tuesday morning, hope you're having a great morning. >> rainy tuesday morning in new york. big week for kids and the covid vaccine on track for approval and the director of the national institutes of health dr. francis collins standing by to answer the big questions about it in just a few moments. >> there he is. we begin with the severe nor'easter, the first big one of the season. it is coming down outside here
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in times square and really all around this region. as you can see what it's like for drivers that are driving through the torrential rain right now on the long island expressway. rob is in for ginger tracking it for us. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it is really coming down, the wind and the rain as the nor'easter begins to crank up. all this energy did come from the west coast. our friends there have been enduring rain with that atmospheric river yesterday. we had rain there and winds gusting at over 150 miles an hour. here's some tree damage in fresno. snow levels fluctuating. i-80 was shut down for a time. upwards of three feet of snow falling. they obviously need the rainfall. too much at one time is no good.
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heavy snow into the rockies. winds will be gusty. southern california, southern rockies, you're still in fire danger. didn't get a lot of rainfall. we'll get it in the northeast. our surf line camera in new jersey showing the heavy surf. flash flood warnings in new jersey. robin? >> such a mess. all right, rob, thank you. want everybody to take care. michael? we want to turn to that deadly shooting at an idaho mall. two people killed and four others injured after a gunman opened fire and witnesses open up about the tragedy. alex perez is there on the scene in boise. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. authorities are still here on the scene. witnesses say it started as an average afternoon here at the mall when suddenly shots rang out. overnight investigators in idaho working to find out what led to a deadly shooting killing two
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and injuring four. >> i saw other people i saw earlier freaking out like outside and i was like, oh, this happened. this is a real event. >> reporter: this cell phone video captured inside the mall. you can hear gunfire. the chaos unfolding about 1:30 monday afternoon. authorities say they responded to reports of shots fired at the boise town square mall, the capital city's largest shopping area. >> primary suspect ran by the dave and buster's wearing dark clothes. all black and carrying a backpack. >> reporter: arriving officers confronted a match who matched the suspect's description when the gun battle broke out. one officer injured in the exchange of shots, that suspect also injured in custody hospitalized in critical condition. >> we really cannot at this time speak to any motivation behind it or anything else that may impact the investigation. it would be entirely too premature. >> reporter: cheri gypin was on
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a walk with her friend when the chaos erupted. >> as we went by jcpenney's, people started coming around the corner and i asked somebody why are you running? he said, somebody heard a gunshot. then the next person i saw coming through was a lady with a stroller, and she said that there was an active shooter in the mall. i guess you never expect it to come to where you're at until it does and you're in that situation. >> reporter: that officer who was injured has been treated and released. the motive here remains unclear, but the fbi and atf are assisting. george? >> okay, alex, thanks. the latest on the pandemic. an fda advisory panel set to meet this morning to consider recommending the pfizer vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. this comes as new cases have dropped dramatically in the u.s. over the past month down 43% to an average of 70,000 per day.
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erielle reshef joins us with a preview. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to yorge. all eyes are now on that fda panel. that critical vote expected this afternoon. in anticipation, the white house says it has purchased 65 million pediatric pfizer doses, more than enough to fully vaccinate all american children ages 5 to 11. this morning, a major step toward getting younger kids vaccinated could be just hours away as an fda panel meets today to vote on pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11. >> so brave. >> done. so brave. >> reporter: regulators expected to authorize those pediatric doses. then the cdc likely to sign off a week later possibly giving the official green light for shots to start going into arms by the end of next week. a pfizer study of more than 2,200 children showing its two-shot vaccine is nearly 91% effective against symptomatic infection with only mild short-lived side effects. the dose for 5 to 11-year-olds
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is one-third the adult vaccine. body weight not a factor. that reduced dosage determined by an incredibly strong immune response in younger children. >> one, two, three. >> that didn't hurt at all. >> as paid i canediatricians whr these kids, we want to find a solution and it is a miracle that we potentially have one. >> reporter: there is still apprehension among some parents. a kaiser family foundation survivor found one-third of parents of children between 5 and 11 say they will wait and see before allowing their kids to receive the shot. >> it's a little child. i don't know how quick i would be to jump on a decision to do that. >> reporter: for others like pam, peace of mind can't come soon enough. >> if we have that extra layer of protection with the vaccine, that's what we're excited for. >> reporter: in another promising sign moderna says its vaccines for 6 to 11-year-olds produce strong immune response, nearly 1.5 times the antibodies seen in young adults and that study included more than 4,000
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children. the company now says it will soon submit its data to the fda. we'll see this process again. robin? >> we shall. erielle, thank you. joining us is the director of the national institutes of health, dr. francis collins. good to speak with you, dr. collins. we start with the fda advisory panel meeting. there are 28 million children ages 5 to 11 in this country. now, with vaccinations becoming available for them, will this be another step towards getting to the end of this pandemic? >> well, don't we all hope so, robin? yes, i think that's right. these are, after all, kids who can get infected. sometimes they can get pretty sick. pediatric icus have lots of kids of this age right now so we want to provide them with as much protection as possible, sorry, they also are capable of spreading this to others. so if we can create a situation where more of these kids are not getting infected we should be able to drive this pandemic down which is what we really hope to
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do, even as we face the cold weather and other concerns about whether we might see another surge. we don't want that and this would be one significant step forward in getting our country really in a better place. >> that being said, what you just said we hear what you're saying but parents who are hesitant about getting their kids vaccinated, they argue children are far less likely to get seriously ill from covid than adults, so perhaps a vaccine is not necessary for them. what do you say to those parents? >> i totally understand that and i think parents need to be listened to. they're usually pretty smart about their kids and i think there will be a lot of conversations going on between parents and pediatricians about this very issue but one shouldn't actually discount the fact kids can get sick with covid-19. sadly more than 700 children have died of covid since this pandemic began. kids can also get the long covid consequences. even though they might not have
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a severe case, it turns out some of them just don't seem to recover. they have the fatigue, the brain fog, makes it hard to function in school. so that's another reason to try to provide the protection. of course, the big question is is it safe? the data that will be discussed by the fda advisory committee looks good. >> can you discuss more about the data, because there is some argument that pediatric cases, there's no argument they're slowing down, that's the case but because that they are, some are feeling there may be no need for children to get vaccinated. what do you make of that? >> well, because it still is the case that lots of kids are getting infected especially with delta because it is so contagious, that's one more reason why i think it's going to be difficult in many instances to keep schools completely open. so dealing with the vaccination as a means of preventing that is going to be a good step forward. again, for a parent trying to figure out benefits versus risks, parents have dealt with other vaccinations for other
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diseases. this one in terms of the data and the data is all public looks really good. the effectiveness pfizer said 91% protection against symptomatic disease and the safety record looks really good. using about one-third the dose that you would for an adult, you get a really good immune response. >> one-third of the dose, parents have to keep that in mind. we are seeing encouraging signs heading into the holiday season. does this mean people will be able to celebrate the holidays relatively normal this time around? >> well, i sure hope so. i think halloween ought to be a lot of fun. mostly it will be outside which is good and thanksgiving and christmas and hanukkah coming up. again, i think a lot of families are trying to figure out if we're going to have a gathering, should we have some limits on being inside. unless everybody is vaccinated, let's be careful about that. these over-the-counter home tests are increasingly available. that's another thing families
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are considering doing. before getting together for the holidays shall maybe everybody get a test and make sure you're not the one who is carrying this virus without realizing it. that would be an added level of protection but i think we're all kind of ready to celebrate again and be with your families. i'm hoping to do that with mine. >> we hope you'll be able to do that. dr. collins, we appreciate your insight and advice. take care. thank you, sir. >> thanks, robin. great to be with you. >> michael? robin, now to that huge milestone for tesla. the electric automaker now valued at more than $1 trillion, but what's exciting people is the deal with rental car company hertz. janai norman is outside of a tesla showroom in brooklyn with how you could take a tesla for a spin. good morning, janai. >> reporter: michael, good morning. i'm sure a lot of people excited by what you just said. electric vehicle sales around the world are said to have skyrocketed 200% in the last year. now that big investment by hertz is making tesla a trillion dollar company but it's also making trying out tesla even easier. hertz electrifying its fleet and energizing tesla stock driving the automaker to top the
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trillion dollar market cap this morning joining the ranks of apple, microsoft, google and amazon as the rental car company bets big on battery power. >> investors are enthusiastic about the future and outlook for this company. they see almost unlimited future growth for electric vehicles coming from tesla. >> reporter: hertz barely out of bankruptcy filing chapter 11 last year, but rebounding with travel and a red hot rental car market helping them clear $5 billion in debt in securing billions more to reinvest. hertz ordering 100,000 tesla model 3s by the end of next year, a base price of $40,000 each adding up to more than $4 billion in revenue for tesla. stock shares soaring about 13% monday to record highs topping a thousand dollars and bulking up the net worth of tesla ceo elon
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musk by about $23.7 billion, making the world's richest man enricher. now worth by some estimates about $253 billion and hertz now teaming up with tom brady to showcase how it's making easy rentals fast, seamless and more accessible with the single largest order of electric vehicles ever. and elon musk tweeting overnight that the cars sold to hertz have had no discount. he says the company paid the same price as consumers. george? >> janai, thanks very much. we turn to a warning from microsoft accusing russian hackers of targeting the global technology supply chain. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: george, good morning. microsoft is warning that russian hackers are trying to infiltrate computers of companies tied to the worldwide supply chain that is already under stress. microsoft is offering this blunt assessment, quote, this recent
7:16 am
activity is another indicator that russia is trying to gain long-term systematic access to a variety of points in the technology supply chain. the apparent mission surveillance and developing future targets. microsoft suspects that the same russian hackrs who compromised scores of american companies last year and at least ten u.s. government agencies is behind this activity. but the white house appeared to downplay this recent russian effort saying that u.s. companies have easy fixes to mitigate such attacks. we'll see how this plays out. american consumers are already facing shortages and higher prices due to the slowdown in the supply chain. guys? >> as you said we'll see how it plays out. pierre, thank you for your reporting. now to the world series that begins tonight, tonight, tonight. many eyes on the diamond when the atlanta braves take on the houston astros. i got a good feeling about this one, t.j. yeah, it's going to be a good series. >> you know a world series is never short on story lines.
7:17 am
front and center will be the fact that the team that became the villain in baseball is now on the biggest stage in baseball. the houston astros have been in three of the past five world series, but it's the one in 2017 that got them the villain moniker because that is the season, and that's the postseason that they cheated. that sign-stealing scandal but here they are. there's a reason a lot still root for them. that guy, their manager brought in dusty baker to kind of right the ship. longtime manager. been around 25 years managing, never won a world series, hoping to get his first and braves on a heck of a run and they're the underdog. it starts tonight. >> i'm from houston. you'r in atlanta. what are we going to do? >> make a bet. can't bet a rich guy. >> oh, you better stop it. >> let's rethink that. >> how about dinner? >> dinner. >> something we both can afford. >> thank you, t.j. a lot more coming up on "gma," including the latest on the investigation of the fatal movie set shooting as authorities look into what happened, the moments leading up to alec baldwin pulling the trigger on a prop firearm.
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amazon's new strategy to save the holiday supply chain struggles. first back to rob. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the storms here came from the west coast. this is a shot from missouri. tornado damage there. the storm that's in the west now be getting to the plains tonight. that will bring more severe weather across tornado valley. time for your tuesday trivia sponsored by investco qqq.
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we need a show called commercial break conversation. we'll be right back.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. sue: out yesterday, and you are looking good pass to the coliseum p rehab a couple of problem spots, ever towards
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♪ and ages and races and faces and eye-ses. ♪ ♪ and caring for them all means ♪ ♪ we're doing healthier right. ♪ ♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ ♪ 'cause this is what healthier looks like. ♪ mike: our flood warning continues, threatening as far as over spilling banks as the residual moisture continues to flow through the tributaries. have showers today and this is the next six hours pretty can see pretty much this is a northbay event, rain less than a 10th of an inch so minor impacts, if any. we still have a high surf warning until 11:00 this morning. julian: coming up, new data tells after a deadly shooting on a movie set, the latest on the
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investigation this morning. will be back with another update in a few minutes. (sound of rain) ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ back here on "gma," derek dance floor last night on t - "dancing with the stars." horror night. partnering with his girlfriend and former pro dancer on the show performing the tango of the dead. derek is going to join us live in our next hour. >> might be a little worn out. >> i think so. i'm worn out watching it. following a lot of headlines including the powerful storm slamming the northeast, new jersey and new york under states of emergency. millions on high alert for flash floods. gas prices have increased every day for the past 27 days
7:31 am
and the current national average is at $3.38 a gallon according to aaa. they said it's due to higher demand and elevated crude prices. and the queen is back to work. 95-year-old monarch carried out virtual audiences from windsor castle. these are her first royal engagements since she was ordered by doctors to rest after her overnight stay at the hospital and canceled trip to northern ireland. take a look at this. countdown to halloween, pumpkin university. hundreds of glowing jack-o'-lanterns, everyone there, of course, is getting in the spirit this week. and we've got a lot more ahead including why the better business bureau is urging caution. what you need to know if you're trying to get more miles out of your car when it comes to repairs and coverage. >> a lot of folks are doing that, trying to get the most they can. >> as they should.
7:32 am
>> all coming up, michael. the investigation into the fatal shooting on a new mexico film set. production on alec baldwin's film, "rust," has halted indefinitely after he accidentally shot and killed a cinematographer and sent the director to the hospital. officials now searching to find out what went wrong. kaylee hartung is in santa fe with more. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. a search warrant has led authorities here to obtain three revolvers, a couple boxes of ammunition and several spent casings from that film set and while we continue to ask the question what safety guidelines were or were not following, this morning we're learning this is not the first time that the crew member responsible for safety on that set had a breach in protocol. this morning, investigators are trying to piece together a clearer picture about what happened on the set of alec baldwin's film, "rust." resulting in the death of cinematographer halyna hutchins. now a past allegation emerging about assistant director dave halls who authorities say unknowingly handed alec baldwin a gun with live rounds. a producer for a movie called "freedom's path" tells abc news, halls was fired from that set back in 2019 when another prop
7:33 am
gun unexpectedly discharged causing a minor injury to a crew member. abc news reached out for a comment from halls regarding this past incident, but has not heard back. the head of the department calling out to producers on the "rust" set in a post writing out he believes hitutchins" death w the fault of negligence and unprofessionalism. according to search warrants issued for the "rust" film set, this tragic shooting happened as baldwin was preparing for a scene in this church and was handed a gun by halls who yelled cold gun to indicate it wasn't loaded. baldwin was practicing drawing his weapon pointing the revolver towards the camera lens, standing behind it were hutchins and the director joel souza who was shot in the shoulder. >> we need some help. our director and camera woman has been shot. >> reporter: no charges have been filed, and investigators have not placed blame on any individual for the shooting and continue interviewing cast and crew members while seizing ammunition and firearms from the set. the production is now paused according to producers until the
7:34 am
investigation is complete. on instagram alec baldwin's wife hilaria saying her heart is with halyna hutchins, her family and her husband. no words to express the heart ache. in the aftermath of the tragedy a california state senator intending to introduce legislation in hutchins' honor that would ban live ammunition from movie sets in that state. >> i think it should change the way guns are used on the set. >> reporter: bruce lee's daughter shannon knows all too well the pain of losing a loved one on a movie set. as a result of accidental gunfire her brother brandon was tragically shot and killed by a prop gun while filming "the crow" in 1993 and says there are other ways to pull off action in films without the danger. "mare of easttown" serving as an example. gunfire seen in the hbo mini series all digital. >> film sets are make believe. there is no reason for real guns to be involved in that. there are amazing prop masters and set decorators and special effects people that can make
7:35 am
this sort of movie magic happen without putting people in the way of danger. >> reporter: we're told investigators hope to get a judge to sign off on additional search warrants later today. we've been warned this will be a long investigation. we expect to hear from the d.a. and the sheriff leading the case here tomorrow. michael? >> all right, kaylee, thank you so much for that. now to the major shipping wars and supply chain delays already affecting holiday season shopping. this morning, amazon is rolling out a new strategy to help you get your gifts on time. transportation correspondent gio benitez has more from amazon's air fleet in atlanta. good morning, gio. >>reporter: hey there, michael. good morning to you. yeah, amazon says it's been prepping for this holiday season since january. this right here take a look is a fulfillment cent er here in atlanta. every day it moves hundreds of thousands of packages. come the holiday, it will double
7:36 am
that. this morning, amazon says it's ready for what could be the biggest and most challenging holiday shopping season ever. >> we've added airplanes. we've added trailers. we've added trucks. we've added vans. >> reporter: and now amazon says it needs to hire 150,000 seasonal workers. even offering sign-on bonuses up to $3,000. >> we spend the full year thinking about how do we get ready for the holiday season? this year especially and with the pandemic it's been more challenging than most. >> reporter: as ships wait weeks to unload off the coast of california, amazon says it has increased its ports of entry by 50% while doubling its ability to process containers. the company also looking to move more by air. amazon also says it'll expand its fleet of amazon cargo planes like this one to 85 later this season. those planes expected in the air by christmas. >> we've got options for the planners and procrastinators and so we're going to be delivering up until the evening of december
7:37 am
24th. >> reporter: the company creating its own supply chain of sorts over the years to shed reliance on shipping services like fedex and u.p.s. now, believe it or not both u.p.s. and amazon say that they do not expect delays this holiday season but we've said it before, we'll say it again, experts saying you should still order those holiday gifts early. guys? >> as soon as you can. thanks, gio. coming up next with new cars in short supply many are holding on to the ones they have looking to a service contract before something goes wrong. but is it worth the money? - [adam] i left the military with a traumatic brain injury. i came home to fight depression, anxiety, and alcohol. - [announcer] as america's veterans face challenges, dav is there. - [adam] i'm adam greathouse, army veteran. - [announcer] dav helps veterans get the benefits they've earned. - [adam] with dav's help, i've built a new life for myself. - [announcer] with the right support, more veterans can reach victories great and small. - [adam] my victory is just experiencing life. - [announcer] support more victories for veterans.
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we are back with a new consumer study about vehicle service contracts. with new cars in short supply and used car prices soaring you may try to get more out of your car but a new study finds an increase in complaints about some of these policies. the better business bureau is urging caution. becky worley has the details. good morning, becky. >> reporter: good morning, george. if your car's warranty runs out you can buy an extended warranty from a third party company called a vehicle service contract and it's meant to cover repairs your car might need. the industry expected to grow by billions of dollars, but the better business bureau reporting some customers aren't getting the coverage they expected. >> usu >> call my friends at car shield. they pay for expensive car repairs so you don't have to.
7:42 am
>> reporter: ice-t promoting contracts with car shield. the better business bureau saying the number of customer complaints against companies in the industry's st. louis hub tripling over a three-year period. >> consumers are trying to buy the peace of mind, but in reality what consumers are telling the better business bureau is they're buying headaches of car repairs they have to pay for not covered under the contract. >> reporter: the better business bureau study listed misleading mailers, high pressure sales pitches and denial or delay of repairs customers expected would be covered. of the companies listed in the report, car shield had the most complaints with 1,617. erica clark says she paid more than $3,000 for a vehicle service contract from car shield for her truck. >> my first claim went smoothly. it was just an ac condenser. >> reporter: but a few years later her truck needed a new transmission and that car shield didn't pay the claim for weeks. the single working mother at times having to bike to get groceries and get to her job as a special ed teacher. >> they were nicely going around
7:43 am
everything they could to deny me. paperwork, maintenance, a copy of my title. they wanted all kinds of things and at this point i kind of felt harassed. >> after she complained to the better business bureau she said car shield fixed her truck at no extra cost. we spoke to car shield about erica's case. she says she felt harassed and that you were trying to do whatever you could to deny her claim. wat's your reaction to that? >> i do think that it took three or four weeks to get that repair completed but in the middle of the pandemic where you can't buy a new car, you can't find a mechanic to fix a car, you can't get parts. >> reporter: we asked about their f rating with the better business bureau and customers' complaints about not covering repairs and delayed processing claims. >> whatever it is that they're referencing is such a small infinitesimal amount it's not representative of the interactions our consumers are having with car shield on a daily basis.
7:44 am
since the pandemic started in march of '20 we've done 150,000 claims that we've taken care of, paid out 160 million some odd dollars in claims. >> reporter: car shield now suing the better business bureau alleging it's interfering with the company's contracts with misrepresentations of fact and causing irreparable harm to its reputation. >> car shield is suing you. what's the bbb's response? >> we're vigorously denying claims and look forward to sharing our story which is the story of thousands of consumers when this case finally comes to court. >> reporter: the better business bureau says read the vehicle service contracts thoroughly before signing. look for complaints or ratings online and do the math. do the payments and the possible payouts make sense? >> what if you are in the market to buy is car, what should you be thinking about? >> reporter: if you have an older car, people are holding them for longer. remember, this is an insurance policy against repairs. you might be better off paying into a rainy day savings account
7:45 am
to use it if you ever need a big repair and if you don't end up needing it for your old car, that new car you're talking about buying, you might have a down payment for it. >> there you go. becky, thank you. coming up later, advice from top online influencers on beating social media burnout. coming up next, we have our "play of the day." ♪ ♪ (car horns) what's going on...? jake from state farm! the perp just confessed. i think... i don't know. uh... what? oh, i can't afford streaming anymore. so... here we are. don't give up what you love. state farm has options to personalize your policies, so you get a rate that fits your budget. oh, that's great. jake: mmm hmm subtitles would be nice! for surprisingly great rates that fit any budget... like a good neighbor, state farm is there. call or click to get a quote today.
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back now with our "play of the day" and backstreet's back in garden city, michigan. take a look. he lights up his neighborhood for the holidays starting with the halloween. ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ >> singing pumpkins. ♪ back street's back ♪ ♪ rock your body right ♪ >> rock your body right. ♪ backstreet's back, all right ♪ >> we can't wait to see what he has set up for christmas. >> i bet his neighbors think the same thing. >> interesting, george. we're right there. right there. coming up why this year could be the most expensive thanksgiving ever. and fresh off "dancing's" horror night, derek hough live right here in times square. come on back. ♪ welcome back to "gma" where
7:50 am
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when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle.
7:53 am
perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start. welcome back to "gma" where >> reporter: welcome back to "gma" where the rain keeps coming down as the wind is picking up. this storm is going coast to coast. let's show you what's going on on the west coast with that atmospheric river with snow levels paralyzing the county. three feet of snow shutting down i-80 over donner pass and mt. rose not too far away getting three feet. look at that. they're thinking about opening up early as well they should. that's good news after last season. south lake tahoe 7,000 feet in elevation had plenty of snow too looking more like a winter wonderland. everything is plowing inland so look for a foot or more of snow in the rockies.
7:54 am
and at least in the south, low levels of humidity, still worried about fire danger across parts of the southern mountains, in southern california, 3 to 6 inches of snow expected, maybe in park city. coming up on "gma," dr. jen ashton will be here to answer your questions about covid vaccines for your kids and the side effects. this weathercast sponsored by horizon therapeutics. by horizon therapeutics. your local news and weather is by horizon therapeutics. your local news and weather is (sound of rain) ♪ ♪ ♪ every home should be a haven. ikea.
7:55 am
>> announcer: "gma" next week, >> announcer: "gma" next week, you'll want to turn up your volume. wednesday morning, get ready for the wanted. then friday, the one and only darius rucker performs for you. ♪ save my masterpiece ♪ >> announcer: only on "good mrning america" sponsored by carmax. "good morning america" is sponsored by lincoln and the power of sanctuary.
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. at traffic. sue: let's take a look at the drivetime. it gives you a heads up on what's going on. one hour and 40 five minutes westbound into hercules. we've got a motorcycle down near port chicago highway. it is in the clearing phases, it is a nasty commute this morning. mike: it is so quiet compared to yesterday. i am watching a few very random and light showers. that's going to be the case throughout the day. as we look at future radar, it's mainly across the north bay. sunnier and warmer tomorrow, on the chance of wet weather saturday morning and monday.
7:57 am
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good morning, americ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. state of emergency. new jersey and new york on high alert for flash floods with a nor'easter bearing down right now. millions of americans bracing for dangerous conditions at this hour. we're tracking it all. kids and the covid vaccine. as the fda gets ready for their big decision, the big questions from parents this morning. dr. ashton is here with what you need to know. ♪ beating the burnout. ahead of a safety hearing on capitol hill with tiktok, youtube and snapchat, this morning the world's top influencers weigh in when it comes to too much time on social media. what they're saying about stepping away from your screen. ♪ this is what i live for ♪ together in pink. meet the men with breast cancer. >> i'm a thriver.
8:01 am
>> i am a thriver. >> sharing their stories. >> when we see something, say something, feel something, share. >> pushing more men to take charge of their health. >> if my story touches one person, and it saves a life of even one person then it makes it all worth it. >> their powerful messages for everyone. ♪ you spin me right round ♪ a thrilling night it the ballroom. derek hough is live on "gma" after that terrifyingly terrific tango breaking down spin after spin after spin. nba star iman shumpert stunning the crowd on horror night with a perfect score. we're screaming for more and as we say, good morning, america. ♪ good morning, america. hope you're doing well. we are looking forward to talking to derek hough. >> we sure are.
8:02 am
do you know the shuebachs? >> very well. >> yeah, me too. that's what amy robach and her husband andrew shue call their family. they're here to talk about "better together" all about the strength of a blended family. they are here to talk about their children's book better together. they do that so well. >> beautifully blended family they are. but first we begin with the first big nor'easter of the season. torrential rain slamming new york and new jersey right now. millions are on alert more life-threatening flash floods, we're already hearing reports of water rescues. back to rob tracking the latest. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, robin. new jersey especially we've had reports of three to four inches of rainfall. rainfall rates about half an inch to an inch per hour that has sparked some much needed water rescues in that part of the tri-state area. in brooklyn you see from this live shot, heavy rainfall there, snarling traffic and not going to get better over the next several hours. coastal flooding is going to be an issue too. big waves coming in from the new jersey shore. there's your surfline camera and storm watchers braving the
8:03 am
elements. as you mentioned our first real nor'easter of the season transferring energy from the inland low to coastal low and high wind alerts from outside washington, d.c., all the way up to eastern massachusetts. boston to the cape, look at this. tonight, we could see winds gusting over 50, 60, maybe 70 miles per hour and certainly with the ground saturated and the trees still with their leaves on them we'll see some power outages for sure. prep for that and prep for the possibility of seeing flooding because it is coming down right now. george? >> it sure is. rob, thanks very much. we turn to the latest on the pandemic. an fda advisory panel set to meet this morning to consider recommending the pfizer vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. let's go back to erielle reshef. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. that major step toward getting younger kids vaccinated could be just hours away as the fda panel meets today to vote on pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11. regulators are expected to authorize those pediatric doses
8:04 am
then the cdc likely to sign off sometime later next week, possibly giving the official green light for shots to go into arms by the end of next week. a pfizer study of 2,200 children showed its two-shot vaccine is nearly 91% effective against symptomatic infection with only mild short-lived side effects. the pfizer dose for 5 to 11-year-olds is one-third of the adult dose. in another promising sign moderna now says its vaccines for 6 to 11-year-olds produce strong immune response. nearly 1 1/2 times the antibodies seen in adults. that study included more than 4,700 children. the company said it will soon submit its data to the fda. michael? >> thank you, erielle. americans are bracing for what could be the most expensive thanksgiving ever. the holiday is just over four weeks away. if you're hosting, the supply chain strain and other factors are contributing to price hikes on everything from the dessert spread to the cost of the
8:05 am
turkey. the cost of the bird might hit a record high. good year to have a potluck. you're coming to my house to eat? you're bringing something. coming up, more on kids and the vaccine. dr. ashton here to answer your questions about your children and the shot. also this morning, beating the social media burnout. top influencers share their advice on how to overcome it. rachael ray tells us about losing her home in a fire and where she's building a new one. here she is in our studio. she did all that during the pandemic. great to see her. much more with rach. she's here live. we'll be right back. ♪ is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it.
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8:10 am
hi, i'm from gainesville, georgia, and i'm a thriver. >> good morning, america. i'm a thriver. >> happy breast cancer awareness month. let's make a difference. ♪ i'm gonna stand by you ♪ >> let's do just that. welcome back to "gma." glad to have you with us. so happy to hear from those men, the people with breast cancer who we rarely hear about. well, this morning we will have more stories from male breast cancer thrivers just ahead. >> i'm looking forward to that. i have a connection to that as well. we turn to our "gma" cover story. with the fda's independent vaccine advisory committee, they're already getting ready to meet later today and vote on whether to authorize the vaccine for 5 to 11-year-olds. dr. ashton is here now to answer questions directly from parents. >> i love this. >> doc, let's get straight to it. our first question from rachel in chicago. >> my kids are little and i am wondering if i can give them the covid vaccine and a flu shot at the same time once the vaccine is available. >> short answer to that question is, yes, you can. we've heard from the cdc for
8:11 am
both children and adults, you can get those two on the same day in the same setting. part of this is not just science. it's also logistics. sometimes people can't get two different appointments. kind of a big deal to go and get the shots. medically, scientifically there are different types of vaccines. no data to suggest the side effect range is higher when you get two shots in one day. children often get more than one vaccination in one day. >> surprise answer. great question there. our next question comes from twitter. the twitter user beth and her question is how do we know what the side effects are for kids under 12? do we know how they compare to adults? >> this goes back to the purpose of the clinical trials. they were looking at efficacy and safety and safety was paramount. what they found in those clinical trials is the side effects for children very similar for what they are for adults and younger teens.
8:12 am
let's look at the side effects. first of all, headache, fatigue, very, very common, injection site pain or redness that lasts a day or two. these are common. we should expect them. the more rare side effects, fever above 100.4, chills, that happens about one out of every ten cases. mild myocarditis, extremely rare, generally treated with motrin or advil and importantly when you talk about that risk of myocarditis, the risk of that with natural covid infection much, much higher. so you've heard cdc, american academy of pediatrics say clearly the benefits outweigh the risks. >> okay, and our next question comes from jamie lynn who is also on twitter who says, my child will be closer to 12 than they are to 11 by the time the vaccine comes out. does that mean they'll need a full dose rather than the smaller dose that pfizer tested on kids? >> that's a really good question, wow. >> this is an excellent question and brings up two sayings that doctors learn all the way back in medical school. number one, children are not little adults. and, number two, the right dose of anything is the dose that
8:13 am
works. so even if you have a big 11-year-old let's say who might be on the border between getting into the 12 plus category, really stick within the ranges set forth by these clinical trial guidelines. they are there for a reason. that's what's been tested. obviously if you have any questions, speak to your child's health care provider. >> about a third of what an adult -- >> it's a third for pfizer and if or when moderna gets authorized, it will be a half of the dose. again, it's not just one size fits all and have heard dr. francis collins say it wasn't just about the dose tested in the age group but about the efficacy. >> doc, always great. thanks for your advice. dr. ashton will be answering more of your questions on her instagram page. robin? >> and on "gma3." >> that's right. >> "what you need to know." >> thank you, robin. we turn now to our together in pink series with our breast cancer awareness month with a look at how it affects a group of people not usually associated
8:14 am
with the condition. we're talking about men. the american cancer society suggests there will be nearly 3,000 newly diagnosed cases of invasive breast cancer in men this year alone. we met the thrivers coming out of the shadows to spread awareness. ♪ >> reporter: although male breast cancer may be rare -- >> my name is mark and i'm a thriver. >> good morning, america. i am a thriver. >> reporter: -- it can be severe. roughly out of every 100 breast cancers diagnosed is found in a man. >> that's still a whole lot of people. for those individuals it's extremely important for their lives. >> reporter: meet thriver kenneth todd nelson. >> i have continued to tell the story to help save lives. >> reporter: at 34 his life turned upside down after an unexpected moment at a routine allergy checkup. >> he happened to ask is there anything else going on and i happened to mention the small bump. he said i think you're okay but let's get it checked out. everything completely stopped.
8:15 am
>> reporter: while facing stage 2 breast cancer, kenneth kept his condition private at first. >> you go into this room with all these ladies and you're the only guy, that does something psychologically to you. for me it was a stigma associated with it. >> kenneth is extremely brave and wants to help everyone, protect everyone. that's what he does with that loving heart and spirit of his. >> many men we've seen will ignore a lump in their breast for months to years and that increases the chance of the cancer cells spreading to other parts of the body. when it happens, cure is much less likely. >> reporter: for michael, he was told if he didn't have a mastectomy he'd only have one year to live. >> i need to get well and beat this. i need -- i need to be around for my wife and my son. >> reporter: in recovery with loved ones by his side michael's journey ahead includes pushing more men to take charge of their health.
8:16 am
>> i realize the importance of being proactive and going for screening and going for testing because it may be the difference between life and death. >> i don't know of any other man that would be able to get through that and come out better. ♪ >> reporter: both kenneth and michael now working with the male breast cancer coalition to break the stigma. >> we're taught to be tough, to be quiet when we go through things. that's the opposite of what we need to do. when we see something, say something, feel something, share. >> reporter: and raise awareness that men can get breast cancer too. >> if my story touches one person then it makes it all worth it. >> we really appreciate them sharing their stories like this and, michael, it hits close to home for both of us. my brother butch had breast cancer, thankfully he's doing well. >> and my brother gene had male breast cancer as well. he's doing well but knowing what he went through, seeing how
8:17 am
tough it was on him i went and got the test that checks and makes sure you're -- it came back negative so i'm very happy. it checked for mutations but it was scary because when you know someone in your family you're a little scared about it for yourself. it is worth it to do it. i'm so happy i did it. >> scarier to have it and not know you have it as opposed to >> absolutely. >> get checked if you can. >> that's it. >> important story right there. we move to social media burnout. even some of the biggest influencers now say they feel it from too much time online so sharing tips about how to put your phone down more often. ashan singh has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. in a recent story showing young adults who use more than 300 minutes a day were three times more likely to become depressed. we checked in to see how they're dealing with anxiety and burnout. this morning, executives from tiktok, youtube and snapchat are set to testify on capitol hill at a hearing on the safety of
8:18 am
social media for kids. the issue, gaining the spotlight after "the wall street journal" reported on facebook's internal research that found its instagram app could be harmful to a teenager's mental health. >> they're often seeking validation, identity formation based on what they're posting on social media platforms. >> i feel like this is a good one. >> reporter: for 17-year-old influencer brooklyn webb with over 9.8 million followers on tiktok social engagement online has taken an emotional toll. >> it definitely was an addicting feeling and i had to keep going and going because i didn't want to take a break because then just one day off is a day of engagement gone. >> the mental health does take a backseat for you. >> yeah, i think i have at some points where i've laid in bed and straight deleted the app, turned off my phone and said good nite. >> reporter: a recent survey shows younger generations are most affected by burnout these days with 59% of millennials and
8:19 am
58% of gen-zers saying they've experienced burnout this year and social media and screen time are to blame. >> this is my vlog camera. >> reporter: according to alicia marie, with over 10 million combined followers on youtube and instagram, the secret to avoiding social media burnout is not complicated. it all boils down to using it a lot less. >> i was so sure people were going to be mad. i got a lot of comments that said it seems like you're not into it anymore. i wish you the best. very supportive. i was crying reading all the comments. >> reporter: for zach king known for his mind-bending magic tricks to over 45 million followers it's all about knowing when to step away. >> maybe your phone is off after 5:00 p.m. maybe you're not on it. i think there is a lot of benefits of having your audience right there at the fingertips but it can be destructive if that's what you're always thinking about, creating more. >> guys, while all of the influencers said they are still very much beholden to the
8:20 am
algorithm all of these apps suggest asking for help using time limits and app limits will help them out. george? >> that makes a lot of sense. you'll have more on the hearing on capitol hill and how influencers are reacting tonight on "nightline." let's go to rob. >> reporter: hey, george. hope you're not burned out from the nor'easters because we're just getting started. in advance of that we had moisture running and colder air across new england. this is the result. not open for skiing but got a dusting of snow as things began to get started with this nor'easter which will crank up later today and tonight with wind. the rain is the big story this morning. we've already seen flash flooding and water rescues across northern new jersey and street flooding will be a problem for the next several hours before it begins to turn into more of a wind event. that's a check of what's happening in the northeast.
8:21 am
all right, folks. buckle up. ♪ we are family ♪ >> they are family. amy and her husband andrew shue, the couple has teamed up to write their first children's book. "better together," which is inspired by their own blended family story. good to see you both and lay my eyes on you, andrew. haven't seen you in a while. >> we miss you. >> we miss you and our dinners together. has it been ten years? >> yes, well, it's been 11 years actually. but who's counting? 11 years married. >> it's been a lifetime. >> okay.
8:22 am
this is the book. this is a beautiful, beautiful book. when you two got together, five children between the two of you, ages 3 to 13. >> correct. >> tell us where this comes from. >> you know, we waited to write the book until now honestly because we wanted to make sure it worked. that's how hard it is to blend a family and the statistics will show more than 70% of families who have stepchildren or other children from other marriages in the home fail and there's a reason why. it's hard to lean into other people's ways of doing things and to say -- to let go of what you think is right or you think is best and have that compromise that supersedes any compromise i've ever had to do before. being a stepmother has been the most challenging job i've ever taken on but it's been the most rewarding. now that we can reflect and look back. >> you hear negative like the wicked stepmother. >> exactly. >> that stereotype. >> it matters because there's just this feeling of trepidation going into it like what are we doing?
8:23 am
it was through those tough times that created the bonds that we now share today with each other and it's my proudest accomplishment. >> yeah. >> it made you all the shuebachs. what did you learn from the children? >> they taught us to accept and to not judge and to be curious and -- i'm sounding like ted lasso. [ laughter ] that is true. to be open and they really made us be more trusting because we just saw them really open up and we would have snowball fights and i feel like i added a lot of sports. >> soccer. >> soccer, teamwork and they jumped in and they loved the family element. we had to get over the trust thing and once we did that -- >> it was the parenting we had to work out. the kids figured it out pretty early on. your middle guy and my oldest fell asleep on top of each other and i was like, there it is. that's why it all worked. it's just beautiful. >> kids are so resilient. >> they really are.
8:24 am
>> especially going through something like this and coming together like that. so what is your advice? >> well, be prepared to go to therapy and that really is my advice because we had to get some professional help to work through the co-parenting thing. it is not an easy thing to do and to be willing to be vulnerable, to open your mind and your heart and to say, okay, how can we find a path together? and how can we be a team? you know, because you come into it with two teams, you know, team squirrelly, team chipmunks and you have to make it the mcsquirrellys. >> team of boys, team of girls. how was that? >> i loved having -- i was like the fun uncle but having girls and being able to connect emotionally and have those conversations and they were so open to me too. it was incredible. you think about what's going on in the country right now too and we really believe this is like one of those moments where all of us have to try to accept each other and realize that our way is not the right way and the
8:25 am
blending thing really is important. you need both elements when you find those elements. >> so what do the kids think of the book? >> they love it. the only thing they're upset about is that there aren't five -- we have four. it was a more even number so all trying to say who is who. that's me. no, that's me. but they're excited to share and to see the adventures of the mcsquirrellys perhaps grow from here because we have a lot of stories based in real life, competing lemonade stands that we dealt with with the kids. they are our lessons learned throughout the years. >> i love how you have your individual time with the kids. wasn't always all together. you both traveled a lot so you got alone time. that helped. >> that was crucial because i think building the one-on-one relationships is so important. when you don't know each other it's hard to trust each other. when you get to know each other is when you can love each other. >> when you're in the trenches. >> did you bring any biscuits, ted lasso? come on. evoke ted, bring the biscuits.
8:26 am
>> she doesn't let me eat sugar. >> there, wow. wow. >> oh, you too? >> there you go. >> kidding. i don't eat sugar. >> this is the book. thank you both for sharing this and love what you both said. "better together," it is out today. coming up, rach, rachael ray joins us live in times square. come on back. >> announcer: "gma" next week you'll want to turn up your volume. first wednesday morning, get ready for the wanted. then friday, the one and only darius rucker performs for you. ♪ only on "good morning america" sponsored by carmax. ♪ only on "good morning america" sponsored by carmax.
8:27 am
checking in for a look at traffic. >> it is busy. let's us at port chicago in the concord area. we had a motorcycle down. it is clearing, but you are looking at a one hour commute. just past 87, and accident
8:28 am
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coming up. that is at 9:00 on abc seven. >> a look at some issues with green valley creek. attentional flooding through 11:00. light, scattered showers in santa rosa. this storm is a mean to be in the north bay. tomorrow, we increase the sunshine and warmth. we hold that through friday. chance of wet weather early
8:30 am
saturday morning, monday, but looking dry for halloween on sunday. >> ♪ shining ♪ no matter who you are ♪ welcome back, everybody. we are so excited to have the one and only rachael ray here live in the studio with us this morning. >> yay. >> well, we've seen you cook countless meals on food network and on your talk show as well and now she's out with her 27th book, 27 books on personal essays and recipes called "this must be the place." rachael, welcome back to "gma." now the applause. [ applause ] >> whoo! >> now, you wrote this book last year while you were living at your house upstate during the pandemic.
8:31 am
why did you pick the title "this must be the place"? >> it's from one of my favorite songs called "home" and the book is about what home means to each of us. once we went home and had to start filming from there we lost our privacy as a small family. my husband, myself and at the time isaboo then we lost isaboo, our beloved dog for over 15 years and that was a whole process and then we lost our home of 15 years. it burned completely down and into the ground and we had to re-evaluate, you know, everything in our lives. john and i now all this time later have made over 200 shows just the two of us. we have bellaboo and moved into your guest house and what we found was gratitude, what it is to be at home. do you have life, a livelihood,
8:32 am
a roof over your head. look at what you have, not what you don't have and that's where home is. if you have people that care and that was part of the process too, just sharing back with people that we got so many letters and so much love and became more intimate with the viewing audience too, that they really -- it was a beautiful kind of circle of life sort of vibe and i wanted to write about that. it's the only time in my 53 years the entire planet has lived through the same thing at the same time and all of us experience the it in different ways but we went through all these different emotions and all of these different life cycles in such a short time. plus i wanted to catalog the work. there's only 125 recipes in the book but i turned in more than 300 in a year and, you know, so that's really what it is. it's a catalog of that and a
8:33 am
very positive book actually. it sounds really a downer that our house burned but it's about a celebration of life. >> thank you for opening your home to us. it was very comforting this past year to see you and john and how he was scurrying about. >> yeah, talking about all of your projects and we feel like we're visiting, right? >> exactly but tell people where you are in the rebuilding process. >> well, the house upstate is done. i can't believe in a little over a year. the house burned on august 9th. by september of this year the structure is there. we still got to put stuff in it but we're hoping in the next couple of weeks we can show everybody, you know, that we've come back. it won't be the same. it never will. the things that you lose -- like when i finally figured out i lost my home, it was 3:00 in the morning days later.
8:34 am
when i realized i lost all of my mom's letters to me and she has very bad macular degeneration and it's very hard for her to write anything now and when i realized i lost that, that's when i got really upset. i was problem solving until then the first few days and then it hits you. for john it happened on his birthday which was ten days after our house burned down. he just got overwhelmed, you know. it's so weird the way your mind tries to protect you and build up little walls and stuff but it was -- it was a really beautiful thing to be working from home because so many people reached out to us and we felt that love and concern and that's another reason i really wanted to put it -- well, on paper. >> it turned out to be a beautiful thing, but i read that you dreaded it as well. was it because of that loss of
8:35 am
privacy? >> well, just getting inside the front door and realizing in order for us to finish what is now over a season ago -- like it's 200 shows ago -- meant that we were going to lose the last bit of privacy we had. like obviously unscripted and kind of a kooky show but we always had our quiet private time at home and when we realized well, we can't finish the show unless we do it from here and john is not a crew or camera person of any kind. so there was a giant learning curve there. so not only were we losing like the last bit of our private life but there were hurdles, let's say, to people doing over 200 episodes by themselves in the woods. >> we're glad you let us in. te one thing -- and i've been on your show multiple times and the one thing that upset me about not going to your studio it has the best food you will ever have and it's gourmet. when you come in to explain what
8:36 am
you're eating -- i'm like really? >> that's the worst thing about being back in the studio. they won't let us feed anybody because of the restrictions. >> upsets me too. here's a bag of chips and some bubble gum. rachael, we appreciate you. >> you're a dear. >> it is so wonderful to see your three beautiful faces. >> congratulations on book number 27. whoa. >> thank you for having me. >> rachael's new book "this must be the place" comes out november 9th. see new episodes of her "italian dream home" streaming on facebook watch every tuesday. check it out. coming up, we have some of the scariest cities in the country. all part of our holiday haunt here on "gma." here on
8:37 am
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good morning, everybody. again, it is the wind picking up >> reporter: good morning, everybody, again. the wind is picking up here in the northeast. a shot off the end of the world as they say in montauk. thank you for that action. it will only get more active. guess what, hurricane center has her eye on this as well. coastal low with infused energy. 50% chance of it becoming a tropical storm or sub tropical storm. here are our
8:40 am
now it's time to turn up the now it's time to turn up the terror. haunted houses are all the rage this time of the year. this morning we're thinking bigger. there are entire cities known for their spirit sightings and paranormal activity, so we sent victor oquendo to tampa. one of the most haunted cities in america to check it out because he knew he could handle it. good morning, victor. >> reporter: not so sure about that but i'll try. good morning, michael. we are outside the 95-year-old tampa theater. just take a look at the marquee. it is beautiful but looks can be deceiving. legend has it this place is haunted. just one reason why tampa is one of the scariest cities in america. from the battlegrounds of gettysburg where ghost soldiers from the civil war grip the hallowed grounds to savannah, an early 1800s hotel, now a brewery, serving all kinds of
8:41 am
spirits, like the lady in white who never checked out. to new orleans, that creeps are rare. leave a treat at this woman's tomb and she'll make your dreams come true. this paranormal investigator says ghosts are no illusion, and america is haunted. >> the lights have started flickering and they have never done that before. could it be a ghost? i'm not sure. >> reporter: newport home to a 43,000 square foot mansion currently on the market for 29 million bucks, ghosts included, leaving some potential buyers petrified. >> elements of the architecture were taken from chapels from milan and france that are hundreds of years old. i have had experiences here by playing organ music in the room and it caused activity to happen. we had a door slam. we heard voices. >> reporter: if halloween had a capital, it would be salem. >> you can't walk through salem without feeling something eerie going on there. >> reporter: most known for its witch trials in the late 1600
8:42 am
where hundreds of poor souls perished. they say their ghosts are a permanent fixture in town. >> it's not just a matter of finding a building and seeing if it's haunted. you just can't go there without feeling what happened there in the past. >> reporter: and we have moved inside the theater. this is where paranormal picked up on all kinds of activity, including the ghosts of former employees like the projectionist. employees say when they're in that room alone, they'll feel a tap on their shoulder or even smell his very distinct lilac aftershave and then there was this die-hard film fan. he would apparently sit right here and his ghost has been seen wearing a fedora in seat 308. i'll sit in 307. no chance of getting in that one, michael, robin. >> don't be scared, victor. >> don't be scared. better you than me. >> reporter: i'm getting out of
8:43 am
this seat as soon as i toss it back to you. >> i bet. thank you. >> i had no idea. a lot of time in tampa and had no idea it was haunted. now may never go back. thank you so much for that, victor. now we go to george. we're getting back to basics right now. it's all about pasta. we're joined by missy robbins, author of a new book, "pasta: the spirit and craft of italy's greatest food, with recipes." you don't have an italian name, but what drew you in? >> i love to say i have an italian soul. maybe not italian by birth but i just fell in love with the craft of it and the history of it and the culture of it and, you know, italy has these 20 regions and you go to these 20 regions and 20 different cuisines and endless amounts of pasta dishes, sauces, shapes, types of flour, everything and it's an endless education, i think, is what drew me in. >> today we're making spaghetti a la puttanesca. tell us about the sauce. >> this is just a flavor bomb. it's got tomato, caper, olive,
8:44 am
garlic, anchovy and i think it's about just building these flavors and you've got a little saltiness, brininess and i don't know, deliciousness. >> when it comes to the pasta itself you say you've got to start with the right water. >> yeah, very important. so always really salty water. >> really salty. >> i think people get scared and they say, oh, my god, i don't want to put salt in my water. my sauce has salt but the salt is what's giving your flavor to the actual pasta and it absorbs into it and you can't get that flavor in the pasta just from the sauce. >> you've got the tomatoes, capers, anchovies. >> anchovy, and anchovy i think is another thing, people are really scared of them. anchovies are meant to build flavor. they're not fishy. they're not -- >> just add that depth. >> they add depth and they add a
8:45 am
little salt and they add this sort of mystery to your food that really elevates it. we've got tomato paste in here which adds a little depth and then we've got a little bit -- these are san marzano tomatoes and normally you let it cook for about 20, 20 minutes and then the end your olives go in which we've already done here. >> right. >> in our finished sauce, olives and capers and put them in toward the end, they are salty and you don't want them to just kind of go forever in the sauce. >> now comes time to plate everything and i'm learning something for the first time. i always use a colander. >> never do that. >> tell us why. >> you want the starchy water. you want that -- you flavored it with salt. so that has flavor. you also have starch in it which gives some viscosity to your sauce. >> take the tongs and put them right in there. >> right into the sauce. >> ooh.
8:46 am
>> and lastly is what we love to call the marriage ceremony. you often see people, you know, doing pasta where they're putting sauce on top of the pasta. you want to marry your sauce and pasta. that pasta, you want the sauce to absorb and never be afraid to add a little extra of your salted water to the sauce. as it's absorbing, you want to keep your pasta moving too while you're finishing this marriage. >> okay. then to put it there on the plate. >> nice job, george. >> there you go. >> very nice. >> a little sauce on top. missy, thank you so much for coming in. >> you're welcome. >> this recipe available on pick up "pasta: the spirit and craft of italy's greatest food, with recipes" in book stores now. derek hough is next.
8:47 am
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back now on "gma" with that wild night on "dancing with the stars." we spoke with "real housewife" kenya moore after she and her partner brandon armstrong said good-bye to the ballroom. >> i started this journey at 50 years old. i mean i have been the best dancer but i had the biggest heart here and i just want to tell people never ever give up on your dreams. just never give up because they will come true as long as you stay focused and you believe in yourself, you will get there. >> that is a great message for everyone from kenya moore and here to break it all down for us is three-time emmy award winner, six-time "dancing with the stars" champ and current judge derek hough. >> break it down a little bit. >> let me break it down. >> i'm trying to figure out where you keep all those awards, man. the big story, iman shumpert went from the bottom to the top all in one night. >> we couldn't believe it. i think i jumped on the judge's
8:50 am
desk i was so excited. it was one of those perfect storms where the music, the concept, the execution of the dance, it all just came together and he just -- he was fantastic. such a special moment. >> love watching that. >> i feel like there's times on the show where you'll remember that and remember this routine. >> that was a highlight. another highlight seeing you dance. >> yeah. >> having you back there dancing on the floor again. >> that was fun. >> is it true this time last week you hadn't choreographed the routine? >> yeah, there was -- i've been doing a show in vegas so a little busy. so we had a few days to put this thing together and i have an amazing cast of dancers and, of course, dancing with my lovely girl, hayley erbert. it was a lot of fun to hit that dance floor again, the performance, the makeup and horror night is always fun because it's very theatrical. >> i'll bet. all that in two days. >> it was like a week. it was about six days, yeah. we figured it out. >> you brought it.
8:51 am
>> your show in vegas is "derek hough: no limit." i heard someone tried to steal a mirror ball trophy from you. >> outside the theater i have a case with the six mirror ball trophies and i guess it was -- i think a kid or something like that tried to sneak in there. i think they stole like a name but i thought it was actually kind of funny. i thought it was pretty hilarious. the show in vegas has been going so well and amazing audiences and, again, just love performing live. it's just the best. it's been a blast. >> obviously they love being there to watch you perform it. a lot of competitors that are on the season. who is the biggest surprise? >> there's been a few. iman last night was a surprise. i was like what? olivia jade has been really surprising. she's a really fantastic dancer with no dance background. really impressed with her. but, yeah, i think she's really good. amanda and jojo. >> yeah.
8:52 am
>> the ladies are strong, and jimmie. let's not forget about jimmie. he's so authentic when he dances. he just has a great energy about him. i have no predictions. >> you are being reunited with mark ballas in a new show. tell us about that. >> the disney family singalong which is now the fourth one i've done is a so far. it's queen, queen music. reuniting with mark, my man, and his wife. they're going to be playing, you know, i think "another one bites the dust." we'll be doing an amazing rendition of it, like a flamenco version and we will be dancing around motorcycles outside. it's going to be so exciting. >> you have so much going on. >> yeah, it's a lot. >> how do you keep it all together? >> just grateful. i'm just grateful. having all these opportunities, just taking advantage of it and having the opportunity to create. i love it. >> did you ever think when you got involved with "dancing" it could lead to all it led to?
8:53 am
>> who would have thought? this kid in utah moving to england traveling around the world, competing, live shows, tours, vegas residency, you know, and i'm so grateful for dance. dance has brought me so much. i'm so thankful for it. >> it couldn't happen to a better person. seriously. >> we cannot wait to see you in queen family. "another one bites the dust." november 4th you'll have to wait for. we won't sing in the meantime. for queen night on "dancing with the stars" next monday night 8:00 p.m. eastern 7:00 central on abc and see that man judging. we'll be right back. ♪ saw me coming ♪ >> sing more. >> no, no. -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids.
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i i appreciate you being with us on this tuesday. tomorrow on "gma" court will be in session. judge judy. >> oh, yes. cannot wait for that. everybody, have a great tuesday. >> stay dry. ♪
8:57 am
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here is sue with traffic. >> an update on this highway four motorcycle crash. in the clearing phase, but still an hour backup from antioch toward concord. on the peninsula, you are backed up past episode at the embarcadero. mike: quiet right now, a few light showers this morning. it is possible we will see an increase in showers. less than 0.1" of rain.
9:00 am
>> time for live with kelly and ryan. back at 11:00 >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, award-winning actor benedict cumberbatch. plus, "dancing with the stars" judge, derek hough. and diy fun and games for your upcoming halloween party. we will announce the next nominee is an "live's spook-tacular halloween house contest." [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: shocking. hello. hi. >> kelly: are we supposed to


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