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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 26, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," state of emergency. the second consecutive day of a major storm impacting millions of americans. this time hitting at the height of the morning commute. deadly shooting at the mall. police exchanging gunfire with the shooter. what we're learning about the terrifying moments that sent shoppers scrambling for cover. a major development in the alec baldwin movie set shooting. why the assistant director who handed baldwin that gun was fired from a previous job. gas prices rising again, but this morning word of some relief that could be on the way. counterfeit coupon scam. the $31 million bust and the punishment handed down to the virginia couple who pulled it off. from the shocking value of this cabinet inside someone's
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home to the wipeout that left much needed toilet paper scattered across the highway to the moose that crashed this outdoor party, it's tuesday, october 26th. good tuesday morning, everyone. we begin with a treacherous morning commute for millions of people. >> a major nor'easter is slamming parts of the east coast right now, and it comes one day after the west coast saw one of the strongest storms on record in that region. >> we have new details on the damage and aftermath of that storm but first the state of emergency here in the northeast. this morning, the first nor'easter of the season taking aim at millions along the east coast with eight inches of rain and winds up to 60 miles per hour. new york and new jersey declaring states of emergency. flood alerts in effect from the new jersey shore to boston. >> look, the worst is right around dawn as we get into the commute, really hazardous travel
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conditions. the heaviest rain shifts north and east for a brief time tomorrow afternoon then sweeps back in as this storm does a loop offshore and then finally exits into wednesday morning and our rain tapers. >> new york city officials urging people who live in basements to plan ahead after 11 died in flooded basements in the wake of hurricane ida. the storm system wreaking havoc in the heartland. >> look at this strong tornado. >> more than a dozen tornadoes reported in missouri and illinois, and in the west the strongest storm ever reported in the pacific northwest turning deadly. whipping winds downing trees killing two people in washington and near sacramento this man is grateful his son is alive after a tree came crashing down onto his car minutes before he was set to leave for work. >> i can't think what would have happened if he was walking up that pathway. >> reporter: torrential rain turning streets into rivers in the bay area. neighborhoods underwater. >> my whole garage is up to my kneecaps. everything is floating around.
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>> reporter: this man rescuing a kitten from drowning along a flooded creek. but the good news, this drought stricken region desperately needed the water. lake oroville, a reservoir in northern california, rising more than 20 feet in the last week. and skiers excited by this sight, 3 1/2 feet of snow in mt. rose, california. also enjoying the snow these bear cubs in lake tahoe. they sure are. and we'll take a closer look at the forecast in just a few minutes. we're learning more about a terrifying and deadly shooting inside a shopping mall in idaho. police exchanged gunfire with the suspect and megan tevrizian has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, people in boise, idaho, saying they are in shock after a deadly shooting at this mall. >> there is a security officer that was shot. >> reporter: two people were killed. at least four others including a police officer were injured. >> i cannot stress enough how traumatic this event is for the community at large.
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>> primary suspect ran by the dave and buster's wearing dark clothe, also all in black with a backpack. >> reporter: police responding reporting an active shooter. officers quickly confronting a person matching the shooter's description. >> there was an exchange of gunfire that ensued shortly thereafter resulting in the officer's injury. as well as the suspect being taken into custody. >> reporter: mall security sent out alerts sending shoppers running for cover inside stores while others huddled together outside. >> i didn't see the gun or the person holding the gun but i could feel that everybody else was pretty panicky. people like running out, and then i saw other people that i saw earlier like freaking out. >> reporter: authorities working with hospitals to notify victims' families. >> never should one have to or does one expect when they're saying good-bye to their loved one who is headed to work, who is headed out to shop that they'll get a call like they did today. >> reporter: investigators believe the shooter acted alone and say there's no ongoing
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threat to the public. the motive right now, unclear. authorities say the suspect is in critical condition. the officer who was injured has now been released from the hospital. andrew, mona. >> megan, thank you. a potential new problem to worry about when it comes to the supply chain wreaking havoc on the u.s. economy. russian hackers are accused of a aiming at the global technology supply chain. microsoft says russian hackers are taking aim at technology companies that provide cloud services. it's reportedly the same group behind last year's cyberattack that infiltrated ten u.s. agencies. microsoft says the hackers have attacked 140 technology service providers since may compromising more than a dozen of them. turning to the pandemic, it is a crucial day in the push to vaccinate children against covid. fda advisers are meeting today to discuss the safety of pfizer's vaccine for kids as young as 5. meanwhile, more schools are now considering whether to relax their mask mandates. abc's faith abubey is here with
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the very latest faith, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, andrew. there are still several more steps before kids can start rolling up their sleeves but the expectation is that the fda and the cdc will green light the pediatric doses by the end of next week. this morning, the white house ready to ship out 65 million doses across the country anticipating federal regulators will approve the shots for kids ages 5 to 11 starting with the fda advisory panel today. >> i'm looking for a good outcome from the fda meeting today. >> reporter: medical experts also urging parents to begin requesting vaccination appointments for their kid. >> i don't think it's too soon to call up and get in line. >> reporter: moms like chris erickson. >> you want to go back to >> school? >> i want to go back to school. >> reporter: whose 10-year-old has been homebound due to a complex medical condition eager to get him the shots. >> he has not played with his friends since february of 2020
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and he would do just about anything to be able to go out on the playground again. >> reporter: if the fda green lights it for children, the cdc will also need to sign off before the shots are rolled out. pfizer says trial data shows one-third of its adult doses is nearly 91% effective against symptomatic illness in children and barring any hiccups, both federal agencies are expected to approve the small dose vaccine. >> as pediatricians who care for these kids we want to find a solution. it is a miracle we potentially have one. >> reporter: but a kaiser family foundation survey finds that about a third of parents wth potentially eligible children are hesitant about letting them get the shots. >> i'm hoping that this meeting with the fda will really help to provide the evidence that it is safe. >> reporter: meanwhile, pushback over vaccine requirements continues. in new york city thousands of city workers marching across the brooklyn bridge in protest of the city's covid vaccine mandate. and back to kids and the
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vaccines, moderna says its pediatric shot is also highly effective in children with mild symptoms like sore arm and a headache but the company is still weeks away from authorization. andrew. >> all right, faith, thank you. allegations of sexual assault at a university of southern california fraternity has students demanding change, about 1,000 students protested demanding reform to the greek system. they accuse school officials of failing to keep students safe. the outrage stems from accusations of sexual abuse and drugs being slipped into drinks. the sigma nu fraternity has been suspended pending the investigation. relief from rising gas prices could be on the way. the national average 3.38 per gallon. the highest in seven years but they've finally caught up with the rising cost of oil. and if oil holds steady in the coming weeks, gas prices may finally level off. what's expected to be the most expensive thanksgiving ever is just weeks away. prices of everything at a
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traditional meal are higher due to inflation, supply chain problems and other factors. analysts say the price of turkey will likely also hit a record. time for a look at your tuesday weather. a wet and wild day expected in the northeast on tuesday. the morning rush in new york city is going to be dangerous. flooding rains and damaging winds, that's going to spread its way up into southern new england into tuesday night. boston, the worst of your weather will be in the afternoon. gusts in eastern massachusetts could exceed 60 to 80 miles an hour with widespread winds of 40 to 60 miles an hour elsewhere. as far as flooding rains, four to eight inches possible in some areas. i'm accuweather meteorologist kevin coskren. coming up, changes at amazon. how the company is boosting efforts to deliver packages on time. but first the new revelation in the brian laundrie/gabby petito case. the mistake that police are now acknowledging.
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i'm like girl you better get you some dove. she hooked me up. with a quarter moisturising cream, dove cleans effectively and cares beautifully. back now with police in florida acknowledging a mistake in the gabby petito case. petito's fiance brian laundrie vanished shortly after returning home without petito who was found murdered in wyoming. police in north port, florida, now confirm officers who were surveilling laundrie thought he returned home on september 15th but it was actually his mother laundrie, who was aaseball cap.- person of interest in her murder was missing for a month before his body was found in a florida swamp. his parents' attorney say an autopsy was unable to determine his cause of death. more tests will be performed. now to the tragedy on that we've learned the man who handed the gun to baldwin had been
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fired from a previous movie because of an alleged mishap also involving a gun. this morning, new details about a second movie set shooting involving the assistant director who authorities say handed actor alec baldwin a prop gun and yelled cold gun to indicate it wasn't loaded before it went off according to a producer from the movie "freedom's path," david halls was fired from that film's production in 2019 after a crew member suffered a minor injury when a gun was unexpectedly discharged. the producer says halls was removed from the set immediately adding, production did not resume filming until dave was off site. it comes as a prop gun maker claims she filed a complaint against halls that same year on the set of a different project claiming halls regularly neglected safety protocols for weapons. >> those of us at the bottom were crying out, hey, bud, like let's pump the brakes for a minute. >> reporter: halls has not responded to requests for comment.
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back on the set of "rust," some crew members walked off the job to protest working conditions amid reported safety concerns on the low budget film. production is now on hold as investigators look into how the prop gun baldwin was holding discharged killing cinematographer halyna hutchins and wounding the film's director. new court documents reveal authorities seized nearly 30 items from the movie set in new mexico including three black revolvers, ammunition boxes, a fanny pack with ammunition and several spent casings. in the meantime, baldwin's wife hilaria sending a note of support to hutchins' family writing, my heart is with halyna, her husband, her son, their family and loved ones and my alec. no charges have been filed. authorities are expected to update the investigation at a news conference tomorrow. amazon is stepping up its delivery operations despite the supply chain crisis threatening the holiday shopping season and plans to have 85 cargo planes in the air and will hire 150,000 seasonal workers and the company says it's added several ports
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of entry and doubled its capacity to process containers. a virginia woman convicted of a $31 million counterfeit coupon scheme says she is deeply ashamed. lori ann talens was sentenced to 12 years in prison and her husband got seven years. the fbi says she was a mastermind who manipulated bar codes to create coupons that worked and sold to subscribers online and investigators say they found fake coupons in every crevice of their home. a real wipeout. the toilet paper spill on a california highway. also ahead, how mark zuckerberg is fighting back against claims about facebook's role in january's attack on the u.s. capitol. [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would.
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tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. what's around the corner could be worth waiting for. ask your doctor about eliquis. a cleanup was needed on highway 880 in northern california. hundreds of rolls of toilet paper, which remains in high demand these days, fell off a truck. debris was spread out about 100 yards. no accidents reported. we turn to facebook, facing accusations that it failed to crack down on messages promoting violence during the capitol riot. this morning, the company's stock is up. this morning, mark zuckerberg defiant amid a round of blistering criticism aimed at the company. >> the reality is these questions are not about our business, but about balancing different social values. >> reporter: abc news has reviewed internal documents leaked by a manager.
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facebook struggled to contain messages that were misinformation and calls for violence on the u.s. capitol. executives downplayed information about misinformation and content. >> my view is that what we're seeing is a coordinated effort to selectively use these documents to paint a false picture of our company. the reality is that we have an open culture where we encourage discussion and research about our work so we can make progress on many complex issues that are not specific to discuss. >> reporter: despite the fallout, facebook reported higher-than-expected profits on monday. the company took in $9 billion last quarter, just shy of $8 billion a year earlier. >> facebook makes money when you consume more content. >> reporter: the facebook whistleblower that provided the documents, testified in front of the british parliament monday,
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echoing much of what she told lawmakers in washington. >> it pushes it to the extremes and it fans hate. anger and hate are the easiest way to grow on facebook. >> documents show the number of teenagers using facebook dropped 13% since 2019. zuckerberg says the company is retooling. blue origin is planning to build its own space station. the outpost is promising to open the next chapter of human space exploration. the company is partnering with boeing. it could be completed as soon as 2028. in sports, "monday night football" between the saints and seahawks came down to a late field goal. new orleans took the lead with under two minutes to play. they hung on to win it, 13-10. coming up, the high honor in the work for prince. proof that you never know what your old furniture might be worth. there's a different way to treat hiv.
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♪ purple rain, purple rain ♪ time to check "the pulse," and we're looking at the possibility for more gold for prince. >> five years after his death, he would be up for another honor. the minnesota delegation is backing a resolution to award prince the gold medal for distinguished achievements in contributions to society. >> amy klobuchar said the world was cooler when prince was in it. and tesla in an exclusive category. >> they just signed a deal with hertz rental cars. tesla's stock took off. and valuation topped $1
4:24 am
trillion. we have to remember to recharge before you return the rentals. a rare find that took more than seven decades to uncover. >> a michigan woman and her new husband bought a cabinet in 1950. i just cold at auction for 48,000 bucks. >> it turns out, the cabinet was an original storage unit by charles. and there's only a few left. the widow who sold the cabinet is now 98. she told the kids their dad would be proud. >> vintage. and finally, a big-time party crasher. >> this one horned its way into a friendly gathering. check out the moose strolling on to the scene. the homeowner in canada says the animal came by for the party and struck around for the weekend. >> mosey on in, wherever i can. and moose is loose. >> party-hopping, right? the moose is also friendly.
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checking more top stories, dna evidence helped identify another victim of serial killer john wayne gacy. francis alexander would have been 21 or 22 when he was killed in 1976. gacy was convicted of killing 33 men and boys in the 1970s. two people are dead and four others are hurt after a shooting at this mall in boise, idaho. no word on a motive and the alleged gunman in custody. a new guilty plea. the former georgetown university tennis coach has added submitted to accepting bribes to get applicants into schools facing up to four years in prison. heavy rain in the northeast. up to eight inches with winds up to 60 miles per hour. severe storms from texas into the plains and more rain and mountain snow for the west. finally dust off your broomsticks. we're heading back to
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halloweentown. >> here's will ganss. >> reporter: it's been 23 years since kimberly first took us to "halloweentown." >> we figured out how to break the spell? wait a second. something is off. i got to fix this. >> oh, you still got it. you have still got it. >> yeah, still got it. >> reporter: as halloweentown and its sequels find new life on disney plus and freeform, kimberly reflecting on what's become an occult classic. >> i think the idea of there being a place where it is halloween all the time is just -- that is freaking cool. >> halloween is cool, nature boy. >> reporter: kimberly still has her character's costume, the "halloweentown" book. >> the hair dryer is another one. that is real fire. it was very hot.
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>> i'll get it off, okay. >> reporter: what about working with the late great debbie reynolds. >> she always would on her breaks say let's go over and say hi to the fans and would usually introduce herself as princess leia's mom which, you know, people always loved. >> reporter: which witch power would you like to have in real life? >> ooh, i would love to fly on a broom. i think especially being mainly based in l.a. now and the traffic sucks. >> reporter: grown-up marnie on a broom? hmm. >> yeah. >> would you be open to like a reboot or a sequel in the future? >> i would be totally open if they wanted to do something, yeah. >> in real life she is now dating daniel koontz who played the villain in the second movie and reconnected ten years after filming that and they're appearing together at galaxy-con along with other cast members in honor of the big day.
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