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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 26, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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selfless. >> teddy bears and stuffed animals. nice. >> reporter: his dad, rashaan, recorded this video of him filling up gift bags for the other children. >> this is very nice. you're going to make all these kds so happy tonight. >> what an angel. that's "nightline." watch all of our full episodes on hulu. see you back here same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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>> a marin family nearly crushed after three redwoods fell during
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the storm. what they believe saved their lives. >> tracking showers for tomorrow. >> neighbors are upset, they say it was this debris and trash that backed up their nearby canal and flooded their neighborhood. i will show you what it looked like. abc 7 news starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> i'm running around in my socks through the glass, like trying to find any sort of life. >> to say it was a close call does not even begin to describe the narrow escape a marin county family had. three redwood trees crashed onto their rv during the sunday storm, crushing a bed where a father was sleeping. thank you for joining us. abc 7 news reporter kate larsen spoke with the family. this is a story you will see only on 7. >> the soil literally just gave
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out and then the trees came toppling over at the same time. >> glass went flying. the whole rv was shaking back and forth. i looked over and i was, i was panicked. kate: it was just before 6:00 sunday evening, danielle climbed out into the pouring rain, yelling for her husband who was taking a nap on their bed. >> i woke up, i heard danielle screaming for the dogs. i noticed this tree was right up against my shoulder. i saw a little bit of an opening, so i said, i'm ok. if i was over another six inches, the whole tree would have crunched me. kate: danielle, matthew, their two teenage daughters and their dogs have been living in the rv. one daughter was in the construction tent. the other was in the rv next to her mom along with two of the dogs.
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their third dog had just died. >> our dog had just passed the night before. i think he was our guardian angel in saving his life. had the tree fallen over him, he would have been crushed. kate: the entire family is ok, almost unscathed. matthew has a blackeye and bump on his forehead, but what is most troubling is what could have been. >> the other side of the bed is completely flat and that is where daniel sleeps. if she had laid down to rest with me, she probably would have been dead. kate: matthew says an arborist inspected the trees recently and said they were safe. danielle said they got a foot of rain over the weekend and it was too much for the hill to hold. the family is now hoping to move into an apartment. kate larsen, abc 7 news. dan: just inches, that is all it took. thankfully, that man is ok and so was the family.
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pg&e says it has 3000 crews responding to storm related power outages, including this one. sky7 shows you an intersection without working traffic lights in fremont. a blown transformer knocked out power to between 500 and 5000 customers this evening. power was restored tonight. let's give you an overall picture of power problems. this map shows areas left in the dark. the biggest impact is an orange. pg&e says the strongest wind gust during yesterday's storm was 92 miles per hour in alameda county. just moments ago, the utility told us 16,000 customers in the bay area are still without power since the storm began sunday outages affected roughly 630,000 customers. that is about 10% of all of its customers. in the east bay, a neighborhood in bay point was flooded during the storm and the people in the community say it was all avoidable. j.r. stone explains the
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neighbors say the county had not cleaned out a nearby canal. j.r.: water pouring down a street on sunday afternoon in the contra costa community of bay point. >> my neighbor across the street called me. she was screaming, saying for me to come outside. she told me, come outside, you will not believe what is going on. j.r.: what was going on was this, water the street from a nearby canal and at least three homes. neighbors outraged, saying it was debris mixed with garbage that clogged the drain up. >> they don't check it. they don't clean it out. that is their responsibility. >> it is like it got stuck with clothes, shoes, it was a mess. j.r.: county officials say they did clear it last tuesday, saying the drainage ditch was overwhelmed by the historic storm. they also tell us the area upstream from here is on private property. >> any debris that would have been collected on the trash rack
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would have been coming from private property, which we don't have rights to maintain. j.r.: one woman is hopeful this does not happen again, but fears it could. >> our community here is unincorporated, so we don't have really anyone. j.r.: the county says going forward they will work at talking with those property owners. >> we have sent notices to private property owners in that area reminding them of their responsibility to maintain that system. what we can do is send another notice out. j.r.: neighbors say regardless of where they live or what the issue is, they deserve a system that doesn't fail during a strong rainstorm. >> that don't mean that we cannot be taken care of. that don't mean that we don't pay taxes. we are paying money, too. so they should be taking care of that stuff. dan: that is j.r. stone reporting. abc 7 news meteorologist sandy patel is here with the numbers.
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some very impressive rainfall totals. sandhya: one of the strongest storms we have seen in years. i want to show you live doppler 7. the atmospheric river brought really strong winds, 60-90 miles per hour, it soaked the bay area. the rainfall totals reflected this. 15 inches in kentfield. five inches in san francisco. oakland, just over that. santa rosa, more than seven inches. livermore and san jose measuring in inches. it was the fourth wettest day ever for san francisco yesterday with just over four inches of rain. kentfield getting 11 inches, that breaks the previous daily record set in 2009. we had an all-time record in santa rosa with almost eight inches of rain yesterday. previous record was 5.66 setback in 2019. still some flood warning for sonoma county, and a flood advisory for solano county.
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those creeks and streams continue to rise. i'm watching another system, a light level 1, coming in tomorrow. dan: it was remarkable. thanks very much. the historic storm left its mark all around the bay area, from high winds knocking over trees to flooding -- it really was a messy monday for a lot of people. the sound of chainsaws cut through the air today as the bay area cleaned up. in san francisco, well over 700 branches and toppled trees were reported and volunteers with the adopt a street row graham had their work cut out -- program had their work cut out for them. >> i'm doing one block at a time. i have an orange trash bag the city gives you. it is something about the giants. we will give you that and we will give you this if you take one block. dan: crews cleaned out catch basins. >> it felt like an earthquake. the house just moved. dan: over in the east bay, one
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homeowner got a rude awakening this morning, a huge hawthorn tree came crashing down at about 3:00 a.m. up in santa rosa, they are cleaning up after a creek flooded, sending water rushing into houses. it rose quickly, swamping everything in a matter of minutes. >> we were running up and down stairs, throwing everything, keeping the water out as much as possible, trying to grab thick towels, thick blankets, trying as much is possible to reduce it. dan: a boat would have been your best option this morning on interstate 880 in fremont. the interstate flooded, turning into a lake. several drivers got stranded. it was shot down for several hours so crews could clean out the drains. the closure snarled the commute and created a huge backup. what a storm. you contract the weather live anytime with the abc 7 news app. it is available on your phone and wherever you stream.
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a little more weather coming up shortly. let's move on for the time being. meet tomorrow to decide whether to recommend the pfizer vaccine for children ages 5-11 years old. if the fda gives its emergency use authorization is expected, 28 million children could begin receiving shots by november 4. the first youngsters in line would be fully protected by christmas. one doctor enrolled all four of her children in the pfizer trial. >> if it is something i can prevent with a vaccine that is safe and effective, that is my job, to protect my kids and other people's kids to the best of my ability. dan: the biden administration had already purchased the vaccine and is prepared to promptly ship it around the country. also today, moderna said it's lotos vaccine for children ages 6-11 produces a strong immune response. it is awaiting approval.
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state officials confirm it giveaway at least $20 billion -- you heard me correctly -- in unemployment checks to people who simply did not deserve them. employment development department officials blame almost all of it on the expansion of jobless benefits approved by congress, which had few provisions to stop people from cheating. the fraud was so widespread that $810 million in benefits were paid to inmates, including infamous killers on death row. the newsom administration has filed -- hired a u.s. attorney prosecute the skimmers. new revelations from the so-called facebook papers. how the company is pushing back against allegations about its role in the january 6 insurrection. a san jose high school's haunted house handbuilt by students destroyed in the storm. the scramble to rebuild it by the weekend. and the stormy weather also bringing snow to tahoe and plenty of it. certainly, a welcome sight for resorts hit hard during fire season.
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dan: in the south bay, a high school's haunted house was badly damaged by the storm and they are scrambling to rebuild by halloween. students in the theater program at lehigh school build one every october as a fundraiser, but their plans were very nearly blown away this year. >> coming in this morning and seeing the level of devastation and whatnot, it was a little disheartening, but then seeing
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my students rally behind me and getting them to help me clear out the debris safely, because i didn't want them near any walls that were still partially leaning or anything like that. dan: look how everyone just pitched in. the students ■and parents really pitched in and did all they could and, thanks to their help, they are planning to reopen by thursday night in time for halloween. powerful waves are battering part of our coastline. the national weather service calls it a sweltering with hazardous hazards including large breaking waves of 20 two as high as 30 feet. it is expected to pound the coast from monterey to see ranch. -- sea ranch. the city says yesterday's storm overwhelmed the sewer system. one beach will remain closed until testing shows the water is safe. moving on, new developments in the scandal involving richmond's police chief after a family member filed a restraining order
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against her. "the chronicle" reports that she and her husband, an oakland police sergeant, agreed to stay away from a female relative for two years. both are on leave, accused of possibly breaking the law while trying to rescue the 18-year-old relative from an older man who has since been charged with human trafficking. she and her husband claimed relative was manipulated into becoming a prostitute. the relative that she fears for her life. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is responding to the coverage surrounding the latest release of leaked internal documents. during today's earnings call, he called it a coordinated effort to selectively use the documents to paint a false picture of his company. our reporter has more on the latest leak. >> facebook under fire, facing what could be the biggest crisis in the social media giant's 17-year history. >> the research and studies that
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reveal pace book -- facebook porting -- putting profits over people are from facebook's own files revealed to them long before it was revealed to us. >> the fallout started friday, when a group of media outlets started reporting on hundreds of internal company documents dubbed "the facebook papers." a whistleblower provided the papers as evidence to support disclosures she made to the sec and her counsel provided congress with redacted copies. >> facebook never set out out ot was a side effect of choices they did make. >> calling for more government regulation of the social media platform. >> facebook acting in a nontransparent, unaccountable way will lead to more tragedies. >> the papers reveal how the company addressed misinformation and moderated hate speech and they paint damming picture of facebook's role in the january 6 insurrection.
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>> it is clear that the january 6 organization per se use to them as an organizing tool to the extent that we can identify what happened. >> a facebook spokesperson told cnn friday that the responsibility for the violence that occurred on january 6 lies with those who attacked the capital and those who encouraged them. in washington, i'm chris wynn. dan: toilet paper caused a slowdown on interstate 880 in san leandro earlier this evening. look at this. sky7 was over the area. this was that about 5:15 tonight. it got cleaned up within an hour or so. chp officers suspected fell off a truck, but they did not have any more information. there is a lot of snow at tahoe tonight, but no to ski. palisades tahoe picked up between two and three feet, more than 300% of normal for this time of year.
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as for skiing, kirkwood is hoping to open on december 3 or so. heavenly mountain resort posted this picture of deep snow covering one of their snow cats. and here is a great shot we want to share, a pair of playful bear cubs took example -- advantage of the fresh powder as they wrestled in the snow. frolicking out there. [laughter] dan: glad we are getting a break from this rain and absolutely wonderful to see that snowy wonderland in tahoe now. while. sandhya: especially for october, it is nice to see that much snow that has fallen on the ground. those bears are enjoying the snow, like many of us humans do. i want to show us our water. percent of normal. check out san francisco. 1100% of where you should be. santa rosa, 922%. san jose, 568%. a friendly reminder, we still have a long way to go, so always
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a good way to conserve. if you take a look at our reservoir capacity, we are still way below -- 48% at don pedro. lake orville, 25% of where you should be as far as capacity. i want to show you what it looked like from our tahoe camera in the sierra. the snow was coming down. they did cancel the winter storm warning a short time ago, but certainly did see quite a bit of snow in the mountains. they had chain controls all day. snowfall totals were in the 2-3 feet range. they will likely update those tomorrow. here is the next system approaching. it is a light and a weak system. the atmospheric river that came through certainly generated big waves. current wave heights 20-26 feet. along the coast, 15-17 feet. a high surf warning until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. breakers could be 20-30 feet
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with the potential for strong rip currents and low-lying flooding. best to hold off. watch the waves from far away. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. it is going to be a chilly night. we are seeing a few clouds over the financial district. areas of fog tomorrow morning. spotty, light showers in the north bay. dry and milder starting wednesday. it is a level 1 tomorrow. scattered showers, under 0.1 inches. the best possibility in the north bay with large and dangerous surf along the coastline. 11:00 a.m., you will need the umbrellas in the north bay. into 2:00 p.m., still the rain line is in the north bay, but cannot rule out a couple of sprinkles around san francisco or parts of the east bay. the rain pretty much winds down late tomorrow night. in terms of your temperatures tomorrow, bundle up. upper 30's to the mid-50's. it is going to be chilly tomorrow afternoon. you are looking at 50's to the 60's with her showers focused in the north bay.
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the seven-day forecast, a level 1 with spotty showers tomorrow. bright and milder for midweek. mild fall weather right on through friday. then we bring in another chance of showers saturday. possibility of a little drizzle sunday morning, then another opportunity for rain on monday. no atmospheric rivers in the accuweather seven-day forecast, but that rain was certainly a welcome sight. dan: it was, but one is enough i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit hiv through sex. don't take dovato if you're allergic to its ingredients or if you take dofetilide.
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dan: back in full swing after severe weather shut it down yesterday. the storm caused sun damage, but not enough to stop it today. you can see the rides, games, and all the traditional fair food is back. >> we are looking for food. we are hungry. >> ate a lot of food. [laughter] gotta on a lot of rides. we have just been enjoying the experience. >> it is time for the fair! dan: looks like she is having
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>> abc 7 news sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> after opening 2-0, the niners have lost four straight. coach shanahan announcing jimmy garoppolo will start against chicago. here is coach on the quarterbacks. >> i thought jimmy had his worst game yesterday. i thought he's done some good things in the 3.5 games he played. he just got back in that monsoon and it did not go good for any of us. it is way too early to start thinking about getting guys experience and giving up on the year in that way. i'm trying to do what is best for our team and what is best for those players, not just trey, but other guys. getting experience just to get it is not always beneficial. >> outside of last nights 12-point loss to indy, the
1:36 am
previous three losses were all one score games, but that is life in the nfl. 11 games remain in the regular season, beginning sunday at chicago. >> people make expectations, but that does not totally affect us. i with ota's and training camp and i tried to get us as good as we can be. we don't have -- i don't have us there yet. we are sitting at 2-4 and there is a lot of football to play. i'm going to do it when the press conferences are over, i've got one focus, to make sure to find a way we play as good as we possibly can with chicago, so that we are 3-4. >> monday night football, saints and seahawks. matt hassle back raising the 12th flag. gino smith filling in for the injured russell wilson. 7-0, seahawks. late first half, winston dumps it for kamara.
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he will do the rest. the saints at one last drive, needed a field goal. but smith was sacked five times. warriors superstar steph has been named the western conference player of the week, averaging 31 points and 9 rebounds a game to start the year. it is the 17th time he has earned the honor. san mateo's tom brady making a lifetime memory for a young bucs fan. as the game was ending, tom went over to noah, said hello, gave him a hat, and noah broke into tears after meeting his hero.
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dan: all right. that is our report. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. right now, on jimmy kimmel, tracy morgan. we will see you tomorrow. have a gre
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