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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 25, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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a welcome sight after the major storm. clouds lingered overhead. we are not done with the wet weather yet. >> no, it is quiet though right now. reports of rain across the bay area. >> the big story of course, the reports we are still getting about the damage from this weekend's weather. that is why we have assigned a team of reporters to check it all out. we are going to hear about what they found is and a few minutes -- in a few minutes. >> spencer, let's start with you. >> i'm happy to show you this image of quiet conditions around the bay area right now. the storm has moved out here. the weather is calm. the storm has left behind rough and dangerous surf. we have a high surf warning in effect until tomorrow morning. large breakers of 20 to 30 feet send the risk of flooding --
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feet and the risk of flooding. you see the bulk of the storm is moving to the sierra. heavy snow continues to fall. in the bay area, meteorologist cindy patel with storm totals. >> this was one memorable storm let's look at the rainfall totals measuring in inches. try over 14 inches in canfield, five inches in san francisco, seven in santa rosa, oakland over half of five inches, i should say, half a foot. concord and san jose close to two inches of rain. a live look now we are seeing plenty of sun, but daily rainfall records were set from santa rosa with 7.83 inches going back to the old record of 1962, more than four inches. san francisco had the fourth wettest day on record ever. that is over four inches. it was an all-time daily record
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in santa rosa at almost eight inches there. the previous record was set in 2019 5.66 inches. spencer will be back. >> san francisco tallied 700 trees down during the storm. leah melendez joins us live. they are cleaning up all over the city. >> all over the city. san francisco woke up this morning to a city full of debris on our streets, but the impressive number was of course the number of trees out there. the the the the the the strong winds forced many trees to topple over in san francisco. according to the department of public works, more than 700 big branches and fallen trees were reported throughout the city. yesterday the owner of this previous had a monterey cypress crash into the part of her car
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-- the back of her car. she could file a claim with the city attorney's office. >> as long as the ground is saturated, it is likely there's is going to be more trees failing. keep an eye out for that, let us know, and our crews will get there. >> this was the tail of the city following the storm. trees following on homes and scaffolding collapsing onto the street. today the botanical garden inside golden gate park was closed, deemed unsafe for the public. over the weekend and this morning, city crews cleared out about 200 cap spaces. the work to storm drains continues. >> we have something, adopt a street. we will give you tools, bags, anything you might need to take care of your neighborhood. we have hundreds of people doing that already. >> this is terrible. reporter: we found one of those good neighbors on bush street clearing the sidewalk of all
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fallen leaves. >> i'm doing one block at a time. i have an orange trash bag the city gives you. it is something about the giants. clean and sweep up. we will give you that and we will give you this. reporter: residents are encouraged to do the same and place the leaves in their green bins to keep them from nearby catch basins. now, if adopt a street street sounds like something you would be interested in, i'm told it is very easy to apply. go online with the department of public works or you can call 311. also you get those fun tools. i would sign up. >> we know the ground is very saturated. what if i'm concerned about a tree in my neighborhood? who do i call? >> it is interesting you ask that.
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today public works without inspecting trees because -- some of them, because what you just said, the ground is very saturated, and some might be weak, some might be older trees. if you are concerned, they are urging everybody to call 311. they will send an arborist. probably not right away, but they will send somebody eventually because the last thing they want to do is have one of those trees fall on your car or your house. >> absolutely. that is good to know. thank you. >> on the peninsula, sky seven was live this morning. you see flooding near the bart station and how it affected traffic. a couple cars were stranded in the water. a gas station and several other businesses were also affected by all the flooding. >> the city of burlingame closed stanton road because of flooding. this is right off 101 in the industrial district.
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the city will need to send out a crew to on clogged those drains. -- unclog those drains. >> downed trees and branches and power outages. leslie brinkley is live at heather farm park in walnut creek for an overview of the damage and the cleanup in that area. >> things or at least start to look back to normal here. heather farm park, big pond menasha pond in the middle of the park overflowed its banks yesterday. it has all receded, getting back to normal. streets were flooded throughout the used bay. storm drains clogged. those issues are starting to get resolved. >> all of a sudden, it felttt an earthquake. the house just moved. it was a flood. >> this homeowner had a huge tree come crashing onto his home at 3:00 a.m.. thankfully not smashing windows, but creating chaos.
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>> we see a lot of down due to the big storm we had. it is unexpected. our crews are dispatched all the way from orlanda to tiburon. reporter: in arminda, a mudslide first -- oozed onto the court set a tennis club as an overwhelming amount of rain fell. this map from contra costa county shows totals across the region topping six inches in danville, rossmoor, and atop mount diablo. nearly seven inches fell in moraga. debris flows were enormous, usually an early season storm has lighter rain. even though county public works crews were prepared, this monster storm overwhelmed them. >> the wind on top of that -- the continuous storm brought on a lot of debris. you know, tree limbs onto the road, onto the system, plugging
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up our storm drains. >> crews worked tirelessly removing debris and reopening flooded roads across the region. in concord, dangling lines were reported above the creek behind this hotel. cable and power companies had many calls for assistance. so many people want people wantp prepared for the storm that on saturday and sunday, they came out and got sandbags. usually the county does not run out. this time they said somehow they ran out of sand over the weekend. they are trying to replenish their supply and they suggest homeowners go around looking at trees close to their house, and even better if they are able to get an expert or an arborist out to see how secure or how stable the tree is going forward of course into the winter months. >> thanks very much. >> the storm knocked out power to more than half a million pg&e
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customers. about 36,000 customers in the bay area are still waiting for the lights to come back on. this map shows where outages are. the orange squares are the largest ones, about 4200 customers in fremont affected. sky seven is live over fremont where traffic lights are out. this is the intersection of fremont boulevard and mid will drive. -- mid well drive. pg&e has not said when this outage will be restored, but it is working on it. quickly brought in crews from san diego gas and electric, from other areas, less hard-hit areas to help restore power in these hardest hit areas. we are doing everything we can. we are going to be working around the clock until all of our customers have power. >> abc 7 news was in shoreview as a pg&e repair worker flipped the switch and restore power there. a neighbor tells us her power had been out since yesterday afternoon. >> the whole time it is just one
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guy on it. you would think there is trucks and trucks of it. hopefully he is the miracle guy. >> and he was. some people in san mateo went without power for hours. the map indicates there are still pockets of san mateo county were up to 5000 customers remain without power. >> to the north bay, several homes uninhabitable because of yesterday's storm. luz pena spent the day in sa rosa to see the damage. reporter: walked into his home with water up to his ankles. flooding his entire first floor. his belongings outside his front door as water kept rushing in. next door was zachary newman with his brother and sister in law piling towels and blankets against their sliding door. their home is directly behind
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the lorna del creek. >> we were grabbing and throwing everything, keeping water out as much as possible, trying to keep the barrier up, trying to get fixed towels, blankets, trying as much is possible to reduce it. reporter: as the creek overflowed in a matter of minutes, they were surrounded by water. >> it started from the backyard, but once it surrounded the whole apartment building, it started getting through the door more. reporter: his living room flooded. today he stepped outside for the first time in 24 hours. how fast was the water rushing into your home? >> it was not bad at first, but after probably about 10:00 it was like 10, 20 minutes. reporter: across from his they were caught off guard by the water coming through the front door. so you had 15 minutes to re
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and then the creek ended up just bursting inside your apartment, a lot of water. after 20 minutes fighting the water rushing through his front door and backyard, they had no choice but to give up. you did not have any time to do anything else. you just had to grab anything you could and leave. you can see these units artificially red tagged. these residents are practically homeless staying with friends and family members, but they are not alone. there are 95 homes in this neighborhood that were also evacuated. behind us but it is not clear skies yet. we go to the sierra next were dangerous conditions continue.
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>> can you tell what you are looking at? this is on the freeway. it is toilet paper. sky seven shot this on the northbound side of i-80 in san leandro just -- caltrans just arrived to wipe up the mess. chp presumes the rolls boxes that fell off a truck, but they don't have information. there is a slow traffic in the area. no major backup. i guess at least that is the rolls and not the big boxes of it. >> i remember short supply during the pandemic. people would be running. just before dawn it was still
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snowing at lake tahoe. this is a view of the lake, taken about 12 hours ago. drivers on highway 50 are being told to put chains on their tires. there are also chain requirements on i-80. some parts of the sierra saw more than two feet of snow from this weekend's storm. it winter storm warning remains in effect for the greater lake tahoe area because of heavy snowfall and gusty winds which have been a problem. warnings will not expire for another few hours. a reporter from the abc station in sacramento is live at sierra and tahoe. how does it look out there? >> check it out behind me. me. just so beautiful up here. of course that comes with a trade-off, and what is that? you have to be prepared. take a look at highway 50. empty at the moment but you see the slushy roads. a dynamic 24 hours off highway 50. chain controls are in effect
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between myers and twin bridges at the moment. a stretch that was heavily impacted by the caldor fire. this after the pass was already shut down overnight due to mudslides and rock slides in the area. it was really quite scary to hear. highway 50 reopened this morning and chain controls were lifted. as our crew was heading here to sierra at tahoe, chain controls were in effect0. reminder that you have to be prepared, forever changing conditions. we are going to see -- right now we are seeing light snow, but we are losing sunlight. that makes for dangerous conditions as you will not be able to see hazards. yesterday and today we have seen debris on the roads from fallen tree limbs, stray branches, so drivers, you have to be careful, and it is really dangerous for drivers who are not familiar with winter driving. i want to talk about how much
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snow we have gotten because i know anyone watching this who is skiing or snowboarding, you must be so excited to hit the slopes. i did call a bunch of the major ski resorts in the tahoe area. they all reported more than two feet of snow. in some places, more than three, at alpine meadows and palisades at tahoe. here, see the sign. that will be in place for some time. the caldor fire ripped through here and damaged a lot of the terrain. officials here have already determined that the west village expressed will be closed for the season, they are still working on reopening. with all this beauty, the snow, we are still in recovery. >> appreciate it. a great look at a winter wonderland up there. >> cold, she had all those lawyers on. >> i'm glad to say things are
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calming down here. quite calm in fact. here is live doppler seven. there may be a sprinkle or a spritz somewhere, but in terms of organized rainfall, it's gone. for now it has gone over to the sierra, as you will see in the form of snow. that is where the stormy weather resides. that to the bay area, let's take a look at what's going on here. here is a live view. i assure you, just three minutes ago we had enough sunlight that this was a good view looking out over san francisco, but losing daylight right now. 61 oakland, san jose, and morgan hill, 58. half moon bay at 57. brighter skies here from the golden gate. temperature readings right, 59 degrees at santa rosa. napa, concorde, and live more. and the view from emeryville, these are our forecast features.
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we may see more scattered showers. they are briskly tapering off. a week storm arrives tomorrow. showers mainly to the northbay. dry and warmer weather beginning wednesday. tomorrow, a light storm, only one on the impact scale. it is expected to produce light scattered showers. best chance in the northbay. because the ground is already saturated, even light showers could bring the possibility of flooding. rough, dangerous turf will be with us as well. here is the forecast animation. notice how quiet and dry the weather will be late tonight, but in the early morning hours before the commute gets underway, we will see the beginning of shower activity in the northbay. it will become more widespread by noon. we don't inspect this to be significant rainfall. on top of what we already had their could be localized flooding. confined mainly to the northbay.
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let's talk about that rough surf with a high surf warning in effect until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. wave heights elevated. breakers could reach heights of 30 feet. there's the possibility of strong recurrence, the risk of flooding, -- rip currents, the risk of flooding. there is a generous serving of snow on the ground and there could be one to two feet of snow in addition. the bay area, partly to mostly cloudy. low's from 40's to 50's. 61 degrees along the coastline. the bay shoreline, six to four degrees. inland areas will top out about 64, 625 in -- 65 in the 6 locations. starting wednesday, drier and warmer conditions through the end of the week. more clouds over the weekend. slight chance of northbay showers saturday. does not appear to be a wet weekend.
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about coronavirus in california because of storm related delays. there is progress being made on vaccines for kids under age 12. we were going to have the latest -- are going to have the latest information about keeping your family safe next. and a live look from sky seven, they are still cleaning up that toilet paper on 880. squeeze your sharman, get it off the -- [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin.
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now in sugar free liquid. >> we are building a better bay area by focusing on your health. that means being on vaccine watch because millions of american children could soon become eligible. modernity says its vaccine for children ages six to 11 shows a strong immune response and appears. -- appears safe. tomorrow an fda advisory panel will meet to discuss pfizer's vaccine for children ages five to 11. the fda chief is expected to sign off. then it is in the hands of the cdc. at one third of the adult dose, pfizer says the vaccine was 91% effective at preventing symptomatic disease. and there were no cases of severe side effects. >> it is possible vaccines will be available for children from five to 11 within the first week
6:26 pm
or two of november. >> it is not too soon to start booking vaccine appointments for your kids. >> during the fire season we long for rain. rain now does even more damage. we will take you there and show you. >> we don't take credit cards because we don't have internet. >> part of the storm after matthew might not think about affecting business in the northbay. >> homeowners might want to think twice about filing an insurance claim. what you need to know coming up. >> driving in the rain yesterday was scary. do you know what to do if your car hydroplaned? we explained the do's and don'ts on the bay area connected tb app
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>> moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> you could call it the calm after the storm only we are not quite there.
6:30 pm
>> let's bring spencer bspencerr his radar going to change the next 24 hours? >> a little bit, but it is not going to look like yesterday. let me show you storm totals. nearly 15 inches of rain in kentfield. san francisco received five and half inches and san jose which often gets far lower rates from these storms got almost two inches. it has been a soaker, and equal opportunity soaker. another coming our way. light, scattered showers, mainly the northbay. a closer look at that and the rest of the seven day forecast in a few minutes. >> sunday's massive storm sent many scrambling to recovery and cleanup mode. michael finney is here to take a
6:31 pm
look at why it is not always a good idea to rush into an insurance claim. you are tempted to because you want to get the process going. you are saying take a beat. >> slow down, that's all i'm suggesting. today a consumer insurance advocate is warning even making an inquiry about a possible insurance claim could leave a dark mark on your insurance record. she says before even calling your private insurer, do some research about the cost of repairs. >> you know there's going to be a note. a water damage claim is going to put you in a higher risk category and bring a rate increase. >> any claim can put you at risk for nonrenewal. however come of the national flood insurance program as an alternative insurance you can purchase through any broker. >> we don't have a moratorium,
6:32 pm
so to speak on not writing coverage in certain areas or for certain folks who have a claims history. >> the claims from fire damaged areas. that coupled with the drought has caused the hardening of soil meaning water can easily roll down the hill. united policyholders tells us most calls it has received have been about flooding, damaged flooring, and water rushing into homes, what you have been showing us all night. >> so just take our time. great advice. it is always a shame people have to be afraid -- >> after you have paid for it, you cannot even nasty question. -- ask a question. the answer is no. >> residents brace for flooding and potential debris flow due to
6:33 pm
the lightning complex burn scar. while there was no serious flooding, the impacts of the storm could still be felt. >> downed trees, closed roads, and snapped power lines. the community can only look on in surprise after seeing what has become of their neighborhood following the storm. it can only be described as. >> chaos. we have fire season and storm season and we are in storm season all of a sudden. >> dan walters that the area got more than seven inches of rain in 24 hours. leading to two near deaths from fallen trees and too many calls for fire crews to keep up with. >> all of a sudden i heard the cracking. you know from living here a tree -- something is coming. i heard the boom and i am like, crap, please don't destroy the home. reporter: things like this are just part of the mountain
6:34 pm
lifestyle. >> mountain living is not for the faint of heart. it comes with the territory. this was not part of the evacuation zone and i thought everything was cool. apparently not. reporter: this is one of many downed trees that blocked off roads. county officials say they are still working to clean up the mess even after the rains have stopped. the major concern of the county was the flood risk from the cz you lightning complex burn scar. like every storm in the santa cruz mountains, there is plenty of damage, but everyone is thankful it was not worse. >> higher elevations got six to 10 inches of rain. we have trees down. we have localized flooding around culverts and things like that. we have high surf near the coast. by and large, we dodged a bullet. >> falling trees and debris are still a risk. chief walters advises everyone to slow down and be careful.
6:35 pm
880 in fremont turned into a swamp. chp started closing lanes and the entire freeway was shut down in a matter of hours. some drivers ended up getting trapped and had to be rescued, leaving their cars behind. the freeway was reopened around 9:00 this morning but there was a huge backup because of the closure. >> marin county was one of the hardest hit. abc 7 news report news report nn found some businesses are still recovering from a lingering effect of rough weather. >> there are few signs around downtown san rafael about yesterday's flooding. there are some tree branches on the floor, people sweeping away leaves, most of the streets are dry. compare that to yesterday. third street was completely flooding. -- flooded. waves of water crashing against buildings. although a few buildings got
6:36 pm
flooded, many have internet outages. that is affecting credit card transactions. >> we do not take credit cards because we do not have internet. reporter: jonathan was getting plenty of calls about people with car issues. >> cars won't start, flooded. there is a lot of damage all around. reporter: he just cringed watching videos of people driving through flooded streets. >> your car might make it through, but you will have engine damage. reporter: in san anselmo, the creek went from dry to spilling over in some places. it rained so much in marin county that in some areas, rain was not measured in inches, but feet. canfield got more than a foot of rain from the storm. >> 14 inches in 24 hours. the strongest rain i have experience in the 11 years i have lived here. reporter: in woodacre, crews were chopping up this giant whiteoak that toppled over,
6:37 pm
crushing two bedrooms in this house. >> we were just very grateful we were not in our bed at the time. if we were, we would be dead. reporter: the resident, who did not want to be worried -- not want to be identified, is worried about what this storm foretells about climate change in the bay area. >> we see this as a reflection of the climate crisis. >> the storm is basically over, so did we get long-term benefit from thewe are checking reservos tonight. >> plus, fed up enough to quit their jobs. what it was like working for the san francisco district attorney.
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>> a mysterious odor kept three richmond schools from opening. officials at richmond high school as well as two elementary schools detected the odor. they first thought it was connected to a flaring at the chevron refinery but that was not confirmed. the schools contacted pg&e which advise them to close. >> two district attorneys have joined the campaign to recall their boss. reporter:
6:41 pm
campaign to recall san francisco district attorney jason putin said they have enough signatures to create a recall election in june. they have added two assistant district attorneys to their efforts. one was an assistant district attorney for seven years, but resigned a little more than a week ago to join the campaign to recall the d.a.. jenkins was joined by the former san francisco assistant district attorney john dubay. >> i have lost my confidence in jason to serve as our elected district attorney. >> both gave specific examples of cases that influenced their decision including troy mcallister who pleaded not guilty to charges of the deaths of -- on new year's eve in
6:42 pm
francisco. mcallister who was on parole for robbery was trying to make a getaway after committing a burglary and hit and killed the women. mcallister should have been in custody. >> those women are not alive today because of that very abrupt and reckless decision chesa boudin made to release mcallister. reporter: abc 7 reached out to the district attorney's office. spokesperson referred us to the group opposing the recall. a spokesperson for friends of chesa boudin opposing the recall said, addressing public safety as district attorney -- is the t district attorney's top priority. the rate of crime is lower than when he took office and prosecution rates are higher than his predecessor and comparable to other bay area da's. the republican endorsed recall has spent more than $1 million using unethical and dishonest tactics to force an unnecessary and wasteful recall on san francisco. a spokesperson for the safer sf without boudin says it is a
6:43 pm
democratic led campaign. >> we do not consider it a waste of money. >> the sky over san francisco, so much clearer today than it was. more days like this in the updated seven day forecast next.
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6:46 pm
>> here is a live look at san francisco international airport. a much better day to travel and yesterday. more than 470 delays in and out on saturday. more than 60 flights canceled. san francisco was the most delayed airport in the nation yesterday because of the atmospheric river. >> check out a side-by-side of yosemite falls before and after the storm. what a difference. the national weather service reports yosemite valley received five inches of rain yesterday. heavy rainfall put the park under a flash flood warning despite the dangerous conditions, the rainfall is a welcome sight for the park after an exceptionally dry summer.
6:47 pm
so how big of a difference did this rain make? >> spencer has an update on our reservoir. >> it is raising expectations. water officials are hoping the storm will at least begin to make an impact on the drought-ravaged reservoirs. >> the weekend storm may have created overnight lakes on roadways across the bay area, but as far as our critical reservoirs are concerned, local water managers say there is a long way to go. >> we need a series of these. one or two is not going to be enough. >> the storm resulted in an improvement of about one half of 1% in their system, which includes lexington reservoir. >> we went from 88% empty to 87.5% empty. it has not moved the needle appreciatively. >> storm water often has difficulty penetrating the soil until there is more saturation from a series of storms.
6:48 pm
sky seven captured these images of a russian spillover in marin county. the sight of water beginning to bolster depleted reservoirs was a more than welcome sight. meanwhile, managers with the district say their total system has seen an increase of almost 3%, bumping levels to almost 70% capacity. but with the effects of climate change, observers like save the bay's david lewis believe drench and dry cycles may be the new normal for california. >> that is going to mean many years of drought. >> experts say it will be critical to capture more water for the future and to use it more efficiently with conservation and recycling. back at valley water, they are hoping the system delivers major impact in the sierra. >> the best is june or july. that is what we really need.
6:49 pm
>> for now, many are hoping the site of rains returning with such force is a strong beginning. >> we are looking for rain to return in small to moderate doses. we have a high surf effect. surf is rough out there. this is in effect until tomorrow. 20 to 30 feet. another storm coming our way, a later one tomorrow -- lighter one tomorrow. there is the possibility of flooding as this light rain falls on saturated ground. high temperatures tomorrow in the low to mid 60's just about everywhere. the seven day forecast, a milder, drier weather that continues through friday. it becomes partly cloudy over the weekend with a slight chance of a northbay shower. a dry pattern mainly for the next seven days.
6:50 pm
chris alvarez is here. >> another week, another honor for the one and only stephen curry. plus, what is next for the 49ers? shanahan addressing the quarterback position your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's entresto. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant, it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium.
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>> now, abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. >> the 49ers riding a four-game losing streak. jimmy garoppolo will start at quarterback in chicago. here is shanahan. >> i thought jimmy had his worst game yesterday. jimmy has done good things in the three and a half games he has played. his first game last night in that monsoon did not go good for any of us. teams are thinking about giving guys experience. i'm trying to do what is best for our team and what is best for the players. not just tray, but other guys. experience is always beneficial. >> the previous three losses to the packers, seahawks, and cardinals were all one score games, but that is life in the nfl. shanahan says this team has to find ways to close out those tight games.
6:54 pm
>> people make expectations, but that does not affect us. i go with training camp and try to coach our guys. get us the best we can be. i don't have us there yet. i know there's a lot of stuff we could talk about. when the press conferences are over, we have one focus and that is trying to find a way to play the best we possibly can in chicago. >> the 49ers and the bears on sunday. the warriors top the western conference standings. a reason for the early season success, steph curry, named western conference player of the week for the 17th time. steph with just over two steals pregame. he is keeping team goals top of mind. >> it is nice to keep things moving the right direction. it just helps morel. -- morale.
6:55 pm
understanding that win games at a high level. >> we are on the eve of the world series. the houston astros taking on the braves after coming so close to a world title. the former giants skipper looking for his first world series title as a manager. >> then i became more i'm kind of in between a maybe even a granddad. i'm probably a little too cool to be a granddad. [applause] -- too cool to be a granddad. [laughter] >> no arrayed, the young man noah reid was holding a sign that said tom brady helped me
6:56 pm
beat brain cancer. that just gives you goosebumps watching. good on tom brady making a memory for that young man and good on that young man for beating brain cancer, that is an unbelievable story. >> he was so emotional, that young man. what a nice thing for both of them. and kind of tom brady to go over. >> that is what is all about. >> coming up at 8:00, dancing with the stars followed by the good doctor at 10:00. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. that is going to do it for this addition -- this edition of abc 7 news. >> enjoy the rest of your evening and we will see you again tonight at 11:00.
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so rare, in fact, that it has never happened before. and jonathan fisher has a chance to make more history on today's show. two weeks ago, he unseated matt amodio after 38 wins on the "jeopardy!" throne, and now he's going for his 11th straight win, a milestone that only 10 other players in "jeopardy!" history have reached. we welcome our new challengers-- stephen and hilary. good luck to all three of you. let's get into the "jeopardy!" round with these categories... some... and notice the "d" in quotation marks. and... jonathan, you are our returning champion. pick first. let's do double initial guys for $200. - stephen. - who is l.l. cool j?


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