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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 25, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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area. tonight, communities are still dealing with the aftermath of flooding, downed trees and those power outages. it evening and thank you for joining us. >> your watching abc seven news at. -- you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00. conditions are beautiful. hard to believe the area was being slammed by record rainfall overnight. it is blue skies above the bay bridge right now as you see here in this picture. >> that as the recovery from the storm continues. we have team coverage from spencer christian tallying up the rainfall totals. we begin with andy for details on the forecast and whether it is safe to put the reindeer -- the raingear away. >> good idea to hold onto it because we have a weak system coming. right now, it is all quiet as we take a look back, the atmospheric river really delivering quite a bit of rain
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in the bay area. causing damage. definitely one for the history books. we have a flood warning until 6:00 p.m. tonight for sonoma county as the heavy rain in the last 24 hours continues to cause the streams and creeks to rise. flood advisory for 5:00 a.m. for solano county. the showers are spotty. slight chance of thunder. possibility of flooding and rough and dangerous serve this was one storm we will not soon forget. >> this was a soaking we will not soon remember. nearly 5.6 inches across the bay. nearly 15 inches of rain, strong total for kentfield. for many locations, there were single day october records for rainfall. look at all the records set for this date in october. san francisco, 4.02 inches. chattering the old record of 2.48 inches in a single october
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day in 2009. there was one all-time single day record not just for october but forever. that was in santa rosa. 7.83 inches of rain. five point 66 inches set on february 26 in 2019. it was a record setter and a memorable storm. >> there are still widespread power outages across the bay area tonight. about 45,000 customers are still without power. >> we are seeing a lot of vegetation related outages. tree branches coming into power lines. just really soaked. the trees have been bone dry. we have been having this drought for so long. they are tumbling into power lines. we are seeing some access issues and flooding in some areas. once we do get past those access issues, we are finding more damage. that is why there are some power outages that remain today. we have all crews available
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working around the clock to make sure everyone is brought to safety as quickly as possible. >> represented by green circles and yellow diamonds. the larger outages are in parts of san mateo county and fremont. it has been a residents in this community. the creek behind us overflowed around 9:00 a.m. sunday. by 5:00 p.m., it receded. there were four duplex units. they were completely flooded. doug we were running out the downstairs throwing everything. keeping the water up as keeping the water down as much as possible. >> as the creek overflowed in a
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matter of minutes, they were surrounded by water. >> it was coming from both. once it surrounded the whole apartment building, it started seeping through the door more. >> it took 20 minutes for the creek to flood this neighborhood. santa rosa firefighters arrived on scene to help residents evacuate. what happened here? >> on a bigger scale, we knew they were expecting a scene of the amount of water to come off of the glass fire burn scar. no mudslides or debrisss a lot of water coming off the hill of the burn scar into santa rosa creek. the small creeks have trouble flowing into the bigelow -- the bigger creek. >> you can see all these units are officially red tag. these residents are practically homeless, staying with friends in philly members. they are not -- and family members. they are not alone. there were homes in this neighborhood that were also evacuated.
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>> the flooding is m receded in marin county but several areas are still recovering from yesterday's downpours. as j.r. stone reports, some business owners are still feeling lingering effects from the storm. >> there are a few signs around san raphael about yesterday's flooding. there are some tree branches on the floor. people sweeping away leaves. but most of the streets are dry. compare that to yesterday. 3rd street was completely flooded. waves of water crashing against buildings even though few businesses got flooded. any do have internet outages today. that is affecting credit card transactions. >> we do only cash. we do not take credit cards because we do not have internet. >> jonathan was getting plenty of calls about people with car issues. >> cars will not start. flooded. a lot of damage all around.
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>> just cringed watching videos of people driving through flooded streets. >> your car might make it through but when you go over the water, you will have severe engine damage. >> the creek went from nearly dry to spilling over in some places. it rain so much in marin county that in some areas the rain was not measured in inches but feet. kentfield got more than a foot of rain from the storm. >> we had 14 inches and 24 hours. -- 14 inches in 24 hours. >> crews were busy chopping up this giant whiteout that toppled over, crushing two bedrooms in this house. >> were very grateful we were not in our bed at the time because if we were, we would be dead. >> the resident who did not want to be identified as worried not so much about the damage but what this storm foretells about climate change any the bay area. >> we see this as a reflection
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of the climate crisis. >> major cleanup is is is san francisco as several trees came down in the city. trees also came down in the coal valley neighborhood. we saw fire crews cutting one up at belvidere street and parnassus avenue. one block away, another tree came down right on top of a car. in alameda county, the fair reopened after it was forced open -- forced to close yesterday. you can see some of the damage the storm caused. if you had a ticket for yesterday, you can use it for any day. the fair will be open following this sunday. commuters were forced to find alternate routes at stanton street and it was completely closed because of the flooding. >> traffic is moving again on 80. it was a different story this morning after flooding on the fremont got so bad drivers had
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to abandon their cars. ryan curry shows us the mess and has advice for drivers from the chp. >> it was a slippery morning commute from the south bay. >> lots of rain on the ground. it started to flood. >> at least half a dozen drivers sold their cars stranded on high water. so high that the chp shut down the freeway in both directions >>. our officers started putting out early on, this is going to be bad leader. -- to be bad later. >> a long line of cars being directed of the freeway. conditions were so bad numerous accidents occurred including this one car scene flipped all the way on its side. it is counted chp to tell people to drive cautiously. >> slow down. you can make sure your headlights are on. give yourself extra distance. any less accidents we can deal with today, we would appreciate
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it. >> traffic moving steadily once again on 880 compared to what it was this morning. that message still stands. we did get a lot of rain overnight. some of the wet spots could remain on the roads. their message to drivers if you were heading out, take it cautiously. >> if you are one of those unlucky drivers whose car got stuck in the flooded roads, what happens next and does insurance pay for the repairs? michael finney will break it all down for you. >> storm cleanup continues in the santa cruz mountains. we will hear from
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ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto >> as you so before the break, many drivers across the bay area are figuring out how to with water damage to their cars after plowing through flooded roadways and being stranded in water.
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will the insurance companies pay for the damage? >> michael finney is here with advice. >> if you have an auto insurance policy with comprehensive coverage, you should be covered. statistics by monday k finds almost 70% of californians have that brought based coverage. that leaves millions without appearing -- that leaves millions without it. what kind of insurance you have is the question of the day for all these drivers stranded on 880. for others who plowed through flooded streets all over the bay area. comprehensive coverage covers most losses that are not related to an accident. that includes flooding and water damage. >> if you don't have comprehensive insurance and you got flood damage yesterday, that means the repair costs are going to have to be paid by you. >> a survey by consumer group money gate found 14.8 million
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drivers do not have comprehensive insurance. they would not be covered by insurance. that is about 30% of all drivers. here in the bay area, an estimated 1.8 million drivers do not have comprehensive insurance but about 3 million do carry it. >> thanks very much. >> in santa cruz county, residents braced for flooding and potential debris flows due to the lightning complex burn scar. dustin dorsey says the impacts of the storm could still be felt. >> downed trees, closed roads and snapped powerlines. the community can only look on and a surprise after seeing what has become of their neighborhood following the storm. it could only be described as chaos. >> we pretty much have two seasons. fire season and storm season. >> chief dan walters says the
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area got more than seven inches of rain in 24 hours, leading to two near deaths from fallen trees and too many calls for fire crews to keep up with. >> all of a sudden, a year the cracking and the popping. -- i hear the cracking and the popping. i heard the boom. i'm like, please don't destroy the home. >> he is thankful of the damage was not too bad. tings like this are part of the mountain lifestyle. >> mountain living is not for the faint of heart. you would think this is not part of the evacuation zone. i thought everything was cool. apparently not. > this is one of many downed trees that blocked roads. county officials are still working to clean up the mess. the major concern of the county was the flood risk from the lightning complex burn scar. like every major storm in the
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santa cruz mountains, there is plenty of damage but everyone is thankful it was not worse. >> some of the higher elevations got six to 10 inches of rain. we have some road impacts. we have localized flooding around culverts. we have some high surf down by the coast. it looks like we dodged a bullet. falling >> trees and debris are still a risk to those driving in the area. chief walters advises everyone to slow down and be careful. >> what is the impact on our reservoirs and the drought conditions. we are going to hear f
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we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> from the sierra to the bay area, officials are hoping the storm will begin to make an impact on our reservoirs. >> abc 7 spencer christian is here with an early look.
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>> the weekend's storm may have created overnight likes across the area but as far as our reservoirs are concerned, water managers say there is still a long way to go. >> we need a series of these. >> gary of the santa clara valley water district says the storm resulted in an improvement of about one half of 1% in their system, includes lexington reservoir near los gatos. >> we went from 88% mt to 87.5% empty. it has not moved appreciatively. >> he says early-season storm water has difficulty penetrating the soil. sky seven captured these images of a rushing spill over at the alpine lake reservoir in marin county where the site of what are to bolster reservoirs is a more than welcome sight. managers with the san francisco utility district say the total system has seen an increase of
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almost 3%, bumping levels to almost 70% capacity. with the effects of climate change, observers like david lewis believe drench and dry cycles may be the new normal for california. >> there is going to be more variability in our weather. that is going to mean many years of drought. >> experts say it is going to be critical to not only capture more water in the future but to use it efficiently with conference -- with conservation and recycling. ? the best type is one that stays in the sierras and turns into snow. so we get snow panic up to june or july. that is what >> we really need. for now, many are hoping the site of rains returning with such force is at least a strong beginning. >> that is better than nott getting any rain. it is a little frustrating. it makes a little dent. >> let's get to sandy for
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hopefully more to come our way. >> i hope so. a little bit more is coming your way tomorrow. let me show you a life picture from her golden gate bridge camera. you're seeing plenty of sun out there along with a few clouds. we do have that atmospheric river shifting into southern california where they are getting rain, some thunderstorms in the sierra. as we take a look at our local weather, it is all quiet. a couple showers not out of the question. we had numerous reports of storm damage in the list 24 hours from flooding to debris flows. chain controls in the sierra on all roads leading to the mountains. two to three feet of snow has fallen that some of the resorts. we have a winter storm warning above 6000 feet until 11:00 p.m. tonight. localized up to three feet. that idea to hold off on travel. not easy to get there. as you look here, it is an
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absolutely stunning view from our tahoe camera. this looks like winter in the mountains. the atmospheric river brought record-setting rain in the bay area, parts of the pacific northwest so the impacts. same storm generating some large swells. 18 footers, monterey bay. high surf warning until 11:00 a.m.. breakers 20 to 30 feet. a risk of low-lying flooding and strong rip currents. stay back and watch from far away. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. a live look from our tower camera and you are seeing a mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow, double one. there is still a chance of some flooding especially with the heavy rain causing streaks -- causing creeks and streams continuing to rise. couple of showers not out of the question. tomorrow come a weak system brings us a few scattered light showers.
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focus will be mainly the north bay. the last storm that came through here definitely produced enough rain to put san francisco at the fourth wettest yesterday, which was going back to the gold rush days. impressive. 40's and 50's in the morning. afternoon highs will look like this. carry the umbrella if you're going to be in the northbay or san francisco. it is a level one with scattered showers tomorrow. sunny and mild as we head into the work week. saturday afternoon, we have a chance of a few showers. best chance any the northbay with the possibility of morning drizzle on sunday. we don't have any more record-setting rainfall or atmospheric rivers coming our way in the accuweather forecast. >> thankful for the break. >> powerful waves are bartering -- are bettering part of our coastline. the national weather service calls it a swell train.
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it is expected to pound the coast from monterey to see ranch in sonoma county. pacifica state beach is under the warning but is also closed because of sewage overflow into the water. the city says yesterday storm overwhelmed the sewer system. the beach will remain closed until testing shows the water is safe. the >> >> images of the damage of the atmospheric river are incredible. we asked you to show us what it looked like in your neighborhood. here are some of the videos and pictures you sent in. >> feels like a water ride. >> through the hard rains and strong winds, there was excitement as pickup trucks plowed through flooded streets in santa rosa. not recommended, especially in martinez not stop the driver of this previous. homes were hit hard. in san rafael, the apartment was completely flooded.
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in santa rosa, this home nearly flooded. while powerlines came down, a poll fire was seen in san jose. the most intense video we received, besides this wild kite surfing video at half moon bay came from the bay. a tugboat captain recorded this click and it is not out in the open sea. it economist from the -- it comes from the san francisco bay. intense moments from an ankle that you don't usual -- an angle that you don't usually see. >> thank you for sending those in. you can track the weather live anytime with abc 7 bay area app. it is available on your phone and wherever you stream. search abc 7 bay area. >> the storm certainly caused a lot of damage. there is a bright side to all the rain.
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>> palisades tahoe set us this video of the snow coming down this morning. they received as much as 39 inches at its upper elevations. as enticing as this may look, palisades is not planning to open until november 24. if you cannot wait, kirkwood has plans to open in 11 days. >> i'm cold just looking at that. a pair of bear cubs took advantage of the pet -- the fresh powder in south lake tahoe as they wrestled around in the snow. how like says this is -- alec says this is a common site for the area. >> that is adorable. our downpour brought an iconic spot in yosemite roaring back to life. the falls was listed as dry on the yosemite national park's website. here is a picture before and after the rain. wonderful to see that difference. will news tonight with david muir is next.
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call scan at 1-877-212-7226. or ask your agent about scan. breaking news as we come on the air. police on the scene of a deadly shopping mall shooting in boise, idaho. images coming in at this hour. the shooting inside the mall. reports of two people killed. police rushing to the scene. evacuating stores. what authorities are saying about the gunman. tracking dangerous storms hitting both coasts with flooding rain and damaging winds. a possible nor'easter moving up the east coast. heavy rain from washington, d.c. to new york to boston and new snow and wind alerts from cali


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