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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 25, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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update from abc 7 news. >> the aftermath of the strongest storm to hit the bay area in nearly five years. here's a look at what we are seeing after that record rainfall and we are tracking more steady showers. >> your wiki up to flood advisories and affected a handful of bay area counties this morning. this is new video shot overnight showing you exactly why you want to give yourself some extra time on your commute. >> lisa is outside on the roof. stephanie and ryan, checking out the conditions in the north and south right now. >> thanks so much for joining us. you're watching abc 7 mornings. we will get all of that in just a few minutes, but i want to start with a latest look at the forecast with mike. mike: we are on the heels of what was the fourth wettest day ever in san francisco.
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obviously, the wettest day ever in the month of october. here is a look at them stronger cells moving around marshall, going to head down toward nevada. you can see the peppering, moderate to heavy. some locally gusty wind on the peninsula from right near pacifica, heading right along skyline boulevard, down toward redwood city. we've got some heavy rain in the east bay hills and also into the east bay valley. plenty of ponding on the roadways which all of us will attest to as we came into work this morning. the steadiest rain is moving out of the north bay right now. the worst of the storm is over, but behind this study rain, scattered showers and possible thunderstorms with locally gusty wind, locally heavy rain, and more localized flooding on the way. as far as solano county goes, flood advisory until noon today. santa cruz mountains, flood advisory until 5:15 this
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morning. as we look at the forecast for today, you can see we are going to stay rather cool with temperatures in the 50's and 60's, and another quarter-inch-half-inch of rain or two in the south, where most of the action is going to be. we will take a greate take a gr back, coming up. >> the small stream flood advisory is set to expire in the next few minutes for san mateo county. also, into parts of santa clara valley. as you mentioned, that is all winding down. we have a few light rain showers on the roof, but over 60 pages, 22 our totals. the rainfall amounts range anywhere from up to 30 hours of rain from over 60 inches to about one or two inches in the
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santa clara valley. this is a system that is going to go down in the textbooks as we have a cyclone up in the gulf of alaska allowing for that strong, atmospheric river to give us more than a day and a half of rain we are going to look at rainfall totals in a moment, talk about brighter conditions. as you can see, we still have some light showers here in san francisco. the roads, certainly slick out there. >> the short straw on the roof this morning. we take a look at the vaped bridge toll plaza, there is a lot of standing water and some flooding. the lights happen to be out. just the regular roadway lights. that is along the san francisco side of the bay bridge as well. slick roads and some fog. the worst part of it is in the fremont area.
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we have a full freeway closure north and southbound 880. you can see that purple, so avoid that if you will. you can take the surface streets for now, that is really going to clog up your east bay commute. slow traffic through that area. we will be following all of this, and there are 60 incidents on the board. >> now, in the east bay, flooding is having a pretty big impact on the freeways. ryan curry is joining us live from fremont. what are you seeing out there now? ryan: these conditions really are not the best right now driving toward the south bay, making your way toward san jose. mostly because right now, you can see traffic is at a standstill, mostly due to a a
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lot of flooding on the roadways. this has led to several accidents that we have passed by driving down here. the reason why it is so jampacked right now is because they are trying to divert traffic into just a couple lanes because some of these lanes are blocked due to a lot of water on the roadway. as a matter of fact, even as we were driving down, we saw a lot of cars frantically drive over to the nearest exit to avoid this traffic altogether. you can see the rain also still coming down here as traffic is moving just really under five to 10 miles per hour. a very sloppy overnight with all the rain and now, as you can see, starting at 5:00 a.m. on a monday, not really the best conditions right now. like i said, several crashes on the way down as you make your way to south bay to san jose. and a lot of congestion making your way down here, flooding on the roadways creating a concern. it is best to maybe give yourself a little bit of extra
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time, because this is a very sloppy start to a monday morning. back to you. >> thank you, ryan. those issues this morning not only on the roadway. we are talking about electricity issues. this look right here at pg&e website showing active power outages. we are talking about more than 68,000 people across the bay power right now, and this is better than it was at one point. one of the hardest hit neighborhoods as foster city in san mateo county, where 5600 customers have been without electricity for hours now. in the latest update last night, pg&e said it restored power to 143,000 customers. in the north bay, some streets are under more than one foot of water this morning caused by that lash flooding in the area. we want to check, stephanie who is live. what are you seeing?
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stephanie: it is wet and windydy here. we are tracking the rain hitting the creek downtown, and you can see it looks less of a creek and more like rapids this morning. the mayor told us yesterday it was necessary to close out this entire downtown area and sound the flood sirens, and you can see why. not far from where we are here, yesterday, some of the streets were under two feet of water. cars were struggling to cross intersections. this clip taken along 3rd street and lincoln avenue. residents and business owners who have lived here for more than 30 years say this is the worst they have seen it. we spoke to andrew, who was helping his neighbors make a plan to evacuate as ash flooding threaten homes along woodland avenue. >> go to higher ground, like right there. you see that. that whole property is 20, 30 feet above sea level.
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it is not a big pla a good enough plan. >> a good enough plan, one that he says many of his neighbors were not ready for. basements flooded with at least two feet of water. business owners struggling to get out. the mayor says he is concerned about the hillsides and mudslides this morning as the rain continues to pour. certainly a sleepless night for city workers and first responders and we saw some on the freeways this morning that were struggling as cars were just consumed in large pools of water. seeing a lot of these workers, a few just down the street here, helping some residents who are trying to get their basement which was completely flooded. you can certainly see the remnants of and this morning from the creek here in downtown seven some of. >> in the northhe northhe northe sonoma county schools are closed
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today, meaning no in-person classes or virtual learning. the schools are going to be closed because of the flooding. montgomery school will be closed because of a power outages and roof leaks. anderson valley committee school is closed as well. >> all that rain proved to be too much for this tree. you can see the large oak traveled right onto this home. the damage was severe. two of the bedrooms were destroyed. residents had to find somewhere else to stay. the ground is saturated in that area. meanwhile, fairfax has gotten more than nine inches of rain. dark out sandbags still available today to san francisco residents. you can get up to 10 free sandbags. distribution starts this morning at 7:00 which is one hour earlier than scheduled. also, san francisco cleanup underway this morning. several trees came down in the
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city yesterday. this is video from the financial district. cutting up one tree on belvedere street. just a block away, this tree came down on top of a car. dark out the store this dumping rain and snow in the sierra. -- >> the storm is dumping rain and snow in the sierra above thousand eight until tonight. wind gusts could reach 100 miles per hour. mike is joining us right now, tracking and all this morning. rain continuing to fall. >> especially in the east bay, where some of our heaviest commuters are heading out, just now pushing away. some heavy rain just fell.
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as you come out of of the heavy rain is falling. as you head back into more of the neighborhoods around camino, up toward blackhawk, a lot of heavy rain falling. same thing on highway four. it is about as dicey as it is going to get for the rest of the morning. our media concern continues to be this flood warning heading down towards south santa rosa. the flood warning goes on for another 49 minutes or so, up until 6:00. if you cannot see the road or if there is standing water, turn around, don't drown. i saw a lady that got stuck and lost her car, she said no one was there to tell her. that is what we are here to tell you this morning. if you don't know how deep it is, we still have about 31 hundredths of an inch of rain --
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three one hundredths of an inch of rain falling in that same area. you can definitely see some heavier showers moving into the southbay. into the afternoon hours, there is still the threat of thunderstorms. this morning until 9:00, you can see there will be a quick change at 9:00 over to those scattered showers that will continue into the afternoon and evening hours. we have to be careful for that. also, because it will aggravate anywhere those showers fall. let's get back to lisa. lisa: i have to do a bit of a reality check with all of this, it is just so much to digest. as you said, it is seeking south, but we have some cooler air filtered in behind this atmospheric river, which is why some of the showers are still coming down pretty heavy. i have a glimpse of some of the
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rainfall totals and all over the bay area for 48 hours, we are talking some historic numbers. over five inches in san francisco, over 5.5 in oakland. nearly eight inches up in santa rosa. out toward livermore. how about san jose, or they are talking about over two inches now with about three inches. we still have rain, it is certainly slick out there, we are just here to give you an update on those roadways. >> slick is definitely the and standing water, flooding, puddling. now is got flooding, southbound 101.
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you are down to one lane in corte madera. yesterday, high wind toppled a truck. today it is not so bad but it is still slick on the bridge. take extra time this morning. you can see your commute is underway with a lot of folks. the big freeway closure and hopefully at least one lane will be opening soon, from thorton to malory, both directions completely shut down, sending you on a detour on surface streets at this hour. we will be following this when we come back. >> this is new video that shows just how bad the wind was on sunday. this storm blew a truck on its side on a richmond bridge. the woman who took the video says the crash brought traffic to a halt. there is no word on if there were any injuries were not.
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>> hopefully not. getting creative with kayaks. how some people decided to get around yesterday. >> and the massive rockslide that could take several days to clear up. >> it is 5:15 as you wake up aso with us on this monday morning. take a live look outside,
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>> welcome back. here is a live look at live doppler 7. you can also see our abc 7 roof camera. people making their way, some rain on the roads, but not as bad as what we are seeing in the east bay and also in the southbay. we are going to check in with ryan in just a few minutes and with mike as well to let us know what to ask x today. a massive rockslide about 45 minutes north of orville has shut down highway 70 in both directions. you can see water.wa
5:18 am
look at those rocs making things pretty difficult to cross right there. clearing the mass take several days. >> the atmospheric river is also in acting wine country. this video shows sonoma creek just gushing with water. what is remarkable here is the creek has pretty much dried up last week because of the drought. now, it looks like a raging river. the storm dumped more than a half foot of rain in parts of sonoma and napa. some people seek crazy flooding and they decide to try to make the most of it. >> that is so great. [laughter] >> two east fake kayakers decided to have some fun after the storm flooded the streets. you can hear her just cracking up in the background. at one point, car drives five, creating some waves the kayaks.
5:19 am
start paddling. that is when michelle yells out if i had a jet ski, i would join you. and they weren't the only ones with this idea. a couple of kayakers were also spotted in the north bay. this video shows two people in a kayak waving to one coming traffic right there. got to make the most of the tough situation. this flash flooding was really intense for some folks. mike: it was january 2017 the last time we saw something that widespread. this storm will probably go down in the north bay is probably a five on the impact scale, which would be the first one ever. we will take a look at that as we get away from the storm. we will talk more about the winter storm warning. these are fat flakes falling up in tahoe. that is just the other end of the storm. excuse me a second, the computer has been giving me fits all
5:20 am
morning. i will see if i can get it to work in a different way. there we go. you can see we can actually see the western span of the bay bridge. we can almost see all the way over to the east bay, which means the intensity of the rain is starting to taper, at least temporarily. for sure, the worst of this is over. with that chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms, some localized flooding and wind damage is still possible. that chance of that will linger through at least wednesday morning. here's a look at that record-setting low. it was the lowest pressure ever in the eastern pacific and the record-setting rain it brought us is continuing. let's assume on down and show you the transition. moving right over san francisco and the bay bridge now. are going to jump ahead.
5:21 am
we already showed you future radar for today, so i want to show you starting admit that tonight. as we head through the morning commute and up until noon, showers are going to redevelop across part of the north bay and flight southward during the afternoon and into the evening hours. very light, very scattered, but they are still there. all the way through the morning commute, especially in the north bay. wednesday, lots of rain going to drop. up to 15 100s of an inch of rain as possible and very few areas will receive some. today, you can see around 60-64 degrees. tonight, significantly cooler as we fall back into the mid 40's to mid-50's. date. how about that, sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures. thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, partly cloudy with 60's
5:22 am
and 70's dark out now we want to get you updated on some other headlines. this can be the week when federal regulators give the green light to vaccinate children ages 5-11 for 19. if authorizations happen this week, dr. anthony fauci says kids in the age group will start to be vaccinated by early november. 28 million american children are in this age group and they could get a pediatric version of the pfizer vaccine given in two shots two weeks apart. >> as soon as we have both the fda authorization in the cdc recommendations, there will be vaccine out there so children can start rolling up their sleeves. >> the cdc is also sharing this alarming statistic in a push to get the remaining 64 million eligible americans vaccinated. there are more than six times as likely to test positive and more that 11 times as likely to die of coven. coming up, the seven things to know this morning. >> a live look outside right
5:23 am
here, we are waking up to some historic rainfall. the national weather service saying i
5:24 am
>> coming up this monday
5:25 am
morning, if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. number one is the weather. we went from a four, possibly even a five up in the north bay, down to a one. you can see the steady rain turning over to scattered showers right now. there are still thunderstorms possible which means still a small chance of some localized image from that heavier rain and that locally gusty wind. >> number two, we are following your monday morning commute as a result of the weather. lots of standing water, lots of lighting. we had a full freeway closure north and southbound. apparently now, one lane northbound has been reopened. >> number 3,000 of people have been without power because of the storm. here is a live look at the outages now. >> freeways throughoutreeways th area are flooded and that is going to make the morning drive that much more difficult.
5:26 am
colors got stuck in several feet of standing water in those southbound lanes. >> people dealing with flooding, power outages, and storms this morning. the mayor says he is concerned about hillsides and potential mudslides. >> several sonoma county schools are closed today because of the storm. you can see them on your screen right now. we also have them at the bottom of your screen. >> number seven, if you're in san francisco today, be careful. the storm caused trees to fall all across the city and there is expected to be cleaned up this morning. >> there was a vigil for the cinematographer shot and killed on a movie set. crewmembers are also talking about that tragedy. >> this morning's gna first look, new details on the tragic shooting of halyna hutchins. the first eyewitness descriptions of the moment alec baldwin pulled a prop gun from its holster on that new mexico
5:27 am
movie set. >> shot on a movie s shot on a s on. -- accidentally. >> baldwin was preparing for a scene drawings weapon viewed baldwin was pointing the revolver toward the camera lens and he heard what sounded like a whip and then a loud pop, striking and killing cinematographer halyna hutchins and piercing susan in the shoulder. they were both standing behind that camera. another crewmember tells investigators baldwin had been very careful handling firearms on set. we will have much more coming up with your gna first look. >> coming up at: at: at: at: coverage continues. >> after a day of record rainfall, we are tracking flooding from the north bay to the south bay. >> and before we had to break, we take another live look
5:28 am
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announcer: now, and accuweather update. >> we are staying on top of the aftermath of that monster storm that hit the bay area. still some steady rain coming down this morning, but the worst of it is over. >> still concerns over flooding this morning. this is new video overnight. a look at these cars submerged. make sure you are taking it slow on the roads and watch for standing water. >> there is a lot to get to this morning. that is why we have live tv coverage for you. timing out what you can expect today. we have ryan and stephanie out live this morning, showing you those trouble spots before you run into them. we thank you so much for being here. abc 7 in the mornings live right now. >> we want to start with a check of the forecast with mike.
5:31 am
>> we are not out of the woods. some of us are staggering out after being dealt such a hard blow yesterday. the rest of us are starting to wonder out. still have a couple of hours of steady mike to moderate rain and scattered showers for the rest of today. while we have downgraded the storm to a one, there are still going to be some issues to deal with. through the altamont pass, pass, can see the scattered heavy cells from oakland and piedmont and alameda all the way down to hayward across the san mateo bridge. right around sfo. we've got to keep an eye on that and hope that nothing let's go. down in the south bay, light to moderate steady rain falling. notice in the north bay, the
5:32 am
shield is much smaller and not as intense, but that is the potential for some scattered showers the remainder of the morning after the steady rain. it's taken look at future radar. this is the next six hours. you can see how quickly the showers move off. around 8:00 or 9:00, they are exiting the south bay. the left side of your screen, those are the scattered showers toward the lunch hour. don't be surprised between those two that we see a little bit of sunshine. that would be nice to help dry things out a little bit before the next showers role in. we had so much rain, the fourth wettest day ever in san francisco. what else are you seeing up there? lisa: still incredible, i am still digesting all of it. we do have some rainfall totals to show you and give you perspective. on going to get my clicker.
5:33 am
we had over 16.5 inches of rain up in the north bay. things are certainly settling down there in the north bay. conditions, as you said, are still going to be a little bit dicey. i can tell you with four inches in oakland and over 5.5 inches around ben loman, we are certainly looking at a day when things are certainly going to be remembered. here is my mouse. let me just show you this. three inches over in palo alto. about eight in santa rosa. lake tahoe, we are talking about a heavy, wet snow with changeover from snowing around the airport terrain. we are talking the worst weather of the next several hours with two or three inches per hour. we also have a high surf warning, up to 30 feet. a lot going on along the coast. wind up to 40 miles per hour in
5:34 am
the upper elevations. around mount hood, 35 miles per hour. it is chilly, we are behind the system here in san francisco. a little bit more rain to go, and even some sunshine, maybe some rainbows out there today. >> is he on the roads as well with standing water and flooding all around the bay area. we do have northbound lanes reopened at this point. that was all due to flooding, and cars got stranded in several feet of water. southbound still remains closed. there is a detour in place, one lane for your southbound drive again due to flooding, that level right in your lucky drive. we have an accident, westbound 24 also due to standing water. right lanes are blocked here near wilder a you are stacked up
5:35 am
solid, almost now to the 600 80 junction headed westbound on 24. no great alternate to offer you here. hopefully, they will get it cleaned up shortly. >> want to get to another major issue on the roads as so many highways are dealing with flooding. standing water already causing some big issues. we want to get to ryan, who is live where there is a major issue. what are you seeing? ryan: standing right here in the middle of highway 880, heading southbound to san jose. right now, it is currently blocked. all traffic being diverted away from this highway due to severe flooding on the runway. i will step aside so you can take a closer look at the current flooding. the crews are slowly working to remove as many as five cars that were blocked in the roadway, stuck in water. i just actually saw one tow truck a few minutes ago take one
5:36 am
car away and another one right now is working to get another one out of there. i asked how many cars were stock and they did not know right away. they said at least five, possibly more. they told me this waterway is going down slightly. it was worse a few moments ago. leading up to this, if you are planning your southbay commute, this is something to keep in mind if you are heading toward san jose. there were even a few accidents on the way toward this flooding zone, and the rain is still coming down hard, as you can see. the flooding is still being a big issue on this major roadway, probably one of the major ones leading to san jose right now. i asked chp how long it would take to get the cars cleared and at what point they would reopen the runway and they told me right now, they do not have an answer. >> thank you. freaks are swelling in the north bay. stephanie is live with us this morning.
5:37 am
stephanie: good morning. right here among the creek, it is looking more like rapids this morning. you can see the water that has been pummeling down all through yesterday and into this morning, we spoke to residents who live in the area. levels rose about four inches in a matter of a few hours last night. it has certainly been a windy and wet morning. just a few miles down the road, conditions even worse. cars were struggling to cross the street as intersections were flooded with more than two feet of water. several businesses nearby did not have enough time to prepare. we spoke to a retired manager who says he had not seen a storm of this size 30 years. >> the water has never gotten this close your restaurant before. >> never. not too much. this year, a lot.
5:38 am
>> another business owner down the street started pulling water out of his basement with buckets but he told us the drains were so clogged he could not get his stuff out, describing it was like rushing tied in his basement. the rain just picking up in the last few seconds. it is certainly looking more like the tide. an indicator of what it is like on the roads just driving here. you will notice huge tides, pools of water. i measured about four inches in one area and i did speak to some emergency crews who work morning to take it slow this morning. there's a lot of water that has accumulated on the side, so there warning everyone to say thank ticket flow. -- and take it slow. >> this is a live look at
5:39 am
conditions. there is room for 100 guests. >> homeless and canon that has floated. the rescue is happening down the river from the camp. >> coming up, some of the videos you sent to us during the most intense part of the storm. we will check back, mike to see what is happening right now. >> for flood warning goes until 6:00, still potential for the next 21 minutes or so for places like sebastopol to be dealing with flooding. what we are going to show you are some of those potential areas like river road, paul road. we have got bodega avenue. look at this.
5:40 am
park expressway, wilford avenue. all potentially have standing water on them. the good news, look at 7. is definitely showing a decrease in the amount of rain that is falling. fingers crossed that warning will expire at 6:00. still a potential for flooding in solano county until about noon. i would not be surprised if this one also expires a little bit earlier than that. there is definitely going to be some ponding on the roadways. a little bit of a break, but right behind me, you can see more. there could be more ponding on the roadways. as far as a little bit closer to macarthur boulevard and oakland, 500-8813 come together. you can see dublin boulevard also right around the valley
5:41 am
avenue, very heavy rain. fremont, for sale, padre parkway. stephenson boulevard, where 87 comes out of the hills with some heavy rain falling right now. we are going to keep on those particular areas as we had through the next couple of hours because that is where the best potential for ponding on the roadways is going to be. also, down into the santa cruz mountains in the southbay, where thankfully, those mountains are gobbling up most of the heavy rain where they can handle it a little bit better than in the valley. the potential potential potentit from the steady rain this morning to scattered showers and thunderstorms some locally active weather is possible, but the key is it will be very local. in fact, here is a look at future radar. watch how quickly the showers dissipate and then the showers continue as we head into the afternoon and even hours very,
5:42 am
very widespread. a couple more hours of heavy rain and we will get a little bit of a break. are you seeing anything out there? lisa: looking forward to that. the rain has stopped up here right now. it is a little chilly. you heard about 16 inches of rain yesterday. they had almost 27 inches for the month alone. that is what an atmospheric river boost will do. the russian river went from one foot to over 16.5 feet, almost 1.5 feet above flood stage yesterday. that is a lot of water to take in for a day. we got very close on some of the rivers, and another quick look at some rainfall totals right you heard about san francisco, the wettest day ever in october. the pickup over five inches of rain into two days. we are now looking at the conditions deteriorating in the sierra nevada.
5:43 am
18-24 inch totals around mount rose. they have a heavy, wet snow and also the high surface what we are worried about. 20-30 foot breakers, this went into effect last night. we are still under the effects of that strong area of low pressure of in the gulf of alaska. tomorrow, certainly looking at some rough conditions out there in the mountains, the winter advisory has expired for most of the sierra nevada. the bay area, still gusty, from 25 to 35 miles per hour. looking out of cooler conditions as we get behind this system. as mike talked about, not much more to go in the next day or two. we are going to wind down and
5:44 am
get into some sunshine, but certainly a little slick out there this morning on the roadways. it has been a while. >> data has been -- it has been wild. >> it has been really wet and obviously there are some issues. take a look here at the bay bridge, the lights are out at the toll plaza. not the metering lights, just the regular bay bridge lights. they had a power outages, they still are suffering that. you can see the sheen on the roadways as you still have water coming up. we will definitely need your windshield wipers this morning. through oakland, we've got traffic moving nicely. those headlights headed in the southbound direction. we do have close lanes in the fremont area. southbound, especially. still remaining closed due to flooding into standing water. feet of it. northbound, there are a couple lanes open.
5:45 am
there is a detour in place southbound with standing water there. this is the closer we saw just a little bit of slowing. accident on 24 westbound, left lanes blocked due to a spinouts, and traffic is backed up now. we had a lot of other incidents, and we can't get to them all in this particular break. we will nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure...
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5:48 am
few minutes. >> the oakland zoo will be closed again today. this video from much drier times. the bad weather leads to unsafe conditions for guests. if you had a reservation, this zoo says he will get an automatic refund schedule another visit on their website the alameda county fair is said reopen today. organizers decided to close it yesterday because of the storm. if you had a ticket, you can use it for any day. the fair will be open for halloween this sunday. the storm hit much of the bay area incredible hard and we ask you to show us what look like in your neighborhood and a lot you responded with video like this and flooding, downed trees, high water. strong wind, there was some excitement as pickup trucks plowed through flooded streets in santa rosa. not recommended, especially in
5:49 am
martinez, where even floodwaters could not stop the driver of this previous. but homes were hit hard, too. in san rafael, one apartment was completely flooded as rain continued to fall. and in santa rosa, this home nearly flooded. while powerlines came down and a fire was seen in san jose, perhaps the most intense video we received sides this wild kite-surfing video came from the bay. a captain recorded this clip and is not out in the open sea. it comes from the san francisco bay. intense moments from an angle that you don't usually see. >> nobody was denied this rainstorm. it hit everybody.
5:50 am
thankfully, the southbay is not hitting them quite as hard as expected. the north bay, just as brutal if not a little bit worse. let's talk about what is going to happen today. i want to focus on some good news. 48 hour rainfall total working south around san rafael. the civic center, nine point five inches, nearly 10 inches of rain in the eight hours. as we head deeper into the forecast, we are going to see that places like san francisco, here you go. five point 15 inches in the last 48 hours. steady rain through the morning and scattered showers this afternoon. that all goes away tonight but it is going to leave so much moisture that we are definitely going to have patchy fog the next several nights. the heater will once again. you have outer activities, thumbs up to that. i know so many were canceled yesterday.
5:51 am
i was supposed to be at fall fest, they canceled. san lorenzo, right here, the san mateo bridge, the eastern side. pretty heavy rain right now. watch out for some ponding. stanford, some moderate rain. you can see some clearing the north. it is still going to keep the instability around. when we transfer to those scattered showers, just keep our mobile app handy and follow the scattered showers. here is a look at the future radar for tomorrow. into the afternoon and evening, there was one more batch of scattered, light showers that will continue through early wednesday morning. look at the transition to sunshine and 60's and 70's
5:52 am
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5:55 am
car. despite the danger, you can see a lot of drivers still drying to drive across this water. flooding spread across several areas. the rising water was so widespread it also got into homes not far from the refinery. residents in one vallejo neighborhood had to shelter-in-place as the streets around and started to flood. you can find that with the clogged drains and you get streets that look like this, pretty much turned into pools. public works crews eventually got there to unclog the drains, thankfully, but not before these kids tried to get in there and have a little bit of fun splashing around in the water. >> from matt, to this. you have got to really feel for this family. they had to use buckets to clear out the water that flooded their home yesterday morning. it happened way between the more intense rain hit.
5:56 am
the fire department tried to pump the water out, but they couldn't keep up. they try to shovel and, even sweeping the water away. at one point, they were using a hose to try to clear the wedding. they were doing anything they could to try to keep the water out of their homes. >> this rain, of course, we still need because we are in a severe drought crisis. but another climate issue was just brought front and center this morning. >> of course, the big stories continue to be about this historic rainfall that we dealt with. we will get right back to the storm coverage, the aftermath, and the rainfall ahead as even some schools are closing for the day. >> remember, you can always track the weather live anytime with the bay area ap available for your phone. pyou can also get it wherever you stream. just search on your mobile device, but make sure you also enable push alerts.
5:57 am
>> some of you are getting out of the door on this monday morning. here is a live look outside. a few cars out on the road so far. later today than yesterday.
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ got an amazing deal on this gourmet pepper mill at marshalls. its so fancy! ♪ striking the bait area. a new video showing you what the region is up against, very
6:00 am
sloppy monday morning ahead. >> we wanted to give you a live look outside. the rain continues into today. you can see live 7 doppler. we had record rainfall this weekend. >> we have live team coverage tracking every coverage. lisa is outside our area. ryan is checking out the north and south bay. >> you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we will check in with sue to see the mess on the roads. we want to start with mike. it's the heaviest rainfall we've since january 2017. mike: what estate ever yesterday , in october. fourth what estate ever. this gives you an idea how much rain fell in that time.


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