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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 25, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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andrew? >> suc a right now on "america this morning," extreme weather. the historic storms slamming the west. up to 10 inches of rain. evacuations ordered. winds powerful enough to blow over this truck on a california bridge, and in the midwest, several tornadoes reported. the images coming in overnight. new details surrounding the alec baldwin movie set shooting. what police documents revealed baldwin was doing at the time the gun went off, killing the crew member, and who had the gun moments earlier. a january 6th bombshell. "rolling stone" magazine reporting that organizers of the capitol rally that day had been promised a, quote, blanket pardon by a u.s. congressman. chaos outside an nba game. the crowd protesting covid vaccine mandates, swarming the doors.
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forcing a brief lockdown. the worker shortage across the u.s. impacting everything from how your packages are delivered to how your trash is collected. this morning, the changes being made. and from new questions about the assassination of jfk to the hair on a plane outraging the internet, to tom brady's historic football that was nearly smashed. it's monday, october 25th. good monday morning, everyone. we'll get to the new details from the alec baldwin shooting in a moment, but first, the severe weather impacting much of the country. >> evacuations are under way and power outages have been reported as one of the strongest storms on record takes aim at the pacific northwest and parts of california today. >> also overnight, several damage reports coming in after a series of reported tornadoes hit the midwest, but we begin right now on the west coast. >> reporter: this morning, two dangerous weather systems
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impacting millions of americans from coast to coast. the northwest bracing for what could be the strongest storm ever recorded in this part of the pacific ocean, dumping up to 10 inches of rain. tens of millions of people now at risk for flash flooding. mud slides and heavy winds. torrential rain already turning roads into rivers. evacuations under way in parts of california including santa rosa where fire crews are using boats to help residents flee. >> the water levels have risen to the point where we are now evacuating this neighborhood. >> reporter: more than a quarter of a million customers already losing power as strong winds take down trees and power lines. two people were killed after this tree crushed a car near seattle, but the biggest risk could be in areas burned by recent wildfires with the intense rain triggering landslides like this one not far from where the dixie fire burned nearly 1 million acres. officials warning those living in burn scar areas to be ready to evacuate, tweeting, quote, have your go bag ready.
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meanwhile 2,000 miles inland, a different threat. twisters in missouri and illinois. >> i saw it just across the road and i yelled, tornado, so we both just laid down on the floor and kind of, you know, covered our heads, and we hear the high winds ripping the roof off and dust flying in the room. a hole appeared in the ceiling. >> reporter: and our kansas city station capturing this funnel cloud from the station's helicopter near kingston, missouri. back on the west coast, experts say the storm could end the risk for the wildfires for the rest of the season. we'll check the forecast in just a few moments. new details overnight on that deadly shooting on a movie set in new mexico. abc has obtained new statements revealing what alec baldwin was doing at the time, who handled the gun moments earlier, and why none of it was caught on camera. this morning, the most detailed account yet of the moment when authorities say actor alec baldwin shot two people with a prop gun on this new mexico
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movie set killing one of them. according to police statements from crew members, the crew was preparing to film a scene inside a church. baldwin was sitting in a pew practicing cross drawing his weapon and pointing the revolver towards the camera lens when the gun went off. the shooting was not caught on video because the crew was not yet filming. >> we have two people accidentally shot on a movie set by a prop gun. we need help immediately. >> reporter: investigators are trying to determine the events leading up to when baldwin discharged the gun, shooting and killing cinematographer halyna hutchins and wounding the film's director. overnight, the film communit coming together, holding a vigil for hutchins. earlier baldwin was seen hugging hutchins' husband and her 9-year-old son, and hutchins' sister saying, i cannot comprehend her passing. i love her very much. i was very proud of her and she was my role model. this loss is a great grief for our family. >> i would have been lucky to have ever done another movie with another person like that,
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or with her, and i don't get to. >> reporter: investigators meanwhile say the prop gun was arranged on a cart by hannah gutierrez reed, the person in charge of prop firearms on the set. the report says assistant director dave halls handed the colt revolver to baldwin saying it was cold, meaning not loaded with any live rounds. while the gun was in baldwin's hands, a projectile fired. on a recent podcast, gutierrez reed described how nervous she was to take her first big job on another film earlier this year. >> i almost didn't take the job because i wasn't sure if i was ready. >> reporter: we reached out to both the armorer and assistant director for comment, but haven't yet heard back. >> the first question is who loaded that live ammunition into that gun? who handled the gun after the live ammunition was put into the gun? who knew about the live ammunition? all of those questions will go to determine whether this rises to the level of criminal homicide which is very possible in a case like this.
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>> dave halls told investigators he did not know the gun contained live rounds. a horrific discovery near houston. three children were found abandoned inside an apartment along with the remains of another child. the boys are between the ages of 7 and 15 years old. the eldest called police to say his 9-year-old brother had been dead for a year. he said their parents had not lived in the apartment for months. authorities say the mother has been found and is being questioned. a republican congressman is accused of promising to pardon organizers of the capitol protests on january 6th. "rolling stone" reports arizona congressman paul gosar gave the impression he had spoken to president trump about pardons for an investigation. it's unclear what that investigation was, but the pardons were never granted. the organizers have reportedly been speaking with the committee investigating the attack on the capitol. turning to the pandemic, experts say children as young as
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5 could be getting the vaccine as early as the 4th. the mandate caused chaos outside the brooklyn nets basketball game. kyrie irving has been benched because he refuses to get the vaccine. abc's faith abubey has more on the next steps in the push to vaccinate more americans. faith, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, andrew. a major step in that process will begin as soon as tomorrow when an independent fda advisory panel meets to weigh in on whether kids can start getting the shots. millions of american parents eager to protect their young children from covid-19 before the holidays could get a chance to vaccinate them as soon as early november. an fda panel is expected to recommend pediatric doses of the shots for 5 to 11-year-olds when it meets tuesday to review pfizer's trial data. >> the data looked good as to the efficacy and the safety. >> reporter: pfizer says early data shows one-third of its covid vaccine doses nearly 91% effective against symptomatic disease in children, and if
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ultimately approved by the cdc, kids can get two shots three weeks apart to be fully vaccinated. >> as soon as we have the fda authorization and the cdc recommendations, there will be a vaccine out there so children can start rolling up their sleeves. >> reporter: 64 million americans already eligible for the shots are still not vaccinated. a new cdc report showing just how risky that decision could be. according to researchers in august, the unvaccinated were more than six times likely to test positive for the virus and more than 11 times at greater risk of dying once infected. in new york -- [ chanting ] >> reporter: -- demonstrators outside the brooklyn nets home opener. supporting benched star player kyrie irving. he's refused to reveal his vaccination status despite the state mandate. days before his highly anticipated a bull release ed sheeran telling fans, he's self-isolating after testing
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positive for covid. he was seen here performing on "the late late show" with james corden. ♪ it's unclear whether the singer is vaccinated. meanwhile, health officials say they're monitoring a handful of cases of the delta plus variant which is now surging in the uk. however, they say there's no sign right now that it's more transmissible or that it reduces the efficacy of the vaccines. andrew? >> faith, thank you. family members of the 17 missionaries kidnapped in haiti are offering forgiveness to the gang holding them hostage. 16 americans and a canadian were kidnapped. the gang is demanding a $1 million ransom her person. the ohio-based missionary group has shared messages from the families of those kidnapped. >> one father of a hostage shared this about the kidnappers. we're interested in the salvation of these men and we love them. another father said, as a family, we are giving forgiveness to these men. we are not holding anything
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against them. >> reporter: the fbi is helping search for the missionaries. time now for a look at your monday weather. >> good morning. we continue to track a powerful storm that continues to bring heavy rain in california. flash flooding and landslides are going to be a concern across most of the state. the l.a. basin gets the wet weather into monday. speaking of monday from the midwest into the northeast, we're going to be tracking rain associated with an area of low pressure. this powerful system also could mean severe weather for parts of the mid-atlantic. hail and damaging winds will be the concerns. i'm marvin gomez with your accuweather forecast. coming up, trouble with the trash. why people are waiting longer for trash pickup. also ahead, more changes in the mail. what the post office is doing to make sure your holiday packages get delivered on time this year.
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plus, the terrifying scene in the sky as two paragliders collide.
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back, now, with an airborne accident. two paragliders colliding and spiraling out of control. this was in turkey. both team did survive. they were pulled from the water. back in this country, police in san antonio are investigating a cause of a drag racing tragedy. two boys, one of them 6 years old, the other 8, were killed when a car veered off the track into the crowd. there were no barriers where the car crashed and the driver appeared to lose control. the postal service is making changes hoping to pave the way for smooth deliveries this
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holiday season. >> reporter: this morning, the supply chain crisis heating up before the holidays, with consumer demand set to skyrocket. the postal service is increasing capacity to make sure holiday packages arrive on time. it's adding 45 new facilities, 112 new sorting machines and 40,000 seasonal workers to handle 35% more daily packages. >> the supply chain log jam has made it uncertainty of when the products will be received by the merchants. then, they ship. >> reporter: meanwhile, more troubled waters for the shipping industry this weekend. roughly 40 containers fell off this cargo ship during a storm near vancouver. and then, a fire broke out inside containers storing hazardous material. the fire finally out after smoldering were hours. that ship was waiting to get
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into port. gridlock in california, allows w containers to stack higher than usual. one of the elements is the shortage of trackers. some are offering truckers of $110,000 with $15,000 signing bonuses. the labor shortage, spilling over to other parts of the economy, as well, including hospitality and transportation. >> we're at such a staffing definide defic deficit. >> reporter: at this job fair, organizers expected 1,000 job seekers to attend. only 100 showed up. one message, crash pitrash piliu several cities. pickup delayed. back to shipping gifts for the holidays. the cutoff for fedex ground shipping is december 15th. experts say getting products
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degrees. most of them from honduras and el salvador. they had been waiting for the refugee or asylum papers to be processed. new figures this morning could be a wake-up call for home owners this winter. another monthly bill is about to get more expensive. americans finding higher prices at the grocery store and at the gas station will soon be facing higher prices in their home heating bills, as well. in most cases, much higher prices. >> propane is expected to have the biggest increases. >> reporter: propane is expectd to jump 50% this winter. now that gas could be 30% higher. and heating oil prices could surge nearly 60%, according to a government report. >> the only fuel that will see more modest increases is electricity, which is only expected to rise by about 5% or 6%. >> reporter: experts say prices could be far worse with a colder than expected winter. >> the phone companies often buy energy in advance in bulk, based on what they expect the weather
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to be. if the weather is more extreme, colder than expected, they have to buy the energy on the open market, which is much more. >> reporter: the best edadvice r now, up the insulation of your home. scientists predict a warmer than usual winter for most of the eastern u.s. but below average temperatures are expected in the northwest and the northern plains. four turnovers by the 49ers against the colts last night. and the colts took advantage, winning 30-18. you can call this the catch of the day. maybe the catch of the season. giants quarterback daniel jones made a leaping one-handed grab against the panthers. the giants won, 25-3. coming up, a new example of outrageous behavior on a plane. first, the growing controversy over documents from the jfk assassination. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema
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time to check "the pulse." new questions surrounding the jfk assassination. >> two of jfk's nephews is urging the biden administration to release the records about the assassination. the release of the documents will be delayed because the national archives needed more time to review them. rfk jr. said it was an outrage against democracy. next, the picture any airline passenger can relate to. >> it prompted furious responses online. it showed a woman's hair draped over her seat and on the tray table behind her. the person posted it asked for people's reactions. and people said they were outraged. next, a rare sight caught on
4:54 am
live tv. >> a meetoloteorologist was on air when this happened. >> what was that? did anybody just see that? >> the camera captured a meteor shooting across the sky in connecticut. >> could have been aliens. >> maybe. allegedly. next, to football fans who likely gave away a fortune. >> he was at sunday's game in tampa, where tom brady threw his 600th touchdown pass. the receiver gave the ball to a fan in the stands. realizing how special the ball was, a team staff member went to give it back. the fan said okay, and settled for a different ball and a signed jersey. but that ball thrown by brady could be worth $500,000. finally, trick or treating snlt just for those on two legs. >> four-legged friends put on costumes in new york city for
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announcer: now, and accuweather update from abc 7 news. >> the aftermath of the strongest storm to hit the bay area in nearly five years. here's a look at what we are seeing after that record rainfall and we are tracking more steady showers. >> your wiki up to flood advisories and affected a handful of bay area counties this morning. this is new video shot overnight showing you exactly why you want to give yourself some extra time on your commute. >> lisa is outside on the roof. stephanie and ryan, checking out the conditions in the north and south right now. >> thanks so much for joining us. you're watching abc 7 mornings. we will get all of that in just a few minutes, but i want to start with a latest look at the forecast with mike. mike: we are on the heels of what was the fourth wettest day ever in san francisco.


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