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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 24, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪ >> this is abc7 news. >> a powerful rainstorm is strengthening by the hour. here is a live look from a few of our tower camera's right now. the atmospheric river could trigger flooding, power outages and landslides. >> our crews will be out in force, making repairs and restoring any outages. >> all hands are on deck now. pg&e, local officials and first responders all working around the clock to keep everybody
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safe. good morning, everybody. sunday, october 24. you're watching abc7 news at 6:00 a.m. live and wherever you stream. let's take a look at the forecast, where this storm is, with meteorologist lee sergeant. -- meteorologist lisa argen. >> we have gusty winds, heavy rain, and impressive totals already as we see our deepening area of low pressure off the coast drawing in heavy rain into the north bay that will eventually sink into the south bay and east bay. as we look at the north bay, middletown and mount st. helena, where the creek is, we are watching the rapidly rising waters, but so far, so good. we have ponding on the roadways, and you can see why. didn't vacaville -- in vacaville
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and fairfield, heavier rain. the spain south bay just getting going around los gatos. totals, over an inch in 1.5 inches san francisco and oakland, half an inch in hayward, .11 in milpitas. so really adding up and we are -- we have not gotten to the point where the front will sink to the south, so look out for flooding on the roads, tree branches down, winds up to 40 miles an hour, and right now, surface winds at 18 to 40 miles an hour. you have probably heard the wind and rain. it gets heavier in the north bay through noon. as it sinks south, still heavy rain in the north bay, and the rain gets going in the east and south bay through the evening. so watch the roads, trying to stay home. streams will rise quickly and we
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are already seeing debris flows, hopefully with a moderate to high risk, not happening yet, but you have heard about the evacuations in the stauns and we anticipating that latere ne thwind. we will talk about rain totals throughout the rest of the day. this lasts through monday. that coming up, liz. liz: lisa, thank you. the rain is already causing problems, for instance, in sonoma county. this home flooded before 3:00 a.m. the residents say the fire department eventually tried to help them pump the water out of the bottom floor, but they could not keep up. the red cross was called to help relocate the family. a messy situation for them for sure. the north bay is taking a direct hit.
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this is video from overnight in santa rosa near college avenue. the rain has been coming down hard there for hours. the concern right now are the burn scars from recent wildfires. our reporter talked to cl eye on those flood prone areas. >> this heavy rain is exactly what is giving north bay residents hope after a dry year. >> we need this water desperately for crops, our families, the community. >> for the past two decades, louis preston has seen the impact of fires threatening his home and vineyard on the outskirts of helzberg. >> how close did the flames get to you last time? >> two miles perhaps from here. if the wind had shifted, we would have been in trouble. >> keeping a close eye on the creeks and burned areas. >> this area, we have two
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creeks. they both can flood very dramatically and overrun some of our vineyards and roads. >> in june, helzberg had the highest water conservation rate in the state, 57% water reduction, leading to this, reclaimed water tanks. >> in june, we went to stage three water restriction for the city. there was no landscaping period. having the initial rain we had this week and the bigger storm coming means the rain is so every drop helps. >> this week, they are tracking water retention ponds and the river. >> we are not out of this by any means. we need to be aware this might be it for the year. liz: to the south, parts of santa cruz county are under an evacuation warning due to the storm. calfire tweeted this map showing the locations in yellow and red.
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areas in and near the burn scar left by last year's cz wildfire, indicated in red, are under a debris flow evacuation warning. you are looking live now at san francisco international airport. the time is 6:06. officials are warning travelers to allow for plenty of time if they are flying today. the weather could delay flights. the airport is telling flyers to check with their care your before flight time for the latest on delays or cancellations, even. warning about dangerous ocean conditions. this is video from pacifica, where waves are crashing against the shore. the strongest are expected tomorrow, and there will be a risk of large breaking waves, rip currents, and coastal runoff. people are bracing for this storm's impact across the area.
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in san francisco, officials say all hands are on deck. abc7 reporter -- our reporter has more. >> many residents spent saturday preparing. >> we have reservoir water and the blocks. we set up a tarp. it will be bad, we hear. >> everything from bricks to shopping supplies on the list, saying they are getting ready now so they can spend sunday indoors. >> rather be safe than sorry. >> they are not the only ones gearing up. san francisco's public works department spent several hours distributing sandbags to residents and businesses. they are encouraging people to only go outside if necessary when the storm hits and advising those in flood prone areas to take precautions now. >> we have a coordinated effort with fire, police, public works, the public utilities commission,
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the homeless department. it is all hands on deck. >> preparations also underway at pg&e. >> we are bringing in crews from other areas. we have five hundred other employees coming into the bay area. >> the utility company says they anticipate large numbers of customers will lose power, so they are asking people to have things like flashlights and chargers ready to go until the lights can come back on. >> when the weather clears and it is safe to get out there, our crews will be out in force making repairs and restoring outages that may happen due to the storm. liz: san francisco public works will continue to hand out free sandbags this morning. they will be available from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the public works operations yard at marin and kansas. you must bring proof of san francisco residency to receive 10 sandbags. temporary shelter for those without a home will be available today.
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it will be open from 9:00 a.m. today through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. it will be available to 100 guests on a first-come, first-served basis. the department of homelessness and supportive housing will provide transportation to the shelter from locations throughout the city. the alameda county fair in pleasanton is being cut short. it will be closed today because of this storm. people who had tickets can use them for any other day of the fair, which runs their halloween. officials say the health and safety of guests is their number one priority. oakland zoo announced it will also be closed for the day. the zoo says you do not need to contact them to cancel or refund your reservations. they will automatically process a refund to you in your original form of payment within seven to 10 business days. you can visit their website to make any reservation. now is the time to download our streaming apps on roku, amazon
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fire, apple tv and others. we will give you live updates on the storm, rainfall totals and where it is headed next. you can follow dhruv -- follow dhruv wherever you watch abc7 and even ask him a question. the rain is here. lisa: the forecast models did a good job with how long the rain will last and the totals, so you have an idea of what is to come. it is 58 in san jose, winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. rain expected through the evening and that is certainly on the lesser end. we are talking about three or four inches in the east bay and winds up to 50 miles an hour. the rest of the bay area next. liz: also ahead, a demand from vta drivers. why they s the demand -- they
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liz: welcome back. here's a look from our emeryville camera in these fake -- in the east bay. brain, people driving slow, playing it safe because it is potentially dangerous as the rain and this atmospheric river comes into the bay area. in the meantime, search warrant issued on the deadly set of alec baldwin's latest movie explains how a gun ended up in the actor's hands.
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the very latest on this tragic story. >> a candlelight vigil in albuquerque, new mexico for cinematographer halyna hutchins saturday evening. >> a wonderful mom and a wonderful wife, and just a wonderful soul. and i really hope more people like her exist. >> as the cast and crew prepared to rehearse a scene in this building on the movie ranch set outside santa fe, the assistant director grabbed a prop gun. the gum was one of three firearms that had been placed on a cart. according to court records, and affidavit prepared by the sheriff's department, the assistant director believed it was a cold gun, meaning it was empty, and gave it to baldwin, saying it was cold, but wasn't. when baldwin fired, a projectile struck hutchins in the chest,
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killing her, and wounding a director. meaningful to encapsulate in words. this comes after the son of bruce lee was killed on the set of the crow after a gun misfired. the film industry's safety standard bulletin for guns onset emphasizes that blanks can kill, live in munition -- live ammunition is never to be brought on stage. the issue of gun safety had been brought up by the camera crew and brushed off by producers, one person claims. in the last week, there were at least two accidental discharges of the prop gun on set,
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according to a member of the camera crew, leaving almost the entire crew to walk offset during production. -- not made aware of any official complaints concerning weapon or prop safety. liz: in the south bay, the union representing valley transportation authority bus drivers is demanding retro attic -- demanding retroactive hazard pay for its drivers, saying transit workers wrist their lives through the pandemic. the union says the drivers should be compensated accordingly with hazard pay. >> either show us the money and pay us our -- you need to show us the money and pay us our retroactive hazard pay. we risked our lives during the pandemic. >> a representative with vta says we are working with the union regarding additional pay for the challenging circumstances employees have endured on the job. lisa: the rain coming down in
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the north bay. we talk about mount tam. six inches since midnight. mount diablo, hamilton have picked up 1.5 inches. the rain will sink south and east. the rain in the spain that -- the winds in the east bay have been up to 500 -- 50 miles an hour, some spots up to 60. the stronger area of low pressure means the gustier wind s that can drop all that moisture. that is exactly what is happening as we get our atmospheric river into the north bay with the returns reflected in yellow for middletown, santa cruz, sonoma county looking at heavy rain, possible flooding, gusty winds, and it will continue throughout the midday hour. finally, that front sinks south.
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by the delta, a lot of rain in fairfield, over two inches. looking at san rafael, heavier rain. lighter rain on the peninsula and into the south bay, but that gets going throughout the afternoon and evening hours. gusty south winds keeping us in the upper 50's to your 60 now. those winds. look at sfo. if you are planning on arriving or departing, there's going to be problems. gusts at half moon bay at 36 miles an hour. about 30,000 feet -- v v v v v v around mount diablo and half moon bay and mount helena. current rainfall the last 24 hours, an inch and a half. san francisco, the fifth wettest october on record because you have picked up over 3.5 inches for the month. santa rosa, 2.66, fremont, about
6:19 am
half an inch, only .02 in san jose, and quickly adding up the totals at the coast. three quarters of an inch in an hour at mount hamm. that is the kind of rain rate we don't want to see in the santa cruz mountains later. the front is still in the north bay. it is not until about 1:00 until it begins to sink to the south, so five hours of solid moderate- to heavy rain, going f f jose into livermore, so when we projected the three to four inches, that's why. a lot of rain to come. monday, a dryer afternoon, but looking at livermore, 4.3 inches throughout the day. fremont could see over 2.5 inches. san jose, over an inch. the most rain, four to seven inches in the north bay, three
6:20 am
inches or so to go and san francisco -- to go in san francisco, so you have already had an inch and you are looking at a windy and rainy day. after midnight, still breezy. the soil is supersaturated so that's when we will have some problems, the later part of the day. high surf warning tonight through tuesday. breakers 20 to 30 feet. that's all due to that low pressure in the ocean there. we are looking at the winter storm warning throughout the day tomorrow. that will have the snow totals up over two feet, maybe three feet above 7000 feet. right now, low 40's with heavy rain in the mountains. we need that cold air to get in behind the system. 60's today, heavy rain, gusty winds.this is an all day event. cannot wait
6:21 am
niners game in santa clara tonight. it will be a mess. tuesday, back to 70's, where they should be this time of the year, and into the weekend. this is definitely an anomaly for october, liz, but we need the rain. we are hoping it does not come with a lot of problems, especially in those fire scarred areas. liz: also watching out that the kids in their halloween costumes have sunday. next, how an oakland artist is paying tribute to one of the black panther party's cofounders.
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liz: the black panther party, founded in oakland, will be honored today art display honoring he week in newton -- honoring huey p wton. >> from vilified by the government to immortalized in bronze, huey newton. >> i have created him to bring him home to west oakland. >> we caught up with the artist in her studio. >> the reason he is
6:25 am
because he was a visionary. there has been so much misinformation and propaganda about the panthers. that's harmful. >> before the black panther was a comic book hero making marvel hundreds of millions at the box office, the black panther party was founded in oakland in 1966 as a grassroots community movement in response to police brutality. the problems of yesterday still ringing true today. images of the panthers carrying guns for protection and shootouts with police would be a lasting legacy, less said about the community programs to help hungry kids, win office in neighborhoods to make change. pictures of newton line her studio as she captures every detail, down to his iconic afro. >> many people have been here
6:26 am
and put eyes on him, a man who cut his hair, panthers who talk to me about the history. >> no more critical newton's widow. >> she comes in and puts her hand on him and remembers his jawline. >> the duo developed a special bond. >> i could not have done this without them. he wouldn't be this without that. >> i was up for four nights straight, thinking, this will not work. there was something missing in his eyes. today, seeing it cast in bronze for the first time, and that she got all the dimensions of this man, is blowing my mind. >> dana nailed it. >> dana nailed it. >> we were invited to the
6:27 am
foundry, where the bust of newton was cast in bronze. sunday, the bust of oakland's native son will be unveiled on dr. huey p. newton and mandela parkway. >> he we loved oakland. >> a source of both light and darkness for this individual, the intersection. >> this area, i never frequented. it was the last day i saw him until that night, on the news. >> newton was shot and killed their and 1999 -- killed there in 1989. >> a traumatic place for me to revisit. it has become a place for healing and strength and community, so out of that darkness has grown this beautiful place of sanctuary. >> this will be a place for generations to come to learn about the history of the black panther party. >> yeah. >> what does that mean to you?
6:28 am
>> that people will know it's true history -- no -- will know its true that it was many women who saw something that needed to be done in their community and did. >> it is cast in bronze. it will be here forever. that story lives on. liz: what a great add to the community there. still to come, live doppler seven showing widespread rain across the bay area. across the bay area. lisa argen continuing to i order my groceries online now. shingles doesn't care. i keep my social distance. shingles doesn't care. i stay within my family bubble. shingles doesn't care.
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hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. shingles doesn't care. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> building a better bay area, finding solutions, this is abc7 news.
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liz: weather whiplash. another look at live doppler seven. an atmospheric river is packing a punch this morning. >> every time there is rain, the hair on her next goes up. we don't sleep as well. liz: first responders are not taking any chances when it comes to this potentially damaging storm. you are watching abc7 news, live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we will start with another look at the weather, with meteorologist lisa argen tracking. lisa: if you look at live doppler seven, it tells the story, a strong area of low pressure driving at the north bay now. rain still relatively light in the east and south bay, but heavy toward anglin, calistoga, st. helena, middletown, where we
6:32 am
are looking at flooding, and a creek rising quickly. vacaville has been getting pounded as well as fairfield with heavy rain all night long. moderate to heavy in pockets from marin to hercules and martina. light to moderate from oakland, south city, san mateo, redwood city, and not much going on in san jose, but that will be changing. boulder creek, you have seen a lot of rain. san francisco, it has been a while. 3.4 inches in october, the fifth wettest. petaluma, two. san francisco, over an inch and a half. oakland, over an inch and a half. two inches in richmond. about half an inch in fremont. heavy rain, strong, gusty winds, power outages, downed limbs, and look at mount st. helena, 60 miles an hour.
6:33 am
52 above half moon bay. at the surface, up to 38 miles an hour gusts. stay at home if you can. through 9:00 and noon, you have heavy rain and a cold front still in the north bay. so it is the second half of the day and evening for the east and south bay. watching for flooding potential, moderate to high risk for the bird scar areas -- for the burn scar areas of previous wildfires, so a nasty day, especially for football, liz. liz: it will be. thank you. people in the north bay are getting ready for fires and flooding. first responders getting ready for anything that comes up, really hoping for the best. our reporter has the story from north bay. >> carry. >> julie and her son have no time to lose. >> really worried about tonight.
6:34 am
>> they are filling as many sandbags as their car can carry ahead of the forecasted atmospheric river. flooding is the biggest concern at julie's new house. >> we will do the best we can and try to minimize the damage. >> this free sandbag station was busy. homeowners like rich just trying to be proactive. >> it sure looks like people are saying is coming, so i thought it would be safe -- i thought i would be safe this time. >> this fire department taking no chances, these floodgates standing by at the firehouse in case of flooding from a nearby creek. >> if there is a lot of rain in a short time, it can rise quickly. >> locals know that all too well. ar's eve, 2005, a flood turned downtown into a river, that commemorated with plaques and a high watermark on the
6:35 am
firehouse's flagpole. as a precaution, fire crews now carry water rescue gear on their engines. >> i think i am too late. >> dave shoveled the last of the sand at this station. >> once it starts raining hard, it will just come pouring down, and flood out my garage, most likely. >> over the past week, we found city public works crews across the north bay clearing storm drains and unclogging others, preparing for the big storm. tree crews contracted by pg&e were trimming branches around power lines, the bay area ready for the storm. >> every time there is a big storm, the hair on our neck goes up a little bit and we don't sleep white as well. >> in the north bay, andrew bernard, abc7 news. liz: keep an i on the storm with our -- keep an eye on the storm with our live doppler seven,
6:36 am
available on roku, apple, and fire tv. many more could be soon eligible for a covid vaccine. the fda and cdc are set to meet to discuss the shot for kids between five and 11. christine sloan has the details. >> more than 11,000,012 to 17-year-olds have already received a covid vaccine, and shots should soon be available for younger kids. >> it is a step in the right direction for equipping physicians to provide protection to children in order to move forward and get us out of this pandemic. >> the fda's independent advisory committee is set to meet this coming tuesday to discuss vaccines for five to 11 years -- 11-year-olds. pfizer says that in its trial, the vaccine was 91% effective at
6:37 am
preventing symptomatic disease in this age range. >> we know it is effective, produces neutralizing antibodies. >> it is expected the fda will recommend a vaccine for children. then it is up to the cdc's advisory committee. five to 11-year-olds could start receiving shots at a smaller dose soon after. the mile, 17 million americans already vaccinated -- meanwhile, 70 million americans already vaccinated are now eligible for booster shots, walgreens and cvs offering those at thousands of locations across the country. >> we are here, ready and available to make sure we protect everyone. vaccines, the cdc has given the all clear to choose a different vaccine brand from your original shot. >> with 10 months of vaccine experience, some may have a preference for one booster type over the other.
6:38 am
the authorizations and the cdc recommendation allow for this type of mix and match. >> christine sloan, abc, new york. liz: still ahead, a new still a film examining society's complicated relationship with technology. we are taking a closer look at ron's gone wrong. a look at the golden gate bridge. it is rainy and wet. you see the raindrops on the camera. we will check in with lisa again when we get back.
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6:41 am
it has special importance for us in the bay area. we look at the meaning behind the movie. >> in ron's gone wrong, barney is the last kid in school to get a device touted as being your best friend out of the box. it does not seem to be functioning the way the others do. his glitch is story about friendship in a world of technology. >> it is about the end and yang of silicon valley, really, because there is this noble, altruistic side. at the same time, we wanted to lift the curtain on the fact that this is run by data that comes from us. >> barney, are you fighting? >> these bots are incapable --
6:42 am
are incapable of violence. >> i think the houses is on fire with this stuff. we need to start figuring out how to talk about it. >> zach galifianakis is the voice of one character. this is his human best friend, barney. >> when there are so many beautiful, amazing human beings around you, wasting your time on social media is unhealthy. >> clearly, the movie has something to say about our culture's obsession with social media, but that is not all it is about. >> it is that simple relationship as well, which is, hard to build, a relationship between this boy and a broken device that he falls in love with. >> it is genuine and sweet. >> it is in theaters this weekend. george pataki oh-fer abc7 news. liz: let's get another check outside. lisa: anywhere from trace
6:43 am
amounts in the south bay to three inches in santa rosa. 50 to 60 mile an hour wind in the upper elevations. soggy in san francisco already. the fifth wettest october in history due to the storm and last week. we will talk totals and the timeline next. liz: also next, new jersey alert. why clay thompson wasson wassonn the number 7 -hi mommy! -hi honey!
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6:46 am
world series champions. here is chris alvarez with the details. >> good morning. the giants taking on the braves, had that happened, game six would have been in san francisco. instead, taking on the directors to play the astros. the game in atlanta. fans ready to celebrate. eddie rosario, three run shot to walk-off walker buehler. he was the nlcs m.v.p., and why not? dave roberts stunned. dashers down for-two and mookie betts strikes out. they are getting the job done. and will smith getting paul to ground out. that is it. that's all. braves win the pennant, so it will be them and the astros in the world series starting saturday. stanford on the by, socal had
6:47 am
the bay area college spotlight saturday, looking for a win against colorado. jerry is the goat, greatest of all time. 38 on this play. joe, all-time leading rusher for a quarterback, now with 1025 yards on the ground. garner threw for 25 yards to the player, his first touchdown, 7-0, golden bears. great camera work. watch out. hang onto the ball. 20-3, cal. elijah hicks going to pick up the sack. also an interception. they win. 2-5 this season. >> it has been tough at times we
6:48 am
know. they have worked to come out on top. >> the last time -- that is the kind of football we tried to emulate. we have been doing that at practice and we try to improve every week. it is nice to be on the winter's side. >> thompson took to the water of sacramento, apparently unhappy about being left off the nba's 75th anniversary team. >> you know, this 75 list, you know? well, you know lot of two and threes on that team. don't give me that bull corn. come on. >> little did he know, his teammates had a nice present waiting for him in his locker. >> my dog. >> it is new jersey.
6:49 am
new jersey alert. >> vancouver being hosted, the 2021 squad surrendering a goal. jason with a good safe but bruno with a rebound. espinoza across, san jose's benjamin kicking it in, but it ends in a 1-1 draw. let's send it back to you. liz: another longer look at the forecast for the day and the week ahead. the rain really coming down, lisa, in the north they now. lisa: i just looked at dan full. -- at danville. . .94 palo alto, not much. this will be changing. a strong area of low pressure that's drawing in that atmospheric river to the bay area throughout the day today. heavy rain in the north bay. our sweep on top of mount st.
6:50 am
helena. 88 through cassidy through -- more heavy rain toward vacaville, fairfield. you have been getting pounded all night there. berkeley, moderate rain. toward san francisco, the peninsula and east bay, lighter, but already over half an inch around fremont and, on the peninsula, we talked about varying totals. only about .01 inches in san jose, gilroy about .1 inches. much more to come as we look at 60's mainly across the bay area, driven by the strong, gusty south winds. 29 miles an hour in hayward, oakland 37, 26 in san jose, so upper elevations seeing 50 miles an hour at mount diablo, 60 mount st. helena last hour. they will get weaker behind the
6:51 am
front but it will not pass through the heart of the bay until about 2:00. look at san francisco, 1.62, santa rosa over three, 1.73 in oakland, .57 hayward, one third of an inch in antioch, redwood city .72. we will look at how long the rain will be coming down hard in the north bay through 9:00, 10:00, through noon time. 2:00, 3:00, it sinks south and east. look at half moon bay around 4:00, the santa cruz mountains, where the risk of debris flow is pretty moderate to high as we get heavy rain continuing to sing south through the dinner hour in the south bay. it is still raining pretty good in concord and livermore as we tracked three or four inches of rain. early monday, scattered showers, some down fors, the winds dying
6:52 am
back, but look at the totals. san ramon, six midges. already around mount tam, six inches. we will probably get five inches to come in santa rosa. we have picked up about three, so when additional three for you. four inches san francisco, san mateo, so a lot of rain in our forecast. mountain view, about an inch and a half. and in the santa clara valle y, over an inch. around 4:00, notice how the purples is getting into the east and south bay. as we get behind the front, midnight, still breezy. looking at a high surf advisory until tuesday, anywhere from 10 feet now, but those breakers going up to 30 feet, and a wind warning for the sierra nevada.
6:53 am
it is 40's now, but several inches above 40,000 feet. we could get over three feet above 7000 feet. a good snapshot of what the afternoon will look like as this atmospheric river sinks south, bringing the gusty winds with it, but it will be an all-day event, so we are looking at this level four today with flooding on the roadways, tree limbs down, and the burn scar area, concerned about the debris flow and mudslides that could take us through the afternoon in the santa cruz mountains. looking at about six inches of rain here by the time we get to 10:00, 11:00 tonight, liz, so that is why they had evacuation orders, and it is a good idea to stay off the roads today. liz: if you can, really, stay home and hope for the best. thank you, lisa. next, the future of public
6:54 am
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liz: we are going to get a glimpse of what may become the future of public transportation in santa cruz. this clean streetcar made its debut this weekend. a community group along with the city is hoping to turn this concept of electric passenger rail service into a reality. no head wires are needed because they run off a rechargeable battery and hydrogen power. interesting. big news today is this storm impacting all of us here in the bay area. lisa: it is a level four, liz, and we are looking gusty winds, heavy rain. that will not change anytime soon. this area of low pressure pulling up moisture. looking at heavy rain now by middletown, calistoga, st. helena, vacaville.
6:57 am
moderate around richmond. lighter on the peninsula, south bay not much. that will be later today, into the evening. looking at upwards of five to seven inches in the north bay, three to four inches in the east bay, and an inch and a half in the south bay, so be careful. the gusty winds will be with us through the afternoon. the front will not go south until about 3:00 in the afternoon, so the second half of the day will be the east bay and south bay. it will wind down tomorrow afternoon, getting back to average toward the middle and end of the workweek. liz: good to know. we will continue to practice. thank you for joining us. i am liz kreutz along with lisa argen. we will continue at 9:00 a.m. and have an update on the storm for you then. thank you for being with us and have a great day.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. bomb cyclone. the rapidly intensifying storm targeting northern california today. more than 13 million in its path with evacuations already under way. drenching rains, heavy snow, dangerous winds, potential flash flooding. even mud slides in the forecast. rob is tracking it all. emotional vigil. a tearful salute to the cinematographer killed by a prop gun on the set of an alec baldwin movie. >> every day everybody on the camera team was proud to be there for her. >> the new details into what went wrong. the two accidental gun discharges that happened prior to theowbouthe armorer responsible for weapons on set.


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