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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 24, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> a powerful rainstorm is strengthening by the hour. as a live look from some of our tower cams right now. macron atmospheric river could trucker flooding, power outages, and landslides. >> crews are going to be making repairs and restoring any outages. >> all hands on deck this morning. pg md and local first responders all working around-the-clock to keep everybody safe from the storm. good morning, everybody. you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 a.m. live on abc seven and wherever you stream. i'm liz kreutz. let's start with lisa arjun,
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tracking this storm. lisa: you're going to see some ponding of the roadways. we already have gusty winds wins our atmospheric river, still well up in the north bay. you will see that cyclonic feature they are, where that area of low pressure is pummeling the pacific northwest. that atmospheric waiver -- river well to the north of us. you can see yellows up toward highway five, around clearlake. south there is heavy rain. as we take you toward marion county, lighter rain to san francisco, along the peninsula and southbay. over 3.3 run in canfield. inch and a half, san francisco. one of the wettest octobers on
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record. we are looking for this to last throughout the day. right now winds up to 25 miles per hour in concord. in nevada, 35 mile an hour wind gusts. upper-level winds, mount st. helena, 55 miles per hour. here we are at 9:00. still heavy rain in the north bay. the front ones to push south by 2:00. between now and then we are concerned about flooding on the roadways, small stream flooding, and also the possibility of downed trees and power lines. we have a flash flood warning in effect for the day, the peninsula. this takes us through 11:00. that wind advisory, this is very gusty out there. we will talk about where the rain accumulates, how much for those totals, which are quite impressive, in a few minutes. liz; a lot to get to this morning. rain is already causing problems in sonoma county. this home in glenallen flooded
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before 3:00 a.m. the fire department initially tried to help them pump the water out of the basement, but left because firefighters cannot keep up with the water flow. the tenants say they will keep trying to remove the water until their landlord shows up. what a mess for them. the north bay is also really taking indirect hit. this is also a video from overnight in santa rosa, right near college avenue. rain has been coming down hard for hours there. the concern of the recent burn scars from wildfires. abc 7 news reporter luz pena talked to residents who are keeping a close eye on those flood-prone areas. >> after the on record, this rain is what is giving north bay residents hope. >> we need this water desperately for our crops, for our families, for our communities. luz: for the past four decades
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preston has seen the impact of fires. on the outskirts of hillsboro. how close to the flames get to your property? >> two miles, perhaps. if the wind shifted we would have been in trouble. luz: he is welcoming the rain, while keeping a close eye on creeks and burned areas. >> in this area we are on two creeks. they both can flood very dramatically and overrun some of our vineyards and roads. luz: in june hillsboro had the highest water conservation rate in the state, at 57% water reduction, leading to this. >> in june we went three water restrictions for helzberg. it means there was no irrigation or landscaping, period. having the initial rain we had this week and then the bigger storm coming, it means the rain is soaked-in, which every little
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drop helps. luz: this weekend they are tracking water retention ponds. >> we are not out of the drought by any means. we needo at is ght be it for the ar. lu luz pena, abc 7 news. liz: to the south parts of santa cruz county are under an evacuation warning. cal fire tweeted this map, showing the locations. can see them in yellow and red. areas in the burn scar left by last year's wildfire in red are under a debris flow evacuation warning. you are looking live now at san francisco international airport. officials are warning travelers to allow for plenty of time if they are flying today. white and windy weather could delay flights, and the airport is telling flyers to check with their air carrier before flight time for the latest on delays or cancellations. [rain]
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the national weather service's warning about dangerous ocean conditions. this is video from pacifica, where waves are crashing against the shore. the strongest waves are expected tomorrow. it will be an increased risk of sneaker waves and coastal run-up. all across the bay area people are bracing for the storm's impact. in san francisco officials say all hands are on deck. tim johns has more. tim: many residents spent saturday afternoon preparing. >> we've got a little bit of water, then we have the blocks. we already set up a tarp. tim: everything from bricks to food supplies was on the day's shopping now so they can spend sunday indoors. >> better to be safe than sorry. spend a few dollars now rather than a whole lot of money later. tim: san francisco's public
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works department spent hours saturday morning disturbing sandbags to residents and businesses. they are encouraging people to only go outside if necessary when the storm hits and advising those in flood-prone areas to take precautions. >> city is ready to respond. we have a coordinated effort with fire, public works, utilities commission, the homelessness department. everyone is hands on deck. tim: similar preparations are underway at pg&e. >> we are bringing in crews from other areas. we have 500 employees coming into the bay area. tim: they are anticipating large numbers of their customers will lose power, so they are asking people to have things like flashlights and charges ready to go until the lights can come back on. >> when the weather clears our crews are going to be out in force, taking repairs and restoring any outages that may happen. tim: tim johns, abc 7 news. liz: public works will continue
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to hand out for sandbags to residents this morning. they will be available from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the public works operations yard in marin and kansas. you must be -- bring proof of residency. an id, for instance. temporary shelter will be available in san francisco today. the shelter at most goni center west will be open from 9:00 a.m. today through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. it will be available to 100 guests on a first-come, first-served basis. the department of homelessness will provide transportation to the shelter from various locations throughout the city. opening weekend at the alameda county fair in pleasanton is being cut short. the fair will be closed today because of the storm. people who had tickets can use them for any other day of the fair. fair officials say the health and safety of guests is the number one priority. oakland zoo announced it will be
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closed for the day as well. the zoo says you do not need to contact them for cancellations or refunds. your reservations will automatically be processed and a refund to your original form of payment will come within 10 business days. you can visit the zoo's website to make a new reservation. now is the time to download our streaming apps on roku, fire tv, and android tv. abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma will be in our studio all day long when the heaviest rain rolls in today, giving you live updates on the storm, rainfall totals, and where the rain is headed next. you can join drew live wherever you stream abc 7, and you can ask him a question on facebook or youtube. follow him on twitter as well. and lisa, bomb cyclone is the term. kind of scary. lisa: that is how quickly the pressure decreases in alaska.
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heavy rain in the north bay, dusty winds everywhere. this is an all day event. we are going to talk about rainfall totals, which are looking upwards of five inches in many bay area cities. that is coming next. liz: also, a demand for eda drivers. why they say they deserve hazard pa
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liz: welcome back. here is a live look from our emeryville camera. you can see people on the roads, hopefully taking it slowly. you can definitely tell that drivers are being cautious if you are on the road this morning, as they should be. new this morning, the coast guard is working with the canadian coast guard to investigate why a fire broke out on a cargo ship carrying mining chemicals. this happened yesterday off the coast of bridge columbia. 16 crew members were able to get
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off the ship, while five others stayed on board to fight the flames. 40 containers fell overboard. posing a risk to other boaters. a search warrant issued in the shooting on the set of alec baldwin's latest movie explains how the gun ended up in the actors hands. the incident killed the movie's cinematographer. abc news reporter christine sloan -- i'm sorry, the director. christine sloan has the very latest on this tragic story. christine: a candlelight vigil in al capone -- in albuquerque for halyna hutchins saturday evening. >> she was a wonderful mom and wife, and was just a wonderful soul. and i really hope more people like her exist. christine: as the casting crew prepare to rehearse a scene, on the movie ranch set outside santa fe, the assistant director
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grabbed a prop gun. the gun was one of three firearms that had been placed on a cart. go aft prepar by the shs department, the assistant director believed it was a cold gun, meaning it was empty, and gave it to bald. but it wasn't. when baldwin fired, a projectile struck halyna hutchins in the chest, killing her and wounding director joel sosa. matt hutchins paying tribute to his wife on twitter, adding, ha lyna inspired us all. this tragedy comes nearly 30 years after brand in, son of the martial artist bruce lee, was killed on the set of "the crow." the film industry standard safety bulletin for firearms onset emphasizes blanks can
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kill. live ammunition is never to be brought onto any studio lot or states. a crew member telling abc news the issue of gun safety had been brought up by the camera crew, and brushed off repeatedly by producers. in the past week there were two accidental discharges of the prop gun on the set, according to the member of the camera crew who said a list of safety and other camera concerns prompted almost the entire camera department to walk off the set just hours before the shooting. the production company telling variety they were not aware of any official complaints concerning prop safety. christine sloan, abc news, new york. liz: in the southbay the union representing valley transportation authority bus drivers is demanding retroactive hazard pay. 18 u-local 265 says transit workers risked their lives through the pandemic to keep
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santa clara county moving. the union says drivers should be compensated accordingly. >> we need them to show us the money and buy us our retroactive hazard pay. we risk our lives during this entire pandemic. christine: a spokesperson for the transit authority says vta is actively engaged with our employee unions to reach an agreement regarding additional pay for the challenging circumstances employees have endured on the job. right, lisa. let's get another check outside. lisa: two to three inches so far in the north bay. we are looking at over six and a half inches, mount tam. and 1.67 now in the santa cruz mountains. there it is, that area of low pressure that is quickly looking at a very strong system as it pushes that atmospheric river into the bay area. the area of low pressure, the barometric pressure dropping
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quickly, and that is what you get that tight comma-looking system. pockets of heavy rain all throughout the north bay. napa, by the delta, 680, furthe6 south into san rafael we are looking at some moderate rain. it is lighter rain in the southbay from san leandro to the peninsula. this all will pick up at about 2:00 this afternoon. it is going to take a while for that front to sink south. the temperatures, mild and muggy, driven by those gusty winds. nevada, up to 32 miles an hour. you can see, oakland, 36 mile an hour wind gust. it keeps going all the way down the peninsula. look at that -- 60 mile an hour gusts on top of mount st. helena. looking at el diablo, 50 mile an hour gusts. we get the strongest winds out ahead, and with the frontal
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passage. this is going to take us through the next several hours, until we get to 12:00 behind that front in the north bay. the bay area. the wind moves south this afternoon. still some showers into your monday. as we get to about 9:00, heaviest rain in the north bay. you will notice light to moderate rain elsewhere. 1:00, it begins to move. we have another five hours for rain to pick up in the north but. by 3:00, 5:00 we have very heavy rain from the east bay. not even in the southbay yet. he continues to push south through 7:00 tonight. very heavy rain still around 280, down through gilroy. by the early morning hours we will get into more scattered showers. it is an all day event, and still, the ring totals impressive. the forecast model still looking
5:19 am
at over four inches in san francisco. up to seven inches in young fellow. -- info. the peninsula quickly tapers off. you see that 3.8 in redwood city. the santa cruz mountains, we are looking at five inches of rain. this is where it gets pretty dangerous with the burn scar, and looking at the debris flow throughout the later afternoon and evening hours. looking at the wind staying with us through 1:00. it is not until the overnight hours that they begin to doubt back. a pretty treacherous day out there. we have a high surf warning from 11:00, later on tonight through tuesday. 20 to 30 foot breakers here, some very dangerous conditions. stay far away from the coast. through monday looking at six to 14 inches of snow. starting out pretty wet, and
5:20 am
then we will get into the snow, with three feet above 7000 feet. there is that line, that atmospheric river that wants to bisect the bay area. a level four system, with possible -- you can count on ponding on the roadways, and some power lines as we get into monday. it is monday and wet -- windy and wet, and a few scattered showers. liz, you were telling me you had to get out and get a branch from underneath your car? liz: i did. a branch got stuck underneath my car. 3:00 a.m. i'm under my car trying to get it out. lisa: this is exactly what we are talking about. not a lot of rain yet. liz: it was a good reminder to be safe and take it slow. thanks, lisa. just ahead, honoring the legacy of the black panther party through our -- through art.
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liz: today the black panther party, founded here in oakland, will be honored with a ron's bust of dr. he renewed in. -- dr. julian glover has an exclusive look at how the ron's bust came to life. julian: immortalized this is the evolution of the legacy of the revolutionary cofounder of the black panther party, he we newton. -- huey newton.
5:24 am
she brought the late leader to life in clay 32 years after his death. >> the reason he is looking up now is because he was a visionary. he saw into the future. there has been so much propaganda about the panthers that is harmful. >> before the black panther was a, hero, the black panther party was founded in oakland in response to police brutality. the problems of yesterday, still ringing true today. images of panthers carrying guns for protection would be the lasting legacy. not the free roughest program that fed oakland kids, or the message of self-determination in the black community. to win elected office to make change. kim is hoping to rewrite that legacy through her art read --
5:25 am
art. she captures every tiny detail, and to his iconic afro. >> many people have put eyes on him. oalked to me about theory they julian: none more critical than huey's widow. >> she has been so helpful, because she puts her hands on him and remembers what his jawline felt like. julian: through the process of creating this art display, the duo developed a special bond. >> i could not have done this without her. he would not be this without you. i was up for about four nights straight, thinking this is not going to work. there was something missing in his eyes. today seeing it cast in bronze,
5:26 am
she got all of the dimensions of this man, is blowing my mind. dana nailed it. julian: king invited us to the foundry, with the bust was cast on sunday the bust of oakland's native son. dr. huey newton way, on mandela parkway. >> huey loved oakland. julian: but this incident -- intersection is a source of light and dark. >> that is the street that i never frequented it was the last day i saw him. until that night on the news. julian: newton was shot and killed their in 1989, years after the party was dissolved. >> just a traumatically painful place for me to revisit. it has now become a place for healing and strength, and community. at that darkness has grown this
5:27 am
beautiful place of sanctuary. julian: this will be a place for generations to come, to learn about the history of the black panther party. what does that mean to you? >> that people will know it's true history. that there were men and women unlike themselves that had the courage of their convictions, that saw something that needed to be done in their community and did it. >> he we may be finished, the story will live on. that is the beauty of ron's. bronze can last forever. so every generation that sees that piece tells the story, and the story lives on. julian: julian glover, abc 7 news. liz: what a fabulous story. still to come, live doppler seven here showing widespread rain across the bay area this morning the sergeant, tracking the storm for us. she will join us with the latest conditions.
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announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: weather whiplash. here is another look at doppler seven. an atmospheric river is packing a punch this morning. >> every time there is a big storm hair on our net goes up we don't sleep quite as well. liz: first responders across the bay area are not taking any chances when it comes to this potentially damaging storm. good morning, again, everybody. we are going to start this half-hour with another look at the forecast. the storm, with lisa arjun tracking it all. lisa: a flood advisory just issued by the national weather service up toward santa rosa until 10:15 this morning. the rain coming down very heavy in the north bay. there is the area of low pressure.
5:31 am
that atmospheric river still sits. you can see the heavy rain from st. helena up toward the delta. further south it is getting heavier in marin county. lighter amounts through the peninsula, the east bay. so far six and a half inches for the past 12 hours on mount tam. nevada over an inch. petaluma, nearly two inches. this ranks the fifth wettest october on record, with 3.57 for the month of october. richmond, over two inches. we are looking at some flooding on the roadways already. we will be watching the creeks and rivers closely. certainly in the north bay. 50 mile an hour winds, mount diablo. 46 mile an hour wind gusts above half moon bay. look at the surface winds, 25 to 30 miles per hour, and the
5:32 am
timeline keeps the heaviest rain in the north bay for the first part of the day. by 2:00 it sinks south and east. this is an all day event. we are watching those extremes. the trees, we have had som brat w wha alash of the north bay and along the peninsula. the wind is going to be with us all day. please try to stay off the roads and enjoy the weather from indoors. you're going to have this through the evening. we will track totals, coming up. liz: looking at it through your window, i guess. people in the north bay are getting ready for lots of rain and that possible flooding. firefighters are on standby as well, i respond to any emergency, hoping for the best, though. cornell barnard was in the north bay and has more on the preparations there.
5:33 am
i can carry. cornell: julie simons and her son have no time to lose. they are failing as many sandbags as their car can carry, head of the forecasted atmospheric river. flooding is the biggest concern. >> we are going to do the best we can and try to minimize the damage. cornell: this free sandbag station was busy. homeowners like rich, just trying to be proactive. >> it looks like people are saying it is coming, so i thought i would be safe. cornell: the fire department taking no chances. these flood gates standing by at the firehouse in case of street flooding. >> in short periods of time it can rise and -- really quickly. cornell: locals know that all too well. new year's eve 2000 five a flood turned downtown into a river. that event commemorated with
5:34 am
plaques and a high watermark on the firehouse flagpole. new high-tech rain gauges now monitor creek levels. on saturday it was low. fire crews now carry swift water rescue gear on their engines. dave riccardi shoveled the last of the sand at this station in nevada. >> once it starts raining hard, it's just going to come pouring down and flat out my garage, most likely. cornell: over the past week we found public works crews clearing storm drains and unclogging others, preparing for the storm. crews contracted by pg&e were trimming branches around power lines. the bay area, ready for the storm. >> every time there is a big storm the hair on our next goes up a little bit. cornell: cornell barnard, abc 7 news. liz: you can keep an eye on the storm with our live doppler
5:35 am
seven. it streams 24 hours a day on our bay area app for your connected tv. it is available on roku, amazon fire, and apple tv as well. moving on, millions more children could soon be eligible for a covid vaccine. the fda and cdc are set to meet in the coming days to discuss the shot for children ages five to 11. christine sloan has the details. christine: more than 11,000,012 to 17-year-olds have received a covid-19 vaccine, and shots should soon be available for younger kids. >> it is a step in the right direction for equipping physicians. 3 -- christine: the fda's advisory committee is set to meet this tuesday to discuss vaccines for five to 11-year-olds. data from pfizer shows that in its trial the vaccine was nearly
5:36 am
91% effective at preventing symptomatic disease. >> we know it is safe. we know that it produces neutralizing antibodies against the virus. christine: it is expected the fda will recommend the fda will recommend a vaccine for children. then it is up to the cdc's advisory committee during five to 11-year-olds could start receiving shots at a smaller dose soon after. meanwhile, 70 million americans who are already vaccinated or not -- are now eligible for booster shots. walgreens and cvs offering those boosters at thousands of locations across the country. >> we are ready and available to ensure that we protect each and everyone. christine: and for those who want to mix vaccines, the cdc has given the all clear to choose a different brand from your original shot. >> with 10 months of vaccine
5:37 am
experience, some may have a preference for one booster type over another. fda's authorizations now allow for this type of mix and match. christine: christine sloan, abc news, new york. liz: coming up, dr. anthony found two will talk about the new guidance on mixing vaccines and pfizer's data on pediatric vaccines. you can watch that on this week with george stephanopoulos right here on abc 7. still ahead, a new animated film is examining society's complicated relationship with technology. we are taking a closer look at ron's gone wrong. here is a look at at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see raindrops on the camera. people driving into the city, taking it slow, we hope. he will check in with lisa again when we come back.
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liz: a comeback. here is a live look from the san rafael richmond bridge. a very wet and soggy on those roads. set in the age of social media. it is called ron's gone wrong and it has a special importance for the bay area. george looks at the meaning behind the movie. george: barney is the last kid in school to get a bee bot. it is a device touted as being your best friend out-of-the-box. barney's bot does not seem to be functioning. his good shaky to helping tell a story about friendship in a world powered by technology. >> what we have been trying to
5:41 am
portray is the yen and yang of silicon valley. there is this noble, quite altruistic side, which is about making your life easier. at the same time we just wanted to lift the curtain on the fact that this is also run by data, and data that comes from us. >> barney, are you fighting? >> bee bots are incapable of violence. >> i feel like the houses on fire with this stuff, so i feel like we need to start figuring out how to talk about it. george: zach galifianakis is the voice of ron. >> hey, guys. >> sorry, i'm in your shot. george: when there are so many -- >> and there are so many human beings wasting your time on social media, this toxic playground is unhealthy. george: clearly the movie has
5:42 am
something to say about culture's obsession with social media, but that is not all it is about. >> i think it is that central relationship as well. we worked hard to build this boy and this device he falls in love with. >> it is genuine and sweet. george: and it is new to theaters this weekend. liz: all right. let's get a check outside, lisa. lisa: we are looking this morning over in oakland, where you have had over 1.58 inches of rain over the past 24 hours. wind gusts have been up to 48 miles per hour. we will talk about the timing and the amounts for the rest of the bay area, next. liz: also next, new jersey alert. by klay thompson was wearing number 77 at practice. chris alvarez has the details chris alvarez has the details coming up i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt.
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liz: welcome back. of our camers looking outside our so covered in rain there. looking out at san rafael, whether rain is coming down hard in the north bay. let's talk sports for a moment. tonight the atmospheric river may have an effect on the 49ers game. the niners host the colts on a possibly soggy field. kickoff is at 5:20 this evening. also tonight, the warriors will try to stay undefeated when they face the sacramento kings. tipoff is at 6:00 p.m. giants fans are breathing a sigh of relief, with the dodgers dethroned as old series champions. here is chris alvarez with the details in this morning's sports. chris: good morning. had the giants been taking on the braves, game six would have
5:46 am
been last night in san francisco. instead the brace were looking to close out the dodgers. dodgers and braves, name six was in atlanta. they are ready to celebrate. rosario, three-run shot to right off of walker buehler. 4-1 braves. two on, two out, and mookie betts strikes out. will smith getting a.j. pollock to ground out. braves win the pennant. it is champagne time. it will be braves and astros in the world series. san jose state late thursday. cal will have the bay area college for all saturday. bears looking for their first conference win against colorado. jerry rice, his son place for colorado. jerry is the greatest of all
5:47 am
time. help them pass joe. he now has 1025 yards. garber also through -- threw his first career catches a touchdown. 10-0 golden bears. second quarter now. 31 yards to gavin ryan wall. watch out, hang onto the ball. the defense held colorado to just 104 yards. hicks going to pick up a sack. cal wins. >> a lot of energy in the locker room. it has been tough at times this year, as we all know. to come out on top and get the victory feels really good. >> that is our brand of football we try to emulate. we have been doing that at practice. i feel good to be on the winning side.
5:48 am
it is about time. chris: it was a practice day for the warriors. klay thompson took to the water. apparently he is not happy with being left out of the nba's 75th anniversary team. >> forget that. this top 75 list, everyone wants to comment, well, you know, he was never the number one option. i've seen a lot of twos and threes on their two -- too. chris: his teammates had a nice present waiting in his locker. >> my dawg. [laughter] >> the new jersey. >> 77th player of all time! chris: that is so good. >> hosting the vancouver. the championship squad being
5:49 am
honored. 2021 squad surrendered a goal in the 50 west minute -- 51st minute. 60th minute, espinoza crossed to cannabis, kicks it in. it ends in a draw. that is it for your sports. liz: let's get back to lisa following and tracking the storm. the worst of the storm is still to come today. lisa: we are still well up in the north bay. a lot of records being set up -- set already. already the fifth wettest october on record in san francisco. upwards of three inches of rain, and it is all because of this intense area of low pressure that is drawing in all of the moisture we call that atmospheric river in the north bay. you can see the yellows here talking about some flooding. in fact, up in sonoma county they are watching that closely as the rapid rises of the creeks are happening with the very
5:50 am
heavy rain. we have the gusty winds, looking at the heavy rain by mount st. helena. a solid deck of rain through marin county. over two inches of rain and the last 18 hours in san ramon. like rain as we get down toward the southbay, but up at 1800 feet, 50 mile an hour wind gusts. much more to come in the southbay throughout the evening hours. $.50 60's with winds anywhere from 20 to 35 miles an hour. these are surface winds. that is why we have our wind advisory tonight. looking at dirty eight mile an hour wind gusts. diablo, you have had about 1.25 inches of rain since midnight. spring valley, 52 mile an hour wind gusts. this will continue. we will get a wind shift, but out ahead of the front those gusty winds through midday.
5:51 am
9:00, still some very heavy rain up in the north bay. we will look at the lighter rain to the south, but it is not until 2:00 when we see this finally begin to push south. notice parts of the southbay are still pretty quiet. by 4:00 this has shifted out of north bay, but we are still looking at heavy rain in the north bay. then by about 7:00 we have some downpours from livermore to san jose, and right on through 11:00 , hasn't let up yet in the livermore valley or around half moon bay. that is why we are looking at the santa cruz mountains to pick up perhaps six inches of rain. if you are downslope from those burn scar areas, you have a moderate to high risk of some of that debris flow and mudslides. you can see half moon bay, over four inches. 5.4 estimates in santa rosa.
5:52 am
over four inches in livermore. and we have not even got going yet for the heavy rain there. as we look at the wind, it is going to be a gusty day throughout the midday hour. this is 1:00. we have winds over 40 miles an hour. that is when you have the saturated soil and the possibility of some tree limbs coming down, and the flooding on the roadways. we are already looking at that flooding in sonoma county. later tonight that area of low pressure generating high surf warnings, not only through monday but into tuesday, with breakers up to 30 feet. so, extremely dangerous conditions. then the system is sliding south . later on tonight through monday we are going to get the colder air, and that is when the snow is going to pile, up to three feet above 7000 feet. a lot of warm air ahead of this system. as we look at the rest of the day, it is a nasty one out there.
5:53 am
please stay inside and off the roads. temperatures in the 60's. gusty winds, heavy downpours, ponding on the roadways. it is going to be a mess out there. it is going to take us through the overnight hours into the southbay, then tomorrow we still have rain in the southbay, and looking at the rain ending by the afternoon. even get some sun monday. a little bit of activity tuesday, and then this is behind us. so many folks welcoming the rain, but it is a lot of rain and wind at one time. liz: it feels funny, because of course we want to, but it feels scary. hopefully everybody remains safe. stays inside. lisa: allotted keep -- a lot to keep track of, for sure. liz: next, the future of public transportation. we are environmentally friendly
5:54 am
5:55 am
liz: we are getting a glimpse of
5:56 am
what may become the future of public transportation in santa cruz. this battery-powered streetcar made its debut on the santa cruz rail line in front of the boardwalk this weekend. a community clean energy group is hoping to turn this concept of electric passion to -- passenger rail service into a reality. no overhead wires are needed. very cool. next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00 a.m., we are continuing to track the atmospheric river that is flowing through the bay area. lisa arjun will be back with the latest conditions, and we are going to take a live look at sfo , the airport. it is wet and soggy on the tarmac. if you are flying, check with your airline to see if there are flight cancellations. stick with us. we will be right back.
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