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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 23, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> loading a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: taking a live look outside from the abc 7 roof camera, the calm before the storm but we are heading into an intense weather weekend. any atmospheric river is flowing in our direction. good morning, everyone. you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00 a.m. live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. i am liz kreutz. let's get a quick look at the weatheretrogi lisa ardelisa: g morning, everyone. the rain in
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northern california and it will shift to the south for sunday. when we get into a level three. right now it is level 1 and this cloud cover offshore is what is continuing to form and that will aim at northern california. level 1 right now with storms mainly in the afternoon and evening. breezy and the -- breezy southwest winds. they will get stronger. 56 in san francisco so we had a nice break from yesterday's rain, cool air behind the system with temperatures as much as five to seven degrees cooler but we are looking at the south winds and the warm rain that will arrive for saturday. we have the light showers along the coast, 6:00, and spotty, light rain but here is what happens by midnight. tickets ang coast, heiehethay, thewek all sinkingte south. as for today, level 1 system, a good day to get out and secure
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the loose objects. clean the gutters because a level 3 system is on the way tomorrow. a very strong system with very heavy rain. we will pinpoint totals coming up. liz: thank you. in the north and south bays, firefighters and residents are worried the heavy rain mentioned could be a problem in these burned scar areas near the santa cruz mountains. county officials have wasted no time and issued an evacuation warning for some areas. amanda has more on the divert flows we could see. >> one man is dead after a tree or some off of a road onto an embankment. chp says rainfall can loosen soil, though they have not confirmed that was the case here. >> i can't see for sure that it is due to the rain to the weather but area we are in currently, there is a fatal collision site and it is there still. >> but there is much more in the moisture, adding to concern of what is tod, rai dangerous debris flow expected this
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weekend. reasons why mountain residents are preparing now. >> stocking up on canned goods and water and that is probably about it. it is the folks living closer to the burn scars that have the most risk right now. >> naomi murphy and her river live in -- pre-storm plans include fueling up then hunkering down. >> it goes hand-in-hand with living up here. it is the chance you take with living up here in the mountains. >> she says resident -- residents are getting ready to face one disaster ever another. >> my neighbors are getting there ditches ready so the water can flow down and we do not get flooded out from this storm coming in. >> alyssa gutierrez says the big danger is downed trees and debris flow. you should move quickly and it can be deadly. >> we have a lot of mountainsides that have been here for years -- with trees that have been here for years.
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we never know what we will ask. but i believe with the burn scars, probably will make it a little difficult. >> santa cruz county announced because of the expected intensity of the storm, it is placing areas in and around the cz you complex fire burned scar under an evacuation warning. i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. liz: pg&e crews are standing. by and ready for the rain. >> we will be working around the clock until all customers are restored safely and as quickly as possible. liz: they say they are fully stocked with backup equipment at their facilities across the bay area to deal with any outages. last week, damage lines and fires knocked out power for thousands of residents. pg&e says it was caused by the weather. in the east bay, after being canceled twice due to covid concerns, the alameda county inwed.tmpher kate larsen spoke to people who took advantage of the break in the storms.
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>> i happen to have that sausage right there. that is the one i want right there. >> [indiscernible] >> oh yes. kate: a polish sausage, corndog, and curly fries. there is nothing new about the county fair. but that is the point. >> all of this is nostalgic. look at that. >> it is good to come back to the fair. it has been a long time. [screams] kate: a break in the storm and covid restrictions means the fair is back after a two-year pandemic cause. >> did you miss the fair? >> i have. it has been so long since i felt normal. kate: delacruz has been coming to this fair since she was a kid. she knows a thing or two about gaming the games. >> they all have little tricks. the easiest one has to be the balloon dart one. kate: the fair is usually take place over the summer. covid pushed alamitos back to october, where the bay area is lush weather, not a week straight of rain. >> we got a good window because it was raining all day and i was kind of unsure. if we weights, we will
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see more rain. kate: she's right. a river of rain is forecast sunday. >> we currently don't have plans to close the fair. kate: tiffany with the alameda county fairgrounds say ride inspectors are constantly evaluating safety conditions. >> if things are to be unsafe, we would activate a plan and pivot. kate: the manager relies on the fair circuit for his income, so losing that during the pandemic was tough and weird. >> we have worked some crazy events. we want to a prison at one time in fresno. kate: but he is not going to let a little or a lot of rain ruin his parade. >> it is a letdown, but you cannot let that dampen your spirits. we still have today, tomorrow. kate: one dog at a time. in pleasanton, kate larsen. abc 7 news. liz: if you have not already, now is the time to download our streaming apps on roku, apple tv, amazon fire tv, and android tv. abc 7 meteorologist drew to but
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will be in our studios all day long when the heavy rain's role in tomorrow, giving you live updates on the storm, rainfall totals, and where the storm is headed next. you can join drew live anywhere you can stream abc 7 and even ask questions on facebook or youtube. the investigation continues this morning into the accidental shooting on the set of alec baldwin's new movie. on thursday, baldwin pulled the trigger on a prop gun, killing the film's cinematographer. the director was also hurt. production has been shut down. reporter christine sloan has the latest. christine: this evening, a candlelight vigil in albuquerque, new mexico in honor of helena hutchins, about an hour from the movie set where she lost her life. >> in this with a film industry where it is super competitive, it is not enough to have talent, you have to have this human appealing personality. and she had it. christine: investigators are
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looking into why a prop gun that police say was fired by alec baldwin killed the 42-year-old cinematographer and injured the director on the set of the film trust. -- film, "rust." a member of the camera crew said he and crew walked off the set due to safety concerns, that their concerns were brushed off by producers, and there were two accidental discharges twice in the same day within 10 minutes. according to a search warrant, the assistant director said he did not know there were rounds in the gun he gave to alec baldwin. hutchins was seen in this instagram picture seen as a rising star behind the camera. >> she just radiated a vibe. you know? it is that x factor, unknowable strange thing. christine: alec baldwin tweeting friday, there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of halyna
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hutchins, a wife, mother, and deeply admired colleague. christine sloan, abc news, new york. liz: abc's "the rookie" is banning all live weapons onset in reaction to this. the show creator said the safety of the crew is too important so the television series will make the change to air soft guns and use cgi muzzle flashes in postproduction. just a horrific story. in the south bay today, the grand opening of the first vietnamese service center in the nation. plans to celebrate the center in san jose started in 2011 when a health assessment revealed the needs of the local vietnamese community. the first wave of vietnamese arrived in santa clara county 40 years ago. the county now has the largest vietnamese community in the country. the center is located at center and told the road and will offer health services and will hold community events. lisa, let's get a check outside. it is dry right now. lisa: it is dry.
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we will have light showers here and there but the bulk of the showers -- bulk of the day is dry. a level 1 system with most rain up north. it will shift to the south and we will see our level 3 system come in this time tomorrow, focusing on the north first but the entire bay area is looking at excessive rainfall. i will have the details, next. liz: also ahead, a lot of rain means a lot of these, swarms of termites in the bay area. experts say they are just searching for love. we will explain.
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liz: a san jose woman is dead after being caught in the apparent crossfire of a drug gang related shootout in mexico's caribbean coastal town of to loom. they say it was one of two
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foreign tourists killed in the shooting. under her name showed a post of riot lounging and smiling on a peer in to loom two days ago. it listed her as a travel blogger from india living in california. there is no word on any arrests. very sad, however. this week's rainfall is coming with another ecological event. bay area residents are reporting swarms of termites around their properties. luz pena spoke to an expert who expire what to do and what to do if you see termites around your home. luz: millions of termites are coming out of the soil looking to build new colonies. >> in each mature colony, you can have hundreds, maybe up to 1000 swarmer's, so the site i was at today in richmond, we counted probably 40 different colonies that were emerging. luz: dr. andrew sutherland says the first rainfall of the season
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followed by sunny weather turned this week into the perfect time for termites. he says the ones flying around your home are searching for a mate. >> what they are doing is looking for love. you know? this is their chance to leave their colony as virgin queens and kings and start their own colony. luz: nevada resident steve nichols woke up to termites in his backyard. >> i thought they were fly gnats. luz: one of his neighbors shot this video where you can see hundreds of termites. al found seven clusters in his backyard. steve found three. >> my first instinct, it was next to the foundation of my house, which they bit into and caused a distraction. as i walked around the backyard, i found more. luz: when should homeowners be concerned? >> if they see a swarm coming out of the ground, coming out of a piece of wood close to their home or another wooden structure.
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so within a meter or two of your home. luz: that is when dr. sutherland says you should schedule an inspection. otherwise wait. >> most of them died. -- die. most of them get eaten by predators or don't find a mate. luz: luz pena, abc 7 news. liz: here is a welcome sight, a beautiful rainbow was spotted near the golden gate bridge during a break in the rain yesterday. that is a beautiful rainbow there. don't put away your umbrellas just yet. we will have details on the next round of rain with lisa. it will be a big one. something we haven't seen in a long time. lisa: yeah. we were putting our sights on this a week ago and to see the forecast models really hone in on it, not making a lot of changes throughout this past week is pretty impressive. here is a look at rainfall, live. learn -- live doppler 7 in sink to t south. the system is offshore, queuing
6:16 am
up here, and it will bring very heavy rain that we have not been tested with. we have not seen five to seven inches of rain not only on our soil but the burn scar that we are concerned about and the gusty winds. 55 in berkeley, temperatures much cooler this morning, 52 in novato. with a bit of fog in santa rosa at 51. here is the exploratory in camera where we have light rain showers on and off through the day today. a level 1 system, strong storm, level 3 arrives into sunday. it will be pretty heavy rain overnight into northbay. rainy and windy into monday morning. here's what you can expect the sunshine in the east bay and south bay to start out this morning at 9:00. clouds will overtake most of the bay area by 3:00-4:00. showers are still along the coast by the coastal hills toward sin arise a -- by santa rosa. by 3:00 in the morning, heavy rain to santa rosa, point reyes,
6:17 am
perhaps through the richmond center fell bridge which hangs out during the 10:00 hour until about noon time and begins to shift to the south and east. that is when you will get rain in oakland, berkeley, pleasanton, through redwood city into gilroy through the late afternoon. the game will be something with the heavy rain in santa clara at 11 a clock and i. we have eight hours of unrelenting rain that will add up with totals that is going to be pre-hard for the soil to absorb. we will dry into your mid day monday, but everybody is looking at rainfall anywhere from two to close to three inches in the south bay to four inches on the peninsula. perhaps 4.5 san francisco. almost 3.5 inches from this past week in santa rosa and we will add to that with 6.5 inches, maybe seven inches in some sdin. a flash floodat the
6:18 am
delta where they could see up to seven inches of rain. of course we are looking at the debris flow situation from napa, san mateo, through the mountains, where there is no vegetation in the mud can flow. watch out if you are downslope from that. looking at the winds tomorrow, 8:00 at night, gusty winds, 30 to 35 miles per hour out of the southwest and upper elevations could see winds up to 60 miles an hour. that will blow a lot of things around. some of these stressed trees that have not seen rain in years are ready to come down. as we look at winds, here is 4:00 in the morning, gusty. look at the purples. 43 mile per hour gusts and the rain has not even gotten started yet. that is sunday morning, one to two feet, heavy wet snow late sunday into monday in the cold air comes into play. it will be a lot of rain in the mountains before we get some snow. level 1 system, mid-60's lakepot
6:19 am
and in the forecast, light rain showers, a good day, the day you really need to prepare for this very strong system sunday. into monday, left over showers, then it is sunny and mild are the rest of the week. even in the wintertime, we have not seen an atmospheric river like this. it is not even halloween and you know how dry we are. this is going to be quite something. we will be here tracking it. liz: it is a big deal. thank you, lisa. we appreciate the update and will check in with you soon. nancy pelosi says democrats are within striking distance of winning an agreement on president biden's sweeping domestic agenda. she had breakfast at the white house yesterday to work out the remaining issues. abc news reporter elizabeth scholes weighs in on what is in and out. elizabeth: president biden is making a major push to get his economic agenda through congress, revealing key details
6:20 am
about the negotiations during a cnn town hall. pres. biden: i think i will get a deal. elizabeth: revealing concessions must be made to get all 50 democratic senators on board to pass his signature spending bill focused on childcare, education, and climate change. pres. biden: when you are in the united states senate, and you are president of the united states, you have 50 democrats. every one is a president. elizabeth: to appease moderate senators, the white house is offering to cut the bill to closer to the president says $2 trillion. paid leave could be cut from 12 weeks to four. the child tax credit could be extended just one year instead of being made permanent. tuition free community college will be eliminated from the bill. pres. biden: mr. manchin and one other person has indicated they will not support free community college. elizabeth: that other person, senator sinema, is creating a barrier to a deal by opposing a
6:21 am
tax rate hike on the wealthiest americans and corporations. president biden said he is unwilling to change the senate ruleal filibustee legislation.ou cost him at least three votes to pass the social spending bill. biden did not rule out eliminating the filibuster for other priorities like voting rights and raising the debt ceiling. pres. biden: i think we are going to have to move to the point where we fundamentally alter the filibuster. elizabeth: on that critical question of how to pay for the spending package, other proposals include stricter irs tax enforcement or a tax on stock buybacks. elizabeth shows a, abc news, washington. liz: just ahead, confronting racism through fashion. thought-provoking exhibit celebratin
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us what is coming on good morning america. >> coming up on gma, the tragedy that killed a crewmember and injured another. what the search is -- what the investigation is -- what we are learning about the conditions onset. plus no information about kids and pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. what one family involved in the children's trial is saying about the experience. booster distribution for all three vaccines is now underway. shop smart, how to navigate soaring supermarket prices insider hacks for stocking up and saving. it is all ahead here on gma. liz: a new exhibit at a museum is a joyous look at one of the important african-americreas --e and social justice is key to building a better bay area. patrick kelly had almost as many intriguing players as his -- layers as his designs. some may find some of the racial
6:25 am
images you are about to see disturbing. -- cr disturbing. reporter: strolling through the patrick kelly runway of love exhibitions might be the closest feeling to walking down a fashion runway yourself. with videos from vintage shows providing the beat and exotic and colorful gallons flowing around you, it is a feeling of inclusion that came straight from kelly's heart. >> my favorite part is when you come around this corner and you see the runway. it really took my breath away. i know that was probably intentional. >> part of our work was speaking to his friends. they always came back to how much joy was in him as a person, how much joy was in the clothing, how he wanted his close to make you smile. reporter: by the 1980's, kelly had become a sensation in american and european fashion circles. the first american and first black designer inducted into the prestigious fashion federation.
6:26 am
while his rise was meteoric, it was anything but smooth. >> patrick overcame tremendous obstacles to become the -- of paris. being born and raised in vicksburg, mississippi, in a segregated environment, where he experienced brutal acts of racism. reporter: those early experiences are literally woven into his work, spark by a gift his former partner picked up at a paris fleamarket. a porcelain ashtray formed in the image of a black person's face. >> i gave it to him. patrick had the generosity of spirit and vision instead of reading me the ride act or explaining to me what these pieces meant. he said we will start collecting these. reporter: kelly not only collected the racially-charged items, he began turning them
6:27 am
into a statement, working them into his clothing and jewelry. >> his attitude was to say by talking such artifacts away and refusing to see them, we maintain their power over us. >> for patrick, there was power in collecting this material, and resting with the imagery and throwing it back to the public in his fashion designs. reporter: at his height, his fashion spoke to the gay community, communities of color, the traditional fashion world, and the wider public all at once. but like some of his swirling fabrics, patrick kelly's home times would soon envelop him. >> we received a diagnosis, both of us, in the summer of 1987 that we were hiv-positive. reporter: he said the couple initially kept their diagnosis secret because of business considerations. it wasn't until sometime after his death in 1990 that the public began to absorb the struggle. he survived with treatment and
6:28 am
has had a decade to watch kelly's stature continue to build. >> so what you think patrick would think if he walked in and saw this? >> i think he would be happy. i think it would be like a big smile and thumbs up. reporter: what do you hope people take away? >> i hope people walk away from the exhibition feeling inspired, feeling joy, and feeling like they know patrick kelly on an intimate level. reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. liz: so to come on abc 7 mornings, it is a call morning but we know the storm is brewing and headed our way. lisa will be back with the details. and how a popular puzzle game ended with the dismissal of yet another juror in the elizabeth holmes theranos trial. we will explain, coming up.
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liz: good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us on abc 7 news. live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream, we are going to start this half-hour with a look at the weather. let's get back over to lisa. she is tracking this atmospheric river. lisa: right. this is the level three system which will move in late tonight in the north bay overspreading the rest of the bay area sunday into monday. here is a piece of a, to the north. for us, we have a level 1 system today. offshore, the massive cloud deck is what we are watching. as we go through the day today, we will have light rain showers mainly in the afternoon and evening. it will be breezy, winds out of the south picking up ahead of the system. it is 48 in novato, 51 and a little fog in santa rosa. cooler this morning, two to nine degrees cooler, and as we look at the timeline, we can notice the cloud cover and the light showers noontime from santa rosa, perhaps along the county coast and elsewhere along san
6:32 am
mateo. it is 6:00 and has been light until we get to about midnight. heavy rain gets going along the coast and it will sing to the south. throughout the morning hours, cool 50's, cloudy skies. by 9:00, we have showers north and perhaps a few elsewhere around the bay. 11:00, only low 60's. by the afternoon, scattered, light rain showers through 7:00 and then we will talk about several inches of rain with the level 3 system throughout the day tomorrow. liz: thank you. you can keep an eye on storms rolling through the bay area with live doppler 7 streaming 24 hours a day on our abc 7 bay area news app with your connected tv. it is available on roku, amazon fire, android, and apple tv. just search abc 7 bay area. a retired oakland police captain is in the hospital after he was shot during an attempted robbery at a gas station. this happened thursday at the
6:33 am
chevron gas station at 17th and castro. retired police captain joiner was pumping gas when three suspects tried to rob him. joiner, who is allowed to carry a concealed weapon as a retired officer, shot and killed one of the suspects. joiner used to lead oakland's anti-violence division project cease fire. one city councilmember was shocked with where and how the robbery took place. >> if we cannot go during the day to places we felt were safe places to get gas, to pick up groceries, sit in the park, walked on the streets, where can our community feel safe? that is what we have to address as we are looking at how do we come up with strategies and solutions that address the deep root causes. liz: the city has invested $17 million in creating a department of violence prevention. police are searching for the black sedan used in the robbery. so far, there have been no arrests. fda advisers are expected to vote tuesday on whether to authorize emergency use of the pfizer covid vaccine for five to 11 year olds. it is a decision eagerly awaited
6:34 am
by parents and physicians alike. dr. loke patel talked about the new data pfizer released about it. >> what we are waiting to see is what is going to happen on october 26-ish when the fda and cdc sit down and look at all the data, which looks promising so far. with pfizer releasing new data saying the pfizer vaccine is 90% effective in preventing symptomatic covid-19. liz: if the vaccine is approved, shots could start early november meeting the first kids to get their shots would be fully protected in time for christmas. the ceo of a covid-19 testing company warns there could be testing supply chain issues in the coming months. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has that story. melanie: as employees, some not vaccinated, returned to work, the demand for covid testing continues to grow. many employers are requiring testing for anyone who provided a vaccine the -- a vaccine
6:35 am
exemption. >> we believe employers with more than 100 employs will have to test their employees who are not vaccinated at least once a week. that challenge will be one of the things that will drain supply chain even further. melanie: he says there will always be a covid test available, just maybe not the one you want in the moment. >> pcr tests are available in an almost unlimited quality. melanie: rapid antigen tests like the one you can buy and pharmacies will be more difficult to find in the coming months. >> those local tests available are now getting bought up and are disappearing off the shelves. melanie: a spokesperson for abbott, the makers of a rapid antigen test for sale at walgreens, said they received unprecedented demand. in an email statement, the spokesperson tells abc 7 news they are scaling back up manufacturing of test kits since delta became the dominant strain and new cdc guidance calls for a re-prioritization of testing. writing "by the end of october, we will produce more than 50
6:36 am
million tests per month. to get there, we have hired additional employees and turned it down parts of our manufacturing network in the u.s.." pharmacies are also taking steps to address rising demand. abc confirms there have been purchased limits of six at and four at cvs pharmacy. >> if you're into big city like san francisco or new york, there is a chance finding a rapid shelf in the coming months will be almost impossible. melanie: feldman says they are not immune to the rapid shortage of test but they say they might not be needed. there pcr tests have a turnaround of 18 to 24 hours. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. liz: hey third juror has been -- a third juror has been dismissed in the elizabeth holmes their nose trial. the juror told the judge she was playing sudoku through half the trial days to help her stay focused. two other jurors were also let
6:37 am
go previously based on religious and financial reasons. a scientist took the stand yesterday in a trial, disputing claims that pfizer validated the blood testing technology. holmes faces up to 20 years in prison, accused of bilking investors out of millions of -- milking investors out of millions of dollars and making false claims about theranos. a new way to help the environment. we are looking at the longtime brewery's new water recycling program. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. lisa argen will have your forecast in a few minutes. >> disney is celebrating halloween with a month full of trick-or-treat's on disney plus, hulu, and free-form. celebrate 31 nights of halloween on free-form with your favorite scary movies all month long. here's what you can watch today. then disney plus is brewing up spectacular programs for a
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deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. liz: happening today is a chance for you to get rid of any unused expired medications. particularly opioids. today is prescription drug take back day. this week, the state attorney general highlighted the importance of the event. >> drug overdoses killed more than 93,000 americans just last year. these are not just statistics. these are not just numbers. these are real people, and these are real lives.
6:41 am
liz: he says two thirds of overdose deaths involved prescription or illicit opioids. there will be drop-off sites in the bay area. you can find the closest location to you at building a better bay area includes turning a focused lens on our climate and environment and looking at solutions to protect and preserve our natural resources. managing our water usage is part -- is an important part of that conservation effort. when actor edward norton came to san francisco for anchor brewing -- actor came for the francisco for the brewing company's water reuse project, we wanted to learn more. >> san francisco mayor london breed pointed out in a point. none of the water processed in these tanks will end up in the anchor beer. not a drop. that recycled water will instead go to other practices used to making the beer. >> votto washings, cleaning of
6:42 am
the tanks, flushing floors, a variety of any type of cleaning tasks can be done with process -- treating processed water. >> those things alone use a lot of our precious resource. and he used water will be collected and reused on-site at the brewery. the largest commercial water reuse project in san francisco. this is the company behind the new project. >> the industry is the second largest user of water globally. we can have a significant impact. >> farming uses the most water. >> 3, 2, 1. [cheering and clapping] reporter: after edward norton is on cambrian's board and said anchor brewery should be an example to other big companies. >> residential use of water is not where the problem is, it is in the massive waste in industrial use of water. reporter: not a problem because the average san franciscan uses about 42 gallons of water per day.
6:43 am
the average american, according to the epa, uses 82 gallons. >> which is one of the lowest anywhere. we believe in conservation. reporter: anchor brewery is expected to recycle up to 20 million gallons of water per year. in san francisco, leanne melendez, abc 7 news. liz: target says it is closing its downtown san francisco store on bush street on november 20 because of poor sales. employees there will be offered the option to transfer to other stores. the bush street target is in the financial district. which is not having the same amount of foot traffic since before the pandemic. target says a published report that shoplifting threats were forcing the closure of the large mission street store is not true. the company says there are no plans to close that store. ♪ lisa, and the big news we are tracking this morning is the storm. lisa: that is right. data prepared today, good morning in emeryville, temperatures in the 50's, mid
6:44 am
60's today with a few scattered, light rain showers. it is a level 1 system and we are ramping that upa le 3 f our. get set for at least three more to come, inches, and i will have your forecast. liz: also next, dubnation cannot wait until klay thompson returns and neither can he. why this flash brother says he was snubbed. larry beil has the details in sports.
6:45 am
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liz: welcome back. this afternoon, call-up will try to break a three-game losing streak. the golden bears kick off at 12:30. tomorrow night, the 49ers are back playing against the indianapolis colts. it looks like the game will play on a soggy field at levi's stadium. here is abc 7 sports director
6:47 am
larry field with a preview -- larry beil with a preview. larry: good morning. if the forecasts are right, you might be able to kayak to the 49ers game against the colts tomorrow night. could look a little like this in 2019 in washington. split splash, i was taken a bath. in the final is 9-0 niners. they were drenching footballs for the star quarterback and i guess we will see if he is a good mother. >> we did a lot of wet ball stuff. jimmy wanted to try it out. try some different gloves and stuff. seemed like they enjoyed it. everyone else, you deal with it, you see what type of game it is, you see who your best mudders are, and you lean on them. larry: klay thompson did not make the nba's list of the top 75 players of all-time time. he was upset thursday night, woke up angry friday, posting " can't wait to hoop again. tired of the disrespect. winning isn't e
6:48 am
-- winning isn't everything to everyone i guess." i'm taking russell westbrook off that team, klay thompson. almost as unhappy, teammate draymond green. >> i am more frustrated for klay then myself. there are not any people that can do what klay does on the basketball court. and with his resume. larry: did not see this one coming. the unbeaten sharks in toronto, he wild second mark to edward who scores. later in the second, tied at 2-2. grip it and rip it. these teams combined for five goals on an -- goals in the second period. aiden hill makes the save. the sharks win again 5-3. now a perfect 4-0 on this season. dusty baker is just one win away from winning his second pendant as a manager. the first for the zero-two giants. astros up in the seconds, -- second, the red sox threatening. double play by catcher martin maldonado ends the inning. dusty. counting the final few out and
6:49 am
tie came in the kyle tucker eighth. breaks it wide open. three run blast, 5-0 astros is your final. the astros win 4-2. dusty baker has another chance for the world series. time for celebrations and champagne. >> i'm going back to the world series. [cheering] i think about my dad, hank aaron, and the grace that help to mold me to this point. thank you, thank you, thank you. larry: a lot of people are going to be rooting for dusty baker. the bay area panthers indoor football team, last season was wiped out by covid. they held open practice in livermore friday. about 40 players on hand. the expansion team will play at the center starting next march. that is a rep on sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. liz: let's get a check of the forecast. atmospheric river, we have been asking for rain and we are getting it. lisa: we are getting a lot of rain. tomorrow into monday, here is live doppler 7 where steady rain
6:50 am
is falling to the north of us. the system is queuing up offshore and it promises to bring the heaviest rain, upwards of six inches in the north bay. mount tam has picked up 10 inches, over 3.43 in santa rosa. this past week we picked up .75 of an inch in oakland, about 1.7 in san francisco. since the year started in october, that is good news. here is san jose. 57 in oakland. if you for san jose, half moon bay, mount tam is a beautiful view, 726 is the sunrise. the sunset gives us just under 11 hours of daylight. pretty nice right now. 51 santa rosa and napa. we had a little flock to the north earlier. 50 in nevada with 55 concord and livermore. in santa cruz, mid 50's. eyes in the low 60's and even santa cruz is expecting three
6:51 am
inches of rain. hard to believe, i know. but this has been really consistent throughout the past week. light rain showers today, a level 1 system, strong storm arrives overnight into sunday and rainy, windy conditions into monday. we have the clouds and sun out there this morning, especially in the east bay, south bay, the peninsula. then the clouds overtake the bay area throughout the afternoon. we still have showers that will be dotting the landscape not only in the north bay but we can see them along the coastal hills. this is 4:00. into the late hours, the overnight hours, heavy rain arrives in the north bay from santa rosa down through marin and right on through about 8:00, 9:00, a kind of stays there and maybe tries to shift a little bit with rain in san francisco but it is not until after noon time that we get the heavier push of rain from the peninsula to the east bay. you can see the reds developing 3:00 sunday and look at what
6:52 am
happens, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, maybe a half inch an hour, .3 of an inch per hour then we are into 9:00-11:00, heavy rain. you getting -- you get the idea of why we will see the heavy rain come down with the excessive amount. as we look at the amounts once again, we are looking at three in a third inches in mountain view, over five inches in the san ramon valley and the red indicates excess of six inches. so a ton of rain here and this is going to get weaker as it moves down the coast but even rain in los angeles by monday, three quarters of an inch. looking at the burn scar area with the flash flood watch through sunday evening, the winds are kicking up out of the south, up to 15 and 30 miles an hour will be common but the gusts over 50 up in the higher elevations could see 60 mile an hour gusts. here's a look at the south winds today and look at what happens through early in the morning, 40
6:53 am
mile an hour gusts. we have the rain coming down tomorrow morning. in the mountains, one to two feet of the heavy, wet snow and perhaps 30 feet over the highest peaks. the cold air sunday night into monday. 65 in oakland, low 60's in napa, a level 1 system today. the accurate seven-day forecast with 50's and 60's, a stormy day, level 3 tomorrow, wind, heavy rain all day long. by monday, downed trees and maybe power lines, the debris flow area of all of the burn scars from 2020, 2020 one and 2022 is what we are concerned about. we have not been tested with this much rain so we will watch it closely. liz: it could get dangerous. thank you. next, support a good because and drink some beer at the same time. a local brewery is serving up drinks at this walk to end alzheimer's. how y
6:54 am
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6:56 am
liz: breaking news. we just got word of a 2our news. a 2.8 quake in your hercules.mss , play a role in this year's walk to end alzheimer's. today's walk will carry a flower that represents their personal connection to the disease. this year, oakland's ghost town brewing created a beer brewed specifically for the walk. all proceeds from the sale of the unseen village hazy pale ale will be donated to the cause. >> unseen village was meant to represent the more than 11 million unpaid caregivers in our country who are caring for the more than 6 million people living with the diagnosis. it was kind of meant to be like we see you, we are with you, unseen village. liz: the beer has already raised
6:57 am
$8,000 for the alzheimer's association. abc 7 meteorologist mike nicco is the emcing at today's event. to find out how to get involved, go to you are tracking their -- the rain all weekend. lisa: we had beneficial rain until now. we have showers for today. a level 1 system in the north bay and then a more organized rain later on tonight into the evening. breezy southerly winds, temperatures in the 60's today. then it is overnight tonight, the heavy rain in the north bay, a level 3 system that will overspread the entire bay area with excessive rain and wind through monday morning. liz: lisa, thank you. thank you all for joining us on abc 7 mornings. abc 7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. and we hope to see you then. have a great today. ♪
6:58 am
>> i'm hearing from victims across the country, there accounts trained in seconds but the bank accounts did not refund their money until -- >> you do not know how excited i got. >> my money is back. >> so happy i want to cry. >> i could not be more thankful to seven. >> it helps to be good then bad, it is life-affirming. >> we will all be ok thanks to you. when i heard about the science behind the new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair i was super excited about it. it shows that the toothpaste goes deep inside the exposed dentin to help repair sensitive teeth. life is just too short to miss out on simple things like drinking that cold cup of water or having a sip of hot coffee. i have the science to prove it, i can see that it works and i feel confident recommending it to my patients. i'm really excited to recommend new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair.
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"good morning america." shooting investigation. alec baldwin firing a live gun on a movie set, not knowing it was loaded. the shot killing the director of photography. what a crew member told abc news about safety conditions. the 911 calls now released and search warrants stating an assistant director handed the loaded gun to the actor. >> this [ bleep ] a.d. who yelled at me at lunch. he's supposed to check the gun. he's responsible for it. >> some of the camera crew leaving the location just hours before the incident. now baldwin and the deceased


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