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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 22, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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> the strongest storm of the system -- >> a deadly accident, that - - - santa cruz mountain residents brace this weekend's intense storm. >> millions of termites are flying in the bay area, experts say that as a consequence of the first rainfall of the season. we will tell you when you should call for help. >> after two years of covid delays, alameda county fair is finally back open. abc 7 news starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: giving your live look outside at the golden gate bridge, you can see it is
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ca be next storm. the north bay be first to get hit when an atmospheric revert move in on sunday with a lot of rain. let's get to spencer with more on the timeline. spencer: tomorrow we can expect a level one storm, light wind and showers, mainly in the afternoon. some will star in the northbay in the morning hours, breezy at times, that will be followed on sunday and monday by a strong storm, ranking three on the storm impacts scale, with heavy rain, localized flooding possible and debris flows likely in the burn scar areas. here's the forecast, showing a shower a day tomorrow, late tomorrow night and overnight into sunday, a bigger storm come in with widespread rain, winds gusting 45 to 55 miles an hour at times, that storm will continue into monday before winds down, with rainfall totals
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up to six inches. dan: base, firefighters and residents are worried the heavy rain we are talking about could be an air -- a problem in the burn scar areas. near the santa cruz mountains, county officials have not wasted time and have all right issued an evacuation warning for some areas. we more on the debris flow we could see. reporter:reporter: one man is dead after -- chp says rainfall can loosen soil, though they have not confirmed that was the case here. >> i can't say for sure it is due to the weather, the area we are in currently, it is moist. reporter: there is more the moisture in the forecast, adding concern of what is to come, peers winds, heavy rainfall, dangerous to be -- debris flow are expected this weekend.
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>> stocking up on canned goods and water, that is about it. it is the folks living close to the burn scars that have the most risk right now. >> naomi and her sister live just above the seat su -- their drive home cut through the danger zone. >> it goes hand-in-hand with living up here. the chance you take with living up here in the mountains. reporter: she says residents are getting right to face one disaster after another. >> my neighbors are out, getting their ditches ready, so water can flow down so we don't get flooded out from this big storm coming in. reporter: chp santa cruz the big danger is downed trees and debris flow, which can be deadly. >> we have a lot of mountainsides that have trees that have been here for years. sometimes the wind gets the best of them. we never know what we are going to experience, i believe with
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the burn scar, it is going to make it more difficult. reporter: late friday, santa cruz county announced because of the expectedmieng storm, they ag areas around the burn scar under evacuation warning. ama: pg nd says it's cruiser standing by and ready for the rainy weather. >> we are going to be working around until all customers are restored safely as quickly as possible. ama: they say they are fully stocked with backup equipment to deal with any outages. last week, damaged lines and fires knocked up power for thousands of residents. dan: in the east bay, after being canceled twice because of covid, the alameda county fair is now up against the atmospheric river rolling in this weekend. reporter kate larsen went to the fair tonight were people were taking advantage of a break in the storms. >> i have to have that sausage right there.
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that is the one i want. >> with everything on it? reporter: a polishco fes. nothing new about the county fair, but that is the point. >> it is good to come back to the fair. it has been a long time. reporter: a break in the storm and covid cases as alameda county fair is back after a two-year pandemic pause. have you missed this fair? >> yeah, it has been so long since i felt normal. reporter: she has been coming to this fair since she was a kid, she knows a thing or two about gaming games. >> they all have little tricks here and there. the easiest one has to be the blinged dart one. reporter: the fair normally takes place over the summer, covid concerns pushed back to october, when the area is normally flush with more mother, not a week straight of rain. >>waaining all day, i was unsure. if we wait is going rain some more. reporter: she is right, an
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atmospheric river of rain is forecast for sunday. >> we don't have plans to close the fair. reporter: right inspectors are constantly evaluating safety conditions. >> if things were to become unsafe, we would activate a plan and pivot. reporter: monster dog manager relies on the fair circuit for his income, so losing that during the pandemic was tough and weird. >> we worked some crazy events, we want to a prison in fresno. reporter: he is not port-a-let a little or a lot of rain and run his parade. >> it is a letdown, you cannot let that dampen your spirits. we still have today and tomorrow. ama: if you haven't already, al, is the time to download our streaming apps on roku, amazon tv, apple tv. abc news meteorologist drew will be in all day sunday, giving you live updates on the storm,
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rainfall totals and where the rain is headed next. join wherever you stream new new seven. dan: new details revealed tonight after deputy say actor alec baldwin fired a prop gun and killed a cinematographer. ama: a bay area director was also hit and injured. reporter explains crew members were right about safety before the shooting. reporter: a puzzling investigation into why a shot from a prop gun killed one crewmember and injured another on the set of the western inspired dome rust. according to a member of the camera crew, he and a number of crew members walked off the set due to gun safety concerns, adding they were brushed off by producers. he also says there were two previous accidental discharges, twice in the same day, within 10 minutes. the 911 call from set revealing the chaos and confusion among the crew during a dress rehearsal. >> he is supposed to check the
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guns. reporter: 42-year-old director of photography, halyna hutchins, seen in this instagram picture posted from the set days ago, died from her injuries. heralded as a rising star behind the camera, hutchins in this post showing her excitement for being part of the production. >> she was the kind of filmmaker who will stand in any uncomfortable place with her camera to get the shot. reporter: the other shooting victim, 48-year-old director at jewel susa released from emergency care. eric baldwin tweeting friday, there are no words to convey my shock and sadness,,,, -- according to -- >> there is a system of checks and balances before any actor is touching a prop gun. master bringing the rock to set, then nad checking the prop gun,
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then it goes to the actor. reporter: alec baldwin said in a second tweet that he is in chuck -- in touch with her husband, offering his support to her family. dan: the abcs showed the rookie announced today it is spinning all live weapons onset in reaction to the alec baldwin incident. show creator says that the safety of our crew is too important. the television series will make the change to airsoft gun's and use cgi muscle flashes in postproduction. ama: this week storms could cause damage inside your home, the rain also ushering in termites. dan: another booted -- anotherat juror booted from the their most trial.
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dan: with this week's rain comes another ecological event. bay area residents reporting swarms of termites around properties. abc 7's news reporter spoke with an entomologist who describes what to do and when to worry if you see termites around your house. reporter: millions of termites are coming out of the soil, looking to build new colonies across the bay area. >> each mature colony, you can have hundreds, up to maybe a thousand swimmers. the site i was at today in richmond, we counted probably 40 different colonies that were emerging. reporter: university of california entomologist says the first rainfall of the season, followed by sunny weather turned this week into the perfect time for termites.
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he says the ones flying around your home are searching for a mate. >> what they are doing is looking for love. this is their chance to leave their colony as virgin queens and kings and go start their own colony. reporter: steve nichols woke up to termites in his backyard. >> i thought they were flying ants. reporter: one of his neighbors shot this video, where you can see hundreds of termites. al found seven clusters in his backyard, steve found three. >> my first instinct, it was right next to the foundation of my house, which they can get into and cause destruction. reporter: when should homeowners be concerned? >> if they see a swarm coming out of the ground or out of the piece of wood, very close to their home or another wooden structure. within a meter or two of your home. reporter: that is when dr. sutherland says you should
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schedule an inspection, otherwise wait. >> most of them die, get eaten by predators or do not find a mate. ama: police captain is still in the hospital after he was shot during a robbery attempt at a gas station. ersie joyner was pumping gas when three suspects attempted to rob him. he was allowed to carry a concealed weapon as a retired officer, he shot and killed one of the suspects. he was shot six times as the suspects fled the scene. joiner used to lead one city councilmember was shocked with how and where robbery took place. >> if we can go during the day to places we felt were safe to get gas, to pick up groceries, to sit in the park or walked on the street, where can our community feel safe? that is what we have to address as we are looking at how we come
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up with strategies and solutions that address the root causes. ama: the city has invested $17 million and created -- in creating a prevention. they're so far there have been no arrests. dan: fda advisers are expected to vote tuesday whether to grant emergency use authorization for the pfizer vaccine for five to 11-year-olds. that is his decision eagerly awaited by parents and physicians alike. on our 3:00 show, special correspondent talked about new data pfizer released today. >> what we are waiting to see is what will happen on october 26 when we finally sit down and look at all the data, which looks promising so far, with pfizer releasing new data signifies a vaccine is about 90% effective in preventing symptomatic covid-19. dan: if the vaccine is approved, shots could start in early november, which mean the fruits
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kids would be fully -- the first kids would be fully protected in time for christmas. ama: pharmacies and -- now offering pfizer a moderna, walgreens are offering those and johnson & johnson booster. the cdc director last night signed off on moderna and j&j boosters, pfizer boosters got the ok in september. dan: the recall of the district attorney will likely be put before voters. they confirmed they have collected 83,000 signatures. that is about 32,000 more than required to trigger the recall. city officials will spend the next month validating those signatures. the special election would happen sometime next year. if recalled, mayor breed would select his replacement. ama: a third juror has been dismissed and the elizabeth holmes trial. the juror told the judge she was playing sudoku for half of the trial days to help her stay focused. two other jurors were let go
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based on religious and financial regions. -- reasons. a scientist took the stand today, elizabeth holmes faces up to 20 years in prison, accused of bilking investors out of millions of making false claims. dan: days after netflix plays walked out to protest dave chapelle's special, in answer a stop in san francisco. it is it -- advertised as a live screening. he will be it a center november 4 and had to nine cities. all performances are being called no cell phone zones, guests will be prohibited from reporting. chapelle and netflix have been facing backlash jokes about transgender people. ama: starting sunday, t of bay area residents will have to dial 10 digit phone numbers to complete a phone call. callers are expected to dial the
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three digit area code followed by the seven jet phone. a lot of cities already do that. the following 925, 630. dan: that is always a bit of a nuisance to make those changes. let us talk about what is going to be an intense weekend. ama: spencer christian here with the weather for us. spencer: the atmospheric river is flowing forcefully in our direction, here is a look at our satellite radar composite image, you can see we have a huge pool of moisture offshore, taking aim at the bay area. rain is on its way. it's look at comp conditions right now, a part of the san francisco skyline, currently 57 degrees, 60 in oakland, that is our warm spot. it 50's, morgan hill and half moon bay. also looking at comp conditions
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toward san francisco, 52 in santa rosa right now, mid to upper 50's el dorado, napa, concord and livermore. looking toward the bay bridge from a rooftop camera, light rain and showers will develop tomorrow, strong storm arrives overnight saturday into sunday. it will still be rainy and windy monday morning. we will forget, but not -- tomorrow storm ranks only one, the strongest storm coming in sunday which ranks three on the storm impact scale. for sunday monday, we can expect periods of heavy rain, gusty winds, localized flooding is likely, with debris flows possible in the burn scar areas. here's our forecast animation, storing 6:00 tomorrow morning. notice the development is scattered rainfall, late tomorrow night, just before midnight we start to get more intense rainfall, more widespread rain. steadier, heavier rain move in
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overnight into sunday morning, through the day on sunday, even -- into the evening hours and continuing overnight to early monday morning before getting to taper off in the midday hours. areas of scattered showers following the bulk of the rainfall through the day monday into tuesday. we are projecting the rainfall totals will range from about 2.5 to three inches of rain and the lightest rainfall areas. northbay will see over six inches of rain. over in this era, there will be snow. one to two feet of snow, up to three feet over the peaks with strong, gusty winds, difficult to impossible travel conditions. overnight lows mainly in the mid-50's, heise tomorrow up to the 60 on the coast, mid 60's everywhere else. here's the seven-day forecast, notice how wet it is going to be through monday, finally tapering off to scattered showers on tuesday. sonny and dryer on thursday and
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. larry: good evening, if the four -- forecasts are right, you may be able to kayak to the 49ers game. can you throw the ball in the middle of an atmospheric river? could be like this, october between 19, and washington. final was 9-0, niners. they did practice today, jimmy garoppolo will start. >> first time we did a lot of web ball stuff today, went to tried out, where some different gloves, it seemed like they enjoyed it. everyone else, you deal with it. see what type of game it is, who is staying on the ground, who your best mothers are -- mo -- mudders are. >> posting can't wait to hoop
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again, tired of the disrespect. winning isn't everything to someone like me. i'm taking wessel -- russell westbrook off the list and playing play on. among those unhappy with thompson being left off, teammate green. larry: i'm >> i'm more frustrated for him, them for myself. not many things can -- not make people they can do what clay does on a bus bo porter. larry: did not see this coming, they i'm big and sharks in toronto, -- the unbeaten sharks in toronto. leader in the second, tied it to, erik karlsson, rip it,, for five goals in just a second period. sharks victorious again, perfect on this young season at four endo. dusty baker, just one win away from capturing his second pendant as a manager. first for the 2002 giants.
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red sox threatening, strycova, thrown out, maldonado ends the ending. dusty a little bit anxious. still tight in the eighth, kyle tucker, no one is anxious anymore. three run, five-zero, astros. thus he has another chance of the world series. time for champagne. >> i'm going back to the world series. i think about my dad, hank aaron, all the greats that helped mold me. thank you, thank you, thank you. reporter: a lot of people
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ama: thanks for watching. dan: >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, martin short, jonathan majors and music from walk the moon. and now, jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, thank you. that's very nice. i appreciate it. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i want to wish happy indigenous people's or columbus day, depending on which cable news channel you watch. [ laughter ] it's weird to celebrate these on the same day.


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