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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 22, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the bay area right now. here is a live look at some of our tower cameras. when we will see a break in the wet weather and when a stronger system moves in. >> give yourself some extra time to commute. amy is on the road showing you what you can expect. >> a retired police captain in the hospital this morning. a shoot out at a gas station. >> more covid-19 protection available. we are hearing from the head of the cdc this morning on that pivotal decision and how soon you can see the rolled at your pharmacy. >> it is friday, october 22. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> we want to start with lisa. lisa: it is slick out there. give yourself some extra time. the roadways are very wet.
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we are looking at some gusty winds. the front that will be pushing through the bay area today, just in time for the morning commute. you can see the heaviest precipitation right on the peninsula, half moon bay, highway 1, out toward east palo alto. some pretty good downpours up through san francisco. east of concord, it has not reached toward antioch and brentwood. the north bay, we have some stronger cells toward middletown. everyone is looking at the what weather through richmond and hercules. and southward into boulder creek and saratoga. it is a level impact scale. gusty winds could be in excess of 30 miles per hour out of the
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south. bring the raingear. this is a quick mover. this will be out of here by 11:00. with the winds, we are noticing they are over 20 miles per hour. grab the raingear, take your time. we have good news. a brief break before the main event gets there on sunday. kumasi: thank you. get ready for the rain during your morning commute. we know the rain is much-needed, but the issues it is causing, not so much. amy hollyfield joining us on the roads. amy: good morning. we are just getting on the sun raffaella richmond bridge. the bay area is getting a good soaking. in the last half-hour, we have been driving through heavy downpours. this is a little lighter right now than .xpericein t
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we are getting more of what we saw yesterday. not getting a break this morning at all. we want to give you a look at some of the messes the rain created yesterday. one of the biggest issues was clogged storm drains. it caused flooding on woodland avenue. crews say all kinds of things get into the drains to clog them, but the biggest offender is leaves. we had a crash on highway 101. this was one of several authorities had to deal with. >> just be mindful. conditions are slippery. we have not had to deal with slippery roads for a while. want to drive like it is a normal sunny day. that is not the case. we have been busy with crashes. our message is at this point, help us out and slow down. amy: city workers were not just responding to issues.
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crews were also doing some proactive work, trimming trees and clearing storm drains to try to prepare for this weekend's rain because more is on the way. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: you can keep an eye on the storm moving through on our abc 7 bay area app. it is available on roku, amazon fire, apple tv. reggie: developing news. a retired police captain is recovering in the hospital after a shootout at an oakland gas station. the captain fired after a group try to rob him at a chevron gas station on castro street in west oakland. the retired police captain was shot. surveillance video obtained by abc 7 news shows him filling up his gas tank when three people approach them.
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officers say they began robbing him. moments later, he pulls out his gun. we have paused the video as the gunshots were fired. the shots killed one suspect, but also hit the retired police captain. we asked if he was targeted for being a retired officer. >> it is early in the investigation. we are looking at every motive, everything that might have led to this particular incident. nothing is off the table. reggie: he is legally allowed to carry a gun because he is a retired police officer. the other two suspects seen on the video have not been caught. kumasi: when he was on the oakland police force, he commanded operation cease-fire, a city program to combat violence. his friends say he has never stopped working to prevent violence in cities, from the east bay to the east coast. he just returned from
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indianapolis, where he was working on a crime reduction strategy with city leaders. >> he had worked reduce gun violence in oakland. to be the victim of gun violence is horrible. kumasi: the sergeant and the alameda county sheriff's office said joiner has been instrumental in reducing gun violence. he also owns a security consulting company and often works on movies and tv shows. on the company's website, kamala harris endorsed his crime-fighting leadership. reggie: now to the movie set tragedy involving actor alec baldwin. investigators will try to determine what went wrong on the set of his upcoming film that left one crewmember dead and the director injured. >> this morning, tragedy on the set of an alec baldwin movie in new mexico. >> two people have been shot accidentally. >> a prop gun misfiring, killing
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a crewmember and injuring the director. it was baldwin who fired the gun during the filming of the western movie "rust." baldwin had posted on instagram. our new mexico station, koat, k, the scene. >> one person has died on set. deputies were called to the ranch before 2:00 this afternoon. >> the 42-year-old victim, identified as halyna hutchins, was airlifted to the university of new mexico hospital, where she later died. she was working as director of photography on the film. her most recent post on instagram, she mentioned how excited she was to be on the ranch, sing one of the perks of shooting a western issue get to ride horses on your day off. the cinematographers guild releasing a statement overnight.
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we the devastating news that one of our members, halyna hutchins, died from injuries on the set. we support a full investigation. this is a terrible loss. the other victim, joel souza, was hospitalized last night in emergency care. the filming of "rust" started earlier this month on the ranch, a popular hollywood filming location for decades. investigators are looking into how this happened, what kind of project i was discharged and why the gun was loaded in the first place. kumasi: pfizer has just announced its covid-19 vaccine is more than 90% effective at protecting kids from infection. this news comes as boosters for people who have had the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines are available, starting today. the cdc director gave the final approval last night. the recommendation is for people 65 and older, and people 18 to 64 who have underlying
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conditions or work and work in certain settings straig. eligible individuals may choose which vaccine they received as a booster. this morning on good morning america, people who received the j&j vaccine, should they look to get the moderna or pfizer vaccine as a booster? >> the fda and cdc revealed important data. what they saw from the nih was state of the demonstrated that if you got j&j followed by a maternal or pfizer, you had a really robust anti-body response. we saw some data also from j&j the demonstrated j&j folks who got boosted with j&j had a really good clinical response, as well. this is about personal preference and talking to your physician about what is best for you. kumasi: coming up at 7:00, when
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kids under five can get their first doses. reggie: the threat to the world's largest living tree appears to be gone. a protective wrap will be removed. the park service wrap the tree along with other sequoias september 15. the devastating fire came within 125 yards of the general sherman. it is now contained in the park service says thesa: this next sl spread some pretty heavy rain for your morning commute. already spreading the heaviest rain up in the north bay and the peninsula. look at san mateo, the yellows, could see some embedded hail over in oakland, some heavier rain in fremont, union city. a little bit lighter in marin county. concord, finally getting wet. up toward clear lake and
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middletown, it has been a wet night. quite muggy out there, 50's and 60's. we have a flash flood watch for vallejo and rio vista as we get into monday. this will be a whopper. snow levels are very high -- eight to 48 inches of snow mainly in the upper elevations. a dusting in the lower elevations sunday into monday. visibility, 2.5 miles for most of us with the rain coming down. by 7:00, we are still very soggy across the entire baby 9:00, jur showers. half an inch expected in san francisco, half moon bay. one third of an inch in concord. the main event, our atmospheric river toward the bay area sunday into monday.
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we are putting those totals together for a rain you have not seen in quite some time. we will bring totals over six inches in santa rosa, two to three inches in the south bay. we will fine-tune this as we get closer. 60's today, cooler than yesterday. >> good morning. it is wet and wild. i drove to marin county. standing water is the issue this morning. they just put up a high wind advisory for the bay bridge. if you are coming across, we will look at the golden gate bridge. it is wet and it will be very windy. they just put up the high wind advisory for the bay bridge. standing water will be your big issue this morning sheet of rain come down. let's look at the total number of solo spinouts. we have about six of them. 280 north near cesar chavez, the on ramp to 92, 80 west at san
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pablo avenue, and some flooding at lanes at 280. expect a lot of what and wild weather this morning. take it easy and give yourself plenty of time. reggie: thank you so much. on the spot interviews, signing bonuses and more. the local school district desperate to fill positions. kumasi: the manhunt for gabby petito's boyfriend ending. reggie: the alameda county fair kicks off. kumasi: taking a live look outside at 5:13. a rainy day across the bay ar
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all denny's pancakes are made to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack feels like fall. and is the pumpkin-iest pecan pie drizzliest and most gram-worthy of them all. new! pumpkin pecan pancakes. this month's spotlight stack. see you at dennys reggie: the fbi has confirmed the remains found in a florida nature preserve are that of brian laundrie. here is abc news. >> what happened to brian laundrie? the month-long manhunt for gabby petito's boyfriend ending where it began.
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the fbi using dental records to confirm the remains found wednesday in florida are his. brian laundrie's parents are still not speaking publicly with their attorney telling abc news they knew this was a possibility. >> it is not a surprise. we thought this might be the end result. at the very end, when it hits brn laundrie is still the onlyas named person of interest in gabby petito's murder. coming up at 7:00 a.m., we will be live from florida with the very latest. kumasi: on the spot interviews, signing bonuses and more. the mount diablo school district doing what i can to fill staff positions ring the pandemic. education -- we were at the job fair event.
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>> it is no secret school districts are hurting, desperate to hire staff. mount diablo unified school district, a job fair connected people to a wide range of open positions. >> food-service assistance, custodial substitutes, transportation. >> on average, mount diablo unified has up to 110 teaching vacancies per day. he said school staff and administrators have stepped in. thursday's career fair was as critical to the school district as it was to job seekers. >> it is an opportunity for me to get back to work. >> because of the pandemic, the handyman said he has fallen on hard times, adding it is tough to pay bills when there is little business. >> a lot of people do not have money, so i can't go in their homes and clean or fix anything. >> pandemic challenges are
5:18 am
g him to chang i had been involt the college level for the last 23 years. covid interrupted that for me a little bit. >> interruption meets incentive. the district is offering a $1500 signing bonus, specifically for special education assistants and more. those who work in the classroom every day with students. >> when we shifted to virtual learning, we did not hire all of the assistant positions that were helping up in the classroom every day because we were virtual. >> from job fair to full-time, the turnaround is between one to three weeks. kumasi: the alameda county fair is returning today after a year off because of the pandemic. there will be live music, rides the event is normally held insoe the summer. instead of warm but
5:19 am
organizers and vendors said they are ready. >> we are monitoring and following the weather that is coming down the pipeline. there is a plan in place should we need to pivot. kumasi: organizers say if we get more rain than expectedso rides might have to close but other attractions will go on. the fair runs through the 31st. what is the first thing you are getting? i am going for the funnel cake. reggie: you always love the funnel cake. the tilt a whirl when it is raining hits a little different? kumasi: you get on that when it is raining? reggie: you are protected by the shell. kumasi: i don't know if i'm getting on there when it is raining. reggie: not after the funnel cake. [laughter] lisa: we all made it during this
5:20 am
commute that was pretty gnarly. here is a look at live doppler 7 . all of the rain over the bay area. we have this system that will move through quickly throughout the morning. unfortunately, the timing is during the commute. a little bit of a break on saturday before we get the next system that will bring atmospheric river sunday into monday, and some huge rainfall totals. we are looking at san francisco points out, with yellow indicating the heaviest rain. be careful. you see the oranges, that could be some embedded hail. the extent of the rain is fremont, 580, just making it into livermore. there is a pretty good cell near walnut creek. a bit of a break north of nevada. solid rain from clea rick to lakeport.
5:21 am
lr storm impact scale. temperatures are mild. 50's and 60's once again. it will be a cool afternoon once the front pushes through. it is o-- visibility, wanted to miles. by 7:00, it is still mild. southbay showers hung up and we might have some sunshine and the rest of the bay area. we have a lot more rain to come today. anywhere up to three quarters of an inch through noon time. these are the windy conditions we will deal with through the afternoon. there is a preview of the atmospheric river that we will talk more in detail about with our rainfall totals when we see you next. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. reggie: a roller coaster rescue. kumasi: a new exhibit opening at a local museum.
5:22 am
a celebration of one of the premier african-american fashion designers. reggie: a live look outside. it is 5:21.
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>> good morning. if you are just joining us, here are the seven things you need to know. it is a soaker out there. a level 1 system moves through the bay area. low visibility and heavy downpours through 8:00. >> your morning commute, the richmond bridge showing you how wet the roads are. we have solo spinouts ended earlier accident just now clearing up. traffic remains slow. reggie: retired police captain is recovering in the hospital after a shootout at it oakland gas station. surveillance video shows this confrontation. the captain fired after people try to rob him. one suspect was killed. kumasi: new mexico police say
5:25 am
alec baldwin accidentally shot a bay area film director using a prop gun on the set of a movie. joel souza is recovering at the hospital. no one has been arrested in connection with the shooting. reggie: starting today, booster shots for people who received the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines are available. the cdc director gave the final approval last night. kumasi: skywest airlines says they have fixed a computer problem that force them to cancel 700 flights nationwide. reggie: this weekend's in las vegas will be live-streamed. it is the first time it hosted a music festival. it started today in the lineup includes the chain smokers. here is one place you do not want to be during a power
5:26 am
outage. video shows 35 riders roller coaster in japan. they were eventually rescued. kumasi: a new show opening at a museum is celebrating one of the premier african-american fashion designers. we want to warn you his work does include images some might find offensive. patrick kelly rose to the height of the fashion world in the 1980's and his styles were colorful, playful. curators say he brought a uniquely american sense of his journey with him. >> patrick overcame tremendous obstacles to become the toast of paris before the age of 35. being born and raised in mississippi in the 1950's and 1960's in a segregated environment where he suffered brutal acts of racism.
5:27 am
kumasi: to confront the racism, kelly used images from racist memorabilia in his designs. the exhibit is provocative and joyful. it opens tomorrow. tonight, you will hear from kelly's former partner about the origins of these themes and his untimely death after an illness. reggie: when are you taking me? you know i have a membership. kumasi: do you want to go? reggie: i really want to go. kumasi: you walk in, i want to try everything on. and then you learn about this man and his journey and what he stood for. it is beautiful. reggie: i cannot wait to see this. i am in. coming up next, one freeway that is already seeing. kumasi: a live look outside.
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you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:30, a storm system sweeping through the bay area this morning. here is a look at live doppler 7. if it is not raining where you are, it will be. kumasi: handling these very days at school while also following covid-19 protocols. how districts are working to play it safe with this wet weather. reggie: good morning, it is friday, october 22. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. kumasi: we want to start with a check of our forecast. lisa: it is wet out there. we are starting on the peninsula to half moon bay. the yellows indicate the heavier rain.
5:31 am
oakland is getting a pretty good downpour. it is wet out toward antioch. closer t we go up to the northbay and it has been raining heavy. you notice a break, but santa rosa has some heavier showers. san francisco and into oakland, it is a wet commute. as we take you to about 7:00, it is raining everywhere. let's go through the next hour or so. by 8:00, we are still looking at the front pushing to the south and east. by 9:00, the showers are into the east bay. it is wet in san jose. we are seeing some drying of the northbay. it is a quick mover. unfortunately, it is timing out as you are heading out the door. we have breezy winds, slick roadways is an even stronger system to talk about for the second half of the weekend.
5:32 am
kumasi: here is what it looks like on the peninsula. this is video from i-280 this morning. all of the rain you is causing flooding. you can see drivers are going righthrough it if youre in an area like this, it ibe to sl down, leave some extra room, or avoided altogether. a few inches of water can cause you to lose control or stall. reggie: as you just saw, for a lot of you, this will be a more challenging commute compared to yesterday. we are in the thick of the rain this morning. amy hollyfield's life for us, driving around marin county. amy: good morning. it is a wet situation. we are on northbound 101 in marin county. i want you to get a look at this. it is raining right now, not is heavily as we saw one hour ago.
5:33 am
if you can leave right now, this might be a good window of opportunity for you. be aware that you will want to give yourself more time. it was coming down pretty good around the 4:30 timeframe. it is a wet morning. a little more intense in certain places. all of this rain is looking for somewhere to go. some storm drains are clogged, so that caused some minor flooding yesterday. there is some standing rain on octavia street at woodland avenue. city crews say they are trying to clear them with pumps. >> with the leaves and everything falling, anything could have flown in there. people's garbage, bottles, cans, but mainly the leaves get plugged in the drain. amy: we also saw some car crashes in yesterday's wet weather.
5:34 am
police are asking everyone to slow down and leave a lot of space between cars. we did not hear reports of any major accidents. with more rain on the way, city crews are trimming trees to prevent them from falling, and clearing storm drains to prevent flooding. they also have crews on standby this weekend to respond to weather related problems. we know a lot more rain is on the way. kumasi: thank you. with more runny days ahead, schools are trying to play it safe, keeping kids indoors while also following covid-19 protocols. one school in san francisco is staggering recess and lunch to keep students in smaller groups while indoors. >> we will have lunch in the classroom. we will have the ability to deliver those lunches or stagger when students go to the cafeteria to get their lunch and
5:35 am
bring it back. kumasi: as you can see, teachers are also getting pretty creative with the little ones during recess. this is video of a preschool yesterday. they are getting their dance on. of course, you can always keep an eye on the storm with live doppler 7. the app is available on roku, android and apple tv. reggie: pfizer set its covid-19 vaccine is more the 90% effective protecting children between the ages of five and 11 from infection. abc news has details on the covid booster shots just approved for millions of us. >> millions of americans have been waiting on this decision for months. those eligible can start heading out as soon as today to get the booster shots. a new round of americans can start rolling up their sleeves for an extra dose of the covid
5:36 am
vaccine. one month after recommending boosters for pfizer shots, the cdc endorsing the same for the moderna and j&j covid vaccines, as well. >> the boosters are really helpful. the vaccines are working well preventing severe infections. >> nearly 15 million americans who got j&j shots at least two months ago can get in line for boosters. those who got the mike turner shots have to wait six months -- those who got the moderna shots have to wait six months. the cdc also said those eligible for the extra doses can mix vaccine brands. >> it is safe to use a different vaccine as a booster. >> president biden at a town hall thursday night suing health officials could make vaccines available to children five to 11 years old within weeks. pres. biden: i spent a lot of time with the team. it is likely to be approved.
5:37 am
>> and fda a panel is likely to weigh in on shots for kids. an advisory panel will meet in early november. reggie: new data from the cdc shows far more people are getting booster shots every day compared to those receiving their first dose. in santa clara county, officials are worried the number of people getting boosters is falling below expectations. county officials are trying to get more information to the public with the message that though the original vaccine series is effective, it seems to wane over time. >> we get flu shots every year and sometimes you have to get a new tetanus shot. the efficacy of the vaccine begins to wear off a little bit. we have to boost it up. reggie: santa clara county has set up numerous public vaccination sites. shots are available at doctors
5:38 am
offices and pharmacies. kumasi: we are about to take you inside a lab that is responsible for processing a quarter of all the covid tests in california. summer bio quickly ramped up its testing volume in months. in august, the expanded volume from 10,000 a day to 100,000. 7 million tests have been processed to date at the price of $10 per test. >> we really felt that if you could get people the information to know what their status is, they could make informed decisions. kumasi: they are really busy nowadays providing testing for students and staff as school districts in san jose and los angeles. the cofounders quit their jobs in may of 2020 to form the company. reggie: apple is requiring unvaccinated employees and its corporate offices to undergo
5:39 am
daily covid tests. it applies to employees were not reporting their vaccination status to apple. vaccinated staff have to undergo rapid testing once a week. apple wants corporate employees back in the office at least three days a week starting in january of 2022. the company has set a sunday deadline for employees to report vaccination status. you can always ask our vaccine team your questions. kumasi: today, the san jose police department revealed more details about the arrest of a civilian employee accused of making illegal social media posts. the fbi threat assessment team reached out to them about the post october 14. the employee was arrested the same day. the post potentially violated department policy. the police chief will share more information about what the posts were all about in news conference this morning. coming up, a death investigation
5:40 am
that puzzled investigators for months. the ruling about what killed this family that went out for a hike near yosemite. reggie: gas prices are going up. the simple things you can do to spend less. first, we'll will check in with meteorologist lisa arjun. -- lisa argen. lisa: heavy rain arrives this morning in boulder creek, right along saratoga. san jose is getting wet right now. light to moderate rain up to the north. you can see it is wet in lafayette, hercules. light showers in cloverdale. further to the south, light rain from san francisco and south city. we are looking at the winds creating issues, 25 to 30 miles per hour today. once the f winds will subside ae
5:41 am
will have a better second half of the afternoon. this is a snow maker above 8000 feet. a winter storm warning at 11:00 sunday through tuesday at 6:00. we are talking eight inches to 48 inches, wind gusts of 100 miles per hour. saturday, we will see showers. sunday, we will see an incoming atmospheric river that will last until monday. rainfall amounts will be from friday to sunday, an additional six inches up in the north bay, two to three inches in the south bay. we are certainly looking at very wet weather with a level 3 system on sunday and monday. this one ends by midmorning. hopefully, you are tying objects down in the yard and being prepared for the next few days. sue: as you look at the freeway,
5:42 am
this is 101 at 280 in san jose. it is wet everywhere.we are loor thainsothae tole. rthbound,here is a right lane block. this is up in the north bay. a motorcycle down, two left la nes are blocked. we have a stall on the san mateo bridge westbound, lane number 3 as you approach the incline section. we are in the green in most places, but yellow and red, here is the earlier accident westbound 580 near lakeshore. slow traffic remains through oakland. i would suggest 880, but it looks like it might clear out. give yourself plenty of time. that is the key getting through this wet rain.
5:43 am
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to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack feels like fall. and is the pumpkin-iest pecan pie drizzliest and most gram-worthy of them all. new! pumpkin pecan pancakes. kumasi: we want to keep you updated because as you can see, we are dealing with another storm this morning across the bay area. you can see live doppler 7 and our camera on the san mateo bridge. you can see the storm moving in. people are trying to make their way across the bridge, dealing with some wet roads. the best advice is to be careful. reggie: we have learned the family found dead well hiking near yosemite died of extreme heat exhaustion. investigators say the family were on a hike on a mountain
5:46 am
trail in the sierra national forest. temperatures ranged between 107 and 109 that day. the bodies were found with just a single empty 85 ounce water container. >> this is an unfortunate and tragic event due to the weather. reggie: the deaths puzzled investigators for months. it was originally hazmat situation what investigators say it is still unclear if the family drank the water. the family was originally from san francisco. kumasi: lyft has released some startling numbers in its first-ever safety report. the company got about 4100 reports of sexual assault from 2017 to 2019. there were 10 reported deaths from physical assaults. lyft indicated riders
5:47 am
52%. 10% were initiated by third parties. lyft sayssssssssss no reported safety incidents. gas prices are soaring nationwide. nationally, the average price for a gallon of gas is $3.38, according to aaa. prices tend to be higher in the bay area. it is $4.76 a gallon on average in san francisco. abc news has some tips on how you can save and optimize your driving for better fuel mileage. >> gas prices are up by more than $1 per gallon from a year ago. it does not look like they are coming down anytime soon.
5:48 am
how can you save money? there are a lot of simple things you can do to improve your miles per gallon. >> the number one thing is to check your tires's air pressure. if a tire is underinflated, it has higher rolling resistance in the tire has to work harder. >> another tip is to drive steady, avoid abrupt starts and stops. >> if you are on the highway, if your car can maintain a consistent speed, that will improve your fuel economy. >> take out unnecessary items in your car making it heavier. >> one of the best way to improve your car's fuel economy is take off any unused roof racks or bike racks attached to a trailer hitch. all of those create aerodynamic drag. 50% of your car's engine power
5:49 am
goes to overcoming aerodynamics. >> when you do fill up, think about the kind of gas you are buying. >> some people think using premium gas will improve your car's overall performance, but unless your car requires it, we would not bother. >> gas stations further off major highways usually have lower gas prices. there are websites that can help you find cheaper gas. reggie:reggie:reggie:reggie:reg: take a look at these prices along the central coast. this area is known to have the highest prices. premium gas is $8.49 a gallon. this gas station is just south of big sir. the area is remote and they basically got you.
5:50 am
gas prices in comparison look better. lisa: the central coast, they are close to $5. what are we crying about? reggie: i pay that much around here. lisa: we are crying tears of joy with the rain. reggie: yes, please. lisa: it has been welcome, so desperately needed. a level 1 system bringing rain through the morning hours. live doppler 7 picking up on some yellows, some heavy downpours near middletown, highway 101, santa rosa. a solid area of rain through nevada. the east may, concord and lafayette looking at some rain, highway 4, dublin, avi cell toward fremont. around mountain view, down through the santa cruz
5:51 am
mountains, it has been heavy this morning. rainfall totals today, anywhere from .15 in redwood city to in richmond. looking at a cooler system today. with that, there are some fog. 1.5 miles visibility. this is what saturday will look like. we talked about saturday being a break. we still have a level 1. afternoon showers on saturday. not enough to mess up your plans. comparatively speaking, if you want to get anything done outside, saturday is a better day than sunday. today, it is a morning event, it ends by 11:00. 65 in oakland, mid 60's in the north bay. level 1 today, level 3 and monday. what an windy with rainfall
5:52 am
amounts in excess of six inches in the north bay, two to three inches in the south bay. reggie: we are going to be talking about adele. her emotional new song has all of us in our feelings. it is breaking records. kumasi: the airline server outage impacting hundreds of flights today. reggie: the
5:53 am
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5:55 am
in and out of the bay area. skywest says they fixed the issue. more than 200 flights set for today were canceled. southwest airlines says the four-day meltdown that prompted 2000 flight cancellations cost the carrier $75 million. the carrier blamed the problem on weather delays and staffing issues. dallas-based southwest says it expects to take a $100 million hit in the fourth quarter. southwest believes the lingering effect of the delta variant search have left people leery about air travel. reggie: if you are looking for a seasonal job, nordstrom and nordstrom rack in san francisco are hosting hiring events. it is looking for people to help your there is a sign-on bonus of up to $650. if you can work overnight, you get paid even more.
5:56 am
if you are interested, you can stop by any nordstrom or nordstrom rack in the city from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. you could also apply online. lisa: we have a soggy start of the day. a level 1 system that will move out by lunchtime or sooner. livermore, 580, it is a soggy start for you. give yourself extra time if you are out toward discovery bay. toward the peninsula and the south bay, it is wet toward saratoga. more wet weather in san francisco. we are looking for the system to move out around the bay area by 9:00. kumasi: coming up at 6:00, all of that rain could cause problems for your morning commute. reggie: plus, the deadly shooting at an oakland gas station involving a retired police captain. kumasi: that is a video from
5:57 am
that investigation. we want to take a live look outside at 5:56. the roads are wet but not as bad as some other areas we saw in ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:58 am
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or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. pixent. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> now at 6:00 another downpour
6:00 am
is soaking the bay area. >> movie the deadly incident involving alec baldwin and a popgun. >> and the health health elizabeth after she spent the night the health of queen elizabeth after she spent the night. -- spent the night in the hospital. >> the system system sys progressively stronger and this one this morning over top of us for the morning commute. you can see the green and yellow indicating the heavier parts. solid rain through hayward and outwards livermore looking at san francisco, pretty wet. we head north where we are looking at showers.
6:01 am
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