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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 22, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," a deadly shooting on the set of a hollywood movie. authorities say alec baldwin discharged a gun accidentally. the new images overnight and what we're learning about the victims. also breaking overnight, the director of the cdc officially weighs in on covid vaccine booster shots. her decision and what it means for millions of americans this weekend. president biden making headlines in a town hall meeting. what he said about the filibuster, is he ready to do away with that controversial seate tradition so he can pass key legislation? gabby petito' fiance brian laundrie confirmed dead, his our expert explainshy answers.
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the shocking news from the sports world. the pro soccer team signing a 4-year-old boy. redefining a hollywood getaway. new details about the longest cruise in the world. from abc news in new york, this is "america this morning." good friday morning, everyone. we begin with a deadly shooting on a hollywood movie set. >> authorities say alec baldwin accidentally shot two people during filming of his new movie in new mexico. one of them has died. >> baldwin who is also a producer on the film, was seen in these photos just moments after the shooting, visibly upset. abc's megan tevrizian has the latest. tragedy on the set of an alec baldwin movie in new mexico. >> we have a person who was shot accidentally. >> reporter: a prop gun misfiring, killing a crew member and injuring the film's director. the sheriff's office says it was baldwin who fired the gun by accident. here at the bonanza creek ranch
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during the filming of the westn movie t." hours before the shooting, baldwin posted on instagram, saying back to in person at the office. blimy, it's exhausting. our new mexico station koat at the scene. >> one person has died on set, according to the santa fe county deputies. they were called to the ranch before 2:00 this afternoon. >> reporter: the 42-year-old victim identified as halyna hutchins seen here on her instagram profile was airlifted to the university of new mexico hospital, where she later died. she was working as a director of photography on the film. in her most recent post on instagram, recorded from the set, hutchins mentioned how excited she was to be on the ranch, saying, one of the perks of shooting a western is you get to ride horses on your day off. the cinematographer's guild releasing a statement overnight, we received the devastating news that one of our members halyna hutchins died from injuries sustained on the set. we support a full investigation into this tragic event.
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this is a terrible loss. the other victim, 48-year-old director joel souza, was hospitalized last night in emergency care. the filming of "rust" started earlier this month at the ranch, which has been a popular hollywood filming location for decades. baldwin who stars in and produces the film, was seen on the set after the shooting distraught and on the phone. investigators are now looking into how this happened, what kind of projectile was discharged, and why the gun was loaded in the first place. andrew, mona. >> megan, thank you. police in nebraska say a man who opened fire at a grain company had recently been fired. police say after losing his job he returned to the grain elevator and shot three people, killing two of them. another employee grabbed a shotgun from an office and fatally shot the gunman. turning to the pandemic, the cdc director made it official last night. booster shots for moderna and johnson & johnson have officially received the green light and so has the mixing and matching of shots.
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abc's faith abubey is here to explain what happens next. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, mona. millions of americans have been waiting for months now for this decision and now those eligible can start heading out as soon as today to get the booster shots. this morning, a new round of americans can start rolling up their sleeves for an extra dose of a covid vaccine. a month after recommending boosters for some who got the pfizer shots, the cdc's director dr. rochelle walensky. >> the boosters are really helpful. while the vaccines are working well and preventing severe infections, we are seeing breakthroughs and we see very clear evidence now that boosters, especially for high risk individuals, make an enormous difference in reducing those infections. >> reporter: according to the cdc, nearly 15 million americans who got the j&j shots, at least two months ago, can now get in line for boosters. those who got the moderna shots however have to wait at least six months after their initial vaccination, be at least 65
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years old, or be at high risk of contracting the virus. in a much anticipated decision, the cdc also says those eligible for the extra doses can mix and match vaccine brands. in one limited study, those who got the johnson & johnson shots saw their antibodies increase four fold with the j&j booster. a 35 fold increase with the pfizer booster. with moderna, the antibodies increased 76 times. >> what we know about mixing and matching is the following. first of all, it is very safe to do. whatever set of vaccines you got first, you can get a different vaccine as a booster and it is going to work fine. >> reporter: as the race to vaccinate more americans continues, president biden at a cnn town hall thursday night saying health officials could make the vaccines available to children 5 to 11 years old within weeks. >> i spent a lot of time with the team on these things. it is likely to be approved. >> reporter: an independent fda panel is expected to weigh in on the shots for kids as soon as tuesday. but the cdc will have to make
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the final decision. their advisory panel is expected to meet in early november. mona? >> faith, thank you. the effort to strike a deal on president biden's massive spending package appears to be getting more contentious. sources say senator bernie sanders pushed to keep the bill's price tag at $3.5 trillion and senator joe manchin fired back saying he would be comfortable doing nothing at all. senator kyrsten sinema remains opposed to paying for the bill with tax increases on the wealthy. president biden acknowledged last night that raising corporate tax rates is now unlikely. the president also said he's open to ending the senate filibuster for voting rights and maybe more, which would allow democrats to pass bills with a simple majority vote. during a town hall last night, biden said senators will have to fundamentally alter the filibuster at some point. the justice department must decide whether to prosecute former president trump's long time ally steve bannon. nine house republicans joined democrats yesterday to hold bannon in contempt of congress. bannon is defying a subpoena from the committee investigating
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january's attack on the capitol. >> the select committee dpis stevennon's politics, soir p tos a moment when pits must stop if we want to defend and protect our institutions. a violent assault on the capitol to stop a constitutional process of counting electoral votes is that moment. >> if prosecutors do bring a case against bannon, the legal fight could take years to play out. the state department says a video of the haitian gang leader behind the kidnapping of american missionaries appears to be legitimate. in the video, the gang leader threatens to kill the hostages if his demands are not met. he wants $17 million for the 17 captives. meanwhile, unrest is growing by the day in haiti, with protesters setting fires, angry over the dire economic situation. still, the ohio organization that the missionaries worked for are holding out hope. >> these families are from amish
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and mennonite and other conservative anti-baptist communities in wisconsin, ohio, michigan, tennessee, pennsylvania, oregon, and ontario, canada. >> the missionaries are believed to be held near the capital port-au-prince. buckingham palace confirms queen elizabeth spent a night in the hospital this week. a spokesperson says it was for a preliminary investigation. doctors had urged the 95-year-old to rest after hosting an event attended by john kerry and bill gates. sources say she's in good spirits. a memorial service for colin powell will be held november 5th at washington national cathedral. the event will be invitation only. the former secretary of state died monday from covid complications and was battling multiple myeloma. another problem at airports across the country. a computer glitch forced sky west airlines which operates planes for united, delta and
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american to cancel more than 600 flights. the airline says its systems have been restored, but morean2 ready becanceled. yr freather. more storms are moving into northern california and the pacific northwest. flash flood watches are posted in areas that recently burned in wildfires. up to 10 inches of rain could fall in the next few days. checking today's high temperatures, 50s in the northwest and around the great lakes. above normal readings in the northeast and rockies. and looking ahead, forecasters say most of the country will see above normal temperatures this winter. higher than normal rain and snowfall totals are also expected in the northern states. coming up, another big company raises prices on everything from soup to soap. but first, officials confirm the body found in a florida swamp is brian laundrie, the
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fiance of gabby petito. what we're learning about the remains and the questions being raised. a new kind of travelen. the world's longest cr
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i hit him and the gun before the keys hit the ground. that's how fast i moved. and i'm a little chubby guy, so i mean, i don't move that fast anymore. >> that's marine veteran james kilser who used his bare hands to disarm a teenager trying to rob a convenience store in arizona. he said his most powerful weapon was his wedding ring which hit the 14-year-old right in the nose. now to the discovery of the body of brian laundrie, the only person of interest in the murder of gabby petito. experts are weighing in on the new clues in this case, and the many lingering questions. this morning, new questions in the brian laundrie and gabby
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ptito case after investigators used dental records to confirm remains found in florida were those of laundrie. >> i'm going to guess that once the medical examiner had x-rays of the skull and the dental records, within a matter of just a few minutes, he or she would be able to say that's brian laundrie. >> reporter: the month long search ended wednesday when laundrie's parents led authorities to his remains. chris and roberta laundrie joined the search at a nature preserve near their home in an area they thought brian may have went, but was previously underwater. according to their attorney, chris laundrie found a bag belonging to brian off one trail. law enforcement then located brian's backpack, then his remains. police say they're 100% confident the family did not bring any items with them. and laundrie family attorney calls the suggestion they planted items hog wash. >> i'm upset. i'm angry. and i don't feel that chris and roberta have been given a fair shake here.
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there have been so many accusations, so many nformed people. >> reporter: how brian died remains unknown. investigators would not comment when asked whether a weapon was found at the scene. >> if he left the house without a wallet and without a cell phone, it is a big indicator of suicide. >> reporter: meanwhile, petito's family reacting to the news only saying they are grieving the loss of their beautiful daughter. in a recent interview, petito's parents said they wanted brian to be caught alive. >> i want to look him in the eyes. >> i want to see him in a jail cell for the rest of his life, where he's an outdoorsman, being in that concrete cell, he can't go see the trees and hug those -- and smell the fresh air like that. >> police found brian's notebook. they say it might still be salvageable. another major company is raising prices. unilever which makes everything from dove soap to instant soup is raising prices by 4% and prices could go higher next year
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as inflation raises costs. the supply chain prices causes more disruptions. meanwhile, president biden last night said he's absolutely considering using the national guard to transport goods because of the trucker shortage. the industry needs 80,000 more drivers, but overnight, the white house clarified the issue saying using national guard troops to drive trucks would be up to the governors. coming up, the record-breaking sale of a dinosaur. also ahead, a college student dies during a hot dog eating contest.
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back now with the world's largest da est dinosaur fossil told for over $7 million. it roamed the earth 66 million years ago and bought by an american collector. a former plastic surgeon convicted in the 1985 murder of his wife has confessed to her killing and throwing her body out of plane. he's an experienced pilot and said she strangled her, then went flying, opened the door and tossed her in the ocean. he killed her in a fit of rage because he was immature. watch the full story tonight on "20/20." the university of southern california, a fraternity has been suspended because of alleged sexual assaults. lapd reports there are at
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least four alleged a college student near boston has died after choking during an eating competition. this morning, the dangers of amateur eating contests once again in the spotlight after the tragic death of a college student in massachusetts. authorities say mattie at tufts university choked during a hot dog eating contest. the event taking place at a fund-raiser off campus. this video showing her fun loving side, dancing with her teammates. the lacrosse team writing that she valued love, loyalty, compassion and friendship. it's the latest tragedy to strike during an eating contest. in california, a man is suing a minor league baseball team after his father died during a taco eating contest. >> he ate about half the sheet of tacos, and then he stopped because you could tell there was too much food in him. >> reporter: last year, sacred heart university in connecticut settled a lawsuit over the death
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of caitlin nelson, who shocked during a mpancake eating contes. >> they did the best to establish an airway, but the pancake was impacted in they are throat. >> reporter: nelson's f easl's withdrew the lawsuit. lawsuits like this can be difficult to win, because participants in eating contests are usually made aware of the risks. >> when you go into some kind of an eating contest, you've got to know there's an assumption of risk. if you are willing to assume that risk, that absolves the people putting on the contest of any liability. >> back at tufts university, the school president called the student's death a painful loss. chris taylor of the dodgers kept the team's playoff hopes alive. he hit three home runs last night, as the dodgers won 11-2. game six is tomorrow. thursday night football, the
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with downy infusions, let the scent set the mood. feel the difference with downy. time to check the pulse. >> royal caribbean is offering bookings for the ultimate world cruise. sit a 274 night journey that covers 65 countries. the price tag, nearly $61,000. >> the adventure sets sail in december of 2023. next, a soccer prodigy signed up by the pros at the tender age of 4. >> the arsenal soccer club has
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signed him up, who is already playing with kids twice his age. one says he's doing things you shouldn't be doing at that age. the deal is just for training. next, the ratiest places in america. >> this list might surprise you. orkin is out with a new list of most rat infested cities. chicago is number one. los angeles is second. and new york is third. the company says rats rats ratss scavenging new areas because of the pandemic. america's top phobias. a company looked at what we fear the most based on google searches. >> the fear of failure, germs and virus. >> a lot of people can relate to people in wyoming. their top fear is clowns. and in montana, the fear of humans is the top phobia.
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the bay area right now. here is a live look at some of our tower cameras. when we will see a break in the wet weather and when a stronger system moves in. >> give yourself some extra time to commute. amy is on the road showing you what you can expect. >> a retired police captain in the hospital this morning. a shoot out at a gas station. >> more covid-19 protection available. we are hearing from the head of the cdc this morning on that pivotal decision and how soon you can see the rolled at your pharmacy. >> it is friday, october 22. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> we want to start with lisa. lisa: it is slick out there. give yourself some extra time. the roadways are very wet.


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