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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 22, 2021 12:37am-1:06am PDT

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♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, breaking news. actor alec baldwin accidentally shooting two people with a prop gun on a movie set. one person is dead. plus race-norming. ending the controversial practice of factoring race and concussion claims. >> as it stands today, my husband hassen't receives his justice. >> reporter: some say the discrimination went on too long. >> i felt like i got the short owned of the stick, along with my other brothers in battle. and behind the scenes of
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details just coming in about a deadly accideincident on the se alec baldwin's movie. baultd within discharged a firearm. >> reporter: tonight the deadly real-life horror unfolding on a movie set in new mexico. authorities tonight confirming that actor alec baldwin accidentally discharged a prop gun, shooting two people on the set of the upcoming western movie "rust." the 42-year-old director of photography eventually dying, while director is still undergoing treatment for his injuries. baldwin, also one of the film's producers, is best known for a starting role in "30 rock." and a recent turn playing donald trump on saturday night lively. this shows him on the set of the movie.
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and images taken after the shooting, baldwin is visibly distraught. no charges have been filed but the investigation remains active. >> there will be much more on "gma" in the morning. to the major news in the nfl. reaching an agreement to end the practice of what was called race-norming. some former black players say denied them compensation for their injuries. >> it's been a long time coming. and i'm really just eager for justes to come to fruition. >> reporter: a stunning new development in a deal that was supposed to play former players suffer flumg lingering effects but lnardis a h wif i en denyir
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black players, using a medical practice used as race-norming. one that makes it harder for black players to receive payouts. >> are you really advocating for these players that are driving the dollars for the nfl? no. and the nfl really, really needs to give these families justice. >> reporter: now, months after an abc news investigation of the program, nfl and former players have not only reached an agreement to eliminate race-norming and they will re-evaluate cases, like lewis's. >> i felts like i've got the short end of the stick along with my other brothers in battle. >> there's no doubt in my mind that if he didn't have this skin, he would have received his award, his claim.
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i'm happy to see they're willing to make arrangements to make this right as it stands >> reporter: "nightline." first spoke with the leonards in june. two doctors found lewis, at age 33, had moderate dementia. approving him for a close to $2 million payout. >> i understand it's a business but it hurts. it do. it hurts. >> reporter: in many ways, the bat tool remove race-norming from the settlement program began with these two players, henry and davenport, claiming the nfl race-normed to deny their claims. n abc news spoke with them this year. in their first online camera interview.
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>> it's systematic racism with this race-norming stuff. >> reporter: when he retired from the league at 33, he says he battled what he suspected were effects of the concussions he sustained on the field. >> i get a lot of headaches. every morning i have a headache. after football, life after football is not fun. >> who wants to live like that? it's horrible. it's sad to see. it breaks my heart, it really does. >> reporter: henry and his wife turned to the nfl concussion settlement program. and as part of the process, henry saw a doctor who determined he was suffering from a cognitive denied. saying his doctor, quote, used
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inappropriate norms. >> every time the ball snapped, it's a car crash, for me. and there's no white, black thing in that. they don't hit me less because i'm black. or harder because i'm black. for it's the same thing. >> reporter: nagi davenport says his claim was also unfairly rejected. when he retired at 29 years old, he dealt with anger issues and memory loss. >> i was never a quick fighter. i was a happy go lucky guy. i was getting in trouble or fights or confrontations. >> reporter: when davenport learned there moiight be money available for treatment, he sought the treatment of charles golden. dr. golden says he did not uses race-based norms in davenport's evaluation. did you find he suffered cognitive impairment?
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>> absolutely. first of all, using the nonrace norms, he even met the nfl qualifications for being impaired. looking at the pattern of his test results were very consistent with someone who's head multiple head traumas or cte or other brain disorder. >> reporter: the settlement administrator approved dr. golden's conclusions but the league appealed. the nfl has maintained that it did not require doctors like you to use the norms, the race-norming process on players, that they left the decision to you. is that true? >> in his case too, be specific, they wrote me and said you need to rescore it using the black norms. i said, in a not very nice note, that basically was that would be racist to do the way they wanted to and if they wanted to go to
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court, i would be more than glad to testify for him. >> reporter: in response to questions from abc news, the nfl said it does not play a role in independent clinition examinations and does not require them to adjust for race and any corrections are left up to the sound discretion of the clinicians. attorney smith represents smith and daven poort. >> the nfl has consistently attacked those clinicians. >> reporter: emails obtained exclusively by abc news earlier this year show several neuroscientists who say they felt pressured to apply race norms and when they didn't use them, the nfl would appeal, resulting in players' claims being denied. with one clinition saying if they didn't, there would be
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multiple inquiries levied at them. and they are required reliance to use norms that, bottom line, do discriminate. >> to play in the nfl takes strong cognitive skills. you have to memorize a play book, make instantaneous decisions. so, when they come in here, you can see the changes in them and it's disturbing. i'm almost twice some of their ages and i was more physically fit and cognitively fit. >> the league defended the system, stating cognitive tests without adjustment, were misdiagnosing black test-takers at three times the rate of white test takers. the attorney who negotiated the terms on behalf of the former players was a champion of the agreement at first. kwl you're not going to hear me claim it's pufferic.
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it's the result of a litigation and nothing out of a litigation is perfect but it'sger. >> reporter: but after coming under increasing fire from former players and families mad about race-norming he sat down with my colleague in june. >> i'm sorry any client of mine has been made to feel this way. it was a big mistake, a failure of the system. >> reporter: he made a shocking admission and vow. >> i was wrong. if i can't do it by agreement, i'm going to do it by court and in addition to that, i need to conduct an investigation, which i'm in the process of doing. and if that means me having to score every single claim again, especially where race norming was applied, i will fight to have that done. >> reporter: that day the nfl pledged to e and now the leonards are hop
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they have a would you call this justice, what's happened? >> i don't think i would necessaril to me, it's kind of a like someone steals your purse and they give it back and they're like we gave it back. >> i think if the light wasn't shined on this situation, we don't know how many other people and families would be effected. i'm thankful things are getting handled the right way and nobody else has to suffer. our thanks to terry. up next, grab the popcorn. we sit down with the big names for from the new sci-fi thriller, "dune." woman: i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer ♪ ♪ yeah i feel free ♪ ♪ to bare my skin, yeah that's all me. ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin that's my new plan. ♪ ♪ nothing is everything. ♪
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the much the much anticipated new movie version of the new sci-fi classic, "dune" has a cast loaded with young faces. stars sure seem to have a lot of fun. >> i guess i'm not in the mood today. >> move. what's mood got to do with it? you fight when the necessity arises, no matter the move. now fight. >> reporter: "dune" the much-awaited sci-fi epic is finally hitting theaters, brought to life with a star-studded cast. and they're as excited to see it as the fans, maybe more so. >> i've seen it four times. >> really? >> yeah.
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>> reporter: is that a record? >> 3,000. >> it keeps getting better. >> i got to enjoy the movie like any fan would. i got to see it for the first time. truly, it was a special screening. >> reporter: "aquaman"'s jason momoa and "spiderman's" zendaya round out the all-star cast. but the hero, paul atreidis. based on the best-selling cult favorite novel of the same name, "dune" is a coming of age story. >> what drew me to the project was the oportunity to work with him. i want to play the sand in this movie had they offered it to me. and at the center of it, the fear, the desire to overcome it,
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fight for what's right. and it's an honor to bring the story to life to people not around in the 60s when herbert wrote it. >> how destroying natural resources can lead to humanity's destruction. >> they've ravished our lands in front of our eyes. >> i think he was trying to do a portrait of the 20th century and it became a perfect vision of what will happen today. >> there should be no judgment to enjoy it but there are conversations to be had and this generate as conversation. whether or not you want to talk about political issues or recycling or feminism or equality, it's topical. if you're open for it. >> reporter: it's influenced sci-fi and the big and small screen for more than half a century. inspiring series like "mad max",
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"game of thrones." and "star wars." for decades, many have tried and failed to capture the essence of "dune" on the silver screen. but the fandom, which includes the director, who read the book when he was just 13 years old, has long been left unsatisfied. >> i was waiting for an adaptation for years. david lynch made an adaptation. >> i'm sorry, gurney. >> not sorry enough. >> that made me act satisfied in a way because there were strong things in it and also things that deviated from the book a bit too much. i was waiting and waiting for someone to make an adaptation and that's why we're here.
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>> reporter: the film follow's character, paul, as he's forced to survive on a harsh desert planet, all while struggling with prophetic visions of the future. >> what did you see? >> paul. >> reporter: that endless desert is home to the girl of paul's dreams, literally. >> i don't believe you're -- i want you to die with honor. >> reporter: what was that like knowing you had to show up and convey so much just with your presence? >> what was special to me about the visions is it leaves the audience trying to figure out what is the significance of this character because we don't actually know her at all. >> reporter: the cast says they're proud to be a part of the sci-fi legacy. as well as finding a chosen
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family. in the process. >> i have to say what i've loved so far is watching the five of you together. for it's been the most entertaining interview i think i've ever been a part of. >> you're welcome. for it's just an act. >> we hate each other's guts. >> reporter: i'm sure working on something like "dune" this iconic film. what's something that surprised you about working on the film? >> so much acting for me, when you go on a new project, is something revealing its origin to you and you have to find your way to it, not that it's the same but you find your rhythm, your family and this is a tight knit family now. >> so easy with timothy. i think of him as a younger brother, on and offset, super comfortable and extremely intelligent and funny. we laugh. >> and i want to say, in the
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and that's "nightline" for and that's "nightline" this evening. catch full episodes on hulu. see you back tomorrow.


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