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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 21, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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hated that family. that is what i loved about her. tes for our viewers in the west, the latest in the search for brian laundrie on this thursday morning. shocking discovery. a possible breakthrough in the massive manhunt for gabby petito's boyfriend. >> investigators found what appears to be human remains along with personal items such as a backpack and notebook belonging to brian laundrie. >> brian laundrie's parents leading investigators to an area that was previously under water. also this morning the fda backing mixing and matching vaccines and green lighting booster shots for moderna and johnson & johnson. this morning could the fda lower the age of eligibility for the booster? close to deal? democrats narrowing in on a compromise for president biden's
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social investment plan. and the spies next door. the couple pleads not guilty to espiona espionage. was the schoolteacher serving as her husband's look out? lucky to be alive. the escape artist badly injured in this stunt gone wrong, during rehearsal for "america's got talent," captured in this video from tmz speaking out from his hospital bed this morning. big breakthrough. the nfl and former players reaching a deal to end the use of race norming. the practice that critics say cost some black players millions. bracing for takeoff. united airlines ceo warning of higher ticket prices, how you can still find a deal. when should you book your holiday tickets? one-on-one with dr. jill biden. this morning, the first lady's mission to encourage women not to wait when it comes to getting a potentially life-saving screening for breast cancer. >> there's nothing more
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important than your health. nothing. >> dr. biden speaking about her personal connection to the important message and her dedication to education. >> we are not giving up. ♪ catching my breath ♪ and baby blitz. this nfl star coming in clutch, for the most important catch of his life. what happened when the jacksonville jaguar's wife went into labor several weeks early. how the defensive lineman delivered his baby girl. ♪ no one can hold me back ♪ well done, michael. >> good morning, america. i have to say that because as defensive linemen we're not used to catching anything. i'm glad he was able to actually catch his baby girl. >> so close. >> so close. good morning, america. happy thursday, everybody. robin, i'm excited, you have a big interview with the first lady. >> dr. jill biden, yes,
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something that's very close to her heart and that's breast cancer awareness. there are so many that have put off their screenings during the pandemic. so we're going to talk about that later. her husband president biden down to the wire to get that social spending bill deal done. we'll have the latest from washington in just a few moments. >> they're trying to come to a compromise. but we begin with a breakthrough in the gabby petito case. federal agents found human remains along with a backpack and notebook belonging to brian laundrie in a florida nature reserve. trevor ault there with latest. >> reporter: for the past month, brian laundrie has been one of the most wanted men in america. perhaps the only person who knows what happened to gabby petito. this morning, we're now waiting to learn if the search is ending where it began, at this florida nature reserve. this morning, a key discovery in the search for gabby petito's former boyfriend brian laundrie as authorities say they uncovered what may be human remains in myakkahatchee
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creek envnt park. >> investigators found what are to brian laundrie. >> reporter: the items found near a laundrie frequented. his parents' attorney speaking to abc news. >> the reserve was opened yesterday to the public. ty wan go to the reserve to look around and i notified the north port police who notified the fbi and met them there. >> reporter: as the medical examiner works to confirm whether or not those remains belong to laundrie there's a high probability it's him. the fbi now bringing in cadaver dogs saying it will take days to process the scene. the alligator infested swamps have served as the focal point in the month-long search as
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nlaundrie'slaundrie'slaundrie'ss was a place he frequented. his father chris laundrie joined the search for his son two weeks ago, reportedly pointing out possible trails and paths, nothing was found. yesterday, investigators say the remains along his backpack and notebook were uncovered. >> i can't say chris pointed this area to police. i can say this is an area that we initially notified the fbi that brian liked to hike in. >> i think our plan for today is to just hang out. >> reporter: brian laundrie's still the only person of interest in gabby petito's disappearance. he returned home from their cross-country road trip september 1st without gabby, both he and his parents refusing to speak with authorities about her whereabouts. gabby's body was found september 19th near grand teton national park in wyoming. the coroner saying she had been murdered and left there for
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weeks. >> the cause of death, by strangulation and manner is homicide. >> reporter: earlier this week her parents telling "60 minutes" australia they never felt their daughter was in danger because she was with brian. >> i thought he would protect her. i just want him in a cell. >> reporter: for context it took two days to confirm gabby had been found and in that instance the body matched her description. down here in florida this could be a lengthy and more meticulous process. they have to confirm that these remains are even human. george? let's bring in dan abrams and mary-ellen o'toole. dan, no confirmation yet. there are a lot of indications this is brian laundrie. >> right, you have to believe whatever remains these are almost certainly connected to this case. they're found right next to the notebook and the backpack. the fbi tends to be very careful
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in what they say in a high profile case like this. for them to say apparent human remains, means they're convinced they're human remains. if they are human remains found right there, couple miles away from where his car was, right in the area his parents said he might have been, his backpack and notebook there, without going down rabbit holes, you have to believe these are the remains of brian laundrie. >> mary-ellen how long will it take to i.d. those remains? what other information can they get from the remains? >> it's going to depend in what shape the remains are in. this could take a number of days. first of all they want to determine if that's in fact brian. they want to determine the manner of death, which means is it homicide, suicide, accidental, natural, undetermined. those are the two prominent pieces of information they'll
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want to obtain. >> dan, let's talk about the parents. for more than a month, for more than a month, authorities are searching coming up empty. they decide to go search and within 30 minutes the discovery is made. >> it's bizarre the time line here. it's to tough to reconcile because of that. the body is found -- what appear to be remains are found in the exact area that the parents had said that brian laundrie could be. there had been previously a cadaver dog out basically in this area. cadaver dogs can detect human remains under water. one of the arguments here is this was covered with water. that very well may be the answer. maybe they didn't search in this area. but, it's so coincidental that the parents say we decided to go
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out there because the park was open to the public. they go out that morning. they say the police meet them. if you listen to what their lawyer is saying not the parents were there with police. the parent went there. there's no doubt there are still a ton of questions about how this happened, when this happened and why this happened now. >> mary-ellen, that backpack and notebook could provide some of the answers. >> it could. it really is going to depend, though. the first thing they're going to do is determine if that evidence has been out there for basically the same length of time as the remains. theoretically that should be the case. depending on what's in that notebook, that has to be considered. if brian put information in that notebook, it has to be considered self-reported information which means it could
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be very self-serving if he talks about gabby and what happ they'll carefully and determine the forensic value of it. >> mary-ellen, thank you very much for your insight. dan, thank you as well. we'll turn now to the latest on the fight against the coronavirus. the fda authorized the first round of boosters for moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines for some people and gave the green light to mixing and matching the boosters. whit johnson is breaking it down for us. whit, let's break it down first of all by brand. who did the fda say is eligible for moderna or j&j >> robin, this is confusing. let's lay it out for you. for people who originally received the moderna vaccine eligibility is the same as the pfizer vaccine, including 65 years and older, 18 and older at high risk due to underlying health conditions. or where they live or work. unlike the pfizer booster the moderna booster is only a
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half-dose of the original size. for those who got the johnson & johnson vaccine, booster eligibility is much broader. anyone 18 and up, two months after their first shot. robin? >> the fda also authorized mixing and matching. exactly what does that mean? >> robin, this means if you're eligible for a booster shot regardless of which vaccine shot you originally received, you'll be able to choose which booster you want between any of the three vaccine brands available. this gives people flexibility here. most of this conversation revolves around the johnson & johnson vaccine. there were early studies that suggest if you first got a johnson & johnson shot, but then got a boost from pfizer or moderna you could have an even stronger initial antibody response. no evidence yet that mixing leads to greater long-term protection. >> what happens next, whit? when can people get the shot? >> unless you got pfizer, which is already authorized, not quite yet. the cdc director will give the
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final sign-off. millions more americans will be able to get the booster shots by this weekend. one more thing. the fda is thinking of lowering the age of eligibility for those 40 and older. that likely won't be addressed until next month. robin? >> whit, thank you. george? we'll go to washington now where democrats are closing in on a compromise for president biden's social spending package. the package is getting parred down. rachel scott is on capitol hill with the latest. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: george, good morning. it's getting down to the wire for the president and now he's very clear about what he wants in his economic package and how quickly he wants his party to get it done. after a marathon round of meetings with progressives and moderates at the white house, the president hitting the road. he's traveling to pennsylvania to sell his agenda directly to the american people. sources tell me the president
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told democrats he wants them to reach a deal by the end of next week before he heads off on that foreign trip and sacrifices would have to be made to get it across the finish line, including dropping tuition free community college. the size of this package the president says will come down from $3.5 trillion to roughly 2 trillion dollar. one democrat telling me that this is most forceful the president has been yet about advancing his economic agenda, but there's still more work to do, george, including an agreement on how to pay for it. >> meantime the democrats plan to expand voting rights stalled. >> reporter: exactly, this is a setback for democrats, republicans blocking a vote on voting rights legislation just yesterday. i spoke to the vice president just moments after that vote failed. she told me they're undeterred by this. democrats plan to bring up a separate bill early next week. they don't have the republican support to get it passed. george? >> rachel scott, thank you very
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much. robin, coming up you have an interview with the first lady. >> that is coming up. we're going to talk about jill biden's life in the white house and promoting a very important item on her agenda, breast cancer screening. we'll turn now to the couple pleading not guilty to espionage charges after being accused of selling nuclear secrets. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is tracking the latest details. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: robin, good morning. at a hearing yesterday the government released a series of photographs and videos that prosecutors say showed jonathan and diana toebbe at secret drop off locations in west virginia and pennsylvania. diana serving as her husband's lookout allegedly. the fbi claiming they were trying to sell classified information to a foreign country about nuclear submarines. authorities believe they were ready to flee the country, they had $11,300 wrapped in $100
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bills a go back, latex gloves and their children's passports. authorities suggesting they were in it for the money at one point writing a series of messages to each other. it's not morally defensible either. we convinced ourselves it's fine, but it really isn't. diana allegedly responded i have no problem with it at all. i have no loyalty to ex tractionists. robin? >> thank you for sharing those details, pierre. michael? we turn now to new details on that fiery plane crash in texas, that miracle that all 21 people onboard managed to get out alive. zohreen shah is in houston with more on the investigation and how it was possible everyone could survive with no serious injuries. good morning, zohreen. >> reporter: good morning, michael. the ntsb said they're still looking to how that fire started when people were still on that plane. it's game-changer if it did. on average you can survive about 60 seconds without oxygen, 90
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seconds to get off of a burning plane. everyone survived this crash and this morning we're learning more about how they did. this morning, we're learning more about the survivors from this texas crash that ended with a plane skidding down a runway and bursting into flames, after the pilot aborted takeoff. 78-year-old ken melber's family said other passengers had to jump in and help him on evacuation slides on the plane originally headed to mlb playoffs on tuesday. he was one of two hospitalized for minor injuries. the private jet carrying 21 passengers and crew, owned by houston home biden jay allen kent who along with his wife and a 10-year-old were on the plane. a puff of smoke was seen shooting out of an engine during the take off attempt, but experts say it's unclear if it was related to the accident. pilot harry johnson filmed that
7:17 am
video. >> you didn't think they were going to make it? >> no, i didn't. as pilots we go through that, but to see that -- they survived. thank goodness for the pilots. >> reporter: they did make it. ken's family telling us that the 78-year-old is still in good spirits. he's laughing, joking even from the hospital. in fact this astros fans is still asking about the score of the game. guys? >> it just so happens we're going to turn to the road to the world series. the houston astros one win away from a spot in the world series. 9-1 was the score last night. whole lot of scoring. whole lot of focus by the houston pitcher saying he did meditation in the dugout to clear his mind. >> whatever it takes. >> it worked.
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namaste. lot more coming up here on "gma," including the stuntman who survived this accident right here. he's now speaking out about those terrifying moments. nfl reaching an agreement with former players over race norming the controversial practice. but first, good morning ginger. >> good morning. >> i love how you repurpose what you're wearing. >> thank you. it does take some work. i want to take you to california, because we're getting some of that rain denting the drought, rain and sno. gusts to 63 miles per hour. some trees down there in san raphael. it comes with wind again, more especially by the weekend, big-time storm for sunday. your local weather in 30 seconds. first, though, your chilly cities sponsored by target.
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and boots starting at $24.99... even better? you can also earn kohl's cash! kohl's. first home opener against the clippers, in their first regular-season game with no capacity limits in 590 days. they opened on tuesday night with an impressive win over the lakers. tonight's game will have arena doors opening at 5:30. proof of vaccination is required for fats 12 and up. kids two through 11 will be required to show proof of a negative covid-19 test. >> good morning. we have a live look at the bridge.
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the rain is coming down. check it out. we have watched a number of crashes happen this morning, from spinouts to rollovers, speeds are under the limit across the major bridges. those stretches here, a live look at the toprol -- toll plaza. you are going to be in for a slow ride. >> you will see more rate as the next few days progresses.
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♪♪ i got you ♪ ♪ moonlight ♪ back here on "gma," this incredible view. you're looking live at what new york looks like from 1,000 feet up in the air. ginger is about to be on her way to give us a sneak peek at the new summit one vanderbilt right here in manhattan. that's coming up. >> on a perfect indian summer day. >> beautiful. following a lot of headlines this morning, including the possible breakthrough in the man hunt for gabby petito's boyfriend. investigators say they found what appear to be human remains
7:31 am
in an area laundrie's parents led them to. the fda has green lighted boosters shots from moderna and johnson & johnson. also the cdc is warning people to throw unlabeled onions in your house. they've been linked to a salmonella outbreak. and former president clinton posted a video to twitter giving an update on his health. the 75-year-old clinton went to a hospital in california last week for treatment for an infection. here's what he had to say. >> take the time to listen to your body and care for yourselves. we all have work each of us has an important role to play in life and in the immediate future. >> some great advice. take care of yourself. listen to your body. >> it's true. lot more ahead including robin's interview with dr. jill biden on the importance of breast cancer screening. george? we'll turn now to the stuntman from "america's got talent: extreme."
7:32 am
he was injured in a horrible accident caught on camera. he's opening up about what happened and his road to recovery. will reeve has the story. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, george. "america's got talent: extreme" is designed to showcase daredevils doing jaw-dropping stunts. in this case, the stunt and the stuntman were doing death-defying things. it nearly went fatally wrong. this morning, veteran stunt performer jonathan goodwin seen here bruised and bandaged is speaking out from his hospital bed posting on instagram that he's been to the very brink and dodged the worse that a human being can. the 41-year-old lucky to be alive after a terrifying stunt went wrong during rehearsal for "america's got talent:
7:33 am
appearing to bounce off the hood of a car before falling to the ground in this video from tmz. >> he fell about 40 feet. >> reporter: the escape artist was meant to break free from his restraints, but something went horribly wrong on the show's atlanta set. according to the sheriff's office, the pyro used in the stunt went off causing minor burns to goodwin. he fell about 40 feet breaking both legs. one was a compound fracture. he was life-flighted to brady hospital in atlanta. goodwin now saying he's facing a long road to recovery and is counting his blessings saying the outpouring of love from all the corners of the world, from people i didn't even know or remember me has been astonishing. the reality competition show revealing in a statement to abc news that in order to focus on the well-being of our crew we'll be temporarily pausing production. the health and safety of our cast and crew continue to be our priority. goodwin continued in his
7:34 am
post from the hospital thanking everyone for their support, saying he was protected by love. he went on to say, quote, to death i say >> what did he say there? >> reporter: he said na na na na boo boo. it's there. check the post. >> think about it the man was set on fire. unbelievable. >> the crash. then falls 40 feet on his head. amazing. thank you, will. now to the deal to end the use of race norming in nfl's concussion settlement package. janai norman joins us now with more. good morning, janai. >> good morning, robin. there could be millions more in additional payments.
7:35 am
many calling this a huge win for the players and their families. the lawyer representing all former players in the settlement saying the agreement will ensure that the nfl concussion settlement works fairly and equitably. this morning the nfl reaching a deal with its former players eliminating the use of the controversial practice of race norming. it's a tool used t evaluate cognitive damage that critics say disadvantaged black former players seeking compensation for head injuries received on the field. >> this battle for us is very personal, because this is our -- this is our family, you know, these are our families on the line. these are our husbands. these are our fathers. >> reporter: the original settlement program's recommended formula assumed black players began their careers at a lower cognitive level than white players. they had to prove more a significant cognitive decline than white players in order to receive a payout. after months of confidential negotiations ordered by a federal judge, new terms were filed to the court under seal on
7:36 am
wednesday. abc news obtained the 46-page document and learned that the nfl and other parties agree that no race norms or race demographic estimates, whether black or white, shall be used in the settlement program going forward. sources familiar with the agreement telling abc news that the new deal could result in hundreds of millions of dollars in additional compensation for former players and their families. one of those players henry. >> football doesn't give you an expiration date. you just expire. i have had 10 concussions, at least 17 surgeries. 17. i'm still getting them. >> reporter: the former pittsburgh steeler defensive lineman submitted a claim after he was diagnosed with mild dementia. the settlement negotiator negott
7:37 am
his claims. >> i just want to be looked at the same way as a white guy. >> reporter: the nfl initially defended the program, but earlier this year the league changed course after an abc news investigation uncovered emails between clinicians who evaluated former players saying they felt pressured to apply race-based adjustments and believe those adjustments discriminated against black players. overnight, the nfl issuing a statement reading, we look forward to the court's prompt approval of the agreement which provides for a race-neutral evaluation process that will ensure diagnostic accuracy and fairness in the concussion settlement. that agreement will still need to be reviewed by a judge before it's expected to undergo approval. it will provide former black players retesting and rescoring of claims. that will happen automatically. that's for any claims for which race-based norms were applied.
7:38 am
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(music plays throughout) oh! we're dancing. woah! oh. ok! and that's a yeah. (music stops) i'm a dancer now. back now with air fares on the rise ahead of the holidays, the united ceo warning passengers to brace themselves
7:42 am
to pay more, but there are still deals out there. our transportation correspondent gio benitez is out there at newark airport with what you need to know. good morning, gio. >> reporter: michael, good morning. travel is soaring. so is the cost of fuel. so here's the big headline, if you're looking for any of these airfare deals, you have one week left. this morning, the skyrocketing cost of fuel isn't just affecting cars on the road but passengers in the air. united ceo scott kirby saying brace yourself to pay for. >> higher fuel prices lead to higher ticket prices. >> reporter: united is already seeing a surge in demand for the holidays. hiring a thousand more pilots so far this year to help get more flights in the air but that higher demand also means higher prices and experts say they're coming fast. industry analysts say come halloween just ten days away, many of the deals are gone. >> when should people be buying their tickets? >> if you're looking to fly for
7:43 am
thanksgiving, you should be looking to book now. the window is closing on you. r some deals still out there. airlines getting rid of cancellation and change fees booking now no matter what may be a good idea. >> you're saying get the tickets anyway because you can change them later? >> right now, airline policies are in your favor. if you're not 100% traveling over the holidays lock in that fare now. no harm, no foul. >> reporter: it turns out if you find the same flight at a cheaper price later you can make the change, too. >> if prices go down because change fees are waived, you can likely to the voucher and have something left over. >> reporter: we've seen a lot of cancellations and delays during
7:44 am
the pandemic. here's another tip, when you're booking the flight book the earliest flight possible. that way if there's any issues with that flight, you have more options later in the day. guys? >> good tips there as always. thank you, gio. coming up next we have the catch of a lifetime. it's our "play of the day." when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go?
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back now with our "play of the day" and the intense off the field moment for jacksonville jaguars defensive lineman dawuane smoot. erielle reshef is here with the story of what happened when his wife went into labor several weeks early at 3:00 in the morning. >> this was the catch of the lifetime. for the past nine months he said he and his wife and his family dreamt of the birth of their daughter. they were on their way out the door to the hospital when suddenly his wife collapsed at home. he says nothing could have prepared them for what happened next. dawuane smoot is known for his hustle on the >> dawuane smoot, got in there in a hurry. >> reporter: quick-thinking off the field has his fans talking this morning. >> just jumped there and wanted
7:49 am
to make sure everything was okay. >> reporter: the defensive lineman jumping into action after his wife went into labor several weeks early in their florida home. >> this contraction hit so hard, so i'm falling to the ground and my body is telling me to push. i could feel it. so i start to push. >> reporter: dawuane calling it the scariest moment of his life. >> then he grabs her head and i push again and she's out. >> took a big, big breath and she started crying. we're like, we're good. >> reporter: number 91 then calling 911. >> the baby is out already? >> the baby's out. >> okay, i hear her crying. that's a good thing. so what you want to do is you just want to gently wipe off the baby's mouth and nose. >> reporter: his shoes transforming into a critical accessory. >> the paramedic telling me to grab a shoe string. i'm like what for? they were like you have to clamp the um bill call cord.
7:50 am
i have never ripped out shoe strings faster. >> nobody will ever see shoe strings the same again. they're happy and healthy. dawuane giving full credit to his wife. which he should by the way. a testament to her strength. she's a real mvp. >> he was so calm on that 911 call. he's a football player, now i consider him to be a doctor. >> there you go. >> erielle, thank you for bringing that. coming up, we're celebrating ten years of "deals & steals" with a double dose of big bargains. come on back. "gma" concert series sponsored by the love your car guarantee from carmax. some people have joint pain, plus have high blood pressure. they may not be able to take just anything for pain.
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>> reporter: welcome back to "gma" on a picture-perfect morning from more than 1,000 feet above manhattan. you can see the east river over there. you can see the hudson river. if you come with me because we're at summer one vanderbilt, it's a brand new building where you have observation decks. we'll start with fall last year and fall now. the fall colors are a bit delayed. temperatures today 76 in boston. that's not going to last. we start dipping. by this weekend, sunday, 47 will be the low in raleigh. that's the big picture. so much more coming
7:55 am
7:56 am
building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> we have a look at the west commute. >> slick conditions are causing problems. chp is working 48 incident around the bay area. this is 101, traveling further south there is roadway flooding around lucky drive and a crash before -- drive. check this out, hazy conditions. backed up on 680 traveling southbound. >> bay bridge rain and low visibility. this storm is moving through the region with reduced visibility, one to three miles across much of the region. level 1 today, into tomorrow morning with scattered showers,
7:57 am
downpours are breezy, get camera handy. >> coming up, the first one on what -- the one on one with dr. jill biden on her mission to raise breast cancer awareness and get more people screened. we have an update in about 30 minutes.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. a breakthrough in the massive manhunt for gabby petito's boyfriend. brian laundrie's parents lead investigators to an area that was previously under water. one-on-one with dr. jill biden. the first lady's passionate message for women everywhere about getting screened for breast cancer early. >> you have a fighting chance, there's nothing more important than your health. nothing. >> why this hits home for the first lady. bad romance. the love interest scams costing americans hundreds of millions. who's the most vulnerable. how you can protect yourself online. ♪ plus, josh brolin is live. >> smile. >> i am smiling. >> for "dune's" blockbuster
8:01 am
debut. ten years of "deals & steals." tory is back this morning for our week-long party, from viewer favorites to brand-new deals debuts. to celebrate our super saving decade. it's all ahead. as we say -- >> good morning, america. good morning, madam first lady. good to see you all this morning. we're looking forward to your talk with the first lady. but first, where is ginger? oh, my goodness. she's at the new summit one vanderbilt getting a sneak peek with the first national broadcast from this amazing building. this is how ginger got up there. okay. the world's largest exterior glass floor elevator. we're going to hear from ginger coming up. >> beautiful view. also this morning, our "gma"
8:02 am
supply solutions to help navigate the shortages. becky worley is breaking down the benefits of buying made in america products we begin with the latest in the manhunt for brian laundrie. found human remains along with a backpack and notebook belonging to gabby petito's former boyfriend. let's go back to trevor ault. good morning. right now, all eyes on the sarasota medical examiner, they'll determine if the remains found here are in fact brian laundrie who over the past month has become one of the most wanted men in america. this morning, a key discovery in the search forpetito's former boyfriend, brian laundrie, they uncovered what may be human remains in florida's myakkahatchee creek environmental park. >> investigators found what appears to be human remains along with personal items such as a backpack nd notebook belonging to brian laundrie. >> reporter: the discovery made near a trail brian frequented. his parents leading
8:03 am
investigators to the area wednesday morning. their attorney speaking to abc news. >> the reserve was only up yesterday to the public so chris and roberta had informed me that they wanted to go to the reserve to look around. i notified the north port police who i believe notified the fbi. >> reporter: as the medical examiner works to confirm whether those remains belong to brian laundrie, his attorney saying it's a high probability that it's him. the fbi now bringing in cadaver dogs saying it will take days to process the scene. on top of identifying these remains investigators say they still need to determine that it's a human. given the fact that it was made in an area previously under water could be an indication of what condition this body is. >> all right, thank you so much, trevor. we'll turn now to the troubling covid numbers in the uk that are causing some concern. new cases, hospital admissions
8:04 am
and deaths are on the rise despite a high vaccination rate of nearly 80%, james longman is in london with what could be behind the spike. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, michael. the numbers are moving in the wrong direction, that's the government's verdict here on covid. daily cases have been above 40,000 for eight days in a row, now it's really important to say that vaccinations mean that hospitalizations are way down on what they were last year, but the danger is, with so much virus circulating, new variants can take over especially as winter sets in. why the numbers are so high? masks are not compulsory here, very few people wear them. a lot more mixing. far less social distancing. kids are back at school. a chance of immunity from the vaccine wanes after five, six months. also a real issue here with younger people and their parents hesitant to get vaccinated. the government says it has a plan b making masks mandatory, get people to back home to work
8:05 am
and bring in vaccine passports, but despite the criticism they're resisting changing course. robin. >> please take care. a new report from the ftc about scams targeting older adults including online shopping fraud, tech support scams, but the most financially devastating of all, romance scams. americans 60 and up lost about $139 million to these scams last year, that's a 66% jump from 2019, before the pandemic. erielle is back to break this so how do they work and how can people protect themselves. >> the ftc say scammers also use fake dating profiles to lure them to send money. the pandemic has been isolating, especially true for seniors and the ftc says that may be the key reason the number of romance scams targeting them has jumped.
8:06 am
to protect yourself, never send someone money if you have only connected with them online or on the phone. use an online reverse image search of the profiles of them, to make sure their pictures align, and if the details don't seem to match up it's likely a scam, and remember, it's easy to get caught up, when love is involved, if your loved ones or friends seem concerned, it's probably a red flag. >> thank you, erielle. appreciate it. coming up, my interview with first lady dr. jill biden, the personal reason she has made breast cancer prevention her mission. and the red flags you need to pay attention to when ordering online. and we're celebrating ten years of "deals & steals." tory johnson and lara, look at them, they are ready to go. we'll be right back. ♪ everyone remembers the moment they heard, “you have cancer.” how their world stopped... and when they found a way to face it.
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♪ welcome back to "gma." you can see we're all wearing various shades of purple this morning. >> not much as lara. >> winner. winning. >> always. >> i know. joining millions who are wearing purple for spirit day, to show that we're taking a stand against the bullying of lgbtq plus youth. "gma" cover story, robin, you had a chance to sit down with the first lady. >> i did. she's on a mission for breast cancer awareness month, to encourage women to make a potentially life-saving appointment. now, during the pandemic, millions, millions have been missing all types of screenings,
8:12 am
we spoke about her personal connection to this mission as well as her dedication to being an educator as she has embraced for decades. dr. biden is devoted to using the power of education to deliver her message. i know how much it means to you, the three initiatives that you are so passionate about the military. >> yes. >> education. cancer awareness. here you are, first lady, education is still so important to you, for you to be there at northern virginia community college. >> that's right, that's right. >> how are you able to balance all of that? >> i just wanted to continue teaching and i thought, why not? i'm there two days a week, i teach writing and the other days i'm in the white house office, so it just works. >> to be at a community college i don't have to tell you that some people are concerned with the social spending bill that is being reported that free tuition at community college may have to be taken out
8:13 am
of the bill, for families that were hoping for that, what would you say to them? >> we're not giving up. we're not giving up. this is round one. this is year one, i'm going to keep going. >> reporter: also at the top of dr. biden's agenda as first lady, breast cancer awareness. >> get your mammogram, it might save your life. >> reporter: now pushing for more women to get screened. you're saying there's nothing more important on your to-do list. >> that's right the next thing you have to do today is call your doc and get in there and get your screenings. if you get that mammogram and they catch it early you have a fighting chance. >> for the folks who say, dr. biden, i'm too busy. >> i'm busy, too, but as soon as we got to office off i was getting my mammogram. i think i got it within the first month. there's nothing more important than your health. nothing. >> reporter: this is personal for the first lady who's been advocating for breast cancer research since the early '90s.
8:14 am
>> i had four friends diagnosed, at the same time, unfortunately we lost one of those friends. i was so upset. i thought, what could i do? i know education, you know, inside and out, so let's start to educate people. >> reporter: here at the montefiore einstein cancer center, a team of doctors is working to prioritize breast cancer screenings. as mammogram rates dropped 80% throughout the pandemic. covid cancer screening research, what is your research showing you? >> we screen 41,000 patients getting mammograms every year and with the pandemic, that dropped to almost 31,000, that's disheartening, and we want people to get their cancer detected early so that we have more treatment options. >> reporter: 52-year-old sandra crews was hesitant last year, and pushed back her annual
8:15 am
mammogram, her doctor urged her to get screened this past april, that's when she learned of her stage 1 breast cancer diagnosis. radiation is going to begin shortly. >> yes. >> what did you find out recently. >> no chemotherapy. >> that's a blessing. >> how do you feel? >> i feel great. i was a woman who had the fear of coming in and getting screened. i didn't know what covid was all about. the fear of catching it. so i was one of those individuals that waited until things calmed down. >> now that we've moved on a little bit, and people are vaccinated, we have to make sure that we have to get the message out. >> i believe that your first trip as first lady was to richmond, virginia, where you spoke about cancer, you talked about health care and inequities, what can be done to help level the playing field? when it comes to health care. >> it's the responsibility of
8:16 am
the federal government to make sure that we have access that all communities have access. >> communities where there's less access to health care, we have barriers to overcome in terms of getting that population and for cancer screening. when you add a pandemic on to that those disparities only grow further. >> and your research also includes looking at more diversity in clinical trials, talk about why that's important. >> until we get more representation on those clinical trials we're not adequately assessing that patient population. it's very important to get more enrollment from community of colors. >> you have said going into next year, cancer efficacy, that there are things and issues that you want to work in dealing with this. can you be specific? >> i'm a member of a family who has just like actually most american families, who have dealt with someone in their family with cancer, i know what it's like to sit in that
8:17 am
chemotherapy room with your loved one, or holding his or her hand helping them to get through it, and it's important. >> what would you want people to think about you as first lady? >> i'd hope people would say she saw us, she heard us and she helped us heal as a nation. >> they saw us and helped us heal as a nation. like all families, her family very much impacted. her parents, cancer. her sister. beau. her four friends in 1993 diagnosed all at the same time. we have had friends, and there's this virtually nobody who hasn't been impacted with some form of cancer and breast cancer happens in men as well. my brother had breast cancer. doing really well. n in,to earth. >> very approachable. she was late. which is fine. >> it happens. >> it happens.
8:18 am
which is real. but no, just the way she carries herself, and when she was talking about education and i put it to her, about the social spending package and community college, lot of folks were planning on it being free, here she is a teacher, a professor at a community college in northern virginia, but didn't shy away from speaking about anything and really feels, okay, this is round one, year one, of the administration. >> there's time. >> and i want people to know, and first of all, i hope that the woman we interviewed sandra, the patient, we're wishing her all the best. if you need help of getting any type of screening when it comes to cancer, call the cancer information service, 1-800-4-cancer. 1-800-4-cancer. >> thank you, robin. i liked when she said, i'm busy, too. if i have time to get screened you do too. thank you so much. we move on to our series, "gma" supply solutions.
8:19 am
helping you get through the holiday season. new reports from the online shopping data analysts at adobe analytics say that out of stock messages have risen 172% compared to pre-pandemic numbers. becky worley to the rescue, she joins us now with strategies to navigate the supply chain strain. say that four times fast, becky. it's a lot to process here, and i wanted to ask you, explain to our viewers what products are being affected most. >> yes, lara, adobe seeing across the board inflation on a lot of products, citing a 3.3% increase in prices, attributing that to shortages, supply chain bottlenecks, labor shortages. they say clothing, apparel odts and the no-brainer here
8:20 am
is electronics. the company adobe saying they expect these shortage numbers to remain at this level through the holidays with the hot gift categories seeing even more out of stock items. bad news, lara. >> really bad news, lara. i tried to buy tennis balls, you can't get tennis balls online right now, it's really insane. we talked a lot about i'm a huge fan, buy local. ginger is all about vintage. we love that. let's talk about made in america. let's do it, right. >> right, the problem is that just in time global manufacturing has become not in time global manufacturing and delivery. but the huge silver lining, made in america products, shop small, shop local. if you search made in america, you're going to find clearinghouse of products crafted in the usa. they get parts and components overseas. but the chances are better. they have products in stock domestically.
8:21 am
and as for shopping local, your options aren't limited to walking down main street, although that's productive and fun. you can also use apps like local flavor, groupon, yelp to discover new stores and a lot of them list deals, too. >> great advice there. what about a backup plan, getting ready to shop for our friends and loved ones, what should we do if things start popping up out of stock delay? >> well if you already purchased something and you start getting delay notices you have a lot of rights around delayed notice. i'm going to quote here, if there's delayed shipping the order the seller has to tell you and give you the choice of either agreeing to the delay or cancelling your order for a full refund, they have to give you that refund not just a gift card or a store credit, lara, you do have rights so you can pivot. >> that's great news. thank you, becky. we'll keep on this. the supply chain strain. thank you. let's get to ginger.
8:22 am
>> yes, lara, here we are, this is it, summit one vanderbilt, and we're showing it off this morning and new york city is showing off, this area is called transcendence one. floor to ceiling mirrors. watch this picture that we just took. this all opens october 21st. we hope you get to ex
8:23 am
♪ all week long we're celebrating ten years of "deals & steals." this morning, tory johnson is bringing us viewer favorites. you can go right to those favorites by pointing your camera right at that qr code. tory, let's get going. good morning. ten years hp let's do it. >> first up, bombas, one of the biggest and best, bombas makes the socks that everyone loves. they look and feel good. they perform great. options for men, women and kids. a huge assortment. for every pair they sell they donate a pair, more than 150 -- 50 million pair donated. everything is slashed in half, start at $6. now let's head over here, this is aquis. >> they help dry your hair faster. >> they do. no frizz. extra shine. even though the hair towels aren't your thing these back
8:24 am
scrubbers could be, exfoliating back scrubbers, pretty awesome, everything and, plus all the new colors they gave us. everything is slashed in half. these prices start at $6. there you go. i can always count on you. >> great deals. 6 bucks. this is a fan favorite. but it's new to "deals & steals." >> people have been asking me, bring me the gifts from artsugar. the lazy susan trays. these are really fun cutting boards. this is like cute for you. >> i'm kind of a big meal. >> i got to tell you, all made in america. huge assortment online from this company. starts at $25 and free shipping. >> love the colors. pop. big "gma" favorite. cushion lab, we've got a couple of different options from them that's also again like major favorites, this one right here, this is the back relief lumbar pillow. you put this behind you in any chair. whether you're sitting in a chair, sofa, couch, or if you're
8:25 am
in theveack pain. this one for all-day sitting comfort. everything is scientifically and strategically designed to deliver results. the result is less pain, better posture. everything is slashed in half. these start at $27.50. we also have here lifeprint. what's great about this, this fits in your hand, especially your hand, really, yeah, this is a portable printer, bluetooth enabled, you can take it anywhere and print out polariod-size pictures on the go. this is my favorite one. team tory. >> a little puppy. >> the torys. so what's fun, you know what, i bet parents, grandparents who aren't on social media you can make pictures for them. this is great for scrapbooking. parties. this is just awesome. they're really, really fun. slashed in half, they're $65 today.
8:26 am
and rompers.mamp from urban muu muu. two different styles. a very light jersey, a terry, they're just fun, they gotting pockets. this is like cozy comfort and did i say made in america? which we love as well. >> that's right. >> we have a huge assortment. not only these rompers when you go online. slash in half, start at $66. >> tory, great job as well. more deals ahead. plus, "dune" star josh brolin is going to join us live. we'll be right back. i got to pick out the color of romper i want.
8:27 am
>> reporter: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. here we are looking at traffic. >> it's been a mess. take a look at the low visibility on the bay bridge for those making their way into san francisco. you will head to slow down if you are going to travel southbound on 101 with a multicar crash here. this is causing problems. check out walnut creek. traffic on 680 and the southbound direction is stopped. no crashes, just a huge backup. a large part of that is because of the rain. >>
8:28 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase.
8:29 am
simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> live is coming up. >> we have goloman from the center plus travel trips -- travel tips with brian kelly. >> that's on abc 7. >> we have a live look at the camera, it's a wet morning across san francisco and parts of the north bay. you heard low visibility, we are finding that in a lot of spots. here's our light storm as this crosses the region. visibility down to one mile in a lot of spots. drive slow, use the windshield wipers. we have a one level storm today. you need the umbrella today and
8:30 am
tomorrow. >> thank you, we have another update in 30 minutes. ♪ ♪ i'm blinded by the lights ♪ ten years of "deals & steals" up there. welcome back. hope you're doing well on this thursday morning. we can't wait for our next guest. >> no, you know him from movies like "no country for old men" and the avengers franchise, now he's s s s srring in one of the year's most highly anticipated movies "dune." josh brolin, welcome back to "gma." how are you doing? >> hello. >> good morning. >> you're looking good. >> good morning, good morning. >> the movie "dune." the first time "dune" was made into a movie was 1984, so we wanted to do a little throwback
8:31 am
to you in 1984, your yearbook photo. >> oh, no! >> what was that young man thinking? >> not thinking much, if you look at that picture. not a lot of thought going on, other than the braces and how embarrassing they are. >> that's all you're thinking about when you see that picture. >> it looks like friday the 13th the horror film, you know. >> you're too much. you're too much. we have enjoyed having your co-stars be with us this week and they've been talking about jam sessions on the guitar and they've been talking about dance parties that y'all had, how much fun did you have? >> i want to know about these dance parties, where were they? where was i? >> zendaya and timothee. we got to believe -- they said it, so it had to be true. >> i think what we all want to imagine is zendaya and timothee
8:32 am
at a dance party. >> so you didn't take part? >> but we had a couple of guitar jam sessions. i think timothee was getting ready -- but it fell through bu but -- getting ready to play bob dylan and it was me, timothee, michael henderson, oscar who's an amazing musician. i have video. i wish i could bring it up. but you'll have to see "dune" instead. >> tell us about your character in "dune." he's an adviser to the duke who's ruling dune. correct. >> yes. he's the weapons master, he's actually helped raised paul along with jason momoa we don't even like to say the character, we just like to say jason momoa, prepared him for royalty and an eventual kingspot in the
8:33 am
family, and they're in the process of moving, this is following that process and that move. >> let's take a look at a clip. >> i guess i'm not in the mood today. >> mood? you fight when the necessity arises, no matter the mood. now, fight. come on. >> i've seen the movie, your character is pretty intense, you worked with the movie's director before, you also worked with javier bardem who's in this movie. what was it like working with them again? >> it was great. first of all, i have to comment on the 53-year-old man
8:34 am
making the karate moves, it hurts. timothee's agile and young and for me it was some work, anyway, i had to get past that moment. but it looks good. he -- you know, given that it seems that because how well "dune" is so far internationally we'll probably go into the rest of the book, this was half the book, and this coming summer we'll probably start the second half of the book which is wonderful. but working with javier again is wonderful. you know, when i do interviews i usually like to do them alone because i don't know what i'm going to say and i don't want to put anyone else in a horrible position. as george knows. >> yes, i know. >> being with him in venice, i was with javier, and to have him in "no country" 15 years ago, and we're working again, and we go back and do the second half
8:35 am
of "dune," i don't know, man, it starts to feel like a really nice bubble of working with really talented people and good people on top of it. it's been great. >> they say the same about you. great cast. you got a great cast at home. you're a father of four. we understand that your little one, one of your little ones is about to turn 3 years old, and are you going to play the guitar for her? we do have this instagram video, she really enjoyed it. are you going play it at the birthday party? >> i don't know, because if you look at that video there's a moment where she goes like this -- which i don't know is enjoyment. i' plathatll d lon she's going to 3. i have a 33-year-old, 28-year-old, an almost
8:36 am
3-year-old and a 9-month-old. it's a full-time deal right now. not a lot of sleep. a little bit of work. the rest of it is just insanity and family. >> josh, thank you for coming. coming up, an inspiring thriver thursday. part 2 of our "deals & steals" event.
8:37 am
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♪ good movie reviews during the break, very helpful. back now with thriver thursday. this morning, we bring you the story of aaron perry, one of five global leaders changing the world of health, that's according to "men's health" magazine, after he was diagnosed with type i diabetes. he decided to take charge of not only his own health but the health of others in his community. >> i knew that the life i had had prior, being very active i wanted to get that life back. i saw this ironman triathlon. my doctor said, wait a minute, you know, i want you to exercise but the ironman that's for serious athletes. you can't do that. 362 days from that conversation i crossed the finish line of my very first ironman. >> first insulin-dependent african-american to take part in the ironman triathlon.
8:40 am
>> i would go and get my hair cut and i would hear guys talking about having all types of health challenges and then those guys would get that beautiful haircut, and they'll walk right out the door and i realize, you know, there's a disconnect here because these guys are not getting better, i remember asking the owner and i presented opening up a men's health clinic in his barbershop. >> there was so much excitement and energy the day that first one opened and when i saw aaron with a big smile on his face i was just so happy for him, because not only has he overcome so much with his own personal health challenges, now he's taking that and he's impacting thousands and thousands of lives. >> we've really built this full service place where men go, a thriver is someone who doesn't waste a moment and know that something that you do may
8:41 am
be the change that that person needed. >> amen to that. there's something about the barbershop. my dad used to go to tyrone's in biloxi, he'd be there all day on saturday. aaron's opening to centers in other states to become the first federally qualified health center in a barbershop. once again, these thrivers take it beyond themselves. >> they really do. >> don't waste a day when you're a thriver. ginger. >> yes, thank you, robin. we've been taking you here to summit one vanderbilt throughout the morning, and we took you up with all the mirrors. this is called affinity. you get creative fun with the mirrors and the 360-degree views of manhattan and beyond. but you can do more here. there's another area or experience called the skybox that's where you can take a step
8:42 am
over manhattan. if you have a fear of heights probably not the place for you, but hey, push it. what a beautiful place to just enjoy. you can do it today. it opens today. i don't want to be alone. can everybody come in? this ♪ it's time now for "deals & steals." as we celebrate ten gorgeous years of one of your favorite segments. tory johnson is back now with some products making their first "deals & steals" debut today. right now. first, tory, as we mark this milestone, we wanted to surprise you with a special message from two of your biggest fans. take a look.
8:43 am
>> mom, ten years of the best shopping, you wow me every week on tv and at home. i coiledn't be more proud. cheers to the next ten. love you. >> hey, mom, congrats on ten years of "deals & steals." we've been your biggest supporters since day one. we love you. >> oh, my babies. >> yes. >> oh, my babies. >> you've done a great job for all of us. they're so proud of you. you're going to be really proud of tory for getting you these deals. these are all newbies as you're calling them. you guys can simply point your cell phone at the qr code and you're buying. let's start with these. >> you're going to need to help me here, lara, get myself together. this is just cozy comfort for home. these blankets are amazing. they're fleece. ten different patterns to choose from. plus, you can put names on them. a personalized gift, who doesn't
8:44 am
love that? they're 50% off. >> well done, tory. i like these. this is jewelry with a message. so sweet. >> it is. lenny and eva. they make really beautiful jewelry. the pieces are great. but they all come with these little message cards, it gives a little inspiration, plus the meaning behind the specific gemstones that are used, so there's a little more to it than just the bling, although the bling is pretty fabulous itself, we have a huge assortment, even more online, this is a stocking stuffer alert. >> it is. >> these are fun gifts. they start today at $13.50. >> supply chain strife not here. >> not here. >> we love jewelry and we love makeup. i also love this oil. >> this is roen, one of the first innovators in clean beauty. it's all clean vegan formulas. cruelty free. they have these beloved lip glosses and that face oil's
8:45 am
pretty fabulous. it so's a smang is really desigo deliver. high performance products. 50% off, they start at $13. >> and i'm a big fan of these products. my makeup artist was saying how much she loves these. i didn't realize, tory, that you could close up the case and travel with all of your brushes. >> what's great about these is they are all vegan, cruelty free. a brush for sort of every area of your face. eyes, cheeks, lips. so all of them, aren't they really soft,oo? >> they really are. >> really soft. tey've got great cases. buy them individually or in sets. they start at $12.50. >> another stocking stuffer alert. okay, this is a really cool company that i'm excited to bring you, it's called heirloom,
8:46 am
and it's a video book, so here's what you do, you upload from facebook or your phone videos like i took from robin's, every day she does this morning message on her social media, and you can put up to 20 minutes of video in a book, so there are so many people aren't on social media, this one i made from michael's for louise strahan. you can then take those messages and put them in the book for someone who doesn't see them on social media. 50% off, $34.50. another newbie, this is gallery wear, all pillows that are made in america. celebrate your favorite places. states, cities, regions, kind of whimsical art, generously sized pillows, great for indoors or outdoors, weather protected. all 50% off, your choice starts at $32.25.
8:47 am
i like the size of these. >> the ten years of great deals. >> you got me with my babies. so sweet. >> you've been a great mom to them. they're so proud, so are we. we partnered with all of these companies. you our viewers can get them by going to our website or do that qr thing. tomorrow, we're celebrating ten more years. many, many deals. coming up today, zac brown performing. right here on "gma." ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
8:48 am
♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
8:49 am
go ahead, do it again. >> back now with someone else who's going to sing. it's "gma" concert series. a special performance from three-time grammy-winning country star zac brown band.
8:50 am
just released their 7th studio album. currently on tour. off the new album, here's "old love song." take it away. ♪ ♪ just i love you, it just won't do i'm gonna need a needle and a groove ♪ ♪ i need more than words to make this work ♪ ♪ and tell the whole loving you truth ♪ ♪ i'm gonna need a symphony, an unchained melody ♪ ♪ oh, can't you see what you mean to me, baby? ♪ ♪ let's stay together, slow dance forever ♪ ♪ and ever, amen ♪ ♪ stand by me darling, you keep me free falling ♪ ♪ when you say nothing at all ♪
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8:52 am
♪ there's a million songs that i could use that won't get across all i'm trying to, baby ♪ ♪ let's stay together, slow dance forever ♪ ♪ and ever, amen ♪ ♪ just stand by me darling, you keep me free falling ♪ ♪ when you say nothing at all ♪ ♪ girl, put your records on ♪ ♪ let's get it on ♪ ♪ let me love you like an old love song ♪ ♪ >> yes, sir. ♪ girl put your records on ♪ re♪
8:53 am
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>> announcer: now, with so much hope for a brighter tomorrow filled with sunshine, it's time to -- >> rise and shine. >> announcer: and we're celebrating traveling all across the country. >> rise and shine. >> rise and shine. >> so celebrate with "good morning america's" great "rise & shine" tour. thanks to zac brown band for that great performance. >> we thank you for watching. have a fabulous day. >> yes.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. we have a look at traffic. >> good morning everyone. we have a crash that we are following at the toll plaza. for those who are traveling westbound into the north bay, he will run into a bit of a standstill. he could see it live on the camera along with wet and slick conditions which have been slowing down traffic. we have southbound traffic on the left-hand side. >> take a wet morning. the san rafael camera has the drops on the lens. you could see the storm moving in from the coastline, this is an issue, you can see fog along the coast and on the north bank where we have showers falling. we are tracking through tomorrow, keep the umbrella handy. >> time now for live with kelly
9:00 am
and ryan. we are back at 11:00. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from "the sinner," bill pullman. plus, the points guy is here to answer holiday questions. and we answer your comments and questions on another addition of "inbox." all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> ryan: good morning. good morning. come on in, ripa. >> kelly: thank you, ry-ry. hi. morng.


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