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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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30 miles an hour there on mount st. helena. and mount tam. 8:00 until 4:00, there's a wind advisory. definitely secure any loose objects. windiest spots could be 50 miles an hour or higher the time line showing you by 9:00 p.m., the north bay getting the steady rain. wet weather continues to slide. it's scattered showers. level one, light to moderate rain with the gusty winds. slight chance of showers tonight. we have a level two coming this weekend. amia? -l -- ama? -l ryan curry is in restaurant where is restaurants may have to make some changes. >> -l wall nat creek game
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popular due to the pandemic. because it's been clear. it's been relatively nice weather-wise. that's about to change with rain on the way. and restaurant managers say they're ready to make some changes. >> -l lunch time in downtown walnut creek saw the majority of patrons eating outside. >> -l everybody loves the outdoor dining. i would say that more people prefer to so it outside than they do incite now a days. >> -l soon, they'll be faced with a challenge from mother nature, several straight days of forecast and rain. >> -l we are still able to do the outdoor doing. we have a bigger section for outside so it still works great. >> -l almost every restaurant look and street has outdoor dining the manager says his outdoor setup can survive light rain if it turns into a large down pore, he may have to close the street dining. >> -l we have a section over
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there. they have another shade in there. it's better for us. >> -l it's now getting to that time of year where rain can frequently enter the forecast. >> -l this is our sandbag station where we provide sand available to the public. contra costa have been preparing for the season. they say that sandbag stations are ready for use. >> -l we are preparing this week to provide the and. we provide sand and the sandbags. we ask that the residents bring your own shovels and gloves. >> -l even though it's been several months, it's something people here may have to readapt to. >> -l it has been relatively dry. but every winter, we prepare the same because we never know when it's going ba large winter, but we always prepare as if it's a normal or larger event. >> -l now, both managers did say they're going to feel it out to see what changes they need to
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make as the rain approaches the bay area. contra costa area does have that indoor vaccination requirement. that's something to keep in mind the you're headed to a restaurant. >> -l thank you, ryan you can keep track of real-time conditions. download the abc7 bay area app for your streaming device. dan: there have been 11713 homicides in oakland this year. one of the more recent is what appears to be an instance of a citizen taking matters into their own hand. here's leslie brinkley. >> -l it's the wild, wild west. it's not just because of oak land's police force. it's because we live in a different world now reporter: community activist ken houston knows the streets of oakland well. he's not surprised at what happened monday morning at 8:30 when a hit-and-run driver struck a woman as you see in the surveillance video.
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she was killed. council member know well gay yes, sir came after the woman because she was trying to brake into his car. >> -l the individual went after her and ran her over and killed her. it's a sad outcome. anyone loses their life, but clearly what the person was doing was breaking into people's automobiles from my understanding. >> -l if somebody does that to me, i'm going to run them over too. it's the way it is. i hate to say that. but the crime and the violence is escalateing because the lack of services, the lack of opportunity that's it. nothing stops a bullet more than a job. >> -l police later arrested the suspect. the case is being investigated as a homicide. i'm leslie brinkly abc7 news. dan: we have learned the name of a nan who is accused of runningw
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the district attorney's office says his name is marcus davis. he was charge today with homicide. across the bay, the mayor announce add new plan targeting the leaders of organized car break-ins. the city will offer $100,000 rewards leading to the arrest and conviction of the leaders of auto burglary rings. sit funded by tourism and hospitality. the mayor is hoping this will make a real dent of what's plaguing the city. >> -l it's finding things that you can sell to someone who then sells it on a larger platform, sometimes online. there's market out there for this. we're going to need a lot more help. >> -l the city has also been upping police presence in tourism spots like fisherman's wharf a 37% drop of auto break-ins after adding 26
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officers to that location in july. am: phil matier says people need to be more aware. >> -l is this happening in other cities especially cities known for their tourism? -l sort this a problem unique to san francisco? -l >> -l you have to understand that in san francisco, we have people that drive here for the day whether it's fishman's wharf or going out to the marina. we is values a deceptive situation. there's no real place in the city where you're safe from this but you think when you're in the marina and you're surrounded by multi-million dollar homes with the golden gate bridge and everybody out that you would be safe. and the fact is, that's exactly where these guys are hitting. and they know the goods are there. and they fence them in the internet so in a place where you're safe, you're actually not. and that's something pretty unique to san francisco.
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dan: in the south bay, a mother accused of throwing drunken sex parties in lose gatso was brought back to the bay area to face charges. shannon o'connor arrived at san jose's court today. a mother from lose ga stork came to the airplane. >> -l she betrayed our trust. it's very, very violating. it's very sad. dan: investigators say o'connor got teenagers as much as 14 drunk at her home and encouraged them to take part of sex acts sometimes nonconsensual. amia: a truck driver shortage is contributing to the backlog and supply chain throw slowdowns. according to the american trucking association, the industry is down some 80,000
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drivers. that's and all-time high the industry was short more than 60,000 before the pandemic. there are 100 ships waiting to enter and unload at that time port of los angeles in long beach today. usually they're about 17. officials at that time port of oakland are pleading with officials to reroute vessels to the bay area to help with the backlog. melanie woodrow has the story. >> -l while, the ports of los angeles and long beach experience a backlog of ships and cargo the port of oakland has room to spare. >> -l we are part of the solution to stabilize the supply chain. we are talking with osha cares to offer relief. >> -l director of maritime says the port experienced some congestion earlier this year but rebounded by increasing the workforce by 60% and showing employees to do more >> -l they're very eager to hand the volume. reporter: consume verse felt the impact of port backlogs with empty shelves and increased
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prices t. ports of los angeles and long beach are now looking to 24/7 operations to help ease congestion >> -l their commitment to go all in in 24/7 operations means that businesses of all sizes will get their goods on shelves faster and more reliably. reporter: and there's in need for that, he says, in oakland. >> -l it's not need oakland. but we will continue to monitor it, you know, with our terminal operation ors and our industry supply chain partners. reporter: he says they may not take up on the offer because it could end up contributing to the delay. >> -l we can hand al significant portion oil reporter: abc7 news reach out to the ports of los angeles regarding oakland's offer we have not heard back from them yet. dan: a fast food chain taken on vaccine mandates after two area
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locations were shutsdown or find. amia: hear from two journalist who is cover the tragedy.
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of someone's motor scooter >> i must have been shooting for probably 10 seconds. and i looked up and the fire that was once up on this hill, now, it's like a few yards from the -- from me. he yelled. he said we've got to get out of here. we've got to go. and i'm trying to shoot while he's driving. we barely just made it out. >> i was seeing a lot of wind driving the flames and the fire. and a lot of people just living the area getting out of the area. and at one point, i saw this couple that was being told that they had to live. you've go to get out of here because this place is going to go up. i remember the face, the look on this woman's face.
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so emotionally upset that she was going to have to live this home. possibly all of her possessions were going to be completely destroyed. >> that roof is going to explode! -l there's nothing you can do. >> at some point this authoritative figure turned around -- >> you right there, boss. you want film? >> he pointed towards the hills. and i swung around and all i could see was the wind whooping the flames through the top of these trees and you realize, these winds are just going to fuel this fire. and everything in that area was going to go up. ama: just incredible. leslie brinkley covered the fire. leslie talked about what we can learn from this special. leslie: well, i think first of all, we learned a lot from john griffin our photographer back in the day i worked with any more the aftermath of the fires.
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i think what we would both tell you is that what we can learn is these happen in our backyard. we are not immune just because we're in an urban area. we tend to thing of wildfires as something up there in the mountains or up in the wild land well called them wildfires. they realistically can happen here. it was shocking when this unfolded back in the day. the other thing many of us can learn from rewatching that oakland hills fire is being mindful of an escape route in your own home. people were trapped and being mindful of how to get out of your house and maybe looking to choose to live in a house where you have several ways out could be a lifesaver. dan and ama. dan: as we remember, it just spread so quickly. leslie, you covered those fires what stood out the most either then or as you reflect on it now? what stands out the nose you?
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leslie: what stands out the most to me, i wasn't covering the actual fire the day it broke out. but i was up here in the oakland hills area every single day working at night. and we were driving up these barricade roads. there were embers still flying, hot spots. smoke still rising. but it was a total moon scape because everything was so gray. it was color less. we would shine our headlights our flashlights out on the scene. there was nothing left by chimneys and just this gray nothing ash and it was once a vibrant green neighborhood. so i think that was a pretty shocking memory to sort of have 'em emblazoned in my head. ama: gosh, so frightening. how are the current fire seasons different from back then, leslie? leslie: you know, i thought about that, and i think that first of all, it's the fact that we've realized we've had so many
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fires frequently here. we've live fluid tahoe. we've lived -- we've lived through tahoe and the dixie fire they encroach in rural urban areas and suburban areas we had the santa rosea fire. homeowners are told to clear the brush near their home they're not supposed to have shake roofs when the home are built. they are so many more things to do to be mindful of. and we have climate change and the drought we're live through right now. climate change makes these urban, rural interface fire probably more of a real going forward this. fire was moving towards downtown burkely. it was in this very populated year. it could happen again. and i think looking at this special, learning from it is important for all of us to
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do dan: absolutely. all right. yeah, thank you, leslie. great perspective. ama: the east bay fire is available to watch now the app is free and available for roku, amazon, fire, apple tv and android tv. dan: be sure to check that out one thing that will alleviate system of the fire risks is this welcome rain that's come ifing in. ama: sounds like we have several systems coming our way. >> that's right in about a week we could see an end to our fire season. let's talk about the current storm and we'll talk about what's coming. leave doppler 7 is tracking some moisture moving into mendocino county as we get you closer right around lover dale. highway 101. we are seeing some light rain right now. you can see just the clouds gathering. it is getting gusty as you will notice from our emryville
6:19 pm
camera. the camera is shake so we are getting ready for that storm. temperatures in the low to mid 60's from oakland to san jose. 57 in pacifica. it was a warmer day compared to yesterday from our golden gait bridge camera, the clouds are gathering. 61 in santa rosa. 69 in napa 60 from concord to livermore. one other leave picture as we look at san francisco's financial district. wet and windy later on tonight. showers tomorrow the next system areeves on friday. we have a potent storm sunday into monday that one looks like with an atmospheric river potential, we could see quite a bit of rain. tonight, tomorrow, it's a level one storm. strong gusty winds. dallas slight chance of third. let's check out the winds. hour by hour tonight over 35 miles an hour along the coast over the higher terrain. as we go into tomorrow, they back off a bit, but still on the gusty side tomorrow morning.
6:20 pm
if you have early plans you will want to make sure to get to where you need to go. 8:00 tonight. some heavy downpours. the north bay is getting the steady rain some scattered showers from san francisco into the east bay. by midnight we're starting to see the red line moving into much of the east bay and the san francisco peninsulaful light showers is all we're expecting. not a lot tomorrow. but those showers will continue to come in in waves tomorrow afternoon and evening so don't get rid of the umbrellas because you'll need them. rainfall totals anywhere from about 1500 of an inch in the southern end of our viewing area to about 3/4 of an inch the green indicating over an inch of rain in the wettest north bay locations. tomorrow morning windy and over the coast over the higher terrain. temperatures in the 40's. 50's. there will be some slippery spots due to the scattered showers. in the afternoon we will hang on to the scattered showers. temperatures from the 50's to the 60's a look at that time accuweather
6:21 pm
seven-day forecast. scattered showers a level one system tomorrow. more rain areeves on thursday. and guyn friday, it's also a level one. saturday, you get a short break there before saturday night into sunday, monday, takes we continue with that storm system. but the strongest storm a level two. right now, it looks like a sunday, monday stormy period. we will wait and see. but if that materializes, we'll be talking about rain and inches. dna and am-a dana: sandia, thank you. ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you.
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instantly ready to start working. so you can bounce back fast with alka-seltzer plus. dan: the city of san jose is considering a new proposal for what to do with one of the largest homeless encampments near the airport. ama: the city agreed to bailed fence around the guadalupe park. but dustin dorsey explains the mayor wants a different solution. dustin: the planes continue to fly in and out of san jose international airport. top ground is beginning to clear one of the biggest homeless encampments t. city of san jose reent th summer to sweep guadalupe river park and build a fence around it to prevent encampment. now the mayor and the members of
6:25 pm
the city counsel are offering a new solution. >> there's a lot more that we need to do. we've got an ambitious plan to get more of our in-house residents off the street. but we can't build fence an walls to keep members of our public out of public spaces are for plan would prioritize the rehousing of the estimated 250 to 300 unhoused residents to city supportive housing, in additionle utilizeing $1.5 million proposed for the fencing and $3 million in city funds they would sweep using rangers and police and prevent encampments. meanwhile, airport officials stood by their original plan r. i think the fence is the most affordable way to keep the illegal dumping and reencampment from coming back. >> federal regulations require a buffer zone due to unacceptable noise levels from landing planes and that's where this camp resides.
6:26 pm
if it isn't cleared, the city would lose federal funding from the f.a. while everyone is onboard with following the regulations, the mayor doesn't believe a fence is best for the city. our public parks are for everyone including unhoused. we simply don't want encampments in those parks. we're going to do everything we can to insure the our public parks are for everybody. >> we reached out to the f.a.a. but they did not reach back for comment dustin dorsey, abc7 news. ama: there's not enough green nation the bay area. >> bay area friends traveling together try to board their flight in switzerland and they get arrested. i'm michael finney, h
6:27 pm
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dan: covid travel restriction are slowly easing up, but the rules keep changing and they vary from one flies the next. ama: one some people from the bay area book add trip to greece they had no idea of the nightmare. michael finney has the story.
6:30 pm
michael: greece had lifted travel restrictions and they had all the documents greece required. but the trip unraveled when they tried to connect to their flight in switzerland. they were stopped at that time gate. and worse police came and arrested them. >> i was shocked. i mean, at first i thought this was some kind of joke. >> cindy miller and their friend brett were headed for a three-week tour for greece >> we hadn't taken a trip because of covid so we're go splurge. >> it all went smoothly until that connection in zurich. >> the guy at passport control said you can't come in what you do mean? my flight is living in two hours right thereafter was when the whole thing happened. he took our passports he called the police. the police full on police with guns, everything. took us into the basement which was a policece said their gate technically was inside
6:31 pm
switzerland and americans were banned from switzerland because of covid-19. they would have to be deported all the way back to california. >> i'm crying. they showed us deportation papers. they put us in this area that had like bunked beds, mixed men and women bunk beds and said here's where you're going to sleep for the next day. i was like no, i'm not sleeping in a bunk ben bed with all these men trip. sat up all night along with other travelers also booted from their flight. >> i think i was in a state state of shock. in the basement surrounded with police with giant rifles and nobody cares one bit about our situation. >> they didn't give up on their greek vacation though. persuading police to deport them only as far as new york. >> the next day still hadn't changed our clothes nothing sent us all the way back over the atlantic to new york city. >> then a text to swiss air their luggage never knead flight. i said i have to run to target
6:32 pm
and buy some underwear. my friend goes, you know what, let's just go down to baggage claim and check and our bags were there. we were jumping up and down hugging each other. >> the cum got a flight from new york direct to athens. finally joining the tour worn but heap. >> it was beautiful. absolutely beautiful. >> sendy blames swiss air for booking them on a flight they could not take. >> they're allowing people to fly across the atlantic tonight be deported and they're letting it happen? >> swiss air denied any refund saying passengers are responsible to carry proper 7 documents. americans were barred from industry no matter the documents and the airline did agree to refund 3400 for streaks cost. >> i'm really heap we that's got that. that's all thanks to you guys. >> we contacted the swiss consulate which tells us those travel restriction first americans have been lifted with proof of vaccination. you can now enter switzerland or
6:33 pm
transfer planes there. >> what a story. glad it worked out well. thanks i, michael, very much. in n out burger, the officials c closed down their location because the employees were not verifying vaccination status from customers eating inside the restaurant as required by a city ordinance. in-n-out blasted the move writing quote -- we refuse to become the vaccination police for the government. it's unreasonable, invasive and unsafe to segregate customers who those who may be served whether based on the documentation or any other reason." the mayor defended the ordinance on our 3:00 show getting answers. >> none of us ever thought we would be living through a global pandemic where hundreds of thousands of people will die --
6:34 pm
have died because of covid. and so what we're trying to do is we're trying to reopen. we're trying to keep people safe. that is public health crisis. >> the restaurant is back open. but for takeout only. this afternoon we learn that contra costa county issue two, $250 fines to the in-n-out foror violating the vaccination poll city f.d.a. is meeting this week to discuss boosters. the agency will authorize the mixing and matching of vaccines. we discuss this with monica gandy on our 3:00 show. >> we had an incredible study just this morning from sweden that showed if you had a johnson & johnson equivalent that's called astrazeneca followed by an mrna, you were more protected by 20% higher against symptomatic covid so all this data put together saying that mixing and matching is like likely could not only be allowed but encouraged for
6:35 pm
johnson & johnson. ama: nearly 11 million silence received booster shots including ages 658 and up. the pfizer vaccine has been qualified for a booster for certain high risk groups who receiveed dose pfizer vaccine that's six months ago. dan: the cry climate and environment is a focus to build a better bay area and the issue of urban greening is take on a new priority now and a study by bay area research whats suggest that differences in urban landscape may affect health issues including covid-19. >> drive through any par of the bay area and you'll pass from tree line streets to grittier, cement heavy neighborhood with far less green canopy a divide that is visible in lower income areas. the study is suggesting that the consequences could be a health risk. >> so we wanted to ask our communities that have the lives
6:36 pm
greenness, the same communities that have higher rates of covid in them. >> erica spotswood is a lead sign twist the e, stuary institutes. she compared data from 17 states that track covid infections by zip code. they found that neighborhoods with predominantly people of color had both less access to green space and higher infection rates. the team then adjust ttd numbers to account for variables like race, income and population density. they found that even a modest increase of greening correlated with a 4% lower covid rate in statistical models. >> that's like saying two neighborhoods that are equal in every other way except for the difference in greenness the ones with more green had less covid. >> research whats had theorized that the availability of green space might lead beam to separate more or contribute to healthier populations in general. whatever the driver, they
6:37 pm
believe the difference can now be viewed as both a health and social justice issue. >> it can be easy to spot the difference in tree coverage, but i can be hard tore spot the invisible boarders that explain the reason for it for that, you have to drive back in time >> they're absolutely is a history of red lining and block busting in this area. and that occurred during the same time period as a lot of these -- these big infrastructure projects being put in place. >> ariel hernandez has worked to increase tree density in areas where banks may historically been hesitant to write single resident mortgages. >> doing piecemeal is how we got into this situation where all these neighborhoods being distinct and different and things being overlooked. >> back at that time estuary institutes, they are hoping that
6:38 pm
framing the green divide will help convince cities and counties to devote more resources to repairing it. >> maybe people don't care as much as the birds that can be support bader the trees outside your house. but if you know how closely connected those trees are to your human health you may be more incentivized to take action. >> and perhaps help right a historical wrong in the midst of a historic pandemic. >> one note, the studies track covid cases by zip code rather than counties to give researchers a more diverse and detailed picture of what's going on. >> coming up next action somber >> coming up next action somber memorial how califor ♪ ♪ ♪ >> coming up next action somber memorial how califor ♪ ♪ ♪
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dan: amazing that all 21 people survived this plane crash the plane roll fluid a fence and caught fire in in a field after aborting take-off the plane was headed to boston for tonight's game four of the american league championship series between the houston astros and the boston red sox. >> former congress woman, kathy gifford today brought a gun
6:42 pm
violence memorial to los angeles. leo stallworth says the temporary display honors each life lost to shootings in california last year. >> we must never stop fighting. fight, fight, fight. former congresswoman gabby gifford of arizona has been doing since she suffered a severe brain injury while being shot in the head. today standing in front of 3400 vases. each vase representing someone losing their life to gun violence in 2020. gifford a passionate anti-gun advocate reflects on how it almost cost her life. >> i've known the darkness of days. days of pain and uncertain recovery. but confronted by despair, i summon hope. confronted by paralysis ander
6:43 pm
fascia, i respond with grit and determination. >> she stopped in california on a national tour feature ago gun memorial installation from state to state. she unveiled a memorial on the national washington earlier this year displaying 40,000 flowers in remember answer of those killed by guns in the u.s. each year. >> what's happening with gun violence in our country today constitute this is country's worst might nair. >> er vanda hawkins lost her son to gun violence. >> -l our children are bub being gunned down in our streets every day in l.a. county we've had 500 gun-related homicides. and that is undarn believable. >> we are at cross roads. we can't let the shooting continue or we can act. we can protect our families, our future. >> leo stallworth, abc7 news. ama: the memorial is open
6:44 pm
through friday. given ford's trip to l.a. include a round table conversation to discuss gun violence. dan: it was an iconic indelible alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby.
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am: this week marks the 583rdbt anniversary of smith and giancarlo's on the metal stand of the summer olympics in mexico city. san jose state honored the spartans with a statue commemorating the moment which the track coach called most iconic protest in american history. >> all around the world no matter what the corn turnover world you are in -- what corner of the world you are in, everybody remembers these men. and very little understand the sacrifices that accompanied them home. >> coach ryan says athletes and black people in america are still fighting the same fight as smith and carlos and the relevance of their protest is a mission he has to live up to in his position as the university's track coach therefrom the east bay action return to normalcy and a celebration of the season.
6:48 pm
students from harvest park middle school and pleasantton host add pumpkin patch for younger kids who go to pre-school, kindergarten or elementary. they put together pumpkin decorating and story thyme -- storytime the first such get-together since the pandemic. >> even with my middle school what, they don't get as many interactions with the pre-schoolers and elementary kids as they used to this week they've been working hard. >> the event will run for two days for some of the elementary school children, this is their first field trip ever. so it was a very big day and ama, i'm glad it happened today because it was a nice clear day. ama: but if it's two days, how are we look looking tomorrow, sandia? sandia: if you're looking to take your kids out topic a
6:49 pm
pumpkin, saturday morning might be your best bet. leave doppler 7 tracking moderate pockets of rain. you will notice sir francis drake boulevard, we are seeing wet weather as we pull out a little bit showing you where we're headed next. 7:30 in san francisco. and the wider perspective showing you this is a light level one storm as you look at the time line here. by 9:00 tonight, east bay, san francisco, peninsula getting in on the action while you sleep the wet weather is moving through and into the view. gusts right now 23. 24 in yukaya. make sure you have the umbrellas. when you look at that time next system thursday into friday, it's going to be similar. but the one that follows which is going to be a sunday, monday one looks like an atmospheric river that may deliver some heavy snow in the sierra and some heavy rain here in the bay
6:50 pm
area so if this materializes, we're talk about rainfall in inches. but this is really if it materializes. so stay tuned. walk to end al hymesers, weather will corporate. 50's, 60's and cloud yes it's a one through saturday. sunday monday, a stronger storm level two. dap and ama. >> sports director larry beal with the late nest sports. larry: the warriors went undefeated in the preseason. tonight, it counts. it's time as bruce buffer would say. golden state opens on the road. how about steph vs. lebron to [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold.
6:51 pm
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♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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larry: good evening. after back-to-back sub par seasons, the warriors want to get back into the business of winning championships, that's contending, theus for sure and that journey begins in l.a. with the warriors file facing the lakers in the season opener. everything starts with a healthy steph curry who appears to be at at the peak of his powers. klay thompson is not going the be back for a couple of months but jordan poole has raised his play dramatically. you've got porter and >> our expectations are definitely higher this year than they have been the last couple of years. the way the league works you kind of need to step it up.
6:54 pm
>> everybody in eocr rhampnshio. an wve that taken -- we just want to be as prepared as possible. >> with all these pieces we have, i definitely think we're a champion caliber team. after that, we can be good defensively. i think it will be a special year for us. >> be fun. nets-bucks. nba finals m.v.p. janice getting his championship ring before tip-off. giannis looks like an aaron rodgers strike. bucks off to a fast start. james harden, kevin durant ooping with griffin. a little euro step here. he and k.d. both have 32. as the bucks lead the kyrie-less nets. they are late in the fourth quarter there. the ben simmons reclamation project took a step backwards
6:55 pm
he was throne out -- throne out the circumstanceses want to trade him. but there's no deal on the horizon and the sulking simmons is not helping his cause with this act. 1-0 sharks visiting montreal. team tale gets off to a rapid start. brent burns fires from the blue line. dahlen redirects. sharks up 1-0 in the first. logan couture shot on goal. dahlen is there for the right back on this one. scores again. career goals for dahlen in this game. later in the first, erik karlsson off the defender, ricochet into the net. his first goal of the year. sharks are looking impressive. adin will a shutouts. and they win 5-0. on to baseball. we know the dodgers knocked the giants out of the playoffs in that grueling five-game series. looked like l.a. might be making their own quick grit the n.l. championship series against braves. magic johnson at the dodgers game, part owner. wonder if he's going drop in on the warriors-lakers? i would say yes.
6:56 pm
dansby swanson gets it to short. joc pederson scores on the play. the ball clanked off of seager's glove. bases loaded. four straight balls to eddie rosario. 4-2, atlanta. the dodgers trail by three. cody bellinger does this to the giants. does it again here. gone. bellinger hit below 200 just impossible to get mookie betts out giving the dodgers the lead with a double to the gap in right center scoring chris tailor that is a game-winning run the dodgers win it 6-5. they still flail the series. two games one. but they were seemingly this close from being down 0-3. and that would have men curtains. they're very much alive. looks like it all right. warriors for you tonight at 11:00.
6:57 pm
ama: coming up tonight at 8:00, a new season of the bachelorette. then the premier of "queens" at 10:00. and follow bid abc7 news at 11:00. that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. we thank you so much for joining us. i'm ama daetz. dan: we appreciate you time. hope you have a nice eveningful -- evening. we'll see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
♪ this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants-- a museum professional from saratoga springs, new york... a teacher from los angeles, california... and our returning champion-- an actor originally from coral gables, florida... whose 6-day cash winnings total... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik! [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny. welcome, everyone. our champion triumphed again in yesterday's game.
7:00 pm
it is so exciting to watch another win streak building, but, as i learned last week when jonathan defeated a 38-day champion himself, you never know when an upset will occur. let's welcome katy and olivia. good luck. here are the categories in the jeopardy! round. ♪ starting off with... each response is made up of letters in "darkness." and... jonathan, you are our returning champion. - you choose. - let's do monopoly for $1,000. - jonathan. - what is "the legend of zelda"? - yes. - monopoly, $800.


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