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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 19, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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san bernardino. reggie: give me that cheddar good morning, america. to our viewers in the west and on this tuesday morning, the race against time to find the americans held hostage in haiti. 17 missionaries and their families including 5 children missing for the fourth day. now the fbi has made contact with the gang suspected of the abductions as new reports say the gang seeks $17 million in ransom. what will it take to free the missionaries? colin powell's health battle. the former secretary of state succumbs to a breakthrough case of covid just days before he could get the booster. as tributes pour in for the soldier and statesman, what we're learning about his compromised immune system, and his treatment for cancer. big booster news.
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this morning, the fda on mixing and matching vaccines and boosters. plus, the mandate battles ramp up. the nhl player suspended for submitting a fake vaccination card, and the college football coaches fired for refusing to get the shot. this as california parents push back against the new school rules. submarine launch ballistic missile. north korea with another test fire. what we know about the latest launch and the weapon this morning. high stakes jury selection under way for the trial for the murder of ahmaud arbery. potential jurors questioned about the black lives matter movement, and the video of arbery's murder. text crack down. the unwanted and illegal messages on your phone. supply chain strain. the big shipping backlog leaving store shelves empty. this morning, our "gma" panel og strategies to get that hot holiday toy. ♪ can't get enough of your love
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baby ♪ and the crowd can't get enough. >> hits it a ton into right. at the wall, another grand slam. >> the sox with the record-breaking third grand slam of the series. fans going ballistic for homer after homer after homer after homer. and heads up. >> off the helmet. julio jones catches it. >> julio jones with a crazy game-changing catch, laying out for the love of the game. we do say good morning, america. it's great to be with michael and george on this very busy tuesday morning. >> a morning where we are remembering colin powell. let's take a live look at the white house right now. president biden has ordered the flag be flown at half staff. in honor of america's first black secretary of state. the president called it a mark of respect for general powell and his life of service to our nation. we'll have much more on general powell's life and legacy in just a few moments.
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we begin with the latest on those kidnapped americans in haiti. the fbi has made contact with the dangerous gang suspected of abducting the missionaries and our marcus moore is at port-au-prince tracking the latest developments in this delicate situation. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: michael, good morning. the urgent effort to find and free those 17 hostages has now stretched into four days, and the delicate situation that you speak of here in haiti has people calling for stability. this morning, new reports that the kidnapping gang that abducted 17 missionaries is seeking $17 million or $1 million per hostage according to "the wall street journal." u.s. state department officials on the ground as the crisis enters its fourth day. >> this is something that we have treated as -- with the utmost priority since saturday. >> reporter: 16 u.s. citizens athet afr sing ldren and 1 anmod
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e group in haiti on behalf of christian aid ministries in ohio. the organization putting out a statement saying, quote, we continue to monitor the situation closely, and are in earnest prayer. a u.s. embassy official confirming to abc news that the fbi has made contact with the gang known as 400 mawozo. the gang considered one of the most dangerous in the country. as gangs control nearly half of the capital city, fear is consuming the country felt by many like godwin, a missionary from miami who's been in haiti for the last three years. >> people are being kidnapped left and right. we were able to identify the people that were getting kidnapped, but now it's totally random. i think everyone here in haiti has some sense of fear. >> reporter: he says the alarming surge in abductions comes as gangs become more and more confident. >> they don't have any repercussions. there's no security. there's no police. there's no one to come help. that's probably the worst thing. you're on your own.
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and braz kidppisg witfoquite so e ece, so many are praying for a positive resolution to this crisis that is unfolding here in port-au-prince. george? >> we hope so. thanks, marcus. we turn now to the legacy of colin powell. he died yesterday of covid complications at the age of 84, and tributes are pouring in for the soldier and statesman. his passing also sparked a conversation about break through covid cases. our chief global affairs the story.ent martha raddatz ha- good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. general powell's death came as a shock to so many. he was an american icon, and few people knew he was battling serious illnesses when he came down with covid. this morning, tributes pouring in for former secretary of state colin powell following his death monday from complications related to covid-19. according to a spokesperson,
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powell was fully vaccinated and had been scheduled to receive a booster shot last week when he became ill. for several years, the 84-year-old had been receiving treatment for multiple a rare blood cancer which can suppress the effectiveness of vaccination, and he was also diagnosed with parkinson's disease, a nervous system disorder. in july, powell opening up about his health battles for bob woodward's book "peril," in audio obtained by cnn. >> don't feel sorry for me for god's sake. i'm 85 years old. you got to have something. i haven't lost a day of life fighting these two diseases. i'm in good shape. >> reporter: president biden ordering flags to be flown at half staff in powell's honor. >> colin powell was not only a dear friend and patriot, he was one of our great military men and decency. >> reporter: powell served four administrations, both democrats and republicans. he was remembered by former
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president george w. bush as a great public servant, and a great man. past presidents obama, clinton and carter also paying their respects along with current and former diplomats and leaders who praised powell's work in politics and love for his wife of nearly six decades, alma, and their three children. powell grew up in the bronx, the child of jamaican immigrants, joining the army rotc in college and serving two tours in vietnam, becoming a four-star general, earning two medals of freedom, and a reputation as a reluctant warrior. >> i'm a reluctant warrior. i've been called dove and many other things. guilty. i don't like war. i hate war. i have been to war. lost friends in war. some ran to their death in war, so war should be avoided. >> reporter: his most controversial moment came in 2003 with the united nations calling for a war with iraq over its so-called weapons of mass destruction. >> what we're giving you are facts and conclusions based on
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solid intelligence. >> reporter: but the intelligence was deeply flawed. those weapons didn't exist. powell later telling barbara walters he felt terrible about the incorrect claims he made. >> it'll always be part of my record. >> how painful is that? >> it was painful. it's painful now. >> reporter: powell reflecting on his own legacy in service in 2013 at the national conference of boys & girls clubs of america. >> when it's all over, i just hope they say he was a good soldier. he did a good job, raised a good family and god bless him. that's all i ask him. that's all you're going to get. >> reporter: i think he can count on those blessings. he was a good soldier, and as for family, when bob woodward asked general powell who was the greatest man or woman in his life, he didn't hesitate. alma powell, his wife of 58 years. george? >> and martha, she is also recovering from covid this morning? >> reporter: she is.
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the family issuing a statement saying mrs. powell tested positive for covid too. her symptoms were mild. she went to walter reed with the general. she was treated and went home. she was not admitted. she feels fine and is recovering. she had both of the moderna vaccinations and of course, we are all wishing mrs. powell and the couple's three children our very best this morning, george. >> we certainly are. martha raddatz, thanks. robin? >> all right, george. we'll bring in dr. jha. he's the dean of the brown university school of public health. it's great to have you with us, dr. jha. first and foremost as also martha just alluded to, our condolences to the powell family. as we continue to think of them this morning, we know that colin powell was fully vaccinated, leading to some questions. what should people know, dr. jha? >> good morning. first of all, he really was a great american. i think all of us feel sad knowing his passing. what we know is these vaccines are working incredibly well, but they are not perfect.
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for people who are immunocompromised the way general powell was, they rely not just on the vaccine, which will not work as well for immunocompromised people, but they also count on the rest of us to keep infection rates low. unfortunately, we know that break through infections can happen, and for people who are vulnerable, it can be quite deadly. >> general powell was not the only breakthrough case. according to the cdc, of the more than 700,000 people who have died of covid, 7,000 of those deaths were breakthrough cases. how significant is the risk for those who are older and the immunocompromised. >> for people who have significant chronic illnesses, heart failure, kidney failure, for people who are immunocompromised battling cancer, a breakthrough infection can be quite serious. any infection can be serious. a mild urinary tract infection can become deadly. this is something that we know, and unfortunately, you know, with infection numbers raging as much as they are, we are going to see breakthroughs and for the vulnerable, it can be quite
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serious. >> we know that colin powell was not able to get his booster shot because he fell ill. how big a difference can boosters be for those who are older and immunocompromised? >> i think they can make quite a big difference. all the data we're seeing so far suggested boosters dramatically reduced that risk of having a breakthrough. with somebody who is immunocompromised, they again, may not be as beneficial. that's why we still need everybody else around them vaccinated so that they aren't exposed to the virus. >> dr. jha, as always, we appreciate your insight and guidance. thanks so much. michael? >> all right, robin. we have more now on the fight against covid and mixing and matching vaccines for eligible americans. matt gutman with the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the fda signaling that it will allow americans to choose a booster shot from a vaccine maker other
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than the one they originally received. abc news has learned that the fda will however recommend that the brand of the booster match that of their original vaccination. >> this potential new recommendation is a big deal because there are many patients that have been left in the dark and specifically those that received j&j are potentially interested in boosting with another vaccine. this allows for greater flexibility. >> reporter: that news follows a study released friday which showed that people vaccinated with the johnson & johnson vaccine saw their antibodies drop 76 fold after receiving a moderna booster as opposed to those who received a regular j&j booster who saw their antibodies raise by a factor of only 4. that as the fall out for the vaccine hesitant mounts. washington state university firing its head football coach and four assistants mid season for refusing to get vaccinated. and the nhl has now suspended san jose sharks forward vander kane for 21 games for submitting
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a fake vaccination card. the hockey veteran apologizing to teammates and fans saying, i made a mistake, one i sincerely regret and take responsibility for. that as protesters swamped the streets in california calling on other parents to reject governor newsom's vaccine mandate for all in-person students. >> this is just about freedom. having the freedom to not be forced to take a vaccine if we don't want it. >> reporter: but like most states, california requires ten other vaccinations for all in-person students. >> there's no long-term studies, data. this is way too new to mandate something. >> reporter: now that california mandate to vaccinate students 12 and up won't go into effect until january or july of next year, and so many of those parents who i spoke to said, well, my kid is in a low-risk category. doctors say that may be the case, but the delta variant has been especially dangerous and they say, that unvaccinated
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children can go on to infect people who are in a high-risk category like their own grandparents. robin? >> have to keep that in mind. matt, thank you. turning now to north korea test firing a suspected submarine ballistic missile. ian pannell is tracking the very latest on the launch. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah. good morning, robin. that's right. north korea firing one ballistic missile. described as likely designed for a submarine launch. it flew about 370 miles landing in the sea of japan, didn't hit anything. the launch coming just hours after the u.s. restated its offer to kick start diplomacy on the north's nuclear program. pyongyang gave mixed signals, on the one hand resuming direct communications with seoul and also launching repeated
7:15 am
missiles. in fact, this is the eighth test fire this year. experts in the south saying this could be a new mini submarine missile that pyongyang showcased last week. as for the u.s. and south korea now analyzing the type and the characteristics of that missile. george? >> ian, thanks very much. we have the latest now on former president trump's attempt to impede the congressional investigation into the january 6th insurrection. he's now suing the house committee to block the release of documents. jon karl is tracking the story. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. the january 6th committee has requested a wide range of documents to establish what donald trump and his aides were doing during the riot, and in the days leading up to the riot. those records, white house documents are now in the national archives. president biden has okayed their release, but in this lawsuit, trump's lawyers argue that none of the documents should be released writing the committee's request amounts to nothing less than vexatious illegal fishing expedition openly endorsing president biden and designed to unconstitutionally investigate president trump.
7:16 am
the republican leader of the committee released a statement accusing the former president of trying to obstruct the investigation saying, the former president's clear objective is to stop the senate committee from getting the facts about january 6th. his lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to delay and obstruct our investigation. george, this could set up a lengthy legal battle over the principle of executive privilege, and if not a victory for donald trump, what he wants, a delay in this investigation. >> that is part of the strategy. jon, thanks very much. michael? >> all right, george. we're going to turn to the nba which is set to tip off its new season tonight. t.j. holmes is here with what we can expect and who we won't see on the court. >> it's crazy to think this is the first time since 2018 that they've started a season expected to be normal. remember, 2019 cut off because of the pandemic, and then a bubble for the playoffs. 2020 season was then truncated and fans weren't in the stands. now full season, full arenas are what we expect. what we'll see tonight, the milwaukee bucks. the championship milwaukee bucks, and george's third cousin on his mama's side giannis antetokounmpo.
7:17 am
they picked up the first title in 50 years for milwaukee. they'll get their rings tonight, and they're kicking off the season against the nets. they are not the favorites for the season. the lakers are bigger and better favorites because lebron and crew picked up russell westbrook, an mvp caliber, triple-double threat. but the favorites are actually the brooklyn nets. they have the big three. right now it's two a a possible because kyrie irving is still not there because he is refusing to get the vaccine, but they are the favorites right now with kevin durant and james harden on that team, who superstars who can pull off the championship without kyrie. >> that's the elephant in the room. will we see kyrie this year? >> i won't believe it until i see a vaccine truck driving up to barclays center giving him the vaccine. he refused to get the vaccine, and he'll lose out on money, but
7:18 am
he says he's not anti-vaccine, but he's doing what's best for him. he says at this point he won't get the vaccine. >> making the decision. we'll see if they can match the wnba final. that's all i'm saying. we're following a lot of other headlines this morning including jury selection getting under way in the trial of the murder of ahmaud arbery. and scandal plagues south carolina lawyer alex murdaugh, accused of stealing insurance money. now to ginger. first snow, about an inch. dropped to 32 degrees in vermont. it's the highest point in vermont. it's a month beyond average. we are late, and even new jersey had their warmest start to fall. it is cold this morning, but don't worry. it warms right back up. let's get the tuesday trivia sponsored by amazon.
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning. crews are working on the finishing touches of the first vietnamese-american service center in the country. plans to create the center started in 2011 when a health assessment revealed the needs of the community. the center is at center and tully road and will offer health services and hold community events. grand opening is saturday. jobina: good morning, we are going to start in pleasanton where we still have a sig alert on southbound 680 two eastbound 580. a big rig is involved and gasoline his spilled on the roadway. in oakland, we have a new crash. speeds are down to six miles per
7:24 am
hour. lanes are blocked as well. our busy spot is the richmond bridge. reggie: we will check in with ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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late tonight. we have a marine layer over parts of the coastline right now. we will have increasing clouds ahead of our storm. a little bit warmer compared to yesterday, mid 60's to low 70's. we will bring the storm impact scale. the rain arrives after sunset in the north bay. it spreads south overnight. widespread rain for everybody. the winds do turn gusty of the south, over 20 miles per hour. reggie: the latest on the disgraced south carolina lawyer facing the judge today.
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hits it a ton, into right. at the wall, another grand slam. >> yep, another one. here on "gma," the boston red sox, their fans at fenway going crazy. that record-breaking grand slam, the third one for the team in this series with the astros. the third one. the first mlb team to ever hit three grand slams in a post-season series. >> it is what it is. you hit a grand slam like that, you deserve to win. >> they're getting old hat, those grand slams. >> they really are. we're following a lot of headlines this morning including
7:31 am
the delicate situation in haiti. the fbi has made contact with the gang suspected of kidnapping 17 missionaries, including 5 children as the gang seeks $17 million in ransom. tributes pouring in for former secretary of state colin powell who passed away from complications of covid. the 84-year-old had been receiving treatment for a rare blood cancer which affects the vaccination. and the fcc is vowing to crack down on unwanted text messages that have bombarded phones. we have more ahead including answers to your shopping and shipping questions ahead of the holiday season. what you can do to get the gifts you want for the holidays coming up. now is the second day of jury selection in the high stakes murder trial of three white men charged with killing ahmed arbery, the unarm black man who was out jogging. elwyn lopez has the latest this morning. good morning, elwyn.
7:32 am
>> reporter: good morning, michael. jury selection kicked off, and there has been and forth over what questions potential jurors could be asked. >> have you for any reason formed or expressed any opinion in regards to the guilt or the innocence of the accused? >> reporter: day two of the high stakes jury selection is under way as the three men charged with the killing of ahmaud arbery face trial. >> do you have any prejudice or bias resting on your mind either for or against the accused? >> reporter: attorneys for both sides questioning potential jurors about their knowledge of arbery's death, their attitudes on race in america, and the black lives matter movement and whether they believe they can remain impartial at the trial for travis and gregory mcmichael who along with their neighbor william roddie bryan. they are charged with murder, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment. >> please raise your hand if you believe that people of color are
7:33 am
not treated fairly in the criminal justice system. >> reporter: potential jurors also asked to complete this questionnaire about the video of arbery's shooting and the publicity in the case asking, have you commented on this case in the news or on social media? have you seen video of the shooting and if yes, how many times? the mcmichaels say they were acting under georgia's then citizens arrest law after they say they saw arbery inside of a home under construction. it wasn't until this year that that law was repealed. and it could take two weeks before all 12 jurors and 4 alternates are seated. the three defendants have pleaded not guilty to the charges. george? >> thank you, elwyn. we have the latest on alex murdaugh, the south carolina attorney facing a slew of investigations after the mysterious murder of his wife and son last year. he's due in court to face charges for using insurance money from his dead housekeeper. amy robach has the latest.
7:34 am
>> reporter: alex murdaugh was booked into a south carolina jail this weekend after his arrest in florida. he'll be heading to court as you said for a bond hearing, but those alleged financial crimes may be the least of his worries. this morning, alex murdaugh is due back in court. the 53-year-old was arrested last week accused of stealing millions of dollars in insurance money which was meant to go to the sons of his family's long-time housekeeper gloria satterfield. one of murdaugh's attorneys exclusively spoke to "gma" after he was arrested. >> does he admit that he stole this $3 million in settlement money? it was supposed to go to the sons of his housekeeper. >> he has indicated clearly he's going to try to right every wrong, every financial wrong and others that he may have committed. he's reconciled to the fact he's going to prison. he understands that. he's a lawyer, and he was a lawyer for 25 years. he gets it. >> reporter: satterfield died after a purported trip and fall
7:35 am
incident at the murdaugh south carolina home in 2018. according to the arrest warrant, murdaugh recommended a lawyer for satterfield's children to use to sue him for monetary compensation, but never told the family about the $4.3 million settlement that was negotiated on their behalf, most of which was put into a bank account for murdaugh's own use. murdaugh's wife and 22-year-old son were brutally murdered outside the family's home in june. their murders have not been solved, and no one has been charged in connection with their deaths. murdaugh faces two counts of obtaining property by false pretenses, a felony with the maximum penalty of ten years in prison. george? >> okay, amy, thanks very much. let's bring in our chief legal analyst dan abrams for more on this. this crime that he's facing now is a serious crime, but the least of his problems. >> right. this is a bizarre case. every day there's some new development where you say, wait
7:36 am
a second. he was actually maybe connected to this? think about what we just heard, is this idea that he gets a lawyer to sue him so that he can then get the insurance money, and then take it and keep it, the and that is the charge he's now facing. the new charge in connection with this case, but that investigation into his housekeeper and her death was not over. >> no surprise they've re-opened the investigation into the housekeeper's death. >> exactly. it's a result of this. it's a result of these financial shenanigans where they are say, wait a second. now they're looking back at how she died. remember this -- the theory was that she had tripped over the family dog and fallen down the stairs. i mean, just sort of stop and think about that for a minute, right? the notion that no one said, wait. what happened? so that's what they're now doing. they're now saying what happened? they're going back and looking at it in part because of inconsistent statements he made even about where she died.
7:37 am
so there are so many tentacles now to this investigation, and it just continues. >> he's also facing charges related to murder for hire plot. where does that stand? >> this is the incident on the side of the road where he says someone may have tried to kill him and it turns out he may have auf actually set it up. he's facing charges for that, insurance fraud. the other person involved is facing charges. we're not sure what happened in that incident because we were certain it seemed that he was shot, and now it seems he may not have even been shot at all. so there are so many questions here, but the most important investigations are with regard to the housekeeper's death, to his family's death. he's a possible person of interest in all of that. >> can you remember a case like this? >> this one is so bizarre in terms of the different twists and turns. >> yeah. >> i don't remember anything quite like this case. >> that's saying something. dan, thank you so much. coming up next, the supply chain strain. our "gma" experts on the cargo log jam.
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7:42 am
chain strain affecting everything from holiday shopping to everyday goods and services. lara spencer is with us. >> we have our panel with us on what's happening, and the strategies you should know about. abc's chief news business correspondent rebecca jarvis, becky worley, and our ecommerce editor tory johnson. the dream team to solve this for shoppers. i'll start with you, rebecca. what is causing this? >> this goes back a long time, lara. back to when everything shut down. factories were working, but americans were sitting on their couches and started shopping and they started buying so much stuff, and there was a sudden backlog because factories hadn't created items and there weren't enough people to bring the items to our homes and to homes across the world and now we find ourselves in the most important season of all. it is the holiday shopping season when we buy more ever.
7:43 am
not enough stuff has been created. it's sitting in those backlogs and you see those cargo ships robin just talked about. it's waiting to get into stores and there isn't enough of it as it stands. >> what should consumers expect moving forward? >> it's going to be a tough holiday season. a lot of big retailers like target and others have their own cargo ships, but other retailers don't have that kind of control and a lot of them are telling me they're getting cancellations for orders that were supposed to come in november. they're being told it's not coming until february. try and buy that for christmas. >> absolutely. becky, that's why we have you here. what can consumers and shoppers do as we head into the holidays? >> lara, if you have got to have it, let's start with how you find it. many big chains like best buy, and target, they may be soldout online, but that's their warehouse.
7:44 am
every store is a mini warehouse. there could be one sitting on a shelf. use the tools in their website to use pickup in store and keep changing the location to see if it's anywhere around you, but a big caveat, before you drive a long distance, call before you go there. it's like u.s. foreign policy, trust, but rare. >> nice reference there. are there any items that are easier to get right now than others? or just forget it? >> this time of year it's all about tech, and anything with a computer chip, yikes. let's talk about tech. start with apps that check stock from big stores. i tried one called hot stock, and it says the xbox series s gaming console was out of stock in target and walmart, but in stock in newegg. there's now a registry where you have to sign up for even a chance at incoming stock, lara. it's kind of a mess. >> time to get handy with the diy. tory, you have been talking about small businesses for ten years now in "deals & steals," and now more than ever, this is
7:45 am
the time to celebrate the small businesses, right? shop local. >> shop small. shop local if you can. i also, you know, i talk to small business owners, lara, every single day. they're concerned, obviously. they're wondering what they can do, and the first is constant communication. they have to be in touch with the shipper. they have to be in touch with retail partners and really up to date information and then they can take some matters into their own hands, focus on some of the things that they can control themselves because they cannot control this mess. so for example, if a retailer is going to cancel an order and you know that you have got goods you have to move, you can look at local popups, trunk shows, things that you can do locally to move merchandise. there's opportunities such as cross promotion. let's cross promote each other as small businesses and most importantly, i would say leverage social media. tiktok, instagram, facebook all have tools to sell directly sell
7:46 am
to consumers and follow the brands and the stores that you love on social media. >> i was going to just say because they -- this is a great opportunity for local businesses, but if they don't have the merchandise because of the supply chain shortage, they're in the same boat. >> yes. absolutely. but a lot of them are concerned they're going to get their inventory late, and stores have canceled their orders and they've got to sell. >> we're going to keep doing this, giving tips to our viewers. this was great. we'll have more of our supply chain solutions throughout the week, to help you get through the holiday season. thank you, lara. coming up, we have our "play of the day." what's going on? where's regina? hi, i'm ladonna. i invest in invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to the nasdaq-100 innovations, like real time cgi. okay... yeah... oh. don't worry i got it! become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
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♪ back now ♪ ♪ pump up the jam ♪ back now with our "play of the day," and there is no heads-up required for julio jones to make this remarkable catch. but he got a little help. tannehill fires it down the field, off the head of a player, and julio jones, superstar receiver makes an incredible catch. the body control, his focus on catching the ball and making sure you get both feet in bounds. drag that left foot, young man. he did it for a toe tap right there for the catch, and that helped the tennessee titans go on to beat the buffalo bills 34-21. >> i like it. >> i mean 34-31. great game last night.
7:51 am
coming up, we're celebrating ten years of "deals & steals." big celebration ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. reggie: good morning. i am reggie aqui. jobina fortson has a look at your traffic. jobina: we have a couple crashes causing problems for our commuters. we start in pleasanton, where the signal other is still in effect. it is in the process of clearing. what is not, oakland on the eastbound 580. look at all the red. speeds down to 70 miles per hour in the area. we had a car crash in that spot. the san mateo bridge as you travel westbound, very packed. >> we are tracking rain arriving late tonight. look at the temperature at the bottom of your screen. today, during the daylight hours, we are dry. increasing clouds. mostly cloudy by afternoon. mid-60's to low 70's. rain returns late tonight. level 1 storm on the storm
7:57 am
impact scale. reggie: thank you. coming up on gb -- dma, we already meeting the new bachelorette before tonight's premiere. another update in 30 minutes. until then, check our app
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the race against time to find the americans held hostage in haiti. now the fbi has made contact with the gang suspected of the abductions as new reports say the gang seeks $17 million in ransom. what will it take to free the missionaries? one-on-one with princess diana's brother. inside lord spencer's new best-selling book, and bringing us to the english countryside where they spent their childhood. jessica simpson back in charge. the superstar regaining complete ownership of her billion dollar fashion brand. how she took back control and what other business owners can learn from her story. ♪ meet your new bachelorette. michelle young on "gma" in her
8:01 am
first interview right before the dramatic new season kicks off. plus, our exclusive look at tonight's premiere. and our big celebration. ten years of "deals & steals." a decade of surprises with tory johnson. >> i can't believe these deals. >> from the food to the comfort. we're kicking off a whole week of deals. this morning, all $20 or less. it's all for the superfans as we say, good morning, america. ♪ can you believe it? >> i cannot believe that. >> tory johnson, so good at deals. >> and how she has helped so many small businesses in the process as well. good morning, america. we're going to talk about that. we have "deals & steals" of course, and also, we have a big announcement from country music star luke bryan. >> what he has to say later, but
8:02 am
first, a lot of news to get to this morning. starting with the latest on those kidnapped americans in haiti. the fbi has made contact with that dangerous gang suspected of abducting the missionaries. let's go back to marcus moore in port-au-prince with the latest. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: robin, good morning again to you. that urgent search entering a new phase jeovernight, and u.s. authorities are on the ground right now here in haiti working to find those 17 hostages who have been missing now for four days. new reports that the kidnapping gang that abducted 17 missionaries is seeking $17 million or $1 million her hostage according to "the wall street journal." u.s. state department officials on the ground as the crisis enters its fourth day. >> this is something that we have treated as -- with the utmost priority since saturday. >> reporter: 16 u.s. citizens including 5 children and 1 canadian among those kidnapped at a checkpoint after visiting
8:03 am
this orphanage. the group in haiti on behalf of christian aid ministries in ohio. the organization putting out a statement saying, quote, we continue to monitor the situation closely, and are in earnest prayer. a u.s. embassy official confirming to abc news that the fbi has made contact with the gang known as 400 mawozo. the gang considered one of the most dangerous in the country. as gangs control nearly half of the capital city, fear is consuming the country felt by many like godwin, a missionary from miami who has been in haiti for the last three years. >> people have been kidnapped left and right. we were able to identify the people that are getting kidnapped. but now it's totally random. i think everyone here in haiti has some sense of fear. >> reporter: missionaries we spoke to say that mass kidnappings like this are further proof that the street gangs that run much of this city right now have grown more and more confident. at the same time, protests are expected today, people calling for stability in the country.
8:04 am
>> which is much needed. thank you, marcus. george? we turn to colin powell who died yesterday from complications from covid-19. he was a washington national security adviser and secretary of state. i interviewed him back in 2015, and he reflected on the powerful changes in america over his lifetime. >> america is going through this transformation from where we were 50 or 60 years ago. you have to remember it was only about 60 or 70 years ago we had poll taxes, that we still had literacy tests in order to vote, that the voting places were only open two days a month for african-americans. so we've come a long way, but there's a long way to go, and we have to change the hearts and minds of americans, and i see progress especially in the younger generation. when i speak to young kids, when i look at my own young grandchildren, they're not of that past. tey're of the present. they're of the future. they understand the importance
8:05 am
of diversity. they understand the beauty of this wonderful country of ours, with all the different shades of people we have in this country. >> he is an optimist to his bones, and robin, as you know, he spent so much of his career after leaving public service focusing on building the american community, bridging divides. >> he did a wonderful job of that because he really on both sides of the aisle had respect, but in our tribute piece we had about him in the first hour, he wants to be remembered as a good soldier and family man, and that's what mattered to him most. >> he talked about the american transformation, and you can see it in his kids and grandkids, and the protests we've seen for social and racial justice. also, the young people showed up at the polls to vote. that's how you make change. what he spoke about, we're seeing it. >> he led the way of the transformation with his example. >> he did. >> credit to him. coming up, jessica simpson is taking full control of her billion dollar company. we'll tell you why she's making the move now. and you'll meet the new bachelorette. michelle young. we havea sneak peek of tonight's premiere.
8:06 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ nice shot of broadway right there. welcome back to "gma." tomorrow on "gma," we have got a great tell t.j. because we're surprising one lucky person with $1 million. >> a million? a >> a million bucks. >> all right. i'm tuning in. >> you're surprised to hear about it. they'll be surprised to get it. >> news to me.
8:11 am
how about our "gma" cover story? pop superstar jessica simpson now officially back in charge of her billion dollar empire. rebecca jarvis is back with how she did it, and what other business owners can learn from her experience. good morning again, rebecca. >> reporter: hey, robin. yeah. this is a company jessica simpson launched more than 15 years ago. now she says it means the absolute world to be able to take over complete ownership of my brand. >> this is, like, you. >> the brave me. >> reporter: this morning, entertainer turned business mogul jessica simpson is taking full control of her billion dollar brand alongside her mom, tina. ♪ jessica and her mom negotiating for full ownership with parent company sequential brands group who filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. jessica telling "footwear news," it means the absolute world to me to be able to take over complete ownership of my brand. after 16 years in business, i
8:12 am
feel ready to meet this next exciting phase with open arms. >> jessica simpson regaining control of her brand is ensuring that the brand jessica simpson doesn't lose value as it gets passed along from selling and reselling. >> reporter: the star also adding, i know the sky is the limit when my mom, our incredible team and i, lock into our customers completely. the brand founded in 2005 known for fun and flirty looks like these includes shoes, apparel, accessories and home goods. jessica telling "gma3" she wanted the brand to reflect all women. >> i wanted to celebrate every woman of every size. i have been a size 2 up to a 14. i wanted women to know that, you know, being perfect is not fun, and nobody can be. >> reporter: while jessica and her mom get back to running the to business, her experience reveals lessons for any business owner.
8:13 am
>> in most instances when you sign a licensing deal, you don't have control over where your name is going to go, what product it's going to get assigned to. now jessica and her mom will be able to make those decisions for themselves, and figure out what product is in line with her branding and maybe even extend it to a different product mix. >> reporter: another important bigger picture takeaway here is when you hear celebrities are worth millions of dollars, it's not because of their singing or acting. it's because of these businesses they've built. if you are looking for a business lesson in jessica simpson's story, you have to be willing to change and pivot in the face of evidence, lara. >> very good. thank you so much. turning now to the brand-new season of "the bachelorette" set to kick off tonight. kaylee hartung spoke with the bachelorette herself, michelle young, before the big premiere. hey, kaylee. >> reporter: it's sinking in for michelle young she's the next bachelorette. just days after filming, she jumped right back into her classroom teaching.
8:14 am
she says her fifth graders are keeping her grounded as she takes off on this wild ride. ♪ love 101 is in session. >> i have high expectations, but that's because i'm willing to do those things as well, and i do hand out some passing grades. do i hand out some failing grades too? at times. at times i do. >> reporter: michelle young, the former d-1 basketball player says her search for love is about having those tough conversations. >> after your experience on that season, what did you take away from that and bring with you through your own journey? >> my season is right off the bat, like, let's -- let's talk about life. i want to know what their thoughts are being with a biracial woman or, you know, someone who is a teacher or all these different controversies or pain we're surrounded by. i wanted to know how someone would handle that. >> reporter: leaving her
8:15 am
classroom to give these men a lesson in earning an a plus and a rose. do we see you fall in love? >> i stuck to my guns. i stuck to who i was in every single moment, and i'm in love with where i'm at right now. >> reporter: did your students give you any advice heading into this experience? >> the thing that just touched me the most is genuinely how much they just want me to find my person. i just remember a student saying, like, miss young, i just want you to find someone who treats you well, and how can that not touch you? >> reporter: did you burst into tears? >> almost. i almost did. >> reporter: "gma" has an exclusive look ahead of tonight's premiere. >> i saw some notes about how to get the most screen time, and so the notes are in your room? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: help us get to know the men. let's play a speed round. >> okay. >> who is the most attractive? >> martin. >> who is the best kisser? >> nate. >> who did you go on the best date with? >> jamie.
8:16 am
>> who had the best entrance? >> rick. >> we're going to show a couple of photos of the guys. first thing to comes to mind when you see them. nate. >> tall. >> chris. >> sweet. >> romeo. >> comical. >> maybe he makes you his juliet. >> maybe, you know? >> reporter: the sparks, the excitement, and the drama. you will see it all on night one, and michelle says we will see her get hurt on this journey. there will be tears. we don't know how this ends, but today, she promises she is genuinely happy. lara? >> that's good to hear. thank you. you can see the special two-hour premiere of "the bachelorette" tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. thanks, kaylee. we turn to michael wolff known for his best-sellers about donald trump. he's out with a new book called "too famous: the rich, the powerful, the wishful, the notorious, the damned" which includes conversations with the notorious sex offender jeffrey
8:17 am
epstein. deborah roberts sat down with him. good morning, deborah. >> reporter: michael wolff sat down with some of the biggest names in politics, and business titans. this is the one thing they all have in common. they've all paid a hefty price for fame. in his new book, "too famous," michael wolff says an intoxicating thirst for that bright light of fame has sent people spiraling. >> everybody always wants more, and more is what leads to "too famous" and destruction. >> is fame necessarily corrosive? >> yeah. i think it is. it is often ruinous. >> reporter: his list of two famous subjects including donald trump, rudy giuliani, hillary clinton and convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein. >> epstein proposed that i write a book about him and he give me access to him on a frequent basis, access to what was going on in his house.
8:18 am
so i kind of -- >> you were a guest in his home? >> yes. i'm not sure anyone who i'm writing about quite makes the distinction about whether i am, you know, a fly on the wall or a guest at the banquet. >> reporter: wolff claiming that in 2019 he was in the room and recorded this never released audio as political operative steve bannon tried to media train epstein for a potential television interview. >> machine never interested me. >> money never interested you? >> no. money to me is only numbers. >> how many houses do you have? >> i don't know. >> you don't know how many houses you have? >> no. >> bannon disputes your account in the recordings and even told "the new york times" that he did no media training for epstein, that the interviews were about a documentary. >> well, it's just not true, and the entire discussion was -- was about -- about media training. >> reporter: he says epstein was matter of fact about the young
8:19 am
women in his life saying that some lied about their ages. did epstein realize that people thought of him as a predator, as a bad guy? > oh, yes. absolutely. >> he had a grasp of that? >> incredibly. >> reporter: wolff is no stranger to controversy himself, and has faced criticism for not attributing to sources. do you consider yourself a journalist or a writer? >> i consider myself a writer. i want to bring you into the experience. i want you to believe you are in the room. >> what makes them talk to you? >> i have no idea. >> are you shocked that sometimes they sit and talk to you? >> always. >> reporter: and despite the often brutal portrayals of his subjects, wolff says that "too famous" sought him out anyway to write about them like harvey weinstein. >> he said, come down to the show, the trial. it would be really good. you'll really like it. >> he really called it a show? >> yeah, i know. we'll arrange good seats. the whole thing. as if it's a premiere, and i said, harvey, i'm not going to write a book about you, and he says, you know, you think i'm a
8:20 am
nice guy, but -- but, you know, i can -- i can turn into michael corleone like that, and minutes later i started getting texts from harvey. i didn't mean it. i'm so sorry, and he has no idea that this is unacceptable, crazy behavior. >> because he became too famous? >> exactly. >> reporter: michael wolff's new book is out today, and he tells me he's already working on the next one, and no surprise, it includes more prominent names. george? >> okay, deborah. thanks very much. let's go to ginger. >> and george, sacramento, california went 212 days without rain. that is the longest stretch on record. much of california, 87%, is in extreme drought meaning the second highest level.
8:21 am
so they are in a bad place, but there is good news. the reservoir getting built up, snow. mammoth mountain getting six inches and there's more where ame from. a parade of storms is about to hit the west coast, and that is going to not only impact part of the sierra, but into the rockies. you can see 2 to 3 feet in parts of utah into wyoming. back in california, you can see 2 to even 4 inches of rain north of the bay area. that is incredibly hopeful, hopefully not coming too quickly. some of the storms with a lot of wind with them too, and in utah, a lot of people on the snowboards and skis.
8:22 am
now to princess diana's brother lord spencer taking us inside his thrilling new book called "the white ship" which is out this morning in the u.s. he describes it as "titanic" meets "game of thrones." maggie rulli spent time with him in the english countryside. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: hey, michael. good morning. we were welcomed inside his home. michael, it's a place so beautiful it's said to be the inspiration behind the house in "bridgerton." so yes, this is such a special morning. lord spencer opened up to us not only about that new book, but growing up there with his family. surrounded by rolling hills and wildlife in the heart of the english countryside, the house, home to the spencer family for the past five centuries. now in charge, charles spencer, princess diana's brother, the
8:23 am
ninth earl. >> i think of this as the family hq, and the flag as the band i guess which we have had for 500 years. >> reporter: he's welcomed us inside his family's home to talk about his new book, "the white ship," the story of an ancient ship wreck that killed the heir to the british throne changing the course of english history, arguably one of the greatest disasters england has ever suffered. >> it's quite a difficult pitch to say there's a ship that went down 900 years ago and have somebody really get it. so i cut to the chase and i said, essentially, this is "titanic" meets "game of thrones" with an element of sliding doors thrown in. the story is timeless, and nationless, you know, this is something that could happen to anyone anywhere. >> reporter: taking inspiration from the history that surrounds him, his latest book is a uk best-seller. >> i love history and giving it to a wider population. fe, things that i think are ut c worthy of memory.
8:24 am
>> reporter: what a place to be able to work and write your books in. >> it's incredibly lucky. there isn't a day that goes by where i don't realize that this is really something. >> reporter: it was on this very ground where he spent much of his childhood, including precious moments with his sister, diana. what is it like for you to know that your home is place that honors your sister's legacy? >> i think it's really important, and it's important people remember her so happily. this is a family home with a very rich history over 500 years, but of course, you know, diana is the one to be remembered in 500 years' time. >> reporter: and tonight, there will be a party at kensington palace. celebrating that princess diana statue hosted by prince william. you can get your copy of "the white ship" starting today. guys? >> all right, maggie. thank you so much as always. coming up, we are celebrating ten years of "deals & steals." of course, we're doing it with some incredible bargains. there's our girl, tory.
8:25 am
>> go, tory! >> announcer: "gma" thursday, you're going to just love this. ♪ >> announcer: the zac brown band lighting up your morning. thursday only on "good morning america" sponsored by carmax.
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8:27 am
announcer: building a better bay ar, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: i am kumasi aaron. checking in with jobina on the roadways. jobina: pretty big backup in oakland. starting off with the 880 at the coliseum camera because we have a crash past high street. speeds under the lemon and no estimated time as to when lanes will reopen. i want to take you to the sig alert as well in pleasanton southbound 680 to eastbound 580 still in effect. kumasi: thanks.
8:28 am
8:29 am
drew: live look outside from the east bay hills camera. partly cloudy skies throughout the day and they will increase ahead of rain returning later tonight. highs today mid-60's to low 70's under increasing cloud cover. we will track that rain later after the sun goes down. storm impacts with the level 1 storm lingering into wednesday. widespread rain and everyone will see showers the next 24 hours. pockets of downpours and the wind is gusty out of the south at 20 miles per hour. have the raingear later today. kumasi: thank you. we have another abc 7 news
8:30 am
update. you can always find the latest on the news update and abc7 good morning, america. it's luke bryan here, and guess what? i'm hosting the 55th annual cma awards on november 10th. make sure you tune in because there's no telling what i'm going to be up to. it's going to be a wonderful night of music. tune in only on abc. >> say it ain't so, luke bryan. that's big news from the country music superstar. we cannot wait to watch him. you guys can watch him as well. the 55th cma awards and of course, "gma" will be there. you can watch on wednesday, november the 10th right here on abc. >> maybe he'll do his shimmy. the shimmy thing he does. lara, you know what i'm talking about. >> i do indeed. i'll be there too, and i'll ask him to do it just for you.
8:31 am
right now we're doing something for all of you, our viewers. it is time for our big celebration, our tenth anniversary of "deals & steals." we enable you to treat yourself to amazing items at accessible pricing and so many small business owners have been helped by you, tory johnson, so we thank you for all the work that you have done, and george, to answer your question from earlier, tory did the math. she has actually helped save our viewers more than a billion dollars in the ten years of doing this. >> tory, take a day off. you earned it. >> we need her. >> thank you. >> especially right now because we have so much to offer, but first, one of our very favorite "deals & steals" superfans has a message just for you. it's from michael's mommy. >> this is louise here. just want to say congratulations to you on your tenth year of "deals & steals." i love everything that you show. so keep up the good work, and take care of yourself. bye.
8:32 am
>> i love me some louise. we talk on the phone. she is my favorite. so thank you for that. >> she is a big consumer. >> she is. >> she is. you save money. she spent money. hats off to you, tor. so many deals and so many memories like this one from 2020. you guys know i'm a little klutzy. tory asked me to do some spinning and there we go. that's not going to happen today, tory, though. >> that's right. we're told that everything is glued down. >> it's taped down. they knew that i was doing this with you. it's time to begin, and we'll start with one of your favorites. deals that are only $20 or less. you can get them all right now by pointing your cell phone at the camera at the qr code. it stays intact. >> good job. we're starting with the honest baby clothing company. what's great about this is there patterns that make you smile. organic cotton for babies so they're super soft.
8:33 am
bedtime, play time, any time. these patterns are amazing. we've got the little ones from 12 to 24 months. plus, we have the two-piece sets for 2 to 5-year-olds. they're amazing and a really great deal because everything you'll see today is 50% off and start at $7.50. >> deal number two, under $20. i love this. save the environment and get the deals. >> i hope ginger is paying attention here. this is what you love. it's your sleek new kitchen accessory. what's great about these is you can store, freeze, steam or transport right in the same bag. they also stand upright which is great when putting them in the refrigerator. they are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. five sheet colors, five very accessible sizes as well. they come in pairs. a two-pack starts at $10. >> nicely done. >> good one. >> deal number three. absolutely. under $20.
8:34 am
>> this is southern elegance candle company. what i love is they are a community-based business that sources the majority of everything that it needs to make these candles and jumbo wax, and that's from other local southern businesses started by a mom, former military spouse, educator. i mean, she has really kind of done it all, and has poured her heart and soul into this company. one of her favorites is this one. >> i can smell something. >> i don't know if you can mix it up, but that is sweet potato and brown sugar and this starts today at $5. >> thank you, tory. >> that's a good one. >> there we go. >> next up. >> unveiling it. >> for hands and feet. lara, you pop this into a microwave for two minutes and wear it for ten on hands or feet, and it's a spa-like therapeutic experience at home, and now we have a new way to enhance the experience with the infusions here. they're vitamin-rich aromatherapy.
8:35 am
there's eucalyptus spa, creamy vanilla. there's a clementine. all the products smell so good, but they leave your hands buttery soft, or your feet. they start at $10, and you get four treatments per box. >> let's do it. more, more, more. are these classy treasures? >> yes, they are. >> chargers. >> chargers. there's no more charger confusion where i think that charger is yours. no, no, no it's mine. when your initial is on it, you claim your cord. so you choose the letter as well as the pattern. it's so smart. it comes with the charger as well as the cable so that you're all set no matter where you go. it'll work with any usb device. this is a good one to stock up for the holidays. >> a great holiday gift. yes. the chain solutions right here, tory. last but certainly not least. >> this is kelvin. it's called the glamsocket, and so they call it plugable art because they look really pretty on the front of them, but what's really awesome about these is
8:36 am
you get multiple outlets. three outlets, usb, and it has the shelf, so many times your phone is either sitting on the countertop or the floor, depending on where your outlet is. you get to keep it up like this, and looks good, and no more fighting for that single outlet. these today are $17.50, and i want to say, lara, i was really nervous coming into the studio for the first time. you don't have reva. i don't have my home setup. we did it. >> we'll change that, tory. i'm answering. reva will be here for the next "deals & steals." thank you, tory live and in-person. thank you for the deals. we have partnered with all the companies on these deals. go to our website,, and we are celebrating ten years of "deals & steals." happy anniversary, tory. guys, you didn't tell me that was coming. michael, i'm throwing it to you.
8:37 am
>> we didn't know that was coming either. thank you, lara. coming up, we have the cast of the new show, "queens." we'll talk about what it means to be hip-hop royalty. ♪ ns to be hip-hop royalty. ♪ ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones. and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition.
8:38 am
like all of it. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:39 am
♪ mm-hmm. can we get -- she was doing this and all that. we got the cast of "queens."
8:40 am
the new musical ama unhihop lend deb, you had a chance to sit down with them. >> reporter: and they are so cool, robin. which is a series which celebrates a woman's evolution. "queens" is all about real women who have lived and learned and are reclaiming their power. ♪ their voices defined a generation of pop and hip-hop sounds with hits like "the boy is mine." ♪ "who's that girl." ♪ and "no more." ♪ brandi, eve, and actress nadine velasquez lighting up the screen in "queens," a tv music drama about a rap group trying to make a comeback. what does it mean to be a queen? >> i think just being a woman period automatically makes you a queen. eve said something awhile back about being authentic and loyal and unapologetic.
8:41 am
>> i think a real queen recognizes a fellow queen. >> reporter: the new series offering the singers a chance to revisit their roots while sharing their musical gifts. >> they just held the space, made it super safe because for me that's -- i'm completely insecure about the music and the dancing, right? it's not something that's -- i'm confident about yet. >> reporter: your character now is a far cry from moesha. hard edges and a little bit rough in terms of how she comes across. how difficult was that for you? >> acting is just challenging for me, period. it's not my first love. music is my first love, but it was a challenge. i love a challenge and i love when i'm able to overcome it and give it all i got. >> reporter: "queens" tackling very real subjects about living authentically. one character coming out. >> she is this very conservative devout catholic woman who grew up in a religious home.
8:42 am
she's dealing with, like, oh, how do i come out and be a catholic? how do i deal with, you know, sexuality and still say i love god? it's really important to play a character like this that you can see -- other people can say, i see myself. maybe i should be unafraid to live my truth. >> reporter: the chemistry off set just as real as on. >> that is the one thing i say as an actress. it's hard to fake. women, even sometimes women of color, we're often pinned against each other. >> yes. >> we're often put in positions, that you can be the only one. we're trying to obliterate that concept. >> what i love about the show is that it's about having a voice together and lifting each other up, and like you said the collaboration, not the competition. >> it's queens against the world. >> reporter: the queens wearing their crowns proudly to send the message -- >> trust your instincts. you know more than you think. the other one is, you're going to be okay, like, you're going to be okay.
8:43 am
>> reporter: eve clearly more than okay. >> it's amazing. it's -- honestly it's still almost like a dream to be honest. >> reporter: the grammy-winning singer revealing that after years of fertility struggles, she's finally expecting a baby next february. so how are you going to rap with the pregnant -- >> oh my goodness. we've recorded songs now that i have been on the show. >> baby knows all the lyrics. >> baby knows all the lyrics, child. baby knows all the songs. >> we're so happy for eve and i know that journey of fertility struggle so the cast is throwing their arms around her. really, really a great group of women, and they are celebrating and their premiere is tonight on abc. >> you also are one that you wear your crown proudly, my queen. that's what you do. >> hold your heads up high. >> thank you for bringing this. much more on "nightline"? >> that's right. >> we'll celebrate more on "nightline" tonight with deborah roberts. now ging.
8:44 am
it has been warm. chicago to augusta, maine, and there are many cities that saw their warmest first half of meteorological fall, but look at that freezing fog. looks halloweenish. we thought that looked good, but the cold doesn't stick around for long. look at the numbers this morning. columbus, 43. we will see that ridge slide over the east coast. so if you didn't get enough, you can get it in. back into the mid 70s we go in new york city by tomorrow, philadelphia, you too. let's ge and lara's recovering from the confetti gun. now for "pop news." it took a moment.rge.-
8:45 am
i'm ready. we begin with some "dancing" news. grease was the word. all the couples dancing to songs from the '78 classic movie, and there were guest appearances. olivia newton-john, and dee dee kahn appearing remotely along with the one and only frankie avalon who sang "beauty school dropout" live. the dance to that got the second highest score of the night, and we got cheers with jojo siwa and jenna's foxtrot. the pair awarded the first perfect scores of the season. all tens for them, but not so much for sporty spice. mel c. and her partner despite good scores, it was the same thing for olivia jade. they were the middle of the pack, but the fan voting must not have been there. they narrowly escaped getting the hook. it was shumpert who had the lowest score, but managed to survive. all the dancing drama, oh, yes.
8:46 am
it continues next monday, 8:00 p.m. right here. >> mel c., no. >> i know. she did such a good job. the fans have a big say. >> it doesn't matter. >> crazy. anyway, i'm sorry. it's effects from the confetti. also this morning, adele didn't go easy on the charts with her most recent single. spotify saying "easy on me" became the most streamed song in a single day. 4 million listeners, a lot of them right here while amazon music revealed that it had the most first day alexa song requests in amazon music history. i didn't know they followed that. adele isn't going easy on her taste buds either. nice transition. she's leaning into her roots and nailing this hilarious taste test, a british food for "vogue" magazine. look at this video.
8:47 am
>> mine is a match. i don't normally feel my food up by the way. is it -- oh, bacon. it's bacon. mm-hmm. beyonce has sauce in her bag. i have heinz ketchup. >> she also revealed that her all-time favorite british dish is a roast because it's her son's favorite. she is on the cover of british and american "vogue" available on newsstands right now. >> she has a wicked sense of humor. >> so lovely and charming and talented. finally this morning, so special. animated oprah. oprah is getting her story told in a children's book. isn't that cute? it's part of author brad meltzer's picture book series, ordinary people change the world. it's called "i am oprah." it tells the story of her
8:48 am
childhood to her success today, and lessons about perseverance and acceptance. something oprah has taught us a lot about over her incredible career, and the best part we think is if we turned the pages, look at that. you'll see an illustration of a group of trailblazing women and who's that? who's that one in the orange there? oh, that's robin. 4robin roberts. look at you. alongside gwen ifill, and carole simpson. everyone has a story to tell. congratulations. >> i'm honored to be in that group. i know them well. >> cartoon. >> i think of gwen ifill. carole simpson? abc news and her little sign why you have. she goes, carole simpson. carole simpson. she is a hoot. michelle norris and everybody. >> happy to share that.
8:49 am
>> thank you, lara. coming up, a biographer saying harry and meghan gave the royal family a wakeup call.
8:50 am
8:51 am
we're back now with meghan and the unmasking of the monarchy. the updated biography of meghan markle since her move to california by andrew morton. kaylee hartung sat down with him. >> reporter: now acclaimed royal biographer andrew morton explaining the duchess' experience in "meghan" and the unmasking of the monarchy. revising his best-selling profile released in 2018 with three new chapters. >> she's gone from a cable actress to this international superstar, the most googled woman of the last couple of years. >> what do you think is the biggest misconception people have about meghan? >> i think that people think she was more in control of their lives inside the royal family
8:52 am
when really the one who was the expert was prince harry. she was to defer to him, and often got the blame for things that have gone wrong. >> reporter: morton says we're watching history repeating itself. >> laura simpson was blamed for the abdication. meghan markle is blamed for harry coming to hollywood when ironically it was harry who was very keen to do an interview with oprah. >> it's not going to be given a title and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born. >> what? >> reporter: that jaw-dropping interview watched by more than 17 million people around the world when it was first broadcast eight months ago. >> they gave the royal family a wakeup call. >> reporter: meghan revealing her struggles inside the palace walls. the couple even suggesting racism within the monarchy. >> we live in a world where the color of the skin is taken into account. she's too articulate, too strong, but sadly for meghan, there's a narrative that's built
8:53 am
up that's negative towards her. >> reporter: morton, the author who princess diana trusted to tell her life story did not have meghan's cooperation for this book, but observes striking similarities between the two women. >> meghan's gone from duchess dazzling to duchess difficult. the same trajectory from princess diana. both are struggliing mentally ad emotionally while being pregnant, and life inside this goldfish bowl of the royal family. >> do you think it will end in that happy ending? >> i think it has to end in a happy ending. >> reporter: there's a celebration of the queen's platinum year. for meghan and harry, andrew morton says no one wants to see the sussexes steal the show, michael. >> i'm sure they don't. thank you so much. stay right there, everybody. we'll be right back. i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®,
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guys, you didn't tell me that was coming. >> we had to see that one more time.
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alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: i am kumasi aaron. here is jobina with a look at the traffic. jobina: northbound traffic on 880 looking good in oakland. this is 880 at the coliseum but speaking of 880, if you are moving close to the toll plaza, we have a car fire reported southbound 880 past west grand. drew: we are tracking rain later tonight. live look from the santa cruz camera. partly cloudy skies upstairs. we anticipate increasing clouds throughout the day. during the daylight hours it is dry. it 60's to lower 70's so warmer compared to yesterday. storm impact comes back tonight into wednesday. level 1 light system. kumasi: thank you. time for live with kelly and
9:00 am
ryan and we will be back at 11:00 for midday live. we hope to see you then. ♪ >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new series, "queens," eve. plus, we will meet the new bachelorette, michelle young. and find out how you can be part of our halloween special. all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> ryan: had! >> kelly: oh, look at that. hi, deja. hello. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> kelly: oath. oh. >> ryan: get you going on this


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