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deadly fall at the chase center (music) ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ ♪ and i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky ♪ ♪ also on the faces of people going by ♪ ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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involves a woman who has followed then run over. i'll tell community members helped catch a suspect anti-vaccine and anti-lgbtq when the south bay a group going after the los gatus mayor and her family tracking a series of storms with live doppler 7 one with an atmospheric river hour by hour forecast coming up the recoil election for three san francisco school board members is officially on the books what parents teachers and one in battle school board member think special election abc 7 news starts right now building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. group is taking aim at the town of los gatos' mayor and her family until this weekend
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several angry exchanges had happened at council meetings, but new at 11 another video shows one critic outside. the mayor's home. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm a dates tonight abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo spoke to a south bay lawmaker who says something needs to change. this town we don't want you here. this 94 second video captures a small portion of what los gatos mayor marikosayok and her family faced early saturday morning a woman was outside the family's home criticizing what she called. the mayor's quote sick ideologies referencing mayor scion support for the lgbtq community. a few people who identified themselves as residents pushed back. number of issues, but it's the level of anger in these exchanges what some are describing as hatred leading to
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concern madam sayoc you are not god one group has been extremely vocal about policies surrounding vaccinations for police officers when member going as far as making personal comments. the mayor's son mr. scholls you this is an appropriate. these are volunteers more or less volunteers who want to serve their community, but that does not come at the cost of then having your children and your family members subjected to the vitriol in the public discourse assembly member evan lo's office says the group has shut down multiple public meetings after the town installed these rainbow stripes at crosswalks near town hall beyond the group's disdain for the lgbtq community lowe's no coincidence. the attacks are aimed at mayor sauck the only person of color on council. on the council who have
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violence. thus far would have said more we've reached out to the mayor and other town leaders, but have not heard back in los gatos. i'm amanda del castillo abc 7 news. take a look at this time lapse of snow moving into lake tahoe overnight into today truckee saw its first storm of the year just as we were seeing rain here abc 7 news meteorologist. andy patel is here with the timeline of when more rain we'll be moving in san diego. yeah. i'm right around this time. we'll be seeing rain across most of the bay area. i want to show you our chances of pain, there's a storm impact scale every single day for the next seven days one's for the next five days twos for sunday and monday as an atmospheric river. is expected now as you look at the eastern pacific the storms are lined up. it's a parade of storms. the next one is light system. it comes in tomorrow night going into early wednesday and as you look at the timeline here moderate to heavy rain eight o'clock tomorrow night in the north bay a 10 pm starting to slide into san francisco and the east bay was scattered showers
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continuing into wednesday now, that's not the only storm. we're going to take this right on through monday and look at these total. i mean if that atmospheric river materializes we're talking inches as far as rain well over a half a foot in the north bay stay tuned. i'll be back with the full look at the accuweather 7-day forecast dan remarkable and much needed savior. thank you very much. well, we could have more power problems as a result. pg&e is still working to restore power to hundreds of customers across the bay area. this is a pg&e map of the outages showing the greatest concentration of outages right now most of them. the east bay and the peninsula a pg&e spokesperson tells us something called mud. phenomenon was responsible for the majority of the power pole fires and outages last night. it happens after dirt and debris build up on the equipment over the summertime and then the trouble starts when the first rain arrives that come like a mud and mud. his situations will sometimes ss
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see coal fires and outages related to that. pg&e is trying to limit the problem with a pole washing program. it recently launched about 2,000 poles mostly in richmond. and remember you can always check live doppler 7 and the weather conditions where you live on our abc 7 news app, it's free to download and the app store just search abc 7 news bay area in the east bay a woman is dead after a driver ran her over in oakland this morning. the city official says it appears the woman was breaking into cars near miller avenue in foothill boulevard beforehand and someone got about that to abc 7 news reporter jr. stone has more new details and surveillance video. this is all new video of a woman crossing the street moments before. called crashes into her we've the video right before the pack that proved to be fatal. it's a sad i'd come out and any time anyone loses their life, but it clearly what the person was doing was, you know, breaking into people's automobiles from my
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understanding oakland city councilmember noel gallo lives nearby and says what happened here is tragic and an example of some in oakland who are now taking the law into their own hands this in a year where there have been well over a hundred homicides gallo says he was told the driver. came after the woman who either attempted to or broke into his car the individual got upset trying to because she was trying to break in his and he went after her and ran her over and killed her names of the suspect and victim of not been released, but other neighbors tell us it was clear that the driver was pursuing the woman and that the woman was trying to get away from him the video you can see the driver was in the wrong lane when he crashed into her eventually continued driving away with the help of that surveillance video. only took police around an hour to find that vehicle and then make an arrest in alameda county jr. stone abc 7 news a second wom died in oakland less than an hour later. she was found shot to death in
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an area of the oakland hills that's popular with hikers and cyclists. our media partner the east bay times reports a bicyclist discovered the woman's body this morning on redwood road inside reinhardt redwood regional park. one person died and two others were in separate falls during the fish concert at san francisco's chase center police. say a man died just before nine last night during the jam band's show, but they're not releasing details on exactly how he fell they say there does not appear to be foul play involved less than an hour later another man fell onto someone else both went to the hospital. they are expected to recover. in covid-19 headlines coronavirus infections are falling across the country with the number of daily cases dropping by 50% since september 1st. it's mostly because of declines and states like, florida, texas, louisiana and mississippi, california is now the only state in the nation where the level of community spread is moderate and get a shot and you can sign up for four years of tuition at san
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francisco state to only san francisco residents qualify for the offer. the fda is now planning to allow americans to mix and match their booster shots a source tells abc at the fda will still recommend that people get boosters that match their original doses but vaccine providers could use their discretion to offer a different brand a study released friday shows that people given the moderna vaccine after first getting the johnson & johnson shot could raise their anti-bottle antibody levels by 76 percent two rohnert park middle schools were on lockdown for nearly three hours this because of a mountain lion on the prowl public safety officials were able to locate and capture the female lion near a creek officials say it was in its normal habitat and was tranquilized so it could be safely removed from the area. the line was taken to sonoma wildlife rescue in the south bay now crews are working on the finishing touches at the first vietnamese american service center anywhere in the country plans to create the center in
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san jose started in 2011 when a health assessment revealed the needs of the local vietnamese. unity the first wave of vietnamese arrived in santa clara county about 40 ago when the county now has the second largest vietnamese community anywhere in the us state senator dave cortese helped launch the project and says the center has one main goal delivered to the vietnamese american community here really after over 40 years the same things that everyone else wants but in a very specific way based on on their needs. the center is located at center and tully road and will offer health services and hold community events as well a grand opening is set for saturday. paying tribute to colin powell a look back at his trail. blazing military career and his time spent here in the bay area. san francisco will be casting their ballots come february and effort to recall several school board members is moving forward. also here a san jose sharks player found to have violated
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covid protocols the response
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filled with high-stakes controversy three san francisco school board members will officially face a recall vote next year abc 7 news reporter kate larsen explains. there's still debate about what prompted the the recall effort in the first place. fed up with distance learning which left his two sons suffering from depression as if usd parents chivalrage launched a campaign to recall the district school board the fact that tomiah kids have fallen so far behind and throughout all of this. we saw the school board basically sit back and practically do nothing to help the situation and in fact if anything you the time and energy doing political gimmicky stuff like rename schools and etc and not focus on the practical things that mattered to our parents and community six months in 240,000 signatures later the petitions to recall board of education members alison collins, gabriella lopez and falgo. maliga are certified the special election will be held on february 15th 2022. it's kind of the one bright shining ray of hope in a school in a school district that's been struggling through corporate crisis. prices over the last year frank
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laura is the executive vice president of united educators of san francisco the union that used to represent lopez collins in la liga when they were teachers. he says the recall is anti-democratic it continues for us to distract from the very real need in education right now, which is dealing with massive, you know resignations and lack of pay students really needing social emotional support but in 20 years if usd teacher who doesn't want to be identified for fear of school board retribution is now upset with the union because he never received a survey about teacher's thoughts on the recall and school board utter and complete chaos. i didn't even receive my air purifier in the classroom until two months after school started so many teachers and administrators who are definitely in support of this recall collins and lopez have not returned our requests for comment in a statement moleiga said the attempt to recall me is motivated by politics.
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not education policy kate larsen abc 7 news voters in san francisco could go to the polls at least four times next year in addition to the school board recall that we just talked about voters will also decide on a new assessor recorder on february 15th a general election to replace outgoing assembly member david chu as possible in april, depending on when the governor sets the date. the statewide primary will be june 7th and on november 8th, california's general elections will be held. east bay school bus service for berkeley elementary school students is suspended. that's because 11 drivers have been exposed to covid most of them at the city's transportation department some 1400 children rely on the bus service. it's unavailable monday through thursday while exposed staff members remaining quarantine. the district says it didn't see any significant change in attendance today. colin powell the first black secretary of state has died as you've probably heard today after a battle with covid-19 the 84 year old husband and father
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also had a rare blood cancer that weakened his immune system abc news reporter ike ijaci has more now on powell's trailblazing life and career. after four decades of public service former secretary of state and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff colin powell the first black man to hold each of those positions died monday morning due to complications from covid-19 among other health issues. he was fully vaccinated in a statement the powell family. thanking the medical staff at walter reed writing we have lost a remarkable and loving husband father grandfather and great american former president george w bush acknowledging the passing of his former secretary of state writing laura and i are deeply saddened by the death of colin. he was a great public servant general powell is an american hero. in american example and a great american story that story starting in harlem where he was born of jamaican parents growing up in the south bronx eventually
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graduating from city college of new york powell entering the army through rotc as a young second lieutenant. he served two decorated combat tours in vietnam later serving as a national security adviser to president ronald reagan at the end of the cold war. he served under four presidents highlighted by his appointment to secretary of state under president george w bush, but his service was not without controversy powell was heavily criticized around the world for his speech at the united nations in 2003 attempting to justify the us invasion of iraq. there can be no doubt that saddam hussein has biological weapons. those weapons were never found powell said his speech about iraq having wmds was an intelligence failure still highly regarded by america's political leaders receiving the presidential medal of freedom twice. it's not only a dear friend in the patriots one of our great military leaders in a man overwhelming decisions like a joachi abc news, washington. and one more note on this i had the opportunity to have a
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conversation with colin powell at the commonwealth club back in 2012 powell visited the bay area several times before and after his time as secretary of state and we had a good bit of time. together during that appearance and i was struck by his incredibly intelligent incredibly dignified but also very warm and and a great deal of was a great. on an easy to talk with yeah, it was very shocking news to hear that today. all right, we turn our attention now to the weather which has definitely turned dan big time. we have been waiting for some serious rain in sandy. i guess it's coming. yeah. absolutely. dananama. we have several systems that are become coming through here three to be precise over the next seven days and we'll be looking forward. to that rain, but there are some things i need to alert you to slippery roads ponding on the roadways dusty winds at times and if that atmospheric river comes through sunday monday could see debris flows in burn scar areas. so we'll be keeping a close eye on that for you as you take a look at live. 7 there is our next storm.
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it is just really a classic winter storm as you will notice here. so let's show you the rainfall totals from the last system. well, it was nothing to write home about but we didn't expect a whole lot trace amounts from the south bay all the way to about two-tenths of an inch in ukiah. i think the next storm is going to bring us more rain than that 40s and 50s certainly leaving a chill behind today's highs were a good 10 to 12 degrees below average for this time of year. okay, joe roof camera a lovely view tonight. we do have one storm for tomorrow night into wednesday expecting widespread rain pockets a moderate rain, especially in the north bay with gusty southerly winds. so here's the hourly forecast tomorrow night at 8 o'clock. we start to see that rain in the north bay. it spreads by 11 pm into the east bay the peninsula the south bay wednesday morning do look for scattered showers. you might want to give yourself a little more time to where you need to go, especially if you're driving in that rain as the roads will be slippery now rainfall totals with this next storm. expected to be anywhere from
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about 500-600 around brentwood to about 9/10 of an inch, cloverdale napa could pick up up to an inch of rain. so than what we saw last night into this morning. now. we take a look at thursday. here's your next storm that brings us wet weather that continues into friday and then a stronger storm is coming through here sunday into monday right now. the atmospheric river is expected to move into northern california potential is there that we may actually get a taste of it and if that verifies there is that potential for burn scar areas to experience debris flows. so keep that in mind morning temperatures 30s 40 is going to be chilly out there tomorrow so bundle up. tomorrow afternoon lowe's 60s to low 70s partly to mostly cloudy skies. it will be breezy for your tuesday and if you're taking part in the walk to end alzheimer's this saturday in san ramon by the time that walk begins, it'll be partly cloudy. mostly cloudy later in the morning and into the early afternoon. there will be a chance of showers, but it'll be later in the day. so a look at the accuweather
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7-day forecast a level 1 late night rain tomorrow going into wednesday with scattered showers thursday. another one showers will be focused. mainly north bay, but can't rule it out. where and then friday we have a wet cool breezy pattern with more wet. there's saturday afternoon that sunday monday time period is when we're expecting a stronger level two storms. so stay tuned ahmed dan. yeah, here we go, sandia. thank you. all right, san francisco zoo is brewing up something new a brewing up something new a preview of the par the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay? what about my rec team? i'm all they got. next season. thanks doc. wow, he already scheduled my pt. i love doctors who work with athletes. does he know you tripped over a basketball? that's a sports injury. at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy
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launching a new line of beer this weekend. you can buy it in the can or you can cozy up to one of the cafes at the zoo and order up an ice cold glass of meerkat mob on draft. the zoo is all so offering a lager called the tower of giraffes and a hazy double ipa called the conspiracy. dreamer, exclusive lemurs. that's good. all right on to sports hama. yes, chris alvarez is here with the latest chris. dan and alma coming up in sports just a crazy finish in the monday night football game and gabe kapler and farhan zaidi, tell us what they will miss most from
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rock casino giants manager gabe kapler and president of baseball operations farhan zaidi held their end of the season press conference today the roster in free agents like chris bryant brandon belt in four fifths of the rotation. not name logan webb will be the focus for sure this winter today. i asked gabe and farhan what they will miss most about the 2021 season. being in uniform being in the dugout having all the fans in the stands and the unknown of that games. it's it's incredible. it's a feeling that i think drives us to do what? there was such a feeling of rebirth this season. i don't think i've ever appreciated being able to come to the ballpark and watch a game and see fans in the stands see fans get excited like we did this year. game three of the alcs boston hosting houston now bottom two the red sox breakout for six runs capped by kyle schwarber's
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grand slam to write boston becomes the first team hit three grand slams in a single playoff series. wow, and then former giant christian arroyo two-run blast. just going to get over the green monster and left boston hit four home runs red sox win 12-3. they have a 2-1 series lead 49ers quarterback. jimmy garoppolo returned to practice today. he's been dealing with a calf injury. not practice. he's dealing with a sprain left knee the niners host the cold sunday night monday night football tonight fireballs josh allen and the bills in tennessee titans running back to eric henry huge game breaking free for a 76 yard score. he had a buck 43 on the ground and three touchdowns, tennessee took the lead late in the fourth, but buffalo had a hundred and one-yard kickoff return called back for holding, but later on that drive fourth and one bills decided to go instead of kicking a game time field goal and alan is stopped titans went a wild one 34 31 the warrior season begins tomorrow marquee match up against the lakers at staples center dubs. of course, have a good mix o o s
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who are the oldest team in the league my suspect they've been playing possum a little bit the preseason, you know, they've been around long enough to know that this preseason games don't mean to think so we're expecting their best ever tomorrow. the nhl has suspended san jose sharks forward evander kane 21 games without pay for a violation of covid-19 protocols in a statement cain apologized to his teammates. the organization fans. came will be eligible to return to the team november 30th in new jersey sports on abc 7 sponsored by river rock
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watching tonight. i'm amidate and i'm dan ashley for sandy patel chris alvarez all of us here. we appreciate your time right now. jimmy kimmel billie eilish >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- billie eilish -- and zach galifianakis -- and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. very nice. hi, everybody. i appreciate that, thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. i'm glad you're watching. thank you for joining us here tonight in hollywood, california, on another billionaire blast-off day. did you see the launch this morning? this morning in texas. blue origin, the company founded by jeff bezos, prime-delivered their second group of civilian passengers into space an


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