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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 18, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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quickly turns into a rental nightmare after a home rented by a group of friends is targeted by vandals. it's appalling. i mean, there's no one that could justify spray painting and and popping tires and tonight. neighbors are sharing surveillance video of the suspect plus only on seven escaping letters sent to san francisco's district attorney demanding changes to the way his office handles asian american victims cases. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news these early. means are what would trigger these sorts of instances? thousands of pg&e customers without power because of the overnight. rain that the utility says cause several power pole fire.
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good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm a dates. you're watching abc 7 news at five live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream take a look at this. live outage map you can see there are still several small outages scattered across the bay area the green circles mean 1 to 49 customers are affected the yellow diamonds referred to outages impacting 50 to 499 customers right now a total of more than 8,000 customers across the bay area are without power many of the outages were caused by power pole fires and something referred to as the mud phenomenon in which dirt on the power lines become mud-like when it rains conducting electricity and sparking fires abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow spoke with pg&e officials about the problem. this pole fire in south san francisco represents a much bigger problem across the bay area dirt and debris build up on power lines because we've had this bone dry weather when the first rain or even missed hits the lines pg&e spokesperson says
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the now wet debris can cause trouble that can cause it become like a mud and mud conducts electricity and so in those situations, we'll sometimes see coal fires and outages related to that. tell more sarkisian says the mud phenomenon was responsible for the majority of power outages sunday night these early rains are what would trigger these sorts of instances? she says the weather related outages will continue to be an issue until we have steady consistent rain in an area pg&e is trying to limit the problem with a pole washing program, but until recently it was primarily used for larger transmission towers. not neighborhood poles. pg&e says approximately 2,000 neighborhood polls were recently washed mainly in the richmond area to make sure that we are doing everything we can. to prevent these sorts of instances from occurring residents near pole fire on south san francisco urgent pg&e's response time. i'm in a p initial rawat happened. i mean after hour and a half when nothing happened.
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is this i think it's a little too long even a single pole repair can take quite a bit of time and when you see so many all at once. that's why we sometimes see extended outages pg&e says the problem is not specific to them abc 7 news confirmed with southern california edison that they also experience this type of issue after light rain fog or dust following a dry. spell melanie woodrow abc 7 news and there is potential for even more pg&e power issues because there is more rain in the forecast. yeah. let's get to abc 7 news meteorologist, sandhya patel for those details sandia. yeah, dan and alma we are looking at storm. after storm, it's a series. so let's take a look at the next seven days. we have a storm impact scale every single day the strongest coming in sunday into monday as a level two. the next one is level one on live doppler 7 it is going to bring us more rain than what we saw between last night and this morning so it's time it out moderate pockets of rain
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tomorrow night in the north bay at 9 pm could be briefly heavy as we go into 1 am it starts to spread and really into wednesday morning. we have scattered showers continuing really into the afternoon and evening. that's not the only storm another one comes. day into friday and once again as i mentioned the strongest in the series looks to be coming in sunday into monday if this atmospheric river verifies rainfall totals could be impressive. i'll be back with a closer. look at that coming up dan sandia. thank you. the estrada fire is now at 80% containment in the santa cruz county area after a prescribed burn jumped cal fire lines on friday abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey. spoke with a homeowner who planned the burn to find out actually, what happened? smokey the bear said at best only you can prevent wildfires. so with fire danger considered to be very high. why exactly do they control burn get out of control in santa cruz county? it's a question. some residents are asking as the estrada fire continues to burn
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if they're gonna do a controlled burns when it's so dry and we have such problems with fire here. they need to have the resources on hand to be able to you know, any issues that arise from the controlled burn otherwise, it's not a controlled burn. you know, this is where it all started on friday afternoon along hazel dell road. cal fire says a 20 acre prescribed burn quickly jumped to nearly 150 acres after breaking the containment of crews on hand. so why the burn now sjsu professor craig clement says, this is actually the perfect time the conditions are perfect for doing a prescrib. fire just because it's cooler. we're in fall. and so this is the time that we have to do it the owners of estrada ranch. they were the ones who planned the controlled burn with cal fire along with several other agencies who all signed off. the plan we spoke with greg estrada one of the family property owners and retired cal fire battalion chief today. he didn't want to go on camera, but he told us he's saddened that his family's plan to help prevent fires ended up like this.
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it says cal fire was in control of operations on friday as they attempted to create a fuel break to prevent future fires from spreading east and eliminate a fire fuel source, dr. clement says despite the results here prescribed burns are crucial and this shouldn't be a warning against them. we absolutely have to get fire on the ground to manage these forests. so it's just something that happened and i think that this can these conditions were just very rare that it got out of control cal fire did not respond to our attempts for comment in santa cruz county dustin dorsey abc 7 news. only on seven a letter penned on behalf of asian american attorneys was sent to san francisco district attorney chase a boudin calling for changes in the way the da's office handles asian american victims cases abc 7 news. anchor dion limb was the first to obtain that letter and brings us. the story better communication is just one of the calls to action. outlined in a letter from the california asian pacific
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american bar association apoba for short sent to san francisco district attorney chase. abudin monday morning members of the community deserve to know that they're being protected and if they've been victimized by a crime the letter is cosigned and supported by eight local and national organizations such as the chinatown safety patrol and southeast asian development center. it cites the more than 9,000 hate incidents nationwide reported by stop aapi hate from 2020 to june of 2021 tonight is acutely present in people's minds anymore, but it should be a papa was inspired to penn the letter based off the handling of the vishal rotten apakti case in where an 84 year old. father was shoved to the ground and killed in january of this year. we asked the da to commit to timely communicating with victims and family members of victims of anti asian hate providing in language interpretation services and identifying what he his office are doing to protect the api
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community and to to be transparent about how he's making charging decisions with respect to hate crimes. i reached out to the district attorney's office for comment they responded saying in part. we just received the letter today and have already reached out to the group and hope to meet them soon the da's office cares deeply about supporting victims and survivors including by expanding language access and support for victims in the courts and in our victim's services division last week boudin did take part in discussion with contra costa county's da to listen to victims of violent crime in that discussion. he addressed the need for better interpretation services my goal before i leave office is to ensure that we have enough victim advocates to respond to every single victim of every crime within 48 hours and tell them out their rights are in a language. they can understand. how will montana's rotten?
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for it. the letter also referenced the quote boudin gave to the new york times that vicious attacker was having some sort of temper tantrum a quote boudin says was out of context but one vicious family learned of via twitter. remember that my body felt numbs family and others like them should not be hearing about developments in the case through the news while montana. 's family she says she is the one who must request it first. she speaks on behalf of not only her family, but for all whose lives are forever changed by crime and aapi hate in san francisco. dion limb abc 7 news. across the state some parents kept their kids out of school today to protest governor newsom's covid vaccine mandate for school children. the protest was organized on social media with some faculty members participating the vaccine mandate will require students who attend school in person to get the vaccine once
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the fda fully approves it group of us out here that disagrees with this. these are our children. these are our grandchildren. we refuse to co-parent with the government. enforcement for the mandate could begin as soon as january but not likely until july at that time. any unvaccinated students would be required to enroll in a remote independent study program for both public and private schools in covid-19. headlines, california is now the only state where the level of community spread is moderate community spread is when the disease spreads with no single-known source the sensors for disease control says a person can now be considered fully vaccinated even if they mix their chains and san francisco mayor london breed announces a new incentive to get vaccinated get a shot and you can qualify for four years of free tuition at san francisco state only san francisco residents qualify as you may have heard complications from covid-19 caused the death of
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colin powell the first african-american to serve as us secretary of state powell's family says he was fully vaccinated and set to get his booster shot. in fact last week but simply wasn't well enough. he battled multiple myeloma. answer of the plasma cells that suppressed his body's immune response. he also had parkinson's disease before serving his secretary of state powell was the youngest and first black chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. he died this morning at 84 years of age and i had the opportunity to have a long conversation with colin powell at the commonwealth club back in 2012. how visited the bay area several times before and after his time as secretary of state. and we had a good hour discussion and probably another 20 minutes or half hour before the public discussion and he was obviously a very accomplished incredibly accomplished imposing. dignified man highly intelligent, but he was also sort of a regular guy. he was very easy and warm to
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talk with and even though i had met him at that time for the first time didn't feel like the first time very familiar and very comfortable to be around. yeah. well it is as we hear these headlines sometimes of covid-19 it just it just makes you pause sometimes and that was one of the ones today where it just makes you stop where you are and your tracks and think what a time we're living in i know and he again he was fully vaccinated, but he had some other health complications that had he not had those probably would have been protected from covid from a serious illness from from covid but what a remarkable man and remarkable legacy. absolutely. all right moving on now a rental nightmare for a group of friends visiting wine country after they discovered the tires of their van slashed and a threatening message spray painted on the garage and tonight we have surveillance video of the suspected vandal. short supply and rising cost rental car customers are not happy. it's a problem stretching will
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rental car companies and a new survey bears that out sure has its 7 on your side's michael. finney is here with that story and other consumer news tonight michael. have you guys tried to rent a car lately yes, actually a few weeks ago it is. brutal out there those who ran cars are apparently not at all happy with rental companies these days a new survey from jd power shows overall customer satisfaction fell over the last year. most of the issues are tied to the pandemic and supply chain issues the kept companies from buying and then maintaining their fleets the average cost of a rental car this past summer when up to more than $90 a day and some locations like orlando prices on occasion reach more than $400 per day enterprise by the way, got the highest marks
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in the survey. despite growing competition. tesla still owns the electric vehicle market and it's not even close new data from experience shows the electric vehicle makers models made up more than 60% of all evs registered the us during the first eight months of this year almost 200,000 of the tesla models why and three were registered they were number one and number two chevy bolt came in third with more than 22,000 cars registered and the ford mustang. marquee came in and forth many american homeowners show aren't cashing in on historically low mortgage rates almost two-thirds have not refinanced. so why you ask well about a third say they it was too much hassle and paperwork others say they don't refinance because they don't understand the process or they believe the fees and costs will be too high. i've got to tell you my advice is you really need to look into this find someone you trust to help you if that's what it takes
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that you can of up your payment by hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month. that is a good advice. yeah. thanks,
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a group of friends from kansas on a recent trip to wine country the friends who rented a home on vrbo. so people call it woke up to their vans tires slashed and a threatening message painted on the garage unbelievable as abc 7 news. anchor liz kreutz learned today. these friends got caught in the middle of a contentious neighborhood debate over short-term rentals. i can't even believe that it's real honestly when alana harrison and her friends booked a dream vacation to wine country. they never expected it to end up like this the home they rented in the green valley neighborhood of fairfield was vandalized with this threatening message. this is your final warning the tribe has spoken leave this place or else also all four tires on their rental van were slashed. i don't understand still like why they vandalize our car if they wanted us to leave. it was only after toued the
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home they rented through vrbo. not have a permit for a short-term rental according to solano county supervisor james sparing and had recently been denied after a contentious debate and back from the neighborhood from my understanding as that permanent permit was denied or delayed. so we being rented out. hi. this is liz chords from abc 7 news. i'm tried contacting the homeowners to ask them about the incident, but could not get through and have not yet heard back neighbor clif neal shared this surveillance video from the night of the vandalism which shows the suspect entering the property and soon after running away. you don't is the person in that video? but i hope someone does it's appalling. i mean, there's no one that could justify spray painting and and popping tires. still neil is also one of the many neighbors fed up with this short-term rental. they've packed this house with seven bedrooms and 10 beds and
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try to make it a party house as for harrison and her friends. they are disturbed by all aspects of this exper. neighborhood the homeowners and vrbo, which they say would not help them. okayed after the incident the most wrong to me would be the homeowners because they're just like let's keep ranting like no matter what but like verb code should have like policies in place to investigate vrbo did not respond to abc 7 news by our deadline harrison said after much urging website did appear to take down the rental she and her friends are still dealing with trying to get reimbursed by the homeowners and are shocked to hear they currently have it rented out for now. they're sharing their story as a warning. i just learned like be very diligent and looking up the property you're staying in don't go based on reviews. alone, the group did file a police report in hope. someone will be caught in charged in fairfield liz kreutz's abc 7. hmm. what a change in the weather. we have had down. yeah, and they certainly i'm a welcome change sandia a real pattern of rain coming through.
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yeah. it's almost like we're into winter now dan. alma well the next seven days. it'll feel like if it doesn't yet. let me show you live doppler 7. we are watching this system that move through brought us some rain. here's the next storm that lined up on live doppler 7 certainly more impressive than what came through in the last 24 hours. nothing on radar now, but that's going to be changing last 24 hours. we received anywhere from a couple hundreds of an inch in some of our dryer locations like half moon bay to 2/10 of an inch in ukiah as you look at a beautiful live view from our emeryville camera. we have clean air 57 in the city. it's in the low to mid 60s from oakland to mountain view, san jose. chill in the air pacifica 55 degrees as we look at another live picture from our san jose camera just a few leftover clouds plenty of blue sky 62 in santa rosa currently 64 napa and 61 in livermore another live look from our exploratorium camera, and it's just clear sky over. the financial district partly cloudy and chile tomorrow morning next storm arrives tomorrow night, and we do have
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periods of wet and gusty weather going into next week our next storm tomorrow night into wednesday is a level one on our storm impact scale widespread rain is expected briefly moderate to heavy with gusty southerly winds. it starts in the north bay at 8 o'clock. our own night noticed that the heaviest focus at 11pm is still primarily in the north bay the oranges and yellows indicating moderate to heavy rain. but weather starts to move into san francisco the east bay scattered showers for your wednesday. sierra will see the snow level go from 7,000 to lake levels. so a few inches expected there the scattered showers continue with isolated pockets into wednesday evening. now that storm system is going to bring anywhere from about of an inch in the south bay like san jose to over an inch in cloverdale. so we'll take that rain now watch what happens? beyond tomorrow's storm if the atmospheric river verifies right over us sunday monday north bay totals could be well over a half a foot. i mean over a half a foot burn
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scar areas could be a concern here but one to two inches and of course this will all be dependent on whether that storm verifies. we know one thing's for sure chill in the air tomorrow morning upper 30s to upper 40s bundle up before you leave tomorrow afternoon lowe's 60s to low 70s partly to mostly cloud. eyes and if you're going to the walk to end alzheimer's in san ramon on saturday should be all right temperatures in the 50s 60s definitely grab a jacket before going clouds will thicken and by the time we had into saturday afternoon evening rain arrives accuweather 7 day rain it tomorrow night to level one going into wednesday. we do have more showers thursday and a storm going into friday with stronger storm system expected sunday monday. that's a level two. so stay tuned amanda. right. thank you, sandhya. brilliant season and a bitter ending for the san francisco giants with the front office today offering some reflections. there was such a feeling of
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rebirth this season just in terms of the city in terms of of having fans back and that was just a really cool feeling the giants had one for the history books really with a franchise record 107 wins only to end it with a heartbreaking loss to the dodgers indecisive game 5 of the national league division series team leaders say they're already of course starting to talk about next year. up next on abc 7 get ready. i've we have a sneak peek at a special theme night coming
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dancing with the stars. yeah, the cast will turn back the clock to the 1950s for greece night the celebrities and their pro dancing partners are fresh off a two-night disney tribute. this is the first time. has channeled greece on the dance floor tonight's episode will feature some original stars from the hit musical including olivia newton-john reprising her role as sandy. wow, that's exciting. you can watch dancing with stars tonight and every monday night at 8:00, right? on abc 7. all right world news tonight with david muir's next. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley and i'm on dates for sandhya patel and all. of us tonight.
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it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at tonight, paying tribute to colin powell. a soldier and a statesman who broke barriers. and tonight, what we've now learned about his recent battle with covid and what put him at risk. remembered as a trailblazer, a life dedicated to public service. he served as secretary of state and as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. the first black man to hold either post. tonight, colin powell dying from complications of covid and his other health battles. colin powell in his own words on a life lived. and on his most controversial moment, making the case for the second iraq war and weapons of mass destruction. what he told our barbara walters long after. and tonight, martha raddatz here on the tributes pouring in. also tonight, the fbi now on the ground in haiti, where 16 americans and one canadian, five


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