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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 18, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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they said it was a right now on "america this morning," americans kidnapped. the race to rescue 17 missionaries kidnapped in haiti. a powerful gang now believed to be holding them. the fbi now getting involved. what the government is saying this morning. more empty store shelves across the country as supply chain crises show no signs of i want prochlt. truck drivers in short supply. what's now being done and the new prediction about christmas. a developing story acting u.s. national security and u.s./china relations. word that china has tested a hypercapable hypersonic missile. why this report came as a surprise to u.s. officials. abc news exclusive. the man behind the so-called
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steele dossier detailing former president trump's communications to russia opening up about the possibility of trump in russia. and the impact social media is having about teens. the condition doctors are seeing more of in girls. and from the two dramatic late night finishes in sports to the scary movies in movie theaters, it's monday, october 18th. good monday morning, everyone. we begin with the kidnapping of u.s. missionaries in haiti and the urgent emffort to track the down. >> 17 people, including 16 americans were abducted after visiting an orphanage. we have word about the u.s. response. >> abc's alex presha has the latest from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the fbi is now joining the negotiations here, and the
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timing is very important as experts say that the first few hours are critical in situations like this. this morning, the fbi now joining the negotiations as the race intensifies to rescue 17 missionaries kidnapped in haiti. ohio-based christian aid ministries confirms that among those missing are 16 americans and 1 canadian. five of them, children. the haitian government is pointing the finger at the 1,400 mawozo gang at a checkpoint after they were on their way from visiting an orphanage. adding the welfare and safety of u.s. citizens abroad is one of the highest priorities of the department of state. haiti has faced a number of crises recently. their president was assassinated in july. in august, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake killed people and destroyed more than 50,000 homes. both events contributing to rising gang violence plaguing
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the country. this gang also targeted two priests this weebd and was blamed for the kidnapping of five priests and two nuns earlier this year. >> u.s. officials now are working on assuring around the clock to free these missionaries. >> reporter: former fbi agent and crisis expert was part of the release of another u.s. mission from haiti. >> they are doing these kidnappings for ransom. for money. no politics are involved. it's not terrorism. their goal is to make as much money as they can from the hostage taking. >> reporter: so far, haitian officials say no demands have been made, but just to give you a sense of how dire things are, by some estimates, gangs now control nearly half of the capital city. mona? >> thank you. mandates are taking effect in several cities this week. washington state workers facing a deadline today to be vaccinated or possibly be out of work, and the police force in chicago is fighting a city
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mandate to get vaccinated. officers will be warned that they could be fired if they don't comply. the mayor has won a court in junction to stop encouraging members to disobey the vaccine order. >> they can take us to court all they want. we already are filing the paperwork to dismiss that silly motion. >> john consistent czar has destroyed his police career. he's not fit and he's never going to go back to the department in any kind of active position. i don't want him to lead these young officers astray and have them destroy their careers like he's destroyed his. >> meanwhile in california, some parents are organizationing a campaign to keep kids out of school today to protest an upcoming student vaccine mandate. former president bill clinton is back home in new york after being released from a california hospital on sunday. he walked out with his wife and former secretary of state hillary clinton. he was treated for a urinary tract infection that spread to his bloodstream.
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doctors say he's recovering well. shoppers across the country are finding store shelves empty. the result of major supply chain issues. the question now is what's being done and how long will this last? >> reporter: this morning, conflicting messages on whether the supply chain crisis blamed for empty store shelves across the country will ease in time for the hole day season. some improvement is expected by christmas. >> we are going to fix this. we are going to fix it. it's just going to, you know, take a little time. >> reporter: romu in, do taking recent steps to open the bottleneck in los angeles 24/7. some experts say this will have long-reaching effects. >> this is something that will be well into next christmas to be honest with you. >> reporter: across the globe, products like toys, shoes and cars are stranded on shipping
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containers. experts blame the gridlock on several factors, including skyrocketing shipping costs, to shoortage of service workers and truck drivers. >> demand is fickle. it can change on a dime, but the supply chain resources to support that demand take weeks or months to be able to align, to be able to support different kinds of demand. >> reporter: transportation secretary pete buttigieg says his department is working with state dmvs to speed up the commercial driver's licenses for trucke truckers, but he acknowledges more needs to be done. >> we need to deal with the already long-term issues that have made us have yvulnerable te rupgss like the ones caused by the pandemic. >> reporter: now ll bean is joining other retailers, before. >> we're not sure when things are coming in.
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shop early, and get outside. >> reporter: one senator is now calling for secretaries romundo and buttigieg to testify on capitol hill about the supply chain issues. new concerns about a missile threat from china. china fired a nuclear capable hypersonic missile in august. the report which has not been confirmed by abc news also says the missile circled the globe before speeding toward its target which it missed by nearly 25 miles. even though, the test shows china is far more advanced than the u.s. realized. china is only increasing tensions in the region and beyond. now to an exclusive interview with christopher steele. he's the former british s britis steele's report accused trump's campaign of conspireing with the russian, but some of his claims were never proven, including the
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possibility of a blackmail tape showing trump with prostitutes in moscow. steele tells stephanopoulos that tape proebbable exists. >> today do you believe that tape exists? >> i think it probably does, but i wouldn't put 100% certainty on it. >> why do you say it hasn't been released? >> it hasn't needed to be released. >> why not? >> i feel like the russians got good value out of president trump in the u.s. >> trump's former lawyer michael cohen traveled to prague to meet with officials, a claim the fbi says is not true. steele answers critics who says a former british spy should not have gotten involved in u.s. politics. now time for a look at your monday morning weather. water spouts were seen over lake
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erie near cleveland this weekend. warnings issued in that area, and no jinjuries were reported. this double rainbow was spotted in the skies. onlookers enjoyed a near perfect shape. clear sky over much of the nation, and a system in the west will lead to a storm watch in wyoming. checking today's high temperatures, 70s in the middle of the country. approaching 90 in parts of the southeast and southwest. 60s for the northeast. coming up, a coffee delivery gone wrong. but first, the effect social media is having an teen girls. the condition doctors are now seeing more often. and later, kobe bryant's widow faces a new obstacle
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back, now, with the impact of an amtrak train slamming into a truck, carrying cars in oklahoma. you see an suv go flying off the truck, which had become stuck on the tracks earlier. some people on the train suffered minor injuries. doctors around the world are reporting an increase in the number of girls with movement disorders or ticks. they believe tiktok may be to blame. the rise may be tiktok influencers who say they have t tourette's syndrome. facebook is responding to claims that its anti-hate speech technology isn't good enough. a "wall street journal" article says facebook workers don't believe the company flags inappropriate content. in a blog post sunday, an executive says hate speech has dropped 50% in recent years. we turn to a landmark trial,
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getting under way. the case of the men accused of killing ahmad ud arbery is playg out in the deep south. gregory and travis mcmichael, as ceharges in theud t he was shot on this street. the incident caught on this cell phone video, recorded by bryant. >> we believe that roddey was nothing more than a witness to the shooting. >> reporter: the mcmichaels attorney said the father and son thought arbery was a burglar and were trying to make a citizen's arrest. court officials have mailed jury duty notices to 1,000 people in glynn county. 600 people are expected to report today. and another 400 on standby, if the first group fails to produce
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the 12 jurors and 4 alternates needed for trial. the clerk says usually 100 to 150 notices are sent out for a case. >> i think it's going to be a lot. especially, if they're starting with thinning out thelocal area a lot of people know that family. that may eliminate a lot of people. >> reporter: potential jurors were asked to fill out a questionnaire, asking if they followed the case. >> the defends face nine counts including felony murder and aggravated assault. coming up, one of the stars of a legendary tv sitcom. also, the latest from the gabby petito murder case. gabby petito murder case. why her we're for those who love to discover. who know an open mind... is the only kind. who are their own personal stylist.
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> >> reporter: this morning, gabby thie i thinking he would nts say take care of their daughter. >> i told reful, be safe, you know, make sure to be aware of your surroundings, you i knew -- bute she was with bri i felt like she would be okay. i thought he would take care of her. >> reporter: the 22-year-old's parents spoke out on australia's "60 minneapolis" adds they search for answers. it's been nearly one month since petito's body was found strangled near a wyoming campground while laundrie, the only person of interest in the case has been on the run for more than a month despite the authoritis' efforts to find him. he's only been charged so far with using ing petito's debit c. petito's family saying their silence is hurtful.
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>> it's torturous if they do know something and they're not, you know, they're withholding that, and they don't want to let us know, and yeah, that's cruel, you know, and if you don't know, and you're still not saying something, still cruel. >> what's going on? why are you crying? >> we have been just been fighting this morning. >> i saw a young girl that needed someone to just hug her and keep her safe. i just felt so bad for her. i wish that she reached out to me. >> reporter: meanwhile on long island, new york, the gabby petito foundation held its first fund-raiser sunday dedicated to helping find missing persons and helping survivors of domestic violence. >> we're going to have good food and a good time in her memory. >> reporter: the event raised more than $13,000. petito's father posted on social media over the weekend suggesting gabby's ashes were
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scattered in grand teton park, wyoming, saying his daughter will forever have a beautiful view. mona, andrew? >> andrea, thank you. los angeles county wants kobe bryant's widow to undergo a psychiatric exam. she's suing the fire and sheriff's department for sharing graphic photos. the county is using scorched earth tactics. the atlanta braves are up 2-0 over the dodgers after their thrilling walk offensive win last night. it's the second consecutive night of late-inning heroics, and on sunday night football, the steelers recovered the fumble in overtime to set up the game-winning field goal against the seahawks. the steelers win 23-20. coming you, what you never knew about buying bread. and the scary news from movie theaters this weekend. been in the hospital for been in the hospital for 76 days now.
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♪ time to check "the pulse." we begin with the return of mike myers. >> the latest in the "halloween" franchise scared up ticket sales. "halloween kills" made 50 million at the box office. one says it's all about focusing on the audience. >> right now, theater owners should be looking at movies that appeal to a younger generation. those are the people comfortable buying tickets, leaving the house and going to theaters. >> you know who else kills? jamie lee curtis. she reprooised her role from
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th original 43 years ago. an article online is getting a lot of attention. bread bags at the grocery store are color-coded. the twist ties indicate when the loaf was baked. blue for monday. green is for tuesday. and the system was designed to help workers replace stale eye test and check it ourselves. and next, a drink delivery failure. a customer was trapped in his home after the door dash employee left the cup of coffee right up nens to the door. he videoed his struggle to open the door. >> there was plenty of advice. people told him to slide the mat to the left. he said his home does not have a back door. finally, first responders never know what challenges they will face. >> case in point, a kitten on the highway. you can see the baby cat on a highway. the officers closed in and got ahold of the frightened kitty
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solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> a series of fires around power poles around the bay area and we will talk about the likely cause. >> the protests planned statewide today. >> the countdown to christmas, have you started your holiday shopping? the major retail that unveiled its lack friday deals. good morning, trying to get my halloween costume together, it's monday oct >> we are checking in with a look at our forecast. rrew: we got some rain late last night and are only dry day we are trekking over the next seven. a couple of rogue showers left over from the cold front. that will move out in the n


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