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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 18, 2021 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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. this morning on this morning on "world news now," the new interview just released. gabby petito's parents speak out. also the trial begins in a crime that sparked anger across the country. the killing of ahmaud arbery. three white men facing murder charges. hundreds of potential jurors expected to show up today. why that process could take weeks. growing concerns about the supply chain crisis threatening your holiday shopping. what transportation secretary pete buttigieg is proposing. plus his defense of family leave after taking time off work after the birth of his twins. also breaking overnight, the move set to complicate the transportation in the nation's capital. why the metro system is pulling more than half of its railcars. and a scary good time. the museum in new york city that's teaching us all the benefits of slime.
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it's monday, october 18th. from abc news, this is "world news now." stress release. >> nothing better than playing with a good -- we had play-doh before, but slime is -- >> slime is where it's at. this one looks like cobweb. >> what's yours smell like? mine smells like cake. you cannot eat this, though. >> clearly we are fans of this story that will ganss is going to bring us. >> i have a special connection to slime, too. but i'll save that for later. >> ooh, that's what we call a deep tease in television. >> that's a lot of fun. but first we are going to begin with the start of the trial of three men charged in one of the racially-charged killings of 2020. >> ahmaud arbery was shot to death while jogging in a neighborhood in georgia. the men cornered him with pickup trucks claiming he was a thief. it sparked anger throughout the country. jury selection begins monday in
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what could be one of the biggest trials in georgia's history. father and son gregory and travis mcmichael and their neighbor roddy bryan facing murder charges. the defendants are white. the victim was black. jury notices sent to 1,000 people, roughly one out of 85 residents in the county. >> it has a lot of racial implications. >> reporter: the 25 year old's death sparked national outrage after he was shot and killed while jogging on a residential street in february of 2020. the incident captured on this cellphone video taken by bryan. >> we believe roddy was nothing more than a witness to the shooting. >> reporter: the mcmichaels' attorney said they suspected he was a robber and attempted to make an arrest. the encounter ended when travis shot and killed arbery.
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the case already bringing changes to georgia law. >> they have actually repealed the citizen arrest law which has been on the books for far too long. >> reporter: over the weekend, a large group gathered at the courthouse for a rally in honor of arbery. >> we don't have to look alike or believe in the same beliefs, but we're so much greater together. >> reporter: all three defendants are facing nine counts each. including felony murder and aggravated assault. they have all pleaded not guilty. the attorney for the mcmichaels hope they can get a fair jury for the case. the state charges against the mcmichaels and bryan include murder and aggravated assault and are charged with federal hate crimes. the fbi is expected to assist in negotiations for the release of those missionaries abducted in haiti. a violent haitian gang is accused of abducting 16 americans and a canadian. the victims are connected to an ohio-based christian aid organization. they were taken saturday after visiting an orphanage. the state department has been in contact with top haitian authorities.
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but so far there's no word on any demands by the kidnappers. a recommendation from an fda advisory panel about johnson & johnson's covid vaccine is raising concern about the vaccine itself. that panel said anyone over 18 who received the j&j vaccine at least two months ago is eligible for a booster. dr. anthony fauci trying to ease fears about the one-shot vaccine saying recipients should feel good about it. >> given the data that they saw, very likely this should have been a two-dose vaccine to begin with. >> and fda advisers have already backed boosters for pfizer and moderna recipients but only for older adults and those at higher risk. now to the global supply chain crisis threatening the holiday shopping season. the commerce secretary says she expects some improvement by christmas. but some experts are predicting the bottlenecks will continue into next year amid lingering labor shortages. pete buttigieg says efforts are under way to speed up the
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approval of commercial drivers licenses to get more truckers on the road. meanwhile, buttigieg has been criticized for taking paternity leave as the issues escalated. he fired back at fox news' tucker carlson. >> we're bottle feeding and doing it at all hours of the day and night. and i'm not going to apologize to tucker carlson or anyone else for taking care of my premature newborn infant twins. the work that we are doing is joyful, fulfilling, wonderful work. it's important work. and it's work that every american ought to be able to do when they welcome a new child into their family. >> buttigieg says he's engaged with his office and available 24/7. former president bill clinton is recovering at home in new york. he left the hospital with hillary clinton by his side after being treated for six days
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for a urological infection that spread to his bloodstream. the medical team says his fever and white blood cell count are normalized. and he will finish his course of antibiotics at home. a new wrinkle in the investigation of the oil spill off southern california. investigators say a large container ship was involved in an anchor dragging incident in a storm last january. they believe it happened near the pipeline that leaked oil off huntington beach. they believe close to 25,000 gallons of oil spilled. the saying goes you can't put a price on happiness. >> but apparently you can put a price on scaring your kids. brantley gets $30 per session to dress up as michael myers and other scary characters. he's been hired to scare nursing home residents. >> this is parenting done right. by the way, this started last
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year as an idea to provide children with an escape from the pandemic. look, these kids are terrified. that's what halloween is about, right? >> yes. i remember -- obviously, i was traumatized. >> it's good trauma, no? >> right, it builds character. i was once going to someone's front porch to get halloween candy, and it was in a bowl with a like -- i thought it was a puppet or whatever, but it was a person inside. and he jumps up, and i drop all my candy, ran, was bawling, crying. the family felt so bad. the monster was picking up the candy and trying to help me, and i was, like -- speaking of nightmares. >> this is like a haunted house to go. the guy shows up and scares you. did you ever go to halloween horror nights? theme parks with halloween themes? the whole point is to get scared. we should hire him. >> some people have parenting techniques where you talk to
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your children, use empathy and compassion? i say hire a serial killer. >> will's not here. we'll hire him and give him a good scare. coming up, the museum of slime. plus, why d.c. metro is pulling more than half of its trains out of service starting today. what commuters are told to do this morning. and the new interview. what gabby petito's parents are saying about why they feel betrayed by the family of brian laundrie. you're watching "world news now."
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back now with one of several waterspouts seen over lake erie near cleveland on sunday. they can create dangerous conditions on the water and even overturn boats. there were no injuries reported from the ones yesterday. washington, d.c. area commuters face a nightmare this morning. d.c.'s metro rail is pulling about 60% of its fleet out of service in response to last week's derailment. federal officials found a train car in last week's incident that was out of compliance. now every car is being pulled for inspection. no word on how long that will
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take. the parents of gabby petito are speaking out about their late daughter and her cross-country trip with her fiance, brian laundrie. the search for him continues, weeks after her body was found in wyoming. andrea fujii reports. >> reporter: this morning, gabby pertbr s they were wrong about brian laundrie in thinking he would take care of their daughter when the couple left on their cross-country road trip over the summer. >> i worried. i told her to be careful, be safe, you know, make sure to be aware of your surroundings. don't trust everybody. but i felt safe because she was with brian, and i felt like she would be okay. i thought he would take care of her. >> reporter: they spoke out with australia's "60 minutes". it's been nearly one month since petito's body was found strangled. has beth soar with using petito's debit card. laundrie's parents were reportedly the last ones to see him, but publicly they've spoken
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only through an attorney. petito's family saying their silence is hurtful. >> it's torturous. if they do know something and they're withholding that and they don't want to let us know, that's cruel. and if you don't know and you're still not saying something, it's still cruel. >> what's going on, how come you're crying? >> we've just been fighting this morning. some personal issues. >> i saw a young girl that needed someone to just hug her and keep her safe. i just felt so bad for her. i wish that she reached out to me. >> reporter: meanwhile on long island, new york, the gabby petito foundation held its first fund raiser sunday dedicated to supporting groups that help find missing persons and help victims of domestic violence. >> we're here to raise money, have some good music and food in her memory, because we believe that's what she would have wanted us to do. >> reporter: the event raised more than $13,000.
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gabby's father posted, suggesting that her ashes were scattered near grand teton, saying that his daughter will always have a beautiful view. mona, andrew? coming up, "sports with mona." >> that's me! >> get her take on aaron rodgers, more importantly, what he said to jeering bears fans. >> ooh. what'd he say? first, what we never knew about the joy, the fun and health benefits of slime. that's next. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ hey, hey, hey, hey, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ she's a super freak ♪ ♪ super freak ♪
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♪ she's super freaky ♪ how's this for something that's super freaky. this is slime, i'm getting it everywhere. not just any slime but custom-made slime by the bucket. >> it smells amazing. should be done under supervision. if that's not enough to wet your whiskers, slime could be good for your mental health. andrew's not making me believe that. let's go to will ganss, who's having a better experience. >> is he, though? >> andrew, it takes a lot of practice. let me be honest. i was shook about how good this slime smells. if you have baked bread-smelling slime like you guys have, that's great, but i went in deeper for halloween. >> and then the world could fall before the blood-curdling threat of the blob. >> it's slimy and a scary good time. >> it's alive!
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woo ha, ha, ha. >> proof that slime isn't just fun to play with, it's a way of life. >> replace the vowels of your name with oo, and that's your slime name. >> what would you transform to? >> wooll. >> sounds very spooky. >> whoa! >> sarah schiller and karen are the willy wonkas of the sloomoo institute. >> first of its kind in the world. and karen and i started playing with slime about three years ago with my daughters, and we began to fall in love with it for so many reasons. the main one is because it creates so much joy and fun. >> 250 gallons of joy and fun. >> going for the simone biles. >> in sloomoo slime lake. >> yes, yes! >> a slime slingshot, vats of different slimes all made
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in-house, by the way. feeding into the slime obsession oozing all over the internet these days. the 20 year old behind slime obsidian on instagram raking in over a million bucks. >> at our diy bar where we have scent, color, charms, slime type, there are over 4,320,000 combinations to design slime. >> it's really the perfect place to show off some serious slime skills. >> this is called the slime flip. >> you might think you know the villain of this slimy story. but nope, it's stress. >> when you are playing with slime, you are engaging four of your five senses. it smells amazing. you get to see like the visual
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s. ak snds. anoue t in four your five senses, it is actually impossible for your brain to go into anxiety and the story and all the things that we carry. so when you're here, you're really getting to play. >> and nothing says play like getting totally slimed, nickelodeon style. >> woo! >> oh, yeah! >> something about getting slimed just changes a person. >> i have to say, i honestly feel transformed. >> well, obviously, you stole my hair. >> what? no, this is all natural. >> all natural, baby. for more info or how to make your own slime at home, check out sloomoo institute at >> obviously need parental supervision. i did not do this on purpose. >> some do. >> will said, you like my hair?
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gee thanks, just got it. >> smells amazing, but you can't eat it. >> can't eat it. four of the five senses.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you can forget about sports center, because we've got sports with mona. >> that's me. >> starting with the wnba crowning its new champions. >> yes, and this year's winner is also taking home its first title. the chicago sky took out the phoenix mercury in game four of the finals yesterday in chicago. chicago outscored phoenix 15-2 to win it 80-74. >> it brought tears to the eyes of candace parker who grew up in suburban chicago. khaliah cooper was named mvp.
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let's go pack. >> green bay's aaron rodgers threw two touchdowns and ran for another in the victory at chicago's soldier field. that's not all that happened. after rodgers ran his six-yard touchdown scramble that sealed the packers' victory, he was heard telling bears fans "i still own you." >> yeah, there's proof of that, too. the packers have the bears' number. they've won 20 of their last 23 meetings and rodgers is 22 and 5 against the rivals. he owns those bears. and in new england, a third touchdown pass was the charm for dak prescott. >> dallas came out on top in back and forth struggles with the patriots. they had to go into overtime in foxborough. it ended on a 35-yard scoring pass. >> cd lamb finished things off by waving see you later after taking a hit from mills just
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after the winning score. >> a lot of shade being thrown. >> that's what it's all about. and recent football scandals got the snl treatment. >> among those, the raiders' owner announced the new head coach. >> the good news, i think we may >> the good news, i think we may have found a solution that makes everyone happy, someone even twitter can get behind. introducing our new head coach, levar burton. >> thank you very much. >> all right. suck on that, mayim bialik. >> levar went on to ask, what's a handoff? >> it's like the show that you like. the coach, the soccer coach, the football coach, the coaches soccer. ted lasso! that was a "jeopardy" question.
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>> rodgers still owns the bears.
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right now on "america this morning," americans kidnapped. the race to rescue 17 missionaries kidnapped in haiti. a powerful gang now believed to be holding them. the fbi now getting involved. what the government is saying this morning. more empty store shelves across the country as supply chain crises show no signs of i want prochlt. truck drivers in short supply. what's now being done and the new prediction about christmas. a developing story acting u.s. national security and u.s./china relations. word that china has tested a hypercapable hypersonic missile. why this report came as a surprise to u.s. officials. abc news exclusive. the man behind the


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