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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 17, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. boy, take a look. the rain is causing all kinds of issues in the bay area tonight including numerous power outages and get ready for even more rain. this is just the start of a series of storms. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. you are watching abc 7 news at 11 live here on abc 7 and wherever you happen to stream. right away. we do have team coverage beginning with abc 7 news reporter jr. stone live for us in south san francisco tonight. and jr. you actually witnessed some transformer explosions. well, i did and i'm gonna talk about that momentarily, but it is important to note. the rain has stopped. it's cold outside but as for those explosions, i was actually standing by firefighters. we were watching one of the transformers burn and it exploded around a hundred feet
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down the street from where we were they actually moved their truck back moments after that and and we saw another explosion but things are happening since that time and i want to step out of the way. you can look off into the distance and you can see the pg&e crew that is here to fix up this situation. fire crews literally just left within the last 20 seconds, but what a night it was. the biggest lotion and two explosions on the wireline and it was kind of weird and then the power went out half hour after that just here one go a one transformer go off then the other and then we just went black sounded like a pretty big firecracker or you know, kind of like a bomb going off something like that. it's pretty pretty loud. so especially since it was right behind our house. this is that burning power poland what it looked like after the two explosions i described here in south san francisco we're talking about more than 6,000 customers without power due to these transformers that have blown but we also have
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video here of a transformer that blue and san mateo i'm told at least a couple dozen transformers have blown from here in south san francisco all the way down to san mateo power in many of these neighborhoods are out witnesses. tell us this is truly frustrating. it's a little rating i mean, i hope that this causes the city. force pg&e to put everything underground you wouldn't have these many problems and this isn't the first time this has happened. now as to why these transform are blowing i'm still waiting for pg&e to get back to us, but firefighters say we haven't had rain and dirt builds up on these transformers then when the rain comes in it mixes with the dirt up on those power poles and you have explosions now often the distance and out here live this evening. you see that pg&e crew. to fix this scenario out here. i talk with a lot of the neighbors. i do see some lights way down the block. come back on so that is
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certainly good news. but as for a timetable they do not list one online. and again those firefighters believe it is going to take some time especially after seeing those explosions that we saw earlier tonight, and it wasn't just seeing those explosions. we could actually hear them blowing in other areas of south san francisco as well reporting live in south san francisco jr. stone abc 7 news certainly a long night ahead. good work to you and your photographer tonight jr. stone many. thanks. well a couple of power poles also caught fire in san francisco abc 7 news was that 23rd and to harrow streets in potrero hill tonight firefighters there shot water onto the flames putting them out and there are power outages across the area right now take a look at pg&e's outage map. you can see there the red areas where more than 5,000 customers are without power. there's one of those areas on the peninsula and another in the east bay near dublin pleasanton and livermore. so with that let's get to abc 7
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news meteorologist frances dinglasan with exactly how much rain has fallen francis. yeah. we had quite a bit of rain in some spots like mountain over a quarter of an inch, but in other power hearts the bay area less than of an inch. in fact, i'll show you that so here's a system moving through areas like eureka got over three quarters of an inch, but it did start to taper out as the systems moves south so you kayak got a 1500 of an inch petaluma 1100 san francisco 8 hundreds of an inch, san jose 100 of an inch. so you get the we had more rain towards the mountains closer to the coast and here's what it looks like right now. most of the rain has moved through the bay area will still see some spotty showers overnight. so the rain totals will change and we'll be keeping an eye that but as a system moves south and east it's bringing snow to the sierra and that's why there's a winter weather advisory until 5 am morning, possibly up to 11 inches in some spots, but do avoid driving or expect delays if you have to travel at that time, and we have more rain on
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the way dion several chances on telling about that coming up. alright. good francis. thanks now. here is a look at some of the rain that hit the peninsula this evening the road conditions in half moon bay and pacifica were extremely slick as the rain came down. there were several crashes including one just north of the devil's slide bypass tunnel. backed up northbound traffic for some of the evening the good news though. no major injuries there. do the north bay where people in downtown san anselmo were welcoming the rain even though some areas are known to flood abc 7 news reporter luz pena spoke to the mayor who says there is a plan in place to prevent future problems. around 5pm sunday the first drops of rain were falling in marin county. this was probably one of the first times paul has ever seen rain. was excited to get the umbrella out and jump in the puddles, even though the puddles were pretty sad time i can't remember the last time it rained right
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now. we just won all much rain as possible fill up those reservoirs and i think the creeks can handle it in the ross valley the sun and selma creek is known as ground zero for flooding always concerned about the possibility of flooding. what do you means here in downtown san antonio selma several business owners also have flashbacks of their businesses flooding. for example the san anselmo gelato has flooded twice the streets becomes like a river. and then all the gutters breaks. and the more than everything comes up the last time this was in 2005 we had about four feet of modern here the same flooding impacted michael feldman's art gallery. the creek is directly behind these two businesses. the water level was about almost this high. we walked down to the creek. and selma's mayor to understand their new flooding mitigation plan. how many residents in san salma are impacted by this creek? i'm gonna say between four and 500 structures. so we really need to deal with
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it last summer during covid. we were able to take off the top of the foundation and create a new park a new community a amenity, but the land is next summer the county. is going to remove this structure. and then it's going to engage in some baffling as the town waits for that plan. are keeping a close eye on that creek tonight. maybe we will flood before they do the flood control. maybe not inside anselmo loose peña abc 7 news. while there is rain in the bay area there is snow in the lake tahoe area and people are excited racing to their local ski shops to gear up for the snowy forecast. most ski resorts though won't open until mid-november, but that is not stopping some people from planning their first trip to the mountain or even heading up early. i guess it just means that we get to take our son up to the mountains as soon as possible first rain storm down here.
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everybody starts thinking about skiing again gets excited. it's coming in looking for new gear. the forecast will provide much needed moisture in the area as tahoe still recovers from the kaldore fire that burned more than 200,000 acres last month. and don't forget you can always check live doppler 7 and the weather conditions where you live. it's on our abc 7 news app. it is free to download just search abc 7 news bay area well moving on now to the centers for disease control, which is updated its website with data from august showing unvaccinated people had an 10 times greater risk of dying from covid compared to vaccinated people and as booster shots continue to roll out there is even still pushback over vaccine mandates including here in california. here's abc news reporter janae norman with more tonight dr. anthony fauci. hoping to ease concerns about the johnson & johnson vaccine after an fda panel recommended a booster for the single shot.
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i think that they should feel good about it because what the advisors to the fda felt is that given the data that they saw very likely this should have been a two-dose vaccine to begin with but johnson & johnson telling abc news, there was value in having a single dose vaccine that could be easily distributed. in a pandemic situation the best thing you can do is get out there and vaccinate as much of the population as quickly as possible with one shot unlike pfizer and moderna boosters limited to older adults or those at high risk the fda panel voting in favor of the j&j booster for anyone 18 and older at least two months after getting the single shot vaccine as boosters roll out across the country tonight vaccine mandates facing fierce pushback a statewide school. walk out now just hours away in california as parents plan protests against vaccine requirements for staff and students and mandates leading to
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clashes between cities in their police unions in chicago the police union estimated last week that half of its officers were still unvaccinated the city now fighting it out in court as all city workers. including officers are required to report their vaccination status or face disciplinary action. this should have been very simple issue for us get vaccinated. let us know so that we can move. word, but instead, it's become a battle of wits the stakes high for all americans from law enforcement to health care workers like michel webb who's been treating covid patients, but was hesitant about getting the shot herself. she decided to get the vaccine after attending educational sessions without that education. i think i would have been really questioning myself that i make the right choice those mandates showdowns erupting as the cdc release data. showing that back in august the unvaccinated had an 11-fold higher risk of dying from covid
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during this surge of the delta variant, then those who got the shot and there will be a lot of logistics to work out. so the white house is already telling states to pre-order doses of pfizer's vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 in hopes of a seamless rollout that could start in about two and a half weeks the fda already reviewing data for pfizer's vaccine for kids the cdc meeting the first week. november janae norman abc news, new york still ahead on abc 7 news at 11. it's been 30 years since the oakland hills firestorm the tribute held today in the east bay plus a musician robbed up his gear in san francisco. he describes what happened after he ran after men he
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southern california have made significant progress overnight on the alisol fire that blazes currently 78% contained after more than 1,600 firefighters battled the blaze in the nina's mountains west of santa barbara crews were able to stop forward progress fighting the flames by land and by air the fire erupted last monday during fierce winds and has burned over 17,000 acres. meantime the estrada fire in santa cruz county is now 60% contained 148 acres have burned but no homes were damaged all evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted our media partners at the bay area news group do report the fire started after. controlled burn on a retired cal fire battalion chief's property jumped containment lines. in the east bay a tribute today to mark the 30th anniversary of the oakland hills firestorm the north hills community association hosted a picnic to celebr.
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the people who keep oakland safe and to honor those who lost their lives in 1991 the fire killed 25 people making it the third deadliest wildfire in california history it burned more than 1,500 acres and destroyed 3,000 structures oakland's fire chief lives in under the areas hardest hit by the blaze to prove that not only is it important to me and my family but to the members of the open fire department their chief lives in hiller highlands as a of what is at stake? organizers handed out information on how to prepare and stay safe during emergencies. firestorm the east bay hills fire is the very latest of our abc 7 original productions. at least 100 acres burning trees brush. i don't think we're going to stop this thing. the documentary will be released wednesday and shows just how terrifying that day was you'll hear directly from the people who lived through the experience. you can stream it my downloading
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the abc 7 bay area app, which is free and available for roku amazon fire apple tv and android tv. today marks 32 years since the loma prieta earthquake struck the bay area that quake happened along the san andreas fault and 63 people died with more than 3,700 injured the earthquakes split apart of the bay bridge and caused the cypress freeway in the east bay to collapse. it all happened during a live broadcast of the 1989 world series between the giants and the a's this thursday is the great, california shakeout, and you can download the my shake app. take part in an earthquake drill. well this just into the abc 7 newsroom. we just got word from pg&e that more than 28,000 customers in the bay area are without power right now. the largest number is in the east bay with more than 13,000 and more than 11,000 in the peninsula are in the dark. san francisco has just over
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2,000 and there are about 1500 in the north bay in the south bay. 192 customers are without power and with that we we do want to get another check. with abc 7 news meteorologist frances dinglasan with really how long this is going to last. yeah. we've seen the cold front move through and the gusts and the wind so winds are starting to die down right now, which will be helpful to get the power back for those folks. here's a look at live doppler 7 and satellite radar image the line of showers has moved mainly to the east you see it moving down through modesto. it's even gone past gilroy, but we will still continue to see some few pop-up showers here and there over the next few hours into tomorrow morning a live shot from the exploratorium though shows the winds are dying down skies are clearing and temperatures are getting quite cool out there in san francisco. it's 52 oakland 56 mountain view 50. and san jose 54 morgan hill and pacifica at 51 degrees and here's a live shot from emeryville looking across the bay the bay bridge
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francisco in santa rosa. it's already dropped down into the 40s. it's going to be very chilly overnight especially for tomorrow morning and then nap is at 50 as well as fairfield look fifties through concord and in livermore. so here's a look at that system. it has moved east is now bringing snow to the sierra and that's why there's a winter weather advisory until five o'clock this morning and then over the next two. years, we could still see some pop-up showers, but mainly dry and clear overnight into tomorrow morning and that's going to allow. to really cool down. in fact, it will drop into the upper 30s for parts of the north bay like santa rosa 38 lakeport 37. so definitely make sure the kids are bundled up for school tomorrow. lots of low 50s around the bay from 52 in san francisco and oakland down to 50 in san jose, san rafael 48 degrees and then tomorrow's highs will still be on the cool side will be about 10 degrees below average so mainly 60s for everyone a few upper 50s out there like half moon bay 59 san francisco 61, san jose 6. or and we could see some mid-60s
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through cloverdale and santa rosa now get your umbrellas ready because we have several rounds of rain. heading our way through the week tuesday night. we'll start to see some rain chances through the north bay spreading south into wednesday, but this system will also be light thursday best chance in the north bay with other system sliding through friday and then our heaviest system will come through saturday into sunday and you'll see that here with the accuweather 7-day forecast. so we have a chili start tomorrow temperatures on the cool side, but mostly sunny by the afternoon and then a pm chance tuesday night into wednesday. that's round one round two goes thursday into friday and then round three saturday into sunday and dion that one looks like a better rainmaker and course we can take all the rain that we can get. yeah, we'll take it while we have it. that is for sure francis. than
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7 works to build a better bay area a new program in the east bay. aims to do the same by making affordable housing more accessible. low-income residents today in oakland an event was held to promote the chan zuckerberg initiative keys equity program the event focused on helping black property owners in oakland receive financial support to build in-law units and generate more income. we want to figure out how they can take advantage of an adu so that either they can bring housing into the community support their efforts in creating legacy our wealth building tools and our providing generational housing for those of you. homeowners can apply for financial support through richmond neighborhood housing services today a block in the heart of san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood was transformed into a green oasis organizers. hope to make the car. change permanent during the covid pandemic neighborhood
11:26 pm
nonprofits hosted community events, like outdoor voter registration and pop-up covid testing now a coalition led by saint anthony's is proposing a permanent golden gate greenway, very few people realized that they're about 3,000 kids in the tenderloin who have no access to parks or anything. the golden gate greenway would run along golden gate avenue between jones and leavenworth. switching gears now to chris alvarez with a preview of sports chris dion coming up in sports the warriors are now less than 48 hours from their season opener despite all the distractions this week the raiders find a way to get it done in denver, coach. passaccia helping lead the silver and black to a win.
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sports sponsored by river rock
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casino the week began with john gruden resigning as head coach of the las vegas raiders it ended with the team snapping. game losing streak and earning a tough win in denver rich. besachia. take it over as the interim head coach for vegas. they opened the sixth place 75 yard touchdown drive. here's derek carr up top to henry rugs the third 48 yards to to the house seven nothing. black and coach acting like he's been there before but you know, he's got to be excited late first half car to kenyan drake 31 yards here 17-7 raiders car through for 3:41 and two scores mike shanahan inducted into the broncos ring of honor today. good to see coach got a nice orange jacket. made a charge but the raiders answered third and five card at brian edwards and a one-handed catch and a big run after vegas snaps that two-game slide with a 34-24 win over denver after the game derek carr describing what it was like to play without gruden. sucks not hugging grew after a game like that, you know some of
11:31 pm
the plays we ran, you know and all that kind of stuff. he had been so fired up, you know to see his face but it is what it is, you know, we got to move forward, but definitely for those three hours. it's easy. definitely. it's not easy, but it's easier. to just focus on football it certainly it's emotional for everybody. right? so, i think they did a good job. there's a bunch of grown men of handling their emotions throughout the week put them in perspective when it was time to go play the game. it is a job for for all of us and and again they seem to do a really really good job with it. we'll see what goes on from here. we'll see the consistency that we can have going on. i think that'll be the challenge for all of us. basketball now in less than 48 hours the warriors tip off their 75th season golden state opening tuesday night in la against the lakers venice the home opener thursday night against the clippers stephan curry seems to be getting better and better and that's a scary thought for the rest of the league the dubs finished the preseason a perfect 5-0 and hit 16 from downtown in the preseason. la after losing in the inaugural nba playing tournament last
11:32 pm
season the sitesnmaeep run in te playoffs this season. our expectations are definitely higher this year than they have the way the league works, you know, you kind of need to step it. everybody in the locker room wants to win the championship first and foremost. and whatever that takes we just want to. be as prepared as possible with all these pieces we have i definitely think we're a championship caliper team. good mix the guys and i feel like we can be really good defensively and we have a bunch of guys i can you know hoops so i think will be especially here for us. can't wait to see the warriors abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion. much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00 including a musician who chased after men. he saw breaking into his car plus another crisis in haiti more than
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better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. vice president kamala harris will be at the lake mead reservoir in nevada tomorrow. she's expected to discuss the consequences of the western route as well as make the case for president biden's infrastructure and climate change proposals that are currently stalled in congress if passed it would be the largest investment in climate resilience in us history at the end of july the lake mead reservoir was at its lowest. it's been since 1937. jury selection is set to begin tomorrow in the trial of three men accused of killing ahmad arbory while he jogged in a georgia neighborhood arbery's death sparked protests across the country and abc news reporter mona kosar. abdi has more on this story.
11:37 pm
jury selection begins monday in what could be one of the biggest trials in georgia's history father and son gregory and travis mcmichael along with their neighbor william, ronnie bryant all facing murder charges in the death of ahmad arbery. the defendants are wide. the victim was black jury notices sent to 1,000 people roughly one out of every 85 residents in glenn county. the jury that we're gonna be pooling is going to have to make a decision about whether or not this this was something that should have occurred. and it has a lot of racial implications the 25 year old death sparked national outrage after he was shot and killed while jogging on a residential street in february of 2020 the incident captured on the cell phone. taken by brian. we believe that roddy it was nothing more than he witnessed to the shooting the mcmichaels attorney. say the father and son suspected arbery was a burglar and were trying to make a citizens arrest the encounter ended when investigators a travis shot and killed arbery with a shotgun as
11:38 pm
brian filmed the case already bringing changes to georgia law. they have actually repealed the citizen arrest law which has been on the books for far too long over the weekend a large group gathered at the glenn county courthouse for rally in honor of we all don't have to look alike. we don't all have to believe in the same beliefs, but we are so much greater together. all three defendants are facing nine counts each including felony murder and aggravated assault. they have all pleaded not guilty the attorneys for the mcmichaels. tell abc news. statement that they hope they can get a fair jury for the case monaco sarabi abc news, new york now to developing news and desperate concerns for kidnapped aid workers in haiti 16 americans and one canadian were visiting an orphanage outside of port-au. when the haitian government says they were kidnapped by a gang. abc's philipoff has more on this story. tonight haitian authorities telling abc news that 17 missionaries were kidnapped overnight by a gang. haiti the haitian government
11:39 pm
saying they suspect the 400 mozo gang is responsible. ohio-based christian aid ministries confirm. that among the missionaries were 16 americans in one canadian five of them children all on their way back from a visit to an orphanage the state department saying it's aware of the kidnapping reports and that the welfare and safety of us citizens. abroad is one of the highest priorities of the department of state first few hours are very critical in any hostage. making former fbi agent crisis management expert richard frankel was involved in negotiating the release of a us missionary from haiti in 2005. asian gangs have been kidnapping since the early 2000s if not before that their intent is to make money they are doing these kidnappings for ransom. for money, no politics are involved. it's not terrorism. their goal is to make as much money as they can from the hostage taking haiti has faced a number of crises in recent months the president their assassinated in july.
11:40 pm
in august a 7.2 magnitude earthquake killed more than 2200 people and destroyed more than 50,000 homes all contributing to a rising gang vi. now plaguing the country by some estimates gangs now control roughly half of the capital city of port-au-prince a haitian human rights organization says, there's been a sharp increase in kidnappings this year more than 600 117 last month alone a haitian presidential source tells abc news that there have been no demands. made by the suspected gang and the whereabouts of those 17 kidnapped tonight remain unknown. philip off abc news, new york the british government is considering stepped up security for lawmakers when they meet with their constituents all of this follows the fatal stabbing of a long-serving member of parliament david amos was the second british lawmaker to be killed in five years. he was attacked during a meeting at a local church. his death is sparked a debate about how to keep politicians safe authorities are calling the
11:41 pm
attack an act of terrorism a 25 year old man is being held in connection with that incident. former president bill clinton is back in new york tonight several vehicles drew up to grew drove up to his chappaqua home this afternoon officials. say the former president will finish a course of antibiotics in new york earlier today mr. clinton shook hands with doctors and nurses as he left the university of california irvine medical center. he was helped by hillary clinton as they walked. waiting suv. the former president was admitted to the hospital last tuesday suffering from a ur. will infection that spread to his bloodstream. a popular singer and songwriter in town to shoot a music video for his new album says he and his crew were held up at gunpoint and robbed of their gear australian singer clinton. kane has more than a hundred million streams of his music. line and had just arrived in the city friday. afternoon. kane says when he noticed. in breaking into his car and
11:42 pm
stealing $30,000 in equipment. he and his friends ran after them. that's when things took a frightening turn. they all pulled guns on us. so it was it was it was me into my mates and thailand so much adrenaline and so much confusion and just just so much shock and fear. yeah, this happened to the marina district cain joked. he didn't want to come back to san francisco after the experience, but he will indeed be back here on tour in december and says he plans not to bring anything expensive. he also reminds everyone not to keep valuables in the car. good advice. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00 apple is expected to launch even more new products details on tomorrow's event. and it's going to be clear and cool tonight with very chilly morning temperatures. we'll see some dry days from the next couple days mostly. but then get ready lots of wet weather
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set to kick off its second product event of the season tomorrow. the cupertino based company will be hosting their unleashed virtual event. they're expected to unveil the new macbook pro along with its next generation silicon chip. it may also introduce an update to their entry-level airpods last month. you may remember the tech giant unveiled the new iphone 13 the apple watch. and ipad mini 6 that event begins at 10 am well, james bond was no match for halloween kills at the box office this weekend the horror flick took in more than 50 million dollars on its first outing it is the best debut for a horror movie since the pand. began, the latest bond offering no time to die fell to second in its second week earning 24.3 million dollars venom let there be carnage slid into third place capturing 16 and a half while the addams family too made 7.2 million dollars to finish in fourth the last duel with matt
11:47 pm
damon had a rough first week. the historical epic opened at fifth place with less than five million dollars. well in the south bay quilt enthusiasts came together at the santa clara convention center for the 30th annual pacific international quilt festival the event featured 150 vendors from seven different countries about 600 quilts were on display. people were able to shop for fabric and learn new quilting techniques organizers were thrilled to host people once again in person. it's a very tactile part and and you know, yes, you could buy things online and you can view things online, but but there's nothing like seeing it yourself touching it yourself and you need to be here. the city of santa clara recognizes this week by the way as quilt week or at one last check of the weather with 7 news meteorologist frances dinglasan and woof. what a busy night. yeah. it has been busy. we've been tracking the rain most of it has moved through, but we could still see some
11:48 pm
pop-up showers through parts of the is you can see here with live doppler 7 and a satellite radar image it moves east and it is bringing snow to this sierra right now overnight though. skies will clear and temperatures will be very chilly, especially in the north bay so bundle up santa rosa 38 around the bay low 50 san francisco 52 as well as oakland, san jose 50 degrees and tomorrow's temperatures will definitely feel like fall. so you'll need the jacket temperatures mostly in the 60s low to mid 60s around the bay and a few upper 60s like in san rafael and fairfield, but san francisco 61 san jose 64 degrees and check out the accuweather 7-day forecast because we have two dry days mostly dry tuesday. the chance moves in tuesday night for additional rain and then we have another system coming in through wednesday thursday. best chance in the north bay another light system on friday and then a more moderate system a stronger one saturday into sunday, so we will be using those umbrella tonight. it's all long, yeah, running
11:49 pm
those errands tomorrow and on tuesday, i think great idea francis. thanks. all right. once again chris alvarez now with the preview of sports chris. dion coming up in sports we go around the bell for some of the top games of the day and a back and forth battle between the braves and dodgers how a came back to beat la sports is next. i'mi'mi'mi'mi'mi'mi'm across the country their bank accounts were drained in seconds, but the banks were not refund their money until you don't know how excited i got. oh my god, my money's back. so happy. i want to cry and i just couldn't be any more thankful to 7 on your side. yeah absenting be good instead of bad. it's just really life for being we
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alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save.
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river rock casino giants manager
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gabe kepler and president of baseball operations farhan zaidi will hold their season ending press conference tomorrow plenty of off-season decisions to make on guys like kris bryant and brandon belt and four fifths the rotation. not name logan webb to baseball tonight. atlanta hawks star trey young taking a game to the nlcs between the braves and dodgers six pitches in runner on for corey seeger, and it's a two-run blast to write center dodgers up to nothing in a hurry but bottom four runner on for former dodger. peterson and the pride of palo alto with a jock jam two-run blasts deep to right ties the game at two and it is jock tober. wow top seven faces loaded for chris taylor sinking liner to center guillermo. heredia can't make the play and it gets by him two runs are gonna score as a dodgers retake the lead for two la bottom eight here come the braves down one austin riley the left center. just misses a home run. but ozzie albie's trying to score from first and he is safe.
11:54 pm
what a play tied it for fans. just going crazy bottom nine. are on two out, eddie rosario. off kenley janssen corey seeger can't handle it and here comes dansby swanson braves walk off the 5-4 taking a 2-0 series leaves nfl now the wildest game of the day final minutes of the patriots and cowboys dallas down one with less than three to go and greg zurline badly misses that 51 yarder bill belichick squad closing in on the upset, but two plays later. rookie quarterback mac jones picked off by trayvon diggs 42 yards to the house. it's his seventh interception and two of those sixes in just six games former teammates at alabama those guys were 2621 cowboys, but very next patriots offensive play jones finds forever 49er kendrick born beats digs and there goes born 75 yards to the house patriots back out in front and digs is like what just happened new england up three 24 seconds ago zurline
11:55 pm
from 49 yards out and it is good and we just sneaks it in our going to overtime. over time now new england got the ball punted and dak prescott a little play action find cdlam and there you go 35 yard game winner lamb gonna wave goodbye to the patriots and their fans cowboys win 35-29 in overtime. dallas is now five and one aaron rodgers is the packers taking on the bears in chicago fourth quarter pack up three. rolls, right gonna pump fake and look at 12. he's just going to bring it down and run in to the end zone rogers. eventually. does that championship belt move and yells i own you. i still own you. at the bears fan several times. they didn't like that green bay wins 24-14. that's a five-game win streak for the packers and rogers. he's 22 and 5 in his career against chicago. yes, he does own them. wow, wnba finals candace parker and chicago the chance to close out diana taurasi and phoenix in game for chicago trail by nine
11:56 pm
with four and a half to go parker's triple. at 72 with two minutes to go fans on their feet stephanie dolson the layup gives chicago the lead for good an 11-0 run in chicago native chance. the rapper is excited the sky win 80 to 74 for their first wnba title, which was chicago natives parker's goal coming to our hometown teen mission accom. sharks top draft pick william ecklin was among five players making their nhl debut and last night's season opening win over winnipeg got his first nhl point picking up an assist on tomash hurdles. go ahead goal 19 year old rookie understands. he's playing with the big boys now, it's different. this is playing in the world. so it's gotta be a big difference. but yeah, i think that better today. it's about you know on this league doing it consistently night and night out and that's part of the challenge that we're gonna have to work on. is making sure that we we got that foundation that we bring to the game every night and that structure. nice start for the sharks abc 7
11:57 pm
sports sponsored by river rock casino dion thanks so much, and that's it for this edition of abc 7 news at 11. i'm dion limb abc 7 news continues bright and early tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock for francis deglassen and chris alvarez and all of us here. thank you so much for joining us. we leave you now with a live look from our emeryville. can you see it looks pretty quiet. we do have a little bit of precipitation falling as we have been covering all evening long leaving you now. live look at the bay bridge all lit up tonight. have a great evening. we
11:58 pm
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