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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 16, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> evacuation as crews were to control fire lines. you're watching abc 75:00 a.m. -- abc7 at 5:00 a.m.. let's check in with lisa. >> we are set for another warm day today, sunny and dry conditions with temperatures warmer than yesterday. there is a big ridge of high pressure over california. that is not the whole story. we have temperatures on the cool
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side in napa and santa rosa. we are t fou degrees warmer this morning. numbers in the 50's and 60's by 9:00. tons of sun today with a warm afternoon. widespread 70's at the shoreline, 80's around the bayshore. an abrupt pattern change for sunday bringing our storm impact scale several times next week. we'll talk about it coming up. >> developing news in santa cruz county were a wild fire is burning. calfire has confirmed the fire is the result of an earlier prescribed burn. it is 0% contained. evacuation orders are in place but calfire has gotten retardant around the fire. evacuees can get help.
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the prescribed burn was supposed to be 20 acres northeast of corley dose and watsonville. it began yesterday morning and around 4:30 yesterday, calfire put out word about the wildfire. calfirecalfirecalfirecalfirecalr the burn to jump the containment lines. prescribed burns can only take basement weather and fuel conditions meet requirements. i suspect is -- i suspect is in custody after a shooting yesterday. the suspect started firing detectives engaged in a prolonged exchange of gunfire. the suspect vacated himself in the car but was eventually extracted. he was injured and taken to the hospital. the shopping plaza has reopened. andy oakland man stranded in his
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home after a bus crashed into his home and took out. his wheelchair ramp. we are learning new details about the police chase that started it. ryan spoke with the trapped man and his neighbors who rushed to help. reporter: it was a wild afternoon for darrell. crews are towing a bus out of his home in west oakland. >> the fellow was screaming out of the house to some neighbors who had tried to figure out if i was okay. reporter: he spoke to me over the phone because he was stranded in his house. he was stuck there for the afternoon. >> would enter bree has knocked everything down. that is the only way i can get down is on that lift. reporter: emergency crews were able to get toe re wot. officers chased a stolen car from highway 24 to west oakland where it collided with a bus
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forcing it into his home. four people will wear in the stolen car. the bus driver and several ridings -- and several riders had injuries. >> i was talking to my friend down the block and we heard the crash. we saw the bus and we saw the vehicle. reporter: mercedes was one of the neighbors who came to check on darrell. she helped make sure emergency crews got to him. once he was downstairs, he told us he needed to figure out where he was going tuesday. >> that is the scenario right now. what i am going to do at this point, i have no idea where i am going to go. reporter: people who live in this area tell me one of the neighbors on the bus was taken to the hospital. as far as repairs to the home, he expects a long process with
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the city of oakland and his insurance companies. liz: public health departments in san francisco and moran are easing restrictions for indoor settings for mask mandates. we were in san rafael where in i are more than ready to ditch the masks. reporter: the signs are coming down at the headquarters of fast. face masks are no longer required for employees. >> it is a nice feeling that the city decided it is safe for us to take masks off again. reporter: people in san francisco can take off masked in some settings like small offices where fully vaccinated people gather. matthew anderson says it is a new day at work. >> it is nice to get back to some kind of normal condition. reporter: the rules are changing in marin county where
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no longer requires masks. >> it has been a long haul. reporter: they plan to offer separate classes for members who still want to wear a mask or may be unvaccinated. >> it is great to offer a class where people are still unsure, whether they are vaccinated or not they can keep the mask on. reporter: no mask is a game changer for holly casey. >> it means i don't have to sweat as much on my face, i can breathe and not feel like i am going to pass out. reporter: dr. matt willis. on our show, giving answers and telling kristin when the mask mandates could be lifted across the board. >> we have three days under our belt in the yellow tier. if we stayed there for three weeks, on november 3 we would be able to lift the mask mandate is
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a county and fall to the state mask mandate. the state would still require people who are unvaccinated in public places to continue to cover their face. reporter: dr. willis says don't ditch the mask because state agencies will have the final say if the mandate is lifted across the board. liz: an independent panel has voted to recommend johnson & johnson's booster shot. adults over 18 would be eligible. since the j&j vaccine does not offer as strong of protection, the panel agreed to recommend the booster shot two months after the first dose compared to pfizer and modern's recommendation of six months after the first shot. the study shows that increases the immune response against covid-19. >> it will increase efficacy
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against severe disease and increase efficacy against symptomatic covid. reporter: the fda -- liz: the fda and cdc still need to recommend the boosters for j&j and moderna. oakland announced a seven day covid testing and vaccination site. it will be located in downtown oakland near city hall. all services will be free and available without an appointment. taking a live look outside at sfo at the u.s. prepares to lift travel restrictions for 26 countries. we spoke to tourism experts who are hoping for a boost to our economy. reporter: after a 21 month long travel ban, tourists are weeks away from being allowed back in the u.s.. the white house
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u.s. will welcome back international travelers from 26 countries, including france, italy, and china. there are two requirements, they need to be fully vaccinated and show proof of a recent covid -- negative covid test. this travel agent caters to european tourists. he has been getting calls all day. >> as soon as we found out today i had about 20 calls. reporter: this is the boost the tourism industry had been waiting for. >> it is important these borders are reopening. in 2019, 60 3% of all tourism spending in san francisco -- 63% of all tourism spending in san francisco was done by international travelers. >> united airlines consent their flights to paris nonstop and
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they will restart on the first of december. reporter: travelers coming from asia will have to face another setback going home. >> when they return, they need to quarantine. even 21 nights, that is a problem. reporter: this is one of the many rants to see pre-pandemic tourism numbers for years from now. >> that is a long way away. liz: you can ask our vaccine team your questions, go to today, a chance to help fight a disease that affects millions of americans. the walk to and alzheimer's kicks off today in san jose. all funds raised in the event support research of the alzheimer's association. registration starts at 8:00 this morning at the home of the san
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francisco giants. abc7 is a proud sponsor of the event. lisa, you're saying the weather should be nice? lisa: today is the warmest dofed francisco, going to 78 today. upper 70's for the half moon bay. we will talk about the rest of the bay area next. liz: a blow to a north way wildlife preserves record, the appeal they are filing. a new nasa mission is embarking on a 12 year
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liz: a mom accused of giving teenagers alcohol and encouraging them into sex acts
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is back in the bay area. she is being extradited from idaho to face 39 charges. prosecutors say she would invite teenagers to her home where she would push them to drink heavily and watch them engage in sexual acts. her sons were removed from her custody by welfare officials. not to a store you will only see here, a man is looking for accountability after he says a tire shop damaged his car. >> they are not treating me as a victim of racism but as a pr nightmare. liz: he says what is dashcam video uncovered was serious. john lennon has the story you will see only here -- dion has the story. >> i noticed the crack on the windshield. reporter: bill noticed the crack after a trip to america's tire to have a flat tire replaced. >> i checked the footage to see
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what happened and found out what they were doing with my car and how they were disrespecting me and my vehicle. reporter: what bill wha the employees who took his car in, going on a joy ride. this is what bill what bill whaa accounted for you scratch on the hood. >> the customer is not here. reporter: what is most distressing is what was said next. the workers can be heard mocking bill, using an asian accent. what was your reaction when you saw the video? >> i was horrified. reporter: after he alerted america's tire about the footage, the effort to file a claim to repair his bmw. it was not till a car enthu with a following on instagram posted the video showing the
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workers' behavior. >> that is when things got escalated. reporter: he got a call from the assistant to the vice president. i went to america's tire to inquire about what happened. they are not working anymore? they are fired? >> yes. reporter: they give a statement saying they moved swiftly to investigate the two employees are no longer employed. the customer has been contacted and the vehicle claim is being addressed. they did othey did othey did oty set of tires and $5,000 if his friend took down the video. >> they are treating the as a pr nightmare, not a victim of racism. reporter: i asked what they
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would do to address the racist mocking. my question was not answered in time for deadline. liz: if you witnessed experienced racism, you can fight it and find an ally by going to /takeaction. lucy has lifted off, the nasa mission to study space fossils. >> all clear. liz: it got underway a few hours ago. lucy will explore ancient space rocks called trojan asteroids. they swarms of rocky material trapped in the same orbit of jupiter. astronauts think they could be some of the oldest objects in the solar system. this is a 12 year expedition that nasa hopes will give them a look into the creation of the diverse.
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-- has lost its accreditation. the association of zoos and aquariums made this ci th m.the accreditation is more r prestige and reputation. the wildlife preserves home to 1000 animals and has to pass inspections. the associations of zoos and aquariums said, "the association noticed concerns with veterinarian cactuses and care and disposition of animals." safari west said, "we believe the denial is based on inaccuracies and misinformation and the concerns are unfounded in how we acquire and move our animals." safari west has been accredited since 2010. unless there is a change in the next weeks, one million people in the south bay will have
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strict draft rules in california -- strict drought rules. they will require customers to reduce usage. if they go over, they will have to pay a surcharge of seven dollars per unit. one unit is 750 gallons. the rules will take place november 15. wildfires are huge concern for all of california. we have gotten hardly any rain. upcoming weather could calm fire activity and impact fires next year. melanie woodrow has the story. reporter: in california, there is no such thing as fire season. largely driven by the weather, calfire's assistant chief -- >> weather matters to firefighting like it matters to a farmer. reporter: we could see -- in the forecast. >> we will be able to nail down
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where this rainfall could happen. right now there is just a potential for a healthy rainstorm. reporter: mike nicco says we don't want too much of a good thing. >> if too much rain falls on the burn scars, then we could have flooding. reporter: more likely we will be looking at another dry winter. >> la niña has 75% of the time come back to back. if you take last year and extrapolated to this winter, it is not looking well. we could be looking at a year of heightened fire danger. reporter: that not -- that is not the news we would hope for. i don't know how much dryer we can get. we are off the charts. noah has seen numbers like this. reporter: they encourage people to remove dry property -- dry material from around their property and cut their grass. liz: we were just talking about
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it, rain is usually not expected this time of year. we will take it. lisa: not only are we expecting rain tomorrow, but a couple of systems are lining up. it is looking good and we need it. you will notice how dry california is with the original five pressure deflecting that storm system into canada. that will change. there is a system to the west that will move in and allow for rain showers tomorrow. 45 in san ramon. closer to the bay, low 50's in oakland. mid-40's in santa rosa and 50 in pacifica. itco night but we are all looking at another sunny and warm fall day today above average with cooler weather and showers arriving late morning in the north bay and more chances of rain for next week. how warm today?
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in the mid and upper 80's inland. low 70's for sunday. the rest of the week in 60's with a couple of chances of rain arriving across the bay area. tomorrow afternoon, scattered showers. only about 1/10 of an inch. it is lights but we're looking at more for the coastal hills. breezy onshore winds could get gusty, stopping at 3:00 tomorrow. there is a line of rain, the heaviest in the north bay. pressing across the east bay among the peninsula and then the system washes out after dinner time. we will look for a dry and and monday and the next chance coming tuesday. about 51 hundredths in hayward and fremont, 1/10 in santa rosa. it is a weak system. we are looking at the mountains, snow.
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certainly some good news. this is just the first system. as for today, it will be warm. temperatures soar through the upper 80's today inland. relative humidity right now is 11%. the winds out of the north, highs easily making it into the mid 80's. 80's on the peninsula, oakland around 80. santa cruz, 82 degrees. the level one system coming in tomorrow, dry conditions late tuesday. looking at another system. a break on thursday and next thursday it looks even more unsettled. this is certainly what we need. that will be some good news and everyone will be looking forward to it. liz: thank you, lisa.
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liz: a and wisconsin says he has the actual largest pumpkin this fall with detail has madele for. mike schmidt says his pumpkin pn tips the scales at 2520 pounds. he says that makes it the heaviest pop can in the country worth $20,000. it won't go down in the record books because of internal pressures and the awkward way the pumpkin group. it has a small but disqualifying crack. >> the crack was the size of a fingernail. it happens. there is no crying in pumpkin growing. liz: mike grew three pumpkins
5:27 am
and they all had similar issues. he says he will try again next year. in two weeks, witches,itches, and ghosts will take over the bay area. halloween is getting the safety seal of approval from medical experts. >> being able to take her out so she can have the full experience. obviously getting candy, but at the end it is her experience, getting to see what most kids have been able to do. reporter: health officials -- liz: health officials say it should be safe if common guidelines are followed. get vaccinated, don't cry out sick, if you get together, gather outdoors. wash hands at wear your mask. still to come, a southern california company is in high demand. how they are ramping up production to keep your kids safe as they go to school. some bank of america locations are closing their doors.
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>> this is abc 7 news. liz: thanks again for joining us on abc 7 news. we will start this half hour the look at the weather. let's get back over to lisa. we are tracking some rain this coming week. lisa: it is getting exciting. we will see another very warm day out there. yesterday temperatures well into the upper 70's along the coast. today even warmer in spots. we get into the sea breeze late in the day. 45 down around santa clara. 54 at san jose. upper 40's at half moon bay. we have some light winds. a warmer morning and around clear and temperatures well into the 60's. inland, oranges allowing for a
5:31 am
warm afternoon. mid to upper 80's at 4:00 this afternoon. 80 at oakland. upper 70's, san francisco. the sea breeze brings a cool down late in the day. patchy fog tonight. windy and rain arriving tomorrow. a level 1 system and more of those coming up. liz: one day after giving the green light for, dirty booster shot an fda panel made a similar recommendation for the one dose johnson & johnson shot. christine sloan has the details. christine: millions of americans who received the johnson & johnson vaccine are now one step closer to a second shot. an fda advisory panel voting unanimously to recommend booster shots for anyone 18 and older at least two months after getting the single shot vaccine. >> we have liens of recipients waiting for answers. generally they have a left in the dark. finally now in the path to
5:32 am
getting additional protection. christine: data shows a booster too much after the first shot increases protection to 94% against him to medic disease. up to 100% against severe disease. the booster developments come as millions of americans make plans together for the holiday season. the cdc updating guidance, saying, "the best way to minimize covid risk and ensure people can safely gather is to get vaccinated or get the booster if you're eligible." vaccine requirements continue to go into effect in cities across the country. in san francisco, police officers who have not provided proof of vaccination now face termination after an overnight deadline passed. >> it is going to affect every district station in the city. christine: in chicago, the city and police unions filing lawsuits over a similar requirement for the city's officers. chicago officials say despite
5:33 am
the requirement, no officers will be barred from working, at least now. christine sloan, abc news, new york. liz: i california company russo popular they have a hard time keeping up with demand. now with students back in school the demand is even higher. leticia w they are doing. >> an accidental sequence of event is how the cofounders describe their wildly successful online business, happy masks. last march as the pandemic was beginning to hit, masks were in short supply. >> my mom sent us a box of masks. >> these had been codeveloped by her dad and another scientist to perfected it. >> her father used to work in this industry, he worked for 3m. he worked on the original nano
5:34 am
fiber membrane they used as the filtration mechanism. >> it offered what other masks lacks, breathability. >> it had a unique shape. while we did not think much about it, our neighbors and friends were noticing what we were wearing. where did you get that? >> it led to the couple launching happy masks and adding their own whimsical touch in the process. >> we received a lot of comments from friends and family saying is sealy mask my kids will wear. it's a way for people asking for more. at that point, maybe april of 2020 we decided we will try to make this more broadly available. >> while the company makes masks for adults, the children line has parents clamoring to buy one. >> they have returned to school and we saw a huge spike in july preparing for that, along with the delta variant. >> each time they restock on the masks sellout within minutes.
5:35 am
the couple is wrapping up production -- ramping up production and bringing on staff. if you want a particular mask, we have to go to, unless you preorder. be prepared to wait at least two months. letizia juarez, abc 7 news. liz: president clinton stayed another night at irvine medical center for a treat of a euro logical infection -- urilogical infection. he was admitted on tuesday. former secretary of state hillary clinton visited him late thursday. some bank of america locations are shutting the doors, some temporarily and others for good. people were confused as they showed up only to find out the bank was closed. the shutdowns only apply to in-person visits. atm transactions are currently operating.
5:36 am
seven locations in the south bay have also seen temporary closures. only one location in palo alto will be permanent closing on december 7. a spokesperson says understaffing is the reason for the closures. the bank hopes to begin reopening locations once they consolidate their resources. governor newsom returned to his alma mater to tour a new $300 million stem facility. the campus for discovery and innovation is taking a new approach to guide students, especially women into stem education. glass replaces solid walls to encourage collaboration. undergraduates are welcome. a 100 million dollar contribution was made by university trustee john sobrato and his wife susan. athletes will take part in an annual tradition and the san francisco bay. swimmers will plunge into the water for the escape alcatraz swimming event. 1.5 mile course begins at the
5:37 am
alcatraz island at and -- and ends at aquatic beach park. a new free outdoor program called lunchtime sessions. every week, local artists and performances from different genres will engage with visitors in the newgarden that has a new state-of-the-art stage and equipment. lunchtime sessions are free and open to the public. you do not need a ticket or reservation to attend. still ahead on abc 7 news, holiday shortage. a south bay tradition is asking for volunteers so santa is not short of helpers this holiday season. how you can help. a live look outside over the
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liz: restaurant week is back for a second go around. he usually only comes once a year but it happened back in spring and now the fall. more than 160 restaurants are participating. each will offer a prefixed menu for lunch or dinner at a discount. it runs through next sunday, october 24. coming up, we will talk live with a golden gate restaurant association about its hopes for local eateries after what we know has been a difficult year. the colorful and always entertaining charlie dances hit city streets. epiphany dance theater is marking 18 years of the annual public art and dance event. charlie dances can be found along historic routes and there will be a celebration of filipino american history month and philippines indigenous peoples month at the sales for transit grand hall starting at 11:15.
5:41 am
charlie dances continues a special tribute for men who inspired millions living with hiv. of oriole boulder dedicated to timothy ray brown will be unveiled at the national aids memorial glow this morning. deborah lynn patient is the first known -- the berlin patient was the first known person to be cured of hiv. he died of leukemia last year. the dedication begins at 9:00. lisa, another one day. lisa: the warmest we will be seeing in quite some time. looking at temperatures near 80 again around the bayshore. even former weather along the coast. the sea breeze kicks in late in the day. that will initiate a big change for the second half of the weekend. i will have details with rain and the forecast, next. liz: also nur looks ready for the regular season. larry will have the highlights
5:42 am
coming up in sports.
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liz: stanford will try to be back on the road rebounding after last week's loss. kickoff is at 4:30 this afternoon at martin stadium. you can watch the game on espn u. the san jose sharks by the season opener against the winnipeg jets. it starts at 7:00 p.m. the warriors will play their first game of the regular season tuesday night nla against the lakers. last night the doves played alaska, the preseason. here is larry beil with the highlights in the morning sports. larry: the warriors open the regular season tuesday night in l.a., trying to finish off a perfect preseason last night. great to have fans back. look out. robert covington is coming in hot. check out steph curry going to work here. he threw into the lane, finger role.
5:45 am
just before halftime, launching from deep and he is rescued by his brother-in-law damion lee. you know that was a pass. damian lillard did not play. a one-man shootout. counting of his points. the warriors launched 40 63's 46 three's. staff one for 41. the warriors are 5-0 in preseason. cal at number nine oregon in eugene. tied at 10 of the fourth quarter. gavin ryan walt. 17-10 bears. ducks trying to keep their national playoffs hopes alive. diving for the pylon and touchdown. 24-17. fourth and goal for cal, here comes the rush. incomplete.
5:46 am
oregon holds on, 24-17. san jose state retired the number of james jones, the san jose native won a super bowl with the packers. the story of the first half. nick nash to charles rush for the spartans touchdown. seven penalties in the first half. really sloppy game. the definition of showing up angry. playing greg delicate to look -- greg bell like a tulip. tied at 13-13. san jose state gets intercepted. game over. drive home safely. 19-13. aztecs remain undefeated. the final and double overtime. american league championship series. astros embracing the hate. hosting the red sox.
5:47 am
5-6, gigantic for houston. palmer in the s -- homer in the sixth. admiring his work. if you're wondering what time it is, it is my time. the astros power their way to a game 1 win. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. liz: let's go to the forecast with lisa for the weekend in the week ahead. lisa: so can the vitamin d today. things are changing as soon as tomorrow. a ridge of high-pressure pressure heading out of town for sunday. today that is the dominant feature. 40's, 50's, 60's with dry air and the upper elevations. 50 at concord, antioch and livermore. 44 at napa in santa rosa. the clear error allowing temperatures to plummet this morning. there is a look outside.
5:48 am
sunny and warm fall day with showers arriving late tomorrow morning in the north bay. overspreading much of the bay area. more chances for rain next week. it is a level one system arriving later on tomorrow morning. anywhere from a 10th to .15 inches. it could get gusty. most of the activity in northern california. 3:00, raining in the north bay. looking at the front pushing for the east bay by dinnertime. by 6:00, rain in the santa cruz mountains, the southbay. over with on sunday but much cooler late sunday into monday. breezy winds take us through the rest of the day and weekend as the onshore flow returns later on today. that will coolest off of the coast. by sunday, quick, gusty winds. looking at over attentiveness for part of the city. this is a snow maker in the
5:49 am
mountains. looking at a couple of inches. six inches at tahoe city with five inches down around kirkwood. take a look at this. it gets even more interesting. this is the midweek system on tuesday and wednesday. as we look later on towards the workweek and into next weekend, we have another system that looks to arrive, keeping us not only wet but bringing back some snow into the sierra nevada. this does look promising. things will change as we get towards the middle of the week for that system. as we get to the next seven days the forecast models are looking promising. highs today well above average. 80 and open today. widespread 80's from napa. 88 at livermore. upper 70's for san francisco.
5:50 am
we will get the sea breeze late in the day. that will bring temperatures down, keeping it cooler than yesterday. we will heat up quickly. it is sunny, warm, dry. 70 of the coast. 80 around the bay. a level 1 system tomorrow with light rain. cool and breezy conditions on monday. a chance of showers late on tuesday. a level 1 system returns on tuesday. more rain by the end of next week. liz: thank you, lisa. a holiday shortage could affect your children. there is a shortage of santa's helpers. dustin dorsey explains how organizers of the christmas in the park are changing of santa visits to help with health and safety worries. >> two months until christmas, what time of year. stores have begun to spread holiday cheer. christmas will return for in person fun but there is worry it may be missing someone. >> merry christmas! >> some have retired.
5:51 am
they hang up their black boots and santa hat. others, for safety reasons and their personal reasons, they are not able to participate this year. they hope to come back in future years. we are short. we don't want someone to come down and have sent to not be there. dustin: we know the big guy is busy this time of year. visits with his helpers has been the centerpiece for the excitement at christmas in the park in san jose. with drive-thru and in person events, the park offers more volunteers shifts than ever before. >> merry christmas. dustin: after losing 10 volunteer santa's helpers and organizers are making changes. >> it's up to us to make accommodations and see we can attract a few more volunteers to help with the program so we can have a good variety of people that want to come and visit and share their time with our guests. dustin: after a year of distanced visits, kids can see santa's helpers in-person again
5:52 am
this year with health and safety in mind. visits will be outside and each volunteer chooses distance for traditional visits based on their comfort ability. >> how was the jelly belly doing? >> better than ever thanks to covid. dustin: this is one of santa's helpers for nearly a decade. he loves the emotional impact santa can have on a child. >> give me a high five. want to sit in my lap? dustin: with orientation this weekend, he encourages others to volunteer and make a difference. >> this is the year for you to step up. the kids really need to have some christmas interaction, a little sense of normalcy. we should do everything we can to bring things back to up real christmas season the way we have seen in the past. dustin: visit our website for how to volunteer. there is nothing to lose. dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. liz: next, a new one-of-a- theater festival kicks off this weekend at san francisco.
5:53 am
what co-founder says about what makes this event stand out.
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5:55 am
liz: here are the winning waters from the 84 million mega millions drawing. 3, 20, 30 1, 34, 6 34, 6 ball is 18. nobody picked le all the numbers. a block party in san francisco's mission district. organizers called noise pop part street food, part shopping bazaar and music festival. this free event partners with local nonprofits to benefit students and female and minority business owners. admission is free but if you must rsvp -- you must rsvp if you want to go. it runs from noon until 6:00 today on 19th and 20th between bryant and harrison streets. in the mission district, a
5:56 am
theater festival is opening the bay area. the new routes theater festival feur and performances, all produced by performing arts organizations . the san francisco bay area feeder company is one of those organizations. come see aaron spoke with one of the cofounders about what makes this festival stand out. >> we have afro solo, african-americans shakespeare company, push stance. we have ballet, kali, and all of us under one roof producing art together to bring back life theater. it's incredible. black, latin, asian people at the forefront of what culture is. now you're getting the opportunity to showcase it. liz: here are the details. the festival is today and tomorrow at the brava theater center. tickets start at $30, or $50 for
5:57 am
all eight performances. next, firefighters lose control of a scheduled burn an in santa cruz county. a wildcard chase -- wild chase in oakland leaving one person stuck inside all day.
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turns into a vial -- a wildfire in santa cruz county. evacuations are in effect as crews work into strength and control lines. good morning. it is saturday, october 16 then you are watching abc 7 news at six clock a.m. on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. thus look at the weather with lisa. lisa: good morning to you. we are set for a very warm day today but if you want to see fall like whether return -- weather return, it is coming over tomorrow. another sunny and unseasonably warm day today. 55 san bruno, 60's in pacifica, low 40's in santa rosa and we are basically a warmer than we were yesterday at this hour. look at what is to come, not only


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