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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 15, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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through a pair of homes. big booster shot meetings happen among the fda. i'm at the live desk with all you need to know. >> flores, did he go? and the game ends. >> that's bad. i don't think he went. reggie: the checked swing call that is all the talk. no more world series hope for the giants. this morning, there's a way you
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can show your support. that was rough. i couldn't go to sleep until i knew the answer last night. kumasi: i made myself go to sleep. i was stressed out. reggie: good for you. mike: i'm glad i fell asleep. i wouldn't of been able to after that miscarriage of justice. reggie: can we be proud of them? mike: it's just further proof that you have to enjoy the journey. kumasi: i wanted to enjoy the parade. happy friday. what do we have in store today? mike: a few -- if you run on on sunshine, i'm going to fill up your passion bucket. our wins are pretty much nonexistent. here is a look from the east bay
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hills at the lack of marine layer. dry air, light raises. we are in the 40's and 50's. look at that, near 70 at the ckar or 70, it will cool off rather rapidly this evening. one more day of this before chance of what weather. reggie: to fire investigations inanose. the first displaced five adults. crews were called to the scene just before 11:00 last night. the fire started in an area with a detached storage shed. nobody got hurt, the cause is under investigation. flames burned to the roof of this home in san jose. it happened on park johnson a place before 2:00 this morning. video shows the intense flames
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and smoke pouring out of the windows. it's not clear if there was anyone inside. we've reached out to the fire department. you cannot blame your mask if you're huffing and puffing on the treadmill. starting now, some indoor businesses in mayor and and san francisco county are allowing you to drop face coverings. we are talking to people. amy: good morning. most of them are taking them off. the worker here at the door who checks people arrived and did nw that today was the day. he could not believe it. we've been waiting for this day. here as an image we haven't seen since august, someone working out without a mask on and san francisco. this is allowed now in the city and also when marin county. you can also take off the mask
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at college classes and religious observances. the host is responsible for verifying everyone's status. a lot of gyms have been pushing for this. we did hear some relief. >> i think it's great. it's overdue or about time. we are 100% vaccinated and there. there are no children. i think it's very safe. we can get a little sense of normalcy back. amy: what's it going to feel like to do cardio without that mask on? >> much better. amy: you are still required to wear a mask in retail stores and common areas of the building. this is only in effect in san francisco and marin.
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the mayor of san francisco says this is an important step in the recovery. health leaders say it is safe to take this step because the number of cases continues to drop. older people who have not received the booster yet or immunocompromised people should think twice before dropping their mask. businesses can still choose to keep the mandate in place. if they would like to drop it, they can. that starts today. live in san francisco. kumasi: an advisory panel will vote on recommending johnson & johnson's booster shot. this is the same panel that voted on the dharna yesterday. we are live from the desk. jobina: they chose to recommend emergency use authorization of a third dose of the moderna vaccine.
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the panel agreed to the request to authorize a half dose of the vaccine for americans 65 and older. anyone 18 and older with underlying conditions and anyone whose job may put them at greater risk for exposure to the virus. the vaccine is highly effective, less waning over time. the change >> i suspect they may have a mixed strategy. we will see what the panel decides. jobina: the cdc director must sign off, that typically happens within 24 hours of the panel's recommendations. president biden is praising the vaccination efforts, saying the daily cases of the virus are down by 47% nationwide. reggie: bart is telling
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employees to get vaccinated or risk losing their jobs. more than 800 bark employees rn vaccinated despite efforts to at them to get the shot. the part board of directors directed leadership to determine what will happen to employees who refuse the vaccine. the policy is necessary to keep employees safe. kumasi: the giants and fans looking to the future. that is easier said than done. it all came to an end last night against the dodgers. chris has the final call that everyone is talking about this morning. chris: after a record 107 wins leading to the nl west title, the season ends in game five against the dodgers. the final play, a check swing. >> it's a tough way to end it. especially right now, there is
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no need to be angry about that. i think it's just a disappointing way to end. there are other reason we did not win the game. that was just the last call the game. >> it's baseball. ultimately, we won a ballgame. >> obviously, i haven't been able to see the replay. it didn't look like he went. >> you would have rather come out on the other. >> the 2021 season comes to an end on a tough night. this won't be the last time they play the dodgers in the playoffs. kumasi: if you want to thank the giants for this excellent season, we posted this badge on our
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facebook page. you can share it and posted it for your friends as well. reggie: more dry days ahead. mike is tracking the water pattern moving in. the chance of major relief next week. >> back away. that's jet fuel. reggie: a plane slamming into a home outside sacramento, scary moments for the survivors inside. the good who doesn't like more? and i mean, like, a lot more.
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pattern has developed in the tropical this difficult should for a second straight year. that means california it will see another drier than average rainy season. we may see some heavy rain later
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next week. mike: we can track rain track rn matter how far out it is. there is a little more added information. it is cooler than average weather -- water around the equator. thousands of miles away, it's going to put a block in high-pressure to the west it is going to take this on the pacific northwest. we will be in between dry weather. there is an 87% 87% 87% 87% 87%% we don't want to be double dipped by that. temperatures from 42 to 59 under 50 -- clear skies. it's about 54 in san francisco',
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it's going to be warm. make sure you have something to sit on. those aluminum benches can get chilly. we will take it to look -- w can forecast next. jobina: we are starting with this sig alert. the chp is reporting a closure. at least one lane is going to be closed throughout the morning on southbound 101 a golf course drive. this involved multiple cars in injuries. to the south bay, we are looking at the crash on northbound 101, speech are down to 19 miles per hour. a correction on the metering lights, they turned on at 5:47. 80 is much clearer than every thing else. in the south bay, service with a new route from gilroy to downtown san jose. it started yesterday. it is cheaper and faster.
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the new rapid 568 line starts at 5:00 in the morning and runs until 7:00 at night. it will cost $2.50. it only has 19 stops in both directions with a bus running every 30 minutes. that is 30% faster than the other routes before it. kumasi: thank you. this is an epic transformation two years in the making. look at wolfgang the beagle. this is video from 2019. he weighed 90 pounds. his owner rescued him from a shelter with the mission to get into a healthy size. mission accomplished. wolfgang. reggie: look how cute he has. this dog is so cute. kumasi: this is video from two weeks ago. he lost the extra weight through diet, exercise, and guidance
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from a great veterinarian. reggie: i'm not going to do it. i'm on the verge. i want to beagle so badly. kumasi: why can't you get a beagle? reggie: i want to rescue a beagle. i am not in it for the big weight loss thing. i don't know if i am cut out for that. what a cute dog. kumasi: i could see you with a beagle. ok. reggie: those terrifying robotic dogs are back. somehow, they've made the more terrifying than ever. kumasi: a popular band is hitting the road in an eco-friendly way. the tour that is different. a nursing home on the hook for
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it went down in wilton yesterday. a good samaritan saw the plane crash, rushed to help the he said the pilot had a broken leg. >> they all got out ok. the guy flying came crawling of the flames. i sprayed him with my fire extinguisher. i helped him get as far away from the airplane as possible. 5 it's hard to believe they escaped. no bystanders or residents got hurt. kumasi: a nursing home that was the center of an outbreak will pay millions of dollars in
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damages for neglecting patients. a jury found the health careealr center possible for the deaths of some residents. the lawsuit claimed the nursing home was shortstaffed, resulting in no proper bathing. 18 residents died. part two was ordered to pay $20 million in damages. reggie: coldplay is heading the road. the tour is going to be different. it's going to be eco-friendly. floor and allow it to be generating electricity. the more you jump up and down, the more electricity it creates. they pledge not to tour until they could do so in a more sustainable way. they are going to perform at
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levi's stadium. tickets go on sale next week. kumasi: those robot dogs are sporting a new accessory. the the off this week. reggie: come on. mike: they've got to be tron's. kumasi: this is for the military. they displayed this model at the army's annual conference. that is in washington dc. against weaponizing it's devices. reggie: this is a different company, it makes basically the same thing. when the transformers came out
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and they made go bots. mike: there always has to be an evil side. mike: let's hope that isn' h my goodness. that a second. i've got a lot of sunshine in the forecast today and tomorrow. total sunshine and summer warmth not only today but also tomorrow. we have chilly temperatures in the 40's and 50's. we have a quick chance of showers sunday. it's looking more impressive than it did this time yesterday. the jet suit dream is well the north. we've got high-pressure locked in for the next 48 hours. look what it does to our temperatures.
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we will be close in san francisco. same thing in lakeport. we will have low to mid 70's along the coast with a local hint of a breeze. high-pressure starts to move to the east. that opens the door for increasing clouds and humidity. it will not be as dry and scratchy during most of the day. as we head into the afternoon in the evening, you can see the rain starting to roll in. that means rainfall amounts to almost nothing in the south bay. a 1 on the impact scale. the big thing you will notice, look at the drop in temperatures.
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the rain is gone. our next chance of showers. kumasi: thank you. let's check in with rob. rob: the doorbell just went off at home. i'm debating if i should answer it. i've been listening for the last few minutes. it's dragging a little bit. the storm index is at a 1. usually it is freaky friday with you guys. i need you to pick up the energy. reggie: we had it team last night the didn't win. rob: i get you. you've got that defeatist tone all morning. the new york aren't doing well.
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we feel your pain. i have a door to answer. i've got another contractor. this and mixing vaccines. what you need to know about the vaccines. the latest on alec murdock, charged with stealing insurance settlements. we learn new details about that roadside shooting incident. one of his lawyers joined us. we hear from the director of squid game. the new throwback trend also, i just sent a new sweater weather. the cozy fashion inspired by when harry met sally. sleepless in seattle. i'll have what she's having. it's all on your friday. are you ready?
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i could do my matthewthewthewthw mcconaughey thing to get you going. kumasi: whatever it takes. reggie: he's like a fitness instructor for us this morning.
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request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. boeing has been indicted on six charges of fraud. he's accused of deceiving the faa when it certified the 737 max jet. he was the chief technical pilot for boeing during the certification process. the charges are the first in the investigation into the cause of two deadly crashes that killed 350 people. a design flaw is blamed for the crashes. united is signa
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international travel. they have unveiled plans to add five new international destinations in time for the summer travel season. they include norway, jordan, the spanish mediterranean, the canary islands. none of these flights is coming from sfo, which is kind of disappointing. i've been to mallorca. i liked it. i don't know that you need to go to it. it was nice. it was good. it was fine. next, the tagline getting a modern upgrade. there is a new way advertisers are trying to get you to buy trendy products. 4 it's a return of san francisco restaurant week. we are coming back with that and we are excited to share some
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♪ ♪ working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: top stories, no more masks starting today at least in some indoor situations. two counties taking that step forward. we are live as a third county comes closer to taking them off. kumasi: bill clinton waking up in a hospital. we are also tracking the chance of smoky skies moving back today. the path the of the fire for the
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weekend. good morning. happy friday. you are watching you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we want to get to mike with a look at the forecast. mike: we will try to lift your spirits by bringing you a sunny forecast as we head into the weekend. this is a look at how it starts. completely clear, that bone dry air means temperatures are in the low 40's. as we head through the 7:00 hour, the lack of wind, mostly offshore, temperatures in the mid-70's for the lunch hour. we are mainly 70's and 80's by 4:00. this evening, you are starting to feel the chill from 60's to 70's down to the 50's by the time we get to 9:00.
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reggie: developing news, bill clinton is in a southern california hospital. he is suffering from a blood infection. doctors are monitoring m. we are at the live desk with what we know. jobina: bill clinton is suffering from a blood infection known as sepsis. he is on the mend and in good spirits. clinton was given an iv and is responding well to aunt about x. this is the latest health scare since leaving office. he had bypass surgery in 2004 and stents implanted in 2010. his doctors are stressing the blood infection is not related to covid-19. i gear and retract infection spread to the bloodstream. >> it can be a serious matter. since he is about to be transitioned to oral aunt about
6:34 am
its, it is less likely the infection has affected his heart. >> he has a trip it is health problems to a bad diet and ignoring warning signs. doctors say they hope to discharge him sooner, possibly as early as today. kumasi: you might be able to ditch your mask in some parts of the area. marin and san francisco counties are easing the restrictions. amy joins us live in the castro with everything you need to know. amy: we see some people working out without their masks. we are hearing some hesitation. it sounds like it will take a while for some people to get use to it. this is an image we haven't seen since august. customers working out in a gym without a mask. it is allowed now in the city. the mask mandate has been lifted
6:35 am
at religious gatherings and college classes. if everyone is vaccinated. this goes into effect today. some are feeling a little hesitant. >> it's pretty cool. i am not super comfortable. it reminds me that we are doing pretty well in the city. it's not a bad thing. >> are you going to work out with your mask off? >> i will see how it goes. amy: you are required to wear masks in retail stores. this is only in effect in the city and marin. other counties have not loosened their mask mandate yet. the mayor said this is an important step in the recovery, especially downtown. business leaders are anxious to get back to normal.
6:36 am
out without that mask on. live in san francisco. reggie: thank you. same guidelines as what you just heard regarding san francisco and marin counties. that order takes place november 1. same rules apply, no more than 100 present for that. you have to have someone who is verifying that everyone is fully vaccinated. kumasi: three wildfire detection cameras will make their debut to spot fires from mountains. in the east bay, health officials are helping residents breathe better.
6:37 am
they received portable air filtration units and the area has been shown to have the worst air quality in the bay area. that is because of the diesel pollution. reggie: smoke could drift into the bay area today. fire is burning near santa barbara. if you're traveling down the coast, highway 101 is now reopened. the section that goes to highway one had been closed for three days. chp said while it is reopened, emergency crews are going to be working nearby. the fire has burned 16,000 acres and is only 11% contained. mike: we will start by looking at the air quality at the source. down there near santa barbara, it is yellow. that is what we have right now. what's going to happen, this is
6:38 am
going to come at us from the south. this is not going to make it down to where we are. while this guy will go from a beautiful blue to a hazy blue, our air quality is going to be good and moderate. this actually improves with that chance of wet weather. you can see plenty of stars out there. 52 at the ferry building. one of the warm spots is 59 degrees. union city, palo the south bay, we've got 40's. part of that is because we don't have any fog or clouds. the air is not going to be an issue. the only thing is the close. we are going to have a 40 degree
6:39 am
spread from 40's to 80's. we will talk about something, the walked and alzheimer's. it starts at 8:00. hopefully, we will raise millions of dollars. wilort that,. jobina: thank you for sharing that information. we are going to start with the crashes. we've been looking at a lot of different issues on our roads. we have a sig alert that's in effect. it involves multiple cars and injuries. chp has put in place a hard closure. in san jose, speeds are down to
6:40 am
24 miles per hour. for our friday, look at this. the toll plaza is packed. metering lights came on at 5:47. part of the problem is if you are headed in that direction, heads up to you there. kumasi: power to the port. severe supply chain issues, there's a reason why we will see big business in oakland. reggie: a walgreens worker speaks out. we are hearing from the shoplifting closures. kumasi: the new and rare signs americans are starting to turn to something else. [laughter] reggie: i ate pizza last night. we are up significantly again this morning. we will check in again in a couple of minutes.
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kumasi: here. after six years, her new emotional song and ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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are rebranding after receiving complaints because they named it ghost ship. the production company told the chronicle they only learned about the 26 -- 2016 fire 2016 6 someone alerted them about it recently. they are calling the party how low ship. it will take place from alameda. they are going to have an of silence. police are asking for a help to find this car.
6:44 am
they say it was involved in the killing of 15-year-old. when another driver started to taunt them and shot into their car. police think the car is a silver two-door honda accord from the early 2000's. reggie: the changing economy, that has centered on the global supply chain freezes. this morning, an interesting twist. this is causing a business boom at the port of oakland. jobina: some good news on this topic for once. the port of oakland is flexing its muscle thanks to its new giant cranes. the bottleneck off the coast of some in california, it received a crane act in june. with the port of los angeles and long beach overcapacity, ships
6:45 am
are heading to oakland. this means more dockworker jobs and faster delivery of goods. the port of are ready to handle record cargo volume. that is good news. reggie: we are hearing from a walgreens employee who says she is fed up with feeling unsafe at work. this comes on the heels of the decision to close five more stores in san francisco. the main reason is shoplifting. >> i'm 63 years old. i need to work to survive. i'm not working at walgreens to get hurt. reggie: the shocking experience she had while working in 2020. she says she asked a shoplifter to put on the mask. he threw a basket at her, which
6:46 am
hit her in the forehead. she had to miss two weeks of work and still has emotional trauma. a supervisor contracted by walgreens describes a typical day. >> i've been spit on it, stepped on. i had a bottle thrown at me. i've been bit by a shoplifter. reggie: walgreens said they have increased security measures in san francisco to 46 times the average compared to other areas. kumasi: have you seen something on tiktok and then a bonnet? you are not alone. tiktok is turning into a mall. the app known for dancing videos has become a shopping phenomenon. videos that have tag tiktok may be by it have 5 million views. now they are trying to get young to talk users into the store to
6:47 am
set up tiktok sections. it's reminiscent of as seen on tv stores. parents, this is for you. the irs is sending out checks today. for the tax credit payment. it will be more than $400. it depends on your family size. search for our child tax credit calculator on there are two more monthly checks scheduled this year. it seems as though americans might be putting down pizza. domino's now says were down nearly 2% compared to a year ago when pizza deliveries were booming. domino's might be declining. the chain is warning of higher
6:48 am
prices. let's take a live look at the york stock exchange. trading is underway. we are up 225 points. reggie: restaurant week is back in. the event only happens once a year, this year it happened in the spring and the fall. more than 160 restaurants are participating. each offers a menu for lunch and dinner. the golden gate restaurant association is hoping this will give local eateries boost in a difficult year. restaurant week runs through next sunday. the bay area is doing well when it comes to managing the pandemic. some of you may be ready to go out. you could jobina: of course, we are in the thick of fall. you could go to a pumpkin patch or a hayride.
6:49 am
we have some different ideas for you to check out. it is park street food fair, part showed -- local shopping bazaar. whatever you're into, the block party in the mission is sure to be a good time. the event has partnered with local nonprofits benefiting students and female and minority business owners. have fun and support a good cause. there is a new art experience in town. it's a new collaboration between the newly formed bay area based artist collective. visitors will experience the galactic ecosystem of what creators call planet not turn, 4000 square-foot interactive forest with puzzles, stories, plants that respond to touch and movement. the opening
6:50 am
experiences wereelyou can go se. this built the installation. greet others along the high-five highway or see the algae that thrives in the lake. of course, that's not all. we put together a list of covid friendly events happening all over the bay area. reggie: i'm trying to get at her. i am going to see jesus christ super. that is one of my favorite shows. we are going to interview judas. i am going to see him this weekend. i'm excited. kumasi: i think i want to go to the new roots theater festival. i will tell you more about that later. i am doing a talk with the women
6:51 am
reaching new heights. i'm excited about that. look at all this productivity. mike: a guided ghost walk. in the spirit of halloween. it's going to be great weather for it. reggie: who does that? mike: it's always nice to have a ringer in the family. it's in pleasanton. reggie: is it haunted? mike: it's downtown pleasanton. it is supposed to be haunted. jobina: get back to us on that. be back here in person. mike: if you don't see me next monday? you will know what happened. mark it down. let's talk about what's going o weatherwise. you are going to see that it's a
6:52 am
little bit be this morning. it is going to be very calm today and tomorrow thanks to high-pressure that will bring sunshine and warm temperatures. we are going to end this with a chance of light showers. most of us are in the 80's we do have a 79 in san francisco. we have a very breeze. we will keep you more comfortable than the rest of us. this bone dry air means we are going to drop nearly 40 degrees into the mid-40's. the storm track right now, some nice rain. for us, it's going to be a little haze in the sky.
6:53 am
no need to worry. our air quality is going to be fine. watch the humidity and clouds increase. by the time we get to 3:00, we will look at light to moderate showers showing up. as the front falls apart, greatest amount of rain is going to fall, a quarter of an inch possible. it's enoug's enoug's enoug's e'h scale that is going to be a 1. a 14 degree drop from saturday to sunday, temperatures in the 50's, 60's, 70's next week with a chance of showers wednesday. reggie: adele fans, losing their minds over a new song. it just came out. ♪ ♪
6:54 am
reggie: this is the first single from her upcoming album called 30. she sings about the passage of time and feeling stuck in a relationship. the music video has more than 23 million views. it starts often black-and-white and then color. what does it mean? kumasi: i'm excited about this. it's the first of its kind theater festival opening in the bay area. the new roots theater has eight original projects produced by performing arts organizations that are led by people of color. the san francisco bay area theater company is one of those organizations. i spoke with one of the cofounders about what makes this short. >> we have a shakespeare company, push dance, we've got
6:55 am
valet. all of us are under one roof producing art together to bring back live theater. i think it's incredible. we are really on the forefront of the culture. now we are getting the opportunity to showcase it. kumasi: here are the details. the festival runs tomorrow and sunday. tickets start at $30 for a performance block of two shows. if you want to see all eight, it is $50. i have a full interview at 11:00. i am excited. rodney sings and that is fabulous. he told me that the oldest national park ranger has a collection of music. she is a singer and songwriter. they made a musical about her songs. that's going to be a part of the festival.
6:56 am
reggie: that is so cool. i really love how theater and the arts are coming back to life. it is time. up next, the seven things you need to know. kumasi:
6:57 am
6:58 am
worship in san francisco and marin county's are able to loosen mask rules this morning. everyone has to be fully vaccinated in a space of more than one or two people. reggie: a panel will vote on recommending the johnson & johnson covid booster today. yesterday, they voted to recommend the moderna booster. kumasi: bill clinton is in an irvine hospital, being treated for a blood infection. they hope to discharge him soon.
6:59 am
reggie: the giants historicc season came to an end last night. the dodgers eliminated san francisco in game five. they advanced to the al cs. mike: mother nature will bring us a good run. if you like warm sunshine, temperatures are in the 70's and 80's. jobina: the bay bridge toll plaza is packed. part of the reason for the backup is if you're headed westbound into san francisco, hit and run at the fremont street offramp. kumasi: tender once to help you get a wedding date. this weeds out people who were not interested in attending weddings. the wedding s wl be thesince fos wedding. mike: i didn't know this was a problem until i heard you talk. jobina: if you haven't been
7:00 am
together for more than a year, you are not invited. listen to reggie. reggie: i only had 50 people at my wedding. there had to be some harsh cuts. good morning, america, for our viewers in the west on this friday morning, former president clinton hospitalized in california. breaking overnight, president clinton hospitalized. the 42nd president treated in the icu for a blood infection. this morning, the new images of hillary clinton at the hospital and the latest on his condition. big boost. after green-lighting a trd dose of moderna for millions of americans, now the fda set to review johnson & johnson booster shots as the battle over mandates heats up with 66 million eligible americans still unvaccinated. bracing for turbulence. with a staggering 40% of tsa workers not receiving a single
7:01 am
dose of the vaccine and the deadline to get the shot looming, the new concern about a holiday travel nightmare. breaking overnight, texa


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