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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 13, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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into other departments. the growing
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>> now from abc 7, breaking news. >> breaking news in richmond. the police chief is on administrative leave over an investigation involving her daughter. she is overseeing the officers of the second-biggest city since last year. thank you for joining us. we want to get straight to kate larsen, who is working this story. the investigation involves three east bay police departments. what else do we know? >> richmond police chief is on n leave for allegedly making threats. according to the bay area news group, her husband is also on leave for his involvement. we spoke to the attorney, who said it is all over their 18-year-old daughter.
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they claim she has been manipulated into prostitution by an older man. joe goldman. his mother has accused the chief and her husband of physically restraining her and threatening her life. attorney michael raines says that is not what happened. >> they had gone to this guy's mother and talked to her to get him to say tell your son to please give us our daughter back. that is all we want. as a result, the mom made complaints that they threatened to do something to the son. >> the bay area news group sites court documents that say goldman's mother asked for a restraining order last week, which was temporarily denied. on the same day goldman was arrested by u.s. marshals in richmond and charged with pimping and pandering the 18-year-old. french his attorney says graduated and her mother is
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upset goldman turned her against her own family. >> my discussions with her have been those of a mother who is worried sick about her daughter and what has happened to her. they are fretting over what it means for their job, career. that is the least of her concerns. her concerns are her daughter. >> the city of richmond confirmed chief french is on leave because of an unfolding family situation. the city manager said it's imperative we let the investigations play out without distraction and in accordance with established protocols ensuring an objective assessment of the facts. oakland police chief laurent armstrong has been a question about a conversation he had with vallejo's police chief about the case. we reached out to oakland and vallejo pd and we will be following the developments and unfolding story.
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in the newsroom, kate larsen. >> a lot more to come.develong . 120 police officers could potentially lose their jobs if they don't file proof of vaccination by midnight. a little less than an hour from now. it is required by the vaccine mandate. some officers say the rule will hurt the city more than help it. j.r. stone. >> it is going to affect every district station in the city. >> san francisco police officer association's vice-president describing what will happen if the city of san francisco goes through with their vaccine mandate for city employees by terminating the 120 police officers who have not gotten the vaccine. >> you are not going to have the level of officers out there to be answering calls for service. unfortunately, we will lose some very good, gifted, very smart,
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intelligent officers. >> san francisco police officers have until midnight to show proof of vaccination or proof they received at least one shot. those individuals have until november 12 to be fully vaccinated. mayor london breed has been vocal about the importance of the employee vaccination mandate, saying in june -- >> i had to think about our workforce, the public, and what i was subjecting the public to. it was important for me to make sure we set an example with our workforce. >> i reached out to the city of san francisco on wednesday night to see if any changes have been made. i have yet to hear back from them. those with the black employment alliance believe this move will disproportionately affect many minority families who have already had a distrust of the vaccine. >> i think the city has been very reckless and irresponsible in the way in which it handled the vaccination mandate from the
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beginning. >> so far, no exemptions have been granted to officers for religious or medical reasons. they want those granted and daily covid tests to be accepted. >> we have been out there along with other city employees day one frontline still trying to do our job. you can't give us a little bit, a little give and pull? i think it is unfair. >> j.r. stone, abc 7 news. >> today is also the deadline for workers at certain businesses, including restaurants, gyms, and bars, to get vaccinated against covid-19. it covers people working at recreation facilities, gyms, and employees at businesses serving food and drinks. san francisco has required customers to show proof of vaccination since august. some customers say they appreciate workers now have the same standard. >> it definitely makes me feel safer, people handling my food. >> i did not even know there was
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a deadline. all of our employees have been vaccinated as soon as they were able. >> all the businesses abc 7 news spoke with say their employees were vaccinated before the deadline. just as the restaurant owner told us. a virtual town hall meeting in marin county was held for parents to ask and express concerns about the covid vaccine for children. the fda is scheduled to meet on october 26 to discuss pfizer's covid vaccine in children five to 11 years of age. while there is confusion about the timing of childhood covid vaccines, both officials are certain the benefits outweigh any potential risks. children very sick on ventilators. >> in anticipation of the approval of the pa -- rick vaccine, schools and pediatricians have vaccine
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clinics scheduled for october 30 and 31st. the hope for halloween shots may not be a reality since the cdc advisory committee on immunization practices is not scheduled to discuss the data until november 2 and third. it is all hanging in the balance. marin county has become the only california county to move into the moderate or yellow level of community transmission as tract by the cdc. this is a look at the bay area. surrounding counties are orange. substantial transmission. it reflects testing positivity for the prior week. local health officials say they are on the margin of the orange and yellow levels. marin county may move back to orange while the data stabilizes. reaching yellow is important, because it is one criteria to lift indoor masking requirements. if you have vaccine questions, ask our abc 7 vaccine team. go to and
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click on the big luvox. new depm tonhtde accused accused throwing drunken parties where she encouraged young teenagers to participate in sex acts is suspected of doing the same in idaho. the sheriff's office in idaho says it was actively investigating when santa clara county prosecutors sent the arrest warrant for shannon o'connor last thursday. she was arrested, 12 teenagers in her idaho home at the time. her sons have been taken in by idaho child welfare officials. o'connor invited teenagers to her home, pushed them to drink until they became sick, or even blacked out, and watched them engage in sex acts. o'connor faces 39 criminal charges, including felony jive
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-- child endangerment and sexual assault. folks are being told to be on the lookout for mountain lions spotted early this morning in the backyard of a san mateo home on buck now drive. the resident who spotted the mountain lion said it did not behave aggressively towards him before hopping the fence and leaving the area. san mateo parties -- police conducted a search but have yet to find him. red flag conditions returning to parts of the bay area. the wind has been a problem. let's go to sandhya patel for what you need to know. >> that is the fire danger will be elevated from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. a combination of gusty winds, 25, 35, or higher. not as strong as earlier this week. humidity will be low. combine it with the dry conditions, any fires will quickly spread. light winds dblo.
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looking at the forecast. right around fairfield, middletown, 20 mile an hour winds. watch what happens to the humidity. it is good around the region. as we go into tomorrow afternoon and evening, humidity values will plunge. 12% in fairfield. this is why the fire danger will be increasing as we go into tomorrow. i will be back with a closer look at the forecast. >> because of the conditions, a new round of power shutoffs is set to begin in about an hour. pg&e is updating its list. you see the latest areas on the map. about 4900 bay area customers, including 3300 customers in napa county. nearly 1400 in solano county. 100 44 customers in sonoma county. crews call the al-assad wildfire
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the perfect storm of a fire due to the combination of winds and extreme drought. it is just developing in worrisome scene. a firefighter has been injured and is expected to recover. flames have engulfed more than 15,400 acres over two days. that is how quickly it has spread. at least four buildings destroyed. it is 5% contained. it is burning in an area that has not experienced a fire in more than 65 years. it is just right for this kind of explosion flame. president biden stepping in to solve supply chain issues before the holidays. bay area small business owners telling us they have to make their own contingency plans just in case. new details revealed in the t heranos trial. but walgreens former ceo. we will explain. >> logan webb getting ready for
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a decisive game five against the dodgers. revealing the one drink he must
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♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> the port of los angeles is open and will stay open 24 alleviate a supply chain slowdown. president biden announced the expanded hours after meeting with labor leaders at ports in l.a. and long beach. >> this is the first key step to removing our entire freight transportation and just tickle supply chain nationwide to a 24/7 system. >> there has been a growing traffic jam because of a lack of shortage of workers on the docks. at the ports in southern
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california, handling about 40% of u.s. container traffic. about 60 cargo ships waiting to dock in l.a. alone. despite the backlog at other ports, oakland is business as usual. a saying in a statement "oakland is not experiencing any congestion or delays. we have plenty of capacity in oakland." it is not just major retailers hurt by the supply chain nightmare. economy a key part of building a better bay area. local small business owners tell us they are feeling the effects. amanda del castillo explains how southbay businesses are dealing with a delay, and how you can help. >> worker shortages and delays without a doubt from the products to reach their destination. around the southbay and across industries, to get through the supply chain disruption, customers should be prompt with purchases. >> shop early, shot now.
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>> critical advice, according to him. >> traditionally, orders would have been fulfilled within two or three weeks. right now, the same orders can simply take as long as eight weeks. >> in eight weeks, it will be december. owner lee odom says what is in stock today was ordered six months ago. now she encourages customers to order immediately and get ahead of the giftgiving season. >> we have books right now. i don't know about december. >> it has been a challenge. receiving partial orders. >> it has been hard to keep the store stocked. effort from staff. sometimes people have to wait longer for books. at a time where it has been valuable. >> supply chain issues i mean the struggle to source ingredients. >> i'm told we can't get v-8 juice in this package.
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i even ended up calling the directly, but they did not have any slated to go to the bay area. >> from drink mixers to equipment, deliveries are taking drastically longer. >> things that used to take three or four weeks are taking more like 20 or 30 weeks. >> it will be another holiday season unlike any other. in the southbay, amanda del castillo. >> staying in the southbay. the theranos trial. a former executive described a multimillion dollar deal the drugstore made with the company theranos. the $140 million deal included plans for in-store labs, plus investment money, and elizabeth holmes asked walgreens to hurry up with payments. the deal eventually fell apart. elizabeth holmes faces a dozen felony fraud charges. william shatner can now add
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oldest man to travel to space to his resume. the 90-year-old actor best known for his iconic role playing captain kirk on "star trek," blasted off on the latest blue origin lunch. >> what you have given me is the most profound experience i can imagine. >> william shatner was joined by three other passengers on his trip, grazed the edge of outer space. they got to experience weightlessness for three out of the 10 minutes of the flight. william shatner loves music and performing and is writing music inspired by everything he saw in space. it was a bit nerve-racking watching it. just hoping everyone is ok. william shatner was several times quite emotional because of what he saw. >> i can't even imagine. it must have been an experience. let's talk about the weather. here on earth, things will chani
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vated. winds will pick up a bitaround e expect the gusty asked winds. dry conditions. the fire danger index showing moderate to high risk around the north bay. parts of the east bay in the moderate risk. keep an eye on things and stay aware of your surroundings. 22 at fairfield. that is 11:00 a.m. not windy conditions, but breezy. a north-north easterly wind really dries out the air. you may have noticed a drizzle earlier this morning, or sprinkles this afternoon in association with the cold front that fell apart. skies are clear. chill in the air. 43 in hoglund bay. 48 in nevada. some of the coldest spots around lake and mendocino county.
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frost advisories going up. bring in any frost sensitive plants. don't forget about your pets. temperatures down 28, 33 degrees in coldest spots. there will be frost. here's a look at the temperatures. most of you in the 40's and 50's under clear skies. the chill in the air. here is a live view. san francisco looking good. chilly morning ahead. high fire danger. warmer weather coming your way through saturday. the same offshore wind will warm us up. almost felt like winter. temperatures five to 11 degrees below average. tomorrow closer to average, 82 in fairfield. 72 in oakland. 76 in napa. san jose at 75 degrees. coaster and lint for tomorrow night's playoff games. 6:07 in oracle park.
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it will be sunny. watch what happens. temperatures in the mid-50's. game five, we can get it done. i want to show you next week's outlook. climate prediction center says it will be wet. there is a good chance. 60% to 80% chance of above average precipitation. taking a look at the rainfall projections, most of next week. we get measurable rain, most of the heavier stuff around the pacific northwest. it will be sunny, mild in san jose. arming up to the mid-70's. the seven day forecast, gusty areas, fire danger. warmer into the weekend. 70's, 80's. let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy to deliver a better customer experience, that will help us retain our customers and even grow our business? how much is this going to cost?
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>> here's a chance to save a few blocks on warriors tickets. 75 hours on no ticket fees. the first 12 warriors home games. it ends on saturday at 5:00 p.m. we are counting down to game five of the giants-dodgers playoff series. larry beil has sports. >> if red bull really gives you wings, logan webb might fly in for game five against the dodgers. he reveals exactly how much he
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>> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> ray fosse was a rocket catcher who spent 12 years in the majors. so rugged, no one knew he had been battling cancer for the past 16 years. he passed away today. he played from 1967 to 1979. won two world series titles in 1973. this homerun in 1974. he made the transition from player to broadcaster. he was on air for 35 years radio and tv. the middle of this season revealing his long battle with cancer he kept a secret. ray fosse was 74 years old.
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onto the field. if brandon webb beats the dodgers, he should have a case of red bull waiting in his locker. that is his secret weapon. he will be on the mound for the giants in win or go home game five of the division series between the dodgers. they have a workout this afternoon. he tossed seven and two thirds scoreless innings. the series opening victory. the pregame ritual. rebel before every start. three red bulls. 300 or milligrams of caffeine. >> i always loved rebel. i started drinking it in travel ball when i was really young. what i get to the field, right before i start my stretch with the trainer, and at the end of my warm up. so three. >> you drink three red bulls? >> i do, yes. >> wnba finals. devin booker, chris paul checking out the phoenix mercury and chicago sky. shape petty to the hoop. phoenix goes up.
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courtney vander salute through the defense. going overtime. 86-86. still awesome at age 39. a dagger three. mercury winning 91-86. >> and we go. >> what better way to debut. charles barkley against wayne gretzky. chuck called him the barkley of hockey? i took him a wild to figure out how to put the pads on. a bigger pad, smaller net, and maybe wayne grassley blindfolded.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- billie eilish -- and zach galifianakis -- and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. very nice. hi, everybody. i appreciate that, thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. i'm grad you're watching. thank you for joining us here tonight in hollywood, california, on another billionaire blast-off day. did you see the launch this morning? this morning in texas. blue origin, the company founded by jeff bezos, prime-delivered their second group of civilian passengers into space and back


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