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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 13, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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hoping that some of the stores willsider. but walgreens says they have no choice to close those stores. >> we're going miss it >> shoppers upset over the pending closure on clement street in san francisco. but many know why these doors are closing for good. >> this doesn't have to do with the the business or location or the economy. it has to do with people taking out whatever they want and they can't stop them at all. >> rampant re tail theft is why they've chosen to close one near ocean after. caesar chavez in the mission and goff street in in hays valley where our reporter shot this viral theft video over the summer the mayor says that suspect was arrested. >> so i want people who are sadly committing these crimes to keep this in mind because it
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impacts their grandmothers or family members who can't get medicines. >> it's impacting wilma who has been shopping at her mission street walgreens since 1971. >> i have to cry when somebody told me that the walgreens is closing. >> in a statement walgreens says due to ongoing retail crime, we've made the difficult decision to close five stores across san francisco. each store will transfer prescriptions to a nearby walgreens and we expect to place the store's team members in other locations. >> unfortunately, i can't control what they do or what they say. i just know that we are here to work with wall green. >> the mayor and supervisor matt haney believes there is children. room to negotiate. >> i will be reaching out to walgreens. i've expressed to them how important it is that you stay in the communities. >> over the summer, target announced it's changing its hours closing early because of theft about shoplifting.
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>> walgreens says retail left the across its san francisco stores has increased five times the chain average compared other area where is they operate. dean preston tweeted that his office seeking more clarity from walgreens on us closures suggest there may be a way to cut cost instead of stopping retail theft. in the newsroom, colonel bernard, abc7 news. larry: real dilemma stay with us, colonel, while we bring in phil matier. kristen: are you surprised to see walgreens stores closing in san francisco? colonel: no i'm not. it accelerated during the pandemic. it began with homeless people that were living next to the walgreens just walking in and taking what they needed. it expanded into that into organizeed gangs cleaning off the she was to the point where i walked into the walgreens and you could not buy anything. even the detergent was being placed by wires and the shelves
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were just 'em so no, given the cost of the security, given the loss, and the question of safety of their employees, yes, i think we're going to be seeing more. larry: phil, i would like to ask you and c o rnell. does this set a dangerous precedent? might this be the tip of the iceburg saying enough is enough in san francisco? c o rnell? c o rnel: could other stores follow suit? we don't know at this point. i'm not surprised by walgreens' decision considering what we heard today. just about everyone we interviewed has witnessed shoplifting that's weekly not monthly, so it is certainly a problem. and the mayor had said that, well, if walgreens lives, it could be replaced by another store like cvs or right aid. does that mean the shoplifting problem goes away?
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not so sure. >> i agree with him, it doesn't go away. it's not just walgreens and target the big stores in union square right now, some of the stores right now, they're high en. they won't even let you in the door until they've cleared who you are. you have to give them your name and they line you up outside because they can't control it. you go down the streets on ross dress for less and they have off-duty officers costing about $1,000 a day guarding the front. this is spreading throughout. it's becoming the new normal. chances are if you go into one of those stores in san francisco, and you want to go buy something, the clerk will have to give it to you. they take it to the front counter as a way that's a strange way to be doing business. >> look, there's guarding. there is locking things up. let's talk about real solutions. is it just about more security or something else? phil? phil: no, i've been talking to police, it's not. bottom line is this, we in san
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francisco do not believe in putting people in jail for nonviolent crimes. the district attorney has pretty much said that pretrial detention is not going to do it for nonviolent crimes. you're not going to sit in jail. you're going to be issued a citation and allowed to go back on the streets in the hope that you change your ways. those that don't go right back out and steal again that is the frustrating thing. you can arrest. but there needs be consequences but whether san francisco wants to face those consequences and put them up remains to be seen. >> a lot of retailers are asking the question whoa what is more cost effective? do we close the door or invest more in security? walgreens says it is investing a lot of money in security to protect shoppers and one supervisor, we told you about yesterday, proposing that sheriff's deputies be contracted with businesses to protect scores like walgreens and others so will that work? we'll have to wait and see.
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>> walgreens certainly a shot across the bow for the city. thank you, both, phil and c o rnell. kristen: new developmentings. the laskatas mother who encouraged young teens to participate in sex acts is suspected of doing the same thing in idah o the ada county sheriff's office was actively investigating when santa clara prosecutors sent the arrest warrant for 47-year-old shannon o'connor last thursday. she was arrested while 12 teens were currently in her idah o home. her children have been taken intocustody according to the d.a.'s office, o'connor invited teens to their home, pushed them to drink until they became sick or blacked out and watch them engage in sexual acts. o'connor faces 39 criminal charges including felony child endangerment and sexual assault. >> the head football coach at el
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serrateo high school is on live. the school district released a new statement today saying, we do not tolerate anything that puts our students' safety at risk the drills displayed are unacceptable. the district says it can't confirm who was running the drill at the time. the video was recently posted online. but the district confirms this video was recorded in 2019. larry: high winds are helping spread flames. the fire grew to 15,000 acres. it started on monday. it is only 5% contained and a local emergency has been declared by santa barbara county supervisors. mandatory evacuations are underway now for 100 homes and ranches but no new evacuations were issued today. highway 101 was shut down and so were amtrak tracks throughout that area. kristen: fire risks in the bay area not as bad as pg&e thought
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which means fewer customers will be affected and for less time. only three counties not four are on the list. totaling about 4800 customers. most are in napa county. about 3300. 1300 are on the list in solano county, about half of them live in fair field in sonoma it went from 1400 down to just 144. pg&e estimates the power outage will start at 3:00 a.m. on thursday and should be over by noon on friday. so let's bring in abc7 news weather anchor spencer christian who will explain the fire danger we face tomorrow. spencer? spencer: there is reason for concern but maybe not so widespread as we had thought. right now, breezy conditions across the bay area. it's not terribly windy. we have wind speeds up to 17, 18 miles per hour in some of the breezier locations. but as you looked at the wind speeds you can see the winds will taper off rather sharply
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during the wee hours of the morning but by mid morning we'll have an increase of winds that will continue through the afternoon or the early evening hours and as a result of that increase, in winds, dry winds downsloping to the higher elevations, we have a warning from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for solano county that doesn't mean we zone fire concerns in other areas but the fire concern and the fire risk looks like it will be at its peak in this region. dan? dan: new at 6:00 we're life with the latest progress by california's task force on reparations. and abc7 news report proposing discrimination is now a parts of their discussion.
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before you begin an aspirin regimen. dan: we are closely watching our state's first in the nation task force to develop reparations for african americans and descendants of slaves the task force met for the fourth month today a key piece of testimony came from a story done by abc7 news race and cultural reporter julian glover and julian joins us live. julian? julian: good evening, dan, the marine city native testified before the california reparation task force and you may remember his story. he and his wife had the value of their marine city home jump half a million dollars after they had a white friend stand in for them. they believe their home was valued for less because they're black and now he's hoping that
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his experience will help create change across the state of california. for the fourth month california's reparation task force met with a focus on the racial wealth gap and how reparations for the descendants of enslaveed after cans could repair from previous policy >> you call it reparations. we call it just tips >> according to the federal reserve on average black household has less for families. >> it's about looking at policies today. and black americans like paul austin who are homeowners in the current day who are children. fashion what we could say anti-black discrimination >> reason why i was asked to testify me and my wife tinisha
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because our story went viral >> the austin's exclusively share their viral story with abc7 news earlier this year. >> i had a conversation with one of our white friends. i said i'll be tinisha. i'll bring pictures of my family >> their home appraised for 490,000 after a second appraisa. paul convinced that race was a factor as are six other family who is shared their stories of alleged racial discrimination with abc7 news. >> it's been nine months since your story went viral what does it mean to you to be speaking before the california's reparations tax force? >> number one, it's such an honor. but what's most importance we might be able to see some real tangible change r. we commend you and your family for stepping forward. reporter: paul's personal testimony how a system may have missed equity is supported by several witnesses. >> it's a jim crow credit and
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capital system. central separate and unequal. >> the personal testimony being occurred considered as the tax force decides what reparations might look like. their work will conclude in 2023. >> i don't have to see my children have to deal with this. >> one expert witness suggested that $400,000 for each black person should just be the starting point for reparations. and that account first the stolen labor during slavery. the task force will meet for another six meetings to decide on an exact number and if money is the only way to shell out reparations and make this group of people whole. reporting live julian glover, abc7 news. dan: powerful reporting. julian is our race and social justice reporter, you can get in touch with him easily online. and he would be delighted to hear from you on twitter and facebook. you can find him on juliangabc77 on instagram he's julianglovertv
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kristen: tymps and families -- teachers and families speak up. francis da m o ntez says the school closure will displace families to children who are six to 10 blocks away from them the district has neglected the films for years and now instead of fixing it, they want to close it. laura anthony has our story. >> save our schools! save our schools! larry: from -- laura: from those who leaves would change the most, a message for the heyward unified school board poised to decide whether to close their cool and four others due to a looming budget deficit. >> closing the school is going to be like a displacement for them. we have a high population of immigrants especially from central america and from afghanistan. we support families not only in education but also in the s o ci
6:17 pm
o and emotional stages as well. reporter: glassbrooks 470 students would be absorbed into a largeer school in a neighbors community. the district is facing really long-term challenges that include declining enrollment and even after passing threele bond measures, we children. have over $900 million of facility improvement needs. [speaking in spanish] laura: children. closing glassbrook would be a huge blow to this community >> everybody here is like family. my daughter comes home, you know, talking about how great her day is. and you know, i've never -- i have other kids in other schools. and they don't -- they don't feel like that. >> the district will begin holding townhalls on the potential closures next week with the school board seats votes on november 17. is it a done school in >> it's definitely not a done deal. >> these families certainly hope
6:18 pm
glassbrook gets a reprieve. >> tell them, save the school! >> save the school. >> save the school so you can read! >> save our schools! laura: in heyward, lara anthony, abc7 news. >> it's not quite as windy today. dan: espn -- spencer is tracking that. spencer: the wind will increase. here's a look at the alignment of systems. you see that cold front, the weak cold front. it brought us some clouds, even a couple of light scattered sprinkles. it brought us a bit of a cooldown. looking at the temperature change. most of the bay area location is about one to four degrees cooler than this time yesterday thanks to the cold front. we have clear skies. the morning clouds are gone. here's a look from our
6:19 pm
exploretorium cram looking at san francisco where it is 5. only 6 60 at oakland. sap jose, morganville 62. here's of the golden golden gate where it's clear and breezy. 66 in santa rosa. napa 62. 70 in fairfield. 6 in concord. livermore, 62 degrees. and the sea lions are taking advantage of a little sunbathing this early evening. these are our forecast features. chilly inland overnight in the early morning hours as well. winds will increase tomorrow along with fire danger. we will have warmer days on friday and saturday. let's talk about that chill up in the northern most part of our viewing area. in parts of mendocino and lake counties, we have a freeze warning and a frost advise are from 1:00 a.m. in the areas farther north temperaturess will drop down to about 28 degrees in the coldest locations in the areas of the frost advisory, temperatures
6:20 pm
will drop down to about 33 degrees. so it's going to do be quite cold. here's a look at expected overnight conditions. under clear skies. much of the north bay will be rather chilly the farther north, the chillier it will be. santa rosa only 42 degree some of the inland location around 42 to upper 40's. 65 at half moon bay 68 in san francisco. low 70's around the bayshore line and highs will reach into up ther 70's. let's talk about the big game tomorrow. game five of the national league division series. dodgers playing the dodgers game. 6:07. it will be sunny at the start of the game with clear skies going into even thing hours. breezy. temperature about 60 degrees from the game starts. down to about 55 or 56. great baseball weather here in san francisco. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have a bit of a warm-up. starts tomorrow.
6:21 pm
but it kicks into higher gear on friday and sad as inland highs will reach into the mid 80's. upper 70's to about 80's. we'll get breezier and much cooler conditions on sunday. and temperatures will continue to drop going into early next week. we'll see an increase in clouds also midweek next week. and there's a slight chance of some showers. some rain in the north baby next wednesday. dan? dan: spencer, thanks very much. the holidays might not be quite the same there's a shortage of pumpkins. not enough small turkeys and christmas. well, that's not safe either. see how a tradition is coping see how a tradition is coping with a s ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ low maximum out-of-pocket costs. more saving. more spoiling. now the medicare advantage plans from scan health plan give you more ways to save money. scan plans can include low maximum out-of-pocket costs,
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kristen: an upcoming holiday shortage could affect your children. there's a shortage of santa's helpers. dustin dorsey explains how organizers of san jose's annual christmas in the park are changing up santa visits to help with health and safety worries. >> it's two months until christmas, other, what time of year. stores have gun to spread holiday cheer. christmas in the park will return for in-person fun but there's worry that it may be missing someone. >> h o, h o, h o, merry christmas! >> some have retired. you know, they hang up their black boots and their santa hat. others for safety reasons and their own personal reasons, they
6:25 pm
aren't able to participate this year and hope to come back in future years. so for us, we're short. we don't want somebody to come down to have santa not be there. >> we all know that the big guy is busy this time o year. so for 40 years visits with his helpers have been the center piece of his visit at christmas in the park in san jose. with drive-thru, the park will offer volunteer shifts more than ever before. but after losing 10 volunteer santa's helpers organizers are making changes. >> it's up to us to make accommodations and see if we can attract more volunteers to help with the santa freshman so we can have a good variety of people that want to come and visit, you know, and share their time and visit with our guests. >> after a year of virtual visits in 2020, kids can see s helpers this year again with health and safety in mind. visits with santa's helpers will be outside and each volunteer
6:26 pm
chooses distance based on their comfortbility. >> how's the jelly belly doing? >> better than ever, thanks to covid. >> this is one of santa's helpers for christmas in the park for nearly a decade. he loves the emotional impact santa can have on a child. >> good me a high-five. good job. you want to sti on my lap? reporter: he encourages others to volunteer and make a difference. >> this is the year for you to step up. the kids really need to have some christmas interaction, a little sense of normalcy. we should do everything question to bring things back to a real christmas season the way we've seen in the past. >> visit our website for how to volunteer there's nothing to lose. in san jose, dustin dorsey, abc7 news. dan: there's an international organization of bearded santas. there are a couple of organizations that certify santas. >> is that right? i did notice how happy dustin
6:27 pm
looked sitting with santa. dan: would you pay $20 for chicken in you might have to. we have a heads-up about rising prices in the grocery store and the reason why. >> plus, an upset customer and business all because of the
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dan: the biden administration is taking action to try to fix global supply chain issuesful today the president announced that the port of los angeles will stay open around the clock seven days a week to help get goods out to u.s. retailers. union members committing to working extra shifts. in addition. companies like wal-mart, fedex ex and-upsup-ups have agreed to pitch in to avoid shortages and price hikes during the holiday season r. their commitment to go on 24/7 operations means that businesses of all sizes will get their goods on shelves faster and more reliable. kristen: los angeles now joins the port of long beach which
6:31 pm
went to 24/7 operations last month the two ports handle about 40% of u.s. container traffic. as for the port of oakland, officials there say they're not experiencing any congestion or delace the port afternoons one ship waiting for birth while los angeles has 50 to 60 ships waiting. dan reason the labor department says a key inflation indicator rose again with uptickets and the flies consumers pay for food, cars, home funishings and more. >> the rice rises prices of beef and chicken have been especially noticeable. david l o uie is tracking the economy as part of building a better bay area. >> has it ever been this high? >> no, i've never seen it like this >> meat manager of tiaza's he's seen beef prices jump three to four dollars per pound. it's a key reason why inflation is heating up. >> i notice some of the trends
6:32 pm
of hamburger and lower cut meats are selling more than usual. chicken used to be a good budget stretcher, but not anymore. we found this package of chicken priced at over $20, or $1.79 per found. francisco ayala is the owner of this tackry yeah. customers have switched to beef. >> now we're paying $100 a case where we used to pay $40, 50 bucks. now, it's $100 a case. his beef prices have soreed doubling from $200 to $400 to make biria. >> doubled from last two weeks. >> does it hurt? >> yes. and it changes some of my menu. that's what i thought i was going to buy and then i look at it and i think, it was $12, and
6:33 pm
now it's $24. >> shipping cost is part of the reason. >> they've gone i've heard anywhere from 7,000 to 15,000 for the same container to ship things over from overseas. >> concerns have been raised about consolidation and processing planteds in other parts of the country that has reduced price competition. david l o ui, abc7 news. dan: millions of retirees on social security will get a big boost, nearly 6%. it's biggest cost of living adjustment in 39 years. the social security administration estimates the average retired worker will get an extra $92 a month. it will help make up for rising costs to food, gas and other foot and services kristen: a hair salon calledle pass class concierge is booking customers without their consent. it's a way for members to learn about new local businesses but as abc7 news anchor liz reports
6:34 pm
the owners of pursuit salon says it's led to upset compliants and confusion. >> the owners of pursuit salon in los a toes had an unusual encounter with a customer who came in seeing she she had appointment even though they had no record with it. >> someone said they had an appointment using pass class. >> it's a plan that allows to book services. it's an expansion of the class pass app for fitness classes and gyms the problem for owners they had never heard of class pass concierge and never consented to their business being on it >> they took somelingo from our website and took some photos from our website and uploaded some stock images that we didn't even do the hair for. so it was kind of alarming. >> their profile also showed they had several openings for appointments that were not actually available.
6:35 pm
>> class pass confirmed to us they do list businesses that have not partnered with them. class pass members can book beauty services with local businesses. class pass will then contact that business to confirm if the appointment is available. class pass says they did call pursuit salon to confirm the appointment and then contacted the client to say the appointment was not available. but claire and whitney said they never got the call. and the woman had confirmation the woman was so upset they ultimately offered her a free treatment. >> class pass should be doing that. >> per claire and whitney's request pass class has removed pursuit salon from their platform. class pass told abc7 news they do not make any revenue off concierge services and that the platform is a way for their members to discover local businesses. claire and whitney hope that sharing their experience will bring awareness to other business owners. >> it's like door dash asking
6:36 pm
for a food delivery that's not available. you know, it doesn't make sense us to. -- to us. >> right now to the latest on the coronavirus pandemic. today's headlines involve vaccine and travel the u.s. is easing travel restrictions for lullly vaccinateder visitors from canada and mexico the first phase starts next month and aloud people traveling for nonessential reasons like tourism and family across u.s. land borders, they must show proof of vaccination. today is the deadline for some workers in san francisco to prove they're vaccinated. employees of restaurant restaurant, bars and gyms. customers have had to show proof of vaccination since august the customer says it's% employees. it applies for healthcare workers including pharmacists, dentists and home health aids plus, workers at adult daycare centers or day centers and residential care facilities. >> as good as
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dan: all right. when is a cancellation not a cancellation? that's the dilemma facg travelers facing cancellations. this is an interesting case. >> you will be talking to your friends about this. that's what i would suggest. the definition of what qualifies for a refund these days seems to be constantsly changing. here's what travelers need to know. caroline pond seen here on the right is no stranger to travel. she's been to africa to explore the wildlife. she's traveled to norway and she's taken in the culture of russia. >> on the river, and that was great. that was really good. >> next, she had hoped to go with a group of eight to see greece also from a river. she booked a trip for her group of friends and family originally in 2019 to depart in 2020.
6:41 pm
then covid happened. >> and then when it got canceled, we were trying to get a refund. and that's when we started to have issues with their customer service. >> caroline booked her trip through the same company she used for her previous trips vantage travel. michelle couch friedman is the director for elliott advocacy the consumer arm of customer elliott. she says, vantage travel has been around since 1983. >> they have hordes of loyal travelers that are, you know, dedicated to using vantage. >> vantage told caroline they would rebook her on a different cruise to greece but would include italy for a higher price and a longer trip. they would also have to change ships. this is the ship she originally booked. >> isn't that unique? it's not like a riverboat or a tour boat. it was going to be an actual sailboat.
6:42 pm
>> instead, vantage wanted to book her on a ship that holds up to 200 people. the change of ships and itinerary were not acceptable to caroline's group. consumer advocate, says other consumers have had similar experience i've heard of that with vantage where you're going to gate replacement trip that has nothing to do with what you booked. you know, we've never seen such -- such behavior before the pandemic. >> elliott advocacy says they also classified these trips as postponed and not cancelled. under its policy postponed trips don't qualify for refunds. caroline reached out to 7 on your side. we reached out to vantage. each member of her group of eight have received average refunds of more than $6,000. >> i think that michael finney and -- and the treatment fantastic. they are very communicative and they do a great service to the community. reporter: obviously, a very
6:43 pm
smart woman. [laughter] elliott advocates cassy tells us that patience is not a virtue. and those travelers who stay on top of the travel agency for a refund are the ones more likely to get it that's the rule on 7 at your side the rule with us is we don't give up. we don't gogo away. dan: nice job. thanks, michael. michael: sure. kristen: will we face more fire danger tomorrow before we have a beautiful weekend? you can see the details in spencer's seven-day forecast next. and andle we'll take you to an area tha
6:44 pm
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kristen: the recovery has begun following that oil spill in huntington beach. they released two birds one that was covered in oil. >> to take an animal that's so affected during an accident such as this and return it back into the environment, it's a time of celebration. kristen: the oil wildlife care network reports 28 birds since the spill began on october 2nd. 45 birds have been found debt
6:47 pm
though not all were oiled. they continue to see animals impact bed the spill the cause of the pipeline break is not yet known. but investors believe the pipe was damaged earlier by a ship's anchor. all right the work of researchers here in the bay area taking on added urgency in the wake of a disturbing new report. dan: it reveals the damage done to corral reef habitats. spencer, a very serious threat. spin that's true, dan the report is rather alarming but the bay area has been an epicenter into research into saving corral reefs and the marine life they support of for marine biologist alley hernandez exploring the corral reef has been both exhilarating and disheartening especially when she comes across evidence of the damage being blamed on climate change and rising ocean temperatures an effect known as corral believing.
6:48 pm
>> and seeing the corrals bleaching, it's just -- it's really shocking and sad. this is a corral skeleton. it's made of calcium carb o nate. >> she says the white of the dead corral contrasts with colors often visible a few feet beneath the surface. algae attaches its to corral and leaves in healthy reefs. a similar symbiotic relationship that disrupts when the waters are too warm. >> it'ses no positive for the corral anymore so the corral release that algae. >> sometimes with deadly consequences. a new report sponsored by the notion is revealing that 14% of the world's corral reefs have disappeared in the space of a decade. among the main drives, ocean warming and corral bleaching. >> corral reef study was one of the largest of its kind and it may serve as a global warming. researchers have been hard at
6:49 pm
work on new ways to protect our ocean habitats. >> one concern is rising ocean temperatures and stressed ecosystems disrupting the marine food chain impacting the fisheries that provide the seafood we eat and the migration of animals that grace our shores. >> many, many animals like whales and birds who come and visit, marine mammals and birds that come to our coasts and rely on our ecosystems here for nesting or for feeding. >> rebecca johnson is part of a diverse academy of sciences teamworking on marine solutions. programs including thriving california, the resilient i o ns initiative and hope for reefs, which created this aquarium based laboratory for corral spawning for supporting bio diversity around the globe. >> it's changing pretty quickly because of what we've done to the planet. but it's also big and we can make a difference if we make changes now. >> whatever is there, maintain
6:50 pm
>> and the need has perhaps never seemed so urgent as they struggle to preserve this key thing in our ecosystem. >> if there is a hopeful note, the report also played out that habitats like reefs can regenerate themselves if given enough time and a healthy environment in which to recover. let's talk about our current weather conditions after the winds eased up a bit today, they're going to intensify again tomorrow. as a result of those strong gusty winds in some area as red flag warning for high fire drainage solano county from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and for remainder of the forecast period, this is what we could expect. saturday and saturday quite a warm-up. upper 70's to about 80 around the bayshore line. up to about 70 along the coast. then it becomes much clearer on as you understand and that pattern continues most of next week with a slight chance of rain by next wednesday. dan and kristen? dan: thanks, spencer. kristen: all right.
6:51 pm
you know some interesting stuff, larry, the things that pitchers do to get ready. larry: logan web revealing his secret pregame weapon ahead of game five in the division series with the dodgers. the drink of champions. and the quantity is rather
6:52 pm
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larry: good evening, everybody. huge loss for the oakland athletics family, long time player and broadcaster ray f o
6:54 pm
ssi pass aid way. he had been batting cancer for years. that's something that very few people knew. he spent 12 years in the majors. 1967 to 1979, a two-time all-star. won two world series titles with the a's. and had home runs from 1947. he made transition from player to broadcast on the air for 35 years on radio and tv. stepped away revealing that he had been batting cancer for 16 years. he passed away at 74 years. that is a huge loss. logan webb started this season as question mark in the giants' rotation. tomorrow night, the giants need him to be the exclamation pope. webb facing jose urias in a winner-take-all series. giants held a workout this afternoon at oracle park. if he can replicate his gem, they figure to be in good shape that. webb revealed his pregame
6:55 pm
ritual. he drinks red bull before every starts. not one red bull. not two. but three to get purposed up. >> i've always loved red bull. i honestly started drinking it when i was in travel ball. don't be mad at my dad or mom, but that was me and my brother's thing. i wouldn't say until -- until a couple of years ago, right when i get to the field, right before i start my stretch with the trainer, and then attend of my warm-up. so three -- at the end of my warm-up. >> you drink three red bulls? >> i do, yeah. >> i think our players understand the magnitude of a game five in a d.s. at home, first time playing the dodgers in a postseason series. >> we're going to be the only show in town f. you have a pulse or you're a sports fan, you
6:56 pm
better be watching dodgers-giants. larry: we all will be watching tomorrow night the abrupt resignation of jon gruden has left the raid necessary free fall. he left in disgrace in the weigh of that e-mail scandal revealing offensive comments so rich bisacci will take take they will try to do damage control and prevent this season from spiraling completely out of control. >> yeah, do i have emotion. and i -- and i am sad. and to be honest with you i'm sad for the whole gruden family. not just jon. but attend of the day, we're all accountable for our actions that's how we have to look at it. >> i mean, i'm sick about it. i have a lot of emotions. angry, sick. you know, upset, mad, frustrated all those things. empathy, whatever. you know -- no one has -- i don't this there's a book on how to handle all this.
6:57 pm
>> raiders are playing the broncos and hard to imagine get getting ready for a game with all this swirling around the franchise, but they will play. kristen: yeah. dan: so many distractions. thanks, larry. kristen: that's going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm kristen sze. dan: we appreciate your time. have a nice evening. we'll see you again tonight at 11:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.visit]
6:58 pm
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants-- a pastor from huntington, pennsylvania... a product manager from seattle, washington... and our returning champion-- an actor originally from coral gables, florida... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik! [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny. hello, everybody, and welcome to "jeopardy!" someone is having a great week. after defeating a 38-day champion on monday's show
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