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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 13, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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on this wednesday morning, the white house is tackling massive supply chain disruptions, plus, new travel rules for the fully vaccinated. breaking overnight, the white house takes on supply chain shortages across the country. major disruptions driving up prices leaving store shelves empty. this morning, president biden meets with top business leaders, plus, the push for major ports to work around the clock. this as the administration plans to open our borders to fully vaccinated travelers. benched. the brooklyn nets banning one of the biggest stars in the nba. kyrie irving banned from playing or practicing with the team until he gets the covid vaccine. as more americans are saying, i quit when it comes to choosing the shot or their job. while in texas governor greg
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abbott bans vaccine mandates in the state. all this as the future of booster shots hang in the balance. blizzard warning. fierce twisters and rapid-fire. a fast-moving california inferno growing to more than 13,000 acres shutting down highways and closing amtrak lines. plus, at least six reported tornadoes striking in the heartland, and this morning, 18 states are on alert. where the heavy october snow is hading right now. the spies next door. new details from the fbi sting about the navy engineer and his wife charged with trying to sell submarine secrets. this morning, what their neighbors are saying about them. new details in the gabby petito case. the coroner finding the cause of her death and when it happened. how it fits into the time line of her last believed sighting as authorities keep up the hunt for brian laundrie. aspirin about-face. the new guidance on the risks of taking a daily dose to prevent a
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first heart attack or stroke. scary shortages. pumpkins for halloween proving hard to find. what you can do to avoid getting your hopes squashed. ♪ i'm so excited ♪ and captain kirk cleared for takeoff. at 90 years old, william shatner now just hours away, set to become the oldest person ever in space. the exciting countdown this morning. ♪ i'm so excited ♪ ♪ i just can't hide it ♪ we were just saying captain kirk looks great. we will have what he's having. good morning, america. good to be with you on this wednesday morning. we're just hours away from the blue origin launch into space. william shatner about to make history. we have two big headlines from the white house overnight. the president planning to tackle supply chain issues affecting americans coast to coast and there's an announcement that the borders with canada and mexico are re-opening to fully vaccinated travelers.
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we begin with the massive supply chain disruptions. trevor ault starts us off at one of our nation's ports in bayonne, new jersey. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the treasury secretary is reassuring americans the supply shortages should be temporary and there is no reason to panic about getting your holiday presents, but right now this is a crisis and this morning, the white house is meeting with top executives from some shipping companies and the heads of some of america's largest ports to try to get things moving. this morning a crisis brewing in the american supply chain as pressure mounts to unload those massive container ships sitting idle in southern california ports, seen here from the chopper of our station kabc. >> workers here at the port are now working around the clock to empty as many ships as possible throughout the night, but still these stacks of containers are continuing to mount along the port. >> reporter: samsung and u.p.s. announcing they'll be working around the clock to try to help end the backlog and get those goods moving across the country in time for the holidays.
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the cost of using shipping containers soaring, up nearly 300% this year, exponentially increasing the price retailers pay just to get their goods from asia to the u.s. from workers on the dock to truck drivers, each piece of the supply chain is strained. struggling to find enough workers. . >> there's not one easy fix that's available. we need to invest in blue collar jobs that continue to move our goods. >> reporter: all that is leading to higher costs for consumers. diaper prices up nearly 9%. clothes up 4.2%. new cars up 7.6%. meat prices up nearly 9% and eggs up nearly 10% from a year ago. and another facet of this problem is the fact the pandemic has led more people to shop online than ever before. plus now we have companies encouraging people to shop early which is creating an even larger backlog and on the supply side there is an enormous shortage in
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computer chips and just this morning led apple to slash their projections for the iphone 13 by as many as 10 million units. george? >> lots of issues mounting up. trevor, thanks very much. we go to the white house. the president will address the disruptions and his administration is planing on opening the northern and southern borders to fully vaccinated travelers. cecilia vega has the latest. good morning, cecelia. >> reporter: good morning, george. the last thing this white house or any white house for that matter wants is a shortage of supplies, empty shelves and high prices come the holiday shopping season and that's a real fear right now what this could do to consumer spending and the recovery. nt to mention we've been talking point politics of this. the president has taken a hit recently in his polls when it comes to his handling of the economy. so today he's meeting with leaders of the two busiest port, l.a. and long beach as trevor said and the head of the labor union representing workers at those ports. here's what they're expected to announce. the port of los angeles is committing to operating 24/7, long beach has been doing that for a few weeks now and
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companies like walmart and fedex, u.p.s., they're committing to shifting to these 24/7 operations. this is expected to help at least in some way alleviate some of the bottleneck trevor was mentioning there. look, this has been a big concern for the white house for awhile. so much so they appointed a bottleneck czar. george, you heard the treasury secretary there. she said this is a big deal. be prepared for isolated shortages, but she is warning consumers not to panic, that there is an ample supply of goods before the holiday season. >> what do we know about opening up the canadian and mexican borders to fully vaccinated travellers? >> reporter: yeah, george, this is a big deal, signaling a re-opening of our southern and northern borders in the wake of
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the pandemic talking about nonessential travelers, meaning folks who cross for things like tourism and family, the border opens back up to them in early november as long as they are vaccinated. it had been closed since the early days of the pandemic and took a hit on trade and tourism. canada re-opened its border in august but we are looking come january folks who are even traveling for essential like business must show proof of vaccination as well as nonessential travelers come november. >> cecilia vega, thanks very much. robin? now to the coronavirus emergency and the battle over vaccines. the governor of texas banning mandates in his state and the brooklyn nets banning star guard kyrie irving from the team unless he gets vaccinated. stephanie ramos is live at the nets home arena in brooklyn. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: robin, good morning. many people here in new york are opting to walk away from their employer because they don't want to get the covid vaccine. nba star kyrie irving is now a part of that group. with just one week to go until the start of the regular nba season it's unclear when he'll play at barclays again. >> irving, oh, he's a machine. >> reporter: this morning, the brooklyn nets losing one of their stars, nba player kyrie irving. the nets announcing irving will not play or practice with the team until he gets the covid
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vaccine. >> kyrie made it clear he has a choice in this matter, and it's ultimately going to be up to him what he decides. you know, we respect the fact he has a choice. >> reporter: the seven-time all star talking about his vaccination status a week and a half ago. >> honestly i like to keep that stuff private. i just would love to keep that private and handle it the right way with my team. >> reporter: the nba does not have a vaccine mandate for players but new york city's covid vaccine mandate requires a person to prove they have at least one covid vaccine shot to enter indoor gyms including barclays center, the home of the nets. initially irving was going to sit out home games only but the team deciding he wouldn't play at all. >> we are going to have to for sure play without him this year. >> reporter: according to "the washington post" this can cost irving more than $16 million in fines. and in texas, governor greg abbott signing an executive order banning all state entities requiring a covid-19 vaccination
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from anyone who rejects it based on a religious belief or for medical reasons including prior recovery from covid. the governor adding, covid-19 vaccines are strongly encouraged for those eligible to receive one, but mus always be voluntary for texans. ft. worth based american airlines and dallas based southwest airlines refusing to follow the governor's order. american saying, we believe the federal vaccine mandate supersedes any conflicting state laws and this does not change anything for american. southwest adding, we would be expected to comply with the president's order to remain compliant as a federal contractor. officials now turning their focus to vaccines for kids. the white house telling governors to be prepared to vaccinate elementary age kids in early november in anticipation of the fda's green light. as for the future of boosters, the fda has reviewed moderna's application for the extra dose but they have not
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taken a position. right now there may not be sufficient data to support the extra doses but the fda is scheduled to meet this thursday and friday to talk about boosters for moderna and johnson & johnson. >> stephanie, who do we expect to be eligible for those booster shots? >> reporter: well, once those boosters are approved, robin, the same group that is eligible to take pfizer's third dose will be able to take these, so 65 and older, immunocompromised and those at higher risk of exposure to covid. robin? >> all right, stephanie, thank you. michael? we turn to the latest on the navy engineer and his wife charged with trying to sell military secrets. the couple appeared before a judge for the first time as we learn new details about the alleged plot and hear from some of their neighbors. chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has that. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: michael, good morning. today prosecutors continue to push for the couple to remain in jail as the case moves forward. and a closer look at the government's case portrays them as committed would-be spies who tried to leave nothing to chance.
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this morning, new details suggesting that alleged scheme by a maryland couple to sell military secrets was years in the making. the fbi claims they discovered this exchange allegedly written by jonathan toebbe, a nuclear engineer with the u.s. navy laying out how he conducted his plot. toebbe allegedly writing, this information was slowly and carefully collected over several years to avoid attracting attention and smuggled past security checkpoints a few pages at a time. the fbi claims toebbe appeared so comfortable with the spies he thought he was dealing with, he allegedly wanted to meet for drinks. toebbe and his wife diana a humanities teacher at a local private school are accused of trying to sell classified information about some of the nation's most sophisticated nuclear submarines. >> the nuclear reactor technology that the u.s. navy has on its nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers has taken billions of dollars and decades to develop. >> reporter: prosecutors asking
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that the couple be held without bond, claiming they're a risk to flee. authorities pointing to this exchange toebbe allegedly had within an agent he thought was a foreign spy but who was actually conducting an fbi sting operation. writing, quote, i've considered a possible need to leave on short notice. we have passports and cash. i pray such a drastic plan will never be needed. neighbors from their suburban community say the couple refused to engage with other families. >> we would have holiday parties in our driveways, having bonfires and they never came out. never joined in. >> reporter: one of diana toebbe's former students who worked with her on the school yearbook says he was shocked. >> she was someone who i really looked up to. i was totally blindsided. >> reporter: the fbi claims the couple was paid $100,000 as they engaged in an elaborate scheme involving secret drop-off locations where they allegedly hid classified information in a peanut butter sandwich and chewing gum package. neighbors tell me they were
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saddened because the couple has two children. diana toebbe worked at a local private school. that school suspended her indefinitely saying they were shocked and appalled to learn of the charges. george? >> i'll bet they were. okay, pierre, thanks very much. now to that fast-moving wildfire in california. it's grown more than 10,000 acres in 24 hours. ginger is tracking that and severe weather across the country. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, george. the fire in santa barbara county now more than 13,400 acres burned, only 5% contained. you see the individualvideo the through the canyon. highway 101 closed and still evacuations in place and bad news on the wind front they've just extended some of the wind warnings for gusts up do 45 miles per hour and we're starting to see an uptick in wind by the end of the week. these santa ana winds, the infamous ones that could kick up more fire danger around los angeles goes in again when the great basin high comes in. this is the time of year, george. >> six tornadoes reported in the heartland overnight.
7:14 am
>> reporter: that's right. most of them in oklahoma and kansas. one of them we have video of right here. you can see how that was spinning across the land. th wl cfirmed for sure and i'm sure t toda we have clinton, oklahoma, where the hangars there collapsed thanks to storm damage. they will survey that, see what happened. today the storms will move east. some parts of missouri into illinois, even could see some of the thunderstorms. they don't look to be as severe as that line moves on, but we do have a lot of warnings behind for not only winter weather but high winds and freeze alerts all the way down there, you can see, to the mexican border. george? >> ginger, thanks very much. robin? george, now to the major new guidance in preventing a first heart attack or stroke. the u.s. preventive services task force no longer recommending daily low dose or baby aspirin for people over 60 saying the risk outweighs the benefits. erielle reshef joins us now with more on this. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. that panel of experts issuing their draft recommendations
7:15 am
saying doctors should likely stop prescribing a daily dose of aspirin for people over the age of 60 to prevent a first-time heart attack or stroke saying the risks of possible internal bleeding far outweigh the positive benefits. and doctors also pointing out that over the years, that health care has improved dramatically, that taking measures like diet, exercise and better medications can help mitigate the risk of a heart attack or stroke and that's without the associated risk of that daily aspirin regimen. >> what about those who have had a heart attack or stroke? >> reporter: it's a great question. doctors say this is incredibly important. those who have already suffered a cardiac event will likely still have to take their daily aspirin regimen. doctors say do not stop taking that aspirin regimen without consulting your physician. these recommendations should be finalized by the end of the year.
7:16 am
robin? >> appreciate it, erielle, thank you. michael? now to the liftoff for blue origin. actor william shatner boldly going into space at 90 years old. transportation correspondent gio benitez is at the launch site in van horn, texas, for us this morning. gio, i miss you. i was out there last time with you. good morning. michael.morning, i miss you too. you can see there it looks like there was a hold in place. we were at t minus 15 minutes. now they're holding. they're holding to check the vehicle readiness to make sure they're ready to go into space. i got to tell you the weather is looking good here for a history-making launch. in just hours this morning, lgendary actor william shatner will launch into history as the oldest person ever to fly to space, 90 years old. soaring 60 miles above the earth's surface at 2,200 miles per hour. >> warp 1. >> reporter: his iconic "star trek" character captain kirk now closer to reality.
7:17 am
blue origin releasing this new video of shatner walking through the launch site. >> there is this mystique of being in space and that much closer to the stars and being weightless. i shall be entranced by the view of space. >> reporter: it was less than three months ago when blue origin launched its first human flight with founder jeff bezos on board. those images of the crew floating in zero gravity for four minutes. >> whoo! >> reporter: just 11 minutes after liftoff the blue origin new shepard lands at a gentle five miles per hour. shatner saying he just couldn't say no to this invitation. >> there is an adventure in my life that i would not have had had i not done this. and it looks like there is a great deal of curiosity about this fictional character, captain kirk going into space. so let's go along with it and enjoy the ride.
7:18 am
>> reporter: that's right, enjoy the right there, captain. if you look at the clock, we are still in a slight holding pattern. just watching to see exactly when this is going up, but they're on board ready to go. >> thank you. i would do it. >> this is a change. >> i would probably do it. >> george and i will be waiting. >> we'll go down and watch the whole thing. wishing you well. a lot more coming up on "gma" including new information in the gabby petito case. the coroner's report on the cause of death. now let's go back to ginger. ginger? >> reporter: robin, let's get those chilly cities sponsored by dell technologies.
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we'll be right back.
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reggie: good morning. because of high fire danger, a new round of public safety safety power shutoffs could begin at midnight tonight. pg&e's warning applies to 71 hundred bay area customers. here's a look at the map, showing the specific areas. includes customers in napa county, 1600 and solano county, 1400 in sonoma county, and 1400 customers and roll parts of koster costa -- koster costa county. jobina: we should be seeing the sig alert in gilroy clear in about 30 minutes. there is an overturned big break there, 70,000 pounds into the --
7:24 am
of grapes into the roadway that spilled early this morning. this is northbound 101 before state rou 2 toll plaza, metering lights came on
7:25 am
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mike: check out how chilly it is this morning, 42 in danville and 56 in oakland. dry, calm air cooling significantly overnight. a chance of a shower near the ocean today, calm around the water and mass transit will definitely be colder this morning. we get a break from the fire danger, but it ramps up again tonight and tomorrow morning for solano county. temperatures rebound tomorrow, also with those dry breezes. our hottest temperatures, friday and saturday. reggie: coming up, new up, new ,
7:27 am
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do you like apples? >> yeah. >> well, i got her number. how do you like them apples? >> classic. classic line. >> classic. oh, boy, welcome back to "gma." that's a throwback, the dynamic duo matt and ben bursting onto the scene with that unforgettable film, "good will hunting" and winning an oscar for that. now they're reuniting on screen after more than 20 years. we'll hear from them in our next hour. >> that scene is satisfying every time you see it. >> it really is. we're following a lot of headlines this morning,
7:31 am
including the white house planning to tackle supply chains. the president will meet with leaders of two of the busiest ports, l.a. and long beach. and the house has voted to temporarily raise the debt ceiling by $480 billion avoiding the risk of default until early december. it's going to take a decisive fifth game to settle the rivalry between the dodgers and giants that dates back more than a century and to a different city. dodgers winning at home to force a game five in san francisco tomorrow night. the braves meanwhile are waiting to find out who they will play after powering past the milwaukee brewers in four games. the houston astros clobbered the white sox to earn their fifth consecutive trip to the alcs and a date with the red sox. >> that will be a good playoffs. >> always. we have a lot more ahead including new guidelines on salt just out from the fda. what you should know. we'll tell you about that. that's coming up. michael? now to the latest on the gabby petito investigation. a coroner reporting the 22-year-old's cause of death as
7:32 am
authorities keep up their all-out manhunt for her boyfriend, brian laundrie, the only person of interest in the case. victor oquendo has the latest. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. by law the coroner in wyoming was very limited in what he could say but the few details that we learned were very telling. experts now saying it's clear gabby petito's death was no accident. this morning, the teton county coroner announcing the results of gabby petito's autopsy. >> we find the cause and manner to be, cause, death by strangulation and manner is homicide. >> reporter: the wyoming coroner calling in outside specialists to work the case determining petito likely died three to four weeks before she was found putting added emphasis on the final week of august. one of the last times gabby was reportedly seen alive was at the merry piglets restaurant on august 27th where witnesses say brian was in an angry confrontation with staff. >> she was like, sorry, let's go. she was visibly upset and
7:33 am
crying. that was really it. you could feel his temper. he was angry. >> reporter: the 27th was also the same day as the last text message gabby's mom received from her phone. two days later he was seen hitchhiking alone near grand teton state park and returned to florida without gabby and that white van on september 1st. she was found at the spread creek campground 18 days later. investigators say despite the elements some dna evidence was recovered which could help prove who strangled her. >> you lose evidence in those type of conditions, high elevation, weather, plus wildlife issues as well but if that dna, his dna is under her finger nails, that's pretty damning evidence. >> reporter: it's been nearly a month since brian laundrie, the only person of interest, was last seen. former "america's most wanted" host and victims advocate host john walsh said he turned over
7:34 am
more than 100 tips to the fbi. >> i talked to gabby's father and he said, john, i just pray we get him. >> reporter: the laundrie family attorney telling abc news, gabby's death at such a young age is a tragedy. brian is only considered a person of interest in relation to gabby petito's demise. at this time brian is still missing and when he is located we will address the pending fraud charge against him. gabby's mom firing back at laundrie's attorneys saying his words are garbage. so far brian laundrie has been charged with unauthorized use of gabby petito's credit card. technically he is a person of interest in her disappearance. guys? >> all right, victor, thank you for that. for more now let's bring in abc news chief legal analyst dan abrams. dan, what does this finding tell us? >> it's two pieces of bad news for brian laundrie. first with regard to the cause of death. when you're talking about strangulation, that is very typically the cause of death in domestic violence cases. it is angry. it is violent. it takes time.
7:35 am
that is precisely what many believe happened here. number two is the timeline. the coroner saying three to four weeks from the time the body was found and that's precisely the time that gabby was last seen alive. >> you've often made the point that the difference between a person of interest and a suspect is a distinction without a real difference. but will this change that? will he be an official suspect now? >> no. they don't ever really name people official suspects anymore. they call them persons of interest until they get arrested and then they're the official suspect in the case. but don't be fooled. when brian laundrie's attorney says that they look forward to him coming back so he can be tried and address the bank fraud charge, as if that's why there's a national manhunt out, is for a guy involved in a bank fraud case is, of course, totally disingenuous. the bottom line is he is not just a suspect, he is the only suspect in the death of gabby petito. >> at this point a fugitive. >> and a fugitive, absolutely, because there is that arrest warrant out for him in
7:36 am
connection with the bank fraud case. >> it's frustrating. they keep saying he's missing. it's like he's on the run. there's a difference. his family is saying can you please help find our son like other families do. dna evidence, we heard in victor's report, how is that going to play out? >> it could cut either way. on the one hand as you heard it's absolutely true that if they find his dna under her fingernails that's a game changer. expect to find his dna on her body, right, they were together. you find it under her fingernails, that's a defensive thing but there is a possibility you could find a third person's dna and that's the sort of thing a defense attorney loves to see as evidence of another potential suspect. >> dan, thank you. we turn to new fallout following the resignation of las vegas raiders head coach jon gruden. forced to step down after racist and homophobic emails were revealed and t.j. has the story. good morning, t.j. >> good morning, george.
7:37 am
let's remember before tom brady got there, the tampa bay buccaneers only has won one super bowl in their history. jon gruden was the coach and earned him a place in their ring of honor. his name is coming down, the team announced, part of the response we are seeing to what is potentially a still growing scandal. more fallout this morning following las vegas raiders head coach jon gruden's abrupt resignation after that bombshell "new york times" report revealed he repeatedly used vulgar and offensive language in emails over a seven-year period. the nfl players union is now urging the league to release more emails. >> jon gruden's career is over. it's over. >> reporter: gruden is also out as brand ambassador for shoe company skechers, announcing they're terminating the relationship with the super bowl winning coach. "the new york times" wrote that gruden casually and frequently unleashed misogynistic and homophobic language over several years to denigrate people around the game. >> hopefully it puts people on notice who have some of those same opinions. it's time to grow and evolve and change and connect and that
7:38 am
[ bleep ] doesn't fly. >> reporter: "the wall street journal" previously reported that gruden used a racist trope to describe demaurice smith in 2011. reaction pouring in from around the league. >> sad for the raiders' organization. sad for the people that were offended by it. i'm sad for coach gruden. it's a sad commentary. >> reporter: at least one of gruden's former players wasn't surprised by some email revelations. >> he's been doing that for years, talking behind people's back. >> yeah. >> that was one of his traits in tampa. >> reporter: nfl veteran ryan russell who came out as bisexual in 2019 told cnn that the nfl has to do more. >> the next step is being proactive making sure that the coaches that they hire, the players that they draft, the organization that they form are being inclusive, are being supportive and are held to that standard. >> reporter: dallas cowboys owner jerry jones wasn't so quick to condemn. i now everybody that you've been
7:39 am
reading about. they're outstanding proponents of our game. they have represented this game in many cases beautifully. >> it's important to emphasize the nfl was not investigating jon gruden. they were investigating the washington football team and their culture and these emails came up. the result of that investigation, they fined the washington football team $10 million and dan snyder was removed from day-to-day operations. people are saying if that much was in there that that was the result, what else is in the emails? asking them though release them all. the nfl saying we have no intention of releasing anything else. >> all right. thank you, t.j. coming up next, why you might not be able to find a pumpkin for halloween. ah, janai, she found some. bring one back home. we'll have the latest on the scary shortage just ahead. ahea. ty burrell: to live... is to ask
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7:43 am
we are back now with that pumpkin panic. it could be harder than ever to find pumpkins this year. janai norman has more on how to make sure you don't miss out before halloween. she's live from a pumpkin patch. ah, she's there in new jersey. good morning, janai. love the flannel. nice touch. >> reporter: robin, it is autumn. i've got my flannel and my vest. i belong on a pumpkin patch. i'm surrounded by them but in some parts of the country these
7:44 am
are harder to find these days and because of things like covid and blight and weather, these gourds are getting harder to find. the owners of this farm in new jersey said they'll be fine. they just won't have the extras like usual. they're the harbingers of halloween. the ghoulish gourds, the elusive icon of charlie brown and linus' all hallows' eve. >> oh, great pumpkin, where are you? >> reporter: this year in parts of the country, some pumpkins are proving hard to find. >> certain areas just have had bad years with crops. >> reporter: annette jackson, co-owner of the garden center here in topeka, kansas, says getting these gourds has been tough. >> this year compared to years past we felt fortunate to get these because there was a problem in other areas.
7:45 am
>> reporter: pumpkins are big business. in 2020 farmers harvested more than a billion pounds of pumpkins in just six states and nearly half of americans surveyed plan to carve a pumpkin. in lafayette, california, marty martinez has been buying pumpkins for his nursery for 25 years telling kgo at the end of september, some prices were soaring. >> in some cases it's almost doubled. especially in the specialty white ones that are very hard to come by. >> reporter: experts say a number of issues are to blame. the pandemic, a lack of workers and shipping delays all contributing to the smaller supply this year and some farms that had to lay off workers are simply no longer around. >> a lot of the patches just went out of business. they gave up. >> reporter: plus droughts in some parts of california causing a loss in pumpkin production. >> probably only did have this year. >> reporter: pumpkin lovers, have no fear. in many areas the pumpkins are
7:46 am
plentiful, but you might just be haunted by the prices. and in illinois which grows an estimated 80% to 90% of pumpkins around the country they are dealing with a fungus that causes pumpkins to prematurely rot leading to concerns about a shortage of regular pumpkins but canned pumpkins if you're looking for that in the next month, robin. >> but, wait, there's more. we're hearing there is a possible christmas tree shortage too this year, janai. >> reporter: robin, the hits just keep on coming. this goes back to the great recession and the trees in the ground now, a wisconsin tree grower tells us, they're too small and aren't enough fake trees coming from china because of chain supply distribution issues, so a lot of not good news out there. so get your pumpkins and your trees early. >> we'll do that. you're looking right at home there. i was going to say on the farm but in the patch. >> robin, the good news though is that pumpkin spice is
7:47 am
everywhere. >> ah, that's true. that's true. be safe, take care. thank you, janai. all right, coming up next, our "play of the day." - oh, sister of mine. - mmm... - i got you this. - the new iphone 13 pro? - it's on verizon 5g - i got you this. - the new iphone 13 pro? - it's on verizon 5g - i can't believe you got me this! - i can't believe you got me this! - yes, verizon is giving one to everyone when they trade in - yes, verizon is giving one to everyone when they trade in their old or damaged phone. their old or damaged phone. - oh! so like every sister can get this? - oh! so like every sister can get this? - yeah. - every aluminum siding installer? - why not? siding installer? - why not? siding installer? - why not? - every doula? - they would have to! - every doula? - they would have to! every customer, new and old, can get iphone 13 pro on us. because everyone deserves better. - everyone! - horse trainers! - everyone! - horse trainers! - manicurists! - you get the new iphone! - you get the new iphone! - you get the new iphone! - we're alone. - i know. - we're alone. - i know. - what're we doing? - i don't know. - what're we doing? - i don't know. ♪ ♪ find everything you need to feel right at home. shop the home sale now. kohl's.
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7:51 am
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7:55 am
7:56 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning. relook at the commute this morning. >> hi, reggie, good morning. the c.h.p. is reporting a fire underneath the freeway on westbound 580 at canal boulevard which is essentially as you're approaching the richmond bridge. we can't see anything on the camera but will keep an eye on the situation for you. packed at the toll plaza. lights came on at 5:40. an update for anyone who has been impacted by the signaler in gilroy, one lane is open in that area. mike? mike: slight chance of showers near the coast with 50's. 60's around the bay and a few sprinkles in the 70's in the north bay and inland east bay with increasing sunshine late is good to moderate which is healthy with another offshore event bringing a fred
7:57 am
flag warning to solano county. reggie? reggie: coming up, how a newlywed paid $100,000 in debt while saving money. tips to get you started. we'll have another update in 30 minutes and check us out on our news let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy to deliver a better customer experience, that will help us retain our customers and even grow our business? how much is this going to cost? 'sheig and even grow our business?
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. william shatner, yes, captain kirk blasting off to the final frontier. we're live at the launch site. health alert. new fda guidelines breaking this morning for salt. will there be less sodium in your food? dr. ashton joins us to break it down. ♪ i'm the bad guy ♪ disney night double elimination. the bad guys ruling the ballroom on villains night from cruella to hocus-pocus. plus, the first 10 of the season casting a spell on the judges. ♪ something big i feel it happening ♪ super saving strategies. how this young couple paid off more than $120,000 in student loan debt within a year. this morning the top financial tips to get you on track from a
8:01 am
santa side hustle to the 10-10-30-50 rule and why you should run your home like a business. ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ how do you like them apples? matt and ben back together again. more than 20 years after "good will hunting," the boston duo back on the big screen in "the last duel." ♪ i feel alive ♪ "rise & shine" and good morning from north carolina. we're saying, "i do" to the tarheel state from the beautiful blue ridge mountains to the home of basketball greatness. >> no greater rivalry in college sports than duke and north carolina. > and they're saying -- >> all: good morning, america. we also are saying good morning, america. and good to say "rise & shine" from north carolina where they are live at one of the most famous wedding destinations in the country, the biltmore estate
8:02 am
in asheville. our kaylee hartung getting -- oh, look there. she's getting a romantic ride just like so many wedding couples. we have much more from north carolina coming up. >> cannot wait for that. also this morning, going to tell you why more people are saying i quit. we'll have more on the pandemic's growing impact on the american workplace coming up. right now the latest on the blue origin space launch, william shatner is boldly going where no 90-year-old has gone before. let's go back to gio benitez at the launch site in van horn, texas. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning again. you're looking at those images right there. a successful launch apparently and a successful landing. there's the blue origin new shepherd capsule. it has landed with william shatner on board and three crew members with him. it was just about 12 minutes ago we saw the launch.
8:03 am
you're rumble. we could feel it as it went up there. you can imagine what was william shatner thinking when he was going up to the edge of space, 62 miles above the earth's surface, 2,200 miles per hour. the g force that he must have been feeling against his body must have been extraordinary. 90 years old. now at this point william shatner has made history as the oldest person ever to go to space. again, they spent four minutes of weightlessness up there at the edge of space in that zero gravity, just floating around. he said he would be looking through that window the whole time.
8:04 am
guys? now we turn to the new fda eles forry duof sodium in the food we csume proposing changes for restaurants, manufacturers, cafeterias and food trucks. dr. jen ashton is here with more. what are the new recommendations and why is salt so harmful? >> michael, here they are. they're just out from the fda and the fda commissioner hopefully saying that this could be the biggest, most important intervention in a generation for public health. the new guidance from the fda really targeting the food industry here making the goal long term. 2,300 milligrams a day to about 3,000 milligrams a day, you know, within that range. right now it is clear that diet is a major contributing factor to not only our obesity but high blood pressure which, of course, then increases the risk for heart attack, strokes. this is a major target for public health intervention. >> you have a degree in nutrition. what else can we do in our diet
8:05 am
to help? >> there is a lot of attention on sodium and for good reason. i think for people wanting to take charge of this themselves, they can start doing this. they don't have to wait for the food industry to intervene. so read labels, for sure, because there is a lot of hidden sodium in almost everything we consume. use spices in place of salt. that can definitely help and then people focus on the sodium but if you also focus on potassium rich food, increasing the consumption of that, you can lower your blood pressure from three to five points. >> great tips. so many put salt on the food without even tasting it. >> without even thinking about it. >> doc, thanks so much for that. >> there's already so much in it. >> it's in things like chicken, bread, everything. >> thank you both. we'll turn to employment in the workplace. 4.3 million americans left their jobs in august alone. that's the highest number since 2000. experts say they're looking for better opportunities, better hours and more perks.
8:06 am
trouble with child care has also contributed to the employment across the country. all this as we are now seeing people leave the work place due to the vaccine mandates. coming up, double disney night elimination. on "dancing with the stars," who got the boot? >> who got that first 10? i want to know that. the young couple who wiped out $123,000 in debt in less than a year. >> wow. >> how you can get on track to save more money starting this morning. it's time to "rise & shine" in the tar heel state. kaylee hartung is popping the champagne in north carolina. quite a pyramid there. we'll be right back. ♪ people today... they could spend half their lives over 50. so, it helps to have a wise friend and fierce defender like aarp. to help you take control of your health along the way. what's in it? i don't know. but it's green. green's good. whether it's your wellness... what are you in for? cholesterol check. cool. your brain health. or your endurance.
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8:11 am
tomorrow rosario dawson and heather locklear are both going to join us live. >> looking forward to that. up next, "pop news" with lara. good morning. >> lots to talk about. should we talk about "dancing" drama? >> let's do it. >> first the good news, last night we saw the first 10 of the season. yay! and the bad news, a shocking double elimination that came down to judge len goodman. it was a magical two-night disney spectacular on "dancing with the stars" from disney favorites to disney villains, sashaying into night one with "aladdin." ♪ never had a friend like me ♪ to a quick step performance from "the jungle book." ♪ i want to be like you ♪ >> reporter: on the second night, being bad never looked so good. the dancers transforming into infamous disney villains. jmmy allen's captain hook reeling in high praise from the judges.
8:12 am
>> your strongest performance to date. >> reporter: but it was a wicked performance from melora paired with her own vocals. >> 10. >> reporter: that earned the first 10 of the season. but for two couples their chapter came to a close. >> brian and sharna. >> reporter: and a nail biter that rested on len's shoulders. >> i have to think over the five weeks, the five shows that we've seen and who i felt over that period had been the better dancer. it was awkward for tonight because i gave them both 7s. >> kenya, you're staying in the show. >> sorry, just captivated by that and the drama continues on "dancing with the stars."
8:13 am
monday at 8:00 p.m. oh, speaking of dancing, the muppets have a new halloween special called "muppets haunted mansion" and pepe told me about one of his favorite scene, it's a big song and dance number he has with a very famous lady who we just had on "gma." take a look. >> this is you and taraji p. henson, correct? >> she plays the bride and i'm under her trance. she's got me under her spell and we do a tango and it goes something like -- ♪ you know, that kind of thing and then she dips me. not in salsa, but she gives me a dip kind of thing. >> if i had a mirror ball trophy right now i would give it to you. >> really? for "dancing with the stars"? >> yes. in addition to taraji muppets haunted mansion has cameos from all the muppets blue will arnett, the late great ed asner. that's just to name a few.
8:14 am
pepe and gonzo think they're going to a fabulous halloween party. in the end they end up in a real life haunted mansion. >> this is a major role for you. we're talking emmy buzz for you, pepe. >> i think so. i'm really the next marlon brando. >> have you thought about an emmy speech? >> no, i think i'm gonna wing it, you know. nothing in particular. maybe i'll just thank you. maybe i'll just -- i'd like to thank lara. >> oh, you're so close to the camera now. >> for all of her support. >> oh, no, you seem to be getting closer and closer. >> her love and support. >> oh, you're almost out of focus now you're so close. >> yeah. come closer. come to the camera. >> okay. >> come on. >> all right. i miss you so much. >> i want to tell you something. >> okay. >> i want to tell you something. >> okay. >> i love you. >> oh, i love you too.
8:15 am
[ laughter ] >> he's still carrying that torch. >> i love him so much. i love you, pepe. >> how much was left on the editing room floor from that interview? >> i was starting to sweat over here. >> thank you for producing. oh, it's so good, you guys, pepe, a masterful performance. the muppets' first halloween special "muppets haunted mansion" streaming right now on disney plus. thank you for that exclusive. >> yes. >> you thought you were sweating. i was sweating. i think we all were. that was great. >> you can't deny the chemistry. >> yes, you do. lara, thank you so much for that. it was a lot of fun. now we turn to our "gma" cover story and our new series "gma's" ways to save. we'll tell you how people dug themselves out of enormous debt and bring in experts to help you get out of the red and save at the same time. rebecca jarvis has the story of a young couple who did just that. >> reporter: when anjie and rj decided to get married they knew it was time to assess their
8:16 am
finances. collectively they had $123,000 worth of student loan debt but rather than panic, they decided to get to work. >> the first thing that we did, of course, was budget for the prior three months before that, we looked at how much we were spending and started to notice some common things. >> we were able to kind of refocus and reprioritize our spending and we would meet weekly talking about our budget and goals and it was just huge for us. >> reporter: the couple reduced their expenses by negotiating their cell phone bill and rent. canceling unnecessary subscriptions and cutting back on going out. >> and any upcoming bills we would say, is this negotiable and every dollar starts to add up. >> reporter: they also increased their income by doing side hustles and within a year were able to knock out their entire debt. >> like simple changes like that that will pay off in dividends for you. >> reporter: they've been able to apply their tactics to remaining debt free even around
8:17 am
the holidays. they recommend saving small amounts throughout the year, allocating a specific amount per person, shopping sales and making homemade gifts. >> lastly, you don't always have to buy anything, right? you know, if you're in debt like we were, we made it a point to be with our family and i think that's what the holidays are about. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> now for more tips on paying down debt and saving at the same time we're joined by financial expert lynn richardson, author of "get your money back: tax deductions you never knew about." lynn, thank you so much for joining us. there's so many people who are struggling with debt right now. you have three tips to help people get their financial house in order. we're going to start with your 10-10-30-50 rule. what is that? >> well, the first thing i say to everyone is to not beat up on yourself. remember, that everybody has either had mey problem, money p money problem in the future.
8:18 am
so get in the game and decide to win. the first 10% of every dollar you get you tithe, donate or give, maybe to your church or other personal reasons. the next 10% you gave, maybe for a rainy day, for retirement or that emergency fund. the next 30% is cash on a separate debit card for incidentals like grocery, gas, hair, nails. if it doesn't fit, get rid of it. >> if it doesn't fit -- >> get rid of it. the remaining 50% stays in your checking account for your bills. if there's not enough money for your bills, you subtract. maybe get a cheaper house, cheaper car or make that kid out of private school tuition so that's how you take a look at that. >> what about those people who follow the 10-10-30-50 rules and they're still struggling? >> if you're still struggling then you have to go to the next step, the first one is about spending less money. now it's about getting more money and getting your money back. speak to your creditors. there is no shame right now.
8:19 am
so call your creditors. tell them what your situation is. ask for a payment plan, a forbearance, a temporary suspension of payments. look for other ways to get covid relief. we're still in the middle of a pandemic. and then finally run your home like a business. why? because there are hundreds of tax deductions. when you use your cell phone for personal reasons you don't get your money back. when you use it for business, you do. those kids, we love our kids. when they run around your house eating your food, you don't get your money back. if you hire them in your home-based business, you do. run your home like a business. >> my kids just got a job. [ laughter ] and, yeah, holidays are coming up. money is tight. so you say people should get a santa side hustle. what is a santa side hustle. >> let me start, 'twas the day after christmas and all through the house every creature was strapped, even the mouse. the toys were all broken, their batteries are dead and santa passed out with ice on his head. we don't want that to be us, right? so we want to use our
8:20 am
profession. if you are a nurse, then maybe you want to do some home health care. teacher, then you want to tutor. you want to take what you do and turn it into a business. you also want to look for a part-time job. you want to get more work in the field that you're in and then you can also look for seasonal employment. so you have to spend less money, you have to get more money and you have to get your money back and we can all do this together. >> yes, we can. lynn richardson, thank you so much. appreciate you. now we go to ginger. >> reporter: and, michael, a glorious morning here in rhode island. but if you go to the west mexican coast not so much, hurricane pamela making landfall this morning. you can see some of the surf and waves, a little surge there but that is going to hit the sierra madre and kind of die out but the moisture will stay intact. when it gets to texas, oklahoma, that includes ft. worth, you've got flash flood watches. we're talking 6 to 8 inches of rain. some urban areas can't handle it
8:21 am
so please tonight into tomorrow and the next 48 hours look for that. that's the big picture. ♪ should have had a tight shot of michael strahan. >> why? >> we saw you singing along? >> that's your song. i love it. >> but you were really, really into it. that's it. that's it. time now for "rise & shine" from the tarheel state. we are live, l-i-v-e from the
8:22 am
biltmore estate. 30 years since charlie gibson and joan lunden graced the lands in a asheville back do you remember that? we do. and kaylee, she's there again for us this morning. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. that is a tough act to follow but i will do my best. the biltmore is majestic. america's largest private home and is complemented by an 8,000-acre backyard. all of the folks we have met across the state of north carolina have been so welcoming to our "gma" team and now the state that was first in flight is taking off to "rise & shine." ♪ in my mind i'm going to carolina ♪ >> reporter: it's the state that inspired james taylor's famous song. ♪ it's going to be a good day ♪ >> reporter: from the blue ridge mountains to the quaint coastal towns along 3,300 miles of beaches where the wright
8:23 am
brothers first took flight and the corolla wild horses rome free. here in north carolina you have to pick your shade of blue. >> no greater rivalry in college sports than duke and north carolina. >> reporter: the tar heels and blue devils will meet here for the last game of this year's regular season. the last time these two teams met here with fans tickets went for as much as $10,000. students, they'll camp out for weeks waiting for a seat. >> i've been watching duke basketball since i was like 0 years old. i've been waiting my entire life to go to that game. >> is there a better rivalry in college sports? >> no. >> not even close? >> not even. >> reporter: home to the furniture capital of the world with 860 local manufacturers providing jobs to more than 36,000 people statewide. when the pandemic kept everyone indoors, the business of revamping our spaces peaked. >> i've been in the furniture and cabinetry industry for 25 years and i've never seen this kind of demand.
8:24 am
>> reporter: after seven years running the north carolina furniture school in farmville, stewart kent shifted his focus back to custom orders. just look at the equipment in here. you can't teach this class over zoom. >> that was probably the toughest thing for me. >> reporter: but now class is back in session. >> you're comfortable with a novice? >> yes, absolutely. >> what are we going to make? >> a bowl like this. >> i think i just found a new hobby. we did it. look at that. that is such a cool detail. >> yes. >> reporter: the zen succulent helping people spruce up their homes. megan pulling her business out of its worst year thanks to houseplant fever. >> i'm so happy people thought plants, something living and breathing that you can take care of, during the pandemic took care of us. >> reporter: chris' bakery trying to take care of the queen city. >> our motto is people first,
8:25 am
cake second. so that perfectly sums up that truly our mission is people and the pastries are just the bonus, the cherry on top. >> reporter: her business, the batch house, reeling from the pandemic took yet another hit as a flood tore through charlotte last november. >> it was in the blink of an eye. it happened so fast. the water just kept rising. i looked around and thought there's no way we come out of this. >> reporter: thanks to the outpouring of support from the charlotte community, just this week the bake shop re-opening its doors. >> truly that friendship and connection with all the community in charlotte is why i'm here. today the support everybody gave me made it possible. i wasn't done. >> all: "rise & shine," north carolina! . >> reporter: guy, i'm bringing my bowl back. i made something for you all.
8:26 am
you'll see when i come back. >> great job on that bowl. i love it. matt damon and ben affleck coming up next.
8:27 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> good morning, everyone. checking traffic. how is it looking? >> we have a crash on the lower deck of the bay bridge. it is at the 1st street on-ramp. if you are traveling into san francisco, bring you a live picture from the toll plaza, our backup has improved. bringing everyone down to gilroy, because this has been a problem spot throughout the morning. lanes are finally beginning to open. they were shut down for over two hours. >> thanks.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> >> we have a slight chance of showers on future radar. you can see right along the coast and dwindling quickly as we head into the afternoon hours, a lot more sunshine than this morning. on the backside of this cold front, of course fire danger. starts tomorrow evening for solano county. those dry winds push our temperatures all the way up into the 70's and 80's by saturday.
8:30 am
>> thank you, mike. we have another update in about 30 minutes. you can find the latest that abc ♪ i can make your hands clap ♪ ♪ said i can make your hands ♪ said i can make your hands clap ♪ good clapping right there for matt damon and ben affleck. they burst on the hollywood scene with "good will hunting" and have been going strong ever since and now they're back together in "the last duel." amy had the chance to talk to them. hi, amy. >> hey, guys. we remember the moment they won the oscar for best original screenplay. well, fast forward 23 years later and they are back on the big screen together in an action-packed medieval drama they also wrote together but this time they brought another writer onto the team as well and i sat down with all three of them. "the last duel" tells the true story of the final trial by combat in medieval france. >> i will not be patronized by
8:31 am
this squire. >> reporter: the first time co-stars matt damon and ben affleck have worked together since they won the oscar for best screenplay for 1997's "good will hunting." >> we're forgetting somebody. >> whoever we forgot, we love you. >> thank you so much. >> it's been more than 20 years since you wrote together. how was it different this time around? it's a much different kind of movie. >> we're different people. we've been through a lot, but it's also -- i know that from the outside it might look like they did this together then and now this is so much later but staying friends and it feels like we've worked together a bunch because we consult one another, rely on one another and talk about stuff. >> was it easier this time around? >> i think we were more efficient this time. you know, we also had a deadline this time and people were waiting for the script and we had a real writer with us so it was very different. >> i kept them in shape. >> reporter: who kept them on track?
8:32 am
oscar-nominated nick holofcener. >> i think having a female writer was important and i was hasn't to see i was surprising them with things they wouldn't have thought of. it was, like, okay good. i'm glad they asked me in. >> reporter: the epic period drama directed by ridley scott is filled with larger than life battle scenes. affleck and damon undergoing their own physical transformation to embody the nobility of the middle age. >> it required putting a bald cap on because my hair would show through a lot. then these italian artists who did the beard wanted to do like each individual hair, which at first i thought, oh, the artistry of this was like, wow. by the third day i was like can we just slap it on there? both of us took a while. >> i didn't recognize you at first. oh, wait, i knew the voice but at first glance and i was
8:33 am
watching on my phone. >> don't ever say that again. >> but it is -- >> did you just scroll through it? >> no, i watched the whole thing, the whole thing on my phone. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: after filming during covid, "the last duel" is opening exclusively in theaters. the stars showing up for the new york premiere. >> you walked the red carpet with jennifer. what was that like? >> a lot of fun. i'm proud of the movie and excited, rewarding, time for me. professionally it's very exciting. you know, it's nice to go to a premiere of a movie you like and that you feel you can recommend that you're proud of so and with those you love and admire. it's a lot of fun. >> we all want to get back to it. for us our whole business revolves around people feeling safe enough to go to the movies. >> reporter: the pair of die-hard red sox fans did not miss an opportunity to poke fun at their new york rivals. >> the yankees, i don't think they made it. >> what happened? >> there was a one-game -- >> what happened, new york -- >> winner take all because new york was playing boston. >> oh, they were and the red sox made it. >> they sure did. >> the yankees lost. >> that must have been disappointing. >> i think for a lot of the people here. >> new york yankees fan. >> do we have to wait another two decades for another
8:34 am
collaboration? >> whenever nicole is ready. she has our number. >> nicole, would you have anything in mind? >> i would love to direct them. i would love to write more with them and just hang out with them. >> well, congratulations on the film. it's incredible. i can't wait to see it on the big screen. and i don't know if you heard matt said whatever you do never tell ridley scott you watched it on your phone, but i think the cat is out of the bag. this is a film i would argue that is best scene on the big screen and for everyone who wants to do it you're in luck, "the last duel" will be in theaters on friday, guys. >> definitely want to see it. >> looking forward to that. thank you, amy. coming up, more "rise & shine" in north carolina. the wedding planner who found asheville strong is caring for her neighbors during the tough her neighbors during the tough times. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist.
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♪ i want you to love me now ♪ back with more "rise & shine." north carolina with a look at how the state is keeping the love alive during the pandemic reviving their hard-hit wedding industry with new options for people to celebrate their union. let's go back to kaylee there at the biltmore estate in asheville with more. hey again there, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, robin. there is something special about the town of asheville. among the breweries, the great restaurants and art galleries and this amazing scenery there are hundreds of wedding venues tucked in there. the pandemic wiped all those parties off the books but now this community is banding together to welcome love back.
8:38 am
♪ this is gonna be the best day of our lives ♪ >> reporter: love is in the air. asheville, north carolina's wedding industry bringing in romance and more than $47 million in revenue in 2019. >> we do a lot of destination weddings. we have people come to asheville from all over wanting to host their weddings. you have everything from the blue ridge mountains to venues pretty much on every corner. >> reporter: but when the pandemic struck last march, the industry hit a standstill impacting business owners like tom and charlene, founders of june bug retro resort. >> we had probably 35 weddings booked and probably half of them canceled at some point and then the other ones postponed. so we had no events all. >> reporter: the vintage
8:39 am
campers becoming a unique getaway for visitors. once restrictions eased opening this magic tree house to couples for the micro wedding of their dreams. >> there was no question in our minds whether we were going to get married. it was more the ability to include people that we love and we wanted them here with us. >> it gives me great pleasure to pronounce that you are and will continue to be partners in life. >> i always pictured getting married by a tree but i get to get married in the trees now and that's just my dream come true. >> we have 61 weddings this year, so we're running as fast as we can to keep up. >> all: "rise & shine," north carolina. >> reporter: shay brown manages 12 different venues in asheville and saw so many of her partners struggling. >> we knew that the people in the hospitality industry lived paycheck to paycheck and we knew that they needed support. >> reporter: so shay and a team of volunteers launched an
8:40 am
initiative called asheville strong to uplift and give back to their community handing out over 33,000 meals to those in need. >> we had restaurants step up to produce the food. we had farmers deliver product. we had the community calling to help volunteer. asheville strong exemplifies the giving community and the closeness of our community of asheville. >> reporter: i'm here with this great crowd of folks who have supported asheville strong's mission. [ cheers ] shay and michelle, what has this organization come to mean to this community? >> this amazing group means everything to asheville. we came together in a time of need to feed our community. we worked with some amazing restaurants and asheville strong is the support that our community needs.
8:41 am
>> and one of those restaurants was michele's sunny point cafe. michele, what reward did your restaurant receive through that process of getting so many meals to the people that needed them? >> it was a privilege working with asheville strong and we prepped 300 meals every single week and it actually gave our business and our employees jobs, and, you know, it also gave us the opportunity to give back to the community. >> you all have done such amazing work. it is my pleasure to tell you that lilly pulitzer is donating $7,500. grab that check right there. that's to support your mission. [ cheers and applause ] and the local clothing store palm village are going to donate 10% of their proceeds any day you choose to asheville strong as well. what do you think about that? [ cheers ] >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you all so much for what you have done for your community. it's really special and
8:42 am
admirable. thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: guys? >> glad you're there for us. thank you so much, kaylee. now let's check in again with ginger. ginger? >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, robin. you know, on the drive up to new england, some of that fall color just popping but back out west, the snow already coming in and we're talking about more than 20 inches of snow in parts of wyoming. casper had a daily record of more than eight inches. that's where we're leaving the cold over the rockies. record warmth in charlotte or roanoke. they could break records with heat tomorrow. chicago and new york city both have not dropped below 50 degrees and hasn't done that in chicago in about 107 years. turning now to building new career skills, older adults are increasingly looking for professional fulfillment later
8:43 am
in life, whether it's switching jobs or growing their own careers. this segment is sponsored by aarp, committed to providing tools to embrace exciting opportunities. take a look. ♪ > reporter: 59-year-old kendra >> reporter: 59-year-old kendra is the matriarch of her blended family from omaha, nebraska. she spent most of her career as a community health educator. >> i felt i really had a purpose to spread education and information. >> reporter: but there was always something else she dreamed of doing. >> i grew up wanting to be carol burnett. >> reporter: at the 52 she left her job to pursue stand-up comedy. >> too often we get our first husbands like our first house 'cause it's cute. [ laughter ] that second one you get it inspected. >> reporter: like many she says changing careers in her 50s was definitely scary. >> you know, it's a bit of a struggle when you're a female comedienne anyway. if you're over 50, there is some
8:44 am
ageism there. >> reporter: but she has no regrets. >> you're making people feel good and it's just a dream come true to be able to do that. >> reporter: kendra is not alone in the desire for professional fulfillment later in life. there are more than 31 million people in their 50s in the workforce today. >> the value that they bring to the workforce, that empathy, the collaboration, the teamwork, those soft skills are something you get from a lifetime of work and those are things older workers have in spades. >> reporter: susan is a spokesperson for our sponsor, aarp. she has some tips for older adults no matter what they're looking for in a career. first use social media to expand your professional network. >> look at people's profiles. see if you know someone who knows someone and ask for an introduction. maybe talk to them about the industry that they work in or the employer they work for. >> reporter: next do a trial run. >> if this is a dream you've had for years, do a side hustle. it's a great way to get to know it or try volunteering and then decide this, i'm going to try to
8:45 am
go for this full time. >> reporter: and make sure your skills are up to date. >> aarp just launched our skills builder for work which is an online learning platform and we're offering free courses in personal creativity, in remote work and using computer tools for an office environment. people can get certifications and take a myriad of courses. >> reporter: the idea is to grow skills to help you take charge of your career with confidence. yep. great tips. coming up, we meet the creative team of the new play "thoughts of a colored man," making history on broadway. "gma" better with age sponsored by aarp. the younger you are, the more you need aarp.
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you u mit bebe sprisised ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "gma" tomorrow say good morning, sunshine. ♪ come on, sunshine ♪ >> announcer: to liam payne
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performing for you tomorrow only on "good morning america" sponsored by carmax. we are back now wi we are back now with broadway history. the first play ever written, directed and performed exclusively by black men opens tonight. steve osunsami is at the theater taking us behind the scenes of "thoughts of a colored man." good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. you know, broadway has seen a lot of criticism over the years about its lack of inclusion and diversity on stage and backstage but behind me is a sign of change. it's a new play called "thoughts of a colored man" and through the great power of theater the black creatives behind this hope to change the way their audiences see black men. ♪ the sun kisses my skin ♪ ♪ and i ask the lord take away my sins ♪
8:49 am
>> reporter: it's opening night and there is a powerful sound coming from the golden theater on broadway. >> these days it feels like our lives are as long as that bible verse you got. >> i can't wait for the day when my skin isn't a novelty and our story isn't synonymous with poverty. >> reporter: it's a first for the great white way, a play called "thoughts of a colored man." the pages in a playbill have never looked like this before, the entire broadway cast, the producer, the playwright and director are all black men. >> it's been a blessing and spiritual to finally get in a room with all black men, a space that we felt safe in, to be our authentic self has been healing. >> reporter: the names on the marquee are two black men who say they stand on the shoulders this morning. >> both of your names right there. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: the black creatives and producers who first started
8:50 am
to change the face of the american theater many decades ago. >> i seen the screens get bigger and big and never would i thought i would be able to see my name on a marquee. >> reporter: the play tells the story of seven black men on a single day in brooklyn and instead of names, the characters are emotions. >> i portray passion. >> and i am anger. >> reporter: actors luke and tristan are making their broadway debut. james starred as johnny gill in b.e.t.'s "the new edition story." wilds is a famous series actor in the reboot of "90210" and iconic role in "the wire." >> i love the idea of the different emotions. >> yes. >> and it's funny because i -- it didn't take me long before i'm like who am i? >> this is one man broken up into seven characters. so the beauty of it is if you allow it, you find yourself in all of them. >> in every single one. >> reporter: part poetry. >> give black boy ball and watch him -- >> reporter: black prose.
8:51 am
there is a rhythm to the words. >> give black boy big chain because he loves the allure. crowd just screams because he never bores. >> reporter: before the story is over there is both pain and joy. the writer and director say it isn't just for black men. ♪ listen, little black boy ♪ >> reporter: it's for anyone who has black men in their lives and that's most of us. >> you know, for me at the core of all of my work is empathy. and that's the reason why i wrote the play in the first place. i wanted to be seen. >> we want the audience to walk away with a deeper understanding and deeper feeling of empathy for black men. >> empathy for black men, yes. >> reporter: the rehearsals, they tell us, were a safe place, like a black church or barber shop where black expression and critical thinking are not just allowed, but encouraged. the play "thoughts of a colored man" opens officially tonight
8:52 am
here at the golden theater. guys? >> steve, glad you made the road trip from the atl, from atlanta to do this. thank you for bringing it to us. >> reporter: great to be here for this story. thank you. >> i canno
8:53 am
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8:55 am
abc's "good morning america's" great "rise & shine" tour. and today's stop has been north carolina. big thanks to our crew there. >> and we thank you for watching. have a fabulous day.
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. >> we have a big update. the alert we were following in gilroy has finally cleared. you see residual delays on the map. northbound 101 before state route 25, the site of the crash. the toll plaza beginning to improve but still slow. metering lights on at 5:40 a.m. >> tracking a benign cold front. you can see the chances of wet weather on future radar over the ocean near the coast. increasing sunshine late afternoon. on the backside, the wind picks up and fire danger increases for solano county tomorrow. >> thank you. we will be back at 11:00 for
9:00 am
midday live. see you then. have a good day. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, we continue our "virtual road trip" week with a virtual visit to beautiful montreal. plus, fashion designer and entrepreneur victoria beckham stops by the studio. plus, one of our favorite comedians, caroline rhea. also, montreal restaurant tour annie barsalou serves up a tre treat. all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: how do i want? >> kelly: like that. >> ryan: i have


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