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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 12, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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this hillside in american canyon monday night. now most of the fire has been put out. all that remains is a few hotspots and this large burn scar near american canyon high school. >> there are still some areas burning a little bit. you might not be seeing flames, however there are still areas of concern. reporter: calfire says this fire has stopped spreading them about with still a few hotspots, they say crews will remain. >> we still have our cruise on scene. a total of five engines and one hand crew providing mop up. reporter: now the focus shifts on finding out the cause. the napa county sheriff's office detained a person of interest, a 26-year-old man spotted near the fire and tried to get away from authorities. investigators are looking into whether he is connected to a stolen car found burning in the area. >> there was a subject leaving the area of the fire, where
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there was a vehicle off road. thanks to their help, we were able to apprehend him. he tried to flee from deputies. reporter: authorities are not releasing his name because he is not a suspect. they say he remains in the hospital, recovering from burns. >> we have been detaining him. he is just a person of interest at this time. reporter: calfire says the wind created dangerous conditions. they say crews are on high alert. >> we already knew we would be facing some high wind challenges. our unit decided to step up and augment and increase crews at our stations and their support. reporter: authorities did not say what condition that person is in, whether critical or stable. they did say he will be in the hospital for at least a couple days. that could delay the investigation. ryan curry, abc7 news. kristen: a brush fire burned about four acres in marin county
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today. sky 7 was over the lucas valley area. a strong response from fire crews appeared to get things under control quickly. no evacuation orders were issued. residents of one neighborhood are back home after a house fire prompted an evacuation order. the fire broke out in a two-story home after 8:00 this morning. the wind blew embers into nearby yards, but firefighters doused the flames before other homes could catch fire. no one was injured and the cause of the fire is under investigation. larry: we still have red flag warning's in effect until 5:00 for most of the bay area. the warning has been extended in lake county and savona county. when are these winds going to die down? >> they are expected to die down generally in the late and overnight hours. but some areas will take longer than others. we have wind speeds far lower than this time yesterday, but still pretty gusty. napa, where that fire is being
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dealt with, 21 mile per hour gusts. the higher elevations still pretty gusty as well. wind speeds generally around 20 miles per hour with gusts that are higher. we have this red flag warning in effect until 5:00 p.m. today, though it may be extended in some locations because the winds may be slower to ease up and humidity is still low. fire concerns are elevated. we do expect a significant increase in the winds in the overnight hours. larry: you can keep track of real-time weather conditions where you live anytime, including current air quality end live doppler seven. all you have to do is download the abc7 bay area app. kristen: a fire burning north of santa barbara has exploded in size to 8000 acres. this fire started yesterday afternoon, fueled by dry conditions and wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. the spreading flames prompted officials to close highway 101.
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fire crews say they are working to defend former president reagan's ranch. evacuation orders are in effect. this fire is 0% contained. a devastating seen in the sacramento delta south of rio vista. a fire sparked at a marina, burned some 30 homes yesterday, including a dozen mobile homes. the flames also charred at least 40 acres. air tankers helped contain the fire. the cause has not been determined. no word on any injuries. larry: tracking and managing wildland fire responses has become one of the focuses of the nation's space agency. nasa tapping into its satellites to address its latest mission, climate change. abc7 david louis got a look at the latest project. david: a shift over 10 years in the making comes at a pivotal time for nasa as climate change redefines its mission. the agency's top two
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administrators believe nasa will make a difference in monitoring wildfires and managing response. >> what people don't realize is nasa is the eyes in the sky right now. the satellites we have on urban -- have on orbit are giving us the information that decision-makers need about the changes in our planet. >> aerial responses become critical as wildfires explode quickly. as more drones and aircraft launch, nasa is trying to address the need for better air and ground traffic control systems. one congresswoman who represents silicon valley reacted to the briefing. >> this demonstration and what is being worked on with the u.s. fire service, with calfire, is nothing short of extraordinary. david: nasa hardware and software are also monitoring
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drought as part of its climate change mission. there is other good news coming out of nasa ames. have you been stuck at an airplane gate waiting to depart? nasa showed off a ramp control tower simulator which manages gate departures so they don't and up burning fuel. it is designed to keep aircraft in motion, not idle. >> push back from the gate, on to the ramp, on to the taxiway, take off, not stopping. think how much fuel you save. david: it is a new nasa for which shop projects have a climate change focus. larry: on to sports. we've got about two hours until game four of the national league division series, the giants up 2-1, they can illuminate the dodgers tonight. chris alvarez joining us with more. -- eliminate the doctors tonight. chris: when you said eliminate the dodgers, i had a big grin on
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my face. the giants squarely put the pressure on the defending world champion dodgers. they will send the blue crew home for the winter if -- winn er if they do it. l.a. will show walker buehler on short rest. evan longoria solo homer through the wind. look at shortstop brandon crawford. get up, young man. robbing mookie betts of the potential game-tying hit. tonight, it is all on the line. >> we know we have a tough task at hand. it has been special what we have been able to do. >> this being an elimination game still goes in line with our ideology to use 26 guys to come together to win one baseball game. after we win tonight, we will figure it out. >> all of the games have felt intense. today's game is no different. i do feel like having spent some time in the clubhouse today
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talking to pntinues to be a calm energy oru players are bringing -- our players are bringing to the ballpark. chris: it will be anthony desclafani starting against walker buehler. the giants defeated buehler friday night at oracle. we hope it is not game five with all the marbles on the line. hopefully they can get it done tonight. larry: that would be nice. now let's go live to dodger stadium. leo stallworth from our abc sister station in los angeles. kristen told me earlier in the day, you showed us some dodger doughnuts that you had. do you feel that you need comfort food heading into an illumination game tonight? is that what was going on? -- an elimination game tonight? leo: [laughter] let me say this before i get to the dodger doughnuts, baby. i am not holding up a hand,
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waving at you giants fans, i am holding up -- count them, five. there will be a game five. the giants are going down tonight here at chavez ravine, baby, you heard it here. dodgers fans are coming into the stadium. we have only seen two giants fans show up. what, are they scared? [laughter] you are going down tonight. >> go dodgers! leo: it's dodger mania at chavez ravine. >> i have been a fan of the doctors since i was this tall -- dodgers since i was this tall. dodrs o: dodger fans are ready to get a win without the wind. we caught dodger fans out snagging yummy dodger doughnuts. that looks scrumptious. >> it is delicious. leo: what do you think it will take for the dodgers to get a win tonight? >> no wind. it was pretty windy last night.
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super windy. leo: good answer. some giants fans in denial, claiming there is no wind. are you kidding me? >> no, if you hit the ball good enough, the wind has no play in the game. leo: is he in denial? of course he is. dodger fans are ok for tonight's game with a gentle breeze at best, blowing them to victory at chavez ravine. >> they have to win tonight. they have to play their game. leo: so, giants fans, after we whip your fanny, tonight -- and remember i said fanny, to show we have no hard feelings, here are some tasty dodger doughnuts ove u, myoar gngsorry. [lghter] isn: h somedough rs tsecae you r
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grapes after this. that is all i have to say. leo: oh, don't test me, my friend. you bring it, i will do it. i'm in! [laughter] larry: leo looks like he came benchpress -- can benchpress a volkswagen. i want to be friends. leo: hey! [laughter] larry: leo, do you work out at all? is that genetic? what have you got going there/ -- there? leo: i played football, high school and college. i am a stallworth. here are your doughnuts. we love you, man. kristen: this is the best trash talking i have been engaged in in a long time. larry: leo, we have never met, but i love you already. i will send you a gift as condolences after tonight.
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i want you to feel better. leo: oh! [laughter] larry: we will talk to you soon. leo: i will not touch these doughnuts. larry: leo is great. coming up, new legislation aimed at addressing san francisco's housing crisis. the rules that could be relaxed to make it easier to build units. kristen: a stark reminder of the threat we are facing. let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy to deliver a better customer experience, that will help us retain our customers and even grow our business? how much is this going to cost? here's the figure. 59. 59 million? no, five9. as in five9 intelligent cloud contact center. they won't just power our transformation. they'll fund our transformation. yes, yes! exactly! what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪
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kristen: the south bay, a man was arrested after a standoff and hostage situation. it started after 11:00 last night in a home in san jose. the santa clara county sheriff's deputies say they got a disturbance call involving a weapon. they did not release details on how many people were inside the home, only saying this afternoon that no one was hurt. larry: the santa clara district attorney's office says a woman is facing charges after throwing drunken parties for teenagers. the das office says the 47-year-old provided them with alcohol and then encouraged young teens to participate in sex acts, sometimes nonconsensual and sometimes while she watched. in some cases the da said she would use snapchat or text teenagers, inviting them to her home.
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she faces 39 criminal counts. she now lives in idaho and is being held in boise, pending extradition. kristen: a palo alto man is facing multiple felony charges, including a hate crime for violently attacking two people and a police dog early this morning. police say the 26-year-old accosted a woman near university avenue after she left the house party with two friends. according to investigators, he attacked a man when he tried to help the woman, knocking him unconscious. >> during the attack, t he suspect -- the suspect alleged all sorts of homophobic epithets to the individual as he beat him into the ground. kristen: officers chased the suspect to a nearby building, where he attacked a police dog. they say he repeatedly kicked the police dog in the head and tried to choke it. the suspect was taken to the hospital with bite wounds. he is being held at the santa
4:17 pm
clara county jail. larry: weeks before a global summit on climate change, we are getting a stark reminder of the threat we are facing and how the bay area might change. abc7 news weather anchors spencer christian joins us. spencer: a new study projects the devastating effects of sea level rise on coastal cities in the centuries to come unless we make changes right now. water lapping over san francisco's embarcadero might be a familiar sight, but a new study is painting a much more dire picture. projections of widespread flooding and coastal cities based on temperature rise. >> i'm afraid that a lot of what we are showing is already in the pipeline or about to be in the pipeline. there are a lot of things in san francisco that can be affected. spencer: this scientist says the study shows peak temperature rise with preindustrial
4:18 pm
degrs celsi. doto san francisco sll looks miarro to and some areacoult highe. zoomat meuof modern art and the picture becomes clearer. while some of the worst-case scenarios might take many decades or centuries to play out, researchers say coastal cities around the world will likely have to build defenses like higher sea walls to survive. >> the consequences of failure will be quite large if the sea level is 10 or 20 feet above the. that is the potential future situation if we don't get climate pollution under control quickly. spencer: he says global climate pollution would be have to be cut in half by the end of this decade to maintain the more optimistic 1.5 degrees celsius peak and head off the worst effects. with a climate session set to
4:19 pm
begin in scotland later, he believes there is hope if we take quick action. >> the world will remember what they do on climate, especially if they fail, but they have the chance to be heroes if we all succeed. spencer: a challenge for world leaders coming into sharper, if not dire focus. a more sobering way to look at these numbers, the study estimates if the planet reaches that three degrees celsius rise, high tides would swamp the land of some 800 million people worldwide. the key is nations and industries, all interested parties have to do something now. kristen: it is not inevitable if we work together. larry: how about the weather forecast for the bay area and dodger stadium? it's not going to be windy tonight as last night. spencer: not the strong gusts they had last night. temperature will be in the 60's. pretty good baseball whether. certainly better than last night. --baseball weather.
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in the bay area, a red flag for high fire danger remains in effect until 5:00 p.m. the higher elevations is where we are seeing some 35 mile per hour gusts. eigitsnd tee. are generally over 20 miles an hour with occasional gusts even higher. that also goes for the higher elevations. we look at the wind gust in the hills. the animation shows a sharp reduction in the wind speeds overnight into the early morning hours tomorrow. that means a reduction in fire risk, which is good news. here is the view of breezy san rafael. 62 degrees at san francisco. 71 at mountain view. morgan hill67. 62 at half-moon bay. breezy conditions at the golden gate as well. temperature readings in the north bay mainly in the low to mid 70's. fairfield 74. concord72. livermore 70.
4:21 pm
-- concord 72. an absence of clouds now, but we expect clouds to increase overnight. we will see a few light scattered showers in the early morning tomorrow, giving way to sunnier afternoon conditions. it will be sunnier and warmer in the days ahead. overnight, clear skies early, but a rush of clouds will swing through overnight. 5:00 tomorrow morning, we will see increasingly cloudy skies with a few showers in the north. later, some showers will trickle into the immediate bay area, mainly near the coast, but some showers could make their way inland. by early afternoon tomorrow, skies will be getting sunnier. shower potential, or rainfall potential i should say. does not look like anyone will get more than 2/100th of an inch out of this. highs tomorrow upper 50's at the coast. mid-60's around the bay. about 72 degrees inland.
4:22 pm
turning sunny and warmer on thursday. a steady warming pattern through friday. sunday, temperatures drop off again. it will get cool and fall-like into next week. kristen: some of you may have already started holiday shopping. up
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for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. kristen: general motors is getting money back due to the massive recall of its all electric chevy vault.
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larry: a look at today's consumer headlines. >> lg electronics reached a deal with gm to pay upwards of $2 million to reverse the automaker for the cost of recalling mode s for the risk of battery fires. gm started the recall with certain models last november, then expanded to every bolt ev and euv crossovers it has made. that is more than 140,000 vehicles. chevy will begin replacing -- begin providing replacement batteries in the coming days. a new survey says americans are failing to maximize retirement savings they are entitled to. the survey found more than 17 million working americans don't contribute enough money to their workplace retirement plan to get the full company match. more than one third of those surveyed said they don't contribute more because they can't afford to.
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. larry: two district attorneys -- violent crime survivors about their experiences learning what can be done better. luz peña was invited to this event. luz: this is the first time a group of survivors of violent crimes from across the area meet in person with multiple da's to speak about their stories. it was intimate and brought in for the first time, many survivors felt heard. for alan hyman, it has been 28 years. he is a survivor of the 1990 three mass shooting at a san francisco law firm.
4:30 pm
allen: i have ptsd. being in the city is hard on me. this is the first time i have been here in years. luz: for jennifer, it has been a year since her daughter was killed. jennifer: she was 19 and visiting her friends apartment -- friend's apartment when multiple gunshots were fired. luz: for lucy andrews, it has been two years since she was attacked. lucy: walking in my neighborhood a few blocks from my house and a car pulled up behind me. a teenager got out, grabbed the gun, and tried to take my stuff and started being the over the head with his pistol. luz: for over two hours, sitting in a circle, eight survivors of crime grieve -- share their emotional stories and trauma. >> i would not be here today. i would have taken my life.
4:31 pm
because you don you don you donn losing somebody. you learn to live with it. luz: san francisco d.a. another simply listened. their hope is for this meeting to start -- spark policy change. da: i heard a request for a resource list. individuals do not have to go around trying to figure out who to call or where to go. there is lots of things we can do together. >> michael before i leave office is to ensure we have enough victim advocates to respond to every victim of every crime within 48 hours and tell them their rights and tell them their rights in a language they can understand. luz: many survivors share the need for justice for cases that have not been solved. >> in 2017 i lost a second brother and he was standing talking with friends and was shot. luz: as well as accountability and compensation. >> i feel i shouldn't have t s
4:32 pm
keep reaching out to you, asking and telling you i need help. luz: at the end of the meeting, survivors were candid and said what is next? what will come out of this? several changes they would like to see they listed. they would like aomprehensive of time searching for help. they mention more follow-up by police officers, detectives, and social workers regarding their cases. luz pena, abc 7. karen: gabby petito digest regulation. a wyoming coroner made the announcement today after a thorough autopsy that included a scan. the 22-year-old was reported missing and found dead in a national forest after she and her fiancé went on a cross-country road trip. he remains missing and is a person of interest in the death. the ntsb is at the scene of a deadly plane crash near downtown
4:33 pm
san diego. a plane went down in --slamming into a house and bursting into a ball of fire. the ups truck driver was born dead. the other is a cardiologist good is not clear the doctor was the pilot. the plane took off arm yuma. the doctor commuted back and forth between the two cities. two other people were injured. headlines, the biden administration has purchased 65 million pfizer pediatric vaccine doses. they told states to prepared to begin vaccinating kids ages five to 11 in november but federal regulators have to get the green light. infection rates are trending down. the u.s. is reporting 95,000 fewer child cases compared to a month ago. the contra costa county board of supervisors declared covid-19 misinformation and urgent public health crisis unanimously. it has directed staff to correct vaccine myths and other
4:34 pm
falsehoods. it is official nba start kyrie irving will not take the court with the until he gets a covid-19 vaccine shot. the general manager says the decision left the team with no choice but to send him away from the nets until he is able to participate. there is talk he might be a part-time player but the nets would not go for that. the nets play their home games there. that requires proof of vaccination for entry in the facility. irving will not be paid for the games he misses this season, $380,000 a contest. karen: san francisco mayor -- announced legislation today that will make it easier to build housing on property zone for dues by automobiles. >> we are saying the entire city where these on a related zoning laws exist, we will automatically, through this legislation, they they will be automatically eligible if
4:35 pm
housing is an option and somebody wants to build housing, they don't have to go through this additional layer. karen: the proposal was called cars to cause and will make it possible to skip the rezoning process which could take 12 to 18 months. a developer could find a lot being used as a parking lot, garage, or gas station and applied to build housing there. the mayor sees it as a way to cut greenhouse gases and provide more housing. larry: john gruden resigns from the raiders after emails revealed racist,
4:36 pm
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larry: time for the four at four. assistant coach rich per sachi is now the interim head coach of the las vegas raiders. this after john gruden resigned following emails that revealed racist, sexist, homophobic language. alan stone has more. alan: a stunning fall for an nfl high-profile head coach, john gruden resigning from the las vegas raiders after a bombshell report from the new york times revealed a torrent of crude language and emails dating back many years before his time with the raiders. >> in the emails, the conversations that evoked these vulgarities were about openly gay players being drafted or playing, about protesting during the anthem, about player
4:39 pm
safety and concussions, about women referees. alan: ann email sent between 2011 and 2017 while working for espn, he called nfl commissioner roger goodell a "clueless anti-football expletive the nfl was already investigating him for racist language to describe nfl players union had maury smith. the emails came to light as part of an investigation into workplace misconduct in the former washington redskins team. many were sent to the former general manager bruce allen. he addressed comments last sunday following the raiders lost to the chicago bears. mr. gruden: i am not a racist. i cannot tell you how sick i am. i apologize to be smith -- d s mith but i feel good about what i am and what i've done my life. alan: he submitted his resignation saying i love the
4:40 pm
raiders and do not want to be a distraction. thank you to the players, coaches, staff, and fans of raider nation. i am sorry i never meant to hurt anyone. larry: fairly shocking turn of events in the last 24 to 48 hours. i thought he might survive the first email because it looked like a personal dispute with d smith but the rest is an avalanche of horrific comments that were stunning. karen: can we talk about how it is not just him but what this reveals about the culture inside the elite. in the nfl at a time when the leak is trying to put on a public face and be anti-misogynistic, against racism and sexism? how do you think this place? larry: obviously poorly because you cannot prove it but i am guessing there are a number of people in the league that agree with john gruden on some of the stuff.
4:41 pm
that is probably more of a concern going forward. reporter: i don't want to assail his character but the language people use in the labels they used to describe other people and groups of people said something about their character. that is the way i see it. it is interesting to meet the leak is functioning on this kind of language. the same league that killed a career of colin kaepernick for taking a need to protest racial injustice. karen: there are a lot of people who say the revelation of these emails kind of proves point. let's talk about something happier. at the giants. they will try to eliminate the dodgers tonight in game four of the national league division series. over the weekend, the jimmy kimmel live crew was in san francisco and prank giants fans into wearing dodger gear. >> i bleed orange and black for the san francisco giants!
4:42 pm
that is good. he is great. we are supposed to shoot the other this -- other side of this with l.a. fans. can you throw on a dodgers game and say the same thing? it is ok. that is great. that is perfect. just like the last time. i bleed blue for the l.a. dodgers! >> i would be disowned if i did not! go giants! >> it's ok. i just say the same thing appear to all about. >> my whole family verse for the dodgers and i would be disowned if i did not. >> what if -- what are giants fans going to think of this? >> they will think i had to much wine. >> [laughter] karen: it is funny and sad. larry: i watched it live last night on camel and was cringing. people want to be on tv and it
4:43 pm
seemed like they were trying to accommodate the producer. come on, please? karen: there was a little pushback. it wasn't like i'm going to do it right away. oh, man. larry: it was cringe worthy. they were trying to be nice in spirit anyway. karen: the producer was very persuasive and besides, they were not as enthusiastic when they rooted for the dodgers. larry: still, it was rough watching that. lego says it will remove gender stereotypes from its toys after new research found. tides are holding girls back from some activities and future goals. the study shows 75% of parents encourage their sons to play with legos but only a quarter of parents encourage their daughters. lego says it is working to make truth that its marketing will be free of harmful bias and launched a campaign called ready for girls. you have a young girl. she playing with legos?
4:44 pm
karen: she has a ones that arere easier for little hands to maneuver and manipulate. i was interested in what the ready for girls thing meant so i looked it up. i tried to print it out. i sadly only was able to print out one page but there is a 10 step guide to inspire creative play, about parole swapping, encourage your child to play a different role in a book that is a different gender, things like encourage mixed gender friendships, challenge stereotypes, good things like that and highlighting short little films, young girls who are inspirational and things like that. i think it is great because who does not love to play with legos? i don't think it should be marketed just one gender. larry: i remember my girls playing with legos vividly because i would come down the stairs and stepped on one -- karen: [laughter] that's the worst. larry: it is the worst actually. karen: absolutely.
4:45 pm
a lot of it is in the marketing. when they made certain things pink or certain things blue, that is like saying only you should play with that and only you should play with it. yeah, i prefer genghis, which is natural color would for everybody. spencer, you know how much -- this is a bucket list kind of thing for me. the northern lights could be seen a little farther south this week. a photographer in new hampshire posted this time lapse video of a color for lights early this morning. it is continuing through tomorrow. skye gazers have reported sightings as far south as new york, wisconsin, and washington. it is the result of a geomagnetic storm triggered by solar energy flair that hit the earth on monday. space weather like this can have an impact on satellites, gps, and the power grid but oh my god. here is your chance. you don't have to fly to alaska or the yukon or scandinavia. larry: i know how excited you are to see this.
4:46 pm
i know how surprised you are i have not seen it because i've traveled places north of the arctic circle but never had a time when i can see the aurora borealis. karen: if you made a special trip, there is no guarantee you will see it if you get the clouds. forget it. too many lights. if you're out in the new england area, what an opportunity right there. >> i will take the excuse to go to alaska because that is on my bucket list. i watched all the alaska real estate shows. one day, i will live there. [laughter] larry: crazy place. >> i'm not ok with that. larry: it is dark for 20 hours. >> were really light. spencer: depends how far north you go. the darker you will get the farther north. the brighter it will be in the summer. >> and just more hours where you can possibly see the aurora borealis. larry: ♪ i see trees of green ♪
4:47 pm
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larry: older riddles without heart disease should not take daily aspirin to prevent our first heart attack or stroke, guidelines from the u.s. preventive services task force, a backtrack from previous advice you might be familiar with. they say bleeding risks for adults in their 60's outweigh any potential prevention benefits from aspirin with the panel says aspirin may be appropriate for adults in their 40's they have no bleeding risks
4:50 pm
regardless of age, talk to your doctor. karen: southwest says flight schedules are slowly returning to normal after disastrous weekend. it's all thousands of flight delays and cancellations good 87 southwest flights have been canceled as of this morning and 200 are delayed. the dallas-based carrier says weather problems in florida friday caused a domino effect through the weekend. airline ceo gary kelly was on gma debunking rumors that had to do with an employee vaccine mandate. here is his stance on that. gary: the mandate obviously is controversial and it is not anything that i wish for our company. this is a government mandate. it is a presidential order. we are doing our best to comply with that according to the deadlines that have been set. we are not going to fire any employees over this. we urge all of our employees to get vaccinated. if they cannot, we urge them to seek an accommodation. karen: it is a much different
4:51 pm
stance than how united airlines is approaching its vaccine mandate for all u.s.-based employees. the chicago-based carrier said it was preparing to fire hundreds of workers who refused to get vaccinated. larry: our new show and new beginning for san francisco's -- home to beach blanket babylon for 45 years. the 108-year-old leader has remained dark during the pandemic but tonight, embry opens with a show called "dear san fra described as a mini cirque du soleil. tonight's performance is sold out. karen: time for one last check of the weather. spencer: it is still windy. we have a red flag warning for high fire danger until 5 p.m. and wins will diminish significantly tonight. mainly upper 40's to know 50's and a few sprinkles scattered about in the early morning hours. by afternoon, brighter skies
4:52 pm
with lingering clouds and highs ranging from upper 50's and the coast to mid 60's around the. bay to low 70's inland. . here is the seven-day forecast warming up thursday. much warmer into the weekend. sunday a close down sharply again and that will take us into the first couple of days of next week. larry: a museum celebrating the movies now open in hollywood. we will have an insid hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy.. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> i'm going to show you how simple it is to get abc 7 news on your roku or amazon fire tv. all you have to do is search for abc 7 bay area. select our app, hit ad channel, and that is it. you can get your news as it happens, updates on the weather where you live, and special featured content like abc 7 originals and documentaries. it is all on demand and on the abc 7 bay area news app so downloaded today. karen: a museum devoted to movies is open in hollywood filled by the motion picture academy the same group that gives oscars. it is the focus of a primetime special tonight on abc 7. entertainment reporter sammy kenyon has a preview. sammy: tonight special celebrates a dream that has become a reality after a decade. the academy museum of motion pictures. it is a museum that is meant to print the imagination, the
4:56 pm
inspiration of everybody that comes to -- comes. an art deco store along the miracle mile is linked to a modern sphere housing to theaters here >> these are theaters that are designed to remind our audiences by going to the movie wina movie and a movie theater, is such a singular and remarkable experience. sammy: the galleries feature the stuff that dreams were made of. >> any film you have love, particularly as a child, brings back a rush of all of those memories. it was nothing like it. sammy: that's why this is called memorabilia. is there any object that gives you particular excitement? >> yes, there is. we are approaching it. it is this costume from "the wiz" worn by mabel came to play evelyne. ♪
4:57 pm
sammy: kicked in -- the titans of hollywood kicked in almost half $1 billion to build this, almost all done by women and people of color, on troubling fact which is not ignored here. >> we have been through social upheaval and now the museum can reflect a very inclusive history of moviemaking. karen: that special is tonight on abc 7. at first, "dancingw with teh stars" at 8:00 and a night and a night in the academy museum at 10:00 then news at 11:00. you can get breaking news, weather, and more with our bay area app on apple tv, android tv, fire tv, and roku. search abc 7 bay area and download it now. that is it for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 n ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy?
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announcer: build ago better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> they get in big groups to the point where they become a mob. >> confrontations at planned parenthood. they're being overwhelmed by protest ors take ago stance against people seeking an abortion. ooh i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. the city of walnut creek says confrontations have escalated outside the planned parenthood clinic on oakland boulevard so much so, they're talking about keep ago buffer zone to keep protest ors away. christy: most of the protest ors in walnut creek packed up and scattered once they saw the news camera trained on them. local officials say they've been getting feed back that the side walk protests have been intensifying recently with people blocking


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