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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 12, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news in the gabby petito case. the autopsy results released late today. what the coroner in wyoming has now determined. her body left outside in the wilderness 3 to 4 weeks before being discovered. the autopsy now revealing the cause of death. also tonight, the battle over vaccine mandates. in texas, the governor facing a possible legal challenge after signing an executive order banning employers from requiring workers to be fully vaccinated. and tonight, news on potential boosters for moderna and johnson & johnson. what we've learned. our team on the scene. the wildfire emergency forcing evacuations in california's santa barbara county. firefighters now battling to protect the ronald reagan ranch. new images tonight. the moments just before that
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deadly plane crash into several homes, cars, and that ups truck. you will hear what the air traffic controllers were pleading for the pilot to do. news tonight on that nfl bombshell. las vegas raiders head coach jon gruden resigning just hours after an explosive report revealing racist, homophobic, and misogynistic emails he allegedly sent. tonight, some of what he allegedly said. and the well-known coach and the nfl quarterback who said there is no place for this in the game. the major health headline tonight affecting millions of americans who have been taking aspirin to lower the risk of heart attack or stroke. the guidelines have changed tonight. what you need to know. actor william shatner, now just hours before his flight to space. what he's now saying. remembering a beloved ceo who has died just days after taking a medical leave. and "america strong." tonight, the u.s. army two-star general whose life just changed forever.
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good evening. we begin tonight with the autopsy report late today revealing the cause of death in the gabby petito case. the cause of death, strangulation. saying she died somewhere between three and four weeks before her body was found. she was on a cross-country trip with her boyfriend, brian laundrie. they had been documenting the journey themselves. a reporter asking, did brian laundrie kill gabby petito, the coroner saying, that's a question for the fbi. here's victor oquendo. >> reporter: tonight, one month and one day since gabby petito was first reported missing by her family, the coroner in teton county, wyoming, where her body was found, announcing she was strangled. >> we find the cause and manner to be cause, death by
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strangulation, and manner is homicide. >> it takes a while to strangle someone until they die. it can often mean that it was out of anger. >> reporter: the coroner conducting an extensive forensic examination and toxicology report, but unable to determine the exact time petito was killed. >> her body was outside in the wilderness for 3 to 4 weeks. >> reporter: the coroner also reporting she was not pregnant when she died. late today, gabby's mother and stepfather visiting her memorial in long island, new york. >> gabby petito never goes outside. >> reporter: before she was killed, gabby and her boyfriend brian laundrie were on a cross country trip, seemingly documenting every moment. after the couple was involved in an altercation on the highway captured on police body camera on august 12th. >> what's going on? >> we've just been fighting this morning. some personal issues. >> reporter: brian returned home to florida without gabby on september 1st. his family reported him missing
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september 17th, two days after he was named a person of interest. and as the fbi leads a search for him in a florida wildlife preserve, he is still a person of interest. not a suspect in gabby's death, he is only charged with fraud for unauthorized use of her credit card. brian laundrie's family issuing a statement tonight, saying, "at this time brian is still missing and when he is located we will address the pending fraud charge against him." david, the fbi has still not charged laundrie in connection with petito's disappearance. >> victor, thank you. now to the pandemic. and a new front tonight in the battle over vaccine mandates. texas governor greg abbott issuing an executive order prohibiting vaccine mandates in his state. but american airlines and southwest airlines saying they will keep the mandates in place for their employees.
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kyrie irving has been barred from playing or practicing with the team until he's fully vaccinated. and tonight, news on the staggering toll on law enforcement officers. 62% of deaths in the line of duty last year were from covid. we're also tracking the timeline this week for potential news on boosters for millions. when the fda could decide. marcus moore tonight from dallas. >> reporter: tonight, a new salvo in the war over vaccine mandates. texas governor greg abbott issuing an executive order banning all state entities, including businesses, from requiring a vaccine from anyone who objects based on a “religious belief, or for medical reasons, including prior recovery from covid-19." but texas-based southwest and american airlines saying they will not comply with the governor's order, instead sticking with the federal requirement. >> this is a government mandate. it's a presidential order. and we're doing our best to comply with that. >> reporter: as law enforcement
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also works to get its rank and file vaccinated across the country, new data showing covid's toll among officers. 62% of deaths in the line of duty were from covid in the last year. and tonight, in the sports world, consequences for basketball star kyrie irving until he is vaccinated. >> there's irving, one-on-one. oh, what a fake! >> reporter: the brooklyn nets benching irving without pay until he meets a vaccination requirement to play in a new york arena. at stake, roughly $380,000 a game. >> kyrie has made it clear that he has a choice in this matter. and it's ultimately going to be up to him what he decides. >> reporter: and tonight, a critical decision just days away for the 84 million americans who got moderna and johnson & johnson. an fda panel could authorize those booster shots by friday, with the cdc deciding who will get them as early as the end of next week. many older americans are eager for that green light. >> once they're approved and i can get it, then i definitely will. i'll be 74, and at my age i certainly don't want to end up
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in the hospital on a ventilator. >> reporter: and david, in documents released ahead of that key fda meeting, moderna argues a half-dose is good for a booster. restoring antibodies to the high levels after the initial shot. >> marcus, thank you. and a deadly soting in e say the poal worker, self-inflicted wound. that investigation ongoing tonight. we're also monitoring a wildfire a raging in california, growing by the hour. evacuations under way. powerful winds driving the flames. threatening homes.
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closing the 101 freeway in both directions. matt gutman reporting from the fire lines just a short time ago. >> reporter: david, those flames are leaping at least 50 feet in the air behind me. the wind has been such a factor in this fire, sending it from 50 acres about 20 hours ago to over 6,000 right now. and it's ripping through this entire canyon, enveloping it in smoke. you can see that ridge on fire as well. firefighters are staging further down the hill because they are trying to protect homes there including the iconic ronald reagan ranch. wt 'm at'sow it has been n fee here.e thatheinds will subside and they can try to get some containment on this fire but that could be hours away. david? >> matt gutman there on the scene tonight. matt, thank you. there are new images this evening from the moments before the deadly plane crash into homes, cars, and that ups truck near san diego.
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the desperate calls from air traffic controllers urging the pilot to climb immediately. we warn you, these images are disturbing. here's will carr. >> reporter: tonight, for the first time, we're seeing the chilling images of that twin engine plane nose-diving into the neighborhood. >> low altitude alert. climb immediately. climb the airplane. >> reporter: the pilot doesn't respond moments before the plane crashes, shooting a fireball into the sky. >> just watched a plane go down right by my house. flew right over my head. >> it was literally like an airplane like from the movies you know when you're hear it goes -- and then you can hear it like banking, and then all of a sudden it's like, boom, this huge loud crash. >> reporter: the plane hitting a u.p.s. truck, killing the driver. identified a as 61-year-old steve krueger. >> everybody knows he's been a part of our community. and when i saw his truck that's what if he's in there, there's no way he made it. >> reporter: the plane then barreling into this home.
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>> god, i hope nobody was in that house. >> reporter: with explosions so powerful that residents thought there was an earthquake, the block catches fire. >> is anybody home? >> reporter: neighbors racing to save the people inside, pulling one woman to safety through a window. firefighters transporting the homeowners to the hospital. neighbors start seeing debris from the plane littered across their properties. >> that engine hit the wood and you can see it broke the engine into a million pieces. >> reporter: tonight, abc news confirming the pilot was sugata das, a cardiologist and a father of two. a short time ago, the coroner removed some remains. the ntsb is getting set to investigation what went wrong here. >> will, thank you. and the sudden resignation of las vegas raiders head coach jon gruden. tonight, what he allegedly said
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in some emails. here's kayna whitworth from las vegas. >> reporter: tonight, the head coach of the las vegas raiders jon gruden resigning after an explosive investigation by "the new york times" revealing emails they described as "misogynistic and homophobic," and that he used this "language over several years to denigrate people around the game and to mock some of the league's momentous changes." >> jon gruden's career is over. it's over. >> reporter: while working for espn, in an email to the former president of the washington football team, bruce allen, and others, gruden reportedly called nfl commissioner roger goodell a homophobic slur. and said he should not have pressured the rams coach to draft gay players. a reference to michael sam, the first openly gay player to be drafted in 2014. but according to "the times," his past emails revealing more vulgar remarks. >> the conversations that evoked these vulgarities were about openly gay players being drafted
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or about protesting during the anthem, about player safety and concussions, about women referees. >> reporter: today, espn stating, "the comments are clearly repugnant under any circumstance." pittsburgh steelers head coach mike tomlin, the nfl's longest-tenured black head coach, reacting to the news of his former boss. >> i'm saddened for the raiders organization. i'm saddened for the people that were offended by it. i'm saddened for coach gruden. it's a sad commentary. >> reporter: gruden not yet responding to the allegations made in the report, but in a statement overnight, saying in part, "i love the raiders and i do not want to be a distraction. thank you to all the players, coaches, staff, and fans of raider nation. i'm sorry, i never meant to hurt anyone." gruden was one of the highest-paid coaches in the nfl, signing a ten-year, $100 million contract with the raiders in 2018. his career spanning three decades, with five teams and a super bowl win with the buccaneers. >> the nfl has been aware of the
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existence of these emails for a while. this was a small circle that showed a casualness and a comfort and a very cavalier attitude towards saying pretty gotesque things. >> reporter: today, aaron rodgers saying those opinions don't have a place in the game. >> i don't feel like those are opinions shared by players. we don't treat people differently, and i'm proud of that. >> reporter: we're learning that the tampa bay buccaneers have removed jon gruden from their ring of honor. in las vegas, the special teams coordinator will be taking over as interim head coach effective immediately. so far, the nfl has not responded to the recent allegations. >> kayna, thank you. now to your health.
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new guidelines on aspirin affecting millions. tonight, an influential health advisory group is saying the risk of bleeding may outweigh the benefits from the aspirin. here's erielle reshef, breaking it down. >> reporter: tonight, those new draft guidelines from a panel of experts, recommending doctors stop prescribing daily aspirin for people over 60 to lower the risk of having a first heart attack and stroke. >> they've shown that the risk of bleeding or gastrointestinal side effects outweigh the benefit of taking aspirin therapy. >> reporter: that updated guidance also reversing the recommendation to take baby aspirin to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. for decades aspirin has been prescribed as a blood thinner to reduce the chance of blood clots. but aspirin will still be recommended for patients who have already had a cardiac event.
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>> so, erielle, let's drill down on the guidance one more time. for so long, we've heard about taking a daily aspirin to prevent a heart attack or stroke. now they're saying, if you're over 60 and you haven't had a cardiac event, even at high risk, don't do it? >> reporter: that's right. experts say if you're over 60 and at high risk, don't take the dose unless you're at high risk of an event. but please consult your doctor. >> erielle. >> thank you. and a couple accused of selling submarine secrets appeared in court today. prosecutors said they should be held without bond.
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documents allege that he told an undercover fbi agent that they had passports and cash in case they need to leave quickly. ahead tonight, a beloved ceo has died. and william shatner, what he's now saying about his trip to space with just two days to go. namaste... isparties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks... ...for 3!... i can du more of the things i love. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause serious allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. get help right away if you have rash,
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brian goldner losing his long battle with cancer. considered instrumental in transforming the company. he's being called the heart and soul of hasbro. he was just 58. and a legendary figure in music, chieftans co-founder paddy moloney has died. he led the chieftains for more than 50 years, bringing irish folk music to audiences around the world. their last show was just before the pandemic, a st. patrick's day celebration in philadelphia. paddy moloney was 83. when we come back here tonight, the countdown is on. actor william shatner, and what he's now saying about this trip to space. lar degeneration may lead to severe vision loss, so the national eye institute did 20 years of clinical studies on a formula found in preservision. if it were my vision, i'd ask my doctor about preservision. it's the most studied eye vitamin brand. if it were my vision, i'd look into preservision preservision areds 2 contains the exact nutrient formula recommended by the nei to help
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(upbeat pop music throughout) (upbeat pop music throughout) (upbeat pop music throughout) to the "index." and actor william shatner on the eve of making history. he'll join three passengers for blue origin's second launch near van horn, texas, tomorrow. at 90 years old, "star trek's" captain kirk will become the oldest person to ever fly in space. >> and it looks like there's a
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great deal of curiosity about this fictional character captain kirk going into space. so let's go along with it and enjoy the ride. >> enjoy the ride. abc news live will have complete coverage of tomorrow's 11-minute flight, set for 10:00 a.m. eastern. and when we come back, the american two-star general tonight, and something that has just happened, changing his life forever. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®.
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with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement finally tonight here, the u.s. army two-star and the family he didn't know he had. martha raddatz with the discovery, "america strong." >> reporter: this is u.s army major general robert edmonson ii. and his life has just changed
3:56 pm
dramatically. adopted in germany by a u.s. veteran and his wife, he grew up in new jersey, knowing he was adopted, and little more. he advanced quickly in the army while raising his own family. and then the dna test that would lead them to an astonishing revelation. the two-star general has two younger half-brothers, one of them in the army as well. a colonel, eric jackson. they were in the same fraternity, their wives in the same sorority. their eldest boys even had the same birthday. but never knowing one another until now. over the weekend, the three
3:57 pm
brothers finally coming together. i know emotion and army don't necessarily go together, but can you please tell me what it was like to finally meet each other in person? >> emotional in a way that it's really hard to put into words, to be honest with you, martha. but if i could sum it up in one word, that one world would be love. >> a number of emotions came to mind. i was raised as an only child, so i immediately had siblings. >> reporter: and there two of them now. his brother brian. >> when i first met robert, the first thing i can see is his mannerisms, his smile, his eyes. they all reminded me of my dad. >> reporter: and his fellow soldier, now a younger brother. who he outranks. eric, and do you still have to say yes, sir?
3:58 pm
>> it's funny, so every comment ended with yes, sir. yes, sir. yes, sir. and at the end of the conversation, robert said, "please stopcalling me, sir." >> reporter: father passed away in 2007. their mother had been told by her husband he had an older son. what do you think he would think? >> he would be crying tears. just crying, crying, crying. he would be so happy. >> and excited that -- that we're connected. and that we finally found each other. >> our thanks to martha tonight. what an incredible family. finally together. i'm david muir. good night. >> building a better bay area.
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this is abc7 news. >> those high winds have been causing issues, especially in american canyon, where hotspots are being put out on a fire that has burned more than 100 acres so far. >> you are watching abc7 news at 4:00, live on abc7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. the newell fire is now 67% contained. investigators detained a person of interest near the fire yesterday. now they are working to find out how the fire started. our abc7 reporter is live in american canyon with the latest. reporter: determining the cause of the fire is what could take some time, according to the napa county sheriff's office and calfire. they say their best lead is the person of interest, a 26-year-old man they detained last night. flames scorched 132 acres of
4:00 pm
this hillside in american canyon monday night. now most of the fire has been put out. all that remains is a few hotspots and this large burn scar near american canyon high school. >> there are still some areas burning a little bit. you might not be seeing flames, however there are still areas of concern. reporter: calfire says this fire has stopped spreading them about with still a few hotspots, they say crews will remain. >> we still have our cruise on scene. a total of five engines and one hand crew providing mop up. reporter: now the focus shifts on finding out the cause. the napa county sheriff's office detained a person of interest, a 26-year-old man spotted near the fire and tried to get away from authorities. investigators are looking into whether he is connected to a stolen car found burning in the area. >> thereas


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