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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 12, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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back ua should as it -- prompting evacuations as it explodes in size. >> closer to home, the investigation to this fire that may have been deliberately set. >> all -- also the giants take on the orange and black. one went away from securing a spot in the series. the area expected to be packed with fans tonight. good morning, ladies. a lot. it is tuesday, october 12. you're watching abc seven mornings live on hulu live and wherever you stream. >> we want to start with a check of the forecast with lisa. >> good morning. it is a time no out there, not quite as windy. we are still under a red flag warning but notice a lot of doppler seven, the system to the east in las vegas is the culprit that brought us the very gusty winds. it is still breezy in upper elevations. 55 in san jose and looking at
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temperatures a little elevated due to the wind. 45 in sebastopol. 50 seven half moon bay. the surface winds from 10 to 28 to 30 miles an hour out toward livermore, but upper elevations, this is what we are concerned the next several hours. you can see this 51 mile per hour mount st. helena that just went away. the winds are up and out of the north which is providing some concerns for elevated fire danger right through 5:00 tonight. temperatures in the 50's, not too cold. clear and breezy, red flag warning's temperatures in the 60's and 70's by the afternoon. the winds will dial back, red flag warning will expire, and we talk about warmer temperatures in our future. >> thank you, lisa. sheriff's deputies detained a man in connection with a fire that led to evacuations in american canyon. that is where amy hollyfield joins us live with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. residents are feeling so grateful this morning for
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firefighters. look at the evidence of how close this fire came. there is crime tape at american canyon high school on the sign greeting people as they come in. the fire got close to this school and also almost reached the veal bellagio neighborhood. it was headed this way. the fire started after 6:00 last night on the east side of american canyon in napa county and the new preserve near american canyon -- american canyon high school. firefighters issued an evacuation warning for the neighborhood lifted at 8:15. no homes were damaged in the fire. firefighters suspect arson and took a 26-year-old man with burns on his body into custody. they found him near a burning car. >> when officers responded to the fire and got on scene, they did find a car that looked like it was on fire in an area where a car does not belong in an
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off-road. >> they have are not -- they have not released his name. they say the car was stolen. the fire is 50% contained and they expect full containment this morning. we can see them working on a hill near the high school. this fire burned about 150 acres. reporting live in american canyon, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> this is the same area where the american fire broke out two years ago. people jumped quickly to protect their homes in the preserve open space area of american canyon in october 2019. the homeowners share this video. the fire started west of interstate 80 and burned more than 500 60 acres. in santa barbara county, the allis of fire is forcing evacuations and threatening at least 100 structures. strong winds are fueling the flames. officials say aircrafts that would normally be used to fight the fire have been grounded because of the wind. a portion of highway 101 has been closed. nearly 4000 acres burned. >> pg&e is expected to restore
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power today to customers impacted by the latest public safety power shut off or psps. the wind-related power shut offs to prevent wildfires started early yesterday morning and you can see on this map of the pink triangles represent areas without power right now. outages a pack -- outages affected customers i've -- in seven counties. pg&e shed weather could force shut later on tomorrow. we have been dealing with public safety power shut offs for three years now. in july, the utility announced plans to very 10,000 miles of power lines to minimize wildfire risk. some experts say that is not the most cost-effective solution. here's abc 7 news reporter stefan nist -- stephanie sierra. >> as the bay area faces blackouts for the past three years, it feels like deja vu again and again. what is being done to prevent it? >> it is job one for all california utilities to get better at this.
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>> ralph is the codirector of the national resources energy program, and international advocacy group, and he has advised leadership at north american utility companies for decades. >> no one wants to be without power for any length of time. >> he says over the past three years, utility companies like pg and the are prioritizing -- pg nde are prioritizing reducing rolling blackouts. >> those affected and how to restore the power quickly. >> according to research over the past three years, pg andy has made progress to get control of the power grid to black out areas only deemed necessary to prevent fire risk as well as enhancing its system inspections to restore power faster. that all means in the long run -- >> over time, the severity of these incidents to diminish -- >> in july, the plans to underline power lines to minimize fire while risk --
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wildfire risk. >> pg&e finished a project where i am right now in santa rosa. it was one area where these customers kept getting impacted by events. 11,000 customers will not be affected by these events because they are in a non-higher -- non-fire threat area and lines are underground. >> under grounding by most estimates is two to five times the cost above ground. i still want to see whether there are other solutions in parts of the system that can deliver equivalent benefit at lower cost. >> that was stephanie sierra reporting. pg&e says it was planning to move power lines underground, even before the dixie fire happened but the fire did create a sense of urgency to accelerate the progress. >> let's talk about something exciting tonight, the giants could be on their way to the national league championship series with a win over the dodgers. last night, the orange and black
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shut out l.a. on the road. >> the ball his head well, that ball is back. duggar makes the catch to end the game. the win, knocked it down and the ball is over. >> the giants won game three, 1-0. eva longoria scored the only win of the game with a solo haram -- solo homer on. >> as a group we try to get on top and silenced the crowd a little bit and it will not be easy. >> it feels great but we have work to do. they are a great ballclub. we will have to come ready to play. >> if the giants win game for tonight in los angeles, the will next -- they will next face the atlanta brewers -- georgia brewers or atlanta braves. [applause] th bars in san francisco
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tonight. this was a monday bar night. this is pretty busy with giants fans happy to see a win. >> we won. >> evan longoria is all we need. >> just pumped we got another win here. keep it going and keep the momentum. that catch was amazing. we are pumped. >> this is the best part of the year. giants playoffs. >> good weather -- >> being -- beating the dodgers. >> i predicted the giants would win the world series and i've been watching place for 40 years and i have never seen them have a complete team. everybody getting in on the giants here. >> first pitch for game for tonight is set for 6:07. >> take a look at this. this is a much different scenario than what we have been seeing in southlake tahoe recently. this is the view uptown.
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that is snow coming down yesterday. after a dry summer. the flames from the caldor fire seems dusted' -- dusted tahoe with the layer of powder. a lot of drivers were caught off guard. traffic not too good in too many places but we can just take a look at this, lisa. [laughter] >> i am enjoying it. started yesterday at 11:00 and a beautiful sight. and october is early for snow. what a bonus in the mountains. we are looking at calm conditions later on today, still the red flag warning until 5:00. the winds are gusty, especially the upper elevations. 55 in richmond with mid 40's in santa rosa. the reason why we are so mild as we have had wind overnight and that keeps things well mixed.
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upper elevations 30, maybe 40 miles per hour. at the oh lower elevations, breezy around livermore. 10 to 15 miles per hour and we will see these outback throughout the day. we have a wind advisory until 2:00. vacaville, the winds c with a fire danger index. as they get brighter through the afternoon, here is the wind aligned for the chance of igniting fires, fire spreading. this is noon time. towards 3:00, the winds steadily decrease and the red flag warning will expiring. upper 60's today in richmond, 71 in santa rosa. wind he at the coast, breezy elsewhere. 69 is a cool day in san jose. looking at warmer days as we get toward the middle of the week. we will show you the extended outlook coming up. >> hello, everyone. wind is affecting your drive this morning. we have winds on most of all of the bridges including the
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altamont pass up and over 580. we will throw in the san mateo bridge and bay bridge as well. gripped that steering wheel firmer this morning. we will take a look at the golden gate bridge, no wind advisory but it was windy up and over the waldo gray this morning as i came over. once the commute gets underway in earnest this morning, you will have four in the southbound and two in the northbound. wendy at the bay bridge is, you can see the bushes in the foreground moving to an fro. no delays into san francisco once you are on the upper deck headed westbound. >> knew this morning, chp officers are investigating this deadly crash in alameda county that happened on a winding section of redwood road near pinehurst road. this is a stretch often used to travel to oakland and castro valley. officers found the car 10 feet off of the pavement. the driver was the only person inside. because is under investigation and chp expect an update later
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>> welcome back. today we are expected to learn how gabby petito died. her body was found at rain teton national park last month. the teak -- the teton county corner will reef the -- will brief us. a law enforcement are searching for her boyfriend, brian laundrie. the two were on a cross-country road trip when he returned to florida without her. >> developing news in southern california. two people are dead and two others injured after the plane crashed northeast of san diego. a ups truck driver has been one identified as one of the victims.
5:15 am
mona kosar abdi has the story. >> this morning, new video from our san diego station k.g. tv chose the moment a small plane crashed into this neighborhood east of the city. >> the plane hit. all my god. >> two homes and a ups truck ana taking the blunt -- brunt of the plane crash. michael was on the phone when he heard a boom. >> i think somebody questioned my garage. >> healy and other neighbors rand -- ran and pulled a woman out of her window to safety. >> we yelled at, is there anyone in here? >> a woman said what happened? we told her to came to the window and we finally told her what's happening and helped her through the window. >> i saw the woman from the first house on the side of the street with burns and me and several others ran to the backyard and i was able to get one other guy out from the house. >> ups confirming one of its
5:16 am
drivers was killed. neighbors say he made deliveries to their homes for years. >> with covid, everything has been deliveries so he stops and talks. everybody knows him. he has been a part of our community. when i saw his truck, that is what hurt the most. >> also, an arizona cardiologist killed. doctors on the plane he flying to san diego. his colleagues call him a dedicated family man. >> in the north bay hundreds of people with -- people with marijuana convictions had their convictions dropped or reduced. that comes after a statewide proposition passed five years ago, legalizing certain cannabis offenses and makes some charges eligible to be reduced, dismissed, or sealed. the da says a conviction can have mate -- many negative
5:17 am
effects, including losing a job and housing opportunities. >> amazon is cngg course in the future of its remote work for seattle area corporate employees. companies say the 60,000 workers can log on from home indefinitely, op for a hybrid schedule, or return to the office full-time. that is a change from amazon's previous policy of requiring corporate workers in the office at least three days a week. the amazon ceo says management will decide which teams need to be on-site and which can be remote. >> lego says it will remove gender stereotypes from its toys. it comes after new research found stereotypes are holding girls back from some activities and future goals. the study shows more than 75% of parents encourage their sons to play with legos but only about a quarter of parents encourage their daughters. lego said they are now working to make sure it's marketing will be free of home full bias. the company has launched a campaign called ready for girls. >> in case you're counting, christmas is 74 days away and if
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you are really into holiday baking, you will like this sweet news from nestle toll house. it is releasing four new cookie do flavors for the holidays. red velvet, peppermint, cocoa, gingerbread cookie dough topped with holiday sprinkles, and snowy day cookie day with snowflakes wrinkles and sugar crystals. they will be hitting grocery store shelves next month. nestle toll house posted about it on instagram saying this holiday season is going to be extra jolly and delicious. so which one are we buying? >> i do love red velvet, but i don't know about the cookie. i think i want to do more traditional like the gingerbread. >> i'm liking the gingerbread. i also love sugar cookies, snowy day. lisa. >> they all look -- i don't know, sugar is a thing i have a battle with. >> after you said last week you did not like the doughnuts i'm like what is lisa going to pay.
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-- going to pick. [laughter] yeah it is not a was a good thing so put it that way but anyway, you guys enjoy. [laughter] we are looking at a better day later on today as the winds continue to ease. stronger winds on the west side of the sacramento valley, bringing in gusts. last hour, a 51 mile per hour cust on mount saint lena, mount tam in the foothills looking at 33 miles an hour. 58 in foster city with 54 in colma. this is mile this morning, only a few 40's in the north they. way north around ukiah, cloverdale much cooler, but these wines are helping keep temperature up. easy to gusty in livermore, wind up to 30. the delta over 20 miles per hour and that is the 51 mile per hour gust. also the east foothills, so strong north winds, which is why we have the red flag warning until 5:00. in particular, right here from vacaville and fairfield.
5:20 am
if you are driving, you may have to have two wheels on the steering wheel there. looking outside, nice and clear. gusty with high fire danger through 5:00, cloudier tomorrow with lighter wind and high pressure builds in, bringing warmer days. as we get into a sunny afternoon, this is what happens late tonight into tomorrow, looks like maybe a few sprinkles into early wednesday and then we are back into sunshine and warmer weather arrives. it will take us to the first part of the weekend. 71 in oakland, low 70's in napa, santa rosa, and livermore. not a lot of temperature change there. we are getting less windy today but gusty throughout the early part of the day. then looking at the lighter wind throughout the rest of the week and weekend as the numbers climb , the warmest day looks to be saturday. >> thank you, lisa. coming, seven things to know. >> also, jeopardy champ dethroned. the question that led to a new winner after a 38 game street. >> and a mom that jumped down a
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>> if you are just joining us, here are the seven things you need to know. number one, under a red flag warning until 5:00.
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upper elevations of the north and east bay hills, the santa cruz mountains, and the valleys of the spay, gusty wind over 40 miles per hour potential. >> number two, the lso fire in santa barbara county forcing evacuations and threatening 100 structures. nearly 4000 acres stopping the flames from jumping highway >> the fires 50% contained. firefighters expect a have a full containment this morning. >> number four, las vegas raiders head coach has resigned after racist, homophobic, and misogynistic emails he road surface. he says he does not "want to be a distraction to the team," and "never meant to hurt anyone." >> tonight, the giants could be on the way to their national league chip championship series
5:24 am
with the win over the dodgers. san francisco beat l.a. to leave the series -- lead the series two to one. >> we are following your tuesday morning commute with early morning commuters getting up in full effect. you have beautiful skyline there and you are looking at the short freeway moving at the limit into the bay bridge. >> number seven, this is such a welcome sight in the lake tahoe area, snow falling across parts of the region monday from a passing storm. south a tahoe saw pretty nice dusting of fresh powder. >> in today's gma first look, we hear from the mom who saved her toddler after he fell into a manhole. she is talking about a terrifying moment that happened at her local park. here is abc news reporter and you didn't bert. -- andrew didn't bert. >> a mother speaking out for the first time since this frantic 911 call. >> henry. [screaming henry] >> 911, where is your emergency. >> i need someone.
5:25 am
i need someone to crawl into an open manhole. -- i need someone, i'm stuck in an open manhole. >> she says she playing with her son when he van you -- vanished in an instant. >> i thought he was just not listening to me but i don't remember how he fell in or what happened, i just know he was there and then he was gone. >> her son, falling into two feet of steady moving water below and coming up, we will have much more of our abc news exclusive with this hero mom. with your gma first look, i'm andrew debord, abc news, new york. >> jamie lynn spears is opening up about her mental health in a memoir. she posted this book cover for things i should've said. she said it has been the work ever since her daughter maddie's life-changing accident in 2017. spears said she spent her life pretending -- believing she had
5:26 am
to pretend she's perfect. but now she is showing her daughters you never have to edit yourself. a portion of the books proceeds have to be a nonprofit that empower people dealing with mental held this -- mental illness and addiction. there is a new jeopardy champion this morning. his historical -- matt amodio historic run on the show came to an end. >> you are our new jeopardy championship. [applause] we have to sag about to matt amodio with an unbelievable 38 a winning streak, one for the books. it has been an honor and pleasure. >> is 38 game winning streak was cut short by jonathan fisher, an actor originally from coral gables florida. the clue wasn'ttttt nazi germany divided into two regions, what is austria. this leaves
5:27 am
two. ken jennings holding the top stop of 74 wins. amodioamodioamodioamodioamodioao million in prize money. you can watch jeopardy every night here at 7:00 on abc 7. >> that's amazing. >> 74 wins with ken jennings? >> every time you win, i'm like 74? >> kind is like let me know when you make it to 60. >> call me when you get to 70 and we will talk. >> the food that may be hard to come by this year. >> the ceo of sout>> the ceo of is talking about cancellations and delays impacting thousands of passengers. his response when asked when it had to do with the vaccine mandate. mandate. >> a schoo spray, lift, skip, step. swipe, lift, spin, dry. slam, pan, still...fresh move, move, move, move aaaaand still fresh. degree. ultimate freshness
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door, the whole hill on fire. >> an investigation into this fire that forced evacuations. where is her watching for hotspots this morning. >> optimism about the u.s. turning a corner in the pandemic by dr. anthony fauci says we are not out of the woods yet. he says we can continue to to see -- continue to see a decline in cases. >> a band new -- brand interview with the ceo of southwest airlines. this morning, the airline is addressing whether the delays and cancellations had to do with the vaccine mandate. it is tuesday, october 12 and you are watching abc 7 news live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> we want to start with lisa. >> good morning. we have the effects of the red flag warning, winds up to 53 miles per hour,. this lasts in the upper elevations until 5:00. even the valley of the east bay, is foothills have minds -- winds of 33 miles per hour.
5:31 am
here is a look at the strong winds and you will notice they are all over to any miles per hour above 1000 feet. as well with a bez here in the city. en ny 00e will still have some of these cool readings in santa rosa with the 40's. by the afternoon, 2:00, 70's, upper 60's, another cool and brisk afternoon and we watch for a chilly night tonight. we talk about the warm up and the weekend when we see you again. >> thank you, lisa. evacuation orders are expanding for a growing wildfire in santa barbara county. the wildfire ignited in the mountains above alice all reservoir yesterday. high winds are expected to fan the flames. and we have developing news in napa county. overnight, the sheriff says arson may to be blamed that led to fires in american canyon.
5:32 am
a man found near a stolen burning car has been detained. amy hollyfield is live at american canyon with the story. what we know about the man? >> he is 26 year of -- 26 years old, treated for burns when he was found. look at the crime tape. . that is now on the sign at the american canyon high school because the fire was headed this way. it also was threatening a neighborhood. firefighters issued an evacuation warning for the neighborhood here at american canyon. this fire started just after 6:00 last night near the new old purser near this high school. the winds really helped push this fire along. it was very windy last night during the red flag warning. residents say it looked close and threatening. >> as soon as i walk out the door, the whole hill on fire. >> i saw a big ball of smoke. >> i had a bag ready to go with
5:33 am
all of my need halves. -- have's. >> the man detained was found near a burning car stolen. the man and the car on fire were found in a creek area off of the main road. they have not released his name or given details about what possible motive could have been or what happened. they say they do suspect arson. they stopped the forward progress of this fire last night. they lifted the evacuation at 8:15 last night and then they got half of the fire area surrounded by a fire line, so have of it contained. they are working to dig out the rest of the containment line and expect to have that done between 7:00 and 8:00 this morning. live in american canyon, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. fierce wind field fire across the south bay, even though it
5:34 am
was not on a red flag area. gusts of more than 30 miles per hour are blamed for this fast-moving fire here. this is in san jose ceased foothills. a fire threatened eight homes there. neighbors were starting to hose down the flames before firefighters got there. >> even as we were fighting t fire, you can still see the wind was strong. that did not help. >> my husband called me and i said there's a fire across the creek and we just packed things up and left. >> 20 minutes before this fire and two miles away, san jose fire says the same windy conditions fueled the spread of this fire along warm wood lane. flames damaged one home and luckily no one was hurt in either fire. >> this video also gives you a sense of the strong wind in san joaquin county. looks like a dust storm on interstate five. in lathrop. this caused traffic to slow down as drivers try to navigate the conditions. you can keep track of real-time
5:35 am
weather conditions where you live anytime, including current air quality and live doppler 7. download the abc 7 bay area news app for your streaming device. >> there are new positive signs for america's fight against covid-19. cases and hospitalizations and deaths are all declining, but the weekly case rate among kids is exceptionally high. elizabeth josie has the latest from washington. >> with covid cases and hospitalizations declining, optimism the u.s. is turning a corner in the pandemic. daily pediatric covid infections are dropping after more than 6 million kids have tested positive for the virus since the start of the pandemic. dr. anthony fauci tells cnn the u.s. is not out of the woods yet. >> the best way to ensure that decline in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths to continue is to continue to get a lot more people vaccinated. >> governor greg abbott in an
5:36 am
executive order is banning vaccine mandates, including by private businesses. >> although you would like people to do it on their own accord, sometimes mandates can help. it is getting people more vaccinated. >> another step that could help in the fight against covid, booster shots. the fda is said to review booster data for moderna thursday and j&j friday along with the potential for mixing vaccines. elizabeth josie, abc news, washington. >> returning to normal after a weekend of flight delays and cancellations. 87 southwest flights have been canceled this morning and nearly 200 are delayed. the dallas-based carrier says weather problems in florida friday caused a domino effect through the weekend. gary kelly is on gma debunking rumors it had to do with an employee vaccine mandate.
5:37 am
here is his stance. >> the vaccine man's day -- vaccine mandate is controversial, not anything that i wish for our company. this is a government mandate, a presidential order, and we are doing our best to comply with that. according to the deadlines that have been set. we are not going to fire any employees over this. we are urging all of our employees to get vaccinated if they can get vaccinated. we are urging them to seek an accommodation. >> it's a much different stance than how united airlines is approaching its vaccine mandate are all u.s.-based employees. the chicago-based carrier said earlier this month it was preparing to fire hundreds of workers who refused to get vaccinated. >> thank you. >> thank you. [cheering] [laughter] >> they are happy. they are waking up in san
5:38 am
francisco this morning. this was the warm welcome when they first boarded the ship in los angeles. it is the first cruiseship to visit san francisco since the start of the pandemic. the return is welcome news for the cities tour's him industry that relies on guests getting onshore and spending money. >> every lever the city can turn to get tourism and people back to the city enjoying the sights and sounds and experiences
5:39 am
>> and we will get cloudier conditions, winds on wednesday, warmer weather through the first part of the weekend. here's what we can expect the next few hours along the east bay valleys, the hills, looking at gusty winds, over 30 miles an hour. cap south bay, from what -- from redwood city to santa cruz on the peninsula, a windy start to thettghe afternoon but san francisco looking gusty through 5:00 and the winds do relax, so be careful out there. we are not through with this yet. tomorrow, if you clouds advancing and this begins a warming trend but may be missed and drizzle in the morning, otherwise back into the 60's and 70's for wednesday. the warm up thursday, look at
5:40 am
friday, well into the 80's, so as for today, little change except the winds are relaxing by the afternoon. 60's and low 70's, and the accurate seven-day forecast, we are warming it up. numbers will continue to climb notches and lynn but around the bay, through the early part of the weekend. then looking at a cooldown. >> good morning, everyone. the winds are affecting your drive this morning. high wind advisory for most of the bay area bridges in the ultima. taking a look at drive times, speaking of the altamonte, west 580 is bunching up from chase -- from tracy into dublin. looking good on highway four. westbound and 101 across the golden gate bridge. our trouble spot is south on 683 walnut creek, a multi-car accident. apparently three lanes are blocked, one accident, and another occurred when a car slammed into the back of a vehicle and could not stop in time. expect low traffic through
5:41 am
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>> this morning, an east bay school district is looking into what happened after video shows repeated hard hits during a high school football practice went viral. two students there tell us this was an el cerrito high school in these pay. it is really hard to watch. one said this was happening during a practice in 2019 but just recently posted online. you can see the players doing football drills and a coach is off to the side. a student posted the video and on an account called football tweets retreated it. a spokesperson for the unified school district said the district is aware of it and in a statement they wrote "this behavior is unacceptable and inconsistent with our
5:44 am
values. the safety of students and staff are top priority and we take these matters seriously. the district is conducting a full investigation and we will take the appropriate steps spending the investigation's results." >> developing news from the nfl. las vegas raiders head coach is stepping down amid growing controversy over leg which used in the past. >> john gruden residing -- resigning as head coach of the raiders. in a statement, he saying i love the raiders and do not want to be a distraction. i never meant to hurt anyone. i'm sorry. his resignation hours after the new york times reported used racist -- racist and misogynistic terms in numerous emails between 2010 and 2018 while working as an analyst for espn, he called an nfl conditioner -- commissioner
5:45 am
homophobic slur. he also criticized the hiring of female referees and drafting of a gay player. the wall street journal reports he used a racist rope to describe nfl players association executive to maurice smith. gruden acknowledging his language went too far, adding i never meant -- never had a blade of racist and me. >> i can't tell you how sick i am. i apologize to d smith, but i feel good about who i am and what i've done my entire life. >> he won a super bowl with the buccaneers and was one of the highest-paid coaches in the nfl, signing a ten-year-$100 million contract with the raiders in 2018. >> probably that is the end to what was a storied career as a super way -- super bowl winning coach, the man led the raiders into las vegas, a great football career ending in this way. >> entry demurrage, abc news,
5:46 am
new york. >> dave chapelle's netflix special is not going anywhere for now. they have faced calls to remove it because of comments aimed at the lgbtq community. variety reports netflix's co-ceo sent a memo saying the will stay. they say they do not believe the special crosses a line. >> some turkeys may be in short supply this thanksgiving. it is something you may have experienced last thanksgiving. this year, the pandemic is blamed for a shortage of smaller sized birds. here's michael finney. >> covid change the way many of us celebrate thanksgiving. the large family gatherings and parties gave way to more intimate get-togethers. angela wilson owns robin otto's holly park market in san francisco. >> last year, there was a lot smaller turkey demand because of covid. >> that led to a shortage of
5:47 am
smaller turkeys. many families were forced to forgo their turkey or by a larger one and eat lots of leftovers. a recent survey by butterball found that pattern is not likely to change this year. >> we did see about one third of consumers are planning to have a smaller gathering this year due to's concerns of covid-19 and the delta variant. >> that means if you are likely to need a smaller turkey this year, she things it is best to put in your order early. >> if there's a big shift to celebrate in smaller groups, smaller turkeys may be harder to come by. >> retailers we reached are not ready to acknowledge a turkey shortage yet. one is already securing turkeys to ensure customers find everything they need. albertsons, which owns a safe way, did not get back to us and cosco bluntly stated management has no comment at this time. local butchers think the shortage may hit the larger
5:48 am
change harder and independent markets defined. career quality meats in san francisco will take orders for fresh turkeys november 1. it anticipates getting its first shipment a week before thanksgiving from a small california supply. >> they are a family-run operation like we are and we have been dealing with them for over 30 years and we have no problems getting our turkeys this year. >> of an otto's will take orders november 1 and anticipates no problem meeting the demand. >> we have size ranges from eight to 10, 10 to 12, 12 to 14, 16 to 18. once those are sold, that is it. >> that was michael finney reporting. other reasons cited for a possible shortage include a lack of truck drivers and a labor shortfall related to covid. >> a man from olympia, washington won first prize in the annual pumpkin way off. the mega gourd weighed in attt 291,000 pounds.
5:49 am
he says he planted the punk and in april and almost lost it in a heatwave but nurtured it into a winner. thank goodness it did not die. >> congratulations. >> right? >> how do you nurture it. do you shade it, talk to it? make sure it feels loved? >> mostly that works with plants and everything. >> i talked to my plans. >> i do too. [laughter] check in with them. >> need some more water? >> good morning. we are still feeling the effects of the red flag warning. looking at wind gusts over 50 miles per hour in upper elevations. you can see las vegas, where the low end. it took the sierra snow and keeping the wind with us. we lost that rain but it was 56 miles per hour, mount diablo three miles an hour in the east foothills at 31 miles per hour. we will see the wind decrease through the afternoon but not
5:50 am
until probably about rush-hour.t will be gusty throughout the coast. a little longer. as we look at surface wind, 22 to 28 miles per hour for the delta, livermore, elsewhere lighter, but not enough to lift that advisory. we have northerly winds coming down from the sacramento valley, lowering relative humidity and allowing for critical fire weather to continue. it mainly in the 50's due to the wind and all of that fire danger index coincides with the gusty it's wind. through 10:00, the wind will ramp up on the east side here of the foothills. i should say mount diablo into the valleys and right on through 3:00-4:00, still breezy to gusty. and the winds will be lightening later on. in terms of what the wind does, here we are at 20 to 30% relative humidity, not great. by 11:00, dentist 70% in fremont, the san ramon valley, and look at this afternoon, 6%
5:51 am
in santa rosa, 7% napa, 10% moisture in the air in san jose. that is why we are so concerned. we are looking at better conditions into your early wednesday. 71 in oakland, upper 60's along the bayshore around fremont and richmond, 70 two livermore. a red flag warning continues through the afternoon. >> thank you, lisa. an alert about qr codes, we see them everywhere from menus to coupons. the trick these are using to try to steal your money. >> san francisco-based instacart is expanding beyond groceries. it's plain to bring in new business. >> two nights of disney on dancing with the stars. is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone?
5:52 am
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>> welcome back, everyone. instacart is branching out to drum out new business to its platforms according to the company's chief executive. instacart saw business skyrocket during the pandemic when it added 300 thousand contract workers to keep up with grocery orders. this -- business in the sector is slowing down but the company which has its headquarters in south of market, it has been beefing up online advertising and is planning to team up with other retail stores like tick sporting goods to deliver things beyond groceries. >> a massive 1500 year old wine factory was just discovered in israel area archaeologists unearth the complex that includes five wine presses, warehouses, and tens of thousands of fragments and jars. experts say the discovery shows there was a high demand for wine in this area. they estimate a could crank out 520,000 gallons of wine every year. >> tonight is night two of disney night on dancing with the stars. it will be about the villains. at last night, the pairs
5:55 am
celebrated disney heroes. >> ♪ dreams you will lose your heart aches ♪ ♪ whatever you wish for you keep ♪ >> ♪ any question of if, just a matter of time ♪ ♪ before i moved to the front of the line ♪ >> this is why we need reggie because i don't know which heroes this is but peloton instructor tony rizvi and his partner cheryl berg returned to the all room, both quarantined after testing positive for breakthrough covid cases but it was malone or a harden of the office they came away with the best score of the night. there was no elimination last night. that will change tonight. you can watch dancing with the stars disney villains night and that is tonight at 8:00 right here on abc 7. >> leanne said it is from the goofy movie. >> and that is reggie's favorite. >> it was a cute look. >> yeah. smile. >> new at 6:00, a mission
5:56 am
stimulating life on mars on earth. the team of astronauts from six different nations starting on a weeklong experiment in the middle of a desert. >> plus, sf usd enrollment enroe spiraling. what the multimillion dollar money losses might mean for your students. >> the power shut off now a common part of fire season for the past three years. this morning, we dig into pg nd's promises to address the issues and if they are being followed. >> and a live look outside at 5:56. checking out the way bridge and embarcadero. we will be right back.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this abc 7 news. >> country. firefighters working right now to tame flames threatening homes and a high school. the sheriff believes someone started it. >> it is job one for all of
6:00 am
california's utilities to get better at this. >> three years of the samegsromd improvements to keep the lights on. >> a budget bombshell. the superintendent spelling out the money losses he says will force a new normal for your student. >> good morning, everyone. you are watching abc seven. we will start with your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. lisa: we are starting out with gusty wind in the upper elevations. the national weather service still has us under a red flag warning for the of the north and east bay, santa cruz mountains about 1500 feet.


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