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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 12, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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♪♪ right now on "americ right now on "america this morning" -- dramatic, new images of a plane crashing in a suburban neighborhood in southern california. homes set on fire. hear from the people who frantically tried to rescue their neighbors. and this morning, what we're learning about the victims, including a u.p.s. driver. this is all that's left of his truck. get ready to pay even more. from buying gas to buying groceries. with prices hitting a new high, is there any relief in sight? breaking overnight, a popular nfl coach stepping down after e-mails he sent years ago. what they reveal and what coach jon gruden is s this morning. the mother who rescued her
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little boy after falling down a seven-foot manhole speaks out. >> i see this manhole cover over here. and i just start screaming. >> what happened just before she jumped in to save him? consumer alert. a new warning about the q.r. codes we see in stores and on restaurant menus. and the "jeopardy!" champion whose streak is over. a surprise appearance from tom cruise. and the dog that refused to be left alone during his owner's vacation. it's tuesday, october 12th. >> good tuesday morning, everyone. we begin with dramatic new video of the plane crash in southern california. >> the plane crashing into a residential neighborhood. we're hearing from neighbors who helped rescue people during the chaos. one woman escaped out her
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window. >> we're learning about the people killed, including a u.p.s. driver and a cardiologist. this morning, new video from our station kgtv, shows the moment a small plane crashed into this oe >> a plane hit. >> oh, my god. >> two homes and a u.p.s. truck taking the brunt of the impact. >> i heard my neighbor yell, plane crash. >> reporter: michael killy was on the phone when he heard a boom. he and other neighbors ran to one of the homes hit by the plane and pulled a woman out of her window to safety. we yelled, is anyone in here? and a lady screaming, where is my puppy? what happened? we helped her through the window. >> i ran over, saw the woman
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from the first house on the side of the street with burns. then, me and several other people ran to the backyard and was able to get the guy out of the house. >> reporter: u.p.s. confirming one of its drivers was killed. he made deliveries to the homes for years. >> he stops and talks to our kids. he knows him. everybody knows him. he's been a part of our community. when i saw his truck, that hurt the most. >> reporter: also killed, an arizona cardiologist. saying the doctor owned the plane. he was flying to san diego. his colleagues describe him as a dedicated family man. >> no word on the cause of that crash. southwest airlines passengers could see another day of delays today. monday marked the third-consecutive day of delays for the airline. 10% of its schedule was canceled. 40% was delayed. the airline blames weather and air traffic control issues. but pilots say the airline caused the mess itself by using out-of-date scheduling practices in the wake of the pandemic. >> until the company makes some changes in how they are doing business internally and
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scheduling our pilots, we're going to continue to see the problem. >> important to note here, the airline and the pilots union say this is not related to the vaccine mandate. pilots say the company does need to further negotiate that issue. whether you're buying gas or grocery stories, you're about to spend more money. prices are reaching new highs. there appears to be no relief in sight. abc's elizabeth schulze joins us this morning. >> reporter: good morning. almost everything is getting more expensive because demand is outpacing supply. this morning, the cost of many of life's essentials hitting the highest levels in years. the national average for a gallon of gas is now $3.27. that's the highest in seven years. only these eight states are seeing prices under $3 a gallon. but it may not last for long. the cost of oil has topped $80 a barrel for the first time since 2014.
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the price increases partially blamed on rebounding demand in the wake of the pandemic, along with a major shipping backlog around the world, leading to traffic t the nation's est ports. >> it hasn't been easy to move the level of cargo. but we've been moving record numbers month after month. >> reporter: those supply chain issues also fueling a spike in grocery prizes. meat, poultry, fish and eggs up 15% since the start of the pandemic. kraft heinz says we're raising prices around the world. >> your average grocery bill may go up, every time you go shopping, a few dollars. >> reporter: other giants have announced price increases, too, including coca-cola and pepsi. as for how long the prices may last, experts are divided. some say they could ease next
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year. others warn they could be longer lasting. the couple at the center of an alleged nuclear spy plot is expected to appear before a judge today. jonathan tebbi and his wife are accused of trying to sell submarine secrets to a foreign government. but they were actually talking to an undercover fbi agent. they hid files in several items, including a peanut butter sandwich. their neighbors in maryland were stunned. >> i was shocked. very shocked. disappointed that someone would betray the country. very disappointed. >> we would see them and say hi. they would look up, look away. never with eye contact. never would say hello. very much to themselves. >> such a nice, peaceful neighborhood. you never know what is going on in people's homes. >> prosecutors believe the tebbis are a flight risk. if convicted, could face life in prison or death.
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the top isis official has been captured. eric iraqi officials say they captured the terror group's finance chief. the u.s. was offering a $5 million reward for him. he is a deputy of the former isis leader that was killed in syria in 2019. greg abbott has signed an executive order banning workplace mandates. the order applies to private employers in texas. he says the vaccine should be voluntary. he says president biden's push to get vaccines is federal overreach. the pill to treat covid is one step closer to hitting the market. merck has applied for authorization. the antiviral pill can be taken at home. doctors say vaccines are the best way to keep the virus from spreading. >> it can reduce the risk of death and hospitalization of
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unvaccinated by 50%. we add vaccines and this treatment, we're reducing the risk of hospitalization or death by dramatically amazing amount. >> later this week, the fda will consider authorizing booster shots for the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines. if approved, the boosters can roll out next week. winds are fueling a wildfire in santa barbara county, california. the flames have burned 2,000 acres, forcing some evacuations. buildings are threatened and highway 101 had to be closed. 30 homes have been destroyed as a wildfire spread through this r.v. park. heavy winds made it challenges to stop that fire. time for a look at your tuesday weather. heavy winds kicked up this dust storm north of los angeles, closing several roads. gusty conditions are expected across the southwest.
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in the midwest, one tornado was confirmed, causing damage in central illinois. the planes are on alert for more possible tornadoes. a storm system is bringing snow to the rockies. up to two feet in some areas, while rain is in the forecast for the northwest. 53 degrees in seattle and above normal temperatures in the northeast. coming up, a major company makes a major decision about working from home. first, the breaking news overnight. a popular nfl coach resigning as more controversial e-mails come to light. and a major development expected in the gabby petito murder mystery.
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lava continuing to surge down the volcano in the canary islands. the molten rock covers more than two-square miles. the partial collapse of the volcanic cone caused this lava. the big news from the nfl. a popular coach step down amid a growing controversy over the language he's used in the past. overnight, jon gruden resigning as head coach of the las vegas raiders, amid a scandal from previous e-mails. gruden saying, i love the raiders. i don't want to be a distraction. i'm sorry. i never meant to hurt anyone. hours after "the new york times" reported that gruden used racist and misogynistic terms in numerous e-mails from 2010 and 2013. he reportedly called roger goodell a homophobic slur, a clueless anti-football expletive. he also reportedly criticized the hiring of female referees
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and the drafting of a gay player. he used a racist trope to denote morris smith. gruden, acknowledging his language went too far. saying i never had a blade of racism in me. >> i am not a racist. i can't tell you how sick i am. i apologize again to dee smith. i feel good about who i am and what i've done my entire life. >> reporter: gruden, who won a super bowl with the buccaneers in 2003, is one of the highest paid coaches in the nfl, signing a ten-year $1 million contract with the raiders in 2018. >> that is probably the end of what was a storied nfl career as a super bowl winning coach, a famed broadcaster. the man that led the raiders into las vegas. a great football career ending in this way. >> the owner of the raiders has accepted gruden's resignation. we could learn the cause of
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gabby petito's death today and a coroner announces autopsy results. she was murdered during a cross country trip with her boyfriend, brian laundrie. her body was found near grand teton national park. no cause of death or time of death has been released. laundrie has been missing for nearly a month. a warning of q.r. codes you see in restaurants and stores. the better business bureau says scammers are placing their own q.r. codes and placing them on top of the real codes. the fake codes often send you to websites that collect personal information. later on "good morning america" we'll have tips to avoid these scams. amazon is adjusting the work-from-home policy, clearing the way for many employees to work from home indefinitely. most workers were slated to return to the office next year. amazon is leaving it up to directors for what is best for their teams. they can choose remote work, in-person or a combination of the two. coming up, the mother who rescued her little boy after falling down a seven foot
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>> i jumped in. i had to -- because he had now gone down the pipe. i was looking at him and he was going down the pipe. and when i couldn't see his face anymore, i got in. then, i got him. i yanked him. i pulled him clear down the pipe. poor kid thought it was a water ride. >> she says her son is still recovering. floodwaters are blamed for opening the manhole. we turn, now, to a remarkable woman. ruthie was a pioneer and a legend at disney. she passed away at 111 years old. christine sloan has her story. >> nothing was anything that i aimed for. or thought i could do. >> reporter: ruthie thompson was a disney icon. she started as a painter at disney studios in 1938. she helped create the first
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animated feature, "snow white and the seven dwarves." ruthie was one of the first women to join the international photographers union. >> apparently the boys were impressed with my curiosity. and decided what i do mechanically with the camera moves, i should be part of the camera union. i thought, that feels good. >> reporter: disney executive chairman bob iger saying, ruthie was a legend among animators. we will miss her smile and sense of humor, her work and pioneering spirit will be an inspiration to us all. in 2000, ruthie was inducted as a disney legend, having the longest working relationship with roy and walt disney. >> making sure that my hands still fit on the plaque. >> reporter: she recalled the first time she met roy and walt, as a child living near the studios. once, roy asked us neighborhood
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kids the play in the street, while he photographed us with a movie camera. i suppose it was for the "alice" comedies. he paid each of us a quarter, which i was glad for because i could buy licorice. >> i couldn't ask for anything better. i don't know why i lived as long as i have. i have and i like it. >> reporter: ruthie was asked about the secret to living a long life. she said, i smoked, i drank, but not that much. andrew? mona? >> christine, thank you. an exciting night in sports started with the ravens' epic comeback against the colts. baltimore was down 19 points. but they roared back to win 31-25, in overtime. in baseball, the red sox are headed to the championship series. a walkoff sacrifice fly. the rays are one win away from eliminating the dodgers. coming up, a surprise appearance by tom cruise. and ahead, a little
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♪ ♪ time to check "the pulse." we begin with matt amodio's shocking loss on "jeopardy!" >> after 38 wins, the final "jeopardy!" category was the countries of the world. >> what was your response? what is poland? unfortunately, that's not correct. what is that going to cost you? $5,000. >> apparently he didn't know how poland was divided up during world war ii. he leaves the show with more than $1.5 million in winnings. and he was gracious afterwards, saying everybody is so smart and
4:24 am
so competent, this could happen any game. i always wanted to be a "jeopardy!" champion and i accomplished that. next, a major celebrity sighting at the dodgers/giants game. >> tom cruise was spotted with his son, conner, at the game over the weekend. he even posed for photos with fans. next, judge judy's sidekick has been kicked to the curb. >> the bailiff said he was never asked to join the new show on amazon. he was told his salary would be too much. >> for judge judy, she made $47 million last year. a labor of love for a man that wanted to impress his wife. >> he built a house that rotates in a full circle. his wife can get a perfect view all day. it can also spin his wife away from guests. finally, the case of the furry stowaway. >> an extra guest almost went undiscovered on a flight to las vegas. the guest said it turned out to be icky, their pet chihuahua. >> the dog was hiding inside a boot. maybe it's a reboot of "home
4:25 am
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talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. checking the top stories -- federal investigators are heading to the scene of a fiery plane crash near san diego. a small plane slammed into a neighborhood, killing a u.p.s. driver and the pilot, that was a doctor from arizona. a statue of andrew jackson has been vandalized during a protest. they were protesting an oil pipeline in minnesota. john deere could be facing a strike tomorrow. workers have rejected a contract deal. they are upset with proposed cuts to overtime pay and health premiums after the company made record profits. jon gruden has resigned from the las vegas raiders after e-mails came to light, showing him to use racist and homophobic language.
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rain in the northwest. and two feet of snow in the rockies. sunny with temperatures ten degrees above normal in the northeast. finally, the company improving life on the road for truckers. >> here's will ganss on the rolling renovations. >> reporter: whatever you think you know about the life of a truck driver -- you can go all the way to california with no music? >> and no gps. >> reporter: get ready to change gears. it's no easy feat getting inside. like, for reference, my head is lower than the chair. debbie has been trucking across america for 22 years. originally from australia, debbie is now a wife and mother who calls long island, new york, her home. sometimes. like the 3.6 million other truck drivers in this country, most
4:29 am
days are spent on the road. >> 260 is my average days driving. a lot of people do more like 340 or something. >> reporter: 80% of u.s. communities depend solely on the trucking industry as the only means to deliver their goods. the pandemic hitting hard. >> it put me out of work for about three months straight. >> reporter: not to mention the rest stops and restaurants closing, that truck drivers rely on for food. transfix, a transportation solution provider, decided to thank one lucky driver in a big way. >> it's so difficult. they deserve so much respect for what they do. >> reporter: transfix renovating debbie's cab. >> anything we can do to help her in her day-to-day and build her a home away from home. >> reporter: debbie's new digs upgraded. >> that's unique. nobody's got this. >> reporter: worthy of a driver who works a truckload. debbie says she's dreamed of being a truck driver in america since she was 13 years old.
4:30 am
andrew? mona? right now on "america this morning," dramatic new images of a plane crashing into a suburban neighborhood in southern california. homes set on fire. hear from the people who frantically tried to rescue their neighbors and this morning what we're learning about the victims including a u.p.s. driver. this is all that's left of his truck. get ready to pay even more from buying gas to buying groceries. pricing hitting a new high. is there any relief in sight? breaking overnight, a popular nfl coach stepping down amid a growing controversy over emails he sent years ago. what they reveal and what coach jon gruden is saying this morning. the mother who rescued her little boy after he fell down a seven-foot manhole speaks out.
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>> but i see this actual manho


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