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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 12, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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back now with the wildfire burning on national forest land in santa barbara, california. high winds have pushed the flames across some 2,000 roads and highways. evacuations have been ordered, and officials say the fire threatens up to 100 buildings, including homes. it's unclear how or why the fire started. and this morning we're celebrating the life and legacy of a disney legend. >> ruthie thompson was a trailblazing animator who worked on "snow white", "sleeping beauty," "pinocchio" and other disney classics. she passed away this weekend at the age of 111. >> nothing was anything that i aimed for or thought i could do. >> reporter: ruthie thompson was a disney icon. the animation pioneer began her career as a painter in the disney brothers studios paint and ink department in 1938.
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she helped create disney's animated feature "snow white and the seven dwarfs." >> oh! >> reporter: ruthie was also one of the first women to join the international photographers union. >> apparently, the boys were impressed with my curiosity and decided that what i do mechanically with the camera moves that i should be a part of the camera union. so i thought, that's, that feels good. >> reporter: disney executive chairman bob iger saying ruthie was a legend among animators, while we will miss her smile and wonderful sense of humor, her exceptional work and pioneering spirit will forever be an inspiration to us all. in 2000, ruthie was inducted as a disney legend for having the longest working relationship with roy and walt disney. >> i make sure that my hands still fit in the plaque.
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>> reporter: ruthie recalling the first time she met roy and walt, as a child. once roy asked us neighborhood kids to play in the street ruthie recalled during an interview, while he photographed us with a movie camera. i suppose it was for the "alice comedies". he paid each of us a quarter, which i was glad for, because coy buy licorice. >> i couldn't ask for anything better, and i don't know how i've lived at well as i have, but i have, and i like it. >> ruthie was once asked about the secret to living a long life. she said i smoked, i drank, but not that much. andrew, mona? >> everything in moderation. wise words from ruthie. all right. well, a second walkoff win helped the red sox dethrone last year's american league champions. danny santana scored in a sacrifice fly to give
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boston a 6-5 win over tampa bay. the red sox move on to the a.l.c.s where they'll play either chicago or houston. >> this was huge upset, because the red sox were the last wild-card team to get in. and tampa bay had won the a.l. east. congratulations to the red sox i suppose. coming up, on the road again. as america faces a shortage of truckers, we're hitching a ride with one long hauler, what she says she can do without for days behind the wheel. r, the mother/daughter who just made history at the boston marathon. you're watching "world news now." houghtful. young woman whispering: hey, did you bring the... the condoms? young man whispering: what's up? young woman whispering: condoms young man whispering: cond.. condor? young woman whispering: condor. why would i say condor? condoms! condoms. father: condoms charlie. she wants to know if you brought any condoms. young man: yeah i brought some. announcer: eargo, a virtually invisible hearing loss
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♪ the children's carousel ♪ ♪ the chestnut trees ♪ ♪ the wishin' well ♪ ♪ truckin' ♪ got my chips cashed in ♪ he's truckin' ♪ if it weren't for those dedicated truckers, most of us would be without just about every essential item right now. >> those two-day amazon primes, right? and as the nation faces a
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shortage of truck drivers, our will ganss hit the road with one particularly dedicated big rig driver. >> yeah, mona. the trucking industry was facing shortages of drivers before the pandemic. but it made it even worse. we packed along with one driver to learn more about the lifestyle is on the road. whatever you think you know about the life of a truck driver. you can go all the way to california with no music? >> and no gps. >> really? >> really. >> get ready to change gears. it's no easy feat getting inside. like for reference, my head is lower than the chair. granted, i'm no kareem abdul-jabbar. but. debbie has been trucking across america for 22 years. >> sometimes i just enjoy just listening to the engine. been five days, and all i've
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listened to is the engine. >> reporter: originally from australia, debbie is now a wife and mother who calls long island, new york her home sometimes. like the 3.6 million truck drivers in this country, most of day, spent on the road. >> 260 is my average days driving. other people do more like 340 or something. >> reporter: no two trips are the same. >> i might be hauling military freight, dog food one day and cotton balls the next day. >> reporter: in fact, 80% of u.s. communities depend solely on the trucking industry as their only means to deliver their goods. the pandemic hitting hard. >> when it hit, it put me out of work for about three months straight. >> reporter: not to mention the rest stops and truck stops closing that truck drivers rely on for food, which is why transfix, the transportation solution provider, decided to thank one lucky driver in a big
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way. >> the lives of drivers are so difficult, and they deserve so much respect for what they do. so many hours, so many days on the road. time away from families, the limid., like clean bathroofo >> reporter: transfix partnering with handy man jason cameron to renovate debbie's cab. >> anything we could do to really help her in her day to day and really build a home away from home. >> reporter: debbie's new digs upgraded. a full-sized fridge, plants, pillows and a spot for her beloved guitar right underneath the australian flag. >> wow, that is so unique. nobody's got this. >> reporter: a surprise worthy of a driver who works a truck load. here's to the truck drivers, the truckers, the truckies, whatever you call you guys rock! debbie says she's dreamed of being a truck driver in america since she was 13 years old. so this is a true dream come
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♪ ♪ ♪ keep pushin' ♪ ♪ keep pushin' ♪ ♪ keep pushin' ♪ a mother/daughter duo has just pushed their way into the history brooks. >> that's right, barbara singleton and beth craig became the first mother/daughter team to run the boston marathon with a racing chair. it consisted of craig running the 26-mile round while pushing her mother who suffers from multiple sclerosis. >> we just finished the boston marathon. we're overwhelmed with all the cheers that we got on the route. >> the duo crossed the finish line at 7 hours, 14 minutes and 46 seconds. >> a big congratulations to them. meantime, a two-time
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paralympic medalist has just earned another piece of gold for her collection. >> it was a special honor with a hero's welcome by her hometown. kimberly richardson of wabc has the story. >> let's hear it for our champion! come on! >> reporter: anastasia is not only fearless, i'd say determined, exceptional. a 17 year old who's dedicated to changing stereotype when is it comes to being blind. >> sometimes they're like gold medalist, who's here? >> reporter: this past summer, the long island teen competed in the paralympics in tokyo and brought home gold. and for that and everything she continues do, supervisor dan clavin presented her with official key and a mraplake fore town of hempstead.
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including a necklace in braille. >> not a lot of things are set up for me. just having that is so special. >> reporter: doctors diagnosed her with an auto immune disease and started losing her vision when she was 11. by 14, things rapidly declined. but she wanted to get back into the pool to the sport she loved. she put in hours of hard work and returned. for her family, this is a full-circle moment. >> we're all over the moon. you know, so excited everything happened. but i mean, it's been, we've been doing a lot, it's been hard, you know. this has not been an easy journey. >> reporter: one she shares with millions of followers on tiktok and instagram. >> i'm just really excited to show people that even if you have a disability and sometimes things go wrong, you can still pull through, and there's always light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: for anastasia that means yet another gold medal. she hopes to be back in the pool competing during the paralympics in paris in 2024. kimberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that is absolutely amazing. they don't call it strong island for nothing. thanks there to wabc's kimberly
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deja vu: it's live with kelly and ryan. today pack a virtual bag, because we're kicking off live's virtual road trip week, with a visit to denver. joining us on the trip, one of the stars of impeachment: american crime story beanie feldstein. also a denver father and daughter are giving us our good news story of the day. plus a colorado lamb cooking lesson, courtesy of denver chef jennifer jasinski. all next on live. now, here are two people who love a mile high city. kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. ["good life" by onerepublic] ♪ say oh, got this feeling that... ♪ you're going to the ranch? - good morning. - morning. hi, deja. good morning. good to see, y'all.


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