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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 12, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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wasn't sure what would happen when she competd for homecoming. then she made history. the high school posting this video of her fellow student's delight. at florida's first transgender homecoming queen. happy coming out day. that's "nightline." you can watch all of our full episodes on hulu. see you back here same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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>> now, from abc 7, live
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breaking news. anchor: the breaking news is in napa county where experts say arson may be responsible for the fire. good evening and thank you for joining us. anchor 2: our reporter is live in american canyon and has the latest on the investigation. reporter: what i can tell you at this hour, 150 command center has since been cleared and was only cleared within the last 30 minutes. that being said, there are still crews up on the hill behind me. a long line of flames burning on a hilltop in american canyon monday night as winds pushed this fire towards homes and american canyon high school. >> i walked out my door and the whole hill was on fire. >> i saw a big ball of smoke. reporter: the fire led to
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evacuation warnings to those in some three thousand structures. >> we are dealing with high winds. it poses a challenge for us. reporter: some residents already left but some are ready to go if flames came closer. >> i had a bag ready to go. reporter: as for the cause, it is being investigated as an arson case. a napa valley sheriffs says a 26-year-old man suffering from burns has been detained. >> they did find a car that looked like it was on fire in an area where a car does not belong come off road. reporter: sheriff ortiz says the car was stolen but would not give any more information on what led up to the burning. neighbors say they feel fortunate these flames did not get any closer to their homes. >> we commend all of the
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firefighters that came from all sorts of different cities. we are thankful. reporter: back out here live this evening, you can see the fire. the fence. the fire is beyond that fence. i am told that while the command center has since been taken down at this location, the cruise will be up there all -- the crews will be up there all night long monitoring the hotspots. anchor 2: smoke from the fire in american canyon made its way to the east bay. people were calling fire agencies burning -- worried there was a fire nearby. we have a look at conditions. meteorologist: it is still dusty. -- it is still gusty. notice the camera is still
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bouncing. near the fire, it is 60 degrees. the winds have come down from earlier which should hopefully help the firefighters. red flag warning's outside that area for the north bay hills, santa cruz mountains. that is because gusts will remain high. low humidity means any fires that develop could rapidly spread. gusts, in east fort hills hillsl miles per hour. even lower elevations like san jose and napa have 30 mile-per-hour winds. i will let you know when the fire danger will come down. anchor: though not in the red flag area, fierce winds fueled fires across the south bay today. firefighters were not the only ones trying to put out the flames. >> nothing moves a grass fire faster than wind.
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reporter: and it is monday afternoons high winds blamed for this fire. san jose fire, calfire and other south bay agencies responded meeting residents at the front lines as the eight acre fire spread to homes nearby. >> evenfire, you could still set the wind was strong. reporter: wind gusts above 30 miles per hour got the attention of the neighbors early on. >> you could literally hear the wind. reporter: joy and others in the area are still working from home because of the pandemic. she heard the gusty wind crashing into her home all day. she knew which direction the fire would travel. >> my husband called me so we packed things up. it was windy. reporter: 20 minutes earlier and
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two miles away, san jose fire says the same conditions spread this fire. >> we know a fire starts and it is only a matter of time before it will get to the residence like you saw here. reporter: fire danger remaining high due to dry, gusty winds. anchor 2: pgn d has started to turn the power back on in -- pg&e has started to turn the power back on in areas affected by the wildfires. you can see the highlighted areas without power. outages affected customers in several bay areas. pg&e says weather could force a new round of shutoffs on wednesday. anchor: evacuation orders expanded today as a wildfire expands in santa barbara county. the fire igniteditediteditedited
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reservoir. flames have burned at least 3000 acres. winds overnight reaching up to 70 miles per hour are expected to further drive these flames. anchor 2: you can treat -- you can keep track of current weather conditions by just downloading the abc 7 bay area app. anchor: developing news with former raiders coach john gruden who resigned this evening after racist, homophobic, and misogynistic emails that he wrote surfaced. the first batch surfaced on friday and it showed him making a racist comment about the head of the players union. another round emails reported today by the new york times revealed he used homophobic language when talking about the drafting of a gay player and knocked the nfl for hiring female referees. he put out a short statement
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that reads "i love the raiders and do not want to be a distraction. thank you to all of the players, coaches, staff and fans of raider nation. i never meant to hurt anyone or ." anchor 2: the orange and black were clutched tonight. chris alvarez joins us with highlights and reaction from game three. >> i mentioned the next two days would be fun mixed in with a little bit of stress. a nail buried her -- a nailbiter goes away way of the giants. evan longoria, the only run. the giants lead. brandon crawford getting up in the air to rob mookie betts of a potential game-tying hit in the seventh. >> hopefully, tomorrow, group we come out and try to get on top and silence this crowd
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here a little bit. it is not going to be easy. >> it feels great but we still have work to do. they are a great ballclub. they will have to come ready to play tomorrow. we know they will. >> coming up in sports, more highlights and reaction. the giants can close things out after one more win tomorrow night. anchor: kate larsen in the newsroom, you found some fans acting san francisco bars tonight. reporter: it was a great time especially at the end. it was a nailbiter until the end as the giants held onto the one-run bleed against the dodgers. i was tasked with the brutal assignment tonight of a barhopping. [cheering and applause] reporter: that was the end of the game at greens on poultry as the giants pulled out their second win against the dodgers. for a monday, bars were busy with most of the giants fans
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grateful to see the g-men pole within the wind. >> evan longoria! >> pumped that we got another win here. the catch is amazing. we are pumped. >> this is the best part of the year. giants, playoffs. >> good weather and beating the dodgers. >> i only want to beat the dodgers. >> i predict the giants will win the world series. i have never seen them reporter: i am going to throw a bone to dodgers fans. i found these two cuter than normal dodger dogs. their mom and dad are from l.a. fans telling us that evan longoria and brandon crawford both deserved m.v.p. tonight. fingers crossed for a few more
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runs from the giants. in the newsroom, kate larsen. anchor: thank you. anchor 2: developing out of san diego county. federal investigators are on the way after a plane crashed into homes killing two people. what we know about the victims. and a governor pushing back against vaccine mandates. anchor: southwest airlines canceling hundreds more flights today. the debate over what is causing all of their problems. first, here is a look at what is on jimmy kimmel live. >> thank you. some of us worked today. >> on the carriage ride over because i like to pamper myself, i was thinking about the fact that of all of the anti-vaccine or's -- anti-
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dan: developing news in southern california where at least two people are dead and others injured following a plane crash north of downtown san diego. ups driver has been identified as one of the victims. ama: the plane took off from yuma, arizona. >> a plane hit -- oh my god. reporter: first responders rushed to the rescue. the wreckage exploding just seconds later. leaving behind fierce flames and
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plumes of black smoke. >> not to be too graphic but it is a pretty brutal scene for our guys. reporter: authorities confirming two people died and ups says one of their drivers is among them. the company saying they are heartbroken over the loss of their employee. >> the truck was ripped open like a tin camp. reporter: one neighbor raced over to help another older couple to safety. >> i saw a woman on the side of the street with burns. we ran over to the backyard and were able to get one other guy out of the house and get him to walk across the street. reporter: it is unclear where the plane was headed but what is unmistakable is the devastation. the homes gutted by flames and the community in disbelief. >> it was just unbelievable. dan: in the east
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hall in oakland to adjust the wave of violence and leaders painted an optimistic picture about what is going on in the northern part of the city. >> our job is to try to prevent that single crime from becoming multiple crimes. to me, it is good news to hear that there have only been seven shootings in that area. because it means that something is working. dan: oakland is trying all kinds of measures after surging past 100 homicides a couple of weeks ago. the seven shootings happened over a one-week period. the number is dwarfed by east oakland where 75 reported shootings happened over the same period. ama: covid-19 headlines -- babies with mothers that have covid are more likely to have health problems after birth. merck has a emergency use authorization
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for its covid pill which drugmaker says can reduce hospitalization or death by 50%. reg abba issued an executive order banning all employers from enforcing vaccine mandate. he says it is safe and effective but should never be forced. dan: for the first time in 19 months, a cruise ship is docked in san francisco. passengers disembarked for a day of sightseeing marking an important milestone. princess cruises says passengers had to be vaccinated and they must show a negative covid test taken within two days. there will be 21 cruise calls in san francisco through the end of the year and a record 127 in 2022. ama: the whistleblower has more talking to do after telling congress the company is choosing to prioritized profits over people. the oversight board wants to hear more and extended an inch or -- an invitation for her to
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speak. southwest airlines canceled more than free hundred 50 flights nationwide today following a weekend of disruptions. the union is in a dispute with the airline over vaccines. southwest blames a staffing shortage, bad weather and air traffic control issues. in an abc news exclusive, the ceo will join good morning america live to share his take on the situation tomorrow morning on abc 7 at 7:00 a.m. dan: this video gives you a sense of how strong the winds were today. it looks like a dust storm causing traffic to slow down as drivers navigated treacherous conditions. it was very windy across the state and certainly in the bay area. ama: we have the latest on the winds. sandhya: it is still gusty over
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the higher terrain. i want to show you what we are concerned about. elevated fire danger tonight and tomorrow as well. and the low humidity is concerning combining with the dry fuels and our ongoing drought. take a look at the hour-by-hour forecast. this is the fire danger index. yellows and oranges for parts of east bay indicating the higher to very high fire danger and that is going into the afternoon as well. this is the timeframe you will want to stay alert. that is when we will still be noticing those strong and gusty winds. over 30 miles per hour. that is at 11:00 a.m., the winds are still gusty along the coastline. and especially parts of our inland area. 11:00 p.m., they dial back away from the coast. i want to show you a wintry scene from the sierra.
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this is from tahoe just a couple of hours ago. the snow is coming down. they have been seeing snow off and on. doppler is tracking snow for the last 12 hours or so. the snow has two bird but it has ushered in a system. we have hard freeze warnings for much of northern and central california. 2:00 a.m. until nine :00 a.m. is when they are expecting freezing and dangerous conditions. temperatures tonight, most 50's and 60's. the winds have quieted down at the lower elevation so do expect the chill to settle in. lighter winds and warmer weather through -- toward the end of the
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week. morning temperatures from the 30's up to the 50's. clear skies so grab heavy winter coats before heading out the door. for the afternoon, windy conditions especially over the higher terrain. temperatures below 60's to the mid-70's. occasional high clouds not out of the question. seven day forecast, high fire danger and windy conditions for tuesday. more clouds and bite your for wednesday. cooler. look at the reversal for thursday, friday, and saturday. nice fall weather. 60's coast side and 80's and lynch. we cool off on monday. dan: a champion has been crowned. the back story behind the winning pumpkin.
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ama: a man from olympia,
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washington won first prize at the pumpkin way off today in half moon bay. jeff's mega gourd weighed in at -- pounds. he said he planted the pumpkin in april and almost lost it in a heat wave but nurtured it into a winner. that is very cool. dan: there is a lot to talk about in sports and chris alvarez is here. ama: a big win for the giants. chris: a pivotal game three. brandon crawford with the play of the night. i
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>> abc 7 sports presented by river rock casino. chris: the shift -- the scene has shifted to l.a. the winner of tonight's game one step closer to ending their rival season. it was windy tonight. enough to knock max scherzer off
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the mound in the first inning. maybe a little rattled right away. scherzer would settle down after that, 10 strikeouts in seven innings. justin turner keeping the scoreless until evan longoria breaks out of a slump. a big fly through the wind. longoria's 10th postseason homer of his career. mookie betts lines one and brandon crawford, gold glove effort leaps up and makes the catch. mookie betts cannot believe it. and a 24-year-old kid shuts the door. gavin lotz flies out to center and the giants win taking a 2-1 series lead with a chance to close out the series tomorrow night. >> it is really no different than it has been all garrett. that is a really good baseball team. they bounced back after our game
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one win. we know they are not going to rollover. >> these are the moments that test you. we had a good game plan and we went in. chris: john gruden has resigned as head coach of the raiders. he said in part he did not want to be a distraction and apologized for anyone he ever hurt. a recent new york times report revealed that he used sexist and homophobic language in several emails. the 49ers on a bye week and now the quarterback position is backed up in the air again. kyle shanahan said rookie my trey lance sprained his left knee yesterday and the loss to arizona. he took some big hits and the loss. the 49ers will reevaluate at the end of the week to determine the quarterback status.
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>> all you have to do is search for abc 7 bay area and select our app. hit add channel and that is it. you can get all of the news as it happens and updates. and special featured content. it is all on demand. all on your abc 7 ab -- bay area app. download it today. ama: that is going to do it for tonight. thank you for watching. dan: for all of us, we appreciate your time and we will keep you updated overnight on the winds and be sure to tune in for the fire danger. right now, jimmy kimmel and martin short. have a good evening.
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