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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 10, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> 1800 southwest airline flights have been canceled this weekend. tonight, i am at the airport to see how it is impacting the bay area. >> we are in solano county where thousands of customers could lose power in a matter of hours. how they are preparing, up next. >> a red flag warning is now in effect. we will have the latest on our winds and fire danger in the accuweather forecast. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> it is absolutely a positive thing from a firefighting perspective that they kill the power. >> red flag warning issued for parts of the bay area. pg&e is warning customers about possible powera matter of hours.
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good evening. i am j.r. stone. you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 on abc 7 and wherever you stream. let's get to our top story where dry and windy weather conditions could leave approximately 25,000 people without power until tuesday. let's take a look at the latest outage map that we have from pg&e. the area shaded in orange could have their power shut off to reduce the risk of a wildfire. the winds are expected to pick up throughout the night and into tomorrow morning. pg&e has released a timeline for when customers can expect power shutoffs in their county. the utility is saying napa and solano counties could he the first to experience an outage as soon as possible :00 a.m. tomorrow. alameda and contra costa counties can expect to lose power around 5:30 a.m. and sonoma county could begin to see outages around 6:00. pg&e says that even though power
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shutoffs are likely in some areas, they are not certain. >> pg&e continues to monitor potential weather system that could have offshore winds to the northern, central, and southern regions of our service area. j.r.: after initially saying the outages could affect 44,000 customers, pg&e has since reduced that number to 25,000. solano county could see the most customers affected by the power outages. abc 7 news reporter luz pena was there today and spoke to people as they prepared. luz: he is getting his last hours of electricity before he wakes up to a dark house. >> it is unfortunate that we are in a total underground area. there are no overhead lines in this area at all and yet we are going to lose power. he has experienced lasted 90 hours so this time, he is ready.
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a month ago, he bought a generator. >> i bought the gasoline, put the oil in it, and fired it up this afternoon. luz: charlie is not alone. there are 4500 61 pg&e customers in solano county who are projected to lose power. he was notified this morning. >> the power may be turned off in your area due to wildfire. luz: the scope of this keeps on changing from initially 44,000 customers in 32 counties to 25,000 customers in 22 counties with minimal impact in the bay area. pg&e has been tracking the weather system, 50 mile-per-hour winds by monday morning. these weather patterns are giving vacaville's chief a flashback of the complex fire. >> that is the recipe of the combination of things that increase the fire spread rapidly. luz: all factors leading to a
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new fire response strategy. >> one fire engine that goes to most areas of the city with the exception of specific fire hazards. luz: with just hours to spare, jerry and his family are frustrated. hoping pg&e changes their strategy as they prepare for the fourth psps of the year. >> we are at the mercy of pg&e right now. luz: in solano county, luz pena, abc 7 news. j.r.: a concerning situation. meteorologist drew tuma tracking the conditions in what we can expect overnight. what does it look like right now? drew: those winds are strengthening as we speak. the red flag warning is in effect. we will take you to our shower camera. it ramps up over the next several hours. the winds will take you above 1000 feet and it is active. gusting near 40. diablo was gusting over 30. st. helena, hawkeye, gusting over the 30's.
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they will continue to strengthen overnight tonight. that red flag warning in effect for all areas shaded in red, not only for the winds, but the dry air that is currently moving in. take a look at the fire danger index combined with the low humidity and the high winds. by tomorrow afternoon, a large area underneath high to very high fire danger because of this red flag warning. we will take a closer look at the winds, hour-by-hour in the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. j.r.: thank you so much here look forward to that. abc 7 news is helping you prepare for tomorrow's wind event and planned power shut off. we got together a list of resources on our website, that's also where you will find live updates showing the air temperature and wind speeds with our real-time tracker. moving along, southwest airlines has counseled thousand -- canceled thousands of flights this holiday weekend including some in the bay area. tim johns tells us what local
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travelers could be facing if they are set to take to the skies anytime soon. tim: chaos and confusion at at t airports across the country with southwest airlines canceling over 1800 flights over the past few days. some of those affected also here in the bay area. >> did not think our flight was going to be canceled, arrived, the flight was canceled, so we had to spend the evening here in san francisco. tim: southwest says the problems stem from bad weather and air traffic control issues. they tell abc 7 in a statement "we experienced weather challenges in our florida airports at the beginning of the weekend, challenges that were compounded by un-inspected air traffic control issues in the same region, prompting significant cancellations for us beginning friday evening." but the faa has denied any current problems, saying there have been no major air traffic control issues since friday. despite the crazy weekend for many southwest passengers, other airlines have not experienced
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issues to the same extent. on sunday alone, southwest canceled over a quarter of all their scheduled flights. that compares to 2% by american airlines. in a separate statement issued sunday, the union representing southwest pilots denied the issues were caused by the company's recent vaccine mandate, rumors of which have been circulating online. they say "there are false claims of actions by southwest pilots gaining traction on social media and making their way into mainstream news. i can say with certainty that there are no work slowdowns or sick outside their related to the recent mandatory vaccine mandate or otherwise." as a sunday evening, southwest flights flying out of oakland airport were operating almost as normal. the airline says it is working diligently to address remaining problems. that still is little comfort for some travelers. >> it would be nice if they answered the phone or at least tried to get you another flight.
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tim: in oakland, abc 7 news. j.r.: new at 11:00 tonight, thee national league division series has shifted to los angeles as the giants and the dodgers prepare for game three tomorrow night. abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez joins us tonight. the waiting is torturous. chris: giants baseball, torture. a best-of-five series. it has become a best-of-three series. preparing for a pivotal game three tomorrow night in l.a. san francisco won behind a brilliant start from that guy, logan webb. san francisco got home runs from buster posey, kris bryant, and brandon crawford in that 4-0 win in game one. last night, a different story. 9-2, evening the series at 1-1. here was gabe kapler last night after the game. alex wood. >> the dodgers swung the bats
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better than us, made more pitches than us, made more plays than us. as we have done all season long, we will turn the page and get ready for an off day of preparation and get >> ready for game >> three. i love these -- get ready for game three. >> i love these type of atmospheres, and you learn a lot about yourself this time of year. i feel like my stuff has been good and i have thrown the ball well so i'm excited for the opportunity tomorrow. we will see what happens but i'm looking forward to it. chris: much more giants coverage coming up in sports and just a minute. the niners rookie cornerback made his first career nfl start. busy time of the year, trying to find sleep when we can. j.r.: looking forward to it. coming up, fleet week comes to a close.
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j.r.: welcome back. as the 40th annual celebration of fleet week came to a close in san francisco, thousands of visitors and locals like myself were out and about, enjoying all of the festivities while they still could. >> always missed one. j.r.: look at that shot. the last air show of this year's event took place earlier this afternoon. it wrapped up the weeklong celebration that included ship tours, live music, and thousands of servicemembers exploring the city by the bay. >> going to open it up and let us come in and have fun a little bit. let us relax a little bit and make sure we can enjoy our time. j.r.: this year's event was the only impersonal fleet week event to take place in the country. for those who missed out or are just wanting more of the
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experience, ship tours available until noon tomorrow. san francisco city hall is saying so long to fleet week. this is a live look tonight. you can see the dome is lit up in red, white, and blue. there probably would have been more if it were not for the giants. i saw a lot of black and orange out there. all the fleet week highlights are posted on our website, joint right now by meteorologist drew tuma. -- join right now by meteorologist drew tuma. drew: sunshine, warm temperatures. but now, tonight, our concern is with the winds. that red flag warning now in effect and tomorrow, it will be a windy day across the entire bay area. tonight, a live look atop the mountain. we are shaking in the wind as it continues to strengthen in our hills tonight and then we will all feel it tomorrow afternoon.
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the winds about 1000 feet. you can see a lot of areas gusting at or already over 30 miles per hour in the north bay, the east bay, and the santa cruz mountains and these numbers will continue to climb overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. some of the wind is already making its presence known at the surface so a lot of us are feeling that breeze. half moon bay, already gusting well over 20 miles per hour. the same at sfo. it will be a windy afternoon. winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour across much of the region. temperatures with the wind in the upper 50's to mid 60's at this hour and with live doppler 7 along with satellite, quiet in terms of sky cover. clear skies across california but this area of low pressure we are watching, this is diving south and it will move over to nevada tomorrow and that will crank up our winds even more especially during the daylight hours on our monday. overnight tonight, fog free.
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no marine layer along the coastline. plenty of stars. we will have chile spots first thing tomorrow morning, especially in the north bay. those who mid 50's first thing on our monday. here is the red flag warning. it is now in effect. it will last until tuesday evening until 5:00 p.m. tuesday for the strong winds out of the north, also dropping humidity levels. this time of the year, it we know it's october when we have strong wind events. any fires that could start could spread rapidly. here is the forecast here tomorrow morning, we expect the winds strongest along the coastline and in our hills. but watch what happens tomorrow afternoon. those winds strengthen and they reach the surface so by tomorrow afternoon, areawide, we are feeling the winds out of the north well over 30 miles per hour at times. it is for that fact the entire bay area will be under a wind advisory starting at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, lasting through 8:00 p.m. in the evening. we could find the winds blowing
11:18 pm
debris around, tree branches down, and there could be isolated power outages so it will be a breezy and windy day for most of our spirit on monday, you can feel a cooler day as well with those winds. we will only find temperatures in the upper 60's to lower 70's so 10 if not 15 degrees cooler tomorrow then we were today. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow, is all about the winds. the red flag warning, and the wind advisory. tuesday morning, the winds are breezy. tuesday evening, the winds will calm down. our fire danger is over. that leads to a cool day on wednesday but by thursday and friday, we are warming back up with tons of sunshine. the meteorologist will have an update on those winds starting
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ j.r.: welcome back. two strong earthquakes struck off the coast of the big island
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in hawaii. >> that was a big one. j.r.: reacting right there. they rattled residents, these earthquakes, and caused items to fall off shelves. the first quake had a magnitude of 6.1. 20 minutes later, a 6.2 shook the same area. there was no tsunami threat. there are no reports tonight of any major damage or injuries. there is growing concern over the impact of covid vaccine mandates on first responders and military personnel. many of the members are refusing to get vaccinated as deadlines loom. law enforcement officers defy the mandate. the los angeles sheriff is vowing not to enforce the requirement that all county and always get their shots. >> i don't want to be in a position to lose 5% to 10% of my workforce overnight due to the
11:23 pm
vaccine mandate. j.r.: in seattle, nearly 300 officers could be fired if they don't submit proof of vaccination. deadlines are also approaching for u.s. troops to get their shot. hundreds of thousands have yet to comply, facing potentially career ending consequences. nationwide, some 68 million eligible americans are still not vaccinated. cruise ships are coming back to san francisco. tomorrow, the majestic princess will sail through the golden gate, becoming the first ship to arrive here since the pandemic began. there will be 21 calls in san francisco through the end of the year and a record 127 in 2022. the return of cruises is an important milestone in san francisco's economic recovery. the city welcomed 287,000 visitors. san francisco is home to the only passenger terminals in the bay area. here is chris alvarez with a preview of sports.
11:24 pm
chris: coming up in sports, we will hear from alex wood as he gets ready to take the ball, game three in l.a. could ricky trey lance lead the niners to a win over
11:25 pm
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. chris: no jimmy garoppolo. the quarterback making his first career start in arizona today. the youngest starting quarterback in franchise history by just one day over alex smith. his parents in attendance pair can you imagine how they feel, early second quarter? diving for the end zone.
11:28 pm
stopped right at the goal line. take another look. two cardinals meet him at the line and say access denied. mom cannot stand to watch. down 10-0, getting in the groove. look at lance fighting for every yard. he does not care. you got to feel for mom. the niners capping the drive. the pitch to samuel gets behind some nice blocks. he scores. 13 yard touchdown. san francisco down 10-7. the parents are feeling immediately better. niners down. fourth down. jj watt knocks it down with a big forearm. fourth down. that led to this spirit kyler murray throws it up for deandre hopkins. 30 yard connection inside the very next play, the fade and touchdown. game of inches indeed. the cardinals win 17-10. lance had an
11:29 pm
tough loss gotta capitalize i got to do better make more plays obviously disappointed wanted really really really wanted to win that game. but you keep our heads up learn from it really would like to get the win, but we'll be better for it wanna go out there and play like he's been doing in practice and be comfortable around the offense and you know overall, you know, i think if we could have done a little bit better around them. i thought he did good enough to win. baseball now giants manager gabe kapler will hand the ball to a former dodger alex. wooden game 3 as the giants take on max scherzer. nla tomorrow night dodger stadium the series of course even at a game of peace would last push on september 29th against arizona striking out six in six scoreless innings to close out his regular season. would of course won a world series title last season with the dodgers. some will say that was a shortened season. what went 10 and four with a 152 strikeouts during his first season here in san francisco, and now the southpaw says bring on the blue and bring on october
11:30 pm
baseball. yeah a huge game obviously tomorrow, but you know, that's what you play for. you know, it's you know, i've been in a lot of postseasons and pitching a lot of big games in the postseason and tomorrow's no exception. so, you know you show up and you give everything you got you always wants the ball he wants to stay in the game as long as possible. he always feels like he's the best option to get the next three hitters out and you can't help but respect that level of competitiveness. i look at more as as an as an opportunity and a chance to to see what i'm made of to prove something to myself truly. it'll be good test for for me tomorrow, and i'm excited for it. sports on abc 7 sponsored by river rock casino, jr. assad giants fan with a sign over the weekend has said dodgers 2020 half-season champs or 60 regular something a couple postseason games gotta win it 162 the trash talk is definitely on between the two fan bases. i that chris have seasoned champs. well, yeah much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00 including women leading the charge in their fight to protect their
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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. last time that the power out it wasn't even windy. was not a single breath of air. and when it was wendy the power wasn't off, so i don't know. i don't know what what certainly some concerns there. pg&e customers are fed up if they're to the nation's largest utility says planned power shutoffs could be coming in five bay area counties. good evening. i'm jr. stone withoutages expected to begin in the bay area around 5
11:35 pm
am tomorrow morning 25,000 people could be without power until tuesday. this is the latest outage map that we have from pg&e the area shaded in orange could have their power shut off in a matter of hours to reduce the risk of a wildfire. the winds are expected to pick up throughout the night and into tomorrow morning abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard was in napa county this afternoon where many are feeling a bit anxious. about 2400 pg&e customers here in napa county could have their power cut as soon as tomorrow. it's something just about everyone around here has been through before but the frustration level is growing once again, oh my god, i have so much to say about pg&e frustrated roses have painted those things could get scary in napa county soon. and halloween has nothing to do with it rosa and thousands of other pg&e customers got this alert on their phones warning of a potential public safety. shut off or psps starting monday morning. we're a little frustrated.
11:36 pm
puts us behind and we have kids soigin may produce the risk of wildfire from energized power lines. tv a meteorologist continues to monitor the potential weather system that could bring dry. gusty offshore winds to the northern central and southern regions of our company service area. it's a concern in saint helena where digital road signs remind drivers of how dry things are mayor jeff ellsworth. the pandemic has taught local officials how to prepare for a psps. silver linings of covid is we've got a more clear communication system and network around the entire county. so we feel that we're staying in touch and monitoring the situation steve's hardware is down to its last portable generator and batteries and
11:37 pm
flashlights are in short supply last time. was not a single breath of air rosa says her family has been through it all before but already again if the power goes out, it's really frustrating. genie says if power is cut it may not be restored until tuesday. mayor ellsworth says everyone should have a plan and be prepared in napa county cornell bernard abc 7 news. meteorologist drew tuma is tracking the conditions. what does it look like now? what does it look like in the coming hour? yeah, jr. we're seeing those wins first ramping up in the hills as we speak and then tomorrow we will feel those wins area wide, especially in the afternoon that red flag warning it is now an effect and it will last until 5pm on tuesday for all areas shaded and red. it's pretty large portion of the region for the strong winds and that low humidity. we already have those winds that are pretty strong even at this hour into into the hills we go those winds anywhere from about 20 to 35 miles per hour right
11:38 pm
now, and those gusty winds will drag in some dry air you combine those two variables you get the fire danger index when the humidity is low and the winds are high that increases your fire danger by tomorrow afternoon that fire danger is high to very high across a large portion of the bay area. we'll go hour by hour on those winds once again, jr. and that full accuweather. thanks so much drew. we'll still to come on abc 7 news at 11. looking ahead to indigenous peoples day. we take you inside one local group's fight to get back land. that's rightfully theirs. it's a
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is committed to building a better bay area one of the key pillars we're focusing on is race and social justice as we prepare to honor indigenous peoples day tomorrow. we are highlighting the work of a group of native american women from the ohlone tribe work to
11:42 pm
fight for their cultural heritage and to get their land back. quarter of land return to us and 250 years. these are our cattails and these usually only grow in marshes which is why we know that this is probably where our ancestors have always been where we stand at today is a part of a territory called who chin. our relatives lost all of the land and connection to the lands even though we've never left our ancestors went through three waves of colonization and genocide beginning with the spanish mission period the mexican rancho period and currently the united states government and the state of california was built with laws that made it illegal to be indian and so it all california native people had a bounty on
11:43 pm
our heads five dollars ahead and twenty five cents an ear. so we talk about the gold rush coming here and it changed everything all of these men coming looking for gold couldn't find gold, but they could find native villages and they could kill the native people. and they could sell the young kids in the town and so the disconnect and the disjointment from our lands and from our our family plans was even further destroyed as we began to talk about these histories people began to realize in the bay area that alone people are still here lashawn people. it's a confederation. it's made up of the five tribes that were brought as slaves into mission, san jose. gather.
11:44 pm
there's lots of things that continues the disconnect and the genocide and invisibility of our people. having this place where we can have ceremony and we can take care of plants and to gather and to learn about that again and that reconnection of learning language and song and dance is really important. this was a garbage dump here before when we pray we offer tobacco to the ancestors yarrow this actually stops wounds from bleeding. these are rice bales and so it's a technique of growing food. my dream, is that the that the e begins to have these working relationships living in. atrocity with the tribe and the land and the waters imagine that we could drink out of every freshwater creek in the bay area only 150 years ago to bring the salmon back up and the trout and to re-engage in taking care of
11:45 pm
land human beings. always had a reciprocal relationship with the land. we didn't just exist here, but for thousands of years we knew how to work with the lands and the waters so that it took care of us and we took care of that when we're looking at climate crisis right now we're looking at how as human beings. do we take care of this and reverse some of their harms that we have done as human beings. imagine just a few hundred years ago that there was no concept of hunger or homelessness on this land. i've lived here my entire life and never have i seen this many people without a roof over their head and it's our responsibility to try to relieve some of that. it's our responsibility because people live in our so we need folks that want to do this work with us to do this work because it's not just for us. it's for the next seven generations of all beings. show me is it means a gift in our language land in the bay area is expensive and a loaning
11:46 pm
people are having to buy back their own land shumi offers folks that are not indigenous to pay an honorary tax a way to live in reciprocity on the land. you work live or play on people can go on our website. and they could put in some very simple information and then it'll give you an estimated tax many times. it's 68 dollars. we have residents who are contributing to that project through the shimmy land tax. i've contributed myself. andrew jackson park to show channel park berkeley is the first city and all the cities in the bay. yeah to change their signage coming into the city that says welcome to berkeley a loney territory and we hope that all the cities in the bay area will work with us to change their signage as well. we want to recognize not just our past but recognize that the
11:47 pm
aluminous still here for me. this was like this is this is our ancestor saying yes, you're home. this is where you belong, you know when i walk on to this i know that there's a connection to know that your home. and that this can't taken away from you. so much has been taken away and now we're trying to give this back, you know, walking onto this land reminds me that my ancestors are walking with me. the sagourte land trust recently purchased a home for urban indigenous people to live in they raised $750,000 in just one week to do. so wow incredible stuff right there. join right now by abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma with an update on the wind tonight. yeah, jr. and those winds are already gusty in our hill. so let's go hour by hour show you what to expect tomorrow morning at 7 am. we do expect those winds to be strongest along the coast and in our hills and by the noon, everybody will feel that win likely gusting over 30 miles per
11:48 pm
hour at times a wind advisory will begin across the entire bay area starting at 9 am tomorrow morning for the strong winds that could blow around some debris could bring down some downed tree limbs, but also could create some isolated power outages low 40s to low 50s overnight tonight that red flag warning it is now in effect with starry skies. no fog to talk about along the coast. it's nothing but sunshine tomorrow and also cooler temperatures. compared to this weekend upper 60s to lower 70s again tomorrow it is a windy day for those winds gusting over 30 miles per hour higher in our hills. here's the accuweather 78 forecast windy tomorrow. those winds will finally back off by tuesday afternoon that red flag warning is over at 5 pm tuesday. so by the rest of the week, it's something about sunshine warmer temperatures and jar. the weekend is looking really nice and meteorologist lisa argen. she'll have an update starting at 5:00 am on those winds tomorrow. thank you so much drew. we'
11:49 pm
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sponsored by river rock casino the rookie got his first nfl start today 49ers quarterback trey lance played well enough to win according to head coach kyle shanahan, but the niners came up short in arizona 1710 lance rushed for 89 yards and had 191 yards passing, but no touchdowns. he did start slowly with an interception of his first drive, but got better as the game went on not surprising for a rookie that only played one game in college last year due to the pandemic his confidence never wavered and his teammates say they see he can look to the expectations everyone has for him. so really confident same thing, you know, i said earlier in the week. i felt really confident with the game plan felt really confident, you know going in to this opportunity and yeah, obviously, like i said just disappointed really would like to get the win, but we'll be better for it. i feel like he did a great job. he walked out of their healthy. so that's that's i'm happy. so at the end of the day, he's
11:53 pm
gonna make plays and maybe he might hit his body on the line, but that just shows you how passionate he is about football we all we have all the confidence in the world in him. i thought i did a great job, you know and you know on defense we just gotta get the ball back more to them because you know, he can do special things with it. to baseball now and you just knew the giants dodgers nlds was going to be tightly contested after two games a best of five series is now a best of three series is the longtime rivals prepare for a pivotal game three tomorrow night san francisco one game one on friday night behind a brilliant start from logan webb webbie struck out 10 dodgers in seven and two thirds scoreless inning san francisco got home runs from buster posey chris bryant and brandon crawford in that for nothing win. on friday, but last night a different story as the dodgers outsplugged san francisco winning 9-2 even in the series at one game of peace. here's giants manager gabe kapler after last night's game and tomorrow starting pitcher alex wood as a giants look to
11:54 pm
retake control of the series dodgers just swing the bats better than us made more pitches than us made more plays in us. so as we've done all season long. we'll turn the paging you're ready for an off day of preparation and and get ready for game three, you know, i love this these type at is this this time of year, you know, it's something that really pushes you forward. you know, you really want a lot about yourself this time of year and i feel like my stuff's been good and i've done the ball well, and so i'm excited for the opportunity tomorrow. and so we'll see what happens, but i'm looking forward to it. raising red sox game three fast forward to the 13th inning tied at four runner on at two outs for tampa bay's kevin kiermaier deep drive to write center bounces over the fence and the go ahead run scores easily, except it doesn't because the ball bounces off. boston outfielder over the fence ruled a ground rule double and no one scores game still tied camera, like wow as he gets the explanation red sox pitcher nick povetta striking out the next man and the inning this game
11:55 pm
stays tied and you could feel what's coming next the red sox walk it off christian vasquez a two-run homer over the monster and the red sox win 6-4 and 13 the rays really frustrated as you might expect boston can win the series tomorrow night. the other american league series dusty baker and the astros trying to sweep tony larussa and the white sox all houston early. kyle tucker a two-run shot to left quiets the crowd in chicago except for a few dressed in orange. 5-1 astros but here comes chicago, lurie garcia crushes a three-run shot to center that ball is deep in gone fireworks time on the south side 65 white sox and they roll from there even former cow guy, andrew vaughn. getting in on the act his second career postseason hit and first rbi as a sox scored six unanswered white sox win 12-6 houston still leads a series 2-1 game 4 tomorrow. baseball, but don't forget the
11:56 pm
nba regular season right around the corner between giants postseason baseball and warriors preseason hoops. things are pretty busy in the bay these days and after friday shoot around warrior superstar stephan curry had this funny comment to a smaller than usual med. gathering hey guys. thanks for showing up today. i feel like. congregation leader in monroe, north carolina on a lazy 8:30 am service and sunday. mike might get twenty two dollars in the in the collection plate october's good time here for baseball he's having sponsored by river rock. thanks so much gotta love steph curry on those well excitement is building and half moon bay for the world championship pumpkin way off. tomorrow growers will bring their gourds to see who can squash the world record this year. the prize is increasing by 2,000 a pound two dollars.
11:57 pm
that is a pound to nine dollars. $30,000 will be awarded if a pumpkin breaks the world record of 2,350 pounds. that's a lot of pumpkin right there the weigh-in begins around 7 am and runs through 11 am will be followed by the awards presentation and lunch. who doesn't like seeing a good pumpkin? well, that's it for tonight. i'm j r stone been a pleasure being here abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5. you can always find us on abc 7 have a great night. stay safe. stay safe. ♪ ♪ ♪ stay safe. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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george stephanopoulos starts right now. punt. >> republicans played a dangerous and risky partisan game. >> i understand why republican leadership blinked. i wish they hadn't. >> we'll have another bite at this apple and we need to decide who we are and what we believe. >> congress averts a debt disaster.


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