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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 10, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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continuously run italian heritage parade in the entire united states thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you back here at 6:00. two major breaking stories as we come on the air tonight. the dangerous tornado threat in the central u.s. but first tonight, the travel chaos for scores of airline customers. thousands left stranded at the airport tonight. southwest airlines grounding more than 1,000 flights. the second day of widespread cancellations. massive lines at airports across the country. what the airline is saying tonight. also breaking tonight, that significant tornado threat impacting millions. severe weather set to slam several states. the warnings of possible tornadoes, and destructive hail and damaging wind. rob marciano standing by. and news tonight on the pandemic. the growing battles over covid vaccine mandates. the deadlines now looming. and the impact on police forces. the l.a. county sheriff vowing
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not to enforce its mandate. in seattle, hundreds of officers could be fired without proof of vaccination. plus, the push to vaccinate children. and the warnings tonight about flu season. what experts say you should do right now. tonight, the congressional investigation into former president trump's actions during the capitol insurrection. what sources say he and his aides were doing during the january 6th riot. exclusive new reporting from abc's chief washington correspondent jonathan karl. tonight, the arrest video that the local mayor calls concerning. the paraplegic man pulled from his car during that traffic stop. the response from the naacp. and what police say they found inside the vehicle. tonight, the legal whiplash surrounding the strictest abortion law in our country. most abortions in texas now halted again. patients and providers left reeling. the next steps in the court battle. plus tonight, that missing 3-year-old boy found safe. the emotional reunion with his mother, days after wandering into the woods. the end to the massive search effort tonight.
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good evening, everyone. thank you so much for joining us on this sunday. i'm linsey davis. we begin tonight with the travel chaos gripping parts of the country on this holiday weekend. southwest airlines cancelling at least a quarter of its 4,000 flights today, on top of 800 on saturday. the airline blaming weather and air traffic control issues. the faa says neither is a factor today. yet thousands of passengers remain stranded. these images are from denver. other major cities affected include baltimore, phoenix, and dallas. late today, southwest saying it's working to accommodate all stranded passengers. phil lipof has the story. >> reporter: tonight, confusion and chaos at airports across the country. tens of thousands of southwest airlines passengers stranded after their flights were canceled.
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the airline cancelling more than 1,000 flights today, on top of 800 saturday. >> i got an email at 5:00 this morning telling me my flight was canceled. >> reporter: in el pase, tanya sanchez was heading to dallas for the cowboys game. but at the airport, more red on the boards than anything else. in denver, ryan lacy says he waited more than three hours in this line to rebook his flight. >> we were originally going from denver to orlando. and now we're going denver to tampa. we're not quite sure how we're going to get to orlando yet. >> reporter: in a statement, southwest saying we've continued diligent work throughout the weekend to reset our operation. with a focus on getting aircraft and crews repositioned to take care of our customers. the airline blaming weather and air traffic control for the mass cancellations. but the faa saying there have been no major air traffic control issues since friday. other airlines cancelling flights this weekend, but far fewer.
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american dropped 143 flights today. spirit, 32. among the hardest hit airports, denver, baltimore, dallas, and phoenix. all this coming during the busy holiday travel weekend. southwest's pilots union blaming the airline management. in a statement, saying our pilots will continue to overcome swa management's poor planning, as well as any external operational challenges. >> we feel for those passengers. phil, what is southwest's message to the thousands of passengers left stranded tonight? >> reporter: right now, southwest says it's harder to recover from a disruption like this because it's operating fewer flights since the pandemic. the airline is offering a bit more flexibility to passengers when they go to the website to self-rebook. but other than that, it's just an apology and asking passengers for patience. >> phil, thank you. now to the extreme weather alert in the southern plains,
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where 14 million people from texas to missouri are facing a significant tornado threat. let's get right to rob marciano with the latest. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, linsey. this is the first significant tornado threat in tornado alley since last spring. tornado watches already hoisted. just starting to get going now. this will go through the overnight period, including oklahoma city until 10:00 p.m. and i expect it to be expanded eastward. dallas through tulsa overnight tonight. it goes through the dark, about 14 million people in the threat zone. moderate risk, tornadoes, winds, and hail. this all expands towards the north and east tomorrow, with cities like st. louis and chicago. more coming in to the west as well. >> rob, thank you. now to the pandemic, and the new battles over mandates for first responders and personnel. many are still refusing to get vaccinated as those deadlines loom. and what dr. fauci is saying about where the country is heading. here's zohreen shah.
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>> reporter: tonight, new battle lines in the fight over vaccine mandates. los angeles' sheriff defying the mandate for all county employees, vowing not to enforce it. >> i don't want to be in a position to lose 5%, 10% of my workforce overnight on a vaccine mandate. >> reporter: in seattle, nearly 300 sworn officers could be fired if they don't submit proof of vaccination before an october 18th deadline. >> our shootings are up, our domestic violence is up, all these types of crimes are up anyway. so we need officers now more than ever. >> reporter: the department reportedly planning to deploy officers on special assignments to cover emergency calls. a mandate also looming for u.s. troops to get the shot. hundreds of thousands of military members have yet to comply, potentially facing career-ending consequences. deadlines for most active duty service members begin next month. and tonight, with covid infections and hospitalizations falling, dr. anthony fauci with a warning. >> it's certainly going in the right direction, but we have to
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just be careful that we don't prematurely declare victory. >> reporter: federal regulators could authorize pfizer's shot for children 5 to 11 by november, which experts say pediatricians may be able to administer. >> the best relationship that parents and kids have is with their pediatrician and the trust that they've built. >> reporter: a warning tonight about a possible twin-demic. experts saying with shutdowns and so many people social distancing and wearing masks last year, this year's flu season could be far worse. and they're urging everyone to get that flu shot as soon as possible. >> zohreen, thank you. now to the fight to get former trump insiders to testify before the january 6th commission. members of congress are threatening criminal penalties for those who refuse to comply with subpoenas. abc news has exclusive new information about what sources say was going on inside the trump white house as insurrectionists were storming the capitol. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: what was donald trump doing at the white house
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the cion by president biden to turn over confidential white house documents to the house committee investigating january 6th may shed light into what trump, his aides, and members of his family were up to. one thing certain to be of interest to the committee is related to the controversial video trump released more than two hours after the capitol was breached. trump told his supporters to go home, but he also praised them. >> we love you. you are very special. >> reporter: in reporting for my upcoming book, "betrayal: the final act of the trump show," sources told me that trump recorded multiple takes of that video that were deemed unacceptable by his aides because he praised the rioters. but he didn't tell them to go home. those outtakes, i'm told, were videotaped by white house photographers, and are government property, and would provide insight into trump's state of mind on that day. trump has vowed to fight to keep such documents secret, citing executive privilege. biden disagrees.
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>> he believes it to be of the utmost importance for both congress and the american people to have a complete understanding of the events of that day to prevent them from happening again. >> reporter: in reporting for "betrayal," i spoke to several people who were in contact with trump during the riot. trump, the sources say, was watching tv in his private dining room. he liked what he saw. he boasted about the size of the crowd, and he argued with aides who wanted him to call on his supporters to stop rioting. the book reveals more details about kevin mccarthy's call to trump as the rioters stormed the house chamber. according to a source familiar with the call, mccarthy, frustrated at trump's indifference to what was happening, said, "i just got evacuated from the capitol. there were shots fired right off the house floor. you need to make this stop." the source said trump pushed back, saying, "they are just more upset than you because they believe it more than you, kevin." referring to the lie that the election had been stolen. >> just remarkable reporting there, jon. another one of trump's allies, steve bannon, is also claiming
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executive privilege. so is he defying a congressional subpoena? >> reporter: he sure is. and bannon's attorney has made it clear bannon is defying the committee at the direction of former president trump, who doesn't want any of his former aides to cooperate, citing executive privilege. even though bannon would be asked about things that happened long after he left the white house. he almost certainly will face a contempt of congress citation, and it could result in up to a year in jail. >> jon, thank you. tonight, the release of body camera footage raising some concerns. the man, a paraplegic, pulled from his car by officers. here's elwyn lopez. >> reporter: tonight, police body camera video showing the
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moment officers yank clifford owensby out of a car by his hair and arm after he tells police he's a paraplegic. >> someone help! >> reporter: the police stopping the 39-year-old late last month in dayton, ohio, saying they saw him leave a suspected drug house. one officer heard several times offering assistance. >> i can't get out of the vehicle, sir. >> sir, i'm going to assist you out of the vehicle. >> no, you're not. no, you're not. no, you're not. you're not going to touch me. >> reporter: owensby then pulled from the car and pinned against the ground. >> please help me! >> stop! stop! >> reporter: police say $22,000 in cash was found in the car. a narcotics k-9 alerting to it, meaning, they say, it had been in close proximity to illegal drugs. tonight, it will be in the hands of the city prosecutor as to whether owensby will face any charges. the dayton fraternal order of
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police saying the officers followed the law. adding, "sometimes the arrest of noncompliant individuals is not pretty." tonight, owensby says he's considering filing a complaint against the department. >> elwyn, thank you. next to texas, where the legal back and forth over the highly restrictive abortion law is just getting going. an appeals court has reinstated the law, coming nearly 48 hours after a judge had halted it. this means women in texas who want an abortion after six weeks now have to travel out of state. here's maryalice parks. >> reporter: tonight, with the nation's most restrictive abortion ban back in effect for now, health care providers again forced to turn away patients. >> there's a lot of anguish, a lot of pain. desperation. >> reporter: the 5th circuit federal court of appeals temporarily reinstating the ban just two days after a lowr court had paused the law. >> we've had patients who
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thought they could maybe get into a clinic in the state. and now after the ruling, we'll have to figure out how to travel again. >> reporter: on wednesday after the law was halted, some providers say they did open their doors for abortion services. but now they could be in legal jeopardy for doing so. anti-abortion advocates calling the latest court order a victory. >> we're out here to help the women make a better choice for their lives. >> reporter: not only does the law ban abortions after around six weeks, before most women even know they are pregnant, but it also allows average citizens to bring a lawsuit against someone they think helped facilitate the abortion. that fact has made it harder for the biden administration to challenge the law in court. >> who do you sue when the law empowers every citizen in the united states to be able to bring this lawsuit? >> reporter: the department of justice now has until tuesday to make their next legal move. it's likely the supreme court will eventually weigh in on the merits of that texas law. and in december, the new conservative majority on the bench here will face its first
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major test on abortion, with another case from mississippi that directly asks the justice to consider overturning roe v. wade. linsey? >> maryalice, thank you. a navy nuclear engineer and his wife are under arrest tonight. the fbi says they were allegedly trying to pass america's nuclear sub secrets to another country. investigators say the engineer was communicating with an undercover fbi agent, allegedly making three drops of information. including one where he allegedly put an sd card inside a peanut butter sandwich. new details in the remarkable story of survival, and the joyful reunion with the family of a 3-year-old, the texas boy who had been missing for found days found saturday. he was thirsty, but remarkably in good health. here's marcus moore. >> reporter: this image says it all. relief for this texas mother holding her son again, four anguishing days after he vanished into the woods near their home. >> the child was found alive.
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he is alive, he's thirsty, he is with his mother and is going to the hospital. >> praise the lord. >> yes, sir. yes, sir. >> reporter: a landowner who'd heard about 3-year-old christopher ramirez's disappearance during bible study went searching for the boy on his own, authorities say finding him in a thick wooded area, five miles away from his home. >> a citizen was walking his property and heard a whimper, maybe a cry, and saw a little boy. took him -- took him in his arms and called in. >> reporter: they said christopher was calm, but dehydrated. and tonight he's safe. the toddler disappeared wednesday after chasing a family dog into the woods as his family returned from the grocery store. his mother pleading for help in finding her little boy. local authorities, volunteers, and even the fbi joining the urgent search. but for days there was no sign of christopher until saturday's miraculous discovery. >> he ought to be the ultimate army ranger, navy s.e.a.l., air force, para rescue when he wants to grow up. he's already passed the first
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test. >> reporter: right now, christopher is at a houston area hospital under observation. but he's said to be okay. >> marcus, thank you. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. new information on a security scare in the air. what we're learning about the man detained after an emergency landing in new york city. and dramatic new footage from inside a bar after a deadly shootout. if you have a typical airline credit card, you're not getting double miles on every purchase. you're right! i only get extra miles on some types of purchases! may i? please. with the capital one venture card, you earn unlimited double miles everywhere. yes. everywhere is great. but where can we use them? you can use them on any travel purchase—not just some travel purchases. venture gets a gold star! what's in your wallet? on ancestry i discovered more about my great-great-grandfather baptiste caretto.
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they now call it a misunderstanding. the republic airways flight evacuated after a passenger reported a man was acting suspiciously. when we come back, the deadly onstage accident. and a massive rescue effort in the west, after severe weather strands dozens of ultra marathoners. to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means... asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. living longer is possible and proven with kisqali... ...when taken with fulvestrant in postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus fulvestrant alone. kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain, a change in your heartbeat, dizziness,
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5:53 pm
he was working as an extra. the theater expressing its deep condolences to his family and friends on twitter. and tonight, a dramatic rescue effort to save dozens of ultra marathon runners stuck in blizzard-like conditions in utah. sheriff's deputies say crews rescued 87 people trapped in different locations in rugged mountain terrain. the severe weather on friday dumped up to 18 inches of snow in the area. the 50-mile race was suspended. some runners were treated for hypothermia. and when we come back, the mother and daughter set to make history tomorrow at the boston marathon. marathon. some days, you just don't have it. not my uncle, though. he's taking trulicity for his type 2 diabetes and now, he's really on his game. once-weekly trulicity lowers your a1c by helping your body release the insulin it's already making. most people reached an a1c under 7%. plus, trulicity can lower your risk of cardiovascular events. it can also help you lose up to 10 pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes.
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- [greg] military life can have its challenges, but sometimes veteran life brings more. - [announcer] as america's veterans face challenges, dav is there. - [greg] i'm greg gadson, army veteran. - [announcer] dav helps veterans and their families get the benefits they've earned. - [greg] today, i'm an entrepreneur, a photographer, a public speaker, and i never tire of standing tall. - [announcer] with the right support, more veterans can reach victories, great and small. - [greg] my victory is just being the best that i can be. - [announcer] support more victories for veterans. go to finally tonight, a mother/daughter duo about to finally tonight, a mother/daughter duo about to make history after they were
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first inir his son. >> i'm excited about heartbreak hill. >> oh, you're excited about heartbreak hill? >> reporter: they're also excited about breaking a record. barbara singleton and her daughter beth are poised to make history tomorrow as the first daughter pushing mother duo to run the 26.2-mile boston marathon. >> it's getting closer, so it's getting real. >> reporter: beth and her mother, known as babsie, have been running together for seven years, inspired after seeing boston running legend dick hoyt push his son rick, as they competed in a local triathlon in a specially designed chair. >> i got so overwhelmed that when i got home i started typing in team hoyt, hoyt chairs. within two weeks i was driving somewhere to get a jogger to run with my mom. >> reporter: barbara has lived with multiple sclerosis for nearly 40 years and gets around by wheelchair. the two have run races in virginia, cape cod, and d.c. they even ventured up mt. washington to see the sunrise.
5:58 pm
>> i have some crazy friends that will say, hey, beth, you want to try this with your mom? and i'll say, okay. and then she won't say no. so it has led us to some fantastic events. >> i feel very relaxed. i just meditate. and just relax, it's fun. >> we keep going. we keep moving forward. >> reporter: all the while strengthening their bond. >> it's just been a great way for us to find ways to spend time together that we both can enjoy and be together. anything is possible and there's hope. we found this together so we could reconnect in a way that makes us both happy. >> go team babsie. we're rooting for you every step of the way. quite an impressive feat. thank you so much for watching. "gma" first thing in the morning. david muir will be right back here tomorrow night. i'm linsey davis in new york. have a great evening. good night.
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anchor: 6:00, tens of thousands of pg&e customers could have their power shut off as they try to heat off the potential for wildfires. fleet week roars to a conclusion as the blue angels carry out their aerial performances. missed out? we have you covered. and a travel nightmare. passengers find themselves stuck as southwest airlines delays or cancels nearly 2000 flights. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> if we don't have power, we don't have water. so a couple days of that really puts us behind. anchor: about 7800 customers have been put on notice. they could have their
6:00 pm
electricity cut in a matter of hours as part of a public safety public shut off. good evening and thanks for joining us, i am j.r. stone. you're watching abc seven news :00. developing news tonight. this is the latest outage map. the area shaded in orange could have their power shut off in a matter of hours to reduce the risk of wildfire. the winds are expected to pick up through the night and into tomorrow morning. drew tuma is tracking the conditions and when things are expected to shift. drew: we are finding those winds will be first to ramp up in the hills late tonight and tomorrow. it is a windy day across the entire area. we see the thinnest layer of fog. it is a beautiful end to the weekend, but the tree in the foreground, it is waving. winds5


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