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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 9, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> and the giants win game 1 the national league division series. >> giants fans are waking up excited. they shut out l.a. in the victory at oracle park last night. now the giants are looking to go up 2-0 today. good morning, saturday, october 9. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. let's start with a quick look at the weather. it sure was cold last night. lisa: starting out mild like tonight.
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by 10:00, temperatures plummeted into the 50's. we are looking at some areas of light rain offshore. it looks to miss of the activity is moving toward the santa cruz mountains. otherwise, high pressure building in today. we take this through about 8:00. you can see skies are clear in the north bay. 54 in concord, 55 in fremont. a live look outside, partly cloudy skies. low to mid 60's by noon. by the afternoon, it is warmer, but it will be breezy at the coast. we will talk about an even warmer sunday and then a red flag warning as we get toward early next week and late this weekend. liz: thank you. the historic series between the giants and the dodgers continues
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today. fans from both teams were pumped up for the start of the postseason. >> beat l.a.! >> that is exactly what happened, the giants delivered a game 1 playoff win. >> giants won. giants won. >> you knew it was going to happen? what do you want to say? >> dodgers are the defending world champs. i do not replicate with these guys. they are my friends, but you already know it is dodgers in five. >> fans around the state came to chair the two best teams in the league. a rivalry that runs deep and gets between families and friendships. what you tell each other and
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home know you were going to the game? >> we have been talking trash morning and night. i have been saying giants are going to win. he has been saying giants suck. we all know the giants are going to win. >> the dodgers are going to win. >> i hope you are going to love each other after this. >> it is great. rivals talk trash all the time. one of us will go home crying. >> who will that be? >> this guy. >> game 1 and 2 in san franci sold out. those of could not make it to the park still found a way to be present during this historic series. how jealous are you of your sister? >> i am more mad than jealous. liz: giants fans had some big at-bats last night.
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chris alvarez is at oracle park and has more. chris: the giants court all four of their runs via the homerun. the true story of the game, 24-year-old logan webb was dominant on the mound. he went 7.2 scoreless innings, striking out 10, becoming the fourth giants picture with 10 strikeouts or more in their first postseason game. >> the composure, the demeanor, the poise, big stage, incredible atmosphere and webby channeled all of that into his performance. >> he has the ability to get guys out in a lot of different ways. it is a recipe for success. >> it is really cool. i feel like i keep saying this, but you dream of these moments growing up as a player.
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just be able to be a parof i i i is>> beil will have complete highlights coming up later. the giants have a 1-0 series lead. game 2, 6:07 first pitch. liz: giants fans were not the only ones celebrating. festivities went on well past the airshow. kate larsen went from events from the rayna to the mission district. >> it is my birthday and we have been coming since 1982. >> for 39 years, this has been there birthday party. >> the same group, same picnic. >> i looked at my suitcase and said the food will fit in there. >> and then there is the noise. not that noise, this noise. >> i am the loudest screamer.
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>> they ways at us.hey at . lasc paused the party. >> i got the chills. i wanted to cry. i feel so patriotic. >> also buzzing, the bars. >> a lot of navy guys will be out with us. >> it was our true fleet week experience. ♪ >> in the mission district, the band marched down valencia street. staff sergeant eric and solace is in town from camp pendleton. >> you make long-lasting friendships. ♪ >> it is so awesome.
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honestly, i have not felt this much pride in our country in a while. >> the business owner hosted the marines. the first time a fleet week event has moved away from the waterfront to the mission. >> this is the beating heart of san francisco. >> the festivities continue through the weekend. liz: i i i i i i i i i this, but from the comfort of your home, head to our website, we have highlights. if you want to check out fleet week in person, the schedule of events is also posted on our website. also happening today, the warriors are hosting an open practice. tickets cost $5 and will go to the warriors community foundation. fans will get to see former warrior shaun livingston before
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practice starts. fans 11 years and younger must show proof of a negative covid test. in the south bay, tonight soccer match at paypal stadium in san jose has been called off because of the violence at the earthquakes game thursday night. eight people were arrested after fights broke out at the stadium and surrounded parking lots. one person was grazed by a bullet. it might have started when a fan run at on the field and punched a quakes partner. the game today will be postponed until next year because of security concerns. as we had to break, let's get a check outside. lisa: it is chilly in the north bay, in the 40's. we do not have a lot of cloud cover. partly cloudy skies. this is moving to the south of it. behind it, we have sunnier and mild weather for the weekend. liz: also ahead, a high-rise
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hostage situation. video captures the moment a suspect takes a woman hostage in downtown l.a. in an apartment. we will have what led up to this scary scene. cocktails to go are here to stay. how the governor is giving restaurants and
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liz: new this morning, a suspect who took a woman hostage after committing violent crimes in los angeles is dead. a warning, the video you are about to see could be difficult to watch. the suspect can be seen holding a gun to the woman's head inside a high-rise in downtown l.a. police said the man committed at least four crimes, including opening fire at a family, before taking this woman hostage. the suspect did not know her.
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a swat team entered the apartment and shot and killed the suspect. the woman was taken to the hospital and she is expected to be ok. now to a big boost from governor newsom for bars and restaurants. to go cocktails are here to stay. the economy is a key part of building a better bay area. during the pandemic, those extra income streams kept them afloat. >> cheers to bar and restaurant owners across the bay area. the governor signing legislation that will give a one-year grace period to apply for permanent expansion. >> we know the footprint for our business will be larger, which gives us flexibility to know you hire more people without having to let them go again once we have the park lets removed. >> the move is in-line with
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customer still feeling more comfortable with dining outdoors. additional legislation will give restaurants, bars, breweries and wineries the green light to offer drinks to go. >> as big as a catastrophe as the pandemic was, let's take the good that we learned during the emergency at beckett permanent. >> it is welcomed news to most, the owner of the belowground bar in downtown san jose said the demand for to go cocktails has gone completely dry. the owner said it is not the cocktails most people want, it is the interaction and atmosphere. they will not be a long-term answer to get our industry back to where it once was. but it is a start. it is one of the few silver linings for the service industry. he calls it another revenue stream as owners work to recoup losses.
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worry turns to winter weather. >> a wait-and-see approach. we are here to fight through it. we fought through covid and will fight through the winter. liz: in covid-19 h pfizer said it is ready to ship pediatric doses nationwide when it gets the green light for kids ages five to 11. san francisco has announced a vaccine mandate for city contractors alongside city employees. the deadline to be vaccinated is december 31. cruise ships are returning to san francisco. the majestic princess be the first of 21 arrivals expected by the end of the year. solano county's health officer is calling on other counties, saying there was no benefit to an indoor mask mandate. >> none of the counties showed any benefit. some should have shown a reduction in disease in the most two weeks.
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none of them did. liz: other health officials strongly disagree. stephanie sierra has the story. stephanie: as most of the bay area inches closer to lifting indoor mask mandates, the one county that never had one stands by it. >> we ask ourselves, why would we do that? >> he is the health officer for solano county. he said requiring masks for people in indoor environments did not make sense. reports in solano county of more than 10,000 cases of 100,000 people, the most of every other county. >> we have a lot of disease, higher rates than other counties, but it is not passing in indoor public spaces. >> given what we know, how can you be sure? >> we investigated every case and we do contact tracing. what we found was every case we would interview would say, i
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went to a party and three other people from the party are also sick. illnesses were occurring in family and social gatherings. >> he said the county has yet to receive any evidence of the virus passing in any indoor environments. how would you respond to some who say, isn't it better to be safe than sorry? >> that is a philosophy. not science. if this mandate made a difference, we should have seen evidence of it. and ask the question, to the counties who implement it show a faster reduction in disease than those counties who did not, and the answer is no. >> other health officers disagree. >> the indoor mask mandate had a decrease in cases. >> sonoma county's health officer said there is no question there was a benefit to an indoor mask mandate. >> there are many things going
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on. reporters, vaccine verification. >> sonoma county's case rate did not reach the height of solano county's. there have been more than 220 cases of viral spread traced to indoor spread like restaurants and bars. liz: the san francisco unified school district is facing a $260 million shortfall for 2023. >> san francisco unified has spent $148,000 defending the school board's fight to cover up controversial murals at george washington high school. >> the initial vote of 6-0 was to whitewash or permanently remove the murals. an international outcry weeks
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later reversed that and changed it to a 4-3 vote to just cover the murals. >> a supur judge ruled against the school district. last tuesday, the board voted 6-1 to continue pursuing the case. the parent advisory council coordinator commented. >> our board of ed has deep values and they are committed to equity so we might have to make tough decisions but we do have to be wasting any more money on lawsuits. >> the decision to appeal the judge's ruling came the same day that a consultant from the state department of education warned the school district to keep their spending under control. >> time is of the essence. piece by piece , can't eat the whole pizza at once. >> the district has also spent
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$60,000 on lawsuits when it tried to rename 44 schools, and $115,000 to defend against a lawsuit filed by one of its own board members. the district is facing hard choices as it wants to avoid a state takeover. >> the state is giving a support and we have time to make a balanced budget and proved to them we can avoid that kind of situation where they would need to step in. liz: the first to know in the sierra was a welcome sight. that does not mean the region is out of the woods for the rest of the fire season. the caldor fire is still burning. it is 96% contained. >> things are not quite dry in that area. in general, people should be aware, even though there has been some precipitation,.
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liz: during the extremndns sll f ism eearly next week, 15 mile pr hour winds are expected, bring a new round of fire danger. people who were injured while fighting a fire have been released from the hospital. they were hit by a fallen tree on thursday. a crew from vallejo fire came to their aid. these four firefighters are also trained paramedics. they climbed a steep hill and rushed to help people who were hurt. pg&e is warning of a potential shut off for tuesday and wednesday in 18 northern california counties, that could include areas of napa county, sonoma county and solano county. there could be gusts of 35 to 50
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miles per hour. pg&e says thenglet's get a furtf that. we know this time of year is very much fire prone. lisa: the same system that brings us under the fire weather watch could bring snowflakes to the sierra nevada. in yosemite, they had pretty good rain. they had pretty good rain in lake tahoe the past 24 hours due to the system bring the tail end of it this way. you can see the radar returns, many layer's of the atmosphere are dry. that is why we are seeing this evaporate continues to move to the south. maybe the santa cruz mountains could see a raindrop or two. overall, we are clearing quickly. this is how our radar and
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satellite look overew hos. t of sunshine for your saturday and into sunday. 56 in hayward, 54 in berkeley, 57 in alameda. 40's in the north bay. a live look outside, you can see the clouds. partly this morning, sunny and mild today and tomorrow. gusty winds, fire danger with the northerly winds coming into play late sunday to allow for dry conditions monday and tuesday. we are looking 1000 feet north in the east bay hills, santa cruz mountains, some of the valleys where the relative humidity will drop to 20%. the winds could be gusting in excess of 50 miles per hour. the winds are up to 35 to 40
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miles per hour along the coast. look at the colors by earlynothr burst of some very gusty winds, over 40 miles per hour by the delta. from ha -- a look -- a look -- - today around the bay. high pressure build again. it will be breezy along the shoreline with upper 60's downtown. it was pretty chilly yesterday, unless you were outside during the middle of the day. 74 in concord, 70 in san jose. tonight, 6:07, temperatures in the 60's downtown. bring the jacket and go, giants. 60's along the coast, 70 today in oakland. upper 70's in the delta.
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tomorrow, maybe a degree or two warmer. fire danger starts late sunday and into monday, with gusty northerly winds into monday. thursday and friday arrive, temperatures in the 80's with that classic october weather. we have to be careful over the weekend. that little bit of precip in the mountains helps but we need a lot more. liz: thank you for the update. if you are looking for flights for the holidays, think fast now. when airlines are expected to increase fares. why is la roche-posay recommended by over 90,000 dermatologists worldwide? because we bring you effective skincare
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liz: welcome back. airline ticket prices went down with the increase of the delta variant but they are on their way back up with a massive increase in holiday travel expected. >> we are looking at more flights during the holidays than
5:27 am
at any other time during the pandemic. take a look at this right now. 90 airlines tells us it plans to fly 3500 domestic flights in december every single day. that is almost as many flights than they were back in 2019. look at april 20 20, at the start of the pandemic. very few passengers were flying. just 649 flights per day. united is seeing 16% more searches than during the pandemic. you better buy the tickets right now because our friends tell us that after halloween, those thanksgiving ticket prices could jump by 40%. some might wonder about the vaccine mandates for airline workers. will that impact holiday travel? what we know is united united ue first to mandate the vaccines. 99% of the staff got the
5:28 am
vaccine. other airlines are just now implementing that. those experts believe that most of the employees will end up getting the shot. liz: still to come on abc 7 mornings, role reversal. california is the first state that will let some adult kids had their parents to their insurance plans. >> i remember turning the corner and we looked at each other and it was just to the point where you could not believe what your eyes were seeing. liz: four years later, revisiting communities hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning, everybody. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we are going to start this
5:31 am
half-hour with another look at the weather. i have to say, it was cold yesterday. lisa: it really was. we have a system sliding down the coast. it is missing us. we are looking at the moisture offshore. it will continue to push down into parts of the santa cruz mountains and then evaporate. we get sunny as we get toward the afternoon. temperatures right now in the 40's from stanford to santa clara. 50 in danville. 9:00, we are in the 50's. it is sunny. noon, mid 60's inland. the breeze will pick up along the coast. upper 60's there. even warmer day on sunday. the offshore winds kick up and
5:32 am
we will be under a red flag rekill billions of dollars in damage and destroyed more than 8900 homes. we revisited the area and find rebuilding is still a work in progress. >> chaos unfolding the night of october 8, 2017, when a wildfire surrounded much of northeastern simona county. there were massive evacuations. patients taken from the flames. >> santa rosa police ordered everyone to evacuate. >> i reported on the destruction alongside a photographer. >> this entire neighborhood was completely gone. i remember turning the corner, we looked at each other and it was just to the point where you
5:33 am
could not believe what your eyes were seeing. >> this is what the neighborhood look like back then. here is how it looks today. >> it was hard to absorbed. >> his place was among 5000 homes destroyed in sonoma county. he has since rebuilt. in the ashes, he found his wedding ring, and his wife's. she passed away before the fire. >> neighborhoods completely wiped out. bells told 24 times at told 24 t ceremony. four years later, about 85% of homes destroyed have been rebuilt. 15% of folks are still struggling to get back on. lisa shows us her home still under construction. red tape and a federal loan
5:34 am
delay has made things tough. >> when you have over 5000 homes burned in one area, it is hard to find the people and the manpower you need to rebuild. >> the santa rosa assistant fire marshal, who lost his own home, said lessons were learned. >> we change the way we respond, the way we educate our community. we are in a much better position than we were in 2017. >> this community moving forward, now stronger. >> you get to the point where you have to take a deep breath. liz: millions of elementary school children could be weeks away from getting their first dose of the pfizer covid-19 vaccine. >> more clarity on the timeline for the millions of children next in line for the vaccine. if the fda
5:35 am
shocks for five to 11-year-olds after its october 26 review, the cdc could give the final green light as early as november 3. the pfizer vaccine for children is expected to ship immediately after that. >> now that we know hundreds of millions of people have received this vaccine, i think we feel all the more confident in the safety of the vaccine. >> right now, the number of pediatric covid cases is falling. experts say the risk lingers. as the number of new cases falls from coast-to-coast, states including montana, alaska and west virginia are still dealing with big surges. >> we are an 18 bed emergency department, and at one point today 14 of the 18 beds were covid positive patients. our icu is uflfull. i had to find a way to transport
5:36 am
people to different facilities. >> vaccination efforts continuing across the country. officials say 400 million doses of the covid-19 vaccine have been administered. spirit airlines is the latest carrier to announce a vaccine mandate for employees. the airline set to announce specifics soon. liz: california is the first state that will let some adult children and their parents -- add their parents as dependentss to their insurance plan. to be eligible, adults must rely on their child for at least 50% of their total support. it only applies to people who buy health insurance on the individual market.a federal apps allowing texas to resume banning most abortions. a federal judge had suspended the new lot.
5:37 am
a state appeal to the u.s. circuit court granted the state's request. private citizens are all sue clinics or anyone who assists a woman in attaining an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected. u.s. coast guard has released details into the investigation into last week's oil spill off the coast of orange county. multiple ship anchors could have struck and displaced the underwater pipeline. it could have happened up to one year ago. the findings are based on marine growth found on the pipe. the size of the spill could range from 25,000 gallons to 131,000 gallons. a judge has thrown out up lawsuit over subway's tuna sandwiches but did not make a determination whether the tuna israel. the plaintiff alleged the sandwiches to not include actual tuna and subway was committing
5:38 am
ju pintis ot meet a legal standard for filing the case. they did not prove they bought any sandwiches based on misrepresentation by subway. the case can be refiled if the plaintiffs address the issues. subway is praising the judge's decision. star trek fans are awaiting the moment william shatner crosses over to the real thing. william shatner, will launch into space and a rocket built by blue origin. fans are excited by the news will finally blast off. >> i think it is so awesome that he is getting ready at 90 years old to go into space. that is fantastic. i really love that. liz: blue origin confirmed two people with bay area ties will be on the flight. a blue origin employee who
5:39 am
graduated from santa clara university, and a doctor who is a former nasa employee, whose current company is headquartered in san francisco. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, we are still weeks away from halloween but retailers are already setting their sights on christmas. how it can make up for the covid comebacks. a live look outside at the bay bridge. the time is 5:39 on this saturday.
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liz: it is the 29th annual festival of india celebration in fremont. the event celebrates india. it is the premier south patient festival in the bay area. there will be live performances today. festivities run from 9:00 until 5:00. hopefully like you said, it will be a little warmer today. lisa: it will be about four to eight degrees cooler than average.
5:43 am
highs today will be around 70. a beautiful, sunny day on the way. we have a warmer sunday and a windy monday. liz: also next, buster posey sets the tone, giving the giants a first-inning lead. post game reaction of the orange and black's game 1 [swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis.
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♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. liz: welcome back. a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. yesterday, i was watching the blue angels practice. they were flying over the bridge, it was quite a sight. let's talk sports. tonight, the giants take a commanding 2-0 lead over the dodgers in the national league division series. first pitch is at 6:07 at oracle park. last night was a web gem for the
5:46 am
giants. >> good morning. the giants set a franchise record for home runs this season and the hit parade continued in game 1 of the national league division series against the dodgers. steve young and jerry rice leading "beat l.a." chants. this one bounces into the cove. 2-0, giants, in a flash. tommy la stella, love flip -- glove flip to brandon crawford. it is not that easy. webb was so good. he struck out 10. a pretty decent postseason debut. the giants got kris bryant for games like this. aloha means goodbye.
5:47 am
bottom eighth, brandon crawford said he grew up learning to dislike the dodgers. that is out of here, as well. the giants win the opener, 4-0. buster: what is impressive to me is him being able to control the extra energy and nerves not just in this game but the last game of the season. >> obviously, two great teams who want this and are prepared for it. i definitely think the environment was right where we wanted to be. larry: lebron and the lakers, preseason action against the warriors. steph curry had 30. look, i was fouled. he knocked downee
5:48 am
56 3's. this is how they are going to play. they hit 20. rookie trey lance will make his first nfl start against arizona. the question is whether lance will have george kittle to throw to. he is doubtful with an injury. david shock, herm edwards all smiles -- david shaw, herm edwards all smiles. all sun devils the rest of the way. 22 yards. asu rolls to victory, 28-10. we will see if the giants can do it tonight. 6:07 start in game 2. have a great weekend. liz: what a festive weekend. so much going on. lisa: all of the sudden, it
5:49 am
really feels like autumn. temperatures in the 40's in the north bay. the threat of a little rain, although it will miss us. this is a 12 hour loop that shows moisture moving from north to south. it runs into some dry air into the upper levels of the atmosphere. over the next few hours, it dissipates and we will have sunny skies. sunday will be even warmer. right now, it is 43 on top of mount diablo, 50 in walnut creek. sunny and mild days today and tomorrow. gusty winds for fire danger monday and tuesday. the winds will kick up to 40, 50 miles per hour. that brings in drier air with
5:50 am
relative humidity. as we look at the current winds today, you will notice we are at over 20 miles per hour at the coast. during the overnight hours, things are quiet but breezy along the coastline. early monday morning, it is gusting in the 40's. this is later in the morning. the winds continue to spread to the east bay, mount diablo, the delta, south bay. this will take us into tuesday. winds out of the north. highs will be cooler than average. we should see mid 80's this time of year inland. mid 70's today, maybe some upper 70's by fairfield. the numbers go up five degrees by sunday. we get a cooler air mass on the back side of a system.
5:51 am
behind it, that into the 80's early next week. there is a look at fleet week. as we get into saturday, a sunny day with mid and we go through your sunday afternoon. highs today from the low 70's i. 70 san jose. 6:07, go, giants, temperatures in the low 60's. by the ninth inning, temperatures in the upper 50's. the seven day forecast, a sunny and warmer weekend. below average today. more in line with where we should be this time of year tomorrow. the winds really kick up sunday night into monday and tuesday. very gusty. as the winds some side, we will
5:52 am
get into more dry weather, turning warmer thursday into friday, with highs in the 80's. i wish the rain could have made it to us this morning but it was not there. liz: thank you. the fast approaching holidays could be a happier time for merchants and customers prepared to last year. a new national survey indicates people have seen their incomes rebound and they have money and confidence to spend it. we look at rising optimism for holiday shopping. >> what a difference compared to one year ago. retailers and shoppers appear to be optimistic about the holiday shopping season. the international audit, tax and consulting firm said 67% and a new survey sent income had returned or exceeded pre-pandemic levels. 1 in 3 plan to shop in stores on black friday. >> we have a lot of people
5:53 am
saying black friday is a sport and i am looking forward to getting to stores to do some shopping and take-home products. >> online shopping will remain strong. however, consumers will need to prepare for potential shortages online and in stores due to cargo shipping delays. 6 in 10 surveyed said they planned to start shopping this month. >> what would normally take a couple weeks to get has stretched out to about one month or so. >> michelle johnson manages a business and san jose. many shops are expected to see a rebound from the pandemic downturn as vaccination rates raise confidence in holiday socializing. >> people are saying they will go to holiday parties and spend more money. >> consumer spending is projected to increase 7% over last year, with computers,
5:54 am
jewelry and games leading the way. the biggest change could be expending courtesy when shops get crowded. >> we have a small shop. people will wait at the door and let the other customer take care of their needs. liz: next, all the festivities at the oakland zoo for its annual halloween celebration.
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liz: calling all ghosts and andd witches. there will be a spooky animal staff members will hand out zoo. goodie bags. you must reserve tickets in advance. the event is happening every friday, saturday and sunday this month. hard to believe it is already
5:57 am
halloween, almost. next on abc 7 mornings, a busy weenanraisco. >> go, giants! liz: thousands of people will be heading back to oracle park today, hoping the giants take a 2-0 lead in their series against the dodgers. the warriors are stirring up excitement among their fans. how you can watch the team's practice today. babe? ooh...
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> of the series! liz: the giants are waking up excited this morning. they shut out l.a. last night, and are looking to go up 2-0 today. it is saturday, october 9. you are watching abc seven news at 6:00 a.m., wherever you stream. let's get a check of the weather with lisa arden. lisa: it was a cool night last night for the giants, and we will do it all over again tonight. as you look offshore, there is some precip there, and into the santa cruz mountains, a system started to the north o


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